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Food Safety and Quality Procedure TITLE: Gloves Handling procedure
1. Policy.

Gloves and aprons used for handling food, ingredients, packaging materials should always be kept in a sanitary state. All those handling food, ingredients, packaging materials and/or touching food contact surfaces must wash their hands and put on clean gloves before beginning their assigned tasks. For those working directly with product and product contact surfaces, plastic gloves should be worn over cotton gloves and the gloved hands should be dipped in QAT sanitizer (200-400ppm).

2. Purpose 2.1. Gloves and aprons are important in preventing cross contamination during the handling of food. However if they are not properly handled, they act as a source of contamination. This procedure seeks to establish how gloves and aprons can be handled in a sanitary manner. 3. Scope. 3.1. This procedure coverers the following gloves and aprons: 3.1.1. Disposable plastic gloves and aprons in both RTE and RAW areas. 3.1.2. Reusable green rubber gloves and cloth and thick plastic aprons in RTE areas. 3.1.3. Thick plastic aprons in RTE areas. 3.1.4. RTE Cotton Gloves Handling (Vincennes and Taft). 3.1.5. Cut resistant gloves in RTE areas 3.1.6. RAW area cotton gloves. 3.1.7. Maintenance cotton gloves. 3.2. Not covered by this procedure are employee practices in regards to use of gloves and hand washing procedures. This is covered in the General facility Employee GMP procedure. 3.3. Gloves used by the day time sanitarian are not covered in this procedure. The day time sanitarian is never to touch any food or food contact surfaces. It is the day time sanitarian‘s responsibility to keep these gloves clean. 4. Responsibility.

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4.1. Sanitation Supervisors will ensure that all RTE cotton gloves and thick plastic aprons in RTE are washed daily. 4.2. The processing supervisors will ensure that RAW area cotton gloves, reusable green rubber gloves, thick plastic aprons in RAW and RTE gloves from Vincennes are washed daily. 4.3. QC Technicians in RTE will ensure that the gloves are properly distributed. 5. Procedure. 5.1. Clean gloves should never be handled with bare hands. 5.2. Disposable plastic gloves and aprons in both RAW and RTE areas should be kept in their boxes. When using them, they are to be taken directly from their boxes. Associates should make sure not to have too many open boxes of the same type of gloves at the same time. QA technicians will advise associates on the use of these gloves. 5.3. Reusable green rubber gloves and cloth and thick plastic aprons in RTE areas, at the end of the day should be taken to the laundry where they are washed. The processing sanitarian is responsible for their distribution. 5.4. Thick plastic aprons in RTE areas are to be soaked in the appropriate plastic container and left to be washed by third shift sanitation who then leave the clean aprons in a designated area for day use. 5.5. RTE cotton gloves (Vincennes and Taft) are to be handled as follows: 5.5.1. Employees are to put the dirty cotton gloves into the gloves container located by the women‘s bathroom entrance. (Smaller containers for dirty gloves in the slicing area are located under the clean gloves) tubs. 5.5.2. At the end of the day’s shift, a sanitation employee will collect all the unused gloves in the tubs and together with the dirty gloves, these will be sent to the laundry for rewashing. 5.5.3. At washing, the sanitation employee will ensure that production gloves are separated from greasy maintenance gloves which must be thrown away. Maintenance associates are encouraged to throw the greasy gloves into trash cans. 5.5.4. The white container is washed and sanitized, thoroughly dried and then lined with the two plastic black liners (the garbage collection ones). 5.5.5. After washing and drying of the cotton gloves, the sanitation employee, (wearing plastic gloves) removes the cotton gloves from the drier and puts them into the white container with two black liners. 5.5.6. The inside black liner is then tied or firmly closed and then the whole container is taken to the front of the QC office. QC personnel, at pre-op time, take the container to the packaging area and distribute the gloves into tubs. QC personnel should make sure they are wearing plastic gloves when handling the cotton gloves. If there are any remaining gloves in the container, they are removed from the container by removal of the inside black plastic liner.

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These are stored in a secure place and are to be distributed throughout the day as needed. The container is left with one black liner. This is then used to hold the dirty gloves as used by the employees throughout the day. 5.6. Cut resistant gloves (RTE) in both facilities are to be collected by supervisors at the end of the week and given to sanitation for washing and sanitizing. The clean gloves are then given back to the supervisors. 5.7. Raw area cotton gloves and cut resistant gloves are placed in designated containers and washed by processing associates. 5.8. Maintenance Gloves: 5.8.1. Dirty maintenance gloves are to be thrown into garbage cans after use. 5.8.2. Important Note: Do not mix Maintenance dirty gloves and RTE packaging Dirty gloves. 6. REVISION RECORD:

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