Consonats: k kk n t tt l m p pp s ss u{c c^h k^h t^h p^h h Vowels: a ae ya yae o e yo ye o wa wae

we yo u wo we wi yu u uy i

go; proceed; travel; attend (some place) a shop; a store - be close, near sometimes; now and then; occasionally q teach; instruct (in); educate

a bag; a briefcase; a suitcase; a trunk --- be light a singer; a vocalist. autumn; fall a family; a household; members of a family most; extremely a branch; a bough; a limb; a twig; a sprig various; --- a popular song singer

--(of) every kind and description. diverse; of all kinds (sorts). all sorts and conditions of people. the ribs

--- change (one's clothes) thank you potato(es) crispy fried potatoes, potato chips pack (cigarettes) suddenly 1.~value; worth be worth; be valuable; be of value; be worthy 2.~price; cost; charge go (and come back) --- bring --- (be) like; similar; be the same; (be) equal (to) 1.~like. A 2.~together B A is made exactly like B.

$^1$ an inlet; an estuary $^2$ a dog; a hound. keep a dog. a dog barks. , , a piece; items, units, objects (counter). three apples. © a male dog. © a bitch. © a stray dog.

a lid; a cover months (time or duration) (counter) --- the beginning of school --there (school) begin

anxiety; concern; apprehension; worry; trouble; care; fear. anxiety; be worried (about) 1.~a street; a road; a town; a quarter. 2.~distance


health (be) healthy; well; sound the opposite side; the other side. opposite side involuntarily emitted semen a building; a structure a keyboard. keyboard instruments across; opposite; on the

1.~roll [turn] up (one's sleeves); tuck up; fold up. tuck [roll] up one's sleeves. 2.~remove; take away; take down; pull down. 3.~walk 1.~hang (from, on) 2.~be against (a law); trespass (a law); be contrary to. 3.~take (time) walk, go on foot walk, come on foot walking; stepping; a step; pace. step by step. at a rapid pace; with a rapid step. [ ] quicken [slacken] one's pace Let's walk now! winter; the winter season

marriage; wedding; matrimony. marry (her, him); get [be] married (to). make a proposal of marriage (to); propose to (her)


economics calculate;

calculation; computation; reckoning. compute; count. bill, check (honorific) be; stay.

? How long have you been in Korea? meat; fish just now; just a moment [minute] ago. He left hear just now. ( ) Korea University ancient [old] times; antiquity pus be thankful [grateful] (a person) for; appreciate 1.~(I am) thankful; grateful 2.~(be) kind; nice; welcome; gracious thank you an aunt; a sister of one's father; a paternal aunt the husband of one's (paternal) aunt; [uncle] cat; a puss(y). a kitten; a kitty. a he-cat; a tomcat; a male cat. a she-cat; a female cat golf ( )q - play golf

[ a fruit. learning.- place study. dealer [seller] pick [pluck] fruit a fruit a fruit shop [stand]. settle and. conclude. [ †] fruit. conclusion. (Literally: it's one of ten million (words)) . Kwanghwamun. work at [on] (one's studies). [ ] a task. determination. grow fruit. be impressive very. it's all right. (together) with. study. it's okay. be all right. settlement. good income. a quite something. a duty ] a curriculum. school work. lesson. Kwanghwa Gate be OK. not at all. speak English fairly well. fruitage. (edible) fruit. decide (upon). . school subject. learn. do not mind you're welcome! or don't mention it!. no. [ [ ] lessons. be passable. You may go now. it doesn't matter. son and father ] items. be good at one's studies a notebook decision. it makes no difference. good. thanks. very much professor classroom .

serviceman hoof bound volumes (counter) oyster cave exorcism ear that NOUN viewing or sightsee . exchange operator exchange student church (Protestant) ( ( ) ) . without doing anything .suburb(s) teaching materials. textbook exchange switchboard.go viewing/sightseeing shoes soup national (-ly) established a national university places. telephone. just (as one is). institutions (counter) soldier.

so but and also. cinema the area near. and then picture day before yesterday theatre. if so but. the vicinity I don't really know. and then. what I mean to say is. what you're saying is in a bad mood . really) so. mood ( ( ) ) . in that case. nevertheless and so. by the way in that case. and then. like in a good mood dormitory .even so.wait feelings. then in that way. therefore (?) is that so? really? (that's so. so. Let me think this year Friday .

mow (grass) sesame neatly. be sure to flower(s) .cut (hair). the tip . street caf\'e . cleanly . drinking) the end.train stops.finishes it . ring) .be clean without fail.wear (lenses) kimbap (rice/seaweed/vegetables) q kimchi (pickled spicy cabbage) %XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX %XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX I ( ). finishes . way.quit (smoking.wear (gloves. sharpen (pencil). ends.get/be better .

go out country. noon pay next year go down come down descend tomorrow .. later day weather Great South Gate younger brother brother and sister man u boyfriend husband daytime.attend (church). nation tree be bad come out age in the future. some time later.

play song nor\ae{bang. necktie ( .put in. insert yes tie. very.lie down who? (as subject) who? (non-subject) (boy's) older sister (boy's) older sister (honorific) snow eye the news ) is a person born in such-and-such a year .put/place it w. to an excessive degree .cold noodle dish ice water ý ice coffee too much so. Korean karaoke box notebook paddy field . too.

brush (teeth) . next to q. go on a regular basis .be late late (adv) %XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX %XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX all. tabang after.get hurt.polish. injure oneself .attend.close it ( closes it) ( closes it (plain style)) 1 months (counter) 2 moon dollar (counter) chicken (as a bird) chicken (as meat) . adjacent. everything chicken (as meat) .be different NOUN (an)other NOUN(s) leg tea room.New York always .

have a date degree of temperature library city .cigarette(s) vehicles. thanks to you hot place a date ( ) .help ( ) .arrive independence German language Germany German language a German . machines (counter) embassy four-year college university house (honorific) more thanks to NOUN.

pass away (honorific) .go in.listen to. enter.come in.goes back. both of them at the ( ) . for (a week) it's OK. hold dry cleaning .comes back. take (courses) . return home ! come in! (Literally: please inter) .lift. returns here neighborhood Greate East Gate younger brother or sister for the duration of. drink (honorific) .become both.give (honorific) . during. returns there . enters . it's acceptable.die. it'll do. hear.costs (money) . it works . behind .costs money .

on account of .back.) daughter time (when) because of. what's bright.) . intelligent %XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX %XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX radio lighter Russia Russian language Russian person London restaurant Korean mile (li) = 1/3 U. mile (counter) . spine daughter (hon. Literally: I will humbly see you again. humbly see/meet.leave. (yet) again see you later! (polite style) (literally: see you again) see you later! (formal) (Explanation: again. depart moreover.

say (huble) go ahead. cartoons . spiritual center.%XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX %XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX the living room (in an apartment) animals.obey (listen to words) ) words. please say what you have to say ( ) .speak. much. no taste good .taste bad. heart q. (literally: I meet you. so I am pleased) comics. birds (counter) . words. nice to see nice to meet you. speech (humble or honorific equivalent of .finish it . fish. talk taste . speech ( ) .be much/many a lot.drink one's mind. lots (adverb) horse language.

hit the mark across/opposite from .be dumb . before anything else far from a distance comb daughter-in-law right. delicious . far head. hair ( ( .tie w.(w/ ) starch it ) ) .( ) .be spicy every day ticket counter beer what? .be bright/intelligent first (or all). tasty.put on/wear (a tie) .eat . people (counter) .

the beautiful land of Korea. Unlike most flowers.not know I don't understand hat throat Thursday I don't know body 1 pond 2 nail .namechard. the mugunghwa is remarkably tenacious and is able to withstand both blight and insects. business card how many?. everyone day after tomorrow .be heavy ] the national flower of Korea --. what kind of? [ . knee which?. Every year from June to October a profusion of mugunghwa blossoms graces the entire country. some/several ? what year were you born in? ? what year are you (in school)? all.bite w.the Rose of Sharon.

ask goods of course . below. feel sorry I'm sorry. excuse me (Literally: I feel uneasy) ( ) (is) unmarried at the bottom. what? America. (before the name) Miss (before the name) . American sorry.what? trade trading company door. USA person from USA. of course. gate problem water . under(neath) %XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX %XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX .

get foot toe night. just now vacation field stomach . evening chestnut cooked rice room just a moment ago. sea just ( busy trousers Dr. change ocean. straight .D.. above). homeroom (finger)ring side dishes Ph. outside half one's class..

look at.learn .( ) . hallway ballpoint pen spring paper bag (counter) .be full (stomach) ( ) parents kitchen . normally corridor. sated department store .(stomach) be full. send usually.take off (clothes) + negative (not) particularly bottle (counter) .spend (time).sing (a song) . see .throw it away bus times (counter) number already .

dollars (counter) pulgogi French language . ask a favor/errand esteemed people (counter) minutes (counter) person (honorific) chalk 1 fire.comb shaved ice.make a expensive q beach airplane building . a light 2 it. ice slush .be uncomfortable. light.your/his wife rich person 9 boots q.S. inconvenient rain pibimpap . mail it ( ) .

in fact in fact . Mrs. one's teacher's wife (you can use it separately when speaking to/about your teacher's wife) office fast quickly bread bakery bus horn %XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX %XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX . somebody else's wife (elegant/honorific) 2 .love private(-ly established) a private university 1 your apple people (counter) person ( ) .

stroll. case. take a walk 1 years of age (counter) 2 flesh uncle (on father's side) ( table upper reaches of a river son-in-law between a Korean soft drink like Seven-up^TM company president cousin cousin (boy's older female cousin) cousin (boy or girl's younger cousin ) (either gender) cousin (girl's older female cousin) cousin (boy's older male cousin) mountain ( ) . chest (counter) new dawn shrimp shrimp chips ) third-year student .

wash the dishes diarrhea sugar tale. gift teacher teacher (honorific). legend surname .stand from (colloquial. means from the something which is the place) Sogang University Seoul National University bookstore missionary present.q sandwich draft beer birthday (honorific) birthday . Mr.turn out a certain way fresh cream shirt. Mister dirty dishes ( ) . dress-shirt .

soju inside hand finger ( ) granddaughter guest. cleaners sweater. launder laundromat. jumper ( ( ) ) .(your or his) esteemed surname surname (honorific) match(es) church (Catholic) laundry ( ) .introduce .be/get introduced Korean rice vodka. customer grandson ( ) grandchild(ren) shopping spoon towel hard work .do laundry.

lesson ( ) . assignment any alcoholic drink bar.. you're doing a great job) Explanation:! (to someone working) (Explanation: hard work. i. i. well done) hello! (to someone working) hard work.. drinking establishment . keep up the good work) thank you for helping me.swim swimming pool Wednesday imported goods supermarket homework. well done! (Explanation: hard work. .be easy easily let's rest  scarf skate(s) ski(s) ( ) . w.e.e.e.

all.order examination family members .begin market city hall . time --it's time (to begin or stop) (Explanation: time. time (as subject). the country Silla (ancient Korean state) downtown. completely. it has become watch countryside. city center psychology esteemed house/home of the parents-in-law (for females) parents-in-law (for females) father-in-law (woman's) (honorific) father-in-law (woman's) mother-in-law (woman's) mother-in-law (woman's) (honorific) ( ) .9 sports 1 o'clock (counter) 2 poem hours (counter).

want to . distasteful . cafeteria. inexpensive hulled rice .be disliked. restaurant.wear (footwear) newspaper  credit card shoes. footwear in general discourtesy discourtesy excuse me (for what I'm about to do). (literally: I have committed a discourtesy) disappointment in fact .pours (rain) . (Literally: I am about to commit a discourtesy) excuse me (for what I am doing). refectory dining it .be bored . (Literally: I am commiting a discourtesy) excuse me (for what I did).dining room. kitchen table .

down. it is not no son (honorific) son below..wear (glasses) . downstairs N downstairs.wear (a hat) .do part-time work for students . or (between nouns) no. the floor below part-time work for students ( ) . just a moment ago my wife or (sentence-initial). lower.use it .write 1 polite title for name 2 seed %XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX %XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX . form of address for unmarried women baby a short while ago.know it young lady.

still  morning. health)) good night (honorific) ) .hurt.e. perhaps maybe.. be painful inside glasses ? how are you?. health)) good-bye! (To one who is staying. form of address very ma'am (any woman old enough to be married) ma'am (casual for (not) yet..maybe. hello! (literally: are you peaceful (well)?) in good health good-bye! (To one who is leaving.e. Literally: go in peace (i. probably. anything at all father (honorific) father child ice cream mister (any man old enough to be married). breakfast . probably (more tentative) anything. Literally: stay in peace (i.

food to go with alcoholic drinks .play baseball medicine ( ) . sit down I understand . catch (something said) in front child baby baseball ( ) .understand.sits please take a seat.get engaged fianc\'e(e) foreign cigarettes socks a suit whiskey. story which? what kind of? . it doesn't work snacks to go with alcohol.take (eat) medicine drugstore ( ) . chat. it's not acceptable. western spirits's no good. it won't do.

be difficult .. to give something to the living thing) from (from the living thing) .g.g. at one time. junk. something or someone cheap and shabby to (to the place e.. aren't rubbish. not have does not nonexistent.where? ? how is it? how about it? ? how? in what way? w. to go to the place) to (to the living thing e. here is not. not exist. some time ago how many? how much? about how much? approximately how much? ice .be young (a child) mother mother (honorific) ! welcome! (Literally: come (in) right away!) yesterday older sister (girl's) when? always sometime or other.

open it small hotel. various summer ! hello! hey there! excuse me! (hello on the telephone.several. drama postponement performance Yonsei University .from (place) elevator. lift . Also means look here! woman u girlfriend train station /years (counter) research ( ) . inn here say there! excuse me! younger sister research (professor's) office play. or when peering into a dark house.

beside yes .come today orange juice .--.see a film movie actor next to.pretty. make contact age (honorific) pencil key diligently England English person consulate please forgive me English language movie.( ) . rise . cute reservation ( ) .get in touch.make a reservation .ascend. film ( ) .

I get letter(s) from my mother shirt. dress shirt wine ( ?) why? the reason is.go up .on the right on the right older brother (girl's) morning. jade .M. because diplomat foreign country a foreigner foreign language uncle (on mother's side) . squid squid chips afternoon. A. garment get. receive. P.come up clothes.M.

these days business. over. won ) month names (counter) Monday above. exercise sports stadium sports. cuisine ( ) . matter to take care of ( ) . before anything else milk post office sports ( ) . tennis shoes ( Korean monetary unit.cook nowadays.forgive we.grandmother (on mother's side) grandfather (on mother's side) on the left on the left cooking. our umbrella first of all. upstairs . on (top).

something to drink food restaurant music concert doctor. physician chair tooth. the floor above ( ) .whisky N upstairs. month) . teeth this . like this (given) name aunt (mother's sister) uncle (mother's sister's husband) NOUN this NOUN (week. equal to) (copula) Ewha Women's University in a while. a while later in this way.retire bank banker (the same as.

.be stange. stand up Sunday early (adv) ( .work. story ( ) . odd talk. business days (counter) ( ) .get up. chat.get divorced portion (of food) ginseng ginseng wine now (finally) chat now (finally) ( ( ) ) second-year student .read ) first-year student . do work Japan Japanese language person from Japan Japanese language .

forget %XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX %XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX . stay. have it little last year uncle (fater's younger brother) glass (to drink).be. cupfuls (counter) well. put on mouth .--.sleep ( sleeps) children (honorific) car. exist. often . automobile materials (written) ..cut sisters bicycle children (honirific) often . there is/are .wear.

but not honorific) . It's turning out (honorific) magazine ( flat objects (counter) ) .do grocery shopping gloves rainy handsome/good-looking (usually said of males) be handsome/good-looking (usually said of males) it's not going well ! good night (polite. seasonal rains ( ) .do well. . a moment a short while .It's going well.rainy season sets in mother-in-law (man's) father-in-law (man's) father-in-law (man's) (elegant) parents-in-law (man's) jacket .be not interesting. do (it) well a short interesting . boring .

answer the phone telephone number $[$not$]$ at all .make a phone call . in such a way that it is interesting tray (flat thing to carry dishes) yon.major in something the whole thing. total everyting. before telephone ( ( ( ) ) ) .interestingly.make a phone call . supper in that way .be young (but past puberty) lunch plate . that (over there) over there ! hey there! (a bit brusque or even rude) evening. all of it earlier.are few one's major. specialization ( ) .

really ? really? is it true? main gate (of a university) ( garden q politics q political science the most.chopsticks ( ) exactly at (a time) station/stop (train) bus stop ( ) truly.graduate ) passionate(ly) a good. please paper . be liked . number one manufactured good(s) a little grandparents  nephew  ( niece ) .be good .

provincial(-ly established) a state university weekend . ? Do you like vegetables? q I like playing tennis I'm sorry. a province . to like it (in the sense ``love'') Examples: I like this. excuse me (literally: I feel uneasy) a state. mostly.sleep (honorific) ( ) . midway midway.die middle. in the middle China Cinese language . . for the most part state (-established).give week (counter) mainly. on week days .order (at restaurant) please give week (counter) during the week.-.

cold ( is cold) is salty) .salt ( jazz side. vehicle tea .person from China juice w. fun enjoyably now past. metro rice. underground.wear (a watch) .get along subway. meal (honorific) question house. direction %XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX %XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX car. enjoyable. last . home my wife .

find .look for.withdraw (money) from.invite someone . bus) . first time pleased to make your acquaintance (formal style) (Explanation: beginning.e. first time.ticket (train.clean up . fetch (money) buildings (counter) book desk the beginning. be a good boy (girl. will humbly see/meet. how do you do?) thousand you're welcome! or don't mention it! (Literally: it's one of ten million (words)) slowly railway first jeans ( ( ) ) .. dog) truly. (literally: I see you for the first time good by nature. really (exclamation) vegetable(s) † window . invited (a) second (counter) cold ( ) .get tipsy/drunk -N floors (of a building) (counter) q.( - ) . hit q.) nose .dances (a dance)  .play (tennis.strike. golf) q u u y skirt friend relative blackboard %XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX %XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX © digs out © © ¹ ý Canada a Canadian campus coffee pair (of shois.

comedy coat contact lenses cola . the lower blue section represents the negative cosmic forces of yin.go (riding) .be large cream uncle (father's elder brother) %XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX %XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX . The circle in the center of the flag is divided into two equal parts. the Tai-geuk flag The Korean flag is called T\ae{gukgi. The two forces together embody the concepts of continual movement and balance and harmony that characterize the sphere of infinity. ride on .add/put (sugar) .ride in. The upper red section represents the positive cosmic forces of yang. It's design symbolizes the principles of yin and yang in Oriental philosophy. Conversely. The circle is surrounded by four trigrams in each .come (riding) towel mask the national flag of Korea.

Each trigram symbolizes one of the four universal elements: heaven. comfortable. make contact with ( ) .sell it pounds (sterling) (counter) party arm ballpoint pen born tennis ( ) q. conveniently . make contact with on phone %XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX %XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX . and water. convenient comfortably.get through to. .get through to. direction letter . tennis table television tomato juice Saturday .corner.

starch it France French language person from France program (TV).do ( and school does it (formal style)) . blossom piano . undo it 1 tired piano ( ) q. glue 2 grass ( ) .smoke pizza %XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX %XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX .solve it. pro (sports) nondairy creamer platform .ticket .

.term. semester ( student student union (building) about.g. approximately Korea Korean language a Korean Korean language Korean Studies 1 to (to the living thing e. to give something to the living thing) 2 from (from the place) (colloquial) from (from the living thing) grandmother grandmother (honorific) grandfather (honorific) grandfather together rationality. reason hot dog always years (counter) ) is a student in such-and-such a year or grade (at school) .

later tissue paper. toilet tissue. brothers and sisters Australia an Australian hotel ( ) alone. English tea Hong Kong person from Hong Kong Tuesday toilet.hamburger . overcast . e. $\mathrm{Kleenex^{TM$ .g. on one's own. washroom company company employee conversation after. train bound for black tea. by oneself a T\ae{jon train.bound for (a place).: T\ae{jon waist. restroom. lower back tongue older brother brothers (for males). cloudy.

.become/get cloudy strength. taxing (strength enters) .be difficult. energy ( ) .

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