Public opinion They pressed hate together to make your touch, and naughty you became a paler shade

of they and I do wrong, that shows I am not naughty or brilliant; It shows parts of me not of them not of you Not pressed, hating or pale; untouched. Fridge Invitation Refrain love Injure her tomorrow Need is ecstasy; bring being, move my will. Look out for pussycats carrying machine guns Which are you, a pussycat of comfort or a soldier of truth? We need both pussycats and the march of common cause. We need both banner bearers and prowlers; those who fight and those who play with their food. We need many, why? Not for love or truth, not to make fun or glory. Not to endure or be fed or humbled. Cut off your ears, talk to yourself in tongues, hear voices. If the universe is finite then imagination is a form of madness. It‟s neither comfortable nor true it‟s just a place where people change and grow. Syllables don‟t translate (writing haiku for Japanese girls) Complicated is beautiful Curiosity is vital The first step is the last excuse. What‟s in a word? „Meaning‟ is kind uncommon sense, the gravity of imagination.

Something more Women are more beautiful than words words aren‟t more beautiful than women So shut up. Children are bastards to teach, they‟re good at learning. Your mind may learn to run by first learning to walk But your psyche learns to run by trying to run without knowing how to walk, falling down, scrapping knees and thinking “Shit! I didn‟t die! Gravity hey!?” Children aren‟t much different. The key to simplicity is not to dumb things down but to smarten them up. It takes more effort to make something hard simple, than it takes to make something simple hard. Simple understandings are quick, light and short. Like children they run at great speed with little feet, laughing at those who‟ve forgotten how to play, laughing with those who learn. everything When nothing is sure everything is possible it's just not very likely so live, love and think. Do ALL three everything all at once: it's practical, confusing and sublime the moment in time. Skunk n Nancy are wrong. Everything isn't political, only power. Some things exist outside the realm of power: things such as difference, wisdom and choice. Every action serves not purpose Self-satisfaction is the quickest way to die Get amongst it. The broadest view leaves you with the all the choices, an opinion, permission and nothing to live for.

say entirely one‟s favourite beginning you can‟t envy the direction of a new thing started by your stop. The belief in the small steps you never took that start where you end and take heart in the vicinity where things are possible. not in what you can or cannot do but who you‟ve known. Shoals Irony undressed without shame projected my shadow. Vainglorious imagination fought with what prevailed. My body looked on in uncaring inquiry. from under the cowl of my mind, a whisper “a life lived without the possibility of regrets insults tomorrow”. variables Discovery of the only way, circumstance begins. Choice, ignores purity but suggests scope the form fixed is the character set to change I‟m strange (how to communicate with lovers). for that I make no apologies. Let me make the excuse for you too, so you can be you and you and I have more than blue to say and we can exchange and take the risk to not need proof, but to witness without seeking truth Hi ku Of all small things I complicate True humour gets away not small wart when you run out of places to run away you‟ll see a well-practiced day. fashioned hardship a defeat resurrection of the familiar for the sake of failure

Potent concepts Step away from the self-serving martyrdom, listless composure, self-restricted status or headless grandeur. Rise over functionalized dystopia as life exceeds love, but love informs life informed by love, life is not in half or halves. Life isn‟t fair, nor is love. But neither alone is equal. Thought I think therefore I am I feel therefore we are. The strength of your own lies is the border between expectation and integrity. Neither a follower nor a leader be Ignorance is bliss if inexperience is your only avenue to purity. Heaven is just „management‟, the executive layer of hell; something those who cling to belief as a need, exploit. The unknowable exists. As the Japanese say “Virtue is not knowing but doing”. If you can‟t decide without proof, then you didn‟t really choose… Worship not the knowable, nor the unknowable. The unknowable exists as can you.

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