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Web Portal for Student Information System of


PLATFORM Frontend: Java1.6 Backend: SQL Server 2005 PROBLEM STATEMENT:The major problem of ECA AJMER is to manage or retrieve the student information at a place. Instead of this, information is managed by different department so it is hard to retrieve academic information of student. Due to the manual nature of these procedures, errors are likely to be introduced. Overall, this results in a slow and tedious task for administrators and even the students themselves. Even after all of these processes the information that we get is incomplete or insufficient. And the nature of paper work, documents are not recoverable if lost or damaged. PROPOSED SOLUTION:Student Information System (SIS) is a web-based application that tracks current student s academic information. It maintains academic information for ready access by office staff, students, their faculty advisors, and committee members. Instead of tedious paper work, students will be able to submit required information electronically, and the departments will be able to evaluate the submissions with a much quicker turnaround. Currently, deadlines for paper work submissions are often overlooked because the process is cumbersome. SIS will provide automatic deadline notifications to help prevent missed deadlines and is an easily accessible mechanism that shows the overall status of the student s progress and all academic information. NAME OF MEMBERS: 1. ChandraShekhar Garg 2. Kirti Kumar Valiya 3. Vijay Sharma