Chambersburg, Pennsylvania Law Prohibits Picketing of Businesses.

The Borough of Chambersburg Will Fine and Imprison Those Who Exercise Their First Amendment Rights
“Protesting businesses which COMPLETELY DISREGARD the HEALTH, SAFETY, and WELFARE of its EMPLOYEES and THE PUBLIC is NOT ILLEGAL, especially when such businesses (e.g., Starbucks on Lincoln Way East in Chambersburg, PA) REFUSE to install very INEXPENSIVE devices that WILL PREVENT accident that are very likely to occur, which will cause SERIOUS BODILY INJURY and even DEATH. We, as citizens, have not only the RIGHT but the DUTY to do so” ` A. J. MacDonald, Jr.

The Bill of Rights and the First Amendment to the US Constitution:
"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances." Source: Cornell University Law School:

Picketing - Definition Of "Picketing is a form of protest in which people (called picketers) congregate outside a place of work or location where an event is taking place. Often, this is done in an attempt to dissuade others from going in ("crossing the picket line"), but it can also be done to draw public attention to a cause. Picketers normally endeavor to be non-violent. It can have a number of aims, but is generally to put pressure on the party targeted to meet particular demands. This pressure is achieved by harming the business through loss of customers and negative publicity, or by discouraging or preventing workers from entering the site and thereby preventing the business from operating normally." Source: What is Picketing or Protesting? The US SUPREME COURT on Picketing or Protesting March, 2, 2011: "The US Supreme Court, in an 8-1 decision, ruled Wednesday that members of the renegade Westboro Baptist Church have a constitutionally protected right to protest [picket] military funerals even though their demonstrations are widely despised and deplored." Source: In Law: What is "Picketing" or “Protesting” "Picketing is a tactic that is used to express dissatisfaction. This form of protest generally involves a group, although it is technically possible for one person to picket. Protesters will often form a picket line to disrupt traffic into or out of a facility, and picketers may carry signs or shout slogans to attract attention. Whether or not this action is legal depends on the location and the compliance with laws that may regulate it." Source: Chambersburg, PA Code - § 212-4 - Secondary Picketing "It shall be unlawful for any individual or organization to engage in secondary picketing. 'Secondary picketing' is defined as the situation when any individual or organization having a dispute with an individual or organization ("primary employer") pickets before or about the premises of any other employer or organization. For example, if there is a dispute with Employer A, and a member of the board of directors of A works for Company B (not a subsidiary of A), it shall be unlawful to picket the premises of Company B concerning the dispute with Company A, either directly or indirectly. Chambersburg, PA Code: The exercise of freedom of speech and other constitutional rights: Secondary Picketing - § 212 - 2 "It is hereby declared that the protection and preservation of employment and business is a keystone of democratic government; that the public health and welfare and the good order of the community require that members of the community enjoy at their places of employment and business a feeling of

security from secondary picketing; that the practice of secondary picketing before or about places of employment or business causes emotional disturbance and distress to the employees, customers and the public and obstructs and interferes with the free use of public sidewalks and public ways of travel; that such practice has as its object the harassing of employees or business persons; and without resort to such practice full opportunity exists, and under the terms and provisions of this chapter will continue to exist, for the exercise of freedom of speech and other constitutional rights; and that the provisions hereinafter enacted are necessary for the public interest to avoid detrimental results herein set forth." Penalties for Violations - § 212-6 "Any person, partnership, corporation or organization who or which violates the provisions of this chapter, or anyone aiding, abetting or assisting in the violation of any provision of this chapter, shall, upon conviction thereof, be sentenced to pay a fine of not more than $300 and costs of prosecution and, in default of payment of such fine and costs, to imprisonment of not more than 30 days." Source: Chambersburg, PA Code: Conclusion: The US SUPREME COURT has decided (2011) that members of the renegade Westboro Baptist Church have a constitutionally protected right to picket (protest) a dead US Marine's military funeral even though their demonstrations are widely despised and deplored and cause great emotional distress. SNYDER v. PHELPS - ALITO, J., dissenting: “Respondents’ outrageous conduct caused petitioner great injury, and the Court now compounds that injury by depriving petitioner of a judgment that acknowledges the wrong he suffered. In order to have a society in which public issues can be openly and vigorously debated, it is not necessary to allow the brutalization of innocent victims like petitioner. I therefore respectfully dissent.” Source: “To Cite as: 562 U. S. (2011) BREYER, J., concurring: “To uphold the application of state law in these circumstances would punish Westboro for seeking to communicate its views on matters of public concern without proportionately advancing the State’s interest in protecting its citizens against severe emotional harm. Consequently, the First Amendment protects Westboro. As I read the Court’s opinion, it holds no more. ” Source: HOWEVER, since the practice of picketing places of business in Chambersburg causes emotional disturbance and distress to the business owners, employees and customers, all such picketing (protesting) is prohibited in the Borough of Chambersburg, PA by LOCAL (Borough) law REGARDLESS of how DANGEROUS the business (i.e., Starbucks on Lincoln Way East), which is operating within the Borough of Chambersburg, may be to the HEALTH, SAFETY, and WELFARE of the Citizens of the Borough, EVEN IF the Citizens of the Borough are in IMMEDIATE DANGER of SERIOUS BODILY INJURY or DEATH.

See this video of an SUV crashing through a Starbucks, because Starbucks, which is a $23 billion corporation and the largest coffee company in the world, REFUSES to install VERY INEXPENIVE poles that could easily PREVENT such accidents, injuries and deaths from occurring: See also this video (and news story) concerning a truck that (very easily) crashed through the front window of a Starbucks, drove through the store, and continued driving right into Starbucks' many customers and employees (who were caught by surprise) as well: See also this article concerning one particular Starbucks store which was crashed into twice within a two week period of time:

by-vehicles-2-times-in-2-weeks.shtml See also this important article concerning the danger which all retail stores face regarding this issue and legal advice concerning the immediate steps which all retail store, like Starbucks should be forced to take immediately in order to protects their employees and their customers who are in danger of serious bodily injury and death due to the negligence of such businesses: See also this article about a vehicle that crashes through the front window of a Starbucks: Photo of Starbucks on Lincoln Way East (US 30) in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania immediately after construction was completed in 2005

Photo of Starbucks on Lincoln Way East (US 30) in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania taken July 8, 2011. As we see via comparison of these two photographs, This particular Starbucks, located on Lincoln Way East (US 30) in Chambersburg actually paid someone to REMOVE three (3) large safety poles, remove the wheelchair ramp, and remove the concrete parking stops, which were once (2005) located at each parking spot in front of the sidewalk.

Photos of Starbucks, Chambersburg, Pennsylvania (Lincoln Way East) taken July 8, 2011

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