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KamzKirz MMG Workshop Series at

KamzKirz MMG (Media Marketing Group), a name behind Pakistan’s first ever & World’s 20th Advertising Festival “Karachi Advertising Festival”; has been started a series of workshop at Karachi’s leading institute of management sciences i.e. IBA – Institute of Business Administration. The workshop comprises on PowerPoint Presentation, Interactive Videos, Corporate Games and Course Material. The topics of workshop are marketing and advertising related and the workshops are FOC – Free of Cost for the IBA Students. Prof. Ejaz Mian from IBA has supports for organizing the series of workshops at IBA. The lead trainer of these workshops is Mr. Kamran Jawaid (Managing Director, KamzKirz MMG and Event Director, Karachi Advertising Festival. The first workshop of the series on "Conceal Marketing" has been held on Februray 28, 2011 at IBA Main Campus (1150-1415). Concept and Term First Time Introduced by Kamran Jawaid. In Conceal Marketing, Kamran Jawaid combine Branded Entertainment, Ambush Marketing and Sports Marketing in One Basket. He discussed Ambush Marketing in relation with ICC World Cup 2011 Marketing. Conceal Marketing is the first term of Marketing Theory introduced by Kamran Jawaid in the workshop. He defined that Conceal Marketing is based on Hidden Marketing tactics based or support with known event either the entertainment or the sports. Kamran Jawaid defined Ambush marketing as a marketing strategy wherein the advertisers associate themselves with, and therefore capitalize on, a particular event without paying any sponsorship fee. The Macmillan English Dictionary defines ambush marketing as a marketing strategy in which a competing brand connects itself with a major sporting event without paying sponsorship fee. According to McCarthy, ambush marketing is a type of marketing by a company that is not an official sponsor of an event, but which places advertisements using the event, to induce customers to pay attention to the advertisement. From a theoretical perspective, ambush marketing refers to a company's attempt to capitalize on the goodwill, reputation, and popularity of a particular event by creating an association with it, without the authorization or consent of the necessary parties. Kamran Jawaid further added that Branded entertainment, also known as branded content or advertainment, is an entertainmentbased vehicle that is funded by and complementary to a brand's marketing strategy. The purpose of a branded entertainment program is to give a brand the opportunity to communicate its image to its target audience in an original way, by creating positive links between the brand and the program. These projects are often the result of a content partnership between brands, producers and broadcasters. He also discussed Sports Marketing as one of the basic and important aspect of Conceal Marketing that Sports marketing is divided into three sectors. The first is the advertising of sport and sports associations such as the ICC Worldcup. The second concerns the use of sporting events, sporting teams and individual athletes to promote various products. The third is the promotion of sport to the public in order to increase participation. In the first case, the promotion is directly related to sports. In the second case, the products can but do not have to be directly related to sports. When the promotion is about sports in general, sports teams or sports events, the use of this kind of strategy is called “Marketing of Sports”.

Oscar Nightingale !
The 83rd Academy Awards ceremony, presented by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS), honored the best films of 2010 and took place February 27, 2011, at the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood, Los Angeles beginning at 5:30 p.m. PST / 8:30 p.m. EST. During the ceremony, Academy Awards (commonly referred to as Oscars) were awarded in 24 competitive categories. The ceremony was televised in the United States on ABC. Actors James Franco and Anne Hathaway co-hosted the ceremony, marking the first time for each. In related events, the Academy held its second Annual Governors Awards ceremony at the Grand Ballroom of the Hollywood and Highland Center on November 13, 2010. On February 12, 2011, in a ceremony at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Beverly Hills, the Academy Awards for Technical Achievement were presented by host Marisa Tomei. The King's Speech won four awards, all in major categories: Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor, and Best Original Screenplay. Inception also won four awards, all in the technical categories. Other multiple winners included The Social Network with three awards and Alice in Wonderland, The Fighter, and Toy Story 3, with two awards each. In addition, Black Swan, In a Better World, Inside Job, and The Wolfman each received one award; the non-feature films God of Love, The Lost Thing, and Strangers No More each won in their respective short-subject categories. The telecast garnered nearly 38 million viewers (in North America) and received mainly negative reviews for the hosts. The nominees for the 83rd Academy Awards were announced on January 25, 2011, at the Samuel Goldwyn Theater in Beverly Hills, California, by Tom Sherak, president of the Academy, and actress Mo'Nique. Films receiving the most nominations were The King's Speech with twelve, followed by True Grit with ten. The winners were announced during the awards ceremony on February 27, 2011. Though Corey Haim had been one of the world's most bankable actors before he turned 21 due to his roles in Lucas, The Lost Boys and License to Drive, he was omitted from the 'In Memoriam' tribute montage at both the 17th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards and the 83rd Academy Awards in the year following his death. Perceived by the press as a 'snub', Haim's omission from the Oscars received widespread media coverage. On February 25, 2011, reporter Nikki Finke leaked a detailed schedule for the entire ceremony on the website Deadline.com. The leaked schedule indicated that, among other details, Tom Hanks would present the first award of the night for Best Art Direction, hosts Franco and Hathaway would appear in an opening segment in which they are digitally inserted into the ten Best Picture nominated films, previous host Billy Crystal would make a guest appearance, Kathryn Bigelow would present the Best Director award, and Steven Spielberg would present the Best Picture award. A poll conducted by Fox News showed a majority of 57% of viewers ranking the show as the worst Oscars ever. The American telecast on ABC drew in an average of 37.90 million people over its length, which was a 10% decrease from the previous year's ceremony. An estimated 71.45 million total viewers watched all or part of the awards.


The show received mostly negative reception from media publications. Some media outlets were very critical of the show and most critics judged the hosting duties of Hathaway and Franco as a mismatched affair, with some praising Hathaway's hosting duties while criticizing Franco's unease and lack of energy on stage. Film critic Roger Ebert criticized the telecasting, noting that it was "The worst Oscarcast I've seen, and I go back awhile." He went on to praise the winners of the night, but he ended his review with the words, "Dead. In. The. Water." The Hollywood Reporter called the show "spectacularly bad" and stated that "This year, the Oscars hit a new low. Like it fell into a hole." The similar conviction was also echoed by Rolling Stone critic Peter Travers, calling it the "worst Oscars ever". A review from CNN graded the show a C and, commenting on the hosts said "The Oscars were trying to be like the Lady Ga Ga Grammys: Let's try to be young and hip. But with the combo of James Franco and Anne Hathaway as hosts, it fell flat. Anne did her best, but Franco seemed dazed and confused.“ E! Online also questioned whether it was the worst Oscar show in history stating, "This was sizing up to be everything the Oscars are not supposed to be: clunky, amateurish, and pretty much lacking in actual entertainment value for those of us not picking up awards.“ Some media outlets received the broadcast more positively. Entertainment Weekly television critic Ken Tucker stated that the show was "Funny, poised, relaxed, and smart, Anne Hathaway and James Franco made for marvelous Oscar hosts. Their combination of respect and informality struck the right tone for the night, a happily surprising production that had its share of fine moments both planned and ad-libbed." On the overall aspect of the ceremony, they concluded "all in all, it was a fun, briskly paced night." Mary McNamara from the Los Angeles Times gave a moderate review, commenting on Franco and Hathaway, "the two seemed to be following the directive to "first do no harm," as if they knew they couldn't score as big as Jimmy Fallon did with the Emmys but were determined to avoid becoming morning show fodder like Ricky Gervais was after this year's Golden Globes. The result was a show that moved along, with a few draggy bits and high notes, like precisely what it was: a very long and fancy awards show." Her review further said "Overall, the evening had an oddly business-like feel, a mind-numbing evenness that was exacerbated by the relentless predictability of the winners, and the fact that none of the acting winners were played off no matter how long their "thank-yous" went." Entertainment columnist and blogger Paul Sheenan commended Franco and Hathaway’s performance overall remarking that they “may not have had the sexual chemistry that some reviewers lusted for, but their playful kidding put me in mind of siblings who actually get along. And with her mother but not his featured in the opening moments, could they be?”


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83rd Oscar Pictorial …

Conceal Marketing & ICC
The International Cricket Council, the game's governing body, will haul into court companies and suspend players associated with unofficial endorsements during the upcoming World Cup as part of a range of measures launched to protect the interests of the event's sponsors. "Taking action against perpetrators is not fun for us. We will have no option but go to court to protect our rights and those of our commercial partners," says ICC legal head David Becker. The ICC has formed a 100 strong anti-infringement team to track those using directly or deceptively the name, logo and mascot of the event, due to start on February 19.The International Cricket Council (ICC) has threatened to throw any player out of the World Cup 2011, who is found to be indulging in “ambush marketing.” “(Any player) breaches the squad terms may face sanctions”, David Becker, ICC’s legal head stated in a memo saying that the guilty player may be excluded from the event along with financial penalties. The memo was sent to all the international players and the cricket boards of the participating countries regarding guidelines for commercials and endorsements during the World Cup. The memo read that the squad members could not allow their names and images to be used by any third party for any commercial purpose that implies its direct or indirect association with the event. According to the memo, the players would not be able to endorse a brand seven days prior to the start of the World Cup and the restriction will end only when a team is knocked out of the much-awaited event. Becker stated that the players are barred to advertise a brand or insignia of any third party on team uniform, team kit or practice kit or any other clothing directly related to the game. However, the ICC has allowed the members to feature in any advertisement if they are appearing in “casual clothing” and not representing national colors. The issue caused a huge ruckus during the 2007 World Cup and it directly affects the players, who have already tied themselves with their respective Indian Premier League (IPL) endorsements. Sources state that the Indian players Sachin Tendulkar, Yuvraj Singh, Ashish Nehra, and Harbhajan Singh are to meet the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) chief on Friday to discuss the restrictions. The ICC has been cracking down on companies and other marketing heads that are attempting to ambush the World Cup and violating or infringing their intellectual property rights. The game’s governing body has been active in Bangladesh, who is one of the co-hosts of the event, over the past week in order to protect the official World Cup sponsors. The ICC has been removing the official logos and trademarks from online advertisements, especially the travel agents that are seeking to cash in on the event’s hype. The ICC had earlier signaled that their legal marketing team will crack down on any “unlicensed commercial exploitation”.

Indian batting maestro Sachin Tendulkar and skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni are likely to be banned for ICC Cricket World Cup 2011.The Indian players have locked horns with the ICC sponsorship guidelines.In October last year, the legal head of the International Cricket Council (ICC) had issued a stern warning that players who – knowingly or unknowingly – indulge in ambush marketing will be excluded from participation in the 2011 World Cup. “During the period of seven days prior to the first match of the event and the departure date of the team, squad members may not allow their name, likeness or image to be used by any third party in any advertising or endorsement (or for any other commercial purpose) wearing team kit, team uniform or practice kit (or any other clothing confusingly similar thereto),” the ICC memo says. “Squad members may not display the branding, marks or insignia of any third party (apart from an approved kit manufacturer, team sponsor or team logo) while on the field of play,” it adds. Sachin Tendulkar has inked a deal with Coco Cola while Sony and TVS Motors have signed skipper Dhoni recently. And as per the ICC sponsorship guidelines, Coco Cola Sony and TVS motors are not the official sponsors. The ICC’s official sponsors are Pepsi and Hero Honda. In such circumstances, Indian cricketers will not endorse any rival brand. Tendulkar and Dhoni will have to sit out of the World Cup if they breach the ICC guidelines. Tendulkar, Yuvraj Singh, Harbhajan Singh and Ashish Nehra sought clarification from Indian cricket board president Shashank Manohar Friday on the ICC clause that protects the official sponsors of the event and imposes restrictions on the personal brand endorsements of players seven days before the World Cup. The players also wanted to know about a similar clause in the Indian Premier League (IPL). To the connoisseurs of the game who are dead against players doing anything else other than playing cricket, this article isn’t for you. Obviously there is no discussion regarding cricket but instead marketing and advertising. And no discussion in cricket can remain complete without discussing about endorsements. Whether it was Sachin for Coca Cola or MSD for Aircel, endorsements pay in crores. Obviously before IPL they got more from ads but to an extent today one can get probably a good amount of cash from cricket too. So all is hunky–dory right? You play cricket and score runs and become the best in the country. Patriotic and rich at the same time, how cool isn’t it? But sadly there is an obstacle. Before every ICC event, the issue of ambush marketing comes into play which makes things go off balance to some extent. And when that happens, it’s pretty bad for the players as the penalties range from suspension for a few matches to bans from the entire tournament. In the real sense of the word, ambush marketing involves a brand trying to indirectly sponsor an event through a particular player. Brands like Pepsi and Reliance who are sponsoring the Cricket World Cup have direct competition from Coke and Aircel. But then why blame players for such things? In a true business world, they are just trying to get the best deal. Isn’t it upto the brands themselves to regulate such issues among each other? Aren’t players being made a scapegoat unnecessarily? Interestingly a survey of the various events where ambush marketing has taken place shows us that sporting events across the world from Olympics to the Super bowl have been victims of ambush marketing. The bottom-line is that everyone does that and rules need to be enacted to prevent it. But those rules shouldn’t hold the player responsible. And anyway at the end of it, it’s all about making your brand get noticed. This is controversial, sneaky and wrong but there are no particular rules against it. And till that happens no one will be held guilty. Interestingly according to the rules the players shouldn’t advertise for their respective brands 7 days prior to the World Cup and the departure of the team. This involves not having the name, logo or anything else related to any third party on their playing kit. So now that means that Sachin, Bhajji, Nehra and everyone else stand to lose a good amount of cash. Only time will tell how this fares out. But one thing is for sure, the lawyers for the players will have to make sure they know the rules and regulations of Bangladesh and Sri Lanka too, since the event is scheduled in the three countries. … Interesting times ahead, isn’t it?


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Ali Zafar rocks the ICC World Cup 2011

First it was reported that Atif Aslam will be singing the official song Pakistan Cricket team for the world cup 2011 but this was fake. A poll put king of pop Ali Zafar on the top and now he has prepared the song. Lyrics have been written by Ali Zafar himself. The video has also been prepared in Qaddafi Stadium. The official song will be released very soon. As soon as that song is on air, we will be providing our viewers the latest video of that song. Till that time, enjoy this song made for world cup. Cricket World cup is a big occasion for all social life circles of Pakistan and probably one of the very few sources of excitement left for us. It makes all the more sense for us to celebrate it as much as we can. Another source for us to celebrate is our music. These two combined together is a lethal combination. And who better to sing for this joyous moment than our very own most celebrated Ali Zafar. Ali Zafar is singing, writing and composing the world cup song, video for which is in the process of shoot. Normally the biggest stars and singers are chosen by Multi nationals all over the world to render the world cup song for sports like Shakira was chosen for football with Waka Waka. And surveys put Ali Zafar on the top of the list for our region. It is heard that Ali Zafar took special time off from his bollywood ventures and locked himself in the studio for one week to compose, arrange and write the song. Seems like we have a winner this time, if not in the game then probably in the song.

World cup the biggest entertainment that could ever happen for cricket frenzy countries. The event grabs the attention of millions of people all around the world. All the teams, all the star players are making for the best and most exciting Cricket World Cup in history. We only have to wait a few more days to watch with major interest to see who will win the 2011 ICC Cricket World Cup and top the world!! The excitement is not only restricted to cricketers. The spectators enthusiasm is unmatchable. They cheer and cheer so much that the teams try their level best to keep their fans happiness entact. And with that why should our musicians stay behind in raising their favourite teams spirits. And they are doing it by releasing what we call national songs. These national songs empower nation’s enthusiasm and represents national identity, unity and culture of the country. In Pakistan, songs like “Jazba Junoon” by “Junoon” (1996), “Hai Koi Hum Jaisa” by “Strings” (2003), “Hum Hain Pakistani” by Junaid Jamshed were released for World Cup and are still famous. For this year’s cup many Upcoming bands have come up with national songs to try their luck. “Cricket We Love You” by “2D”, “Aisi Ki Taisi” by “Siege Band ”, “We Will Rock The World” by “Raga Boyz ” are constantly searched on internet and added their little bit to the sporting spirits of the nation. Also Lets not forget ‘Play for the game’ World Cup Anthem sung by various Asian Singers. Pakistan’s legend “Ali Azmat” too came up with “Joshe-Junoon” which instantly became a hit and Ali Zafar has come up with two songs “Sach Jazba” for Mobilink Jazz and “Yeh Duniya Hai Dilwalo ki” for Pepsi. Not only this it is speculated that “Jal The Band” too is coming up with their song “Uraan” which is dedicated to team Pakistan. This song is sponsored by LG. The band is currently touring India and have performed this song in a concert. The video has been shot in Karachi, as reported by Aisha Ali. So with so many exciting songs and of course the most exciting tournament in the world of cricket we ought to buck up our spirits and say cheers to our team !!

Ambush Marketing defeating CRICKET CHIEFS
Cricket's popularity in India and the huge revenue it generates is hampering the governing body's efforts to crack down on ambush marketing there, according to experts on the eve of the World Cup. The tournament, organised by the International Cricket Council (ICC), will be co-hosted by India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh and starts on Saturday. The final is on April 2. Ambush marketing refers to companies promoting their brands or products by associating them with a team, league or event without paying for the privilege. It is the biggest bugbear for official sponsors at sporting events whose outlay often runs into tens of millions of dollars. "In a country like India, where there is so much money that's generated from the game, it is difficult for the ICC to come down very heavily or enforce those rules strictly on the players or the companies," said columnist Ashok Malik, an expert on the business of sports. Recently, Indian cricket captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni was rapped by the ICC for promoting and endorsing the products of Sony Corp and Aircel, which are not official sponsors of the Cup, according to unconfirmed media reports. The ICC has signed firms such as Reliance Communications LG, Pepsi , Reebok, Hero Honda , Emirates, Yahoo, Castrol, MoneyGram and Hyundai Motors India as official sponsors. In October last year, the legal head of the ICC had issued a stern warning saying players indulging in ambush marketing would be excluded from participation in the World Cup. However, media reports said Dhoni was only given a written warning for promoting Sony and Aircel, although the global cricket body declined to confirm this. Latika Khaneja, director at Collage Sports Management, a firm that handles endorsement deals for several Indian cricketers, said there was generally a seven-day cooling off period for nonsponsors to take their advertisements off before the event begins. The responsibility to do so should lie with the company and not the sportsperson, Khaneja added.



South Korean consumer durables maker LG Electronics, one of the official sponsors, said it was spending 700 million rupees ($15.49 million) on the event, excluding sponsorship fees. "We have been assured by them (ICC) that they will make sure that our rights are protected," said L.K.Gupta, chief marketing officer, LG Electronics, India. However, officials say it was difficult to keep a tab on advertising mediums other than television or newspapers. "There are places, like railway stations, where it is just not possible to stop ambush marketing," Lalchand Rajput, former Indian cricketer and joint secretary of the Mumbai Cricket Association, said. There have been instances of ambush marketing in other countries and in other sports that have been dealt with by an iron hand. Last year, two Dutch women were arrested in Amsterdam for wearing skimpy orange dresses in a marketing stunt by brewer Bavaria at a match between the Netherlands and Denmark during the soccer World Cup in South Africa Fifa has launched 2,500 legal actions around the globe to protect its World Cup brand. Similarly, organisers of the London Olympics of 2012 have set up an anti-ambush team to crack down on anybody who tries to crash the party. The team would initially operate on an educational basis, telling the public the dos and don'ts for brands, which are not official sponsors. However, in India, most companies are willing to take a chance, owing to the soft treatment of ambush marketing tactics, columnist Ayaz Memon said. "In a country like India, where so many eyeballs are guaranteed during an event like this, a lot of companies are willing to take the chance because of the mileage you get and the money you can make is huge," said Memon.

Spring Lawn War !!

By BeenaR

Driving around in Karachi from Clifton to Korangi, Gulshan to Gulberg, or Karsaz through Shara-e-Faisal, there is this much repetitive sight no one can miss out on… the humongous, colorblasting, eye-reckoning billboards of super hot models marketing their summer collection of Lawn fabrics. Every single mile you drive, you come across at least three sequential competitor billboards marketing upcoming seasons Lawn fabrics. I now know by heart where which billboard is placed in the city, next to which one that just passed by, and who was the model for which brand. I know it all. And I bet if you are a Karachi’ite… you do too! I recognize these pretty celebrity faces, not by their names, but by the Lawn brand they ambassador. I randomly asked my (male as well as female) friends which celebrity represents what brand…90% of the time I got correct responses. That’s pretty strong marketing, I suppose. However, it is one thing to make an attractive advertisement that catches your eye, another challenge to remember the name of your product and yet another notch up to make you buy it! I am positive that with the massive, redundant display of billboards advertising Lawn Exhibitions through out the city, the marketing departments of these brands have created satisfactory awareness of their products. Then to be able to sell the product we need to see who the target market is. And to figure the target market we need to know the price ranges of these brands. A few are as follows: •Gul Ahmed- From Rs 1900 and above •Vaneeza –From Rs 2000 and above •Firdous – From Rs 2000 and above •Sana Safinaaz – From Rs 2200 and above etc. Now I’m wondering who buys such expensive summer wear in the metropolis. According to recent statistics, about 50% of the 13,052,000 population of Karachi is deemed as ‘poor’ based on an absolute poverty line derived from standard consumption norms. So if poverty is defined in terms of ‘the minimal requirements necessary to afford minimal standards of food, clothing, health care and shelter’, then definitely this half of the city is more interested in being able to barely cover their bodies with any form of clothing. The rest not-so-poor 50% of which assuming 25% are women, have aslo got the smaller competitors in the Lawn industry who sell their products for much cheaper and affordable price ranges; from Rs 350-900 in various prints and qualities. Also, not everyone wants to make new clothes for summer every year. So basically, we are left only with roughly at the most 10% of the metropolis population that comprises of high fashionista females. So I believe its now safe to say that a city over-pouring with fashion fabrics billboards is not marketed for the masses but to only a certain high-end market segment of about 10%. For the rest the billboards merely serve as an eye-candy.
Excerpts from Chatkharey Blog

3D Pakistan Revolution
By Adeel Akhter
3-D Animation industry is more than a billion Dollar industry all over the world. specially Philippine and Korea are highly preferred countries. But now a days even India and Pakistan are growing immensely. Though India is more advance but is also more expensive then Pakistan. I will not compare Pakistan and India. The reason is i am myself not sure which is more better. These days i have heard that India (Yash Raj Films) is planning a movie with collaboration of PIXAR. But at the same time Pakistan (Post Amazer) has already worked on an international project of 3-D animation on the movie Son of Mask More over Pakistan’s top class animator Mukeem Khan has also worked on international project of FINAL FANTASY So the good thing is that we have showed that we have the potential to work at and for international market But over here i will be talking about the local industry. In the last few years media industry has got a great boom. And so the advertising field too. Lots of animation and quality post production work has at-least brought us at a level where we can easily compete the Asian market. The reason i am not talking about the whole world is that we are still far back in creating concepts. The reason for it is that nearly all the companies when comes too Ad agencies they believe Pakistan is still a country on un-educated people who cant understand the indirect concepts of Ads (I think they are living in the fool’s Heaven) Coming back towards 3-d animation we have production houses like Post Amazer, Sharp Image and H2O who have really worked well. Pakistan is lucky to have training institute like Arena Multimedia which has some high profiled teachers, And many quality students have come out from this institute. Though the Pakistani animators in general are not experts but the reason for it is that no production house has dared to enter into animated filmmaking, neither we have the best machines available for rendering. But many animators believe that some day they will launch there own animated movie. Though the speed is slow but after all slow and steady winds the race.
Excerpts from Lollywood All About Pakistani Film Industry Blog FIFTEEN

Aki endorse in new look !
If you've been watching TV, you certainly would have seen Akshay Kumar's new commercial for Micromax mobile. The ad features Akshay stranded on an island sporting a beard and unkempt look. All he has for company is his Micromax mobile phone. He then puts the phone to various innovative uses and finds a way to survive on the island. The ad reiterates Micromax's belief to think and act differently. The commercial is like a snapshot, a projection of Micromax's vision of the future of the way they would think and the mobile handsets that they would bring someday. This certainly goes on to say that Micromax is "Nothing like Anything". The ad has been conceptualised by R. Balki.

Disobeying PEMRA !

According to Mr. Muhammad Tahir, Deputy General Manager, Media & PR, Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) while upholding its regulatory due and orders of the Supreme Court, took serious notice of airing of ICC World Cup cricket matches through un-authorized and some illegal channels in Pakistan. In its continuous drive these days, PEMRA had not only served adequate warnings to all TV channels / cable TV operators to abide by the legitimate rights conferred to telecast ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 in Pakistan territory but also raided number of CTV operators disobeying PEMRA and the Court orders. In the press release issued by PEMRA, it was added that the Authority has also issued showcause notices to nearly 16 TV channels found airing illegitimate live opening ceremony of cricket world cup. Authority is fully committed to safeguard legitimate rights of broadcast of cricket matches conferred to the channel/s in Pakistan and would not tolerate any violation in this regard stated the press release. On first day of ICC World Cup event, PEMRA enforcement teams cracked down against number of cable TV networks across the country, reportedly, violating orders of the Apex Court and impounded gadgets of nearly 100 CTV networks involved in distributing illegal sports and other channels. Besides, some cable networks were completely seized on account of deliberate and gross violations e.g. three in Balochistan, two in Kyhber Pakhtonkhwa and about half a dozen in AJK.

During similar course of action in Punjab, ten cable TV networks were completely shut down, five each in Multan and Lahore. In addition to physical raid, 36 cable TV networks in Lahore, Okara, Sheikhupura, Lalamusa, Faisalabad, Gujrat, Kamoki, Mandi Bahauddin, Pasroor and Pindi Phattian were served warnings. PEMRA enforcement teams in Islamabad, Rawalpindi and Sargodha raided 30 cable TV networks. Of these, three cable TV networks in twin cities were partially seized and equipment was confiscated. PEMRA resolved to continue its drive against all odds of electronic media apparatuses till the time sanity prevails and every stakeholder realizes their responsibility towards healthy and objective growth of electronic media.

Who Would be BARBIE
After the talks that Aishwarya Bachchan would be immortalized as a Barbie doll, there was speculation that Genelia D’Souza was considered too because of her doll like and younger face. Then suddenly it came out that Katrina Kaif would be the Barbie and she claimed that Ash was not in the running at all. Katrina also went around telling whoever cared to listen that she’s the first Indian to get that privilege. Well, many ridiculed that claim of hers as she holds a British passport. And she might claim that she has nothing against Aishwarya and that she respects her and all that, but smart cookie Aishwarya isn’t one to stay quiet without clarifying things. Aishwarya hit back by saying that she refused the Barbie doll deal due to her professional commitments.


In fact her representatives were in negotiations with Barbie’s manufacturer Mattel, who planned to give the iconic doll a Bollywood face.But the deal did not take off. In fact since 1994 when Aishwarya won the Miss World title, the company has made numerous attempts to make a celebrity doll modeled on the Indian beauty.However, she could never make time for their endeavor, due to her professional commitments. Again on the doll’s 50th anniversary, Aishwarya was approached to appear decked up as a celebrity Barbie but she had to opt out of that too due to her prior commitments with filmmakers whose shooting schedules clashed with the event. A statement issued by Aishwarya’s spokesperson said, “Mattel was keen to have the actress walk the ramp on Lakme Fashion Week ‘Barbie dolled up’ in a winning design as Single Likeness Barbie, which would be unveiled and auctioned for a charity of her choice.” God alone knows what the whole truth is. Hopefully we’ll get a glimpse of the whole truth one fine day Till then, Katrina can shut up and enjoy it all.

Yash Raj Films" most successful movie Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge has been loved by millions of fans and even after 15 years of its release, the movie still continues to make news. The movie is going to complete its 800 weeks at the Maratha Mandir Cinema in Mumbai next year. Interestingly, the owner of the theater Manoj Desai is in no mood to stop the screening of this blockbuster film. The classic romantic drama, which was released in 1995 under the Yash Raj banner, has really made a history by becoming the longest running film in the Indian cinema history. Producer Yash Chopra is reportedly planning an extravagant celebration in the February next year when the film completes 800 weeks. The preparations for this mega event have already started in typical grand style of Chopra. According to a source, “This extravagant celebration is likely to take place either at the Maratha Mandir Cinema or at a five-star hotel in Mumbai". On October 20, 1995, DDLJ was released with full houses and till then it has been screening in Maratha Mandir.

ROMANCE crossed 800 Weeks

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10 Hours Certification Course On Ad Film Making & Media Planning
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Day 2 7pm – 8pm
KamzKirz Media Marketing Group proudly announce “KamzKirz Honor Awards –To Bestow Tribute ! We are going to honor the Legendary Personalities and Young and Emerging Personalities with some thing exceptional in their respective industry. We are honoring the personalities in three categories: Legendary Acknowledgement Youth Acknowledgement Initiative Acknowledgement In Sub Categories of Business, Advertising, Education, Cinema, Television, Theatre, Fashion, Music and Expressions of Right.

Topics To Be Discussed
Ad Film Production Sequence, Cinematic Techniques, Branded Entertainment, Utilizing Animation Techniques, Media Planning, Celebrity Endorsement, Practical Application of Camera Movement, Lighting Sequence, Sketching Story Board and more.


Irfan Iftikhar
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Jamil Syed

Imran Ashraf

Jehan Ara Hai
Vice President APWA & Known TV Personality

Fatima Bajiya
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Ejaz Mian

Dr. Kamran

Athar Javed Sufi
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Advertising Practitioner President – PAPC Asst. Professor at Sole Event Partner of SZABIST, GREENWICH ABBY International & DADABHOY Inst. Advertising Awards - INDIA

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Co-Chairman Dr. Jawaid Aziz Addressing the Attendees

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Chief Guest Jehan Ara Hai Addressing the Attendees

Chairperson Dr. Nadira Jawaid Presenting Shield to Chief Guest


Jamil Syed, Former Executive Director - PBA

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Kamran Jawaid, Managing Director – KamzKirz Media Marketing Group

Irfan Iftikhar, Director – SAARC MEDIA, Mumbai - India

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Jamil Syed, Former Executive Director - PBA

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Kamran Jawaid, Managing Director – KamzKirz Media Marketing Group

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Presenting Memento to Kamran Jawaid

Presenting Memento to Radio One FM 91

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Fatima Bajiyaa and Dr. Nadira Jawaid


Fashion Insight 2011

By Fathma Amir

With music becoming stagnant, a litigious commercial theatre scene and a deceased film industry, Pakistan thrives on fashion. Be it for glamour or business, fashion has been our saving grace in recent times. With four fashion weeks lined up for the first quarter of 2011 and a designer lawn fiesta in spring next in line, expect bigger and better things from the fashion industry this year. When Images on Sunday approached eight of the biggest names in fashion about their activities, their answers surpassed our expectations. Here’s what we can expect from the veterans of the Pakistan fashion fraternity in the year 2011.

Q. You kept away from fashion councils and fashion weeks but you agreed to head Islamabad Fashion Week. Reason? TA. Islamabad Fashion Week (IFW) is not going to be your average entertainment show. It’s a five-day trade show with a different format that will feature prêt collections in the day time and showcase couture collections in the evening. There will be different stylists and choreographers for each day. The new models are a result of a model hunt which was conducted in Lahore and Islamabad (15 boys and 15 girls were chosen from each city). Prêt is a more mass-oriented market which is a different ball game altogether. Retailers cater to every level of fashion and garment designing. This is what appeals more to the West. Even buyers from neutral cities were interested in coming out for this trade show. I wanted to do something for the business aspect of fashion that was the fundamental reason of heading IFW. For the record, the reason why I’ve not been a part of any fashion council or fashion week earlier was because I’ve never been approached by any fashion council to date. Other than that, I see fashion weeks in Karachi and Lahore being the product of a one-man vision. The ramp is flooded with stuff that is not ready-towear and the designs are being repeated each year, yet these people are being patted on the back. Nowhere in the world is fashion being handled like that. I don’t see anyone making an effort to evolve or think out of the box. Mediocrity rules and criticism is shunned. There is no sense of realism left. With IFW, I intend to project the real face of fashion. Unlike the larger-than-life shows created by the other fashion weeks, I want to bring talent together and put it forward. I’m doing my own thing not for any personal gain or to be judged but for the betterment of the industry. In a span of 25 years I’ve helped create half of the existing talent in the industry and I’ve earned the right to say all this.


Q. You have become the poster child for cosmetic surgery. What next? Nabila. I have been an image consultant for professionals, politicians, models, rockstars, celebrities and aging women for a while now. Working closely with cosmetic surgeons and clients has made people realise the importance of going to a consultant before any kind of surgery. Nabila is synonymous with hair, image, beauty, excellence and power. I have successfully created a colossal brand. After giving it my sweat and blood for more than two decades, it has reached a milestone. Now the time has come to leverage my brand, its time to take off. My 25 years in this industry will be marked by my book launch in the first week of January. I’m in the process of finalising a television programme based on cosmetic surgery titled Nabila Changes that will air after the first quarter and my eponymous brand will be launched in the third quarter of 2011.

Q. Critics say that Ather Shahzad, who steered the styling industry for more than a decade, has fizzled out. How do you plan to make a comeback? SR. I’m amazed to hear this. This is nothing but a manifested rumour. Pick up a magazine or watch TV, we are doing the maximum amount of shoots with top designers and a lot of commercial work, too. This is other than the massive bridal work we do. Even internationally, we still get unbelievable response. By the grace of God, we are completely satisfied with our work and 2010 has been one of the best years of our career. I admit after almost two decades in the business we don’t just jump on every opportunity that comes our way. We have become selective and particular about what we do. Furthermore, we try to avoid fashion shows because I believe our creativity is restricted, thus hampered. The only reason we did a segment at the Bridal Couture Week was because I’m the brand ambassador for the title sponsor and we support them in every way possible. We were given two days to prepare and were required to showcase unique, western hair trends at the hair show. If superstar Shahrukh Khan doesn’t appear in a film for two or more years, or even if his last film was a flop, the minute his new flick hits the theatres, everybody goes crazy about it. I’m totally against washing my dirty laundry while the world is watching but it’s appalling at how superstars are decimated instead of being created in our country.


Continues …

Fashion Insight 2011

Q. After creating and showing prêt and couture collections, participating in local and international fashion weeks, choreographing a fashion week and winning multiple accolades, what are your plans for 2011? HSY. By the grace of God, 2010 proved to be an incredibly fulfilling and happy year for me professionally and personally. Other than well-received collections, I received my third LSA, this time in the Best Menswear category and the Best Couture designer award at the Dubai fashion week. I was also chosen to represent a particular product by becoming its brand council member and I visited Mexico for the first time ever. What’s more, all this happened just in time for HSY’s 10th year celebration in December. The whole element of being in a business that you love is that you get to do a lot of things. The year 2011 kicks off with HSY taking the label to another level by making it available to a larger clientele. It will be affordable for the masses. Others might have done this before but this concept is entirely new for my brand. Also, I’m the only Pakistani to have been nominated for the Best International Asian Designer and Most Stylish Personality at the Dubai Ahlan Masala Awards in 2010.

Q. You took over Fashion Pakistan from Maheen Khan, would you yearn to uphold the council’s position or improvise completely? SA. Fashion councils and fashion weeks are a fairly new phenomenon. We need to understand that in Pakistan fashion cannot translate into mimicking the west. I’ve seen various fashion weeks’ copy and updates on western fashion, and it doesn’t make any sense. We need to mature as an industry. We cannot cater high fashion internationally so we need to stop looking at Vogue or Harper’s Bazaar. Fashion is a business that requires originality and working with one’s own strength. We need to produce indigenous Pakistani products using local fabrics and techniques that cater to a universal client. Fashion is about trade rather than showmanship. With a pool of knowledge to disseminate, FP will initiate 25 seminars with a vast curriculum for almost 500 people that will commence after the third week of January. We plan on conducting this seminar every month or two in Karachi and Lahore. This course of action will determine three things: maturing raw talent, improving their design skills and finding placement in the industry. Instilling a new ideology, we are open to view collections by young designers which will be evaluated and suggestions would be given to help them. The council also intends on holding capsule shows followed by same-day exhibitions for upcoming designers and the FP lounge flagship store will be set up in Karachi. As for me, I’m coming out with nine collections every year including lawn.

Q. The grapevine has it that you are forming another council. How true is that? RB. I was part of the Fashion Pakistan which initiated and directed two fashion weeks successfully. The benchmark was set for others to follow and it has sustained itself. Although the new administration has deviated from the original aim of the council and is focusing more on self-promotion now. To answer your question, I’m not forming another council, rather I’m finding alternatives to promote fashion now. Using my sources, I’m actively promoting genuine, young talent independently. I took Fahad Hussayn and Adnan Pardesy to showcase their designs at Ogaan which were well received. Similarly I’ll be taking Zaheer Abbas among other credible designers to India this year. Also, I’m opening up a multi-brand boutique in Lahore that will only stock collections by upcoming designers. Personally, I spent much of 2010 consolidating my prêt collection that will be showed at the Colombo Fashion Week in February 2011. I’m exploring burgeoning markets internationally because being a Karachi-based designer I see no point in promoting myself here. Excerpts from Inpaper Magzine, Dawn

Hit & Runs ! Tees Mar Khan
TWENTY TWO Farah Khan’s latest film is a box office hit but fails to be more than skin deep “Acting is like chewing gum,” Tabrez Khan aka Tees Maar Khan tells his sweetheart Anya in the film. “It loses its sweetness and you want to spit it out after a while. ”He may be referring to acting in general but it aptly applies to Farah Khan’s films as well. Mindless comedy, based on Bollywood references, was refreshing in Om Shanti Om (the last film she directed) but the flavour starts to wear off in Tees Maar Khan. What begins as a joyride ends as the kind of headache that too many rides on the merry-go-round can give you. TMK is the story of one Tabrez Khan portrayed quite decently by Akshay Kumar, conman par excellence, who steals the watch off his doctor’s wrist as soon as he is born. He grows up to be a criminal who plans a grand theft to rob billions worth of national treasures off a speeding train. The plan includes befooling unsuspecting villagers of Dhuliya Gaon and convincing them that it’s all part of a film he is directing. Key players in this plan are his three minions — Soda, Dollar and Burger — and they involve an Oscarobsessed Bollywood actor to ensure the plan hatches successfully. Akshay Kumar, as ‘the actor’, is the strongest character of the film and the usually sober actor is absolutely brilliant in his neurotic rendition as a crack. He goes around wearing a tee shirt that reads ‘STAR’ and reprimands his assistant/agent for mistaking Danny Boyle for Danny Dezongpa when he called him for the casting of Oscar-winning Dumbdog Millionnaire. The film is fun, if you can stomach two hours of absurdities. And let’s be honest that most of us can. TMK is unpretentious and unhypocritical in its approach and in its honesty lies its strength. It is plain, unapologetic humour, the kind that doesn’t think twice before cracking racist jokes. When director Day Shyamalan (as opposed to Night Shyamalan) can’t find a goralooking man to cast as a Britisher in his film, he pulls in the albino sweeper and stuffs bubble gum in his mouth as a language barrier. The stunning Katrina Kaif — who’s never looked better — is the quintessential Bollywood dumb blonde who knows she needs to do nothing more than look good. And that she does to perfection. “It’s better to be an item girl than a thief,” she exclaims at Tabrez but does nothing to stop him. Life is one big set for her. If the scene requires added drama, she knows that all she needs is an added layer of face powder. The hit song Sheela ki Jawani goes on to prove that she needn’t be more than a beauty to be successful heroine. It’s okay if she has the intelligence of a gnat. The weakest thing in the film is its story, rather lack of it. Whatever its worth should be credited to the Italian film, After the Fox, which TMK is adapted from. The story also draws one to the conflict/controversy that arose between director Farah Khan and her once best friend Shahrukh Khan, who was the originally chosen protagonist. TMK screeches of a role tailor made for SRK. But apparently they fell out of each other’s graces when he kept sending the story (written by Shrish Kunder, FK’s husband) back for tweaking. It goes without saying that SRK’s contributions to the films he chooses are always priceless. He would have given it some grey matter if nothing else. Without him, it falls flat in places. The year 2010 hasn’t been a very successful year for Indian cinema — considering the big banner releases (like Veer, Kites, Raavan, Guzaarish) that have flopped at the box office — but it has to be said that the ‘Khans’ have given it a financial boost, if nothing else. My Name is Khan pushed the year into action and while Tees Maar Khan is being thrashed by critics, it has been raking in box office moolah. As the soundtrack goes during its closing credit roll “everyone wants a happy ending.” That is exactly was Farah Khan has given in this film and critically speaking, nothing more. Farah Khan has established a film genre of her own, one which uses Bollywood as the punch line. She will have to improvise as the comedy tends to get stale but until then she will continue to have the hit and runs: films that are box office hits but fail to run deep with the critics.

By Aamna Haider Isani


… TMK Review Continues
Tees Maar Khan was recorded to have the third most successful opening (after Dabangg and 3 Idiots) in India and according to Atif Rasheed, Vice Chairman IMGC (International Multi Group of Companies) Pakistan, official importers and distributors of the film, the response raked in an overwhelming “one crore, forty lakhs in the opening weekend (in Pakistan) alone.”

Mr Rasheed told Images on Sunday that 21 prints of the film were released all over the country and they all had a full house response, in some instances they even witnessed “forced break ins” and similar hyper-activity that is often associated with popular films. The super-hit item song Sheela ki Jawani was an unfaltering crowd pleaser and young boys responded with wolf whistles and even dhamaal (dances) in cinemas in Faisalabad.

Indian films, Rasheed feels, have helped pump money into the Pakistani film industry as theatres earn 50% of all profits made. IMGC has imported hit films such as Dostana and will now be bringing No One Killed Jessica and Dhobhi Ghaat to Pakistan next.
Excerpts from Dawn

Alvida !


For a director in Lollywood, the biggest aim is to sustain and survive — churning out a quality film comes second due to the decline of the industry. However, for Javed Fazil compromising on quality was the last thing on his mind and he went on directing hits despite the failure of films by his contemporaries. The veteran director passed away on December 29, 2010, in Karachi. Mohammad Javed Fazil was born in 1940, and joined the film industry during the ‘60s, soon after completing his studies. He assisted numerous directors including Qadeer Ghori and S Suleman during his career as an assistant/associate director but turned to direction with Goonj in 1977. The film did well considering it was his first foray as a mainstream director and marked the beginning of what turned out to be one of the most successful careers in Pakistan’s entertainment history. For a director in Lollywood, the biggest aim is to sustain and survive — churning out a quality film comes second due to the decline of the industry. However, for Javed Fazil compromising on quality was the last thing on his mind and he went on directing hits despite the failure of films by his contemporaries. The veteran director passed away on December 29, 2010, in Karachi. Mohammad Javed Fazil was born in 1940, and joined the film industry during the ‘60s, soon after completing his studies. He assisted numerous directors including Qadeer Ghori and S Suleman during his career as an assistant/associate director but turned to direction with Goonj in 1977. The film did well considering it was his first foray as a mainstream director and marked the beginning of what turned out to be one of the most successful careers in Pakistan’s entertainment history. For a director in Lollywood, the biggest aim is to sustain and survive — churning out a quality film comes second due to the decline of the industry. However, for Javed Fazil compromising on quality was the last thing on his mind and he went on directing hits despite the failure of films by his contemporaries. The veteran director passed away on December 29, 2010, in Karachi. Mohammad Javed Fazil was born in 1940, and joined the film industry during the ‘60s, soon after completing his studies. He assisted numerous directors including Qadeer Ghori and S Suleman during his career as an assistant/associate director but turned to direction with Goonj in 1977. The film did well considering it was his first foray as a mainstream director and marked the beginning of what turned out to be one of the most successful careers in Pakistan’s entertainment history. Javed Fazil was one of the few directors who achieved cult status both at home and abroad. Be it his family drama Bazar-i-Husn or his action flick Faisla, or the typical filmi production Dehleez, he remains the most copied director of the last 20 years from this side of the border. Many Indian directors thrived on his work as they made Paap Ki Duniya out of Faisla, Bazar-i-Husn became Pati Patni Aur Tawaif, whereas Dehleez was copied as Oonche Log. Even his comedy caper, Ustadoon Kay Ustad, became an inspiration for Bollywood comedies such as Andaaz Apna Apna and Jane-man. He was the only director ever to convince Waheed Murad to wear glasses and portray an older man. He also directed film star Nadeem in more than half of his films, most of which did well including Saima, Aahat, Lazawaal, Dehleez, Naraz, Faisla, Kundan, Bazar-i-Husn and Bulandi. His last film, Main Ek Din Laut Kay Aaonga, which he directed after a gap of a decade, also featured Nadeem. The veteran thespian remembers him as one of the most-talented directors he ever worked with. “Javed Fazil was not just a director but a personal friend as well. His work was everything to him.


… Continues

We don’t have such dedicated people these days, and his demise has further weakened the ailing film industry. It was an honour to work alongside him in so many films. The list of his films speaks for itself which includes hits such as Saima, Aahat, Dehleez, Lazawaal, Faisla, Bulandi, etc,’ says Nadeem. Javed Fazil’s films are known for their music as well. He collaborated with musicians including Nisar Bazmi, Sohail Rana, Amjad Bobby, M Ashraf and Robin Ghosh during his career with the result that songs such as Baja Bajnay Wala Hai (Saima), Chaman Chaman Kali Kali (Aahat), Aaj Tu Ghair Sahi (Dehleez), Aap Apni Misaal (Lazawaal), Zindagi Geet Hai (Faisla), Aakhri Saans Tak (Bulandi) and Dil Kay Taar Bajay (Main Ek Din Laut Kay Aaonga) went on to rule the airwaves. If one compiles the list of the most famous songs of the past three decades, most of them would be from films directed by Javed Fazil. Following the decline of the film industry during the ‘90s, Javed Fazil moved to television. Actor Behroze Sabzwari recalls him as the only film director who could prove his mettle on TV, “He went on to become the most successful TV director due to his superior technical knowledge and understanding of the field. In fact, he was one of the few directors to have a command over set design, camera techniques and acting. He even directed me in one song sequence of Aakhri Mujra, a film by Madam Shamim Ara. Since she is a mentor to all of us, including Javed Sahib, he called the shots when asked by her.” During the last decade-and-a-half, Javed Fazil directed many TV plays, including the magnum opus, Janay Anjanay, Chandni Raatein and Mehndi. He returned to direct his last film, Main Ek Din Laut Kay Aaonga, that had songs by Indian singers Asha Bhonsle and Alka Yagnik and music by Jawad Ahmed along with acting talents from Pakistan. “It was Javed Sahib’s dream to make a film in India, something he achieved with Main Ek Din Laut Kay Aaonga,” remembers Javed Sheikh. “We mostly shot in the Indian city of Hyderabad and during the shooting he constantly reminded me: ‘Dekha, main na kehta tha ke India main film banaoon ga’!” Humayun Saeed terms him a director with a will to do anything, “We used to tease him about his growing age yet he always said: ‘Main jaoonga to kaam karte jaoonga’. He was scheduled to call the shots of Aurat Ka Ghar Konsa the morning he died. Most importantly, he will be remembered as a friend who always gave his best.” Adds Behroze Sabzwari, “Javed Fazil Sahib was a great friend who was always in high spirits. Losing him is a great blow to the showbiz industry of Pakistan. May his soul rest in peace.”


Meera sets off find her ‘perfect match’ in perhaps the biggest reality show of the season. Just when we thought there was nothing left for the ‘26-year-old’ Meera to accomplish, she has surprised us yet again with her latest reality television show, Kaun Banega Meera Pati. The name is pretty self explanatory: Meera is going to be choosing a husband amongst 13 suitors on live television. It’s like the Survivor series, with eliminations, tasks and obstacles, the only difference being that the winner gets Meera’s hand in marriage. The name of the show has received some criticism, where people have wondered

why Meera is going to find a ‘Pati’ (the Hindi word for husband) instead of a ‘Shohar’ (the Urdu word for husband.) Imran Aslam, Director of Geo TV Network, cleared up the air and answered questions like these and many more at a recent press conference. He went on to explain how the honour and value of being Meera’s husband is on the same level as being a ‘crorepati’ or a ‘lakhpati’ thus the choice of name. Also, he frankly added that the name ‘MeeraPati’ is catchier and has a certain ring to it. The evening was hosted by Ali Safina, who is also the host for the show. Before our Meeraji started answering any questions, they first showcased a show reel with some of our celebs who had recorded their messages for Meera. Everyone had their own idea about the kind of man Meera should marry. Actor Humayun Saeed thought that “Meera should marry someone tough, like a bodyguard!” while actress Umaima relayed the message: “Meera should marry someone explosive, who is a lot like her... he should be a total drama, a little over the top and a lot of fun just like our Meera!” Meera herself then explained what she felt about doing this show. “I’m very excited about this show and I’m also excited about getting married. Shaadi karna bahut mushkil kaam hai, but kya karain, shaadi toh karni hai na? I’m also very grateful to all my fans who have shown so much love. So many people sent me their proposals via email; if you check my email inbox, I have received 12,000 proposals. If you check Geo’s mailbox, they have also received one lakh proposals for me, and I hear girls complaining nowadays keh unnko koi rishtay naheen aatay!” So how did Meera ji choose only 13 lucky fellows to get the chance of wooing her? Imran Aslam explained, “We had a lot of people sending us videos and emails and we held an audition for these boys who were interested. Even though there were lots of people who wanted to marry Meera, we had the difficulty of choosing someone who is actually serious about this, but is fun, exciting, telegenic, and also has the ability and the strength to take the show forward.”

Apparently, Meera has been so excited about this show that she can’t think about anything else. This was evident when somebody from the crowd asked Meera what she felt about the future of Pakistani films. She answered, “At the moment, I’m only concerned about my future. I’ve been feeling great lately and I’m only thinking about marriage right now.” Imran Aslam also decided to erase all the controversies around this show, claiming that apart from the side of Meera which has been built up by hype and sensationalism, there is another side of Meera, which is of a woman, who also deserves the basic right to find her soul mate. “We came up with this idea 3 years ago, and we thought it would be a perfect tribute to Meera for all the hard work she has put in being where she is. We all know that she is an icon and an accomplished actress; we’ve laughed with her at her Meeraisms; been puzzled by her antics. We also know her for being bold, unpredictable and sometimes a little over the top. But this show is about dreams, the dreams of many people who wish for the chance to get to be close to our favourite star, and also about the institution of marriage.” Meera has never abided to the rules and has always been out of the box. Then why should we expect a conventional wedding for this star? She claims that by the end of the 26th episode, Meera will be a married woman. We all will have to follow her till the grand finale to find out, kaun banega Meera Pati? What can one say about Meera? The iconic Pakistani film star is a class apart! With millions of words written about her, and even more said about her everyday, it has always been hard to gauge who the real Meera is…that is until now! About to launch exclusively on GEO is a unique reality show entitled Kaun Banega Meera Patti. A show which will try to discover the real person behind this iconic beauty as she goes in search of the perfect life partner. With our camera crew by her side, Meera is all set to embark on a journey to find that one person she can depend on for the rest of her life. Someone who values her as a person and not just a film star and will love and cherish her forever more: in other words ‘the perfect husband’. So who will that lucky gentleman be…well it could be absolutely anyone, including you! All you have to do to be in with a chance of being a contestant on the show is fill in the form below. Tell us all about yourself. Do you think you have the wit, charm, looks, charisma and sensitivity to woo one of the most famous Pakistani film stars ever born? What is it that is unique about you and sets you apart from everyone else? Do you think you could be that one person Meera wants to spend the rest of her life with? Do you think you could well be Meera Patti?! Well if you do then we are waiting to hear from YOU... who knows, you might well be the person Meera is looking for!

Mobilink & NADRA
Join Hands for Solution
TWENTY SEVEN Mobilink, Pakistan's market leader in cellular services and a part of Orascom Telecom Holding (OTH) has formally collaborated with NADRA Technologies Ltd to facilitate payment of Utility Bills. This service will be available Free-of-Charge and around the clock. Deputy Chairman NADRA, Tariq Malik and Vice President Marketing Mobilink, Bilal Munir Sheikh inked the agreement to this effect. NADRA Technologies Ltd (NTL) has undertaken this innovative approach to develop an e-Sahulat billing switch to provide an integrated system response to clients for payment of utility bills through alternate channels like mobiles phones, internet, ATM, bank branches and telcos outlets. The facility will empower Mobilink retailers to accept and deposit utility bills from all Mobilink and Non Mobilink customers, even people who do not own a mobile phone can avail this service by walking into a Mobilink retailer's outlet and depositing their utility bills round the clock, within the due dates. At the signing, Tariq Malik, Deputy Chairman NADRA said, "We are pleased to partner with the Mobilink which is the country's largest cellular family with the most widespread retail and distribution network. Through this service, we are taking the bill payment facility to places where banks haven't." He further emphasized that "e-Sahulat platform is a tip of the iceberg and NTL is in process of transforming this platform into National Smart Service Platform for e-commerce. Through this Smart Service Platform organizations can utilize e-Sahulat touch points for cash in and cash out transactions under branchless regulations issued by State Bank of Pakistan. This arrangement will help commercial banks and Telecom operators to extend branchless banking concept through e-Sahulat without raising any infrastructure thereby saving capital and operational cost." Bilal Munir Sheikh, Vice President Marketing, Mobilink commented, "We commend NTL's efforts to reach out to the common people of Pakistan, a vision we are pleased to share with them. As there is no charge or fee associated nor any condition to own a mobile phone, all segments of the society can avail this convenient facility" e-Sahulat is a truly enabling service that cuts across infrastructural barriers in line with the spirit of branchless banking. This arrangement once put in place will facilitate general public especially in rural areas with solutions housed in congenial environments, while exposing the public to state-of-the-art-technology.

CMO Council Expands …
The CMO Council announced the expansion of its membership base in Pakistan, continuing its commitment to the cultivation of marketing leadership committees in emerging regions. In conjunction with its local partner Revelation Inc., the Council has added 35 prominent marketing executives, five of whom have been appointed to the Middle East-North Africa (MENA) Advisory Board. These new board members will head the initiative in Pakistan by sharing content, insights and intelligence on the local market with the CMO Council's 6,000 global members, who control more than $200 billion in annual marketing spend. New additions to the MENA Advisory Board include Ghufran Atta Khan of Karachi Electric Supply Co., Aly Mustansir of Habib Bank Ltd., Usman Javaid of Telenor Pakistan, Fuad Chundrigar of Engro Foods and Mahmood Nanji of Ülker. Working with other advisory board members from Pakistan and the rest of the MENA leadership council, these marketing executives will share their expert knowledge on the region’s market dynamics and best practices to the entire CMO Council global membership base. “Pakistan is among the many emerging country markets with large, youth populations and economic growth potential,” noted Donovan Neale-May. “While often characterized and stigmatized by internal turmoil and controversy, there are many committed and innovative marketers in Pakistan overcoming inherent challenges in infrastructure, services and distribution systems.” After suffering from internal political disputes and low levels of foreign investment for decades, the Pakistani market is steadily growing behind a dramatically improving mobile communications infrastructure, as well as rising Internet usage. Mobilecellular subscribers reached over 100 million people in 2009, a dramatic increase from approximately 300,000 in 2000. With a total population of 184 million, 90 percent of residents live in areas with cellular coverage, and half have access to a cell phone. Since 2006, Internet users have grown by 7 million and now constitute 10.5% of the population. “There is a strong appetite for international marketing knowledge in Pakistan,” added Ghufran Atta Khan, marketing head at the Karachi Electric Supply Co. “With more than 50 percent of Pakistan’s population under the age of 30 and some 30 percent concentrated in urban areas, we expect both domestic and foreign brands to flourish as the geo-political situation stabilizes and marketers modify and adapt products, pricing and programs for local conditions. The CMO Council’s expansion into Pakistan will provide a burning platform for local senior marketing professionals to interact with a global network of top marketing gurus and exchange real insights and best practices.”

Samsung Mobile Printing
TWENTY EIGHT Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., a global leader in consumer electronics, information technology, digital media and digital convergence technologies, today introduced the Samsung MobilPrint app at the Consumer Electronics Show 2011 in Las Vegas. The app runs on Android or iOS smart phones and tablets. This will allow smart phone and tablet users to connect directly to Samsung wireless printers through the Wi-Fi or network linked printers and print their photos, PDF and web pages directly from their devices. It also allows scans from the printers to be sent directly to the user’s smart phone or tablet allowing users the flexibility to adjust the quality of the scanned image, change the file type, or choose between color or black-and-white scans.

“Samsung has quickly become a recognized brand in the global printing industry through the launch of its affordable, userfriendly products for the office and home. This solution delivers the next generation in seamless convenience, building on Samsung’s heritage in the consumer electronics business and experience with connectivity. The mobile phone is a consumer’s constant companion; we’ve now expanded its everyday functionality into a whole new realm,” said Mr. Hee Chang Yee, Managing Director Samsung Electronics Pakistan. The Samsung MobilePrint app requires no driver installation or network configuration to work with a Wi-Fi. The app is available for Android smart-phones; Android tablets and iOS based devices and can be downloaded from their respective app stores. The app has a built-in auto-detect option which is able to automatically discover any wireless Samsung printers in the area. It also allows file sharing between smart-phone’s and tablets running on the same operating systems.

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LG Electronics (LG) recently unveiled three new premium notebooks at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. Featuring sleek outer casings and streamlined style for a modern look, LG P210, LG P420 and LG A520 deliver a new dimension in notebook design and technology. Offering compact, elegant design for style-conscious users, the P210 and P420 provide high-speed connectivity while on-the-go. LG A520 delivers advanced cinematic 3D technology (FPR: Film Patterned Retarder technology) for a one-of-a-kind, portable 3D entertainment experience. All three models combine the mobility and connectivity of notebooks with the unbeatable performance mobile computers require day in, day out. “LG is proud to introduce this exciting new line-up of award winning and innovative notebooks,” said J.J Lee, EVP and Head of LG Electronics PC Business Unit. “LG P210 recently won an iF (International Forum Design Award) and the P420 display’s LG’s unique DNA design. Together with the A520, the 2011 line-up of notebooks provides durable technology with next generation performance capabilities.”

LG Sets New Standard

In addition to sleek design, LG premium notebooks offer an easy-to-use multimedia experience with Media Funtasia, which makes it easy to share media content with other DLNA-friendly devices. LG P210 and LG P420: A new standard for notebooks, style with slim-edge bezel. The P210 and P420’s sleek, compact, and lightweight frame offers a refreshing alternative to typical compact notebooks. Offering a streamlined interior design with a bezel that is up to 40 percent slimmer than regular models, the P210 and P420 create a minimalist feel and set a new standard in notebook design.

Ufone & Nokia
Redefine Access to Web
TWENTY NINE The country's rapidly expanding telecom company Ufone and world renowned Nokia have announced the launch of "My First Mobile Internet Screen" initiative; a low priced Nokia Handset with lowest priced Internet service in Pakistan by Ufone that will empower consumers to avail cheapest internet access ever offered in Pakistan. The package deal will provide Internet facility by Ufone on Nokia C1 sets. The service will be pre-configured on these devices. It merits mentioning here that with a common vision to bring the 1st internet experience on mobile devices for the youth of Pakistan, the two companies are the torch bearers of the initiative called "My First Mobile Internet Screen".

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Etihad & Radio 1
Fly Contest Winner
Etihad Airways, the national airline of United Arab Emirates, in conjunction with Radio FM91, has launched a series of on-air promotions offering listeners the chance to win holiday packages to Abu Dhabi and full day passes to the newly-opened Ferrari World, the world’s first Ferrari theme park. The competition, which will run until January 28, will air on three of Pakistan’s top radio shows:

•Darna Mana Hai with Waqar Zaka, every Tuesday from midnight to 2.00 am; •Drive On with Naveen Waqar, every Monday to Thursday, from 5.00 pm to 8.00 pm; and •Desi Girl with Anoushey Ashraf, every Friday, from 11.00 am to 1.00 pm.
Listeners will have to answer questions related to Etihad Airways and Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi. One lucky winner will be announced on each show per day between now and January 28. Amer Khan, Etihad Airways’ Country Manager in Pakistan, said: “Abu Dhabi has become one of the most sought after emerging tourist destinations in the world and we are pleased to partner with Radio 1 FM91 to promote our airline’s home base through this contest.” Winners of the radio contest will each receive a return Coral Economy ticket from one of the airline’s four destinations in Pakistan - Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and Peshawar to Abu Dhabi, and full day passes to Ferrari World. Shazya Aamir, General Manager of Radio 1 FM91, said: “Continuing what has now become a trademark tradition of bringing forth the biggest giveaways on the most innovative of platforms, Radio 1 Fm 91 marks yet another chapter in an enterprising and engaging history of campaigns between ourselves and Etihad Airways through this contest. “This is a fabulous promotion to start the year and we look forward to working with Etihad closely in the future and expanding what has undoubtedly proved to be a fruitful relationship.”

HAIER Strengthens Position
THIRTY Haier extends its global brand market share to 6.1 percent, topping the Euromonitor Global Major Appliances 2010 Brands rankings for the second consecutive year (Qingdao, China) December 13, 2010. The Haier Group announced that Euromonitor International, the world's leading independent provider of business intelligence on industries, countries and consumers has again ranked Haier as the number one brand of Major Appliances in the world with 6.1 percent retail volume market share in 2010. Haier extends its global brand market share by almost 20 percent from 2009. Haier also tops Euromonitor International's ranking in three product categories, expanding its market leadership in each of them year on year. Haier's top ranking for a second consecutive year is proof yet again that an ever-growing number of customers value the innovative and products tailored to their needs that Haier offers to them. The company's continued expansion both within China and internationally reflects customer's growing confidence towards the Haier brand. "Haier became the world leader in Major Appliances in 2009. While we have reached one of our goals, Haier has not stopped its efforts to design and provide consumers around the world with solutions that ease their everyday lives. Euromonitor's 2010 rankings show the increasing trust consumers have in the Haier brand. We expect our leadership to steadily increase in the future as Haier continues to focus its innovation towards offering better solutions and services globally, bringing more value to our customers" said Ms Zhang Tieyan, Director of Haier Global Branding Operation.

Mega Mach3 Displays at
Gillette Pakistan, the premium world renowned male grooming brand, unveiled a mega Mach3 display at Metro Karachi in the midst of an excited crowd. The display that carries Gillette Mach3 razor packs and cartridges is one-of-its kind and measures an astounding 199 feet in length, making it the largest Mach3 display in Gillette’s history. The highlight of the unveiling of mega Mach3 display was the announcement of a lucky draw with several prizes. Two lucky winners will get the perfect opportunity to win cash prizes facilitating them in fulfilling their dreams to watch world cup live*. Sharing the lucky draw participation guidelines, Salman Yousuf Brand Manager Gillette Pakistan said that the contest participation has been kept very simple; any consumer buying Gillette Mach3 razor from this display will be eligible to participate in a lucky draw which will come to a close on January 27, 2011. Gillette Mach3 was launched at an amazing price of Rs. 199 last year. Now, Pakistani men can enjoy Mach3’s PERFECT SHAVE which lasts for up to 3 months^. Mach3 blade has three diamond like coated blades, advanced lubricating strip and a pivoting head which gives an irritation less and comfortable shave.

Sharing his views, Saad Amanullah Khan, CEO Gillette Pakistan, said “Gillette has a longstanding relationship with sports. We know Pakistan as a nation is highly passionate about cricket. Our brand gives men confidence and an intense belief that they can succeed, and therefore, through the launch of this lucky draw, we want to bring them closer to our brand in a unique way. This day is special not only because we are creating Gillette’s history by making this mega Mach3 display but we are also giving consumers this once in a lifetime chance to be part of the World Cup.”

TELENOR Services Eulogized !
Telenor Pakistan announced that its Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Jon Eddy Abdullah, is set to leave the company on March 1st who has been appointed CEO of the Telenor Group's Thai mobile operator DTAC. "I am very pleased with Jon's achievements as CEO of Telenor Pakistan. Under his leadership the company has strengthened its position as a leading mobile operator, launched several innovative services like easypaisa, and taken a clear position on corporate responsibility", said Sigve Brekke, Executive Vice President of Telenor Group, and head of Telenor's Asian Operations. "I am excited that the Telenor Group will continue to benefit from his vast telecommunication experience and his knowledge about Asia in another of our Asian markets". "Even though I am thrilled to take up new challenges, I have to admit that leaving Telenor Pakistan will not be easy. My period here has been very rewarding, and I will take many fond memories with me. In Telenor Pakistan I have had the privilege of working with a highly qualified and dedicated team that has continuously focused on developing services that benefit our customers. The company has experienced fantastic growth since it was established in 2005, and I believe it is well positioned for the future", said Jon Eddy Abdullah. Jon will succeed Tore Johnsen who has been appointed new CEO of Grameenphone, the leading mobile operator in Bangladesh. Tore Johnsen previously served as CEO of Telenor Pakistan. THIRTY ONE

PTCL’s New Positioning…
Pakistan Telecommunication Company LTD (PTCL) has launched new "Position Statement" 'Hello to the Future' at the start of the New Year. PTCL's new positioning statement illustrates the company's aim to transform the world of telecommunication and the way its customers communicate. "Hello to the Future" is a fusion of vision, brand philosophy, brand values and strategy. The "Hello to the Future" joins two most significant words in the arena of communication ie "Hello" that provides the inward communication, a word which is related to the telecommunication history and has been used ever since and will be used in future, whereas through the use of second word "Future" PTCL promises to lead its customers, in to future with futuristic ideas and products. The newly chosen position statement sums up the PTCL philosophy of providing planned and proactive solutions and products to its customers and holds the promise that PTCL is committed to ensure complete customer satisfaction through innovative and futuristic services and products. It outlines the brand values like evolution, innovation, humanistic trustworthiness and quality consciousness that PTCL cherish and uphold. The two main words chosen for the position statement ie 'Hello and Future' together depicts PTCL welcoming nature, customer centric approach and its continuous evolution and achievements to take its customers to the future. Naveed Saeed SEVP Commercial said that the new positioning statement of PTCL portrays not only its effective relationship building with its valued customers but also establishes it as a futuristic entity which is working constantly towards inventing paramount solutions for its customers.

2 Millionth
TV Application
Samsung Electronics Co, Ltd. today announced that Samsung Apps, the world’s first application store for the television, has reached its two millionth TV application download globally. Samsung reached the 2 million mark within a year of the launch of Samsung Apps and the number of apps downloaded has doubled since November, when it reached one million downloads. Samsung Apps allows users to purchase and download applications from a wide variety of content and service providers, directly from their Smart TVs. Samsung Apps boasts around 380 applications designed for Smart TV, of which 259 are free. The store is currently available in 120 countries around the world. Samsung Pakistan’s Managing Director, Mr. Hee Chang Yee said; “This achievement and the short period in which it was achieved demonstrate the rapidly growing popularity of applications and content for Smart TVs. Samsung’s leadership role in this category has paid off and allowed us to provide new experiences for consumers that are more rich and integrated than any before.” Some of the most frequently downloaded applications from Samsung Apps are YouTube, Hulu Plus, ESPN Next Level, AccuWeather, Google Maps and Texas Holdem, and other sports, movies and gaming. Throughout 2010, Samsung held “Free the TV Developer Days” and contests around the world, bringing together developers and notable leaders across the connected TV ecosystem. Samsung announced a series of high-level partnerships with cable television leaders Comcast and Time Warner as well as online video leaders Hulu and Adobe.

UNveiling New Brand ID
THIRTY TWO New brand identity embraces and celebrates local culture. With a heritage spanning 6 decades, Lowe and Rauf, affiliated with Lowe and Partners moves into the second decade of the 21st century by unveiling its new brand identity… ‘kites’. The new logo was inspired by the colorful ‘patangs’ that are traditionally flown to celebrate the spring harvest festival of ‘basant’. Originating from within Pakistan’s agriculture heartland, the festival is a culmination of the sheer blood, sweat and tears that go into raising a crop. The ultimate joy of experiencing it comes to fruition, once expressed through the unique spirit of kite flying, where the young are guided by the experienced as they begin to learn the art. Lowe has simultaneously rolled out its new brand identities across the AsiaPacific region; Australia, China, Hong Kong, Lowe Lintas (India), Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam; and over the next few months, the global roll out shall follow in a phased manner. Chairman of Lowe + partners, Tony Wright said: ‘Lowe is a very different kind of network in that we want to maximize the local specialness of our companies and our brands, yet have them connect together in a deeper and more interesting ways than the conventional agency networks. It feels absolutely perfect that we are rolling it out first in Asia- Pacific’. upan Desai, President Asia-Pacific , lowe + partners, said; “The new identities are a true reflection of what makes all our offices proudly unique and jointly competitive, as a network. As a global communications company, our biggest competitive strength is the synergy of diversities. We operate in a multi cultural identity and the new identity is a way of expressing uniqueness of each culture whilst staying truthful to one Lowe DNA. This is the first time anywhere in the world where a single global brand has created country unique identities for every country which draws inspiration from the local culture. Khalif Rauf, chairman and CEO Lowe and Rauf: ‘Over the last 6 decades, Lowe and Rauf has not only witnessed both the nation’s and industry’s growth, but has also represented the spirit of the Lowe network within and environment that represents enormous opportunity for the advertisers. We look forward to soaring new heights as our kite takes the flight!’

Exceptional Decade

continues …

Exceptional Decade
Ufone celebrated its 10th anniversary on 29th January with great fervour. This day is memorable for all as 10 years ago the launch of Ufone was the dawn of a revolution within the telecom industry. Ufone started out as a service for the masses and it pushed to remove the perception and reality that cellular services were only for the elites in the country. Today cellular services are enjoyed by people from every walk of life which has been made a reality thanks to the promise that Ufone once made to the people of Pakistan and has fulfilled that promise through this journey of 10 years. Over the last decade the telecom industry has seen fierce competition with an exceptional decrease in tariffs, a major focus on value added and customer services in which Ufone has taken the lead. Ufone has shown vast growth and endurance throughout, even though with the intense competition; the organisation has shown great reverence with its increase in revenue and has always remained profitable.



Over the years, English theater in Pakistan has experienced tremendous growth. Warid has become a leader in promoting arts in the community. Greatly supporting the young talents, Warid GLOW has become synonymous to quality theater in Pakistan. The much hyped and awaited play 'Bombay Dreams" is now staged at the Karachi Art Council for 25 days consecutively, starting from 27th, January to February, 20th, 2011. Originally, the play was an Andrew Lloyd Webber production, created by famous Indian music director A R Rahman. Directed by Shah Sharabeel, it is an adaptation of the original one in accordance with the local scenario. The play beautifully hints at the identity issues confronting human beings. GLOW and Center Stage Productions staged an array of successful plays over the years in the cities of Lahore, Islamabad and Karachi including; The Phantom of the Opera', Tom, Dick and Harry, Home Is Where Your Cloths Are, You Only Marry Twice, Moulin Rouge and Bombay Dreams. These are the largest plays of this magnitude in the region and believed to be the most expensive stage shows in Pakistan. The long association between Warid and CSP has not only set a precedent of quality stage for dramatic presentations in Pakistan but has also groomed the audience which comes to appreciate quality theater. Center Stage Productions is the most recognisable figure in Pakistan theater that is rewriting the rules of commercial theater for our entertainment starved society for over 10 years. Back in 2010, Sharabeel brought 'Moulin' Rouge' to Karachi with this promise that he will return to Karachi again in 2011 to stage Bombay Dreams. Commenting on Warid's backing of the play Suhail Jan, General Manager Commercial, Warid Telecom said‚ "We greatly support theater in the country because it is a way for us to foster the local talent of Pakistan and help our young leaders to pursue passion and also cultivate enthusiasm for arts and entertainment in the community. These plays are the biggest showcase of performing arts in Pakistan. In a country where talent is in abundance but finances can be a hurdle‚ Warid is proud to be a leader in promoting arts in the country." Director of the play Shah Sharahbeel said, "On behalf of Centre Stage Productions, I am deeply grateful to Warid Telecom and its team for supporting Center Stage Productions. I am sure we as a Nation have all the guts and the talent to become a truly progressive Nation. We don't just do plays but we are building a norm, driven by our philosophy of being faithful to our talents. We demonstrate our best and that's what makes Center Stage Productions the finest and the most disciplined theatre production company in the country. Once again I am extremely grateful to Warid Telecom for all their generous support" "The play is known for its rhythmic tones composed by A R Rahman and will definitely cheer the audience of Karachi" added Shah Sharabeel the director of the play.

Financial Literacy Program for MEDIA
Visa, one of the leading payment solutions providers, has rolled out its financial literacy programme for media in Pakistan by organizing the first educational workshop on financial literacy at the Karachi Press Club (KPC). Working with members of KPC and the Karachi Union of Journalists (KUJ), the workshop is aimed at helping to create a better understanding of money management skills among the people of Pakistan. The workshop was conducted by Visa Corporate Communications Manager in the Middle East Ms. Lama Kabbani and Country Manager for Visa Pakistan and Afghanistan Mr. Amer Pasha. The workshop was attended by leading journalists from print and electronic media. Commenting on Visa’s financial literacy program, Ms. Lama Kabbani, said: “Visa believes the most important financial tool is not a product — it is knowledge. That is why, for more than a decade, Visa has been developing financial literacy programs that teach individuals how to spend, save and budget responsibly. Possessing the skills to make the right money management decisions gives people greater control over their finances, the ability to deal with unexpected costs, and the skills to budget and save responsibly.”


Also, speaking on the occasion, Mr. Amer Pasha said: ‘With more than five million Visa cardholders in the country, this was an ideal time to launch our financial literacy campaign in Pakistan, with the aim of raising awareness around the importance of financial management. Visa’s Financial Literacy initiative is based on the premise that we can use our expertise in global financial services to empower people and help them to understand the responsibilities that come with owning a Visa debit, credit or prepaid card.” As part of its Financial Literacy programme, Visa also has plans to launch a localized version of its dedicated financial literacy website, www.mymoneyskills.com to help people of all ages across Pakistan to strengthen their knowledge of personal finance. Providing fundamental personal finance information in both Urdu and English on topics such as learning how to plan a budget, preparing for the future, using a credit card wisely and spending responsibly, the website will form an engaging platform for all audiences including young people, families and schools to improve their financial literacy skills. In addition, Visa is also set to launch a university program in which a series of seminars will be organized in business schools by combining finance and fun to create further understanding of money management skills among young people in Pakistan.

Historic Frere Back in Town
People have begun trickling into one of the oldest parks in the city, Bagh-iJinnah, after security officials were quietly withdrawn from the place a few days ago in the wake of the relocation of the American consulate from its vicinity to the Mai Kolachi bypass area. Security barriers and checkpoints set up on Abdullah Haroon Road along the park a few years ago by different security agencies have also been removed, clearing the way for all kinds of vehicles, including public transport, to freely pass through. During a visit to the park, a few children were seen playing cricket and a middle-aged man reclining on a bench was watching the gentlemen’s game. The number of visitors to the park, which also houses an architectural monument comprising a gallery and a public library, had dwindled over the past few years due to security restrictions. The Bagh-i-Jinnah is sandwiched between Abdullah Haroon Road where the consulate-general of United States was located until recently and Fatima Jinnah Road along which the US consul-general residence is situated. Entry of buses, minibuses, vans and pickup trucks to Abdullah Haroon Road had been banned for past some years for the security of US consulategeneral after a bomb explosion near the place. The road was found opened to general traffic after the consulate was relocated to a place along the Mai Kolachi Bypass and Maulvi Tamizuddin Khan Road a few weeks back. However, entry to Fatima Jinnah Road is still restricted with security barriers because the consul-general residence has not been shifted so far. Speaking to Dawn, police officials on duty said that the shifting of the residence had also been planned, but the decision was changed after some unrest was reported in the Sultanabad area that neighbours the new location of the consulate. He said it had been decided that the residence would stay here for the time being and so would the restrictions on entry to the Fatima Jinnah Road. “The entry and exit points of the Bagh-i-Jinnah facing Abdullah Haroon Road have been reopened and since no general announcement has been made by the government in this regard, the people in general do not know about it,” said a park visitor who lives nearby. He added that people in fact entered the park when they saw no security personnel around and their confidence increased when no official intervened even at a later stage. “Now you can see people strolling in the sprawling lawns,” he said, recalling that he used to come to the park until security personnel moved in some years ago. He said he was happy that people had finally got the public park back. The young children playing cricket at one side of the park told Dawn that they had never watched anyone playing in the park until recently though their parents had told them that the park used to be open for public. Earlier, there were some strange people in the park who harassed children attempting to enter, said a boy who lives nearby. He added: “We had to visit Polo Ground (Gulshan-i-Jinnah), which is comparatively far from this place, but now we can come here and play.” Some children said a few people recently told them that the barbed wires and barriers would be removed from the park within a couple of days after which they could play and sit in the park as they pleased. A city district government spokesperson said that the library and the art gallery in the Frere Hall had never been closed though the number of visitors had declined sharply after the security personnel had moved in. The spokesperson added that the CDGK had nothing to do about it. Now after the security personnel have moved out, the number of visitors to the park, library and gallery has been on the rise and will gradually become normal. THIRTY SEVEN

Speculative Advertising Contest On Karachi as Brand
Great Opportunity for Business Graduate. Lets submit your Creative Speculative TV Advertisements on the Topic of TASHHEER–E-KARACHI. Selected Candidates will get Special Appreciations by I OWN KARACHI (A Project by CDGK)
Theme of Speculative Ad: KARACHI as Brand Duration: 30 sec – 5 min Format: DVD or Youtube Link in HD Format Last Date of Submission: March 20, 2011

Tashheer-e-Karachi will be held at 2nd Karachi Advertising Festival 2011 on April 09-10, 2011 at Arena Club, Karsaz Road, Karachi. Organized by KamzKirz Media Marketing Group in support with “I OWN KARACHI” (A Project by CDGK)

Per Head Submission Fee: PKR 1500 per head
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MATHIRA goochi gughi !
By S. Salman
THIRTY NINE She can be sassy. She has the chutzpah to speak her mind. She has a strange but listenable accent. And she knows all the love indicators. There are numerous morning show anchors and chat show hosts in Pakistan and none of them has in recent times garnered more viewership, or is being talked about more, than Mathira. She hosts a late-night programme titled Love Indicator on Vibe TV. Slender in appearance and never short of words, the teenager (yes, she claims she is still in her teens) began to turn heads last year by virtue of her candid chattering and uninhibited sartorial sense on her show. As the title suggests, you can easily guess the kind of frankness that’s required for it. Mathira’s television career took off with a programme on which she appeared as a yoga instructor (she’s a yogi too!). A tad baffling as it is, she explains, “As a kid I lacked confidence. Once in school I nearly drowned in the swimming pool and became hydrophobic. Then I started taking yoga classes and they turned out to be the best way to overcome fear. It also keeps you healthy.” She’s touchy about the subject and can opine endlessly on its merits. “When we started that yoga thing a lot of people spoke against it, saying it was against our culture and stuff. I want them to know it has nothing to do with culture. Yoga keeps you healthy and connects you to your soul.” Indeed, not only soul, it can also make a showbiz person go places, for that particular gig provided her with the chance to feature on a late-night show. Mathira says, “When I became a bit known, my boss, Babar Tajammul, came up with the idea of doing a late-night programme. I had no prior experience of hosting. We did it as an experiment to try and see if it worked. It did. It’s a live show on which we take calls and play songs. Now that it’s a known venture, we plan to take the next step and bring in some more interesting segments into it, for example, interviews.” One of the things that Mathira became famous for is her accent. It raised quite a few questions about her origin, nationality and schooling. She doesn’t shy away from baring it all, “My father is from South Africa and my mother is a Pakistani. I was born on Feb 25, 1992, in Harare, Zimbabwe and did my O and A levels from there.” Interesting bio, one has to say. The girl is 18 and has a long way to go. Surely education is not her priority anymore. “No, I want to get a degree either in psychology or gynecology. My mother wishes so,” she clears the situation. What? Gynecology? Let’s not probe further on that front. Not unexpectedly, with fame come offers and a plethora of them. What kind is she getting? “I’ve been thinking of branching out into acting. I have two or three offers for acting in Pakistani plays.” What about Bollywood? “Why not?” she replies with an emphatic interrogatory phrase. “If you get a chance to prove your worth, you should go for it. Why do people watch Preity Zinta’s films? Because she’s in them. They love her. Not only that, I think Indian actors should come to Pakistan and partake in our plays and films.” Let’s hand it to her, the girl is uber confident. However, getting Indian stars to act in Pakistani plays sounds way too dreamy. Mathira disagrees, “Nothing is impossible. Everything is possible. You can even get Shahrukh Khan to come to Pakistan and act in a Pakistani film. All it takes is proper planning and a strong will.” Wow, she’s one self-assured lass. This must mean that Mathira is well aware of her new-found celebrity status. Given her age, as she claims, it may have gone to her cute little head. “No, not at all. If you fly high, you’ll only land six feet under. Once you’re a known person, you must behave. You’re an idol now. You must cut out all the things that can have a negative influence on your viewer. I used to party a lot. Not anymore. These days after work I go back home like a good girl. You should respect your position.” Where does this self-belief come from? “The kind of job that I do needs you to be bold and confident. I don’t know why this double-standard exists in our society that when Bipasha Basu wears a mini skirt and dances in front of everybody, she’s accepted. But when someone like me acts upfront about things they feel strange.” The girl has a point. Then comes the eventual question: is she single? “I am single right now. I’ve been in a relationship when I was in Harare. That was a long time ago. I’m still looking for Mr Right.” Showbiz is not a bed of roses, as it often turns out. Mathira fans are aware of an incident that happened during her show when an obnoxious call was put through, which she handled pretty wisely. “You see, it takes all kinds. There are a hundred people who like you, a hundred who hate you and a hundred who are jealous of you. I was shocked to receive that call. I didn’t know how to respond. I think I tackled it fairly well. I’m sure the caller must’ve felt like a hero after making that call. The thing is you have to take such things in your stride.” Mathira’s future plans? “I don’t plan things in advance. Even if I do, I wouldn’t reveal them to be put on a newspaper’s page.” Yes, the girl is not afraid to air her opinion. Even to journalists.

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