GROUP JUGGLING: The group starts in a circle formation.

The leader of the group will begin with one object in hand (i.e. a small ball). The leader will ask one group member to repeat their name, and then the leader will gently toss the object to that group member. The group member will reply ³Thank you, (the leader¶s name)!´ The leader will reply by saying, ³Your welcome, (the individual¶s name)!´ The object will continue around the circle in the same manner, making sure everyone has received the object, until the object ends up in the hands of the original leader. NOTE: During the first round, once a group member has tossed the object, have them cross their arms to prevent repetition. The same pattern will start again with the leader adding more objects. Once an object has been dropped, the pattern starts all over with the first object. NOTE: The leader should mix up sizes and shapes of objects (i.e. a rubber chicken, toilet paper, etc.)
NAME TAG MANIA: Participants are given a name tag and a magic marker. They are asked to print their name on the upper portion of the name tag and then to draw three objects that represent who they are on the bottom portion of the tag. After completing the activity, participants are then asked to share their names and what they drew on the tags. (i.e. My name is Jess. I drew a sailboat, a dolphin, and a paint brush.) MOTION NAME GAME: Have everyone stand in a circle. Anyone can begin the game by saying his/her name and demonstrating a [physical] motion to go with it. When the person is done, the entire group repeats the name and the motion. Then, the second person (on either side of the first) introduces him/herself and does a motion. The entire group repeats that name/motion and then the first name/motion. This will continue until each person has given their name and done their motion, and the entire group has repeated everyone¶s name and motions. I LOVE YOU, BABY: The group forms and sits in a circle. The ³it´ player approaches one person and says, ³I love you, baby.´ That player must respond by saying, ³I love you baby, but I just can¶t smile.´ If that player smiles while speaking these words, he/she becomes ³it.´ If the player does not smile, ³it´ must approach a new person until ³it´ makes someone smile. ³It´ is not allowed to touch a player as he/she speaks, but anything else is fair play. This is a funny one, but make sure participants feel comfortable with one another first!

BACK TO BACK: Every group member must find a partner of approximately equal height and weight, if possible. The partners will lock arms with their backs to one another. With arms remaining locked at all times, the partners will sit down on the ground, kick their legs out straight, and try to stand back up. Then groups of four will try the same thing. Then groups of eight, sixteen, and eventually, the entire group together. This is the perfect activity to begin a trust sequence. Two Truths and a Lie Two Truths and a Lie is the classic icebreaker game in which one attempts to identify which of three statements is bogus. Instructions: Have everyone sit in a circle. Each person prepares three statements, two of which are true and one of which is a lie. In any order, the person shares the three statements to the

someone that has never been to Hawaii might say: ³I have visited Hawaii when I was young.entire group. Then the process would repeat with the next person until all the people in the group have had a turn. Two must be true and one a lie. So each person in the group would take a turn to state their three statements about themselves (one of which is a lie) and the rest of the group would need to collaborate to guess which statement is most likely untrue. Have them interview each other for about 20 minutes (You can also prepare questions ahead of time or provide general guidelines for the interview). as people often share touching wishes about their lives. As an interesting variation to the classic Two Truths and a Lie icebreaker. They need to learn about what each other likes about their job.Break the group into two person teams (have them pick a partner that they know the least about). I Tell A Lie Relaxing games.this one is a fantastic idea to get your small group to share some interesting things about themselves in an interactive way. . favorite sport. The object of the game is to figure out which statement a lie. etc. and I'm an airline pilot"(but make it less obvious) The others in the group try to guess which statement is the lie. past jobs. A person states three things about themself. Then the person who said the statements would reveal to the group which one is a lie. The rest of the group votes on each statement. As far as ice breaker games go . I have two sisters. After the interviews. Variation: Two Truths and a Dream Wish. The Interview . Icebreaker games The object of this small group ice breaker game is to reveal unknown things about yourself to the group in a fun atmosphere.´ This interesting spin often leads to unexpected. Instead of stating a lie. fascinating results. have each person introduce their partner to the group. This exercise helps them learn about each other. For example: "I was born in Adelaide. people may also play a version called Two Truths and a Dream Wish. For example. hobbies. family life. a person says something that is not true ² yet something that they wish to be true. and the person reveals which one is the lie.

It is then their turn to chose someone and start the process again. Relaxing games. if you love me. 5. This game can be a fantastic icebreaker. 1 orang menjadi bayangan di cermin dan 1 orang menjadi seseorang yang sedang berdandan di depan cermin. except for one person who starts in the middle. * Minta peserta untuk mendiskusikan apa pesan dalam permainan ini. * Keduanya harus bekerja sama agar bisa bergerak secara kompak dengan kecepatan yang sama. If the person in the seat smiles or laughs then they have to swap with the person in the middle. Bercermin Langkah langkah : * Minta setiap peserta untuk berpasangan. This person then has to select someone and gently sit on their lap and say "Honey. Icebreaker games This is a brilliant circle game! Basically get a circle of chairs set up and get the whole group to sit in them. Obviously.. if the person doesn't smile then the middle person has to get up and try it on someone else.Honey If You Love Me. .. please give me a smile" (or some variation on that sentence). * Bayangan harus mengikuti gerak gerik orang yang berdandan.

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