ubbles- Have students yourself

bring a bottle of bubbles to school or pick some up

from the Do"ar store. with bubbles in the classroom. I put a then

E?lowbubbles outside and do experiments sma" squirt of dishwashing detergent used straws to make bubbles.

in a plastic cup with water. Students

A few of my favorite bubble books ...
Pop! A E?ookAbout E?ubbles by Kimberley The E?ubbleFactory by T ernie de Paola E?rubaker E?radley

E?enny's E?igE?ubbleby Jane O'Connor

As part of I?ubble day, we also do things with bubble gum. Have students chew gum. Have a bubble-blowing contest. See who con blow the biggest bubble. Hove

bubble gum moth lesson. Use gumboils to oct out addition word




bubble gum closs book.


WrItttI\ bT file ~


IR Mrs. l.af,t"ort"S ICIndtrgarttn

(lr: •

ble gum, bubble gum, in a dis , Ho many ieces do you ish?

less.......lll2L---_This is on ideo I found this spring from Melisse and Nicole ot Lesson Pion SOS. I hoven'] gotten



chcnce to try it yet. You con downloqd their 6 poge lesson pion

for free from their E?ubble E?lowing E?lostpost (http://lessonplonsos.blogspot.com/2011/03/bubble-blowing-blost.html)

I?ooks- Students bring their favorite book to school. They can read their book
with a buddy during the day or you can take turns reading each of their books over the course of the day. I have also done this where we read several books from one series and voted on our favorite. My favorite was when we read several Mr. putter and Tabby books by Cynthia Rylant. Then we made a real object graph using their bodies. Of course, we analyzed our graph when we were finished. I also took pictures of each student holding their book for a bulletin board display about "Our 'E?eary'Special E? Week".

I?oots - Everyone wears boots to school (cowboy boots, work boots, rain boots,
hiking boots, etc.) This idea came from E?rookeperry. Move to the music using the song "These E?ootsAre Made For Walking." Have students brainstorm different kinds of boots and what they are made for on chart paper. The picture below can be made using a program such as pixie or Kid pix.

students can also sort their boots by tape and make a class graph using their real boots. A few of my favorite books about boots ... Armadillo Rodeo by Jan E?rett Do princesses Wear Hiking E?ootsby Carmela LaVigna Coyle Red Rubber E?ootDay by Mary Lyn Ray E?ig Sarah's Little E?ootsby Paulette E?ourgeois So Many E?ootsby Wendy Cheyette Lewison

glue Day- Everyone wears E?lueto school.
We brainstorm things that are blue on chart paper. Then we make a class book.

We read /?/ueberries for


by Robert McCloskey. Then we did blueberry math.

Students colored and cut out a picture of a pail. They clipped corners and rounded squares to make blueberries. They rolled a die to decide which 2 numbers they would USe.We practiced this first with unifix cubes before actually making blueberries and doing the final problem.

f. ~




in my pail. I say. \ How many will I eat today? \ _3__









This is based on the book The gear's gerries and came from Courtney Lasater. In the book The gear's gerries, the bears share their bears to make sure they each have a fair share. To make the bear's face- students clip four corners and round a square to make a circle. To make the bear's ears- students clip the top two corners and round. Students need to make the bear's face before gluing it onto their paper. Their crayon marks will smear if they glue it first. Use playing cards as a number generator. Use only the ones with even numbers. If you want bigger numbers, then have them add two cards together. Students divide their bears between the bears one at a time to make sure they have a fair share. practice with unifix cubes first to check for understanding .


berries shared by 2 bears.


A few of my favorite

"1?Iue" books ...

Little E?lueand Little Yellow by Leo Lionni The Deep E?lueSeo: A E?ookof Colors by Audrey Wood

I See E?lue(A" About Colors) by Trudy Micco
E?lueAliens! An Adventure in Color by Tony porto Splish, Splosh, and E?lue(Know Your Colors) Christicnne C. Jones E?ogel ?ooks:Colors: There's No E?lueon E E?luein My World

E?ogel y Mcrk Shulmon b

(The World of Color) by .Iocnne Winne

I?andaid Day- Hove students bring


box of or


boggie with


few "fcncy"

bqndcids in it. Hove 0 time where students con trode bqndcids with eoch other.

Then hove them put bqndcids 011 over themselves.

Reod Arthur's 5>005>005>ook by More 5>rown. Then using the leftover bqndqids.

mqke 0

boo-boo class book


l?eClr DCly- Students bring


teddy beer to school. Reod beer books, eot teddy

grohoms qnd groph your fovorite kind. Hove

teddy beer picnic. Do some beer

moth- sort your beer-s, groph your beer-s, measure your beer-s, etc. Toke

picture of ecch student holding their beqr, Hove students USeunifix cubes

to measure how toll their beer is. Hove them mqke comporisons with other students. I think I got this ideo from Mrs. J. Meochorn's web site.




My ceor

Is p\t'\c.

Teddy Graham


If you go to Sheri SIoClne's web site. Click on "GrClphing"

qnd scroll down, you fill find free downloads to her teddy grClhClmgrClphs. Teddy I?ear Picnic- I hove done this different wClys. Outside if the weClther is nice

qnd inside if it is not. We IClYblcnkets down like CI picnic. We hove eClten teddy

beer shClped sandwiches or teddy beer shClped cookies. We usuqlly drink
coprisuns beccuse they qre eClsy. I plClYthe Teddy E?eClr icnic song end reed CI P version of the book. Of course our beors go on the picnic with us. A few of my favorite Little E?eClr'sTrousers bear books ... by .Icne Hissey

Vvhere's My Teddy? E?y.lez Alborough


You Sleep, Little E?eClr?Mcrttn WClddel1

E?eClr vcnts More by KClrmClWilson end .Icne Chcpmqr: V Little E?eClr ost by .Icne Hissey L

After I reed Little E?eor'sTrousers, we mqke these beor-sjust for fun. The students mqke Little E?eor'strousers out of scropbook poper. This ideo come from E?eckieDodson.

• •

• • •

-0 00

" '.


.~.. .....

• •

• •

• •

• •





0, 0

.... ,



• •

• 0



0 0




For the bubble gum oddition clcss book poge and cover and the words to the blueberry moth: Go to my blog: http://lorremoreteochertips.blogspot.com/ Under lobeIs, click on "CAMT" From the CAMT post, click on "CAMT Mester's" under the Smilebox picture. From the CAMT Downloods poge, click on "qddition and subtrcction" Then the files you wont ore "E?ubbleGum Moth" and "E?ubbleGum Closs E?ook" and "E?lueberries in My Poil"

I om sorry


I do not hove


pottern for the beer. It is ct school. I will go bock

and odd it once I con get bock in my room.

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