Abu- Hurayra, The Sahping of Traditional Islam

Many Muslims and non-Muslims who study Islam are overwhelmed by the number of Ahadiths narrated by or attributed to Abu Hurayra. The corruption that entered traditional Islam came through many false hadiths. Thousands of these hadiths were narrated by Abu Hurayra. Next to QURAN, the word of God, Abu Hurayra is the second source for many religious matters for traditional Muslims.


Who is Abu Hurayra anyway?

Islamic history books have enough about him to support the commandment in the Quran to  accept no hadiths but the Quran. See Quran 7:185, 45:6, 77:50, 39:23, 50:45......etc.

Abu Hurayra, came from Yemen in the seventh year of Hijra and converted to Islam. He stayed in the company of the Prophet Muhammed less than two years

He narrated more than 5000 hadiths, about 5374 hadiths, from this two years company, (Compare this with the few hadiths narrated by Aisha, Abu Baker, or Omar after very long company of the prophet) .

" Taken from a book entitled Hadith Literature: It's Origin, Development, & Special Features by Muhammed Zubayr Siddiqui:

1. Abu Hurayra narrated 5374 hadiths


142 hadiths First number indicates rank among all of those who narrated hadiths.. this one person was Abu Hurayra himself. while Abu Hurayra accompanied the Prophet for less than 2 years. Some of the Prophets companions (Sahaba) accused him of being a liar. 2210 hadiths 10. Ali Ibn Abi Talib. 'Aisha Umm al-Mu'minin.Hurayra. Abu Bakr al-Siddiq. telling lies about the prophet just to make up more hadiths and gain some status.. Most of Abu Hurayra's narrated hadiths are called the "Aahad" hadiths. 2/5 . ( where is the rule of two witnesses for the truth.e.Abu. 537 hadiths 11. Omar Ibn Al-Khattab. Compare the numbers of Hadiths given by Abu Baker by that of Abu Hurayra while keeping in mind that Abu Baker accompanied our beloved Prophet for about 23 years. 536 hadiths 31. i. the second guided Khalifa threatened Abu Hurayra to send him to exile if he does not stop telling hadiths about Muhammed.. hadiths only witnessed by one person.second number indicates number of Ahadith given. Umar Ibn al-Khattab. he did stop until Omar's assassination then started again. disregarded for the sake of Abu Hurayra). 142 hadiths for 5374 hadiths. The Sahping of Traditional Islam 4.

He produced some of the hadiths that demean Ali. Abu Hurayra told his audience that he is telling them hadiths that if he ever mentioned when Omar was alive.(Do not forget that Abu Hurayra was living in the Khalifa's royal palace at the time. Muawaya. he would be given several lashes.Abu. Abu Hurayra lived in Mu'aawiyah's royal palace then and served him including serving his political views. including Abu Hurayra to tell fabricated stories and hadiths about Ali Ibn Abu Talib. the Prophet's cousin. including the time he lived in the royal palace of Muawaya in Syria. got very rich in two years. chose some of the people. insult him and at least make him in a lower grade to Abu Baker. Contradicting the rule of the Quran that all the matters should be democratic by consultation. so Omar called him back and told him 3/5 . all the time. who was a Jewish convert who tried to explain the Quran by using the corrupted books of the Jews. many hadiths. including his own narrated hadiths and other people's hadiths and contradict the Quran and contradict common sense. During Mu'aawiyah's rule. only for the pleasure of Mu'aawiyah. should be obeyed just like God or the messenger.) Many of the hadiths that were narrated by Abu Hurayra contradict other hadiths.Hurayra. The Islamic historians told the story of Abu Hurayra after given the governorship of Bahrain by Omar. He produced some of the most outrageous hadiths that is full of contradiction to the Quran. Abu Hurayra narrated hadiths after Kaab Al Ahbar. then. Omar and Othman. Abu Hurayra's stomach was more important than the trtuh. with the help of Abu Hurayra were invented that support the view that the Imam or Khalifa. taken from false stories in the Torah. to degrade him. The Sahping of Traditional Islam He kept telling hadiths to please the Khalifa of the Muslims then. Abu Jaafar Al Iskafy mentioned that the Khalifa.

000 Dirham) Abu Hurayra was the one accused most of fabricating hadiths. Abu Hurayra will be the first one to fail the test and his hadiths will be the first to be counted among the fabrications.   AISHA AND ABU HURAYRA. the Prophet's wife always accused him of telling inaccurate or incomplete stories and of fabricating hadiths that she never heard the prophet saying them.Abu. and finally you would come back and pass out infront of my room and the people think you were crazy and step all over you. 4/5 . and they used to avoid you and get away from your  way. the enemy of Allah. I made you the Emir of Bahrain when you did not even have a pair of shoes. Where did you get all this money (400. you were running after the people in the allies. "It is you who were busy with your stomach and hunger. The Sahping of Traditional Islam " You. In the famous book "Taa'oueel Mukhtalaf Alhadith " by Ibn Qutaiba Al-Dinory.000 Dirham)?? " The history indicates that Omar took 10. Aisha. ON THE ODDS.  the story of Aisha (the Prophet's wife) telling Abu Hurayra. Your hunger kept you busy.(Abu Huraura admitted for only 20. " You tell ahadiths  about the prophet Muhammed that we never heard them from him" He answered (as Bukhary reported)." If we apply the supposedly rigid criteria used to select those who narrated hadiths.000 Dirham from him. begging them for food. "You (Aisha) were busy with your mirror and make up" She (Aisha) answered him.Hurayra. you stole the money of Allah.

Hurayra. The Sahping of Traditional Islam   5/5 .Abu.

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