Angela L. Santos DVM-VI Definition: Ethics Relating to what is good or bad, having to do with moral obligation.

Moral is defined as relating to principles of right and wrong. Ethics is not about being better than someone else; it s about being the best we can be. Jurisprudence Case law, or the legal decisions which have developed and which accompany statutes in applying the law against situations of fact. Technically, jurisprudence means the "science of law". Business 1. An organization or enterprising entity engaged in commercial, industrial or professional activities. A business can be a for-profit entity, such as a publicly-traded corporation, or a nonprofit organization engaged in business activities, such as an agricultural cooperative. 2. Any commercial, industrial or professional activity undertaken by an individual or a group. 3. A reference to a specific area or type of economic activity.

Clippings About Ethics Anti-Declaw Advocates Score Major Win What Lies Ahead on the Declawing Front?
By Franny Syufy, Guide

Though limited in its scope, the revised AVMA policy on declawing is a step in the right direction. One would hope that the next step would be major revisions in the curruculum in veterinary medicine colleges all over the nation. The teaching of onychectomy (declawing) will obviously not go away. Veterinarians may still be required to perform this technique for the benefit of the cat, as with irreparable injuries to the toes, or in some cases, to repair previously botched declaw surgery. However veterinary colleges can and should teach the ethics of declawing along with the surgical techniques. Students should learn the long-term effects of declawing, both physical and as related to behavior. They should learn why cats need to scratch, along with their anatomy lessons. Scratching fulfills certain necessary functions in cats: stretching to strengthen and tone the muscles of the shoulder and legs, along with "letting off steam," on occasion. Students should also be taught the many alternatives to scratching, such as judicious placement of several scratching posts and pads, claw trimming, and/or the use of plastic nail guards, such as Soft Paws.

she was going to work and found her cat laying on the doorstep dead after being in an apparent fight with another animal. but it will no doubt be fought tooth-and-claw by the AVMA and the CVMA. The owner could not find him. Had he still had his claws..) This cat never attempted to escape outside prior to his amputation and one month after the amputation bolted past his owner and escaped outside... . please read the booklet below (The booklet showed two photos of a cat: one alive and one after his death... such as the popular Cosmic Alpine Scratcher. It said: Before asking me information about declawing... They should know they will be "shooting themselves in the foot" by this kind of stance with this particular cause for a few reasons: y y y A rapidly-increasing number of cat owners are refusing to do business with veterinarians who declaw.The passage of AB395 would give a much-needed boost to the groundswell movement I mentioned earlier.. And Dr... These lists will surely swell as more and more consumers become aware of the perils of this mutilating surgery. 2 days later. Anti-Declaw veterinarians can also benefit by increased clientele. When I walked in. Veterinarians. The Declaw Hall of Shame lists several web sites by veterinarians who promote declawing. by offering grooming and nail-clipping services... Christine Schelling has a list of veterinarians who refuse to declaw on her web site. or by selling scratching posts and pads. as word spreads about their integrity on the declaw issue.. do not look kindly on any legislation that may affect their income potential. One veterinarian has already found the last suggestion to be true. he may have made it. through the sale and application of Soft Paws to cat owners with scratching concerns. I noticed a sign next to the receptionists desk. as related by a forum member: "I had to take one of my cats to the vet for booster shots today.. like other medical professionals... Conscientious veterinarians can easily make up for their potential income loss. I refuse to perform this cruel and useless operation so do not even bother asking unless it is deemed medically necessary by me!!!! (Example of medically necessary: The cat has done something to it's toe requiring amputation..

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