“You are watching us.

“Woe to the children that sleep in the freedom their forefathers won for them.”

Don’t think we have forgotten. Don’t think the resistance has died. We are still here, and with every breath we plot for the downfall of false order; we conspire against all institutions that deface the spirit of humanity. Through poetry and art we spread ourselves, over and across subway walls, in alley ways and across the face of websites. We are the invisible enemy, the agents of chaos who lash out against the authorities of enslavement. We have existed through all time, in all places. We are the true Kings and Queens of this earth, ruling our way as mighty conquerors, warriors in the name of Justice and Liberty, of autonomy and freedom. We are children of Chaos, Wild wanderers who spread dissent and thought throughout every level of this system of control; we spread secrets and meet in private houses and in deep caves, chanting to our gods of revelry and joy, and protecting our freedom with daggers drawn against throats; for living in an amoral world, we protect with our lives that which we love- mystery, freedom and immediacy. We are those who have overcome the upbringing of slavery, who have resisted indoctrination at the hands of priests and teachers, politicians and parents, television and advertising. We are those who have broken free of the

shackles of dogma and restriction; we resent being told what to do, who to be and how to live. We have taken upon ourselves disguises and masks throughout our every day lives, moving amongst the zombies as one of them; yet in secret we revel, we talk, we plan and scheme. We worship the chameleon, blending in to each environment; we could be anyone, anywhere at any time. There is no way to tell us but by the signs we have given to one another. You may see our marks upon the walls of streets, in bathroom stalls, on writings and subversive documents spread by word of mouth and by photocopying, resisting all mediation. We are here, fighting each and every day against the oppression and the tyranny of the Empire, infecting it and bringing it down from the inside. We can not be controlled, can not be predicted, can not be watched because we exist everywhere that there is oppression; any attempt at control creates its counter part, chaos; those who revel in their own ability to act, who take joy in their desires away from prying eyes. We confuse those structures because we are servants of Mystery, slaves to Beauty and Wonder; we serve She whom the stars veil, infinite and boundless possibility. We hate restriction and decay. Our acts

of destruction are impulses of creation; tearing down that which denies beauty, that which stifles curiosity, that which attempts to dictate what is real and what is not. We destroy that which enslaves and dictates. There is no hallowed ground that we do not tread, no church of mosque we do not move within; no governmental institution that does not contain at least one of us, no school that is not a battle field of our agents. In any system which attempts to confine, to restrict, to define, we exist; and the intoxication of the process is that the more the Empire seeks to control, the more outbreaks of chaos appear; the more pockets of improbability arise within the very system that attempts to define and limit. We are the maladapted ones who have not fit in to the system, who have resisted with all our energy all attempts at conformity. Now, we are fighting back. We are taking up our tools- our art, our writing, our ability to act and create change. We are learning Magick, controlled ecstasy; we are waking up. We dream of a better world, a world without borders, without authorities, without governments or money. We dream of a world beyond all control; a world of chance, of wonder, of adventure; a world where curiosity can

unfold any possibility. This dream is the fuel of our passions, the drive of our hands; it is what keeps us moving, keeps us breathing, gives us hope and gives us power. It is from this Nameless Vision each agent of Chaos draws its Magick. We are each fed by a drive towards a new future; and this Dream is our infection, our movement, our very Nature. It can not be stopped, for it exists in each of us, informed from something greater than any one of us; it unifies us in a common struggle against the enemy of established order- The Empire. We are becoming the change we wish to see, making our very existence cause ripples in the entire field of future possibility. Our existence is out act of magick, our lives the talismans of change. From our very being we exude dream, and infect all we touch with our Gold of Vision. We the insurance of the World to come; each of us has been put in key places to activate the change, and as the time draws nearer, as the call to arms spreads, as the agents awaken to their task, the war machine comes alive; a Plan set by no human hands, but rather an impulse from deep within the species, a call to revolution, to evolution, to breaking free; it is rebellion as instinct, turning on in each of us by necessity; and as it does, as the machine begins to move, we see that we

are not alone. We are pieces in a much greater plan; a movement towards a new civilization, informed from each of our personal Dreams for the future- a future which will be born from us when we topple the systems and institutions of the dying, gray world. As they fall away with their military control, with their financial enslavement and their philosophy of death and sin, waste and decay, we rise up from the midst of its rubble- we the maladapted, those who have mutated and who will survive for we are the inheritors of a new Earth. We mobilize and connect; recognizing that we are spread out across the face of the whole planet, a global network of change, of revolution, of passion and fury, joy and desire, creativity, curiosity and vengeance. We desire to see the banks defaced, money burned, maps erased; we long to dance round fires, reveling in our natures, in our pleasures, in our desires, free from the shackles of shame and lust, free from the diseases of society and culture; no longer conforming to anorexic standards, to outdated Victorian sexualities; resisting the old patterns, we find a new way, a way based upon Joy, upon happiness, upon creation and vitality and strength; an inner strength born of

compassion, of feeling, of warmth, of love; a love that fuels our wills, fuels our actions, fuels our very life. Feel the vital breath of life within your veins; for that is the fuel of our engine, and that Vision that grows within your breast, that is the heart that pumps to your muscles, to your brain, to your whole body informing you with It’s Light, It’s Power, It’s Love. It is in us; do not be tempted into mislabeling that urge simply because it goes against the grain; do not listen to their lies that you are somehow bad for being different. They want you to accept their shame, for once you begin to act upon your true nature, they will fall awayyou will reclaim all that is good and beautiful in the world. It is their lies, their propaganda, which distorts your true nature, your organic will; it is their definitions which limit your true potential. The Empire would not have you wake up; it would have you continue blindly in a maze of distractions and addictions. It spreads fear and confusion and shame to make you pull away from yourself. Yet you must turn within, in meditation and experimentation, and find your true center; you must do the Work to clear out all they have fed in to you. You must connect with others like you, so you do not feel isolated and alone. There are

others like you, of you look for them. In those groups, there brews a mighty elixir; an elixir of change, a potion of such vicissitude that it will pull apart all your inhibitions and release your true potential against the structures of oppression and tyranny- It is the spirit of community, of companionship, of fellowship; finding those whom struggle as you do with their Vision against a world which forces conformity. By getting together, by sharing, by growing and learning together, you will breed the culture which will infect the Empire itself. You must learn to saturate this dying world with your own vitality and vision. Release your most vital energies. The Empire fears your passions, because it knows that the natural tendency of the human spirit, of the artistic creative process is to oppose all forms of control, to push against the possible into the impossible; and those are definitions it has so carefully set up by the mediation of the scientific citadel of fundamentalist materialist dogma. Your passion, your desire, properly cultivated and purified, sublimated to you highest ideals and highest loves, is what they fear. They attempt to subdue it, to repress it, by forcing you to feel different, and they foster the desire to fit in; this can come from any angle, for it is not any one person, but a

mindset, a way of life, a culture, an ideology, and anyone can have it and can force it upon you- parent or friend, teacher or lover, it can come from any source- yet you must recognize it for what it is, the product of oppression and conformity. They are the lies you must not believe, the lies which tell you that you are of a fallen nature, that you are sinful, malignant, and that you need help to put you back in to your proper place; to heal you. We come together, all of us, slowly but surely; for we are each only cells in a much larger organism, a decentralized movement, a revolution without faces, without control, without order; a revolution of philosophers and poets, artists and writers, madmen and geniuses, painters and wordsmiths, freaks, geeks, hobo’s, jugglers, contortionists, fire breathers, sparrow feeders, tarot readers, magicians, Gnostics, pagans, sodomites, energy healers, druids, shamans, qabalists, UFO abductees, aliens, visionaries, dreamers, yogi’s, deprogrammers, reprogrammers, psychonauts, fringe scientists, permaculturists, astrologers, sufi’s, lovers, rebels, anarchists, poetic terrorists, art saboteurs, hermeticists, rosicrucians, ninja’s and pirates. We are the outcast, the circus of the damned sent off to the outskirts of society, forgotten and shunned. Yet we

rise up, for now is the time of our calling; now is the time that we shine, as things fall apart. We are the future, and we dream of a world without control, without consensus, without boundaries; a world where there are no authorities, no politicians, no leaders, no church, no police; we are the ones who will fight back in the only way we know how- by being what we are. We can not be stopped because there is no center to us; the center exists unseen inside each and every one of us, transcending even time and space in its Vision of the future. IT informs our dreams, inspires our art, gives words to our tongue and speaks through our mouth. IT is what guides us, and what we are each a part of. IT is in you, in me, in each of us, and IT is waking up.

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