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17 October 1963 E50887 2T Various Messages - Speech Another Message These are the raw tape segments.

The mix tape is not documented. 26 October 1964 [Lewisohn's date] E54380 A Christmas Message (TK1) Speech (TK1-TK2) Marching Message (TK3-TK4) b (TK5) EDITED B COPIED AND SENT TO 'LINTON RECORDS' These are the raw tape segments. It's not clear which reel was used for the final mix. Since the available copies of takes 3 and 4 are so short, it seems as though they might have been edited to create take 5. However, Lewisohn states, "Editing: Another Beatles Christmas Record (from takes 1-5)". In the available recordings, as listed above, the matching follows take 4. 8 November 1965 E57721 4T Christmas Message (TK1-TK3) (TO BE EDITED) These are the raw tape segments. 9 November 1965 E57728 A Christmas Message (RM1) B This is the mix as released on the flexi-disc. 6 December 1966 E62554 A RADIO CAROLINE + LONDON CHRISTMAS MESSAGE (REJECT) (TK1-2+TK1-2) B (ORIGINAL CHRISTMAS MESSAGE (M) TAKEN BY TONY BARROW ON 2 DEC 1966) Lewisohn writes, "These were logged on the tape box and recording sheets as two takes each but several dozen short messages were actually recorded."

24 November 1967 E66904 4T Christmas Party Noises (TK1) Knocking Noises (TK1)

Electronic Noises (TK1) Celeste (Children's Hour) (TK1-TK3) Lewisohn states that some of the recordings from 24 and 28 November were John, alone, making recordings for the National Theatre production of his play The Joh n Lennon Play: In His Own Write, Scene Three, Act One. So it isn't clear exactly what was used for the Christmas record. Barrett does not document a mix tape wh ich Lewisohn states was done on 29 November. 24 November 1967 E66903 4T Sound Effects Etc.

28 November 1967 E66907 A Speech Tracks Sound Effects Etc. John Lennon Play (EDITS + SPEECH TRACKS) 28 November 1967 E66908 4T Christmas Time Is Here Again (TK1) B Speech Tracks (TK1-TK2) B (TK6-TK7) (TK6) B Speech Tracks (TK10) B 28 November 1967 E66909 A Speech Tracks + S.I. OF EFFECTS (TK1-TK10)

5 September 1968 E69888 A Beatles Xmas Message (1964) (1965) 9 Sep 1968 (MONO TAPE COPY) It's not clear what the purpose of this reel is. Barrett does not list a tape l og for the 1968 or 1969 Christmas records.

23 April 1976 E11552 Z Xmas Record (MONO) It's not clear what the purpose of this reel is or which Christmas record it is .

E65786 with the description 4T New Mixer Tape (90% TEST TONE - A LITTLE OF "I WA NT YOU") 24 Feb 1969. [E47052] A Besame Mucho (1.) 6 Jun 1962 2T P.S. I Love You (3.) Ask Me Why (4.) Love Me Do (2.) ARTIST MANAGER FROM TAPE FILE SHEETS IS RON RICHARDS! Job No. M172/2PMS N: Ron Richards was actually the producer of this recording test/session, standi ng in for George Martin. The numerals next to each title probably indicate the o riginal order of recording. Although this reel no longer exists, a 7" lacquer wa s cut of each title. A tape copy of "Besame Mucho" was discovered in 1983, and a n acetate of "Love Me Do" was found by George Martin's wife while cleaning out h is closet! These were both included on ANTHOLOGY 1. [E47730] A How Do You Do 4 Sep 1962 Love Me Do N: This was probably the original session tape. Take numbers are unknown, but ta ke 2 was the "best" for "How Do You Do It" and "Love Me Do" required at least 15 takes. Interestingly, "Love Me Do" was given Job #M172, the same as the previou s session, while "How Do You Do It" was assigned #M188. [E47776] A How Do You Do (2.) 4 Sep 1962 Love Me Do (1.) N: "Love Me Do" was apparently mixed first, perhaps indicating that George Marti n was already putting his faith in it, or perhaps because it required more editi ng to assemble a master take. Since this tape no longer exists, subsequent issue s of the Ringo version of "Love Me Do" are mastered from vinyl (see AR51876 - 20 Sep 1982). [E47852] A P.S. I Love You 11 Sep 1962 Please Please Me Love Me Do [REMAKE] (ANDY WHITE SESSION) Job No. M190/2PMS N: "P.S. I Love You" required 10 takes, and "Love Me Do" 18. Only "Please Please Me" was given Job #190; the other two songs still fell under #172. This is appa rently the session tape (no mixing session for "Please Please Me" is noted in Le wisohn); if so, there is no record of the mono mix tape for the other two songs in Barrett's notes. Or could it be that these were truly recorded in mono and no remixing was ever possible? Although this tape is missing, an acetate of the be st take of "Please Please Me" is included on ANTHOLOGY 1. In Gottfridsson's FROM CAVERN TO STAR-CLUB, there are photos of three one-sided 7" acetates. Two of th em, "P.S. I Love You" and "Love Me Do (2nd Version)", are from this session and were auctioned in 1997 at Sotheby's. The third, auctioned in 1994, looks similar , but is said to feature "an alternate take" of "Please Please Me" from the 26 N ov session. It's likely the same one included on ANTHOLOGY 1, though. TL14063 S Love Me Do (7XCE 17144) M 5 Oct 1962 P.S. I Love You (7XCE 17145) M How Do You Do N: At some point, the Ringo take of "Love Me Do" was cut from this master reel a nd replaced by the Andy White take. Interesting that a copy of "How Do You Do It " should also be on this reel - if it hadn't been, we probably wouldn't get to h ear it (although a one-sided 7" acetate has surfaced), since the session and mix tapes no longer exist. The unedited take is on many bootlegs, and an edit is on ANTHOLOGY 1.

[E48382] A Please Please Me [REMAKE] 26 Nov 1962 2T Ask Me Why Job No. M212/2PMS N: This reel had 18 takes of "Please Please Me" and 6 of "Ask Me Why", but appar ently none of "Tip Of My Tongue". Lewisohn implies in RECORDING SESSIONS that so me takes of the latter title were recorded but clarifies in CHRONICLE that they merely "played [it] to George Martin." [E48389] A Please Please Me (REMIX FROM 2T) 30 Nov 1962 N: "Ask Me Why" was also mixed into mono during this session; maybe it was on th is tape or maybe there's one missing from Barrett's notes. TL14207 S Please Please Me (7XCE 17217) 12 Jan 1963 Ask Me Why (7XCE 17218) N: The second single was actually released 11 January 1963. E48875 2T There's A Place (TK1-TK10) B 11 Feb 1963 I Saw Her Standing There (TK1-TK9) N: This reel clearly still exists, since it has been booted pretty much in its e ntirety. [E48876] 2T A Taste Of Honey (TK1-TK5) B 11 Feb 1963 Do You Want To Know A Secret (TK1-TK6) B N: Looks like we'll never get to hear these. E48877 A Do You Want To Know A Secret (SI) (TK7-TK8) M 11 Feb 1963 2T A Taste Of Honey (SI) (TK6-TK7) M There's A Place (SI) (TK11-TK13) M I Saw Her Standing There (SI) (TK10-TK12) Misery (TK1-TK9) N: Another reel which has been bootlegged, except for take 9 of "Misery". Take 1 0 of "I Saw Her Standing There" was a copy of take 9, from which the "one-two-th ree-fah" count-in was spliced out (and thus it's missing on the bootlegs). [E48878] A Misery (TK10-TK11) B 11 Feb 1963 2T Hold Me Tight (TK1-TK13) (TK9-TK13) M Anna (TK1-TK3) M Boys (TK1) M Chains (TK1-TK4) (TK1) M Baby It's You (2T ONLY) (TK1-TK3) m Job No. 3586/3PMS N: I guess we'll never know how this arrangement of "Hold Me Tight" differs from the remake. [E48879] 2T Twist And Shout (TK1-TK2) 11 Feb 1963 Job No. 3586/3PMS N: Why did they have to scrap this one?! Take 1 was "best", by the way. [E48909] 2T Misery (SI - PIANO) (TK16) B 20 Feb 1963 Baby It's You (SI PIANO TK6, CELESTE TK5) (TK5-TK6) Job No. 3586/3PMS N: George Martin's overdub takes. The "Misery" overdubs were actually takes 12-1 6. The piano overdub of "Baby It's You" was never used, so take 5 was "best". [E48978] A Anna (TK4) M 25 Feb 1963 2T Boys (TK2) M Chains (TK2) M Misery (TK17) Baby It's You (2T ONLY) (TK6-TK8) M

Do You Want To Know A Secret Job No. 3586/3PMS N: Apparently at this point, mono remixes were given sequential take numbers rat her than "RM", unless this is a quirk of Barrett's notes. These are all mono mix es, except "Misery" and "Baby It's You" which are twin-track copies incorporatin g the new overdubs. [E48979] A There's A Place (TK14) M 25 Feb 1963 2T I Saw Her Standing There (TK13) M Twist And Shout (TK3) M A Taste Of Honey (TK8) M Ask Me Why (TK7) M 25 Feb 1963 Please Please Me (TK16-TK18) (ED) M Love Me Do (Mock ST?) (TK19) (ST ONLY) M P.S. I Love You (TK11) (ST ONLY) M Misery (SI PIANO ON MONO RECORDING ONLY) (TK18-TK20) Baby It's You (MONO ONLY) (TK9) M Job No. 3586/3PMS N: This reel is from two separate mixing sessions. The first continues the mono mixing from the previous tape. The next session begins with twin-track copies of the four single titles included on PLEASE PLEASE ME. "Ask Me Why" was apparentl y a straight copy (unless someone can verify that the single mix differs from th e mono LP); "Please Please Me" was a new edit of different takes than used on th e single. "Love Me Do" and "P.S. I Love You" were mixed into fake stereo from th e 11 Sep 1962 mono mixes (if there were any - see my earlier comments), so perha ps those session tapes were already gone by early 1963! Finally, we have three m ono mixes of "Misery", the "best" of which uses a different piano overdub to the stereo mix, and a mono mix of "Baby It's You". Note for George Martin fans: the re IS NO RECORD of a stereo mix reel for the PLEASE PLEASE ME album. Thus, direc t twin-track copies of the session tapes were assembled to make the stereo maste r reels (TL11440A/B), and Martin was apparently correct in all those 1987 interv iews when he said he never remixed this album for stereo (although he was wrong about it not being released in stereo at the time). E49015 A From Me To You (TK1-TK7) B 5 Mar 1963 2T Thank You Girl (TK1-TK13) (7XCE17329/30) (TK6-TK13 ED) B From Me To You (SI - EDIT PIECES) (TK8-TK13) (TK8) B Job No. M233/3PMS * CUT OUT FOR LP PCS 7016 "COLLECTION OF OLDIES" N: This entire reel has been bootlegged, but there are still some unsolved myste ries surrounding the edit piece overdubs. The asterisk (*) probably corresponds to take 8 of "From Me To You", since that take as heard on bootleg matches exact ly the stereo mix heard on A COLLECTION OF BEATLES OLDIES. It was apparently a s traight copy from twin-track tape, as with the PLEASE PLEASE ME album. E49016 A One After Nine 'O' Nine (TK1-TK5) 5 Mar 1963 2T Job No. M233/3PMS N: This reel is also available complete on bootleg. An edit of takes 4 and 5 was prepared, perhaps at the end of this session, which turned up on a 1976 in-hous e reel, and eventually on ANTHOLOGY 1. A second edit of takes 4 and 5 (with a di fferent edit point) was created in 1984 for SESSIONS. E48989 A Thank You Girl (SI) (TK14-TK28/30) (ED) B 13 Mar 1963 2T Job No. M233/3PMS N: These harmonica overdubs ended with take 28, and "take 30" is actually an edi t of takes 6, 13, 17, 20, 21, and 23. This edit was copied direct from twin-trac k and sent to Capitol, who added a bunch of echo and released it on stereo copie s of THE BEATLES SECOND ALBUM. The mono mix is apparently not from take 30, sinc e it is lacking some harmonica overdubs. Recently, two stereo mixes surfaced fro m John Barrett's personal cassettes. The first is an edit of take 14 with the en

d of take 30; the second is an echo-free copy of the complete take 30. [E49088] A From Me To You 14 Mar 1963 Job No. M233/3PMS N: Exactly which takes were edited together to make the mono mix is unclear, but the intro piece has two tapes running in sync (take 8 with vocals and another e dit piece with harmonica). Lewisohn also claims that stereo mixing of this title was done during this session, but that seems unlikely. Two stereo mixes did sur face in John Barrett's cassettes, apparently prepared by Barrett himself. One ha s a vocal-only intro and the other has a harmonica-only intro. TL12736 S From Me To You (7XCE 17329) Thank You Girl (7XCE 17330) 11 Apr 1963


22 Mar 1963

TL11440A/B LP "PLEASE PLEASE ME" (YEX 94/5) 22 Mar 1963 (STEREO LP) N: According to Lewisohn, the stereo LP wasn't released until 26 Apr 1963. TL12736 EP "THE BEATLES HITS" (7TCE 760/1) 6 Sep 1963 N: This EP was apparently prepared slightly before the TWIST AND SHOUT EP, which has matrix numbers directly following it, and a catalog number just two places higher. However, THE BEATLES HITS was held back for release a few months, probab ly because "Twist And Shout" (the song) was getting so much attention. [E49998] 2T She Loves You 1 Jul 1963 I'll Get You Job No. M273/3PMS N: The three missing reels from this session are out of order in the notes. This second one contains the last takes of "She Loves You" and the first takes of "I 'll Get You", although it's unknown how many takes of each song were recorded. [E49999] 2T I'll Get You 1 Jul 1963 Job No. M273/3PMS N: The third and final reel. [E49997] 2T She Loves You 1 Jul 1963 Job No. M273/3PMS N: The first of three reels from this session. [E49937] A She Loves You (7XCE 17395) 4 Jul 1963 I'll Get You (7XCE 17396) Job No. M273/3PMS N: From the sound of it, "She Loves You" was spliced together from a zillion tak es. With no twin-tracks to copy from, fake stereo mixes were done of "She Loves You" in November 1966, and rather oddly, of "I'll Get You" in December 1970! [E50165] 2T You Really Got A Hold On Me (TK1-TK5) B 18 Jul 1963 (SI TK6-TK11) (TK7/10/11) B Money (TK1-TK5) b N: Take 7 of "You Really Got A Hold On Me" was an overdub of lead guitar onto ta ke 5, take 10 was an edit piece containing only the word "baby", and take 11 was an edit piece of the ending riff. Takes 3-5 of "Money" were taped at 30 inches per second rather than the usual 15, probably to preserve quality for future ove rdubs.

[E50166] 2T Money (SI TK6-TK7) B 18 Jul 1963 Devil In Her Heart (TK1-TK3) (SI TK4-TK6) B Till There Was You (TK1-TK3) N: Take 6 of "Money" was an edit piece of the piano intro only, and take 7 was a complete overdub of piano. "Devil In Her Heart" has a second lead vocal and mar aca overdub. "Till There Was You" was later remade. [E50189] 2T Please Mr. Postman (TK1-TK2) b 30 Jul 1963 (SI TK3) (TK4-TK7) b (SI TK8-TK9) B It Won't Be Long (TK1-TK6) N: Although this reel no longer exists, some off-line outtakes of "Please Mr. Po stman" from this session surfaced in the "Alf tapes". The first is probably take 3, and the second is an unedited version of take 9. Overdubs included a second lead vocal and handclaps. [E50190] 2T It Won't Be Long (TK7-TK10) 30 Jul 1963 (SI TK11-TK23) (TK21) B 30 Jul 1963 N: Again, two off-line outtakes appear on the "Alf tapes", both prior to overdub s. One seems to have a "take 7" announcement, and the other is presumably take 1 0. Takes 11-17 were overdubs of a second lead vocal and further lead guitar, and 18-23 were edit pieces of the ending. [E50191] 2T Untitled Test - G.M. Piano 30 Jul 1963 Money (SI TK8-TK10) N: A test take and several piano pieces (actually takes 8, 9, 10, 12, 13, and 14 according to the session sheet) which are labelled (track 3). None of these tak es seem to have been used. [E50204] 2T Till There Was You [REMAKE] (TK4-TK8) 30 Jul 1963 Roll Over Beethoven (TK1-TK5) b (SI TK6-TK8) (TK7-8) B N: Although it's not marked as such, take 8 was the "best" of "Till There Was Yo u", the only song on the album with no overdubs. Takes 6 and 7 of "Roll Over Bee thoven" added a second lead vocal, handclaps, and the guitar solo, and take 8 wa s an edit piece of the final guitar chord. [E50205] 2T All My Loving (TK1-TK11) b 30 Jul 1963 (SI TK12-TK14) B N: There was no take 5, and takes 12-14 added a second lead vocal. It's possible that take 14 was copied directly from this twin-track tape to create the German stereo mix which has the "hi-hat intro" left in. TL10906 EP "TWIST AND SHOUT" (7TCE 762/3) 12 Jul 1963

E50410 A Devil In Her Heart (RM6) M 21 Aug 1963 remix Money (RM6-RM7) You Really Got A Hold On Me (RM7-RM10) (RM7-10/11) M Please Mr. Postman (RM9) M Till There Was You (RM8) M Roll Over Beethoven (RM7-RM8) (RM7-8) M All My Loving (RM14) M It Won't Be Long (RM17-RM21) (RM17-21) M Job No. 3849/3PMS N: Rather confusingly, the remix numbers are identical to the take numbers they are being mixed from. Thus "It Won't Be Long" (RM17-RM21) does not indicate the 17th-21st mixes of that song, but individual mixes of takes 17 and 21, which wer

e then edited together to produce a "best" mix. This session also produced the f inal "best" of "Money", an edit of takes 6 and 7. TL13557 S She Loves You (7XCE 17395) 23 Aug 1963 I'll Get You (7XCE 17396) N: Since the session and mix tapes no longer exist, the subsequent fake stereo m ixes of these songs were undoubtedly produced using this single master tape. TL12344A/B EP "THE BEATLES NO. 1" (7TCE 764/5) 1 Nov 1963 N: Apparently assembled around the same time as the first two Beatles EP's but h eld back for later release. [E50523] 2T I Wanna Be Your Man (TK1) 11 Sep 1963 Little Child (TK1-TK2) All I Gotta Do (TK1-TK14) b (SI TK15) (TO BE REMIXED) B Job No. 3849/3PMS N: The overdub for "All I've Got To Do" was probably more vocals. [E50524] 2T Not A Second Time (TK1-TK5) b 11 Sep 1963 (SI TK6-TK9) (TO BE REMIXED WHEN EDITED) B Don't Bother Me (TK1-TK4) Job No. 3849/3PMS N: The overdubs for "Not A Second Time" were a second lead vocal and piano. Ther e is no evidence that take 9 was edited to another take during mixing, so perhap s the take itself was edited down from a longer performance. [E50525] 2T Don't Bother Me (TK5-TK7) Job No. 3849/3PMS 11 Sep 1963

E50527 2T Various Messages To Australia 12 Sep 1963 Hold Me Tight [REMAKE] (TK20-TK24) b (TK25-TK29) (TO BE REMIXED) B Don't Bother Me [REMAKE] (TK10-TK13) b Job No. 3849/3PMS N: This reel is conspicuous for apparently being the only twin-track WITH THE BE ATLES session tape to have survived (perhaps because it was misfiled when the Au stralian messages were copied to be sent overseas). This explains why no outtake s from this album appeared in the ANTHOLOGY albums or videos. Luckily, the whole reel has been bootlegged almost entirely, apart from the first three of the fou r "Various Messages" takes. The overdubs on "Hold Me Tight" were backing vocals and handclaps. [E50528] 2T Don't Bother Me (SI TK15-TK19) (TK15) B 12 Sep 1963 Little Child (TK3-TK13) b (SI TK14-TK18) (TK18) B I Wanna Be Your Man (TK2-TK5) Job No. 3849/3PMS N: There was evidently no take 14 of "Don't Bother Me", whose overdubs included a second lead vocal, tambourine, bongo, and claves. The notes for "Little Child" do not match up to Lewisohn's description. He has take 7 being the basic "best" , with take 13 overdubbing harmonica, take 15 overdubbing piano, and take 18 the harmonica solo. It seems more likely that 13 was the "best" backing track, take 15 the "best" overdub of harmonica and piano, and take 18 "best" for the solo. What sounds like a double-tracked lead vocal from John is apparently John and Pa ul singing in unison from take 13, saving us the trouble of finding yet another overdub! Although take 18 is marked "best", more work was later done. [E50529] 2T I Wanna Be Your Man (TK6-TK7) 12 Sep 1963

Job No. 3849/3PMS [E50506] A I Wanna Be Your Man (SI ORGAN TK8-TK13) 30 Sep 1963 N: Hammond organ overdubs by George Martin, with take 13 being "best". [E50764] A All I Gotta Do (RM15) M 30 Sep 1963 (2T-A Don't Bother Me (RM15) M remix) Little Child (RM15-RM18) I Wanna Be Your Man (TK8 R ) M? Hold Me Tight (RM26-RM29) Not A Second Time (RM9) Money (SI PIANO RM7) (VERSIONS 1-3) Job No. 3849/3PMS (DESTROYED 29 MAR 1966?) N: A very peculiar reel. Besides final mono mixes of "All I've Got To Do", "Don' t Bother Me", and "Not A Second Time", temporary "best" mixes were done from edi ts of "Little Child" and "Hold Me Tight". The handwriting next to "I Wanna Be Yo ur Man" is degraded and difficult to read, but presumably this was a temporary " best" mono mix incorporating the new organ overdub. Finally, George Martin seemi ngly did some simultaneous piano overdubbing/mixing of "Money" which doesn't see m to have been used. [E50776] 2T I Wanna Be Your Man 3 Oct 1963 Little Child Job No. 3849/3PMS N: Takes 14 and 15 of "I Wanna Be Your Man" are overdubs including maracas. Take s 19-21 of "Little Child" are vocal overdubs of "come on come on" during the mid dle eights which were apparently forgotten about in the final mono mixing, but c an be heard in the left channel of stereo mixes. [E50887] 2T Various Messages - Speech 17 Oct 1963 You Really Got A Hold On Me Another Message Job No. M315/3PMS N: The messages were for the first Fan Club Christmas Flexi. It's unclear whethe r "You Really Got A Hold On Me" (which Lewisohn claims was on four-track tape) i s a remake, an overdub, something intended for the Christmas Flexi, or something else, but it was only a single take (take 12). E50888 4T I Wanna Hold Your Hand (TK1-TK12) 17 Oct 1963 Job No. M315/3PMS N: The Beatles switch to four-track recording, and from this point on, a majorit y of the session tapes still exist. Extracts from this reel, including takes 1 a nd 9, were included on the ANTHOLOGY video. E50889 4T I Wanna Hold Your Hand (TK13-TK17) B 17 Oct 1963 This Boy (TK1-TK10) Job No. M315/3PMS N: An unknown take of "This Boy" is in the ANTHOLOGY video. E50890 4T This Boy (TK11-TK17) (TK15-17) B 17 Oct 1963 Job No. M315/3PMS N: Takes 12 and 13 of "This Boy" are on the "Free As A Bird" CD single. Takes 16 and 17 were overdubs. E50105 A I Wanna Hold Your Hand (RS17) (VOCALS RHS BUT GTR IN CENTRE) M 17 Oc t 1963 Z This Boy (RS15) (VOCALS RHS GTR CENTRE) M (remix) (BOTH TRACKS OF A AVAILABLE)

N: The documentation is a bit fuzzy, but it appears that mono and stereo mixes o f both titles are on this reel. Lewisohn doesn't mention a stereo mix of "This B oy" being done this day, but it has recently appeared on bootleg from Barrett's reference tapes, complete with "RS15" announcement. It's also not clear how the master for "This Boy" was produced. The previous reel indicates that a "best" co uld be edited from takes 15 and 17. Lewisohn has two mono mixes done, both of ta ke 15, being edited together. There is clearly an edit in the song just after th e middle eight. These stereo mixes were released for the first time on a 1976 Au stralian single. The PAST MASTERS CD uses this mix of "This Boy" but a 1966 remi x of "I Want To Hold Your Hand". [E50868] 2T I Wanna Be Your Man 23 Oct 1963 Job No. 3849/3PMS N: A 16th and final take, consisting of unknown overdubs (perhaps Ringo's second lead vocal). [E50869] A I Wanna Be Your from 2T Little Child (remix) Hold Me Tight Job No. 3849/3PMS N: Final mono mixing for the oring overdub take 21. "Hold nd middle eight from take 29 Man 23 Oct 1963

album. "Little Child" was from takes 15 and 18, ign Me Tight" is apparently from take 26, with the seco edited in. 29 Nov 1963

TL13557 S I Want To Hold Your Hand (7XCE 17559) This Boy (7XCE 17560)

[E50955] Z It Won't Be Long (RS17) (ED) M 29 Oct 1963 (remix) All I Gotta Do (RS15) M All My Loving (RS14) M Don't Bother Me (RS15) M Little Child (RS21) M Till There Was You (RS8) M Please Mr. Postman (RS9) M Roll Over Beethoven (RS7) (ED) M Hold Me Tight (RS29) M You Really Got A Hold On Me (RS7) (ED) M I Wanna Be Your Man (RS16) M Devil In Her Heart (RS6) M Not A Second Time (RS9) M Money (RS7) (ED) M 30 Oct 1963 N: Stereo mixing for the entire LP, which in this case probably just consisted o f twin-track copies with EQ and reverb added. The only exception is "Money", whi ch as the notes indicate was completed on 30 Oct by syncing up two twin-track ta pes. The left channel has the rhythm and vocal track from the basic take 5, and the right channel is the same vocal track plus piano overdubs from take 7, expla ining why the vocals appear in the middle (the only such instance on this album) , and why the intro lacks the tapping heard on the mono mix (that was from take 6, an edit piece not used here, despite the (ED) notation). Other differences: " Little Child" is from take 21, and thus has more overdubs than the mono mix; "It Won't Be Long" uses a different edit (of takes 17 and 21) than the mono mix; "H old Me Tight" is apparently an unedited mix of take 29, with extra backing vocal s on the ending. TL11908A/B LP "WITH THE BEATLES" (XEX 447/8) TL11906A/B LP "WITH THE BEATLES" (YEX 110/1) 22 Nov 1963 22 Nov 1963