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needs the average American to produce wealth.

homes, cars, boat$, gas, food so that the thief md counterfeitercan live in Iwtury, obtaining wealth for free without producing anything d value other than new money. If you claim that there is an agreement, then I demand to know the details of what you claim is the agreement.Remember, there i s no agreement if there i no mutual understanding or fraudulent concealment nf material s facts. I demand to know if the economics of the alleged loan agreement is similar to stealing, connterfeiLin2 and swindling. I demand to h o w he bank bookkeeping entries regarding the promissory note.

lowed GAAP. If you claim that there is an agreement and a loan, then you must stop conceding material facts, answer my questions, and tell me if the alleged promissory note was recorded as a loan fmm me to Ihe original alleged lender or financial institution involvetl in the alleged loan or if the promissory note was stolen. According to my record%. the promissory note was stolen or recorded as a loan from me to the original alleged lender and that the dleged lender never paid one cent as adequ;tte consideration to pwchase llre promissory nnte from me creating the economics similar to stealing, counterfeiting and swindling.

The bookkeeping entries prove the fallowing: The alleged lender or financial institution involved in the alleged laan accepted the alleged borrower's loan papers (promissory note) as a bank asset offset by a bank liability. The Financial institution exchangd the promissory note for credit in the borrower's trzlnsdction account-Thismeans that the bank or alleged lender recorded the promissory note a a loan from tlre als iegecl borrower to the bank and the bank (ialleged lender) First became the borrower. Example: If Joe goes to the hank ancl deposits S100, the bank credits Joe's checking account (transaction nccoun t) i'nr % 100. This credit means rhat the bank recorded a bank Liability account showing that he bank recorded a loan from J o to the bank and illat JCK was the ~ lender and that the bank was the borrower. The hank agrees that Joe is the lender to the bank and that the b n is the borrower hecause Joe can ak walk up to the bank teller and get his SlOO or Joe can write a check for $103 and spend the money. This means the fmancial institution accepted the promissory note like money as a deposit just Iike banks accept c s ah or checks like money and credit a checking account or transaction account. Banks accept legal tender money called caqh and banks accept promissory notes like money, wlich is non legal tender money because promissory nores pay interest, investors will pay caqh for the promissory notes giving the promissory notes equal value to cash. According to Fdeml Reserve Bank publications m Generally Accepted Accounting d Principles - the standard bookkeeping enhies banks are recluired to. follow- the prnrnissory note waq recorded as a loan from me to the alleged lender or financial institution involved in the alleged loan. I was first the lender and you were t h t the borrower. When you repaid the loan and returned he money to me, you claimed that the money that you returned tn me was not repaying the money thal you homowed from me, but that the money you returned to me was a loan Fmm you to me. 1 think we all agree in the principle that the one who ftmded the loan should be repaid the money. According to khe bookkeeping entries using GAAP, I was tile one who provided the money or funds that created the money that yori claim was lent to me. At this time you are concealing the true economics and facts of what you are claiming is a lorn. The promissory note is not proof of a loan. The hookkeeping entries will prove who lrtaned what to whom. If you claim that yrlu [lid not follow GAAP, then the management of the financial instituti an issuing h e CPA audit report claiming that they followed GAAP will, by law, be cnmrnitting a fraud.
I have every reason to believe the CPA audil repun and that they fol-

I am now demanding that you either stop concealing material facts and answer my questions if you claim that there i an agreement or h a t you s return the stolen prumissory note. If you claim &;at the promissory note was a loan h m me to you, 1 demand that you im~nediatety tepay the loan by returning h e promissory nnte and stop the damage to me.
If a thief stole my property or iealth m exchanged the stolen g o d s for d cash and returned the cash to me as a lorn, the thief concealed the theft, the thief breached the agreement and1 have no legal obligation tn repay the alleged loan. lf a counterfeiter caunterfeit? money ant! lends me the counterfeiretl money which was used to buy my house, I have no legal obligation to repay rhe alleged debt because the alleged lender was engaged in a criminal act giving me illegal consideration and breached the agreement, As far as I am concerned, you breathed the agreement by doins the opposite of what you advertised and agreed to, a r e a h g the economics similar to stealing, counterfeiting and swindling, and then refused to give me specific cie~ails the allegd agreement mtl conof cealed material fam. A promissory note does not prove that there wz% a loan of the lender's money as adequate consideration to purchase the promissory note ti-om the alleged borrower and that ne theft or counterfeiting or swindling took place.
Pa3t payments are considered extortion payments and do not mfify m y alleged loan agreement. At this time the alleged lender has refused to answer questions and give details of the alleged agreement md has refused to zero out the alleged lorn or cancel the lien as the alleged lender demands payment or declares they will use legal meals to collect.

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Jun so that there is no confusion, money, that is cash, is recorrled as a bank aswt and a bank liability and means the bank owes money, Checks are not money, checks simply m s k r a bank liability - checking account balance indicating money the bank owes a customer who earlier deposited money- to anothex hank customer's cfiechnp account balrmce. The hank still owes money that was earlier depusited.
I am hereby offering to discharge the alleged debt provided that ynu give specific answers to my questions regmd~ng alleged debt and I will the

payoff w discharge the alleged debt using the same specie of funds or money or money equivalent that the financial institution used to fund the alleged loan check or similar in~trurnent using General1y Accepted Accounting Principles thus ending all liens and inkrest

8) Are the economics of the alleged loan similar to stealing, counterfeiting and swindling against the borrower? YES or NO?
9)Are all material facts disclosed in the d t t e n loan agreement? YES or

If you claim that there was an agreement, then explain the derails of the agreement by answering the following questions or sign the enclosed affidavit giving answers to the following questions:
1) According to the alleged loan agreement, was the alleged lender or Bnandd institution involved in h e alleged ban to lend their money as adequate considemion to purchase the promissory note (loan agreement) from the alleged borrower? YES or NO.

10) According to the alleged loan agreement,was the alleged borrower to lend the bormwer's promissory note to mother party such as the dleged lender or financial institution'?YES or NO.

2) According to the bookkeeping entries of the financial institution involved in the alleged lorn, did the alleged lender or financial institation involved in the a1leged loan Pend their money as adequate consideration Ient to purchase the promissory note (loan agreement) from the allegetl borrower? YES or NO.

3)According to the alleged loan agreement, was the dlegedborrower to provide anything of value that a financial instimtion would use to give value to a check or similar instrument in approximately the amount of the allez~d Ivan'?YES or NO.
4) According to the bwkkeping entries of TJIE financial institution involved in the alleged toan, did the lender or financial institution involved in the alleged loan accept anything of value from h e alleged borrower that was used to give value to a check or similar instrument in ap mately he amount of the alleged loan? YES or NO. 5 ) Did the alleged lender and financial institution involved in the alleged loan Follow generally accepted accounting prin~iples,GAAP? YES ar NO'? the financial institution involved in the alleged lorn have an Did audit done by a CPA with the CPA audit stating that the financial institution followed generally accepted accounting principles, GAAP? YES or

If you refuse to answer these questions with detailed specific answers, we wiH presume that here i s a concealment of material facts and that the promissory note has been altered and stolen and that the alleged borrower provided the money that the alleged lender claims was lent to the alleged borrower. If you refuse to answer these questions, then please Tetum a zero balance and return the promissory note. If there is a theft and if an attorney answers without giving specifics to these questions. the attorney may be added to a future lawsuit. We will [hen have the attorney become a wimess in court and explain what this agreement i s all about. Remember, if there is an agreement, the attorney will have to answer these yuestions in a deposition or in court under oath, I f the attorney commits perjury, he or she will be rlisbm-ed.1 further understand that if I sue an attorney, the attorney's pmfessional insurance will automatically offer between $10,000 to $20,000 to settle this nut of court. and drop the attorney horn the lawsuit.

Re advised, T will not accept telephone calls. Only respond in writing

with w officer of your corparation s i L h g ynur presentment.
At this time, I believe you are in possession of stolen, forged property that looks I& a promissory note with my name on it. Please seturn the stolen forged property or give specific answers ta my questions.


6)Do you have any infomatinn or evidence that the lender or f nmcial
institutinn involved in the alleged loan did not foFollow G A A K YES or NO.
7 )Was it the intent of h e alleged loan agreement that the one who 1 the loan is to be repaid the money? YES o NO. r