A. Nominal clauses All nominal clauses (cf. 6.

12) may have the following first two functions in a host clause, and most nominal clauses may also have functions 3-5:
Subject: [1] That his people believe that after last night is doubtful [S2B-oo8-85] Whether a stock offering is in the best interest of Mr. Wisner or his shareholders is unanswerable. [891004-0124-80] [2] [3] [. . .] to talk of it as a United States operation simply misreads history or intentionally misinterprets history [siB-027-109] [4] And mastering this technique can be a lot of fun [S2A-054-108] 2. Complement of a verb, chiefly as direct object (cf. 3.16): [5] Only nine per cent answered that religious leaders played a significant part in their life [SIB-028-24] [6] I don't know what my mother would have done if we had not come out naturally bookish [SiB-046-36] [7] [. . .] I've never wanted to be a writer at all [SIB-026-196] [8] Depending on who comes, you'll possibly need to bring sleeping bags and I hope you don't mind sleeping on the floor, [WIB-004-45]

Most nominal clauses may also function as:
3. Complement of an adjective (cf. 5.42): [9] It's strange, I don't look like my mother and everyone here presumes I'm Spanish and is surprised that I don't speak a word. [wiB-003-114] [10] They are not sure what did happen [S2B-028-59] [11] I'm not quite sure if that's right actually [siB-075-18] [12] And they say they're prepared to take industrial action to back their demands for shorter hours [S2B-011-20]

Unlike these nominal clauses, noun phrases functioning as complements of adjectives require linking prepositions: surprised at that, sure of that, prepared for that.

4. Complement of a preposition (cf. 5.47): [13] At the time of the original meeting nobody had any idea of what would happen [SIB-061-1201 [14] I'll come on to when you went off to Germany shortly [SiB-061-85] [15] [. . .] you seem to have a capacity for handling stress [siB-041-116] [16] [. . .] you've talked in various articles over the years about her making you feel utterly inadequate and and horrible [SIB-046-63] 5. Complement of a noun (cf. 6.16): [17] [. . .] it had a lovely wood letter-rack and a sort of in-tray done in wood which I fancied despite the fact that I haven't got anything to put in it

[18] Police say they can't confirm a TV report that the building had been hit by
automatic fire [S2B-016-95]

[19] Many more people can look forward to a retirement in the knowledge that in addition to the basic state retirement pension they will benefit from their employer or personal pension scheme [S2B-O35-23] [20] And uh she then said well look uhm you because you're a national figure you've been in eight million homes tonight uh you really must get used to the idea that people will come up to you [S2A-023-3]

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