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hristian sat up waking up from a dream. “Alice!” he called out unconsciously. He was covered in sweat from his

nightmare. Christopher burst in through the doors holding a silver shotgun. “What’s wrong son!?” he asked as his eyes darted from side to side scanning the area for danger. “That’s her name…” Christian mumbled to himself staring down at the covers with wide eyes. “Her name is Alice isn’t it!?” he asked his father. Christopher looked uncomfortable about the topic, which made Christian even more suspicious. “I don’t know what-” “Would you just stop it with the lies already!?” he roared at his father. “Why!? Why didn’t you tell me about her before!?” he said angrily getting up from bed. “She’s in danger!” he growled at his father. Christopher frowned. “Wha-? How did you know?” Christian cupped his face in his hands. “I-I don’t know…I just had a dream that Alice and Claire were in trouble!” he said and Christopher tried to calm him down. “C-Claire?” Christopher said uneasily. “Calm down and explain to me what happened to them” he told Christian and he nodded and began explaining. ---------------------Alice woke up and she rubbed her eyes feeling dizzy. “O-Oliver?” she called looking over the covers seeing him lying beside her. She smiled and kissed his forehead gently. “Morning…” she sighed stroking his face and Oliver’s eyes opened and he smiled brightly at her seeing that Honey’s abilities worked. “Morning…Jenna…” Oliver dared to say, testing if the mind-wipe really did work. Alice stared down at him blankly as her mind processed this. Jenna…That’s my name right? She thought to herself with a frown. “Right…” she mumbled and Oliver stroked her cheek. “What’s wrong?” he asked her feeling relieved that she didn’t react. “N-Nothing” she said forcing a smile. “What happened yesterday?” she yawned not being able to recall anything at all. “My memory’s a little fuzzy” Oliver avoided the topic. “You’re just tired since we just found you” he told her as he got up from the bed and stretched. Alice frowned. “I was missing…?” Oliver nodded giving her a cup of milk. “Yup for two years to be exact” he said sitting beside her and continuing to feed Alice information about Jenna’s life as if reprogramming Alice to be his new Jenna. Alice sipped her coffee with a blank expression. “I see…” Alice felt nothing as Oliver continued to lie to her that she was Jenna. She felt as if she was learning about someone else seeing how none of the information was familiar

to her. “It must be from the accident that I don’t remember anything” she said forcing a smile and he nodded kissing her on the forehead. “Just rest for a while” he told her. “I need to take care of some business so I’ll see you later” he smiled closing the door behind him when he left. Alice put the cup of milk aside on her nightstand and she stared across the room into a mirror. The girl in her reflections was definitely not her. The girl had the same facial features but she had gold eyes. “Who are you?” the reflection asked her. Alice flinched but came closer anyway and sat in front of the mirror. “Jenna” she answered. The reflection grinned showing her sharp canine teeth. “Wrong answer sweetheart, I’m Jenna” ---------------------------“What’s wrong with him?” Oliver asked Caine. Honey was on the floor coughing out blood. He looked like he was on the verge of death. He probably aged 10 years over night. “He must’ve overexerted his body when he erased all of Alice’s memories” Caine suggested. “He’ll probably die soon” “He’ll PROBABLY die soon?” Oliver repeated sarcastically knowing Honey would definitely die this time. “Hey did you hear that old man? Caine said you’ll probably die” Oliver laughed repeating the obvious. “I guess you do have a chance” Honey stopped coughing for a moment with blood still trickling down his mouth. “I’ve been dead for a long time boy” Honey chuckled in a crazed manner. “Should we get him medical help?” Caine asked Oliver. Oliver sighed. “Well old man? You still want medical help?” Honey coughed and shook his head. “What do you think your med team can do to a 1000 years old man? Help me sweep my dust when I perish!?” he exclaimed. Oliver nodded. “Whatever you say old man” he said and gestured Caine to leave. “Let him be” he said leaving up the stairs first. Honey looked at the dim light bulb suspended from the building. “This must be the end…” he said falling back on the cold stone floor. ------------------------“That’s because you’re my reflection” Alice laughed thinking she was losing her mind. Jenna smiled. “I’m more than that” she winked. “Touch the glass” she told Alice as her gold eyes glowed. “What’ll happen?” she asked Jenna. “I’ll unveil everything to you” Jenna promised. Alice hesitated before she touched the glass. The surface of the mirror rippled and Jenna grinned. Alice gasped when Jenna grabbed her hand and pulled her inside the mirror. When Alice opened her eyes she was trapped inside the mirror and Jenna was in her body sticking out her tongue. “Jenna let me out!” she demanded. Jenna winked. “Just relax Jenna” she teased Alice walking out the door in Alice’s body. Alice’s ruby red eyes glowed gold when she left the room.

Alice banged on the glass of the mirror in anger. “Jenna! Give my body back!!!” she yelled desperately. Who is she really!? ---------------------------Jenna walked down stairs to the cellar and she looked around seeing the jail cells. “Where’s that bastard?” she growled and she spotted Honey on the stone floor dying. “There you are” she grinned she walked down the stairs and looked cautiously at the silver jail cells. Wait a sec…I’m in Alice’s body…A vampire! She thought and hesitated before grabbing the steel bar. She grinned when she wasn’t burned and she ripped the bar with ease. “Remember me?” she asked Honey as she stood beside him. Honey stared up at her weakly. “Alice…?” Jenna smirked. “Guess again” she said patting the silver pole in her hand. Honey’s pale white eyes widened when he noticed her eyes were gold. “H-How!?” he exclaimed trying to back away from her against another jail cell. “W-We disposed of you!!” he said looking around for a way to escape. Jenna laughed in a crazed manner. “Yes, you did Honey” she grinned holding her pipe high in the air. “I came back in order to return the favor!” she growled and hit him straight on the head. The cellar echoed with Honey’s screams of pain as Jenna beat him to death mercilessly. She didn’t notice Claire watching in horror in one of the distant Jail cells. A-Alice…? ---------------------------“Show yourself!” Oliver growled as he walked down the stairs with Caine beside him. They heard the noise and they flinched seeing the light bulb swinging and blinking showing a faint image of Alice on her knees with her back faced towards them. “A-Alice?” Oliver blurted out wondering what was she doing down here. “Oh now you call her by her name…” Jenna said darkly and that’s when Oliver froze seeing Honey’s corpse lying on the floor in front of Jenna. “Didn’t you always call her Jenna before?” Caine glared at Jenna suspiciously since he noticed Jenna was holding a steel bar covered in Honey’s blood. She was practically sitting in the middle of a pool of blood. “Oliver…She beat Honey to death with a pole” he said in a warning tone. Oliver stepped cautiously towards Jenna. “Jenna…a-are you feeling okay?” Jenna turned to face Oliver and Oliver froze seeing blood splatters on her face. “Oliver…” she whimpered like a child. “I’m hungry…” she said and he realized her eyes were gold. “Y-Your eyes…” Oliver said knowing that Alice’s eyes were red even after the mind wipe. Jenna smiled at him innocently as if she wasn’t sitting in the middle of a blood bath. “Weren’t they always gold, Oliver?” she asked him. Oliver gulped. “Of course they were always gold” he said forcing a smile. Jenna ran into his arms and he embraced her. “Oliver I’m hungry…” she pleaded. “Give me your blood…” she said sniffing his neck. Oliver frowned. “Jenna…Did you kill Honey?” he asked uneasily.

Jenna froze then looked up at him with a playful look. “You know how I like to play” she smiled. “I guess I was a bit rough on him” she laughed grabbing his wrist and putting it to her mouth so she could feed on him. “Jenna…” Oliver said staring at her with wide eyes. Was this really still Alice? She acted playful and selfish just like the Jenna he knew before…But this Jenna was a little different…Jenna seemed to act sick and demented… “Alice?” a voice called and Jenna’s gold eyes darted at Claire who was in one of the cells. “Ah Claire…” Jenna said recognizing her to be the companion she always saw Alice with. Oliver was surprised to see that Alice remembered who she was. Did the mind wipe not work? “Alice isn’t here anymore” Jenna said sticking out her tongue. Oliver froze. “You know who Alice is?” Jenna smiled. “I know she’s dead” she said playfully and leaned forward to whisper in his ear. “She died when she disappeared two years ago…” she told Oliver making it seem like it was Alice who disappeared 2 years ago and not her. That’s how it should’ve been… She thought to herself. “What did you do to Alice!” Claire demanded. “SILENCE!” Jenna roared at Claire. Jenna calmed herself down seeing that she snapped over something small. “Jenna I think you should rest” Oliver said. “I don’t think you’re well” “I’m fine!” she growled at him. “You tried to replace me Oliver” she said angrily. When she saw a sad expression on his face she sighed. “I’ll let it slide this one time…” she said wrapping her arms around his neck. “As long as you promise to be mine forever…” she whispered. “You’ll be my possession forever…” --------------------------Christian stood at the bottom of the Sterling Mountains with Christopher beside him. “Father…Something changed in Alice…” he said quietly and Christopher frowned. “I think something is inside of Alice” “Then you’re not the only one” a voice said and Christian turned around quickly seeing a tall boy who looked like he was 16 years old. Christian noticed his raven black wavy hair and Valoriette trademark, ruby eyes. “You can call me Caleb” he introduced patting snow from his black thick coat. “Valoriette?” Christian asked the guy as he looked at him suspiciously. “Yes” he chuckled rolling up his sleeves revealing his pale white skin. “We haven’t heard anything from Claire so Allianna sent me to check up on her” Christian had a feeling as if he had met this Caleb before, his presence felt familiar. “Okay…Come with us then, we need to get into the Sterling Mountains without getting killed” Caleb scratched his chin. “I can probably get us in…” he said and Christian glanced at Christopher who nodded. ----------------------“Valoriette?” The man who was guarding the gate said. “I didn’t receive any orders to allow a Valoriette in” “That’s because we came on short notice” Caleb said casually, not a single hint of fear. The guard sniffed the air near Christian making him flinch back. “This one isn’t a Valoriette and the other one’s a human” he growled. Caleb nodded. “I don’t think you understand but you’re dealing with the higher ranks of the Valoriette family” Caleb growled beginning to lose his patience.

The guard chuckled in disbelief. “Oh yeah? Well how high exactly? You look like a low rank to me” he said crossing his arms. Caleb took out a pendant from around his neck; it was in the shape of a Fleur de Lis. “I believe this is enough proof…” The guard leaned closer looking at it with disbelief. “The blood ruby in the shape of the Fleur-de-lis…” he examined it for a moment then gasped. “Y-You’re majesty!!” he said backing away against the wall and bowed respectively. “M-My apologies! We didn’t expect a prince to come…” Christian frowned at Caleb but Caleb ignored him and gestured the guard to move aside. “Your majesty?” he questioned Caleb. “Alice never told me about another brother…” The guard used his sterling silver armlet and pressed it against the frozen ice wall covering the entrance. The ice shimmered at the touch of the silver and moved to reveal a passageway. “Valor is just up the passageway” he said and when they entered the ice moved back blocking the way out. “Who are you Caleb? Because Alice never mentioned another brother, what are you her cousin are something? I hope you’re not her guard or anything because her little obsessed fan club leader Craven wasn’t the easiest guy to-” Christian was interrupted by Caleb. “I’m a close relative” he said simply as if that was the most descriptive branch of family there was. Christian growled popping his knuckles he could feel he wasn’t going to get along with the Caleb guy. Thanks for pointing out the obvious dick-head… --------------------Valor’s eyes widened when he saw Caleb, Christian and Christopher enter the dining room. “Welcome Valoriette and…” his words trailed off when he sniffed the air around Christian. “Human…?” he hissed the recognized Christian from the photo. “Close friends of mine you will treat them with the same manners as me” Caleb told Valor and he nodded. “Why has a monarch come grace us?” Valor asked sitting down at the table as the others did as well. “I came to ask of Claire Valoriette” Caleb said going straight to business. “We haven’t received any reports from her or Alice, it’s quite…Nerve-racking” he emphasized. Christian listened silently he didn’t want to stand out to much to get him lock up away from Alice. He could feel the lightning tension between Caleb and Valor though; they seemed to be staring into each other’s eyes threateningly like predatory beasts trying to make the other falter. “She’s fine, she’s with Oliver right now” Christian couldn’t help but feel a shiver travel down his spine he didn’t like the thought of his fiancé with some horny dog who had a habit of stealing other people’s fiancés. “What about Claire?” “She’s in her room resting” “I’d like to see that for myself” Valor glared. “Do you doubt me, Valoriette?” Caleb returned his glare. “Why so defensive Valor? Loosing your touch?” Christian tried to control his laughter. BURN MUCH?

Maybe this Caleb was just like Christian after all, whoever this guy was. He didn’t as long as he got Alice out of wherever she was, everything would be clear and all questions would answered. “Valor we have a problem” Caine said entering the room. His eyes widened as he stopped staring at Christian and Christopher. They…look familiar… Christian stood abruptly from his chair. “Gab…?” Christopher grabbed Christian’s wrist trying to pull him down and stop him from making the situation harder. SHIT! I forgot to remind him Gabriel is dead! Valor looked at Caine suspiciously. “You know this mortal?” he snapped at Caine. Caine shook his head slowly still trying to overcome from the nostalgic haze. “N-No sir…” Christian shrugged his father off. “You think just because you have an eye patch I can’t tell who the fuck you are?!” he yelled at Caine. “So you were a werewolf all this time and you didn’t bother telling your best friend about it?” Caine backed away. “I’ll just tell you later sir…” he said and left through the other door. Valor eyed Christian. “I think your friend needs some rest why don’t we discuss this tomorrow, you may stay if you like” he said before leaving through the same door Caine went through. Caleb slapped Christian in the back of his head. “Look I don’t care if you get yourself killed! But if you screw around with your selfishness and get Alice and Claire hurt?” he said grabbing Christian’s collar. “I’ll tear you apart…” he hissed before letting Christian go. They followed Caleb down the door Valor went through and saw a passageway that went down. “It looks like Claire would be down there” Christopher said. Caleb nodded grabbing a torch from the side and opening the door before walking down the steps to the dungeons. “Claire?” he called out in the darkness. He walked down from the stairs and used his torch to lead the way, checking every cell for the sign of Claire. He found her at the last cells sleeping. “I found her!” Christopher and Christian ran to the cell and smiled brightly. “Claire!” they called in unison waking her up from her slumber. She squinted up at them from the floor with tired eyes. “Christopher? Christian?” she smiled standing on her knees and wrapping her arms around the steel bars. “How did you get here?” “Caleb helped us!” Christian exclaimed. Claire frowned at Caleb. He looked familiar but she just couldn’t put her finger on who he was. Christopher knelt down to her level and cupped her face in his hands between the bars and kissed her gently as if silently telling her it was going to be alright. Christian’s expression saddened when he saw this. “Claire do you know where Alice is?” he asked her. “I don’t know…” Claire looked up at him sadly. “But something has happened to Alice” she told them. “It’s like some bad spirit has possessed her, she sadistic now compared to who she was” Claire explained. “Did Alice mention a name while she was possessed?” Caleb asked Claire. Claire nodded remembering a name. “Yes I believe Oliver called her Jenna” she told Caleb and Caleb closed his eyes with a sigh. “Why?” Christian asked Caleb. “Who is Jenna?”

“When we were investigating back at the manor about the council of elders, it turns out Alicia had been working with the council of elders for more than a couple of years now” he explained. “They needed to get close to the Sterlings so since Alicia had such similarities with Jenna she had her killed and replaced her temporarily” “Alice looks exactly like this Jenna then” Christian added. “Exactly, and that Jenna was Oliver’s lover” Caleb stated. “He must have wanted someone to stop the pain from the loss of his loved one and who else would be better for that than Alice” Christian looked sadly off to the side, he understood that it was hard to get over the death of someone you love but to steal someone else’s lover was cruel too. He’d promised himself that no matter how many conflicts get in their way he was going to marry Alice one way or another. Because she was the only one for him and he wouldn’t ever trade her for a replacement no matter how painful it was to be without her. Caleb looked at Claire who looked ragged; she must have been through a lot through the past couple of days. “That’s it…” Caleb sighed taking out his phone and dialed Allianna. “Whoa what are you doing?” Christian asked Caleb. “They took a Valoriette hostage, I think you should know by now that it means war” Caleb said angrily. “We are members of a noble house just as much as they are! For them to turn against us means war” Christopher looked at Caleb with a worried expression. “Wait Caleb maybe we should look into this more! Starting a war would-” Caleb shot a glare at him silencing Christopher. “Yeah you had your share of wars haven’t you Christopher?” Caleb snapped at Christopher. He turned his attention back to his phone where Allianna answered. Christian looked at his dad who wouldn’t look him in the eyes. What did Caleb mean by that? “WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN!?” she almost shrieked through the phone making him having to take a step back. “I TOLD YOU TO GIVE A DAMN UPDATE ONCE YOU GET THERE! YOU DIDN’T ANSWER MY CALLS!!” Christian could hear the loud shrieks form the phone and couldn’t help but smirk. Allianna was passed down as head of the Valoriette family when her father died, seems she’s holding out just fine. Caleb’s head’s drooped as she scolded him. “I bumped into Christian and the plan changed…” he explained. “They locked Claire up and Alice is possessed by Jenna” Caleb said frustration clear in his voice. “This calls for war” Allianna sighed in the phone trying to ease the stress. “I’ll consult the council first…Get back home NOW, it’s too dangerous” “Allianna I’m older now! I can handle things out here-” “NOW” Caleb scowled and Christian held out his hand. “Let me talk to her” Christian said. Caleb handed him the phone in defeat. “Still remember me?” Christian grinned. Allianna growled. “I don’t have time to play with you, Cross” she snapped. “I’ve got peace treaties being torn and a war brewing” “Allianna, I remember seeing at Valoriette manor the front yard and back yard looked dead like a battlezone…” Christian said recalling some of his old memories. “What happened?” “Why does it matter?” “Because lately I’ve learned I can use a lot of things from the past right now” She sighed. “I’m sorry Christian…I know you’re trying to avoid this war as much as I am but if the council wins in the majority of war, the Sterlings will be our enemies”

He nodded. “I know…I just wanted to tell you…I think Gabriel’s alive…I saw someone like him but he doesn’t remember me” There was a long pause making Christian wonder is she was still even there. “I have to go to a meeting…Take care of Adriane for me” she said finally and ended the call. Christian was worried about Allianna and wondered if she felt the same way he did since they both lost their loved ones. Then he froze. Did she just say Adriane…? Christian turned staring at the phone then looked up at Caleb. “A-Adriane…?” Christopher and Claire exchanged glances before sharing the same astonished looks. Caleb returned their astonishment for a moment then the look faded into a sly grin. “That’s right Cross” he chuckled with a grin showing his elongated fangs. “I’m Adriane Valoriette”

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