SUBJ.ii:CT: EOD Activities (1 Januar,r 30 June 1969)
27 JuJ..y 1969
We letter is a brief' narrative of Arm:1 activities in VietnaJt during
per.l.od 1 Jan 69 :so Jun Thill letter is divided into several
which are provided as inclosures in the same lIa!1Iler as in the .
a. Locations
bo General EOD Observations
c. EOD Support
do Disaster Clean=Upe
eo Injuries to Personnel
Awards and DeGoratioDS
go Recapitulation
7 Incl
A. plw
4-GG. 1st Log Gollid (AYC! Gll.)
MAGV (Staff EOD Officer)
:o-GI::: 9 USARPAG (stat! EOD Officer)
2=CO. GDeMA ( M&M Branca)
6o-Comdt. USAMMG&S (AJQ=.UE)
6=00. EOD Tng Det #1
Major. OrdG
SlJiJOOT: EOD Ac.t:tvities (1 January' - W June 1969)
a-.CG. USAMC (AMCI;-,..D)
2 - > C G ~ W ~ (NR-RR)
2->Cll. USN EOD Facllit:r
:a..,Comdr. Ogdon A!{A (OO.AMA(OOID»
a,.,CG. USAMC (JlMSloI1J.,QN)
12->7 AF Staff EOD Oftice
ID-COMNJ,,'J:FORV staf.f EOD Office
3-15t MAW USMC
1:a..,Sr EXlD Advisor ARVN
21-00. 549th EeDe
5th us Army (EOD Staff Cfficer)
13-CO. 547th EODC
8-CO. S46th EDDC
11-;;0. ME-d E{lDfi
1O-CO, S48th EOJG
12-CC. i66th EODC
5-CO. 73d EODG
:a..,CG. USAREUR/7A Trps (Staff EOD Officer)
6-CO. 24th EODe
2-CO. 6th EOD
:a..,CO. 96th roD
:a..,r:O. 97th ;LOn
51;h ;!;OJ
:a..,CO, 36th EOD
2->CO. USATTC (EDD Officer)
2z,CO. 116th EOD
2z,CO. 156th EOD
:a..,CO. PA (SMUPA-i>l)
The following is Ii list of units. their locations and their oIl=site
555d Ord Det (EODO)
25th Ord Det (EOD)
. 42Dd Ord Det (EOD)
44th ora Det (EOD)
Long Binh
An !ilie
Bien Hoa
Ou Ohi
LZ English
Lai Khe
Ta;r Ninh
Dau Tieng
59th Ord Det (EOD) Quang Trl
85th Ord Det (EOD) Heiku
99th Ord Det (EoD) Phuoc Vinh
J.35d Ord Det (EaD) Oha Lai
1.1ath Ord Det (EaD) Saigon
2t3!l-i;h Ol'd Det (EOD)
267th Ord Det (EOD) Phu Bai
E.CJD Sec. 3d ora En Long Binh
184th Ord En Qui Noon
EOD Sec. 191st Ord Bn Oam Ranh l3a.T
556th Ord Bn Da Nang
Inclosure 1
QuaD. Loi
Tan An
Oamp Evans
Phan Thiet
HUl 65 (LZ BaldJ")
10 Beginning 1 JaJl 6\), the Cl!Ultrol Detaelmt1!litt a tool for better
ceniml of personnel asaells-o Requ.1aitiOlling. assigmlelit, reassignment,
and promotion Aetions for all personnel in MOSo 9224 and 55D is nov handled
bJr the UFO. Hqs. 1st Log Comd, under the watcl1£u.l eye of the Contl"lll De-
tachmento While this liOlntrol does not literally apply" to those personnel
in 8lIIliIunition battalions, close liailSOn with those organizations achieves
the sliIIle results
We believe that this action has improved the grade,
strength and DERDS situations throughout the c"lIUand, and haa pemitted IIOre
equi tahl e campetition toI' pJ:"ODIOtiO'ins0
20 Also effective 1 Jan. the attachment str'llJl:ture of tb.e units was clari.t'iedo
Each detachment is nov attaehed to the appropriate support ClOlll!land for all
purposes less operational control. and of personnel assetso
Militaxy- justice jurisdiction is specifical.17 vested in both the Control De-
tachment CGlllJllalllBer and the cCilll1laIlder of the support Clc:lllll:iUllio
50 The MTOE action that was subnitted in the tall of 1968 was returned.
b;r USARV Yit.bclut actiono While this was a big disappointlment to all of us.
we are now in the process of rec3mmending implementation of the new TOEo
4. As;rou probably blow. DA has published new TOE for the EOD detachment and
aHC of ammunitioa battalions (9=520G aDd 9=36G. respectivel7) 0 In addition
to equipment changes. thia actioIl eliminates the COSTAR EOD sections and
increases the strength of EOD detachmsnts bJr three meno Our MTOE subnission
will align the equipnent to fit the RVi mission aDd will reorganize th'3
personnel into a base section tAth Se'1en men and tlolll t.hrsG:"'inan contaot teemso
It is felt '!,;hat this wlll giTe each UIlit a capability- ot operating full time
from three locations. howe'1er experience may prove otherwiseo
50 In addition to elimination of nuclear peculiar equipnent
several 0 ther
changes are envisionedo
ao Vehicmlar tOll:' the JIlI;)st part. wlll be limited to personnel
carrierso Tw t toDS. two 1" tons aDd one ton cargo truek are considered
adequate 1:01' OUl' !il1t.uat10Ilo
Radio equipnent will be changed to the standard tactical radioo
The AN
"VRC=47 is considered the best choice for the base s1;..tion
the appropriate antenna Blld power SUpplJro Mobile unit reqlJireuents will
be met wi til the AN/VRC=46 and 25. one for each vehiclso
Co The KS-15 camera set is being deleted. except for the control de-
tachment. and tw additional Polaroid cameras per unit w-ill be requestedG
This will give the bas<ll section and each I;onto.ct, team a photographic
Inclosure 2
1. The lOOrklcad of EOD units in RVN has continued to increase during the
period, however some fluctuation occurs due to increases or decreases in
combat acti".ityo The wise unit commander takes advantage or lulls to in=
crease the liaison and training programso These activities are just as
important to the success of the EOD as ever
The question of clearance of the Dong lila ASP has been raised again, but
after a :review by the MACV Staff EOD Officer, it was recommended that clear-
ance continue to be deferr·1!do His conclusions b.dicated that, -while the
job could pro'Cably be completed with relative safety, Qut of country pel:'-
sonnal assets would probably be requiredo This conclusion was reached mostly
because of the USAF and USMC commitment at De. Nango
So The first ant:L=disturbance sabcta/1;6 device, known to have been encountered
by EOD in RVI
was discovered by the 170th Ord Det in Saigono The device
..-as electl"ical in na·l:.ure and was designed to function when tilted in either
of t1olO directionso BFC Dale Smith was 1>DWlded when the blasting cap de-
tonat.ed aft-Eo:::" he had remo'Ved· :!l.t f'xom the main charge
Our ARVN counterparts
successf'ully rendered one "r these devices safe Ii few days latero
. EOD support of majcr combat operations has occupied a good deci of our
time during the periodo Scme examples follow:
an The 287t.h oro. Det clese support to the 1015t Airborne Di-
visi<!n during Operation Apache Snow in the A Shaw Valley and on Hamburger
Hille This support kept teams in the :field for sever&! days at a time, fl;yiDg
from one tire base to another
Clearance of lxidies, inspection of equipment
for bo<iJJby traps@ and destruet.;io!l of ammunition after contact was broken,
kept the men wsy and continually taxed their ingenuityo A tot&1 of more
than ZSO incidents were oomple'l:.ed during the periodo
The Amedeal Division .1,0 was one of the hott.est spots in countlL'Y
rol' a periad <lilt: aoo'l1.t six weeks, giving the 135<1- Ord Dat anot,b.er taste of
what this ia likeo Fiv-e Bronze stars for Valor and one Purple Heart
'liere earned by the men (;f the unit during the periodo Out of eight off-
post incidents in one time f=e. the unit came under fin seven timeso
The brigade base at DIm Pha and LZ Professional ware the centers 01' most
of the activit;r. which lfflsulted in the highest iD.cident rate since the unit
has been iIl-countr,r0
A homemade grenade vas thrown into a crow by a terror1.st OIl
Nguyen Van Tholl Sto in Saigon on 8 May 69. injuringsevel-al Vietnamese
and too Marine Security Guardso This began a rash of terrorist activi t7 that
lasted thxough 15 May 69
The 17Cth Ord Det completed 98 incidents during
that 'Week. molving mostly small frag-producing devices lJi th pull friction
One of these incidents involved the attE!llpted destruction of a mili-
tal.7 vehicle parked only t block from the home of the 170th Ord Deto
-"'--' Inclosure 3
do On 25 Feb the Dau Tieng base ;ms penetrated by a VC/NVA
fOll'ae. When enl!lllY soldiers w"ere discovered ill the vicinity of the MP
otfice, 'Where our EOD ol1=site tesm was located, this small group of people
eJIgaged the force and succeeded in d!'iwing thEm back, killing three i:c. the
processo Bi'S Canizales was awarded the SUTer star and SP4 Robbins the
BMna StU' tor valor for their part. in the action. It is s1gnifiaant
that Specialist Canizales, supposedly a purely technical soldier, asS1lIlIed
cormand of the forces available and led thf311 1: this successful action.
JJiclther feather iJ!. the cap for EOD
eo The 85th O&"d Det expended a total of 210 lB5J1 hours oleariJIg a
Special ForCies camp SDd an miller,,- batter,r poBitiOill at Ben lIet atter the
seiCe of that location was liftedo The telllll destroyed 24. NVA bumkers, i:c.
sddition to mUInerous duds and large quantities of aJllllUIUticn dalllaged during
the battleo ODe Qf the te!lll!s. consisting of one ANy and onE! Air Force EOD
IIIU. succeeded in ll'escueillg a soldier who became entangled in &1l. eXl811T boob;r
trap trip
'Z.. In late June of this year. the lUlIIIe !he Sanh began to appear on iJ:I,..
cidani reports again as C@Dbat actiTity in that area increasedo The 59th
Oni Det was called in tor support after a using uni t had made an unsuccessful
attempt to destroy SOOrds of 105_ alBIIIO. SeTeral attempts to travel by-
APC f':rtlm !he Sanh to the incident site failed due to enany aetion. The te8DI
was m::posed to four ground attacks and two !lIIlbushes 'IIhll-e performing the
mission. and fiwe US tracked vehicles wre decla:red Ci!llmbat losses. The teall!l
:; completed the j",b after inTeatint: over 500 lII6.l1 hours and destroyillg )'
more than 700 items of ammunitiono
go The EOD Sectioll. 536tl:l 0r'd after mostJ.;r !n Da liang for
over six months. plaCled an OlD.=site tealll at LZ Baldy (Hill 6S) in support of
one brigade of the ADlerical Division. Within the first 60 da;rs. the team
toUDd the!llsel1l'es wolved in clean=up activities after ground attacks on
LZ's Baldy, Boss and Center.
Mo9t of cm" wnts hS'I'e become inti:mately imrolved in the Volunteer In=
formant Program (VIP). This program provides for monetar,r payments to illdi=
gelXlus persolUlM r..JI' J:'Scover,- of l!!!l.terfel or intol'llllAil:.ion
including e!lIIlIluni=
tiono This has been a prime source of work and of headacheS
900 In prsctice the p1"OgraJjl has degenerated from U.s original a:lJll of
purchasinr; enemy arms caches and inf01'lllation on enemy troop 10catioIlB
a means of collectulg dud and othel!' junk munitions.
be it has been a continuing p.robl<Sll for all EOD units im'0111'ed
to train
pe>:'scnnel in the various llllits operat:l.Dg the prograDl
Bothdilie annual rotation
of persoIlIlel and the mOTement of tlactical units are constantly exposing more
txoops to the haz&1"ds. In one case
a message was published by- one of the
divisiona in I prescribing training by the EOD unit for "all persona"
Page :2 of InclosUl'e 5
participating in the VIP programo Less than :5 weeks after the Glasses were
completed. an infantryman was Jdlled 1iJb.ile uonecessarilyhandling dud M79
projectileso Investigation revealed that his unit had only recently began
VIP operations. and had no one in the unit who knew of the classes available
Co Having Vietnamese civilians bring the items to a collection point
causes an extremely dangerous situation for everyone concernedo In an area
where the VIP program is being operated actively. it is not uncommon to have
an EOD unit respond to a request for aid and find 400 to 500 assorted ammo
items plied in lSI trailer or up against the side of a buildingo Mixed among
them are often armed and fuzed mines. dud law rounds. dud 40mm HE projectiles.
hand grenades in all conditiol1B. and a large variety of artillery projectileso
Sorting through this mass of collected items is an extremely hazardous opere.--
tiono On 20 Jun 69. SFC Kidd. of the 25th Ord Det. ws moving a dud M79
round. collected in the progrEJll1. when it det.<>natedo He was lucky in that
he received only light injuries and \fas returned t() duty ai'ter a sr.ort stay
in the hospitalo
do VII' collection agents have been receiving fairly large quantities
of items designed to fraud the programo In many areas, EOD perscnnel are
finding sand filled va grenades and mines. and sand or concrete filled ejection
eo In one instance. a collection point for VIP items is believed to
have been booby trappedo Personnel of the 133d Ord Det were air lifted to
LZ Minuteman t-o destroy items collected in the VIP progremo Just before their
arrival. there WEI an e:lp1osion in the area where the items had been stored.
The explosion Jdlled one and injured 5 Vietnamese 'WboweI'if try:iilg to steal
items for resaleo Investigation re11'ealed pieces of monofilament line and
gre!Ulde fragmentso The area vas located out,side the perimeter and not under
surveilalllll8 or guardo
f o Since its conception. the Voluntary Informant Program bas been a
cOl1Btant SOiID:e of challenge and activi ~ for EOD personnel o Du.."ing this
period. the at:: tivi ty of the program has increased greatly, providing even
more requirements tor tl:'aining cf VIP personnel and disposal of items collected
We have every hope that our continuing efforts in this program will have
a beneficial effect in the safety aspects
Page :0 of InclosUi:"e ;,
After a period of relative calm as far as ASP blows ·.iere c o n c e r n e d ~ . the
night fiJi 22 = 23Fe'il 69 heralded a new rash of attac.1l::s on alII!lIunition storage
facilities0 As U\Bual. EOD personnel foWld themselves involved with major
clean-1.<-P operations againo
10 The Qui Nhon Ammunition Base Depot was hit by the enemy on 25 Feb. 10 Mar
and 23 Mar 690 Twenty=ene storage pads were involved and more than 60 EOD
personnel from AT:riry' and Air Force units assisted the EOD SectioIl. 184th Ord
"En _in the clean=upo Orer 1100 tons of 8IIlIIIurdt:!.on 'Il'are disposed of by detollllP
tion. burning and dt1lllping at sea. during the four IIIOnths spent in clearin!;
the depot
2. During this s!lIlIe t1me fraJlle. the ARVN Ammo depot at Qui Nbon was hit
twiceo Tw of their EOD men were killed while wrldng on that jobo
30 On 27 Feb 69. the EOD Section. 1556th Om Bn responded to a requeet for
assistance at the Da Nang Bridge Rslnpo One boatload of !illIIIunition took a
direct hit and. in turn, set off other ordnance at this dockside storage areao
.AmmcI items varied from 8" projectiles to ~ and IeM subnunitions
though cooll:Fcffs continued to occur in the raging fires. the EOD men rapidly
cleared the bridge and roadway that connect east and west Da Nang. and provided
valuable assistance in rescue and firefighting activ1tieso The next several
days tier's spent clearing ordnance from nearby' villages and oompoW!ds
" 40 Unit llJllIIIo stacks at LZ Betty. near P!1an Thiet. were hit on 22 Feb 69"
scattering ammo over a large areao The EOD Section. 19lst Oro Bn, responded
immediately and completed the clean=1Ip in a very sbcrt tilleo
50 The ¢.ght of 22-23 Feb 69 still held some surprises in stQre as the
ARVN daplit at Da Nang inCllJ:'Nd major dest:rttction
The EOD Section, 336th
Om Bn provided assista1lC6 to ARVN EOD
On 26 Mar 69
the small ASP at LOng Tall! was hit by incoming rounds. d6'-
stroy:1Dg five of tha fourteen storage cells and causing major d5lllage to Navy
:f'acili ties nearbyo The 269th Ord Det. with additional personnel from other
units completed the clearance
T101O small ARVN storage points at Ta;, Ninh caught .fire on 10 Apl' 69
spreading rapidlyo DetonatioIls occurred throughout the day and men from
the 44th Om Det were kept 1msy clearing the surroUIJding area
This opera-
tion was complicated by the dense population in the areao Residential
areas completely surrounded the ASP
Our pe:!'ple oont,inued 'WOrk in the village
untU ARVN EOD arrivedo Later in the operation. the Phillipine Civic
Aotion Group provided trained EOD personnel to assisto
Inclosure 4
On 27 Apr 69, a trash fire spread into the U3'1C ASP atDa Nang and quiCklY'--"''j
becSlJle uncontrollable. This developed into the largest ASP disaster to .'
date, with nearly 50,000 tons of ammo reported as destroyed
The Air Force
bomb dump. located :!Jmnediately adjacent. also became involved and incurred
large scale detonations. Again, the area was heavily populated and hundreds
of Vietnamese homes and several US military compounds were destroyed. At
this writing, clearance is still in progress, with some fi1'ty EOD men, from
all services participating.
The small ARVN ASP at Ton Son Nhut AB was hit twice during the period,
but lIS Army EOD assistance was not requested
10. Artillery ammo belonging to one battalion of 1st Infantry Division
Artillery was involved in a fire on 26 Jun 69, resulting in total destruction,
The' 42nd Ord Det, augmented by personnel from other uni ts completed clei!lIl-11p
in five days, destroyiDg a total of 5.180 artillel:'Y rounds,
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, .
During the first half of 1969. there vas an increase in caua! ties as a
resul. t of hostile action. The following is a list of deaths and injuries
sustained by EOD personnel from 1 Jan 69 thru 50 Jun 69:
1. The first day of the new year started badly when CPT Briggs K. Sicilia,
170th Ord Det
vas killed by an accidental gunshot liOund. while responding
to an incident in Saigon. .
Donald G. Robbins, 44th Ord Det. was injured on 8 Mar S9, when a
BLIT 42/B Bomblet detonated approximately ten feet. behind him. SP4. Bobbins
was treated and plaoed on light duty for three waks.
00 On 14 Har 69. SSG David Keller and SP5 Raymond Zipprich, 44th Ord Det.
were injured while evacuating personnel from a burning ASP. SSG Keller
was treated and returned to dutys !oihils Zipprich was placed on light duty
f'or two weeksa
John Claffy, EOD Sec;:tion, 3d Ord En, received lacerations while re-
covering a damaged 20 75 n rocket on 2S Apr 69. Ji}1 vas returned to duty after
5" SP4 James Randolph, 155d Ord Det
vas wounded by fragments from incomiIlg
mortars duril1g EOD clean=up of an ammo bunker on 12 May 69. He spent five
days in the hospital and was returned to dutYa
On 28 May 69. SP5 David Caufield. 287th Ord Det. vas injured when a mine
:functioned during breeching operationsa SP5 Caufield's left foot had to be
aJIIputated. and he was evacuated to CONUSa
SFC: Dale Smith. 170th Ord Det. ws injured on li Jun 69 by an antidia=
t-urbance firing devicea SFC Smith received numerous fragmentation wounds
to his hands 'When a blasting cap functioneda SFC Smith has been evacuated to
CONUS. where :full recovery is expecteda
80 On 20 Jim 69, MSG Franklin Forester and SFC Boyd Kidd. 25th Ord Det.
received fragmentation wounds when a dUd 40mm grenade functioned during
d:isposal operationsa MSG For!lster was treated for minor fragmentation loiOunds
and returned to dutYa SFC Kidd ws hoapitalized
but returned to light dutY"
the follo'li'i:lg daya .
SSG Leo Conahan and S1'4 WilliBlll Richards. 269t11 Ord Det. were WOUnded
on 29 Jun 69. when a booby trap functionedo SSG Conahan was treated and
released the next day. however SP4 Rich5.rds was evacuated to 3d Field Hospital
and then to Japano Be should recover completely in a fev weekso
The following injuries occurred during EOD c1eaJlooup of Qui Nhon
Am1llJJD1lion. Ease Depo,t.:
ao SP4 John Claff.1, EOD Section, 5d Ord En, received lacerations when
an :xM716 PD fuze functioned
:EM was treated by medics and returned to dutTo
bo, SP5 Timothy Roumph, 59th Ord Det, WP burns on his legs from
a. leaking 60mm WP mortar. He was treated by medics and returned to duty.
CO SPS Philip Iarwan, 25th Ord Det, received burns and bruises to his
right side and am, when he was hit by a base plate when a l05mm Illumination
round functioned. He was treated and returned to dutyo
d. SP5 Stuart Steinberg, EOD Section, 184th Ord En, received lacerations
and burns of neck and ears, and punctured when an 8hIm HE mortar de-
tonated in the rear of the truck he was driVing. Arter treatment by dis-
pensar;r personnel, he was returned to dutyo
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DuriJ:lg tile first half of 1969. EOD personnel have continued to receive
~ awards and decorationso Tabulated below, by award aod grade are those
received by EOD personnel for tile period 1 Jan 69 = 30 Jun 69:
sn.nR STAR
SP5 Arthur Canizales
CPT Bri"s Sicilia (Posthumous)
BFC Charles LoDo Bell
SSG Patrick Campbell
SSG James Do Phipps
CPT Ronald Ro Casper
CPT Dennis J o Lorance
CPT Michael J 0 TaTallO
MSG Norman H
Lier Jr
BFC Edwrd F0 Hochecker
SSG Leroy Do Jackson
CPT RUssell Runt
CPT Allen K
SFC Donald Wo Douglas (2)
SFC Leslie Champ
SSG Edward Jones
SSG Da1'1d Ao Keller
SSG Patrick Campbell
SSG Willard A
51'5 Thomas Brow
51'5 Leslie L
51'5 Raymolld A
SP4 Donald Go Robbins
51'4 James So Randolph
Inclosure 6
SFC Franklin Go Lewis
BFC Dale No Smith
SSG Harold Do Lewis
SSG Leo Eo Cenahan
SSG Frank Hornbaker
SSG Donald .10 AnkeIllDan
51'5 Allan So Cummins
51'5 James Lo Scott
SP5 Ho'Ward Smith
:- ._-------- -.:.._--_.- ..'
MAJ Patrick DesChamps
CPT Russell Hunt
CPT Thellas L
CPT Ross Gralia
MSG Jack Go Sumrall
MSG Frank 10 Mowery
MBG lforace M
MSG William Ao Campbell
HSG Lee AoMbClain
BFC Kenneth So Deotol
SFC Charles LoDo Ball
BFC Lealie li
BFC Hugh L
SSG Alexander KacZlIIarek
SSG Patrick Lo Campbell
SSG Elyin Eo Kotouc
SSG Clifto.rd Robinson
SSG Robert M
Turner (2)
SSG Thomas Gioiffith
SSG George No Moore (2)
SP5 Arthur Canizales
S1'5 Keithley AO,SteYene
SP5 David A
SP5 Richard V0 Earl
81'5 R o g e ~ Lo Fl"yd
SP5 Dale :Eo Wilber (2)
SP5 Michael 10 Kern
SP5 Philip Co Kirwan
S1'4 Stephen Po King
SP4 Kent So Voge
Miller (2)
,I{ BFC J enterious Anderson
S S ~ Patrick Lo Campbell
SSG Michael Do Lizak
1C SP5 Harry Eo Beamer
¥ BPS David To Johnson
SP5 Dale Eo Wilber
-l< PFC Robert 101
Page 2 of Inclosure 6
CPT James R
Davia (2)
CPT Michael Griffard
MBG George W. Watson
1C MSG John To Branch
MSG Edward A
MSG Daniel No Weaver
BFC Eugene Cope (2)
SFC Ernest 11
Briley (2)
K BFC DeweY' L
Burchfield (2)
SSG Ross Terrien
SSG Harry R. Hull Jro
SSG Charl"s Ao Scott
SSG J allies Go Hunt
SsG Lawrence Lo Crawford (2)
SSG Charles R
SSG James Do Phipps
SP5 Roger Jones
j( SP5 Harry Eo Beemer '
SP5 Dwaine M
SP5 James Eo Young
SP5 George Go Perry
SP5 Themes 140 Kemph
SP5 Steven Ro Rawiings
SP4 Wilton Holt Jr
S P ~ Michael Kern
!RCOM W/trlf n
BFC Ernest Briley
11 SSG Robert Mo Wagner
SSG Lee Ro Ness
SP5 Howard F0 Smith
if SP5 Paul F0 Owens
SP5 Douglas F0 Rhcdes
MAJ Patrick Lo DesChamps
MSG Franklin To Foreeter
SSG Charlee Do Crawford
SSG Haskill Co Edwards
SSG Rose Terrien
SSG Roland Peter60n
SSG George F0 Chapman (2)
SP5 Robert Wo Jenld.iJS
SP5 Hugh A
SP5 Roger Jones
SP5 Kenneth Eo Johneon
SP5 Charles Ro Irland
SP5 Stuart A
SP4 Frank Go Rhody
SP4 George Twyman
SP4 Richard L
SP4 Albert W
Hays (2)
SP4 Michael J 0 Isham
SFC Eugene Cope
SFC Dale Smith
SSG David Ao Keller
SSG Leo Eo Gonahan
SF5 Raymond Ao Zipprieh
SF4 Donald Go Robbins
SP4 William Eo Richards
SSG Leo Eo Conahan
SSG Richard H
SSG Arthur 14
SSG Lawrence L
Crawford (2)
SP5 Timothy" J 0 RolllltOh
SP5 Daniel Louwerts· (5)
SP5 Jon R
SP5 Thomas Mo Kemph
SP5 Philip Co K i ~ ~ a n
SP4 Miquel Mo Gasae
SP4 Thomas Boyd (2)
SP4 Richard J 0 Flynn
SP4 Roger McCormack (2)
SP4 Gerald Ro Gulp
SFC Boyd F0 Kidd
SSG Ross M
SP5 Stuart Ao Steinberg
SP4 Albert Hays
SP4 James So Randolph
MOO Gordon.1. Smith
SFC Eugene- Cope
SSG RoaaTerden
SPS Thomas Kemph
('-...) Page 5 of Inclosure 6
Hot P,reviouely Reporl;ed
Legion Of Medt
PurDle Hearl;
PurPle Heart
Purple Heart
Incidents Completed
Liaison Vis!ts
·Personnel Trained
Land Miile & Booby Trap Classes
Personnel Trained
Explosive Safety Classes
Personnel Trained
Demolition Classes
Personnel Trained
Items Destroyed
Arms Destroyed
Bulk :<£:l:plosives. Destroyed
Inclosure 7
lJ@ 68 - 30 J
68 lJAA 6.2,. - W Jun 6'il.
8,751 11,867
2,490 3,227
205 546
10,518 8,787
11 85
3S0 2,60'3
7 56
77 807
189,501 555,495
820 2,817,887
51,901 50
..... - -"
269th ORDNA1£E (EOD)
10 April 1969
TOr e-nd.iDg Oi'ficer
533d Ordaance Det&cbmeI1t. (:EODC)
APO US FlIIrCflll 96491
1. On 24 !!arch 1969 at Z!CO hourll Dong T8lII Post. came tmel.er _rtar and
recoilless rifie fire. A:f't.er 45 minutes the alert ccmdition was changed
tram red. to yellow. The =rtar and recoilless rine fire restllll8d a.t .
0005 hnrs 25 March 1969. At this time. a.s st.ated b,y Sgt Haney, 550tb
Ordnance Detachment, an 87e witness. rift rounds landed in the ASP. nThe
first. rwnd landed in Cell 112 and. started a fire in the stack: of propel-
lant. charge.. The second round, tme IlI:inute after the Ijrllt, landed in Cell
if1, and started II. f'irtt in ths stack of asswted small arms ammunition.
The t.hird. fourth, and fifth rounds with abClllt thirty second intervals
landed in Cell ii2 causing t.he fire .I;ct spread. Approxilllatel:r touzo minutes
a.rtel"tbe!iftilroU!ld. tIllt :in C:ell #2det:.<:l!lll-tecl."
Thia detonation entailed propagation of explosions and. fire to Colla n.
4. 5, and to the adjaCllJlt i'la1lj S_ lieU' Arming Point causing the 1085 of
all. allIIlruDiticn storeli "rltbin these areas.
COlltcta of the Cell.a W1"e:
Cell 111: Small lU'mlI uummition
Cell ,1'2: Prop charges and projectllss (S" ud. 15511l11l)
Call i3: 4.2" HE anli 81_ HE mertarli
Cell 114: 10S_:JP and. and 4.2" III
Cell #5: Fuzes
Sea. Wolf Armaa!.lIIlt Point: 2.7S" R""cketa HE and liI1'
2. Tw large secondary expJ.eeions the initial detonation.
One was centered il: Cell If') which cont ec! the 4.2" ana 8h. Mortars
and the ether was centered in the 2.7S" Rockets in the ?ia.V Arming Point.
There were numerous miner seeondlu7 explooionll ed fires. At. 044.5 hour.
coltJlllU1ica.tion bad been severed lrOlll the bunken and gaard. posts at the
maiD gate and several people who had been .Iarking in the ASP area had. not
been aeeounted for. In llearch or informat.iOZl and the missing people Cpt
Stark and SSG Cravf'ord escerted the i'rowst. Jolarshal to the ain gate•
10 April. 1969
Upoa UTiwl at the llIlUn gate, lo'bich 'IIa8 anl7 abt!ltit ISO JEeters frem the
iJ:dthl explosiDll, it _II discovered t.h&t the sit.uatiq was under oontl'Ol
and that the misaf!1g perllOmlel bad escaped to that lU'ea with anl.y minor
1l1juries. At 0600 hours onl;r a. tew small fires and spera.clic detoDlLtians
were 1D evidence•
.3. At 0645 hours EOD persannel started swep:UJg the lIIlI.in entrance to
Dcmg Tam, the ACV ramp, the CH-47 slillg out. point.. and the flav;r liIllld Rel:l.able
areas. B7 08,30 hlilU1'1! thll.e arMl! ....ere cleared Gt l!!!.lll&r<:ioUll it=:
ami personnel _re pemitted to re-enter thl!llll.
4. At apprwt:\Dltel;r 08.35 heurs ))'ajar Pack, tat Log statr EOD Officer,
arrived at tha ;incident location. At this t1Jne EOD per:lOnnel «ntered.
the ASP to search the remaining cells tor possible elaRdestine dencss,
_e wars fcnmd.
s. .At apprexilllatel;r 09.30 bCllU"ll a. request 1IiiUI Il:&de to Control for addit.-
ifIDAl EOD personnel. The tlI8 mea fNII tbe on-site t_ were rstumed to
Dong'rl1lll. Also at this time EOD persarmel started clearing the alternate
ruel to tho rema:lJUng goad cells. This allowed the ASP to beco_
operational bT 1300 hours this da7.
6. At 1130 hours six addit.ioll&l .arIII7:&OD personnel an-iTed at Dong Tam.
Short1¥ thereattel' General Hurrevand Celeael S'WlUlic arrived at the incid-
ent. sito !o.r a tint baJUl leek.

7. lJurlDg the _nUDg. @erdinatioj!) lIIU llIllde fol" vehicles. a demolitiOll
area. seCllritJ" to lUul !'.l"oll the d-Utien area, and beats to transport
the _itieus to the d_lilloa &rea. At. 1300 hours the EOD t.eIIDl at.art.e4
cl.Sllri:Ig the Bav,r helicopte!" pad. OperatiClllll were terminated for the
at. 16)0 hours.
8. err:J) hours :tl Marcil EOn pe!"lSCl!IlIel started clearing the j]mediate
area. a.roumi the ASP. About. 0800 hours SP5 KlIIltph lli.Cerat.ed his hand and.
_. returneci to :u.eat. c1nt;r a.f't.er 1llSd1ca1. aid.
9. Major Generel geissr arri"nld at the 1Dc:ideJrt. site for a. first. hand
1eCIk a.bout. tooo hCW'll. Shortl,y attar he departed Major General pOldelI
made aD appera=c:e.
10. At. approxilllat.elT 1300 hoars SP'C Gist the MACV Advisor to the ARW
EOD Squad a.t :My Tho brought t.hree ot bis personnel to help in the area
clMll up. The remainder of the dq was devoted to police of lllUnitions
trom areas adjaceat to the ASP and. to dest.ruc:t:.iol1 flIf these lIIW1itions.
.- .
S1J1l.I.c.C'l': A!t.er ActiGll Report (cout'd) 10 April 1969
. \
. I"r.
t 1• The 28th saw no eontrast in op_tions except that tho six Jmsq- EOD
personnel had CQIIle to allgmeZlt the DGllg T&III EOn unit returned t. their
I."eSpective units. CD the 29th tour NaY,\' EOD personnel l'epGrted and otfered
the:1r assistance. The 1l&VJ" personnel were used for tliO days. During these
tow days they lllllde tCU1" d_lit.»n shot.s. The AiiVN EDn personnel also re-
turned to ....rk put or the d&y or the 29th. With the augmented help WIt
lftl1"tt able to complate the clearing of the adjaclll1t areas by. mid a.1'ternoon.
At this tiJne we lllI:lved into the cells themselves and started clearing them.
t2. The precess of clearing the five cslls took until the att.ernoOD et
.2 April. Due to eAlllllT activity the demolition area WlI.S changed for each
5ho1o. On 30 March the personnel1!:llking the de_lition sr.et came under
miper fire just &II tlte;y ",-ere about to colllplete the operation. '!'bore
wre no injuries &II a. result of this holrtile action.
t.:3. To date there is no total value estiJllate of proper1;y damage
J able. The tonage _s ot _nitica is 1J!t'J.".lf6 tons. The EOn team
destnyed appru:1.mately 96 tIIns of hazardGUII MJ anmuniticn.
Total _ hours upended by EOD personnel is &a fo11....9:
9 people - 8 days - tOhrs/da;T - 720 hoars 269tlt EOn Pe1'8onnel
lIDD Personnel
NaV EOD PerSOlUlel
ArtJl7 J;QD Peraonnel
AllVN EOD Personnel
'l'O'fAI. !!U HOOBSr
4 people - .2 days - 1Citrs/day -
6 peeple - 2.25 days- 10hrlJ!dq -
4. people -.3 dll¥B - Shrs/dq-
so heurs
1.35 houra
60 hours
995 hourS
14. At p1'tlser&1::J plana for rsbulld:1llg tile ASP 1n the same area. are under
sir.l.eration. The s.c:rap _tal locat.ed :1ll the five cells is S""..ill t.here. Ito
has been D.de lcno1m to propao aut.'1Qr!t!es that WeD the scrap lIlIltal is
remrnec:i from the =ells EOD peraennel "Will be glad to stand I::rr to. =iii
manner pass:l.ble..
/' .-'
.<:>/ . ///
T".dWS 1.. /
UP'l'. 0rdC
.... .

SUEJECT: .Ai'ter Action Report on the EOD Cleanup Opera.tions of the Qui
Ammunition Base Depot, Einh Dinh Frovince, Republic of
TO: Cowmanding Officer
533d Ordnance Detachment (EODC)
APO SF 96491
1. The Qui Nhon Ammunition Ease Depot came under attack by 1lI'lmmm
size enemy i'orces on 23 February 1969, 10 March 1969, and 23 March 1969.
A total of twenty (20) pads of ammunition and one (1) small arms pad
either destro;;red or badly damaged. The following are the actions
of E7.plosive Ordnance Disposal personnel during the cleanup operations
for the period 23 February 1969 to 25 Hay 1969.
0230 brs - QNABD hit by enemy attack
0300 hrs - Request for BOD Team at
0328 brs - EOD Team arrived at and began checking
remaining pads for satchel charges
1005 brs - Request made to 533d Ord Det (BODG) for additional
personnel to assist in cleanup of
b. 10 March 1969
2305 brs - Received call from 184th Ord En that QNAED
had been attacked
2340 brs - EOD Team enroute to QliAED. Upon arrival, BOD
began checking remaining pads for satchel charges
c. 23 March 1969
2320 brs - QNABD hit by sapper attack
0020 hrs - BOD Team enroute to QjI!AED. EOD Tea'll did not arrive
C.,NABD until 0120 brs due to enemy action on ill.
Upon arrival, EOD entered area to determine .-!hat
pads had been destroyed.
25 1969
After Action Report on EOD Cleanup Operations of the QNABD,
Binh Dinh Provi.nce, llVN.
2. The following infonnation pertallls to clearance operations ab U1ABD:
a. The EOD Team placed emphasis on clearing the road network after
each attacl( to enable to continue it1s assigned mission.
b. After clearing roads, ROD began sweep of depot, determining the
items that contained exolosives. Items that did contain explosivas '-lere
set aside for later pickup.
c. A detail of twenty (20) ammunition helpers l'Jere attached to EOD
for the purpose of picking up and packaging HE projectiles.

The containers
1"x6" lumber.
deep, and held
used for packaging HE projectiles were made of
Containers .rere 6 ft. long, 4 ft. lnde and 3 ft.
together with nails and 2 in. metal banding.
d. EOD cleared \111ite Phosphorous pads last, as cookoffs
still occurring three (3) months after initial attack.
3. The follmnng is information pertaining to the disposal of amn:uni-
tion picl(ed up by EOD personnel during cleanup operations:
a. EOD personnel handled 2,011 ea., 9Ctr.m EEAT and 106nun HEAT and
carried them to a safe area inside the depe)"t for disposal. These items
"'are hand carried; due to possibility of fuze being armed:
£:!Q!§: T.-relve of these items were checked to detect if the fuze had
armed and all twelve ''Jere still unarmed.
b. EOD personnel disposed of seventy (70) tons of and
damaged 6Omm, 81mm, 105mm, and 1,.2" I'll' ammunition. These .rere
transported to the EOD demolition area in a container filled ldth
Hater and destroyed in a sepc.rate area from HE. anmmnition. Bulk
explosives .rere placed under, on top, and on all four sides of
containers. This method resulte d ll1 complete dispoSE.l of liP 1lJ:1ffiunition.

The containers used to transport the larger \.;1' ammunition M,re
small conex contE.iners .dth rubber bladders placed inside and
then filled .dth water.
c. EOD personnel supervised and escorted 375 tons of llicfused HE
altmunition (105 and 155rnm) to an area in the South China SeE. for
disposal by dumping at sea. These items placed in contE.iners with
tops and held together .lith 2" metE.l banding. The containers were
transported to sea by LCU and dropped overboard by 6,OCO lb. rough-
. terrain fork lift. .
25 Hay 1969
Mtsr Action Report on EOD Cleanup Operatior,s of the Ql'JABD,
Binh Dinh Province, RVN
d. An additional .25 tono of wlUnuniLion 'me; der,L"u,p,,,J VI
detonation at the EOD demolition range.
e. Atotal of 1060.25 tons of ammunition has been destroyed by
EOD as a result of sapper attacks at QNABD.
4. The following is a list of personr:.e:2., BOD anci nan-EOD, who ,l8re
injured during EOD oleanup operations:
Schwann, John E.
(184th Ord Bn)
Russo, Viotor T.
(1 S4th Ord Bn)
Timothy R.
(59th Ord Det EOD)
lCinre.Il, Philip A.
(25th Ord Det EOD)
Leg injuries
Leg injuries
Arms & Chest
BIll"ns on legs
lacerations of
Functior: of J:·Ied-Evac to
broken fuze Japan
Function of Ked-Evac to
broken fuze Japan
Function of Returned to
brol·;:er. fuze Duty
Leaking 6Cmm Retvrr:ed to
v-IP round Duty
Hit by base Returned to
plate of
smoke rour.d
Steinberg, Stuart A.
(184th Ord Bn,
EOD Section)
Punctured ear
drum, lacerations
of arms, burns on
head & ears
S1rl'll! HE func-
tior.ed in rear
of 3/4 ton
Hetul'ned to
5. The follo1ung is a list of precented awards for
SOD persornel of 184th Ord Dn (illn10):
HIllER, lEE R.
ESE for Ach
25 j'1ay 1969
After Action Report on Cleanup Operations of the C}JABD,
Binh Dinh Province, RVN
BSJ.! WV & J3Sf.I for Ach
BSN for Ach
BSJ.I for Ach
BS]II for Ach
BSH for Ach
BSJ.I for Ach
Em! for Ach
EmI for Ach
ACl-! for Ach
6. The 184th Ord En has been recommended for Valorous Unit
a, Man hours: 9,024
b, Vehicle miles: 3,664
c. A total of sixty (60) EOD personnel from other EOD units in
RV}J took part in the cleanup operation of the during the period
of 24 February 1969 to 24 May 1969.

EOD COJr.Jl1anding
_.. - .. - -.
Ilm'ART.mm' OF ':!'HE AHHI
533d (EODC)
APO 96/.91
ROD Act! (1 July - 31 Dacemba:e> 1969)
27 January 1970
This latter is a brief of acti.ities L, Vietnam during
the period 1 JuJ,y- it.h!l"A ,31 Decelilbilr 1'}69o This letter' is divided into
several catagorie!l9 which lAl"G pl:ovided as inelo5tU'es as !olloltS
\-...-" .
2,. !.oell.t:!oDs
c. roD Slopporl
d. Disaster G1.Sa;i1=llp5·
e. Inj1.!E'ielJ til! P ..lr:.l<COOM
alfllJ( D5CllE'!!t:!.OIlS
g. Ineident,
h. Recap:!.tv.1a.tiolll
S Inel.

A .

ffrJ.NXEY l( lUTClmL
.lmj<1lll". Oree A
Inclosure 1

( .
1. MTOE 9-5200 has Df.len submitted for approval. A great deal of time arid
effort be gOil!!> in<;'Q it, to include viflits to each unit for recommend!l.tion!l.
There are three (,) aepaa-ate IITOE'a, ona for the 533!"d. one for the two city
units ill Saigon GnU Dill Nang, and a thil"d for --th<,; field u-'1its. The new MTOE
implcments TOE 9-5200 and has been modified to pli"o1r:!.de that equipment
required for EOD in RVl'I. Th!a MTOE specifically covers the re=
quiremonts tor 1l'shicles tor:' mobility and for cl:Illl!liUnicationso
24 The day of the Q!J.U and AGI has Decam@ Ii :reality :!.n RVN. Some units
have reeel.ed Gl,MI's, AGI's. others hawe botho All EOD
units will haw", li"OC<ili1!'@<! bl:lth by the Elnd of Fbcal Yeal[" 700 Suppiy and
ali'e l;,hll gJr'l:latest 'pli'obllJJ;1 areas tac::llllg mD ooitao S1!pplisi:l have
proved extrem!;l:y b.aro to gilt. alO 1';"1(\11 afj !Jllll!El 1fehicle . Thill wathllX"
and terrain have tabn tmeil:' toll Oil roD 1;flileeled Units that do
not maintam a well plalweod and 0x'!lcutsd PM pll'ogram ultimatel;r end up with
a high rate of :!.nopsl."abla equip!ll..nt.
3. All:roD Wlitsls;1;lr.Jt:!.e:mfl iIi1 Rim will be foE' aml:'d of the
Meritoriol!1l Unit &""'W1!.lJi1d'.ation for the pllIrlod 1 Janua:I"Y thro J i Decem!:>"r
19690 Target d.at® r"w procesamg is 30 Jan 700 The EeD
communit.y will hI! kapt :!JmroFmod as to the status ot tho :rec=llndationo
Inclosuro 2
I. The overall a:nld :1nc:iaent rate bas subsided d!.lring the second
half of 1969. Tnis to h, enemy improvement
in ammunition retrograde and in the
handling, shrege and usa 01' ammu,'Iition, EOD unii,6 took advantage of this
lull by continuing the liaison visit pJr!l'gii"am and prodding mare tlr'l!.1ning
til> the field units in EOR, Lard H:L'I<lJS and iklllby Traps, DBmolition anal
Explosive safety, Tho owerall success of t,ho E{)!J missian depends on geilld
EOD-customer relations and a liaison and training program.
2. During the past six months 9 EOD teJ;.:lls M.V"l ambushes and
ether farms of diroct with the snemy with frequency.
Major ambushes, minlllg i."ll:;:!,d.;lnt,s. att"'lll:s 9 bOllby t>raps, and weapon
cache discoveris., inl:'rosaaQd signifi@a!1t1::l", eSp!l<Jiall;r i!lwring the parkld
Oct 69 - Dsc 69. Incident .oat,..,l'J increased st!!:l'idily dllI'ilig this period»
with 1775 incidents dlJ!X'1llg th\!J m!llilth of b<l;irl.g th.. peak periq:,Q
.3. In thc:;l 85th Oro Dllot'!3 ar"l1> IlIperoll.tlon3» an h,Cre6111G in eilemy road.
mining activity \,s,s eXj1O'rieneed. During per:Lio<!i! j Jtm thru 31 DBc 69,
tho 85th reCi1J,<eroo ",H" o:l.l11tF'OYlld a. t,;tal o! 61 lllL,'!j!l Higrnm.ys QL 14
anti QL 19.
The 133d Om Dst (Eon) il'. hJ!.gIn fer thG IlUllIOOr of inci,gents cl!llIploted 1lI
the second half ef 1969. A tetel of 1256 witb the
least numb.... :1.'l Ot:t\l;blilZ' (J67) ani! gli"eabs;l;. n'I!1llbl!lr in Dl'i©"mbelll' (245),
Thill was a gain ¢if j 11 "wag' t.he 1145 r1>(:©riAaQ durt':!lro-<: U,.. first half of 1969.
Thl!l increase in inc::lldl1lli'J.h, li11.S attI":l.buted t.o s;;"611'11.1 fact,<1jrll.
a. Persennel!fif tbJ.a Mit ollcQurag®d ttlI units by providing
prcmpt, wld to
b 0 ta rnslte <iiil.jh incident l.'1tl\) .lA lllil:le'1'n nait bY' selling the
prllgram to all .,ol1lta©t'!!2 illn incident...
c, Tea¢bing \fhlch IAcquailnt lliillXO"l llil>0pl'" with the services roD
has to Gffer,
d. Using exist:mg mnm l:lo<.!:!.l1.. SI1lCl!1 !!.!!\ t<'lbwb1\!tilp ts advertise ou..
5. The overall trsna of in ths Gapital Military
of Saigon was t'llwO'.Jrd 111,o1))ll"" Pii"'Cl!Gll:l1:!.Iili:\ll.l U11i!l> @f exploaives and oxtnmel;r
>mll phnned and .-.tt:lCJ,1:8. Tn" w.st tv.,'l/ l!I(hnth.. of i 969 vhowd &
definite in the of .. on US and
personnel and ail ;;'l'lSlI":!!.ll in ac",i'\l'i'l;:; all Free Worll1
Inclosure J
- __" .. ,-. _.. ..;. .. ,- ,-' .. ---.-'. --- ,-... _., _.._...•
6. During the Bu",-mer months the 18L,.th Oro En (EOD S-action) lmd an increase
of enemy activi'cy agam,;;!:. the POL pip.. lin6 J"lInni.ng between Qui Nhon and All
The on QL 19. Most of the booby traps ware located in 11 500 Illeter area
between two bridges. All consieted of explosives acquired from US, ord-
nance and parts of PRC/25 batteries. All devicss wre pressure, type J:l!lde
from ca.-dboa:rd 07: wood and ccr:rerad with plastic to 1'f:pel moisture.. Probing
could' not ba done. so dirt- was either carefully moved aside by hand. l."ashed
auey- with a high pressuX"e hose. or the a/;"ea wae flatened by heavy
7. Several incidents are now. on /;"<1'coro 4Q;J;Jl, H79 rounds lodged
in the bodies of psrooimsl. EOD teams have stood by t,:; assist in. the
removal and disposition of the once extracted by medical. personnel.
To date there have been no detonationl'l Iffiile peraomlel were !."s-
moving these roundllo.
8. Overall obserwation!1 by' EDD pl>l'."s!}nnel. as dOCUln<!lnted by incident
reports, lead to the ccnclusion that the enemy 15 using more sophisticated.
munitions in conjv..\'lction with wall organized and trained troops. '"!hilc
many- locally produced it,;,ms lillrc utilized. the<'ll _s a notica.ble inC:r€lase
in. the, use' of' manufa.ctul"ed munitionso
Page 2 of Inclosure :3
· '
1. The ASP's in RVN enjoyed a relatively pear.:eful period during the last
hal! of 1969. Only two notable incidents were reported during this period.
a. The clean-up of the Qui Nhon Ammunition Depot _s completed
EOD personnel destroying a total of 102 tons of unserviceable amnunition.
This ammunition was generated as a result of a sapper attack on the ASP.
b. The 133rd Ord Det (EOD) inV\lllled in the surface elsarancs of
the old Due Pho ASP. EOD personnel located and destroyed a total of 19.5
tons of unserviceable ammunition. Consideration has been given toward
attempting a sub-surface r:learance operation of' this area.
2. The clearance of the Dong Ha. ASP. schedul<.ld to commence last November.
MS been postponed until March 1970. This will be a major EOD operation.
since much of the ordnance is located sub-surface as well as on the surface.
The over abbundance of ICM munitions adds further to the problem. The
IIIMAF has been assigned the responsibility for this operation.
Inclosure 4
I '
.. -
During the second hali' of 1969 EOD parsonn'31 8ustainOO some u..'lfortul1ate
injuries. while performing their Snme wore minor in nature
others were mora serious. EOD perscnnel continua to be falJod with the
explosive hazards of the EOD mission as well as the additional hazardous
nature of operations in RVN. Personnel are exposed to enemy ambushes.
rocket and mortar attaok:!: and land mines. The following is a list of
injuries sus.tamed during the second half of: 1969 and a bOl"ief narrative
describing them.
. a. SFC Boyd .F. Kidd. SSG Willard A. fulall, and SF'J. JOlJleph E. Tremain
of the 25th Oro !Jet (EOD) first aild sec:ond degree burn:;! while
clearing sa.tCihel oharges frOOI the POL tank fali"'..n ed; Al1 JQle on 1 Nov 69.
Tqe three wre treated a.ndretumed to dnt.;r.
b. On 5 Aug 69. MSG Ronald A. Cola. sSG Roben C. Nye and sP5 Arthur
G. Dedmon of the 42nd Ol'd Det (EOD) weJ:'<1! injl.lA"ad v.hil<ll attempting to ;remove
a mine at lang Hai foX' ths 5ih FO::"©'!l3 G:,rol.llp. A."l }I14 mine was
acoidentall,y debnatad. 1njm-ing MSG C-tlll'. Di.lF.i."lij'; an attempt to evacuate
MSG Cole trem the m.ine t!tlld. another M14 mine "la.!! accidentally detcnated,
injuring SSGNye and SP5 DeJdmcn. JlJSG Cola h ).1 . lett leg and received
multiple frag' wounds. SSG Njre ...,.;:e:!.'!ecl a llea-1;auI1Jyill wound. S!'5 Dedmon
received a :serious Jl'O'D'&. WT?W!<I, resulting in th'l loss of twti i:.!l>ee. All
three were med-I!l'll'al.:\i!ld, to Japa.n. and th!!<n to CONUS.
c. On 23 Octpber 1969. SSG Jlm7 E, K"'ke1il of title 4?nd Ord Oat (EOD). v-
while attempting to remove an 1mpll1l.11ted HIt, !llin2 .waB irljl!l!"tld. v<Jry seriously
when an unknown dl!1ri.::e und"rnoaa1;,li the mme det"nated. Ha was evacuated to
. Japan, where ha late!." died from pne1Xl\onia on 29 NO"1embar 1969.
d. SSG Mer:Le L. Me:l'rick and SP5 David '1'. J"hnsQn of :he 44th Ord Det
(EOD) injl.l.red on 25 Nov 69. whlln they and infantry security
element were An Hi! of attacked, using
mortar and small arms fire. SSG in the leg by mortar
fragments and SP5 John;fjon slight .t'Eag ;;ou..",ds about the face. SSG
Merrick was evacuated by dust off and spGnt thz",ee days in the Dall Tieng
hospital. SP5 Johnson treated .his own men have returned to
e. On 2 July 1969
3P5 T.tnothy J. of the 59th Ord Det (EOD)
-was traveling with " whGn the vehiele waa riding on hit a mine.
resulting in a frag woW1.d his right· leg. H:e was treat!ld and returned
to duty,
.1'. SP5 D. Bailsy otthe 99th Ord (EOD) received frag
wounds to his bl1ek and should"!' frem I!lnsmy 2.1rM.llllJ!'Y will:l engaged in a
clean-up operatum at Bu Dap CIDG Camp,. H!!l waB o1rMuated to Japan,
Inclosure 5
(J/-I "'7.)
. J tr! - J'( &""- d 1
g. On 12 Jul,y 1969. SP4 ICraig D. D?Jrn of the 133rd arc! ]Jet (EOD) was
wounded in the back when the helicopter in which he \"'s riding received
small arms tira f,"om the gNund. SP4 Dam was evacuated to Japan and
later to GOrIUS.
h. SFC Floyd A. Ames and &>4 David J. Fre;Y1.ll<;;nd of the 2S7th Ord Det .
(OOD) were injured on 1 Sep 69, Hhen 11 PG2 fuze detonated in the rear of
the vehicle in which they Ifare riding. SFC .Am<lfl received damage to his
right ear clrum and frag wOl.!.\1ds on the back ot hia head. He was evacuated
to the 85th E-"ac Hospital a!:ld later to ,Japan. SP4 Freymond rec"ived frag
wounds in his right arm. He _s treated at the 85th Emc lfuspital and
returned to dnty the day.
i. While "sponding till an incident. Cpt P.alph J. Schuchman and SFC
Robert A. Kelley of the .En (EOD Se?tion) ltere injured in a helicopter
craeh. The helicopter in which they were experienced mechanical
failure and crashed into a water filled bomb cll"atl9X". Cpt Schuchman received
II. fracture of the left ankle ·l1.nd right 11'5 was evacnated to .Japan and
later to CONUS. SFC Kllllley l'I'Jlceived mino!" lacerations and bruises. After
baing treated at the hospital he was returned to d utyo
j 0 SSG Michael D. Lizak and SP5 Brian J. Berst. of t,he 184th Oro Bn
(ron section) were injuNd by Ii liGtonation on 11 69, while checking a
pipelina foX" booby trapl3. SSG Lizak lost his leg below the Imee and was
evacuated to Waller F.!loo Genex-al Hospital, SP5 Bel."st rseeived frag wounds
of the face. He was treated at the 67th Hospital and later returned
to duty.
Page 2 of Inclosure 5
During the second hill of 1969, EOD personnel continued to receive many
awards and decorations. Belolf is a list of the awards and the personnsl
Legion of
!.IA.J Gerald N; Pack /
. Soldiers !4edal
SFC Thomas S. l'Iheelel."-/
SSG Robert C. Nye v
CPT Chester H. Hilidl,/
CPT Thomas L. Stall"k V
BFC Blanchard v
SFC R2;ymond Puig..-
SSG Gregory Do Hentschel
SSG Lemuel T. H<ibry r
·--CPT==t!Oas=S;: Grl!!iE {2nd 6idFv
-CPT-Chester-H.. -Heidl- (1 st· OLe)' ..r

saM; Franklin R. \1fardwell



HSG . lee R 1·!n1"r---
-SFG-Donald-L.·-i-\.nkel'.man·· {lst- OLC)V
.-SF..GJ!Dbert-· Blanchmrd--(l st·-owh..
·SFe- Robert· E;' . Chrm:1nal."'d=-

..sSG-,{leorge-.F·,-C!111pman-.- .
Inclosure 6
Bronze star w/V
Bronze star
-51'5 Arlhlll" G. ,/
SPS Albert W. Hays V
SP5 1TIJberl Keefe v
BPS James N. v
BP5 T.tnothy J. Rownph V"
BPS Jamea L. Williams V

SSG Frank R. HornbakeV--

.gsa Michael Do .Id;zii,k-
-S5Q ,i e"l.':rjt-E....·[eke!" y'"
SSG-Willard A;' S\nrli-

SF) John-U, GlaHi'--"
SP5 .ten R. lIa?ert.-..---
(1.at OLar-

. .sP-5-Datid-so-Tip'l<on-

Ci!'l'-Chestar-H;;-Hetd-J:- --

-eP-T'-IlonaJ.d L,





-- -sP5

-SPHlilhl.lr'd P., .. HllUElll-


MSG Franklin To PO!)l."estt'lr V""""
SFC Floyd A. Amo!l!ll .....-
SFC Boyd F, Kidd (1st OLe) ..........
soo Leg 13, C9nl<h:1lfi .......
SSG Michael D. U.Z£K J...--
SSG Willard A, Srn!lll v
SP5 Stephen D,

Sf;; Rnbert .-
J] fl, PJ::llIlgI:l_'
SP5 lfualu"Lh i". McCiin1il,Hrs
SP5 l'l-;;-,.'1<l<'Win--

Sf5 M:l:",llael
SF5 Iltll.!"gJJiOs F. 1"l1l>ilaS'"
SF, tlwnSli-d-G";-Robbiri""s-
J. P<.llWllpn-
.5i?5 Rrihoma3"'
SPts Da1J'id S. 'E'l-pton-
SP5 S.."I'11Il-L,,-Young

,$Pl. Kx:li;j\.g D
. -- §Pb, llr.OJ1Gl J"
SPIt TkI,$$Ilil g, l1u1i;i-er-

SF!,. A "'J','lOIl2.-

il J,L,.-ClQ.i1't-r
SP5 T:!m1)thy J. Roumph V"
SF4 KI-aig D, Dorn_
SP4 David J. Froymond V'
SP4 Gary L, IlD.ines V"
- o.-
SFC D<l.le N, Smith (PurPle Heart
Page 2 IncloBux-e 6
Date: 28 Oct 69
Unit: 3d Oro Bn, IDD Section
Identification: See NuTative
lOClD assim.snce was requested in the cleanup of llOIIIe abandoned 8lIJJl1mition
that had been involved in a fire and detonation. The lllIIIIItIJ1ition had
bell11 abandoned by the lith Armored Gav Regiment when it left
Blackhoree. Upon arriWti the IDD team found that the ammunition hadbeen
buried in a ditl/lh near an ARVN housing area and school. The ditch 1IllS
bmned off Md several detonations had occurred. The EOD team
found and pOlliced up several buried caches of 4.2" mortars and various
types of' fwlelil in the ditch.
The lOClD temn _I! U210 taken to an abandoned helo-pad. where numerous 2.75"
rockets and 40mm grenade IIImIIU11ition for helicopter had been lett. Most .
of the rockets lind 40mm ammo was olll; of the packing containers and lett ,
strewn around the pads. Many of the rocket motOI'll were unshunted. These.
items were polleed up and destroyed by the IDD team. Numerous additional
ammunition items were found still packed in their original shipping con-
tainers. It WilB relCommended that these items be tmned in through anmuni-
tion supply channels.
5 ell. Ctg 4.2" vIP
9 ell. Gtg 4,2" vIP
72 sa etg 4.2" W/F PD
14 ell. ctg 4.2
.1l1um W/F MTSQ
41 ell. Supplementary Charges for 4.2"
1,416 ell. ctg 40mm HE
45 sa 2.75" Rkt HE W/Hotor
12 e" 2.75" Rkt HE Xl1 229
18 ea 2.75" Rkt SHK WP
170 ell. Fuze VT T226E2
86 EA Fuze I1TSQ
44 ell. Fuze 14565
65 ell. Fuze PD H557
10 ea Fuze PD M51A5
1 ell. Gran H!U1Q Frag H26
Date: 28 Oct 69
Unit: 3d Ord Bn (EOD Section)
Incident Narrative:
l.0 ea cis Fiber Containers
l.6 ea cis Grenades
At 2300 brs. this section received a call i'rom SOC of the LBASD. They stated
that the vehicle .patrol. on the bunker Hne had found a case of CS grenades
bursted open and were l.y1ng on the bunker Une road. All of the individual.
grenades cont&1ners had been damaged and seven (7) of the fiber containers
had been bursted and powered cis was spread over anareaapproximatel.y l.5'X l.8'.
The team consisting of MBG Gaddy and SP5 Pool. 'put on M-l.7 masks and gl.oves
and proceeded to pick up and package the --- cis grenades in pl.astic bags.
After this was compl.eted the two I!lB.Il team packaged the bursted fiber containers
in pl.astic bags. MIlG Gaddy requested SOC provide water so that the team coul.d
rinse the powered cis from them, al.so a detail. was requested from Area III.
The two man team then returned to CP to gather more packing equipment. At
0200 brs. the team met the detail. at Tower 26. The detail. was instructed to
shovel. up the cis getting the top l.ayer of soil. al.ong with it. This was put
in pl.astic bags and the bags were seal.ed by the EOD team. Al.l. the packages
of cis were l.ef't in the cis storage area until. such time as conditions permit
1 Ctg HE (eS63)
, ,

, .
'!::is Ll ::,d.1 at n7s. ::·c::-. f.GT cf
LC't:S st.JtcG. a CoI at t'..: •.kQ":, 412 o? l:';e '::':':=:". "::::: :·c··..:;:c. i:: :'.:.:::
Eon the a SP5
S?5 Gee ., ....1 SP5 \ .. ... .... ·"l to t"",·, 1.;-::. :;: - :-,.. .: .... _ • ,'" , .. .1".; .. 1.,: __ ::. __ ,.1.:", 1 __•••• _ ... _''' __ - ••'-" u -":.J '- ••
2 \,c:1:'::1(;;F C' ..
els:o:.·:hcl"c. i,-r.ile tha tea.=: ';..'.35 in rc:.:::c to the.
COfltacted tho 93d Evac a dccro:" tc be at tte
lcc2t ion. i' ,
LPO:l .::.rrivin,; at t.he [:'':'10::£:- l:':-.e ilot .s.P?·:-:J:-:i::,?.tely 20CJ l·.:-s. :.h(l
l.:'-<i:g 0';""1 n. a :.::.t.r::r:";. L'h2 :::er. .:.sk-:::: ".:.C'
step tllCre a of 30 pco?12
r.:2dic \,':10 h:.::::· put the 0:1 ::aid the ;-::£':1 C:...... be8n !:.it:i:lg
iIi tr.c the l"ClJ.'2.G •...·c:s fi:=t'.d. The '\;;::' ".;2,.5 f.c:-::
Br. c,:·:jlj hi::-5e.l.f or coule :·L.::::::r:g 0;1 :.;".,::
2n Grcn2.c:.c !..u'..!;:-:.hr.:.:' it t::::::iC:erl,:ly fi:·i:':. L: 'or.:.£-:-,
• ir. the eX;Jcr.ce.':' cc.rtr:':':':;c. Ci'lSC. It \:aF dl:::;' c:::er:::i.ne.:: ::L.":t the
\\'25 still in the of the t.$ there. ·,.85 only hel:
At 2015 hrs. S:cnt?ctery t::e
bo.:!y he i .. the tea::: chat he; could de ti:::;:rc!:o::2 "'·':'U!.C hu.·... ·e to
the body trc.n!iported back to l:\".Jc l:ospitc-.l. T;-I-2 'eDdy t,.;'?S in 2;\
n::-bl.!lance and SP5 road to the: hC'5pitnl ...... ith dccto:-. The i:.:"::b',.11a••::e
...... as p!.·ecE:t:ded by an vehicle and the £:-0::1 SOC ;:hi,:::-' car-::iin£ 81'S
Pool SP5 Gee.

ti.t t!:c hn5i)it.:l ):-:::.yc:u 1:(':12=::.::-<.
of rC':.;:d. u:''-!;". then built .:r s.:nJ:: •. .:.: ,....11.1 :::;:- ....:: '...:. ·,,".::i:
The ...... ...·i::h n. r::t:":-u;' to li;!'.:. ::-.::;:-. .:'.:'1 C'r::c :':.2-
hi.'.:.d c·f tL·:=. S:"5 PL101 ,:;lG ::;'5 il:;fi.::tc·c.: :,.::lC:ir.; ..l
Ll2.,Jc .:s ·.... (:11 .::.: hclc.i:1[; r,c.::lp of ..\£tt:::- z·..·.::.:: t.:.c
£,c.Jl? ar:.:'! ........:ch bor:.c tn.:! decto;, s.:li:' he. cault: :'::c :·c"::::: il:1c1 hi; ......
try .:i.:-";':i rc.::-.'Jye r.he '!:'o'.1r::..1 '..:itl! a of l.::·r.c to;:.ss t.he
\'":-:cr: he ='-c::'::;:l\"c!o tr.e :-C''':':-::: he i: :0 5:?5 Pnal ..... :LL: rC':":;1G 1;-: ::.
su:::i the.: ':'o'Jn:!. 'Ih..: ::C12::: this -...::"it
for t7:ari!:l':':.·tcr.ic:.... the vehicle! it: -;::-. ,:':.t:: I:JD r.o::.:::;:!}
·.:i·,(:!"c ti·.c TC'..'::1: plcce:c per.:':!r:g .... 'n-.c ::::;:', :·c:-..::-r.·..:.: to C1' i:.t
2230 hrs •


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