Thermax with world renowned Balcke-Dürr Technology for Dry & Wet Electrostatic Precipitators

In keeping with its business philosophy of 'Improving your business is our business', Thermax has, over the years, forged business and technology alliances with leading international corporations to make the best available to its customers. As part of this commitment, Thermax now offers the state of the art German Technology through its tie up with Balcke-Dürr. Thus, Thermax can access diverse applications of the ESP technology in power generation, ferrous & nonferrous metals, paper & pulp, cement & rock products, refinery & petrochemicals, incineration, glass etc. About Balcke-Dürr GmbH, Germany
Headquartered at Ratingen, Germany, Balcke-Dürr GmbH is part of the 15000 employee, $ 4.3 billion SPX Corporation, USA. Since its inception in 1883, Balcke-Dürr has been at the forefront of product innovation. It is among the first to introduce water tube boilers, condensers, pulverized coal boilers, feed water heaters, regenerative air preheaters, bottom rapped electrostatic precipitators, bag filters etc. Over the years, it has incorporated the various air pollution control technologies like Walther & Cie and Rothemühle to become industry leader having strong international presence.

The unbeatable combination of Balcke-Dürr's profound product know how and rich experience brought to India by Indian APC Leader - Thermax
Balcke-Dürr ! Balcke-Dürr / Rothemühle have been pioneers in ESPs !
with Rothemühle designs in market since early 1950's. More than 2,000 ESP installations are in operation in power stations, cement, lime, biomass, pulp and paper, waste incineration and other industrial plants all over the world. Extensive practical know-how at its disposal based on large installation base in variety of applications. Intensive development of new technologies like Bi-corona for improving the efficiency and competitiveness.

Salient features of ESPs ! Horizontal and vertical flow precipitators ! Dry type designs for gas volumes from as little as 5,000 m3/hr ! ! ! !

! !

to 50,00,000 m3/hr Wet type designs for maximum particulate removal Hot gas designs for operation at temperatures above 450 0C ESPs for diverse applications like corrosive gas, tar and other difficult material etc. Expertise in both top as well as bottom rapping TR Sets

Thermax Enviro ! Conceived with a belief that “Pollutants are inevitable but ! !
pollution is not” and are in the business of Air Pollution control since 1980. Over 100 types of dusts handled and a wide range of gases treated via both the gas scrubbing and the air purification systems route. More than 1,000 ESP installations in India and overseas market covering a wide industry base of Captive Power, Cement, Steel, Pulp & Paper, Textile and Chemical etc.

Discharge Electrodes

Gas distribution screen

Collecting Electrodes

411018.011 2614 5319 .: +91 . clinker coolers.20 .Thermax and Balcke-Dürr's rich experience in a wide range of industries Cement and Rock Products + + + As one of the industry's respected suppliers. metallurgical lime and others Thermax ESP on a Clinker Cooler handling 4.20 .022 2204 www. Enviro Division PMT Complex.044 2435 3831. Kolkata .Recovery Boiler Precipitators + + + Leading suppliers of particulate emission control systems Modern steel casing design features no internal struts. sludge lime for the paper industry. India Tel.033 2282 6711. Mumbai .2742 Regional Offices & Telephone Nos.thermaxindia. New Delhi:. the company provides precipitator technology based on low operating and maintenance costs Vast experience in providing electrostatic precipitators for a range of applications like gas cleaning or product recovery from wet and dry process rotary kilns.6612 2999. vanes or rapping devices that could lead to dust buildups Development of the top or bottom inlet and outlet plenum configurations minimising potential salt cake buildup A Thermax ESP on a 25 TPH boiler in a Paper Plant Steel + + + A Thermax ESP on Heat Recovery Boilers for Sponge Iron Kilns + Leading suppliers for sponge iron segment The precipitators are used in sinter plants to capture fine particulate generated in the mixing and agglomerating of iron ore and other additives for blast furnace feed stock Precipitators are operating in open hearth and basic oxygen shops to remove particulates before exhaust gases are discharged into atmosphere ESPs have recently been installed and working successfully in pelletisation plants at wind box and hood exhaust of indurating machines THERMAX LIMITED.38. dryers and ball mills for raw and finish grinding Electrostatic precipitators for other rock product applications include material from kilns processing alumina.: Chennai . Fax: +91 .Pune Road. Pimpri. 6612 2683. Behind PCMC Building. Pune . dolomitic lime. Mumbai . 2742 6533 Email: agangan@thermaxindia.000 m3/hr Power Utility and Captive Power + + + Experience in dealing with a multitude of fuel types Extensive data base to determine accurately the most economical design for optimum performance under varying load conditions Continuing accumulation of operating data and verification of design assumptions ensuring a high degree of reliability in precipitator sizing and performance A Balcke Durr ESP in a Power Plant Pulp and Paper .

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