My Quest

Who am I? Encoded in the hearty minds of most I¶m a selfish, horny bitch Bred from injustice Dished out to womankind Who am I? The harsh reality of rape Cross-bred, mongrel-(mixture of race) The fragment of horror, tattooed to one¶s mind The constitute of vomit that brought hated Created to feel pain Cursed with a longing of flesh The same feeling that crated me doomed by this act Blessed with the endowment of eve Lost, sentenced to a life of longing Made to feel wanton Judged by the bane of my sex Force fed by looks of scrutiny Caring becomes eminent But if allowed to feed, will rid me of life. My enemy

The first one was ancient Already acquainted with the things of nature

But she held from him the fruits That was juice filled And was a treat to one life¶s taste buds To break free was evitable The things that haunt me The bittersweet dreams that evade me The thirst of the flesh that quickens Bred The second traitor that would Photosynthesise my flower He became my sun But he burnt me up My voice was melted I lost me Forced to live in the Shadows Muted Removed Place on a pedestal Until the day he became human Subjected to entity And Death Accusations became my friend .

And innocence my shelter From the reign of tongues that Descended upon me The rainbow came with the deity To my Doomed The one with honeyed lips The one who abated my fire Time birth my heart Set ablaze tongues defied gravity Took me to uniformed State of unbelief Redefined gravity Brought anaesthetic My lunar night Until. Mishap gave birth to her She came to him like as a lover robed in lingerie That gripped his eyes and made them wild The other woman Who kissed and caressed his very being The trigonometry of this graph Dug trenches in my veins ...

As they reached the brink of ecstasy Her callous love of him Made me inhumane with thoughts that plagued my minds heart Amnesia helped her to ensnare him Why didn¶t he resist her? Why! I then cried tears of blood That added flavour to my now insipid state Laughter my friend soon became my enemy She taunted me with his incapability To Fight and resist her She fuelled my jealously By using his weakness-insecurity She manipulated his thoughts -I have no choiceMy immortal line of love had to be cut I could not allow him to suffer from the lover that became his drug As I pulled the trigger I saw not him But her It was her lifeline I pulled It was her that I silenced And then I cried I cried .

Because I was numb I cried Because my saviour Redeemed me Showed me myself And paid the ultimate price He became the sacrificial lamb To the teeth that would have gnawed At my flesh And that was how he met her -Rabies..... ... The name that has become profane I cried Because for the first time in my life I felt guilty I cried Because that feeling made me feel Wonderful I cried because finally my search was over I had become a woman I found love and was subjected to life His unfairly death I cried.


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