Yes, there is a way to lose weight quickly and safely! The hCG diet has helped millions to lose weight and engage in healthier lifestyles. If followed correctly, this diet has a 100% success rate. By taking the first step, and making the choice to return to a more invigorating lifestyle, you are on your way! We also have participated fully in the homeopathic treatment using hCG. Due to our success, we have felt the responsibility to provide the same opportunities to you! We genuinely wish to create a healthier world. We have been greatly rewarded with not only weight loss but energy and an increased feeling of wellness. We have learned that unwanted fat creeps into the body and slowly but surely deactivates our metabolism and de-charges our batteries. Our body becomes saturated with fat cells draining it of the energy to be active and loading it with unhealthy toxins, which can have both severe physical and emotional repercussions. Our goal is to provide you with the safest, highest quality homeopathic hCG on the market. We hope to give you the opportunity to return to a healthier weight that you may have thought unattainable. Thus, allowing you to put the past behind you and add as many wonderful years to your life as we feel we’ve added to our own! Thank you for choosing us as your provider and we expect we have provided you with all you need to successfully eliminate those unwanted pounds and inches.


SO. Some menu items will be fine kept frozen. Stevia. be prepared. We have found that for most people the first ten pounds lost are not noticeable. Most likely you won’t gain cheating here and there but it will slow down the diet process for 1 to 3 days and for some people they lose enthusiasm and quit. Garlic. It is difficult to succeed in anything without a full understanding as to why you are doing it. Non-iodized salts. Now. Not being prepared will make the diet more difficult to stay committed to. Keep your charts by the scale and near a mirror. 6) Calculate the quantities that will be required to get you through the entire hCG Diet protocol. (3) Know your goal and starting point. Grill your meats outside if the weather doesn’t cooperate. etc). (2) Prepare the first weeks meals ahead of time. Write down all the reasons as to why you are going to succeed with the diet. or your favorite restaurant as your only choices. to purchase the appropriate spices and sweeteners (i. The hCG diet is only days not years long it is short yet the weight stays off. restaurant. Remember. Ground Pepper. these goals are what will keep you committed and focused through the entire protocol. be it a short protocol or the 49 day protocol. It’s a very small sacrifice. DON’T CHEAT! Stay focused. Weigh yourself each morning after waking up and eliminating. Those foods are tempting enough but try dieting and having a nice bag of chips. Cook the meats thoroughly and keep refrigerated. Monitor daily. Use charts to keep track of weight loss and inches lost. We have multiple recipes submitted by various customers that we know to conform to the weight loss plan. Wear similar outfits to weigh yourself as each outfit may vary in weight. By diversifying your menu you don’t feel the desire to skip meals or cheat. vending machines and convenience stores won’t prepare the foods as well as you will nor do most of their menu items conform to the hCG Diet. the easiest way to set you up for failure is to not be prepared.e. Dill. Ginger. Physical Preparation: (1) Create an inventory of foods that conform to the hCG Diet. If you are in a rush it just makes it easier to get stuck in a bind with nothing on hand but a convenience store. The purpose in precooking (primarily your meats) is to be prepared. or vending machine.Preparing For The Diet Mental Preparation: Recognize the need to lose weight. The following pounds will show significantly as well as the measurements will show significant reduction in inches. (See pg. an indoor grill like the George Foreman grill you may have seen on TV or the oven. Fast food. Create a grocery list if you do not have enough in your current inventory. Pre-cook 3 to 4 of your meals ahead of time. Cayenne. Remember. Choose a day to start and STAY COMMITTED! 2 . candy bar.

20. we recommend you wait until you completely finish your cycle. 3 . if you are on your period or will start within the next 5-6 days. Store it in a Ziploc or clean container. 50+ pounds) Select the plan that best describes your’s hCG Diet Instructions Per Dr. The hCG drops should be administered consistently three times a day. A. etc… It may sound ridiculous.HCGEasyWeightLoss. Eggs. Ex: Fries. (15. You will lose it by day four. and starches are completely discouraged.W. make-up. Bacon. The hCG diet has been known to get people back to a normal metabolism. Days 1 &2 (begin drops): Take the recommended dose of hCG under tongue 3 times throughout the day (15 minutes before or after eating). Days 1 and 2 are known as “the loading days”. It needs to stay clean as you will be using it each and every day. (. Cookies. Continue the diet. balance blood sugars. we strongly suggest consulting your physician first. but remember. It is likely a person will gain 3 to 6 pounds in these first two days. Ice Cream. Simeons Did you consult your physician? We recommend it be your first step before starting any diet or weight loss plan. following the manufacturers dosage instructions. Don’t treat the syringe like a set of car keys. these days are crucial to the diet. fingers. The dosage amount is the same for everyone.36ml just between the three and four on the syringe itself. Know what you can and can’t have while taking the hCG drops. oils and lotions are discouraged as the body may potentially absorb them through the pores.36ml 3x a day. You will follow this step each of the 3xs daily until drops run out (approx 23 days). have any health concerns or have any pre-diagnosed symptoms and illnesses. dark place (refrigerate as often as possible). Fat calories are more important than non fat calories such as from soda. if you are taking any type of prescriptions. During the first 2 days of taking the drops one must eat high calories from fat foods. Use the oral syringe (provided) and measure . We always recommend homeopathic liquids because they absorb quickly under the tongue. Translated you should take . Store your hCG in a cool. Know your weight loss objective. You’re body goes through enough stress during that time that dieting may be more stressful than need be. deep fried foods. reduce cholesterol and many more positive things. normally taking your drops and eating 500 calories if you begin your menstruation cycle while on the diet. Chips. While on the diet. or anything else wash it. Focus on your objective and why you’re losing the weight. If it comes in contact with your mouth. Prepare yourself for the diet. After your loading days (Days 1 and 2) fatty foods. Do not skip this very important step as people have discovered the remainder of the unwanted fat does not melt away as easily as those individuals who followed this critical step. However.36ml = approx 14 drops) DO NOT eat or drink ANYTHING 15 minutes before or 15 minutes after taking the drops. Women.T. sugars. whether your focus is health related or fitting back into your favorite clothes. Use a high quality multi vitamin and B12 daily. Let drops rest under tongue for 15-20 seconds. Burgers.

or cabbage. oils.36ml of hCG 15 minutes before or after lunch. crab. Beef is okay as long as it is the extra lean and not consumed too frequently. asparagus. and minimal red meats. fennel. chicory. Stevia or other sweeteners may be used. grapefruit. The purpose of the maintenance phase is to maintain metabolic function and customize your metabolic balance with your new weight. Must be boiled or grilled with no additional fat. No more than (1) tablespoon of milk per day.*** Maintenance Phase The maintenance phase is every bit as important as the weight loss phase. yet during the following days the hCG will get your body to use those stored abnormal fats for energy instead of craving foods. orange. Also. During the maintenance phase you will consume 1500 calories per day (3 meals and 3 snacks). It is important to drain all grease and oils from cooked meats.36ml of hCG 15 minutes before or after breakfast Breakfast: Tea or coffee in any quantity without sugar. You will find there are plenty of amazing seasonings that will work.36ml of hCG 15 minutes before or after dinner. One type of vegetable: spinach. The five hundred calories are food specific. white fish. spinach. or fatty foods. The hCG Diet Condensed Instructions Typical day will look like the following: Morning Dose: . It is 4 . Read the ingredients looking for sugar. chard. no eating sugars. Dr. onions. Evening Dose: . Day 23 or 46 (depending on the plan): For the remaining 3 days you will discontinue the drops and continue with the 500 calorie diet. strawberries. lemons and limes will become your best friend while on the hCG diet. beet-greens. drink plenty of water throughout the day. red radishes.  One bread stick (grissino) or one melba toast. Apples. The maintenance phase lasts for three weeks and begins immediately after your last day of very low calorie dieting. chicken breast. and MSG. It is a natural sweetener and contains no aspartame and no sugar. celery. but cannot have more than the four selections at one meal setting. Chicken and white fish will be the main component for protein calories. Simeons’ recommends not mixing vegetables. If any are in the ingredients put it back on the shelf. green salad. One fruit: apple. or strawberries. ***You do not have to eat the entire meal all at once. Dinner: The same four choices as lunch. It will take 3 days for the hCG to exit your system. Lunch:    100 grams of meat (beef. As far as sweeteners Stevia has been recommended by most clinics. and a few other vegetables will also give you some fiber and vitamins. Seasonings are tricky. what is meant by that is. tomato. There are very few exceptions to that rule. tomatoes. It can be found at most grocery stores near the sugar substitutes. sugars. cucumbers. no breads. Lettuce. Below we have gathered some information from calorie counter dot com as to the calories in some of the recommended foods. oranges. Afternoon Dose: . lobster. Sounds crazy. veal.Days 3-23 or 46 (depending on the plan): These days you will consume only 500 calories total per day. or shrimp).

Should I take hCG during my menstruation period? A. milk. Butter may be consumed lightly. Q.We recommend a light exercise regimen. this will even itself out over time. This is usually very effective. lunch. stop. A 500 calorie a day diet does not support this kind of exercise. Consume zero calories for breakfast. vegetables and low sugar dairy products. 30 minutes of cardio per day and light weights with higher repetition. If provided you are consuming plenty of fluids this has not lead to any disruptions If weight loss has hit a plateau for more than 5-6 days an “apple day” may be observed. Avoid foods with significant starches such as corn and potatoes. Yoga.Can I use cosmetics while on the hCG diet? 5 . eggs. high calorie burning exercise such as running and aerobics is discouraged as it will cause your body to go into starvation mode. Q. oats. Steak Day: Drink plenty of water (1/2 to 1 gallon). Many clinics have discovered that a steak day will get rid of the weight.Can I exercise while on the hCG diet program? A. Avoid high volumes of fructose syrup in such things as canned fruit. cheeses. It is not uncommon on this diet to have a bowel movement once every 3-4 days. fruits. During and after the maintenance phase you should not gain any weight. While you retain water more during this time and may not notice as much weight loss. extra virgin olive oil and coconut oil. There are no side effects. Check all condiments for sugar content. In an Apple day you consume 6 apples within 24 hours with nothing else to eat or drink except water. and moisturizers are allowed during the maintenance phase. fruit drinks and soda. However during the Maintenance Phase and throughout life aerobic exercise is strongly encouraged! Q. and snacks. Make-up.important that you consume the 1500 calories no less and no more. Eat with an apple or tomato.If you are taking the drops and you begin your period continue the program as usual. try a laxative tea. Avoid the unhealthy oils such as vegetable oil and shortening. Once the maintenance phase is complete you may consume sugars. yams and rice. During the maintenance phase it is encouraged to begin a regular workout routine of both aerobic and anaerobic exercises. etc…) Avoid heavy starch and sugars such as those found in potatoes. During the maintenance phase you may reintroduce oils into your body such as flax seed oil. Pilates or resistant weight lifting is a wonderful way to keep your strength up. Hydrogenated oils should be avoided typically found in some canned goods and pastries. If mixing vegetables. However. If having constipation problems. If you experience a common 3 pound gain do not worry. You may now consume any meats. starches and healthy carbs in moderation. It is recommended to consult your physician before participating in any vigorous activity. wheat bread. Speed walk at least 30 minutes every day.If the weight loss slows try the following:         Increase water consumption (try to drink ½-1 gallon a day) and or green tea consumption Eliminate the fruits from two to one per day. Most Commonly Asked Questions Q-What do I do if my weight loss plateaus? A. For dinner consume a large unsalted steak. lotions. We recommend whole grains.

It will leave the “structural fat. questions or concerns please consult your physician before beginning use of HCG. consult your physician. lipstick and powder are fine. Calorie Counter of hCG Diet Approved Foods Seafood (avg 98 calories) Cod (3.5 oz) . Anyone utilizing the HCG diet protocol should be aware that you are following this protocol at your own risk and the author accepts no responsibility for any damage or health issues as a result. Remember to bookmark www. Mineral oil (baby oil). The HCG diet protocol.Fat & Oils found in lotions and ointments applied to our skin are absorbed and can interfere with weight loss as if they had been eaten. HCGEasyWeightLoss.88 calories Halibut (3.98 calories Red Snapper (3. Homeopathic HCG helps to burn the “abnormal fat” that is stored around the hips. The information provided in this manual is for your convenience and to increase your knowledge and understanding of as we constantly add new recipes. nor do we portray ourselves as such.100 calories Flounder (3.110 calories Shrimp (3. Be aware that the HCG itself is not responsible for the weight loss and the FDA has not approved the use of HCG for the purpose of weight loss. HCG helps to balance the hypothalamus to modify how fat is metabolized making it possible to maintain a steady weight point. Should you have health issues. consists of a very low calorie diet (VLCD) in combination with an HCG formula.110 calories Lobster (3.5 oz) .110 calories Tilapia (3.94 calories Very Lean Beef (avg 152 calories) 93/7 Lean Ground Beef ( is not a medical facility.5 oz) – 83 calories Crab Meat (3. keep him/her informed of your progress and proceed with care.160 calories Sirloin Tip Side Steaks (3. upper arms.5 oz) .5 oz) – 130 calories Top Round Steak (3. Simeons. When used in conjunction with a VLCD.5 oz) .5 oz) .5 oz) . It is recommended that you do your own personal research. Simeons’ work.5 oz) .5 oz) – 166 calories 6 .5 oz) .5 oz) – 150 calories Cube Steak (3. in a simplistic fashion. belly. Oil free foundation if free from fat or a good mineral powder are also acceptable substitutes. as described by Dr. HCG works synergistically in losing excess weight and fat and resetting the body’s metabolism. thighs. While on this diet stay away from these products. During the 21-40 day protocol you will take a small amount of HCG into your body daily.A.90 calories Haddock (3.” that can be found in the muscles and protecting the organs.5 oz) .com’s Disclaimer Please be advised that HCGEasyWeightLoss. and throughout your body. You will also be able to refer to the instructions page if you have any questions about how to do the hCG Diet.

31 calories Spinach.5 oz) .30 calories Broccoli (5″ spear .Tri-Tip Steak (3. sirloin (3.5 oz) . loin chop (3.5 oz) . all varieties (small head) – 32 calories Red Radishes (3.110 calories Veal.41 calories Spinach.5 oz) .12 calories Red Radishes (one medium) – 1 calories Spinach. cooked (1 cup) .28 calories Cauliflower (3 flowerets) .5 oz) .24 calories Cucumber (large) .2 calories Asparagus (medium spear) .3 calories Asparagus (large spear) .12 calories Cucumber (3.4 calories Broccoli (3. frozen (3.60 calories Lettuce.7 calories Spinach.22 calories Cauliflower (1 cup) .5 oz) .34 calories Cucumber (English long) .5 oz) .11 calories Celery (3.5 oz) .5 oz) .154 calories Veal (avg 114 calories) Veal.8 cal) Asparagus (3.17 calories Cauliflower (3. all varieties (1 cup) .5 oz) .5 oz) .24 calories Cabbage (1 cup shredded) .6 calories Cabbage (3. raw (1 cup) .87 calories Vegetables (avg 18.5 oz) .19 calories Cucumber (medium) .15 cal Celery (medium stalk) .20 calories Tomato (cherry) .5 oz) – 20 calories Lettuce.88g) .12 calories Cucumber (small) . cooked (3.8 calories Lettuce.5 oz) . raw (3.23 calories Spinach. frozen (1 cup) .48 calories Tomato (3. all varieties (3.5 oz) .20 calories Asparagus (2″ tip) .20 calories Spinach.1 calories Asparagus (small spear) .117 calories Chicken Chicken Breast (3.34 calories Broccoli (1 cup .31 g) .5 oz) .3 calories 7 .

55 calories Apple (medium) .69 calories Orange (Florida) .16 calories Tomato (medium) .65 calories Orange (California) . 12 large .72 calories Apple (large) .72 calories Strawberries.11 calories Tomato (small) .12 calories Melba Toast (3 gram) .59 calories Strawberries.Tomato (plumb) .110 calories Orange (navel) .22 calories Tomato (large) .20 calories 8 .33 calories Fruit Apple (small) .74 calories Bread Grissini Breadstick (3 g) .12 calories Melba Toast (5 gram) . 20 medium .80 calories Pink Grapefruit (California) – 92 calories Pink Grapefruit (Florida) .

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