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Retirement day. type and context. The recent growth of festivals and events as an industry around the world means that the management can no longer be ad hoc . Graduation day. An event can be: Social / life±cycle events Events like Birthday party. the whole country. Wedding. Bachelor's party. identifying the target audience. Events can be classified on the basis of their size. and interest groups will hold events of some size in order to market themselves. Funeral etc. planning the logistics and coordinating the technical aspects before actually executing the modalities of the proposed event. Hen/Stag party. such as the Asian Games. Event management involves studying the intricacies of the brand. Engagement. The industry now includes events of all sizes from the Olympics down to a breakfast meeting for ten business people. marketing or reunion. Events and festivals. build business relationships. raise money or celebrate. Anniversary. WHAT IS AN EVENT? An event can be described as a public assembly for the purpose of celebration. Education and career events 5 . have a large impact on their communities and. events and conferences. devising the event concept. charitable organizations.IN R DUC ION Event management is the application of project management to the creation and development of festivals. education. in some cases. Post-event analysis and ensuring a return on investment have become significant drivers for the event industry. Many industries.

Spo Events like Ol mpics. product launches.Event li e educati n fai j fai workshop. wrestling matches etc.g. World Cup. jewellery shows. Co po ate events Events like MICE (meetings. religious procession. flash mob. demonstration. marathons. buyer -seller meet etc. contest. fairs. auctions. festivals. seminar. stage shows etc. political functions etc. Dusherra fair etc. 6 . debate. Politi al events Events like political procession. E inment events Events like music concerts. Katha. beaut peagents. road shows. celebrit nights. Pravachan. Religio s events Events like religious festivals / fairs. rally. competition etc. fashion shows. F nd aising/ cause elated events Any event can be turned into a fund raising or cause related event e. award functions. Wimbledon. conferences. incentives. Diwali fair. exhibitions).

Generally such travel programs and events take place abroad where there are 7 . Event Management Company will take care of all business meeting. Corporate Events are a big part of most of the big corporations and industries in today's time. Without employees and customers a company cannot survive. media conferences and corporate conventions. So therefore event management is very important. and other corporate parties.IMPOR ANC OF EVEN MANA EMEN It is said that an organization is made of its employees and customers. Generally these programs are completely informal and are for the purpose of leisure. And to make these events memorable and leave a lasting impression on your guests and clients. Thus. Generally such events are attended by several industrial and other important guests. Corporate incentive travel is a great way of winning the loyalty of the employees and customers. Incentive programs are well known in the bigger corporations. it's important that you hire professional event management services. Thus. It is said that an organization is made of its employees and customers. These incentive programs are generally given in the form of tours and holiday packages. for every business having a healthy relation with its customers and employees is very important. Whether it's for some products launch. or some award ceremonies. Without employees and customers a company cannot survive. These events can also be a very good way of building an informal relation with the staff and customers of the company. Events take place in many forms. Corporate incentive travel is a great way of winning the loyalty of the employees and customers. annual day. for every business having a healthy relation with its customers and employees is very important. Incentive travel programs are given to the most hard working employees or regular clients of the corporation that are profitable for the corporation. A proper event management will save you from last minute hassles.

But it can be a little difficult to manage everything on your own. and for that you can hire Destination management services that will take care of all the important aspect of your events. beaches and hospitality. to arri val of guests and VIPs at the airport. 8 . Costa Rica is one of the most favorite destinations for the international events. Destination management services include all the expenses from travelling to stay in luxurious hotels. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations for most of the tourists around the world. And due to its quality hospitality and efficient t ransport system that connects it with the outer world it s also very popular in corporate world for hosting such international travel incentive and events. so it s important that you hire the services of international event management companies that have experience and in-depth knowledge of the event destination. their stay and food.lots of sightseeing places to visit for the entertainment of your guests. These services include everything from the selection of the event destination. Destination Management Company will make sure that all your guests and clients are having a good ti me. and all their entertainment. Planning is very important for such events. It is well known for its beauty. There are lots of international event management providers that are very popular in the corporate world.

diwali parties. Most of the popular companies do all of the planning and footwork necessary for taking any event to a success. Today events are organized not event management in weddings. You merely need to select a company. birthday parties. As far as business is concerned these sector sometimes need trade and products exhibitions for the promotion and growth of their company. Event they help you to choose venue according to your requirement. These events are some type of ads that get the attention of the parties to their business. It has become the most significant part of any marketing strategy. The main reason why people opt for event management services is to any an event different from others and also foe a simple reason to enjoy the moment spent together. with the assistance of their qualified and experienced event managers to make their event a big success. Organizing these events is not children¶s play. The simple secret here is the more your budget the better you party could be. For searching a suitable event management company at economical rates. projects and pro grammes.EVEN MANA EMEN IN TODAY SCENARIO Event Management today has its own importance. Budget here plays a very important role because depending event management companies organize the event. They consult their client to accomplish the specific requirements of them. The main purpose for such event management is to bring to notice to the local and international customers about the company. You can make your choice depending event are you looking for. get together parties and even in kitty parties. thus events get accomplished with a high degree of success. There are many event organizing company available in the market today. you have to take the help of the Internet as there are a number of such types of companies available. rest of the work will be done by them. anniversary parties. 9 . A simple search for them e vent management companies design and manage events.

devising a concept. and other groups want to hold events to market themselves. Numerous companies host and organize events ranging from small private family dos like weddings or birthday parties to large-scale international events likeconferences and events like Asian games. and someone who enjoys interacting with people and of course have strong networking can become get into the business of event management.Any person with good communication skills. 10 . film festivals that virtually represent the image of a whole country. Event management companies come into picture when corporates. Event management is nothing but a systematic way to create settings and execute properly festivals. Event management typically involves identification of target audience. raise money or celebrate an event. One has to be filled with dozens of creative solutions to impress and please the client in all way. A qualification in event management could always be an add on. events and conferences. As such forevent management companies post -event analysis and ensuring a return on investment is a important driver that keeps the industry afloat. build business relationships. plan logistics as well as coordinate and execute modalities of an event. charitable organizations.

San Francisco. a Monday Night Football game held in San Diego. For instance. especially if media broadcasting the event mandates a specific start time. Moreover. these events end abruptly upon game time expiration or the conclusion of a final song. 11 . These events generate high peak travel demand rates because of patron urgency to arrive at the venue by a specific event start time. and it has a specific starting time and predictable ending time. which creates high peak departure rates. Oakland. Events classified under this category have predictable peak arrival and departure rates relative to other categories of planned special events. Pacific time to satisfy television broadcast requirements.CATEGORIES OF PLANNED SPECIAL EVENTS SPE LE E T TE Discrete/recurring event at a permanent venue Continuous event Street use event Regional/multi-venue event Rural event  DISCRETE/RECURRING E ENT AT A PERMANENT VENUE A discrete/recurring event at a permanent venue occurs on a regular basis. Stadiums and arenas occasionally host weeknight events that may conflict with commuter traffic.m. or Seattle usually begins at 6:00p.

a park. CONTINUOUS EVENT A continuous event occurs over a single or multiple days. Unlike a discrete/recurring event at a permanent venue. Temporary venues may not have a defined spectator capacity. continuous events do not exhibit sharp peak arrival and peak departure rates. These events generally occur in a city or town central business district. many continuous events take place at a temporary venue. however. A street use event closes a segment(s) of the roadway network and causes background and 12 . thus creating uncertainties in forecasting event-generated trips since a ³sell-out´ cap does not exist. roadway and parking capacity issues may arise in the immediate area surrounding a temporary venue. Event patrons typically arrive and depart throughout the event day. or other large open space.  STREET USE EVENT A street use event occurs on a street requiring temporary closure. race events or motorcycle rallies may necessitate temporary closure of arterial streets or limited-access highways. As a result. A street use event significantly impacts businesses and neighborhoods adjacent to the event site from the perspective of parking and access. Aside from conventions and state/county fairs.

 RURAL EVENT Rural events encompass any discrete/ recurring event or continuous event occurring in a rural area. Existence of limited or no permanent infrastructure for monitoring and managing traffic. but stakeholders can work with production companies on day-of-theweek scheduling. Existence of limited road capacity to access the event venue and potentially limited parking capacity at the venue. Lack of regular transit service and hotels near the venue. The collection of events may have different starting times and differ in classification category. Existence of fewer alternate routes to accommodate event and background traffic.event traffic to divert onto alternate routes. Planned special events occurring in rural areas deserve a stand-alone classification category for several reasons: Need for stakeholders to assume new and/or expanded roles. Filming activities may require the closure of major roadways for an extended duration. 13 .  REGIONAL/MULTI-VENUE EVENT A regional/multi-venue event refers to multiple planned special events that occur within a region at or near the same time. thus increasing traffic demand on other streets in the roadway network.

Under company and other events. consumer or public events. public exhibition. Fun Films & Music Entertainment aims and encourages the business employees¶ to lean pro-actively but in a fun and encouraging way since this way it will help build them team unity and share a good rapport at the workplace EXHIBITION MANAGEMENT Exhibitions are meant for displaying new Brands & Products among the masses to create huge awareness. Well for that reason our Corporate event management team caters to the demands of our business clients by normally organizing shorter events but at a very reasonable cost perfectly suited for the business world. Under consumer and public exhibition. flower exhibition. college and university exhibition. music exhibition etc. company in-house events to display attraction. hotel exhibition etc. school.TYPES OF EVENT I CORPORA E EVEN S Since the corporate world is a busy world. we are exclusively dealing with traveling exhibition for group. product 14 . While organizing any corporate events. We render our professional services of various categories of exhibition ranging from trade & industrial fairs. product exhibition. we are providing our services of local exhibition. Under trade and industrial fairs. we are planning and organizing the exhibition of road exhibition/shows.

B2B exhibition and B2C exhibition management. II CULTURAL EVENTS wide range of cultural events like religious ceremonies. traditional folk evenings. Effective Conferencing will lead to extensive sales opportunities. CONFERENCE Conferences are one of the most effective communication tools in relaying a business message or other communication to customers. staff or work force. It will provide you with existing and potential customers. Provide with various audio and visual equipment and microphones required for the conference. India is a land of much diversity so it¶s obvious that people from all different backgrounds have an abode here. trade biz exhibition. Conferences are organized in an acoustically sound conference rooms. having their own specific cultures and traditions which have been passed on from generation to generation which are sacred to them 15 . following your own tradition.launch exhibition. talent hunt shows and all those which is close to your heart in your own cultural style. theatre and arts.

The stage assists as a place for role players or performers and a centre of attraction for the members of the audience. However. So. So it becomes pretty difficult for them alone to deal with everything but don¶t worry and take a deep breath because our event management team is just a click away from you. The stage may be permanent or temporary or adjustable depends on what kinds of shows have to be performed at where and what place. But when it comes to the performance of the shows in a theatre or other building where such stage shows are held at regular interval. III PERSONAL EVENTS It¶s unimaginable to even think about coordinating and supervising our own personal events since personal events are very dear and precious to everyone and a single mistake whether it¶s small or big will definitely break our hearts. From architectural point of view.at the same time. then permanent stage has become as one of its essential feature of such theatre or building. the feature of stage and its theme based shows may differ in its architectural design. Personal events are those can did moments which leave a special 16 . STAGE SHOWS In the arena of entertainment. the stage show simply stands for a designated space for the carrying out of staging or theatrical production. stage plays an important role for attracting the masses for particular kind of action. stage may consist of a platform which is usually has raised level so that the audience from all corners of stage must be able to view the shows.

flashing back the old times when it had actually occurred. CLASSICAL CONCERTS Depending upon the clients' choices and requirements. various type of personal events are: y y y y y Wedding Anniversaries. gets married. Engagement Party. or giving birth to a baby. Bridal Showers. decorations so as create an environment for classical music and dance. Events like someone in our family graduating. we also make other necessary arrangements for fooding. Family reunion.mark or impression in our hearts. lighting. 17 . Apart from arranging the locations. From open stage concerts to the ones in theatres or halls. dies or recovers from an illness becomes a hit news in our family and such news becomes personal because whatever the news may be-good or bad and whether its going to appear in the newspaper the next day or whether it will appear on the evening news tonight or not hardly matters because whether such news gets publicity or not it is and will remain close to our hearts which gives us enough reason to celebrate. Birthday Parties. these concerts are organized at an ideal location that suits them. we can provide our services for all of them.

we will match the right caterer to your event to ensure that you receive fabulous food 18 .IV LEISURE EVENTS Leisure events includes music shows. going out in a pub or a drink. Depending on your requirements and budget. 500. for people who are mostly physically active. birthday parties or any other special event for a gathering of 20. 1000. your wedding. Event planning team¶s major aim is to provide start-to-end services to our clients and to make it a happening and fun event and yet to make a memorable one to its entire guest attending the occasion. dance shows. special event. business meeting.000 or more than this in Delhi or anywhere in India. leisure sport and other and entertainment activities. party for kids. 10. star nights. dining out in a retro. live concerts. etc V EVENT CATERING If you are planning any corporate event. 50.then event catering offer you best menus with imaginative presentations and decorations. 100. mimicry shows. Or on the hand. we try to engage their leisure time by organizing some quiet family dinner.

Internet. Radio. Electronic. Billboards. Print media includes: newspapers. press releases.You want to advertise to get sponsors and clients for your events . pre-event. Transit and Miscellaneous media. your sponsors. outdoor. Transit Media includes promotion through cars. magazines. word of mouth publicity etc.g .You want to advertise to create awareness about your event. invitations. posters etc. Before I go any further. Step 2: Decide your promotional Activities How you are going to promote your event company. passes. Media refers to various means of communications Broadly speaking there are five categories of media: Print. cabs. banners. buses. your clients and your partners. 19 . trains. Telephone. tickets. Outdoor Media includes Hoardings. trucks. Miscellaneous media includes everything else like: events. at-event and post-event. .CREATIN A PROMOTIONA CAMPAIGN FOR YOUR EVENT Ste s involved in creating a promotional campaign for your event Note: Before creating a promotional campaign get the basic idea of some business and marketing terms. let's get an idea of what is media and what is media vehicle.You want to advertise to thank you your sponsors and clients. your organizers. and Balloons etc. planes etc. Step 1: setup advertising objectives Why you want to advertise? What is your objective of advertising? What do you want to get through advertising? For e. electronic signage etc. Electronic media includes TV.

sponsors and clients through TV and Radio Commercials 2. Imprint you sponsor/client's company name and logo on your staff's shirts and caps and on the pens. Provide free ad space on your company's website where your sponsors and clients can promote their products and services for particular period of time. invitations. Yahoo etc are media vehicles. exhibitors' manual and other promotional materials. How Electronic Media can be used for Promotion 1.g. 2. Promote your event. Google.com 4.Media vehicle is a specific medium For e. For e.spark2009. trade journals. tickets. If 'TV' is a media. if 'Internet' is media. LED Screen. passes. then MySpace. Facebook. then specific TV program like 'Celebrity Apprentice' is a media vehicle. diary. then come up with a website like www.g. Video Walls etc to promote your sponsors and clients How Outdoor Media can be used for Promotion 20 . banners and posters. 3. All the details regarding the event must be available on the website. Use electronic signage like visual display signage. How Print Media can be used for Promotion 1. Similarly if magazine is a media. if your event name is say 'spark2009'. then specific magazine say 'playboy' is a media vehicle. LCD Screen. Projection Screen. press releases. Promote your event. magazines ads. gifts. Develop an event website just to promote your upcoming event and provide a facility for online registration. Twitter. Plasma Screen. sponsors and clients through newspapers ads.

There are two types of billboards: Scrolling message billboard and mobile billboard. 2. painted. How T ansit Media can be used fo P omotion 1. sponsors and clients through billboards and hoardings ads. mobile LED Display and caravan can also be used for promotion. Canopy. 2. poste r. back lit. Promote your event. A very large hoarding is known as the billboard. PEOPLE INVOLVED IN ORGANIZING AN EVENT 21 . Road Shows are generally used in transit media. Mobile billboards. mono pole. unipole and tri-vision.1. . Hoardings can also be front lit. Flex and giant balloons. You can also do promotion through Kiosk.

partners. 2. organizers. He formulates. delegates. 3) Information Manager He has following responsibilities: 1. prepares and implement risk management plan (risks related to event planning and production). 2) Event Coordinator He is responsible for coordinating with all event professionals and ensures that business operations are efficient and effective. He formulates. clients. He is responsible for the documentation of all business operations carried out pre-event. An event management company can have following event professionals: 1) Event Manager/Event Planner He has following responsibilities: 1. organizing a very large event like olympics may require several thousand people. departments officials. He maintains database of service providers. guests. 3. He manages the information acquired through different sources. 3. He is responsible for planning and producing the whole event. (risks related to information management like loss of data) 4) Logistic Manager He has following responsibilities: 22 . prepares and implements the risk management plan. 4. media people and various govt.The number of people involved in organizing an event depends upon the size and scale of the event. sponsors. While organizing a small party may require only one or two people. He is responsible for procurement management and resource management. 2. at-event and post-event. target audience.

He is responsible for procurement management and resource manage ment. 6. prepares and implements the risk management plan. He does procurement management and resource management. 23 . (risks related to security like stampede. booths and kiosks. He is responsible for formulating. seating arrangement. walkways and parking lots b. partners. sponsors. He does procurement management and resource management.) 5) Securit Manager He has following responsibilities: 1. brawl etc) 6) Infrastructure Manager He has following responsibilities: 1. counters. how to protect delegates.e. 5. Responsible for custom clearances and other clearances. (risks related to logistic management like cargo theft etc. power rooms. He formulates. stalls. He formulates. Construction of AC/Non AC hangers/ halls. Construction of green rooms. 2. 2. 2. goods and merchandise etc. Cargo Insurance 4. He is expected to move goods and merchandise from one destination to the other in the most efficient manner. stage design/ set up. He is responsible for setting up and dismantling the infrastructure for the whole event like: a. target audience. i. guests. clients. storage rooms. sewage systems. 3. Construction of boundary walls. toilets. organizers. preparing and implementing t he security plan and strategies. staff rooms. c. service providers.1. Responsible for warehousing of cargo 3. entrance and exit gates. prepares and implements the risk management plan. driveways.

power failure etc) SWOT ANAL SIS IN EVENT PLANNING Products/Services Researc If you are organizing a corporate event then it is necessary for you as an event manager to do research of the products/ services promoted and sold by your corporate client. y . materials. cleanliness). He formulates. He is responsible for conservancy (i.Find out how the company promotes its products 24 . e.d.e. water and phone connections. prepares and implements the risk management plan. (risks related to infrastructure management like sudden shortage of workers. 3. He is responsible for setting up electricity.

: social loafing.g. lack of media and corporate contacts etc.What are the advantages and disadvantages of the product in comparison to competitors' products? All this research will later help you in making an effecting promotional campaign for your corporate event. weaknesses. y SWOT ANAL SIS In SWOT Analysis: 'S' 'W' 'O' 'T' stands stands stands stands for Strengths for Weaknesses for Opportunities for Threats It is a strategic planning tool which is used to identify and analyze the strengths.Who are the customers of the product? y . For e. excellent PR. For e. low energy level. good market share etc. inexperienced event team.. opportunities and threats involved in your project. lack of funds. STRENGTHS: These are the attributes of your project/organization which are helpful in achieving project's objectives. OPPORTUNITIES: These are those external factors which are helpful in achieving the project's 25 . WEAKNESSES: These are those attributes of your project/organization which are harmful in achieving project's objectives. high motivation level.: experienced event team.How the company wants to build/enhance the image associated with its product (also known as the brand image)? y . SWOT analysis can also be done on your organization.g.What is the market value and market share of the company and its products? y .What are the features of the product? y .

availability of the state of t he art infrastructure etc. It is very important that you conduct SWOT analysis before developing an event plan to develop a strategy which maximizes the potential of strengths and opportunities of your project and at the same time. unav ailability of raw material etc.g. support from the local authorities. little or no support from local authorities. poor infrastructure. minimizes the impact of the weaknesses and threats.objectives. THREATS These are those external factors which are harmful in achieving the project s objectives.: high competition. bad weather. high lab our rate. favorable economic conditions.: little competition. For e.g. EVENT EVALUATION Steps Involved in Writing the Evaluation of an Event 26 . For e.

Q2) what do you like most in the event? 27 . then no matter how much people enjoyed the event or how much popularity your event got. Event evaluation should be done immediately after the event is over or the next day. Step 2: Get feedback from your clients and target audience One good way of getting feedback is through feedback form. You can ask following questions in your feedback form: Q1) Did you enjoy the event? If no. as people are generally reluctant to give any feedback in writing. To get feedback from target audience/ guests. Conduct a meeting with your team members to evaluate your event. the next time you organize an event. it is a complete failure on a commercial level. to remove exhibits from the facility. make the feedback form part of your Exit pass form.Event evaluation is necessary to make you and your team more efficient and effective. make feedback form part of your gift voucher. These tactics are required to get feedback. The exit pass form is required to get exit pass for security clearance. then please state the reason. Step 1: Determine the extent to which event and advertising objectives have been achieved If you are not able to achieve your event and advertising objectives through your event. To make sure that your clients give you feedback. It is all about finding your mistakes and learning from them. A guest can redeem the gift voucher only when he/she fills the feedback form and give it back to an attendant.

poor Catering: Excellent. poor Management staff services: Excellent. good. poor Excellent. good. average. poor Transportation: Management staff behavior: Excellent. average. average. average. good. good. good. poor Q7) would you like to participate in our next event? SPECIAL EFFECTS IN EVENTS 1. BALLOON DROP 28 .Q3) what do you like least in the event Q4) what are the problems you faced during the event Q5) what could have been done to make this event better? Q6) How do you rate the various services provided by us (please check one of the option): Hospitality: Excellent. average.

Since this method doesn't use a heater therefore there is no warm up time. blue. 3. yellow. orange etc colors and are available in 7 seconds or 30 seconds duration. The colored smoke produced by these cartridges is not pleasant to breathe and can stain fabrics and materials in the vicinity. By using the colored smoke cartridges. DRY ICE FOG MACHINE This machine creates low lying fog or the ground fog by immersing solid carbon dioxide (i. green. 2.It is a type of special effect in which a bag full of inflated balloons is suspended from the ceiling or truss and then at a particular moment it is opened to release hundreds of balloons. 5. 6. Dry ice fog machine is generally used to cool the fog produced by other fog machines. COLORED SMOKE There are two ways of producing colored smoke: 1. These cartridges can produce smoke in red. 2. inauguration/ closing ceremony or during the celebration. BUBBLE MACHINE 29 . HAZE MACHINE (OR HEATER LESS FOG MACHINE) This machine creates haze (mild mist) by atomizing fog juice. FOG MACHINE This machine creates fog (thick mist) by vaporizing fog juice through a heater . This type of special effect is generally used on the new year's eve. dry ice) in hot wate r or by immersing simple ice cubes in hot fog juice. By washing the smoke with colored lights. 4.e.

whereas non evaporative snow flakes last for few days. The snow flakes produced by the snow machine must be bio-degradable. medium or large snow flakes. we can have small. Foam machine looks like the snow machine. FOAM MACHINE This machine is used to produce foam and is generally used in foam parties. gobos made according to customers' specifications) 30 . It is a stainless steel or glass etched cutout which is placed inside a pattern projector to project desired pattern on walls. ceiling and floor. It can produce hundreds of bubbles per minute. 8.e. Stainless steel gobos 2. SNOW MACHINE This machine is used to produce evaporative or non evaporative snow flakes. 7.i. 9. Si ze of the snow flakes can be adjusted i. Evaporative snow flakes evaporate in 30 seconds to 120 seconds. Colored glass gobos 4. Commercially available gobos (.GOBO Gobo means pattern. gobos available in the market) 5.This machine is used to produce bubbles. non toxic.e. Types of gobos 1. Glass gobos 3. environmental friendly and they should not leave any water stain. 10. Customized gobos (i.e. WIND MACHINE It is a large high powered fan and is used to create illusion of wind. Foam can damage anything that a regular water can. Therefore cover your walls with waterproof cloth and floor with plastic carpets when you are organizing a foam party.

stars. These patterns can be a corporate logo. 12. ceiling and floor. 31 . a three dimensional image without a projection surface. PATTERN PROJECTOR (OR ELLIPSOIDAL PROJECTOR) This projector is used to project patterns on the walls. HOLOGRAPHIC PROJECTOR This projector is used to create a holographic image i. Ltd.e.11. For best result use this projector in a darkened area. is a well established Indian Wedding Planning. graphics etc. It uses gobos for displaying patterns. EVENT MANAGEMENT COMPAN Fun Films & Music Entertainment Pvt. Film Production and Event Management Compan .

Fashion shows and ramp shows organizing services where we provide arrangement of models and other arrangements for the same like venues managemet. laser shows.having graduated in International Marketing with French and Spanish in DCU ± when she learned at 32 . music production. corporate ads and corporate films making sevices. magical shows.Our quality services include all kind of pary planning services. CASE STUDY Like many others. product productions etc. beach weddings. She had been working as a Marketing Executive for Hawaiian Tropic since 2005 . providing complete wedding planner services which include hosting of royal weddings. JulieAnn Relihan decided to give her career a much-needed boost by enrolling in a part time postgraduate course. We are also into film production. As an Event Management company we organize all kind of events whether personal or corporate. award functions hosing etc. decorations etc. road shows. We offer you perfect wedding venues in India with attractive and cost effective honeymoon packages. The services of all types of TV Commercials. audio video productions and radio jingle services. We also provide Artist Management services and can arrange celebrities for your personal or corporate events.

as they can be very beneficial. whether provided by the college or not.¶ She mentions a PR campaign project based on their employer organisation as a prime example of this approach. and why I would recommend it. so it¶s a very practical education that you¶re receiving. is that the backbone of the course is how you would apply what you¶re doing in the classroom out in the real world. and that you¶re willing to put the time and effort into your career.30 to 9. so I needed more ammunition looking for a new job ± especially in Ireland because the marketing and PR sphere here is not big and is very. very competitive.¶ she enthuses. She started a new job in the marketing & PR department of a Dublin -based cosmetics company within two weeks of leaving Hawaiian Tropic.00pm doing the course shows motivation. µAll the staff in the Institute have their own PR jobs outside of lecturing. The course has certainly paid off in terms of JulieAnn¶s career ambitions. This new newfound passion was to inspire her decision to return to education. she says that µit¶s always hard to sit down and study. 33 . Postgraduate courses accredited by professional bodies are generally strongly orientated toward work-based skills. During her time with Hawaiian Tropic. especially when you haven¶t been in that mindset for a few years.¶ So JulieAnn did some research and decided to enrol in the European Institute of Communication¶s (EIC) Postgraduate Diploma in PR with Event Management.¶ Although JulieAnn believes it was easier for her than fellow students with children to carve out the time to study. µI do think having the diploma on my CV and being able to say how I put in two nights¶ a week from 6. µOne of the reasons I did the course was because I knew for six months that I was going to be made redundant. µObviously there is theory and exams but what makes it so good. energy.¶ Thankfully the EIC organised study groups and sessions on the Saturdays leading up to the exams. which was a major attraction for JulieAnn. All part time students should consider taking part in a study group. which is a professional qualification accredited by the PRII (Public Relations Institute of Ireland).the start of 2008 that Hawaiian Tropic would be moving its Irish operation to London in six months¶ time. JulieAnn had developed a keen interest in public relations from dealing with the firm¶s outsourced PR agencies.

writing effective press releases for example. and several other journalists CONCLUSION 34 . but like most part time postgraduate courses. She now applies what she learnt during the course on a regular basis in her current role.Even though she paid the course fee without any funding assistance. JulieAnn believes it was µworth every penny¶. Fellow students on JulieAnn¶s course included a Fine Gael worker. which are attended by ambitious working professionals. Not only that. an RTE reporter. the diploma was a valuable source of potential future contacts.

plan logistics as well as coordinate and execute modalities of an event. Numerous companies host and organize events ranging from small private family dos like weddings or birthday parties to large-scale international events like conferences and events like Asian games.Event management is nothing but a systematic way to create settings and execute properly festivals. and other groups want to hold events to market themselves. Event management typically involves identification of target audience. charitable organizations. Event management companies come into picture when corporates. film festivals that virtually represent the image of a whole country. devising a concept. raise money or celebrate an event. As such for event management companies post-event analysis and ensuring a return on investment is a important driver that keeps the industry afloat. 35 . events and conferences. build business relationships.