Meeting minutes (For the meeting with UNION and Dr.

U Kyaw Soe)
Date & Time : 20.5.11, 11:00 a.m Venue: UNION office Attendances: Dr.Wut Yi Soe & Dr. Zaw Tun Wine

Dr WY met one of the leaders from UNION, Dr.Zaw Tun Wine, for our referral cases after the end of 2011. He said four rules of acceptance for our PDO clients. (1) We, Burnet, have to contact Philip via official email and cc to him as soon as possible (I explained him we also try for R III extension. He said we have to try quickly to know the result from 3 D Fund and reply them, UNION, as soon as possible.) (2) In this email we have to describe our plan and procedure of referral including the ART regimen of our patients and the geographical area of those patients. (3) We also need to inform NAP, Nay Pyi Daw about referral cases after UNION has accepted the referral. (refer our patients to them) (4) We should explain our patients about their services. (He means that UNION only supports ART and OI drugs including cotrimoxazole. UNION doesn t supply other costs such as transportation charges, hospitalization charges, lab expenses and nutrition) -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Date & Time: 20.5.11, 2:30 p.m Venue: NAP team office, Mandalay General Hospital Attendances: Dr. U Kyaw Soe, Divisional NAP Team Leader Dr. Wut Yi Soe, STO, C&S, BI-MM Ko Min Htut Pike, Admin Assistant, BI-MM, Mandalay

Dr. WY also met Dr. U Kyaw Soe in the evening for coordination meeting.

Unfortunately, we cannot hold coordination meeting at 27.5.11 for two reasons. One is Dr.U Kyaw Soe have to sit for Final Part II exam as board person. Second is 3D Fund audit visit to PDO at 27.5.11. Dr. U Kyaw Soe told me if we want to hold the coordination meeting again, we have to inform him 3 0r 4 days before the meeting date. He also said he can t come if we hold the meeting in PDO because there is the official letter of new Divisional Government. In this official letter, they prohibit the holding of meeting or training in religious places. Again, he said if we confirm that we refer our clients to UNION, we have to contact NAP, Nay Pyi Daw. Unless we confirm, we should not inform Nay Pyi Daw. He also tell us to explain our clients about UNION services when referral and to prepare all require documents. Action points for the above meetings y y Need to discuss with 3 D Fund R III by the support of BI head office Also should consider for referral system for joint implementation patients, for both PDO/WJ and Thaton(after confirmation with 3 D R (III))

Prepared By: Dr. Wut Yi Soe STO, C&S, BI-MM

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