Meeting minutes with PDO, HBC and mobile team

Date and time: 26.5.11, 9:00 a.m to 10:00 a.m Venue: Mobile team office, Mandalay Participants: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Agenda y y Discuss some technical Issues Prepare for M&E review Ko Win Naing, PO, PDO Ko Zaw Zaw Naing, Counselor, BI-MM Ko Min Htut Pike, Admin Assistant, BI-MM Dr. Aung Myint Than, T.S, BI-MM Dr. Wut Yi Soe, STO, BI-MM

Summary of meeting y y Ko Win Naing shares the information that 3 D Fund doesn t come to PDO today because their trip plan changes. Dr. Wut Yi discusses;


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Both teams have to update patients files by filling summary sheet, staging update, OI (ongoing, recurrent, new) chat. (It is easily to fill up the files, but try to fill regularly. The update patients files will help all team members to manage clinic when the Medical officers will be out of clinic with any reason, trainings, meetings and advocacy etc ., The patients files also help the doctors form Yangon office to support your team and can also advocate authorities if need. Moreover, it can also be helpful to extend 3 D R III.) Both teams face the problem of 3 D R III exit. (Need help from head office) Dr. Wut Yi also asks for death summary on ART cases for clinical purpose. She also requests to collect all death files in one big file to check clearly. Dr. Wut Yi also shares UNION information. Dr. Aung Myint Than feel worry about exit and he said we, BI team and PDO team, have to make strategy for 3 D RIII exit.


For M&E review, Dr. Wut Yi advises to prepare power point slides with the topics of current technical issues, solving mechanism and sustainability.

Action: y y Dr. AMT said he will tell Dr. Myint Khine Htay to prepare death summary for ART cases and death summary file. For M&E review, Ko Win Naing , Dr. AMT and Dr.MKH will prepare power point slides for technical review.

Prepared By: Dr. Wut Yi Soe STO, C&S BI-MM

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