Gurgaon(Haryana) -122102

Submitted to: Dr. SADIA SAMAR ALI
Assoc Prof. (OM), Head R&P

Session: - 2010-2012


We hereby declare that our project on the Topic ³A COMPARATIVE STUDY OF

of an original work done by us under the guidance of project supervisor
ASSOCIATED PROFFESER DR. SADIA SAMAR ALI, and this project work has not

performed the basis for the award of any Degree or diploma/fellowship a nd similar project if any. This project was undertaken as a part of academic curric ulum according to the College rules and norms and it has not commercial interest and motive. It is our original work. It is not submitted to any other organization for any o ther purpose.

Date: Place: - Gurgaon(Haryana)


carried out in partial fulfillment for the award of degree of PGDM in JK BUSINESS SCHOOL under my guidance. Signature: Date: .CERTIFICATE OF THE GUIDE This is to certify that the Project Work titled ³A COMPARATIVE STUDY OF CUSTOMER SATISFACTION TOWARDS BAJAJ AND HERO HONDA BIKES IN GURGAON (HARYANA)´ is a bonafide work of Nand Kumar R and Subhojit Karmakar. This project work is original and not submitted earlier for the award of any degree / diploma or associate ship of any other University / Institution.

Govind Hari Singhania. We extended our sincere thanks to all our staff members & librarians .ACKNOWLEDGEMENT It gives us immense pleasure to present this project report on ³A COMPARATIVE STUDY OF CUSTOMER SATISFACTION TOWARDS BAJAJ AND HERO HONDA BIKES IN GURGAON (HARYANA)´ In partial fulfillment of Post-graduate course PGDM. PGDQM. M Sc. Sadia Samar Ali . (Finance) for his support. (PhD. Our deep sense of gratitude goes to our beloved Chairman Sh. MBA.B. T. Lastly we would like to thank our parents. LL. MA (Eco). Duhan. We dedicated our whole hearted thanks to Dr. Past President-Assocham who provided all facilities & necessary encouragement during the course study. Nand Kumar R Subhojit Karmakar (PGDM) . friends and well wishers who encouraged us to do this research work and all those who contributed directly or indirectly in completing this project to whom we are obligated to. valuable advice. encouragement & motivation given to succeed in our endeavours. We extended our gratitude and sincere thanks to our Director Dr.) for her commendable inspiring guidance. DMM. The satisfaction and elation that accompany the successful completion of any task would be incomplete without the mention of the peop le who made it a possibility. Richa Dahiya. (PhD) Head of Department and my guide Dr. PhD. CAIIB.

History of Hero Honda Literature Review Research Methodology I. Research Approach III. Data Source II.TABLE OF CONTENT Sl No. History of Bajaj II. Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Particulars Objectives of the study Introduction I. Sampling Unit Analysis and Interpretation Findings Conclusion & Managerial Implications Bibliography Appendix-Questionnaire Page No. 1 2-5 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 6 7 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 8-13 14 15 15 16-18 .

CHAPTER 1 Objectives of the study y y To analyze the factors of consumer preference for two wheelers To know the important factors of consumer preference for the two brands y y To analyze the customer satisfaction To analyze the most important factors that influence the buying behaviou r of customers for the two wheelers y y To study the behavioural of consumers in motor bikes To know which manufacturer is the best service provider .

1945 Headquarters Key eople Products Revenue Net income Employees Parent ebsite P Mi (M Bi t .CHAP E . I .48 R .42 illi R .A t i ( S$2. 1.000 l j i l A l fi t it i . it 1995.700. B j j A t i I i t i t 29 N ff f t t t t ll 500.67 illi ( S$377. It t t i .043. it t t 100. 12.000t i l fi 1986. I 1977. I 1985. 1960. I 1959. i ( t j t . it t i li l it i l . I t i 1970.11 10. it i l t t it t illi t .I i l . R ji B j j i t . Hi j j P I A t li il M/ B .M Ji i .000 i l i i l lli i t G li i 1945 t t M/ t f I B t i t ll j f i l i l illi l t i ti P i t i it .250 (2006 07 B j jG j j t . it ll i . it ll 100.I i i .

The oldest plant at Akurdi Pune) &D centre ahead. Bajaj Auto now houses the exports automobiles scooters.ear engine Autorickshaw . Its real growth in numbers has come in the last four years after successful introduction of a few models in the motorcycle segment. The Forbes lobal list for the year ranked Bajaj Auto at .Bajaj Saffire . - .Bajaj Sunny .According to the authors of µ lobality¶: ³Competing with Everyone from Everywhere for Everything´.Bajaj Priya .Bajaj Super .Bajaj Classic . The company is headed by Timeline of new releases:                ahul Bajaj who is worth more than US . Bajaj Spirit . Kawasaki Bajaj KB .Bajaj Super Excel . Bajaj Auto is a major Indian vehicle manufacturer. aharashtra. Bajaj has grown operations in countrie s by creating a line of value-for-money bikes targeted to the different preferences of entry-level buyers.Kawasaki Bajaj S Champion .Kawasaki Bajaj Boxer. . scooters and motorcycles. and Over the last decade. billion. ear Engine Diesel Autorickshaw .Bajaj . Kawasaki Bajaj KB .Bajaj Chetak .Eliminator.Under the licence of Piaggio of Italy . makes . Its product range encompasses scooterettes.Kawasaki Bajaj scooter. It is based in Pune. Bajaj Legend. Waluj with plants in Chakan near Aurangabad) and Pantnagar in Uttaranchal. India's first four-stroke   .Vespa . motorcycles and the auto rickshaw. Bajaj Pulsar Caliber. the company has successfully changed its image from a scooter manufacturer to a two wheeler ma nufacturer.Bajaj .Bajaj Stride . Pune) with plants in Chakan Pune).three-wheeler goods carrier .

Bajaj Wave. Suzuki otor Corporation. Bajaj Avenger. Bajaj Pulsar Injection) .Bajaj PulsarOil Cooled). Bajaj Pulsar Bajaj Endura FX -stroke with Wonder ear.. ukand Ltd. We believe in: Transparency a commitment that the business is managed along transparent lines..Caliber . Supervision of the Company's activities by a professionally competent and independent bo ard of directors. Bajaj Auto Holdings Ltd.sport Upgrade of existing DTS-Fi Fuel cc model)   . Piaggio Spa. Bajaj Pulsar DTS-i U IV..Bajaj Platina . Company Perspectives: Our Philosophy: We approach our responsibilities with ambition and resourcefulness. . Bajaj Discover DTS-Si. We respect sound theory and encourage creative experimentation. Bajaj Hindustan Ltd. Bajaj Discover .Bajaj Discover DTS-i . Principal Competitors Honda otor Co. Bajaj Pulsar DTS-i . Bajaj Wind . We organise ourselves for a transparent and harmonious flow of work. aharashtra Scooters Ltd.Bajaj CT Discover DTS-i .Bajaj Pulsar December ) anuary) Bajaj XCD cc . Bajaj Kristal. XCD DTS-Si . Bajaj ew Bajaj Chetak    . Bajaj Pulsar DTS-i U IV. Bajaj Electricals Ltd.  . Principal Subsidiaries Bajaj Auto Finance Ltd. . Ltd ... Disclosure of all relevant financial and non financial information in an easily understood manner. And we make our workplace a source of pride.

. A t it t l l t i .2. t i f l ill it S t it l t f i t t. . .I i P Products Revenue Website M t (J i t M i i S$ 2. l l i I i f t i t i l f i f l ffi i t l f .000 i t f tt M t . it j lf il . 1984 i G l i. t l i i l t ti i t i t i t ti .8 illi i t l At t t t l l t J i t f t t t i t it t 3 illi i i l i 3.2 History of Hero Honda ype Industry Founded Headquarters Key people P A t J N B ij li ti 19.S . t t ll it 26% t t i t i t 1980 . I i lM i iN M j l (M l . I 2010. G (1984±2010 iliti l i t i t t t l I t l i . t j l( i i t & i E t . t i it t 26 f . M . A j i t t li j l f t t i il t t t 1984 t M j l t t l t f G t i fl M t i M t i it i t t I i .

growth of . The company has been continuously investing in brand building utilizing not on ly the new product launch and new campaign launch opportunities but also through innovative marketing initiatives revolving around cricket.arch . per growth of % or s. Hero Honda believes that the fastest way to turn that dream into a reality is by remaining focused on that vision. These comprise a mix of authorized dealerships. percent EPS of s. Hero Honda was the title sponsor of the Hero Honda FIH Hockey World Cup that was played in Delhi during Feb . %. percent et profit after tax at s. per share on face valu e of each share of cent Final dividend of s. EBIDTA margin for the year . The company's growth in the two wheeler market in India is the result of an intrinsic ability to increase reach in new geographies and growth markets. Hero Honda also partners the Commonwealth ames Delhi . . . .Hero Honda has been actively promoting various sports such as hockey. powere d by Hero Honda. Herohonda Products : y y y y y y y y y y y y Hero Honda CD-dawn Hero Honda CD-Deluxe Hero Honda Splendor Plus Hero Honda Splendor X Hero Honda Passion Plus Hero Honda Super Splendor Hero Honda lamour Hero Honda Achiever Hero Honda CBZ Xtreme Hero Honda Hunk Hero Honda Karizma Hero Honda Pleasure . This vision was driven by Hero Honda¶s commitment to customer. quality and excellence. maintaining the highest standards of ethics and societal responsibilities.has a customer loyalty program since Program. growth of . . Crores. two-wheelers. . growth of . Hero Honda's customer touch extensive sales and service networ k now spans close to points.called the Hero Honda Passport the vision of a mobile and an The Hero Honda story began with a simple vision empowered India. . Service & Spare Parts outlets. Crores. and while doing so. . cricket and golf. Total unit sales of . entertainment and ground level activation. percent.Total net operating income of s. and dealer-appointed outlets across the country.

where. Fuel efficiency. Literature review Once the problem is formulated. . And Kassarjian Haroldh . ‡ Schiffman. when they buy it.CHAPTER 3 3.C . Buying behaviour may be viewed as an orderly process hereby individual interacts with his environment for the purpose of making market decision on products and services. . whey they buy it. when. the researcher has to undertake an extensive literature survey related to problem.A business is based on understanding the amoria C.Study of the customer behaviour is the study of how individuals make decisions to spend their available resources Time. how and from whom to purchase goods and services. and amoria Satish .The success of the firm will be determined by how effective it has been in meeting the diverse customer needs and wants by treating each customer as unique and offering products and services to suit his/her needs.Consumer behaviour is the process customer and providing the kind of products that the customer wants. how often they buy it and how often they use it. ‡ Bennett Peter.College going student on the basisof Price. . Style and comfort name .B and Dr. . where they buy it . Leon and kanuk lazare Leslie . where by individuals decide what. Brand.A great deal of research activity in marketing is design to shed light on the customer decision process.D. ‡ air Suja. The research project was to know theCustomer preferences and customer satisfactionwith regard to specific brands of bikes HO DA and BA A ) under cc category between the age group of . The primary purpose for the study consumer behaviour as apart of marketing curriculum is to understand how and how customers make their purchase decisions. ‡ ‡ upta. air. oney and Efforts) on consumption related items.B. . The literature survey und ertaken here includes books and different websites from the internet. It includes the study what they buy. ajan . There insights enable marketers to design more effective marketing strategies.

Secondary data has been taken from internet. The Sampling Technique is on-Probabilistically and Convenience Sampling. 4. 4. After going through the demand of the problem .CHAPTER 4 4.2 Research approach The research approach was used survey method which is a widely used method for data collection and best suited for descriptive type of research survey includes research instrument like questionnaire which can be structured and unstructured. Secondary data are the data which are already available or collected by some one and which has been already passed through statistical processes. . major emphasis of which was gathering new ideas or insight so as to determine and bind out solution to the problems. newspaper. magazines and companies web sites. and thus happen to be original in character. Primary data is the data which is collected for the first time. This research was carried in urgaon Haryana). Choose for investigation because a problem well defined is half solved. Primary Data was crucial to know various customers and past consumer views about bikes and to analyze which is the most preferred and satisfying brand among the two brands. That was the reason that at most care was taken while defining various parameters of the problem. objectives were selected and the set on the base of these objectives a questionnaire was designed. respondents were taken into consideration for the Data comp ilation and Analysis After the collection of data. Research methodology It is well known fact that the most important step in marketing research process is to define the problem. They are also known as first hand data . 4. tabulation is done and findings of the project is presented followed by analysis and interpretation to reach certain conclusions. Target population is well identified and vario us methods like personal interviews and telephone interviews are employed. Descriptive esearch Design is the esearch Design which is used by us in this project report.3 Sampling unit It gives the target population that will be sampled.1 Data source The esearch includes gathering of both Primary as well as Secondary data.

CHAP ER . Analysis and Interpretation 1. i ? 100 Yes No I t i 2. t ti i i : All t Bi 100 ? t t i t i ti 4 51 hero honda bajaj 45 other I t t ti : t f t 100 i B j j 4 ft t 51 i t i il 45 .

3. t ti : i i i i t f 100 t t i t f f t f t t ft il t t f f l B j j t? 7 15 3 10 30000-40000 40000-50000 35 50000-60000 60000-70000 30 70000-80000 >90000 t ti I t 50000 : 35% f t 3% f t f t i i f i t i f 90000 40000 ¤ ££ 15 pa i n ¢ ¡     25 pl nd r . i M l ? 10 4 karizma £ 20 20 6 pul ar di c v r ct100 th r ¡   ¢ ¡ ¢ I t l 4.

i f f lf 10 35 100 cc 25 150 cc 200 cc > 200 cc 30 I t t ti : f t i i i t t 35% f t f t t 200 i f 100 i 10% f t 6. 23 ¥ 0 newspapers 16 magazines TV Friends/Relatives 21 I t fi t ti . : 40% f t t ti i V t t t t t tt i i f tt i t i i f .5.

t t f t i ti t t il i t l ? Sales 11 Di 24 28 unt rat 16 EMI  R al valu All wan      Oth r 21 I t i t 8.7. t ti : A t i t t il 28% f t ll t 11% f t t t t ti EMI t l t l f t i t Sales  30 15 I t i t ti :M t ft t f t t t f i t t f t t it i il t © ¨ © 30 all th ab v l  r al valu       al  pri ¦© © 5 f atur rvi ©  ¨§¦  .

ill f t i if it i i 38 yes no 62 I t t ti if t : i l t f 100 t t 62% f t il t t ill Bi ? ill t t i f i t i 10.9. Sale  22 0 0-1 year 1-2 years  2-3 years >3 years 31 I t t t ti t : 40% f t it f l t t 3 t i i f t 3 il .

A ti fi it t f ft i t t tl i Sales 10 12 yes  n 78 can't say I t f t ti : t f 100 ft i i il t 78% f t t ft ti ll ti fi ti fi it t t ti fi .11. .

It has been observed that in Hero Honda the mileage of the bikes and the value that it adds to the status symbol of the customers influences the decision making criteria of most of the customers. And at the fourth level they give points to features and qualiy. not agree to this fact. While majority of the customers of Bajaj are ready to change their bikes if new bike provides some good features to them at a low price. In Bajaj bikes customers gets more influenced by the price and quality of the bike and also th ey think that it adds value to their prestige. relatives and advertisements while of Bajaj the awareness comes from newspapers and televisions. At last they rate maintenance. Out of the sample size of customers. Karizma and other bikes are comparatively low. Out of the sample size of customers. In Bajaj the customer s are giving more preference to Discover and Pulsar models. At the third level they rate mileage. It is observed that most of the customers are having full knowledge of the bike before purchasing . At the second level they give their rating to the look and design . Findings During this research project we came in to contact with many customers who are having bikes. customers agree with the fact that advertisements play a very significant role in influencing their behavior to choo se the bike. . It has been observed that these bikes fall in the income group of the customers are using their bikes mostly for official and person al purpose. customers say that they are satisfied with the performance of their bikes while customers are not satisfied with the performance of the bikes customers are unable to say that they are having. It is observed that the customers of Hero Honda bikes are not ready to change their bikes even if a new bike comes in with good features. While the remaining anything. While remaining When the customers are asked that are t hey satisfied with the performance of thei r bikes then most of them gave a positive reply to the fact. It has been found that in Hero Honda mostly the customers are having splendor while the ratio of the customers using Passion. It is observed that in rating of different features of different bikes people give maximum rating to the price and brand image of the bike. The maximum numbers of customers that are using . On the other hand customers do customers are not sure about it.CHAPTER 6 6. It is observed that the awareness of Hero Honda bikes mostly comes from friends.

Bajaj should introduce some more models having more engine power.google. . ost of the bikes like Flame. 7.com . . economy is the main consideration in form of maintenance cost. CBZ & Karizma are purchased by youngsters ranging from 18 to years because they prefer stylish looks and designs and rest of the models of Hero Honda and Bajaj are purchased by daily users who need more mileage giving bikes than looks. While buying a motorcycle..2 Managerial Implications 1. CHAPTER 8 8. They should also introduce some good finance/discount schemes for students as most of the customers for both the brands are the youngesters . fuel efficiency etc. Pulsar.herohonda. ore service centers for both the brands should be opened . . www. www. Service & Spare parts are available in all over India for both the brands . .bajaj.extrememachines. Apache. . The price should be also economic. ajority of the respondent uses their motorcycle for more than years.twowheeler. .com .com . Hero Honda is considered to be most fuel-efficient bike on Indian roads. www.1 Conclusion 1. .com . Bibliography 1. . aintenance cost and the availability of the spare parts should also be given due importance. .CHAPTER 7 7. www. www. Hero Honda should think about fuel efficiency in case of upper segment bikes.com .

Appendix. 50000. Which Bike do you have Hero Honda .CHAPTER 9 9.0000 . Which price range do you prefer most 1. Do you own a bike Yes o .5 Years Above Years OCCUPATIO :- Businessman Student Employee Other Female E DE ale 1. Which odel do you have Bajaj CT 100 Discover Pulsar Other Bajaj Any Other Hero Honda Splendor Passion Karizma Other . ore than 0000 .0000 5. 0000-80000 . 0000-50000 . 0000. 0000.0000 .Questionnaire A E :- 15 5 Years Years .

ate the following factors in a bike on the scale 1 . esale value . 100 CC . 150 CC . Others 8. Why do you prefer this brand over other brand 1. agazines .E I . based on your preference S . TV . Sales Service . 1 Where 1 is least preferred and most preferred. esale Value 5. Internet . ore than 00 CC . 00 CC . How much CC bike do you prefer for yourself 1. Features .5. Allowances 5. Discount rate . Price . All the above . From where do you come to know about your bike 1. 1 5 Factor Price Fuel efficiency Performance Safety & comfort 5 Design & style Brand value After sales service and support ..) Tick mark. ewspapers . What are the factors which motivate you most while purchasing a two wheeler 1.

Are you satisfied with the performance of the bike that you are currently having Yes o Can¶t say .year .year . above years 12. Will you prefer any other bike if its price is reduced Yes o 11. .10. 1. 0-1 year . For how long do you own a Bike 1.

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