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Generate iDoc from the Payment program (F110)

Sometimes you are requested to setup the Payment program such that iDoc' s are generated by it. This is the case usually when the customer must send their payment file(s) to one of their banks via an EDI link. Below you will find the steps to help you set this up: 1. Via TCode FBZP, define a Payment Method that allows EDI (table T042Z). This payment method must be using program RFFOEDI1. 2. Define the customer s House Bank that will be used for the payments and assign an EDI Partner Nr. to it. Trans. Code FI12 -> look under EDI Partner Profiles Create a Partner Profile of Partner Type "B" (Bank) (Note: some banks require a specific name or number for the EDI Partner nr. If that is the case, the Bank should let you know and you will need to update the Partner Nr. accordingly). 3. Via TCode WE20, assign the following Message Types(or only those that you need) to the Partner Profile. EUPEXR PAYEXT ISU_REMADV CREADV DEBADV DIRDEB PAYEXT REMADV 4. Check the Receiver Port if necessary. A Basis consultant should help you in this step. 5. Check that the EDI Payment Method you defined is assigned to the relevant House Bank. You can do this Via TCode FI12 -> EDI Partner Profiles -> click on button EDI-compatible payment methods. 6. Via TCode SA38, define a Variant for the IDoc generation program RFFOEDI1 Select: Paying/Sending Company Codes EDI-relevant payment method(s) House bank(s) In the Print Control, select "Generate SAP IDoc" 7. Via TCode FI02, check that the Bank Nr. and the SWIFT Code is maintained for the relevant House Bank. 8. On your Vendor master data, check the EDI-relevant payment method and the bank Data are maintained.

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That was it! You are now ready for testing: Run the Payment program; once the payments are posted correctly, click on the "Printout/Data Medium" tab to execute the program RFFOEDI1 and generate the payment IDocs. View the IDoc number(s) by clicking on Additional Log. You can also use TCode WE02 to display the IDocs.

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