What is the purpose of CMP?

 2 apply, they both start with provide integrated message prep  Regarding CMP message addressing, which of these statements are true? Click all that apply.  2 are true. Both mi DDVS..COMMPOWER NREMS & DPVS ACP126 Legacy Systems  Choose the statement that best describes the Choose-Your-Own Path course navigation? Click all that apply.  Commpower goes with Commpower, ACP goes with ACP  When will you contact TMS to submit a trouble ticket? Click all that apply.  When the issue relates to functionality . AND When you are outside the purview .  CMP enables message drafters to do what?  Prepare, edit, validate, and send .  If you will be drafting messages from a non-networked workstation, then how do you obtain the CMP software?  Download the CMP software from the website  Matching Question  CommPower-DDVS & NREMS  ACP-DPVS&Legacy  Click the correct path  ACP goes with ACP  Commpower goes with Commpower  Choose the statement that best describes the operational concept of USMTF.  USMTF provides rules, construction, and voc ..  Which of these are components of USMTF message text? Click all that apply.  Field, Set, Free Text Set  Choose the statement that best describes the purpose of USMTF.  Provide message standardization for information exchange  What are the three components of a USMTF message? Click all that apply.  Heading, Text, Ending  ***Must zoom out using the zoom out icon in the lower right corner to use all the icons and advance  Choose the statement that best describes the CMP Admin Tool.  configure based on your specific requirements  Using the interface provided, perform the steps to identify the current CMP version.  Help>about>OK  Choose the statements that best describe the function of the Header tab when configuring the CMP Admin Tool for DDVS addressing. Click all that apply.  Allows you to configure DDVS, Allows you to edit header settings  Choose the statement that best describes the purpose of the Outbound tab.  Establish a list of commonly used .  Using the interface provided, perform the steps to configure the DDVS download settings. For this exercise, the correct Secure HTTP URL for the DDVS update host location has already been established.

perform the steps to begin the process to establish a list of commonly used CMP message templates.  Edit default header baseline button>change first and last dropdowns on the right side to commpower>ok  Using the interface provided. second change to commpower. select OK  . click properties button. first dropdown change to MIL-STD .  Click Outbound header tab>select the only button in the header  Using the interface provided. Click the Header tab>DDVS download button>select HTTP radio button>OK  Using the interface provided. new menu appears. perform the steps to edit the CommPower default message header settings. perform the steps to configure the CommPower Baseline and Header Type for the OPREP-3 Navy Blue message template.  Click on navy blue message in the bottom list.

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