1. MRCP: – Left hepatic duct, Common bile duct, Main pancreatic duct, Stomach, Second part of duodenum. 2.

MRI T2 midline sagittal brain: – Third ventricle, Optic chiasm, Soft palate, Posterior arch of atlas, __?__. 3. MRI T2 axial brain: - Right caudate nucleus, Left external capsule, ? Vein of Galen / ? Inferior sagittal sinus, Left ACA (A2 segment), Genu of corpus callosum. 4. MRI elbow sagittal PD FS: - Olecranon process of ulna, Coronoid process of ulna, Trochlea of humerus, Triceps tendon, Brachialis muscle. 5. Coronal T1 MRI: - Descending thoracic aorta, Right crus of diaphragm, Azygous vein, Hemiazygous vein, __?__. 6. Axial CT Chest contrast: - Right major fissure, Right middle lobar bronchus, Right lower lobar bronchus, Left atrium, Aortic root. 7. Axial CT Mediastinum contrast: - Left brachiochephalic vein, Left common carotid artery, ? Aberrant right subclavian artery, ___?____, ___?___. 8. Coronal reformatted CT angiogram image of neck: - Left internal carotid artery (cervical segment), Right vertebral artery, Right internal mammary artery, Left thyrocervical trunk, Right common carotid artery, 9. CT coronal magnified view of cranio-vertebral junction: - Dens, Bifid spinous process of C2, Basi-occiput, Right mastoid, Left lateral mass of atlas. 10. CT axial section at L4-5 level (Bone window): - L4-5 intervertebral disc, Superior articular facet of L5, Inferior articular facet of L4, Left psoas muscle, Which nerve root is exiting in the right neural foramen at this level – Answer – Right L4. 11. CT Sagittal reformatted image of abdomen and pelvis (soft tissue window): - L2-3 neural foramen, Urinary bladder, Uterus, Pubic bone, Inferior vena cava. 12. CT coronal reformatted image of abdomen and pelvis (Soft tissue window): Right iliacus muscle, Right gluteus medius muscle, Superior mesenteric vein, Spleen. ___?___. 13. X-ray abdomen: – Rectal shadow, Left kidney, Which is the fascia investing the organ labeled “B” (left kidney) – Answer – Gerota’s and Zukerkandl fascia, ? Stomach, Right transverse process of L2. 14. BMFT: - Greater curvature aspect of gastric fundus, duodenal bulb, third part of duodenum, Proximal jejunal loops, Incisura angularis. 15. CXR PA: - Trachea, Right atrial heart border, Left ventricle border, ? SVC border, ? Hair shadow (artifact in the soft tissue planes of right neck). 16. Lateral CXR: - Right hemidiaphragms, Right major fissure, Right Clavicle, ? Right ventricular outflow tract, Manubrium sternum. 17. X-ray foot AP and oblique views – Right side: Intermediate cuneiform (right side), Navicular bone (right side), Talonavicular joint (right side), Cuboid (Right side), Distal fibula (Right side). 18. X-ray Wrist AP: - Lunate bone, Hook of hamate, Triquetrum, Trapezium, ____?____.

X-ray Shoulder (Axial view): Clavicle. Superior rim of left orbit. Sagittal suture. glenoid fossa. Lateral end of clavicle. 20.19. Left lambdoid suture. Right coronal suture. X-ray skull (Towne’s view): Left superior orbital fissure. coracoid process. 45020496 . Humeral head.

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