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Addendum No. 4


July 8, 2011

Bid Number: BLZ1120 Bid Title: Naming Rights Elm Fork Athletic Complex Bid Due Date and Time: July 13, 2011 2:00 PM ACTION: Post M/WBE List; pre-proposal attendance sheet; answer vendor questions (see page 2, below).
Specifications state that Phase 1 will include 16 of the 20 fields; that number has been increased to 19 of the 20 fields.

NOTE: A sample contract has not been provided to date; however, the awarded vendor will be required to sign a contract prior to award by City Council. The sample contract will be attached to the solicitation as soon as possible.

Vendors are encouraged to view the solicitation frequently in the event changes are made to the solicitation. If there are any questions pertaining to this addendum, please contact the Buyer: Sandy Baxter at (214) 670-3446 or .


Rev. 1 - 3/25/10 Doc#BDPS-FRM-115


Addendum Question: How did the City arrive at the $10 million gross revenue figure listed in the RFP? Response: This figure would allow the City to complete the Phase 2 build-out of the master plan, primarily, the construction of the championship field and supporting facilities. Question: Has a formal evaluation of assets, etc., for the location been made? Response: No; the complex has not been built, so there are no current assets. Construction is scheduled to commence in August. Question: How would it be handled if the contract is for 2 years, with 1 one-year extension option, and the vendor makes a 5 or 10 year deal with the sponsor? Response: The vendor would receive commission for what is brought in, regardless of the term over which it is paid. Question: Is the vendor responsible for all sponsorships, tiers, etc.? Response: Yes, the vendor would be responsible for all naming rights and sponsorships for this complex. Question: Have any events been secured at this time? Response: No; however, Dallas Convention and Visitor Bureau will work diligently with the operator/manager of the complex to secure regional, national and international events and tournaments. Question: Is the vendor responsible for all programming also? Response: No, either an operations/management contractor will be engaged or the responsibilities will be handled by the Park Department. Question: Who will be responsible for booking of soccer fields, etc.? Response: The operations/management team overseeing this project. Question: Is this addressed in the RFP? Response: No. Vendor comment: the infrastructure, shows, etc must be tied to the program manager. City comment: Vendor will assume there will be a marketing plan to work hand-in-hand with the awarded vendor. Question: Why weren’t this RFP and the “citywide” marketing income program combined? Response: The City felt it would be better served if this were a stand alone project. Question: Will this cause a conflict of interest? Response: No. Question: Will a vendor be eligible if there are no local or regional customer references? Response: The vendor will not be excluded because they have no local or regional customers. The specifications ask vendors to provide “…a local presence either through a local office or through the presence of a local representative.” (continued)

Rev. 1 - 3/25/10 Doc#BDPS-FRM-115


Addendum Question: Will concession distribution be by vending machines or will kitchens be available? Response: Phase 1 provides for vending machines at three satellite pavilions with room for concession trailers. Phase 2 will provide permanent concession facilities at the championship field Question: Will the awarded vendor be required to use the City’s contract for food and beverage vending concessions? Response: Yes, for beverages only. Question: For this type of service the vendor is typically paid a retainer fee plus commission on revenue. The specifications state that the City will pay on a commission-only basis (no retainer fees). This puts a hardship on the awarded vendor because they may experience 12-18 months of expenses without generating revenue. It may also adversely affect the quality of vendor the City attracts. Response: The City will consider alternate payment structures. Please offer a commission rate based on the current specification requirements, but also offer other payment structure(s) as an alternative. Question: What is the time frame for appointing a project manager for the complex? Response: The Park Department will be issuing an RFQ for a private/non-profit operations/ management firm this summer. It is anticipated that this firm will be selected and under contract in early 2012.”) Question: Does the Championship Field provide for bleacher or bench seating? Response: The Championship field at this preliminary phase has seating for approximately 5,000 spectators. There are bleacher style seating on the east and west sides with open platform seating on the north side which could be expanded. Question: What type of irrigation is system will be installed? Response: Conventional irrigation system. Question: Can a vendor offer a different amount than the $10 million as stated in the RFP? Response: Yes; however, cost scoring will be based on the $10 million figure. Question: Will the presentation shown in this pre-proposal meeting available? Response: The presentation will be available at

Rev. 1 - 3/25/10 Doc#BDPS-FRM-115


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