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We know that if there are multiple instances with same visible key, rule resolution

algorithm determines which one to return. If I want to explicitly specify the version I want (i.e. keeping the rule resolution algorithm aside), which of the following method

need to be used? Obj-Open






shape can be used to process an event driven


____________________ override to a normal, sequential processing of a flow.

Ans: Ticket Expl: Tickets support exception processing in a flow, providing an event-driven override to normal sequential processing

. In describing class inheritance in PegaRULES Process Commander, which of the following statements is false?

  • a) Directed inheritance causes a class to inherit characteristics directly from

the specified parent class, regardless of any defined pattern inheritance.

  • b) Pattern inheritance causes a class to inherit characteristics from classes

that it resembles, moving up the pattern class hierarchy.

  • c) In pattern inheritance dashes are the delimiters for pattern matching.

  • d) The developer must specify pattern inheritance; directed inheritance is

optional and if specified, takes precedence . List four standard PegaRULES Process Commander attachment types.


  • 1. Data-WorkAttach-File

  • 2. Data-WorkAttach-Note

  • 3. Data-WorkAttach-URL

  • 4. Data-WorkAttach-ScreenShot

  • 5. Data-WorkAttach-ScannedDocuments

In the tracer, for Break Even Point, we can check for the following conditions ( select 3)

a) Warn
  • b) SOAP Exception

  • c) Fail

  • d) Java Exception

  • e) Status

In the tracer, for Break Even Point, we can check for the following conditions ( select 3)

f) Warn
  • g) SOAP Exception

  • h) Fail

  • i) Java Exception

  • j) Status

If the WorkParty rule contains options as shown below, which of the following fields will be displayed on the User Interface screen

In the tracer, for Break Even Point, we can check for the following conditions ( select
  • k) Customer

  • l) Customer, Reviewer, Integrator

  • m) Customer, Integrator

  • n) Reviewer, Integrator

The Access Role of an user is defined in which of the following forms

  • o) Data-Admin-Operator-ID

  • p) Data-Admin-Operator-AccessGroup

  • q) Data-Admin-DB-ClassGroup

  • r) Data-Admin-DB-Operator

I got nearly 3 to 4 questions on dis diagram … select or local list) ..
I got nearly 3 to 4 questions on dis diagram …
select or local list)
choose what(like….promt

Standard attachment types in PRPC include all of the following except:










Scanned document

You have to grade the marks according to the following rule marks>75 Return Grade A marks>65 and <75 Return Grade b marks<65 Return Grade C. Which of the following rule you should use?(select three)


map value decision tree decision table
map value
decision tree
decision table




when condition

Does Rule-Obj-HTML comes under Rule resolution





what are the types of Correspondence (select 3)

(a) Email (b) Fax (c) HTML (d) Phone Text
Phone Text

2 to 3 questions from… Guardrail’s

Select the possible guard rails

  • a) Flow should not contain 15 sub flows

  • b) We should create properties as and when needed and update the status

  • c) Limit custom java

  • d) Use the standard flow action as a place holder instead of creating a new one

. Examination questions if answered 90-100 Grade A, 70-90 Grade B, 50 -70

Grade C. What are the possible rules which can be used to achieve this (Choose Three)

  • e) Decision Table

  • f) Map value

  • g) When

  • h) Declarative Expression

. Which rule is used to avoid access to certain functionality? Operator


Rule Set Class . Flow shape is given and asked to find what are the options it has if it is a

Different flow


Current work item only


Embedded Page only


Another work item only


Embedded Page, Current item, another work item

Identify standard local actions






While creating a work object if we want to have predefined data dynamically What is used.




New Default

Initialize . The reuse architecture is used in: (choose three)


Conception Phase


Elaboration Phase


In the begin of Construction Phase.


Transition phase.

In the New Manager portal, if the manager wants to select his rule then what would he


  • a. My rules

  • b. My Business rules

  • c. My Application Rule

  • d. Business Rules

. Which will be used to Generated work Object ID in New Release?

  • a. Work- ObjectID

  • b. Work- GenerateID

  • c. Work – Object

  • d. Work – New

What is UML?

In which Release who Build Custom Reports

  • a. Release 1

  • b. Release 2

  • c. Release 3

  • a. You cannot add smart shapes

  • b. You cannot run the Flow

  • c. It is not visible to Rule resolution

  • d. You cannot create Work Objects

Reports can be created for these classes:



. What is Transition activity used for? A transition is a true-false test, evaluated during activity execution that determines whether the flow of control in an activity continues with the next numbered step

  • 1. What is true about Embedded Pages? (Choose Two)

    • a. They are Top level Pages

    • b. They can contain details of work object

    • c. They are inherited from Data- and work –

    • d. They are not top level Pages

  • 2. What are following things we enter through Advanced Application


(Choose 2)

  • a. Business Purpose

  • b. Work Id Prefix

  • c. Ruleset Versions

  • d. Application rule

Which of the following list contains the elements required to connect the database and

fetch data from it?

  • a. Database, database table, Connect SQL, activity.

  • b. Connect SQL, activity.

  • c. Only activity.

  • d. Database, Connect SQL, Activity

All classes except @baseclass must have direct inheritance. (True/False). What is true about concrete classes: (choose 2)

  • a. Can create instances of concrete classes

  • b. Must have patterns & direct inheritance

  • c. Must have direct inheritance, need not have pattern inheritance

  • d. Need not have either pattern or direct inheritance