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I was asked to send some information in regards to a wonderful gift I receive every summer. It is a gift to me, that I have the privilege of working with many children and some adults in the water. I hope you will find the following information helpful to you. I am a Certified Water Safety Instructor, a Certified FA/CPR/AED Instructor and Authorized Provider for American Red Cross, a Certified Lifeguard that actually may have expired again. I have also helped coach USA Swim Teams. I have been teaching swimming lessons since the summer of 2003. This opportunity was brought into my life completely from God. I never dreamed of doing what I do and did not have this in my future plans. However, my plans were exactly that, mine. God had other plans for me and I am so thankful to Him. I know this request wasn·t for me to send my life story however, how it all began and God·s work is just too exciting to leave out. My husband and I (his lil· pure country girl) were driving in the pasture checking the cows one time. It was spring and getting hot already. I had two little ones about 2 ½ and about 5 yrs old. As we were checking cows, I thought oh now is the time I should ask him (my husband, David). So I did. ´David, do you think we could get one of those little plastic swimming pools at Wal Mart that have the slide in them; I think they are like $27.99?µ David proceeded to say, ´Well ---´. I was thinking, ¶Oh crud his is going to say no, we don·t have the money.· Well, David proceeded to finish what he had to say so very slowly. ´Well ---- why don·t you just see about getting an in ground pool.µ Holy Cow, I couldn·t believe my ears. Well I didn·t let no time pass I got on the phone immediately. In a few short months we had a pool. You see God had a plan for my life and a gift he had already started placing in me which I had no idea about. The plan consisted of me becoming a water safety instructor so that I could meet many different children. God had a plan to show me His wonderful creation and for me to have an up close and personal understanding of the verse ´For I am fearfully and wonderfully made.µ Psalm 139:14. One of those many wonderful summers was when my cousin asked if I could work with her son with down syndrome. Of course I did and through them another lady came with three adopted children with special needs. Noah, one of the children touched my life and inspired me even more. I now work with other special need children as well. Some children will learn to swim and some children will never learn to swim. However, they all receive many benefits from their experience in the water. One of the greatest is they can·t wait to come and I can·t wait to see them and share the experiences together. There is something wonderful and magic when we are together in the water.

³For I am fearfully and wonderfully made.´ Psalm 139:14

Testimony: Noah at 7 yr old had not spoken since he was 16 months old. That summer he said 3 words the second week of us swimming together. He may never say them again but He did speak and his mother went Happily Wild on my back porch. Lol Noah at 8yrs learned to be on command in the pool; Noah does nothing on command. You can read stories about Noah·s condition online http://recoveringnoah.blogspot.com/. In Summer 2009, I hosted my first Special Needs Day Camp. ´Splashing for our Saviorµ they all had a blast and all received medals and recognition. Recognition is something they so rightfully deserve. My goal is to continue this camp annually. I do not only work with special need children but with all children and adults. The following links are some great places to see all the courses offered, photos, videos etc. I usually begin signing up in April each year and my first two weeks of June fill rather fast. Please see the following for further information. Thank You Steph

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