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Vol.10 #3 • FALL 2010
for Drag Racing, Oval Track
& High-Performance Street
• Multi-Layered Steel (MLS) exhaust and
header collector gaskets are designed
for extreme cylinder pressures produced
by high horsepower–high compression
turbo-charged, supercharged and nitrous
oxide engines.
• Manufactured from three stainless steel
layers, resists corrosion, will not burn
through or push out and maintains
maximum fastener torque retention.
• Stress formed inner and outer layer
embossments act like springs that
rebound under exhaust flange
clamp load, creating force to
seal excessive exhaust pressure
produced from cylinder heads.
• Withstands different
combinations of cylinder
head (aluminum) and exhaust
header or manifold (steel)
materials, will not deteriorate
from scrubbing action caused
by different expansion rates in
aluminum and steel material.
FALL 2010 • PiM • 3
Table of Contents
Editorial ...................................................................5
Kings & Klassics .......................................................6
Autofest 2010 ...........................................................8
SEMA Show & Shine ..............................................14
Motorcycles ............................................................20
Book Review ...........................................................22
Te World’s Fastest Cadillac ..................................24
Why Land Speed Racing? .......................................35
Product Showcase ...................................................40
Product Showcase ...................................................42
Directory Ads .........................................................44
Reluctant Passenger ...............................................46
Performance in Motion
1100 Te Queensway
Toronto, ON M8Z 1P7
Phone: 416-259-3678
Fax: 416-259-6433
Bob McJannett
Rob McJannett
Tomas Anderson
Joshua Baron-Cohen
Mike Bennett
Leonard Lee
Frank Malfara
Robert Michaelson
Amir Rosenbaum
Leonard F. Slye
with Bonnie Staring
as the Reluctant Passenger
Spike “Te Machine” LaVigne
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know, email us at: moving@
MOTION is published four times a year:
Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. Circula-
tion is 30,000+ (ISSN 1703-8421)
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o| le.|o...:ce l: \o:|o: la|||·||: Ve’.e
:|ce a··. |a·: .·|` • anks for everything Mr. D •
None of this would have been possible without you. •
FALL 2010 • PiM • 5
EPA Treatens to Raise
Ethanol Content in Gasoline
Under pressure from ethanol
producers to raise the ethanol content
in gasoline, the U.S. Environmental
Protection Agency (EPA) could issue a
decision later this month allowing the
use of E15 in late-model cars. It could
permit the use in other cars at a later
date. Te SEMA Action Network
(SAN) opposes the shif from E10 to
E15 due to concerns that the additional
content will harm automobiles of
all ages, including special interest
collector and historic vehicles. To date,
there is a lack of conclusive information
regarding E15’s efect on engines of
diferent model years. In addition to
the potential harm of E15 on engine
components, the EPA has no procedure
in place to ensure misfueling does not
occur or any plan for ensuring regular
gasoline continues to be available for
older vehicles. Te SAN’s concerns are
shared by a number of other industry
Following is the text they suggest all
enthusiasts send to President Obama
and other involved politicos.
“I strongly urge you to stop the EPA
from raising the amount of ethanol in
gasoline from today’s 10 percent (E10)
to 15 percent (E15) – a 50 percent
Te EPA is under pressure from
corporate ethanol supporters to
raise the rates in order to boost sales.
However, scientifc studies have not yet
been completed on concerns that the
added content could harm auto parts.
When ethanol levels are raised, engines
react diferently and in a potentially
dangerous way. Ethanol causes engines
to burn hotter, which could lead to
premature engine and equipment
failure. For newer cars, the “check
engine” light may appear unnecessarily
or too late to avoid costly repairs. If
the EPA approves E15, it will state that
the increased ethanol is only for recent
model cars. However, once a new fuel
mix enters the gasoline supply system,
it will inevitably end up in the wrong
Te EPA should wait until all of the
scientifc research is complete. Tere is
no need for a rush to judgment.”
As Canadian enthusiasts
we should be talking with our
politicians now in the hope of end
running this problem before it rears
its ugly head.
In another vein, congratulations
to the Canadian Street Rod Hall
of Fame Committee for choosing
Windsor’s Frank Wall as this year’s
inductee to the CSRAHoF. An
excellent choice.


Below is the information SEMA is providing to all car enthusiasts in the U.S.
regarding increasing the amount of ethanol in gasoline. While this is currently
a U.S. problem, how long will it be before Canada’s regulators decide this is
something they should do?
Kings & Klassics
6 • PiM • FALL 2010
Te Rockton World’s Fair Grounds, site of one of Ontario’s oldest agricultural fairs, was
also the scene of the third Kings & Klassics car show (and Elvis contest) this July. Cars came
from all over southern Ontario to enjoy the music and the good weather. Here are some shots
from the show. For info on next year’s show, visit: www.kingsandclassics.com. •
Kings & KlassicS
Photos by Frank Malfara
Tis 1950 Chevrolet was straight as an arrow
with loads of genuine GM accessories fom
back in the day.
Great looking 1936 Ford pickup painted in
“Race me Red” really sits right.
e registration
tent saw lots of
action on both days
of the show.
FALL 2010 • PiM • 7
Who says shoeboxes
don’t look great?
Anne and John
Jarvis’ Guelph-based,
louvered and candy-
coloured 1950 Ford
certainly does.
Rare 1951 slant back
Dodge Kingsway
belongs to Rick Dear.
Wally Kent had this
1975 Fiat Spyder out
to enjoy the sunshine.
8 • PiM • FALL 2010
Autofest 2010
August 28, it
seemed as if all
roads led to Oshawa. More
specifcally, all roads led to
Lakeview Park for the 17th
annual Autofest. Te park
was flled to overfowing
with all types, sizes and
styles of enthusiast vehicles.
In fact, over 1,500 cars
were registered during the
twoday event. Tree days
if you include the Friday
welcoming festivities in
downtown Oshawa.
Autofest is a long-term
project of the 26-member
Motor City Car Club. For
the frst 15 years, the original
Autofest events were held
at the GM of ces just south
of the 401. Like all good
events, it expanded steadily
until it outgrew the GM
facility. Tree years ago, the
club moved the Autofest to
Lakeview Park, located on
the shores of Lake Ontario.
Te park ofers a huge
amount of space with lots
Story and Photos by
Leonard Lee
FALL 2010 • PiM • 9
of (surprise!) lake views and
shaded spots particularly
appreciated during the
weekend’s hot weather.
Is Autofest well-known?
Well, the longest distance
an American came was
from Boise, Idaho, and a
Canadian rodder came all
the way from Victoria, B.C.
Why has this event been
so successful? Consider that
the Motor City Car Club
members are extremely
organized, nothing appears
to be lef to chance. Other
than looking at all the cars
and talking with the car
owners, there are loads of
other things to do. Tey
have a large vendor presence,
great food, a two-day silent
auction, the Women’s World
Craf show, a soap box derby
and a poker run. Tere isn’t
enough time to do and see
it all. Plus there are prizes
distributed to the registered
participants, including two
crate engines.
10 • PiM • FALL 2010
Tis year’s event
benefted the Grandview
Children’s Centre. Te
centre is the only outpatient
rehabilitation facility for
children and youth with
special needs in Durham,
and ofers a variety of
programs and services aiding
the children and youth plus
their families, to achieve
their personal best.
Our hats are of to the
Motor City Car Club for a
job well done; you all deserve
a pat on the back for your
eforts. Most important of
all, at 3 pm on the Sunday,
the club presented the
Grandview Children’s
Center, their charity of
choice with a cheque for
$19,547. Congratulations for
a job well done! •
FALL 2010 • PiM • 11
12 • PiM • FALL 2010
1100 The Queensway
Toronto, Ontario
422 Dunlop St. W.
Barrie, Ontario
12 Rutherford Rd. S.
Brampton, Ontario
672 Woolwich Street
Guelph, Ontario
891 Upper James
Hamilton, Ontario
1487 Simcoe St. North
Oshawa, Ontario
4909 Boul. St. Charles
Pierrefonds, Quebec
(514) 626-1866
Call Toll-Free:
SEMA Show & Shine
14 • PiM • FALL 2010
Story & Photos
by: Len Sly
Te photo on the
windshield showed
what Bob Younkin’s
1951 Ford Vicky was
like when he started.
Here is what Bob’s
Vicky looks today.
What a diference!
Pasadena, California was the
destination of the second annual
SEMA Show ‘N Shine car show.
All proceeds from the event went
to beneft ChildHelp and Vic-
tory Junction Gang Camp chari-
ties. Nearly 120 cars of all makes
and models arrived to fll the
show foor.
Show ‘N Shine organizer
Mike Spagnola of Street Scene
Equipment was impressed, and
admittedly a little surprised by
the growth and interest in the
event. “It was completely sold
out,” Spagnola said. “Car show
spaces, vendor slots—totally
SEMA (Specialty Equip-
ment Marketing Association)
held the event on Saturday afer
their Installation banquet. Tey
welcomed new board members
and three people chosen for the
SEMA hall of Fame in 2010:
Chuck Schwartz, Richard Mc-
Mullen and Van Woodell. •
FALL 2010 • PiM • 15
If you had brought
a bag of cash, you
could have driven
this great looking 36
Ford Roadster home
to Canada.
So Cal has its share
of ground pounders
too. Tis 388-inch
Camaro certainly
flled the bill.
Here is a neat idea:
the middle board in
the pickup bed hinged
up to reveal the gas
fller neck.
16 • PiM • FALL 2010
Deeply channeled
1930 Model A coach
was built in Japan
and was loaded with
unusual features.
Straight as an
arrow, this big-block
powered Chevelle sat
Inspired by WWII
aircraf design
and powered by a
fathead Lincoln
V-12, Chip Foose
brought his P32
roadster out
for the event.
He also signed
autographs for
all his many
FALL 2010 • PiM • 17
Under the hood of
“Moonshined,” a
heavily-modifed ‘66
Pontiac GTO packed
with a 428 c.i. big
Look carefully, those
are not carburetors!
Te composite-bodied
AREX featured
600 horsepower and
an extremely stif
chassis, making for a
stunning ride.
Not what you think
it is! Mike Harn’s
1941 Plymouth
Coupe was the “Sema
Cares” selection.
18 • PiM • FALL 2010
Rare SB-powered
32 Roadster Pickup
looked like it would
be fun to drive.
Tis custom-bodied
V8-powered sports
car is guaranteed to
turn heads as it goes
by, 600 hp fom a
blown V8.
With the exception
of the headlights and
tires, everything in
this picture is made
of 30 diferent exotic
Kelsey Clark’s pedal
car replica features
24-volt electric drive,
working headlights
and a radio.
Bill Holland’s fantastic track-nosed T roadster “23GT” has just been featured
in Hot Rod Magazine. Tis one goes just as well as it looks.
20 • PiM • FALL 2010
a recent trip to
L.A. we had an
opportunity to tour the
Ronald Regan Presidential
Library and Museum in
Simi Valley. While you don’t
think of Ronald Regan as
any kind of a car guy, we
visited because they were
having a motorcycle show
within the walls of the Air
Force One pavilion.
It was a very interesting
show with a large number
of historical motorcycles
on display. In some of the
photos, you can see Air Force
One in the background.
Here are a few of the
bikes we checked out. •
Tis was Harley Davidson’s 1919 Model J
V-Twin. Powered with a 60-cubic-inch engine
they produced fom 1912 until 1929. With the
addition of a side car, these models were a less
expensive alternative to a roadster.
In 1922, Harley began to ofer a larger
74-cubic inch engine. Tis 1928 version
featured the new tear drop-shaped gas tank.
Te 1970 “ iron” XR750 Harley was designed
and built for fat track racing. Only 120 were
built because the iron cylinders created high
heat afecting reliability. Tey were soon
dropped fom the line.
Tis full custom cycle was the work of
legendary “Little John Buttera.” Look
carefully at the attention to detail and
blending of components, typical of “Little
John’s” creativity.
FALL 2010 • PiM • 21
Tis 1913 motorcycle was built in
Indianapolis by the Deluxe Motorcycle
Company. You could order this fom the Sears
Roebuck & Company catalog, and it would be
delivered to your door.
Wealthy purchasers would ofen choose these
high-quality Cleveland bikes. Known as the
4-6, it’ long low fame contained a powerful
4-cylinder 600cc engine propelling it in excess
of 90 mph. Unfortunately its high cost, plus
the stock market crash of ‘29, did them in.
Just to prove the current scooter craze is not
new, here is a 1959 Cushman Eagle powered by
a 500cc engine with a two-speed transmission.
From Sweden came the Husqvarna Motocross
250. Trough the 60s, Husqvarna won 14
motocross world championships and 24 enduro
world championships, dominating this style of
racing throughout the 60s and 70s.
Te Indian is the oldest brand
of American motorcycle, built
fom 1901 until 1953. Tis
model, a 1927 Scout, was
owned and ridden by the late
Steve McQueen.
22 • PiM • FALL 2010
Book Review
Book Review:
Woodward Avenue:
Cruising the Legendary Strip
If you live anywhere near Detroit and are a
car enthusiast, you already know about the
annual Woodward Avenue Dream Cruise.
Te world’s largest one-day celebration of
classic car culture attracts over one million
visitors, and more than 40,000 muscle cars,
street rods, custom, collector and special
interest vehicles. Te Dream Cruise takes
place along a 16-mile stretch of the legend-
ary Woodward Avenue through eight host
communities including Berkley, Bloom-
feld Hills, Bloomfeld Township, Ferndale,
Huntington Woods, Pleasant Ridge, Ponti-
ac and Royal Oak, in Southeast Michigan.
Well, Robert Genat’s book takes you
back to where it all began. Back to the day
when Woodward was the street racing capital
of the continent. When this straight length
of asphalt was home, every night (weather
permitting) to the muscle cars of the era.
Prowled by Detroit’s car manufacturers
engineers driving thinly disguised race cars
,looking for a chance to show of their brands
Detroit’s Woodward Avenue was Ameri-
ca’s center of gravity for cruising and street
racing in the 1950s and 1960s. Its widely
paved surfaces with long sections of arrow-
straight road between traf c signals provided
the ideal location for stoplight street racing
and cruising action. Woodward even became
the unof cial test track for the profusion of
hot factory iron churned out by Detroit’s
engineers. If you lived in the Detroit area
in the 1960s and wanted to drag race –
Woodward Avenue was the place to go.
Woodward Avenue: Cruising the
Legendary Strip is flled with stories from
the people who cruised and raced Woodward
in that wonderful era. Also featured are
the clandestine and not-so-clandestine
eforts by the factories to build cars that
the Woodward crowd would buy and race.
Woodward Avenue includes everything that
surrounded Woodward’s action, including
Detroit’s legendary DJs who provided the
cruisers’ musical soundtrack, the hang-outs
and drive-ins, the high-performance new car
dealerships that provided the cars, and the
legendary speed shops that provided the hot
rod parts. Te book also includes a foreword
by former Hot Rod Magazine editor, Eric
If you are into muscle cars, great street-
racing stories, or just want to remember or
learn how it was “back in the day,” Woodward
Avenue: Cruising the Legendary Strip is a
great trip down memory lane. •
Author: Robert Genat
Hardcoer • 8.5 x 11”
160 pages 168 color and 75 b/w photos
CT491 Suggested Retail $39.99
FALL 2010 • PiM • 23
(514) 626-1866
Call Toll-Free:
24 • PiM • FALL 2010
Te World’s Fastest Cadillac
FALL 2010 • PiM • 25
The inside story on how Spectre Performance went 361mph and broke
a world record with an old jet fighter fuel tank, a Cadillac engine and a
ragtag crew of engineers, fabricators and a grizzled land speed hero.
Written by: Joshua Baron-Cohen • Photos: Courtesy of Spectre Performance
he ground is so fat
you can see the cur-
vature of the earth.
A smattering of
vehicles litter the immediate
landscape, and then there’s
nothing for miles. White
salt glistens in the sunlight,
and a sound builds in the
distance. In a fash, a black
missile roars across the
landscape, emitting a deep
guttural bellow more akin
to a pissed of Kodiak bear
than any kind of mecha-
nized conveyance. Like a
land-locked stealth bomber,
it sprays a rooster tail of salt
and leaves contrails of heat
and fuel vapour in its wake.
In this moment, in the
middle of nowhere on the
border of Nevada and Utah,
the bar is raised.
Te Spectre Performance
SpeedLiner, a purpose-built
racing machine designed for
maximum velocity, set a new
world record. Te date was
October 10, 2009, and a car
nobody had ever seen before
and a team of grassroots
car geeks did what nobody
had done before– eclipsed
330mph with a blown gas
It all started across the
state of Nevada, where Amir
Rosenbaum, the founder
and President of Spectre
Performance, competed in
an open road race called the
Virginia City Hillclimb.
Over a period of several
years, Rosenbaum frst got
a taste for racing, then
decided he needed to set
a record at the exclusive
mountain race (essentially
a cross between the Silver
State Classic and Pike’s
Eventually he built a
Ferrari F40 race car and set
the record. He climbed the
mountain, and needed a new
26 • PiM • FALL 2010
With speed on the brain,
Rosenbaum took his F40
to Bonneville for the speed
trials. Tere the Russo Red
Ferrari went 220mph and
set a class record – but also
hit the proverbial wall due
to its giant wing and short
wheelbase, neither of which
are ideal for land speed
Based in Ontario, Cali-
fornia, Spectre Performance
engineers and manufactures
ProFab Cold Air Intakes
and hpR air flters for
muscle cars, light trucks,
sports cars and SUVs. Since
airfow management is their
business, it only made sense
for Rosenbaum to step up
his game – and the Speed-
Liner land speed racing
project was born.
What started out as a
fuel tank for a Canadian
VooDoo bomber evolved
into the SpeedLiner at Per-
formance Fabrication in San
Carlos, California. Built to
compete in the Unlimited
Blown Gas Streamliner
(AA/ BGS) class, the Speed-
Liner secured the record in
large part thanks to aerody-
namics: it is 38-feet long and
only 29-inches wide.
Te frame was built on a
jig crew chief Steve Schmalz
built on the foor of his shop
using plate steel to ensure
it was arrow-straight. Te
Te Spectre SpeedLiner team, including volunteers fom Te Cad Company, Performance
Fabrication, Spectre Performance, and more.
FALL 2010 • PiM • 27
birdcage-style chassis is
not only the backbone of
the SpeedLiner, it also sets
the physical parameters
for the car. Anything that
doesn’t ft inside the skeletal
structure had to go, because
aerodynamics dictated that
the skin be as smooth as
possible. Construction of
the car became an exercise in
efcient packaging.
Body panels were hand-
crafed out of aluminum
with hammers and English
wheels at the Northern
California shop. Aerody-
namicist Ken Rappaport,
an avid drag car builder and
former Boeing engineer
responsible for the control
surfaces on several major
airliners, consulted on
the project and designed
a tapered tail section that
helps it slip through the air
at high speed.
Te two-year build
became a race to the salt
in the last few weeks, as
the SCTA World Finals
loomed. Te car was as-
sembled by Schmalz and a
crew of engineers, fabrica-
tors and volunteers – all of
whom worked 20 hour days
seven days a week until the
car was loaded onto a trailer
24 hours before the race. In
the fnal days, Rosenbaum,
Schmaltz, the Performance
Fabrication crew and all the
Performance Fabrication hand built the trailer prior to leaving for the salt – no standard trailer
would work – and the ‘Liner is so long it had to be transported without the nose cone.
28 • PiM • FALL 2010
volunteers were doing every-
thing from bucking rivets
and packing wheel bearings
to building a trailer from
scratch since no standard car
hauler could accommodate
the ‘Liner’s ground hugging
ride height.
Te engine, built by Cad
Company of Albuquerque,
New Mexico, is a 529ci
(8.8L) Cadillac with twin
intercooled 88mm turbos
drawing air through Spectre
hpR® Air Filters rated at
1885 CFM each. Te engine
is not that far of from a
standard big-inch Cadillac
you’d fnd in any mid ‘70s
Coupe DeVille. It uses a
stock block and crankshaf,
and the cylinder heads are
hand-ported, but cast iron
from the Cadillac foundry.
Te Cad Company spe-
cializes in building torque
monsters, and that’s exactly
what this engine does: it
makes tremendous stump-
pulling power from idle to
its 5,500rpm red line – per-
fect for turning the tall gears
necessary to reach extreme
top speeds.
Unlike most land speed
cars that draw air directly
from a scoop mounted atop
the car, the SpeedLiner pulls
air from high-pressure areas
Te team began prepping for the frst run right away, flling the fuel tank with SCTA-approved
gasoline, checking the fre bottles, cycling the electronics, and more.
FALL 2010 • PiM • 29
on the lower sides of the
body. Tis helps with aero-
dynamics, but collects up
to 100 lbs of salt inside the
body per run – which is why
the hpR flters play a critical
role in engine longevity. Te
exact same flters are avail-
able for street cars through
the Spectre catalogue.
As the SpeedLiner
evolved from concept to
completion, a guiding force
in the entire process was
land speed veteran Kenny
Hoover. Te So Cal native
has set over a dozen land
speed records in his four
decades of active racing,
driving everything from
open-wheel “lakesters” to
streamliners and muscle
cars. Hoover was charged
with driving the untested,
unproven car on its maiden
voyage, as well as for its
initial record runs, since he
holds a Southern California
Timing Association (SCTA
- the Bonneville sanctioning
body) unlimited licence and
Rosenbaum was currently
only licensed to drive up to
Afer two years of
research and development
and two weeks of grueling
20-hour days, the Spectre
Performance SpeedLiner
Land speed driving legend Kenny Hoover, strapped into the SpeedLiner cockpit before his frst
run in an untested 300mph racing machine. Waiting for the frst run, the team kept Kenny cool
with umbrellas and lots of banter.
30 • PiM • FALL 2010
made its frst shakedown
run on Friday, October
10, surprising both wit-
nesses and the crew with an
incredible 287mph frst pass
that ended at the three-mile
mark (on a fve-mile course),
when Hoover shut the car
down afer the fre system
malfunctioned, spraying
Hoover in the face with
fre retardant and blocking
his feld of vision at over
200mph. Tis is where
experience comes into play
– Hoover pulled the shoots,
cut the throttle and guided
the racecar of the course to
a stop without incident.
Less than 24 hours
later, the car was cleaned
up and ready to run again,
and its second pass on the
legendary salt fat wowed
onlookers with a record-
setting 328mph average
speed. In accordance with
SCTA rules, the car was
then immediately taken to
impound and inspected,
where it remained until the
fnal “backup run” Sunday
At approximately
10:30am on Sunday, Hoover
squeezed into the tight cock-
When your race car is a 340mph Cadillac-powered missile, no ordinary push truck will do. In
Spectre’s case, the truck is called Double Dually, and it’s a Chevy Silverado with a big rig rear
axle and eight-drive wheels!
FALL 2010 • PiM • 31
Why a push truck? Because the SpeedLiner’s gearing is so high, it would be difcult to accelerate
fom a standstill. Instead, the Double Dually pushes the car up to about 80mph, then veers of
the course when the racer drops into gear and begins to accelerate on its own.
pit once more, and drove
the black rocket-shaped
racecar to its fnal run of the
weekend, averaging 332mph
with a 340mph course exit
speed. Te two run aver-
age is 330.569mph –a new
world record.
“To say that I’m thrilled
is a gross understatement,”
said Rosenbaum. “Te fact
that we showed up in essen-
tially an all-new car with an
iron-block Cadillac engine,
went over 280mph during
the shakedown run, posted
a record speed during the
second run and backed up
the record on the third run
is simply incredible. Our
driver Kenny Hoover did a
fantastic job under enor-
mous pressure and showed
incredible skill behind the
wheel. I also want to thank
Steve Schmalz and the rest
of the crew at Performance
Fabrication for building
such a refned car. Tis was
a team efort, and I can’t
wait to come back next
year – I want to break our
own record and the 400mph
Indeed the Spectre crew
came to Bonneville in 2010
32 • PiM • FALL 2010
Afer the fve mile run, Hoover deployed the parachutes to bring the car to a halt. Te team had
to race out to meet him, since they are tasked with packing the ‘chutes and getting the car of the
course as quickly as possible.
with the goal of breaking
the 400mph barrier and be-
coming the fastest gasoline-
powered car in history.
Tey showed up at the
Salt Flats this August Speed
Week with two drivers.
Rosenbaum went through
the process of getting his
unlimited licence, then both
he and Hoover co-drove the
car and set two records!
Crews go to Speed Week
for years without ever set-
ting a record. Te Spectre
team set a record over
300mph, licensed a brand
new driver, swapped engines
to run a diferent class, and
then set another record
over 300mph, all in Amir’s
frst Speedweek driving the
Speedliner. Tey built the
World’s Fastest Cadillac.
With 2,100 horsepower,
Spectre and Cad Company
may also have the highest
horsepower Caddy ever.
With any luck, next year
more records will fall. To
learn more about the Spectre
SpeedLiner, go to www.
SpectrePerformance.com. •
FALL 2010 • PiM • 33
Hoover guzzles a bottle of water and unwinds afer a record-setting run. Note the surface of the
salt at the back of the fats isn’t nearly as smooth as the main fve-mile course.
It may be long, but the SpeedLiner’s incredible
narrow profle and clean lines help it punch
through the air at speeds where every 10mph
gain in maximum velocity requires an
additional 100 horsepower.
Te SpeedLiner’s spiritual predecessor, a
1940’s era P-38 Fighter Belly Tank ftted
with Model A Ford running gear and a
high-performance Ford Flathead engine.
Tis particular Tank is a recreation, but it
illustrates our point.
34 • PiM • FALL 2010
Most streamliners run a single air intake scoop on top of the fuselage, where they can get nice
clean air and they don’t have to run a flter at all. Te Spectre guys run dual scoops on the
bottom of the body close to the ground in a high-pressure zone, to get a ram-air efect (which
is good), but also vacuum up salt the entire length of the fve mile course (which is bad). Tey
typically pick up over 20 pounds of salt PER RUN, and most of it goes into the airbox. How do
they prevent the turbos fom ingesting big hunks of salt and grenading? With hpR flters…
As you can see, the outside of the flter is loaded
with salt, but the inside is clean.
We thought everyone would get a kick out of
knowing that the Spectre crew believes in their
own product enough to punish it with pounds
and pounds of salt blown into the airbox at
350 mph!
FALL 2010 • PiM • 35
Why Land Speed Racing?
RACING Written By Amir Rosenbaum
is the earliest and most
primitive of all of mo-
tor racing; even simpler than
point A to point B; all that
is recorded is the speed av-
eraged over a kilometre or a
mile. And yet, it is also the
most difcult to master and
arguably the most complex
and uncharted of all of the
diferent types of motor rac-
ing there is. It is also the fast-
It seems so simple. Just
hold the steering wheel
straight, foot to the foor,
and see what she’ll do, right?
No, not by a long shot.
Te frst problem is space.
Unlike drag racing, which
evolved from land speed rac-
ing and only needs about 1/2
a mile of pavement to run
and stop in, land speed rac-
ing requires miles, at least 9
or 10 miles of fat surface in
order to be able to build up
speed, and then hold it for a
mile, and then have enough
room to slow down and not
run into anything. Not too
many places like that.
Te frst land speed races
were held out at the dry lake
surfaces in Southern Cali-
fornia. Places like Muroc
and El Mirage, the absolute
beginnings of hot rodding,
and where land speed rac-
ing continues to this very
day. Tese were fne venues
in the beginning, but they
were small, and as speeds
increased, a bigger place was
sought out and found in
Utah; Te Bonneville Salt
Flats – the fastest place on
earth. It’s a lake bed made of
salt. When the lake flls up,
the water creates a perfectly
fat surface and afer drain-
ing through and evaporating,
it leaves 240 square miles of
billiard table fatness. Well,
almost. On a clear day, if you
squint just so, you can see the
curvature of the earth. And
it’s not quite like a billiard
table, hey, it’s salt!
Te surface quality is
more like a partially hard-
ened slurpee that never
melts. Sometimes it’s harder,
sometimes it’s slushier, most
of the time it’s both. Tere
are other venues, like Black
36 • PiM • FALL 2010
Rock Desert in Nevada, that
are bigger, but they just aren’t
the same. Tey are dusty and
not so fat with cracks in the
ground, but most of all they
are missing an intangible in-
describable element that is
purely Te Bonneville Salt
What can I say? Te
place gets into your blood, it
kicks your ass time and time
again, and you come back
because the challenge is one
that throws all the weird-
ness of Mother Nature and
metaphysics that exist in the
universe, and you can’t resist
it because you’re hooked and
you know it and there’s noth-
ing you can do about it. I
have yet to meet anyone who
went to the salt once and
never went back. It gets un-
der your skin and lives with
you until the day you die.
Did I mention all the highly
toxic chemicals in the salt? I
highly recommend it.
Land Speed Racing is the
last form of racing where a
guy with a dream can take
on the big boys, and win, if
he’s creative and thoughtful
enough and comes up with
better ideas. No two cars
look the same. Tat’s just one
of the many cool aspects of
the LSR experience.
If the frst difculty
in land speed racing is the
lack of knowledge, the rest
should all be familiar to any-
one involved in any other
form of motor sports; aero-
dynamics, traction, weight,
more power, safety, braking,
weather, and yet, they each
have their own twist and
lack of knowledge as no one
really truly knows what will
work on some other guys car,
just what works on their own
car, and more ofen than not
it’s very diferent than what
the other guy swears works
for him.
FALL 2010 • PiM • 37
So with all that, here’s
what you need to do to set
a record. You need to make
a run with an average speed
over a mile that is faster than
the current record. If it is a
FIA event, you need to turn
your car around, prep it to
run, pack the chutes and
do it again, in the opposite
direction, in less than 60
minutes, or you start all over
again. If it is a SCTA event,
you make
your run,
then you have
60 minutes to
bring your car
to impound
(not that easy since it is way
the hell out there…) and then
you get to go the next morn-
ing and run again. World
records are the average of the
two runs. What if it rains the
next day or it’s too windy?
Too bad. Start over. It isn’t
all that easy to run fast to
begin with,
but the way
I explained
it to my
kids is that in order to set a
world record, it’s like hitting
a Grand Slam at the bottom
of the ninth, then doing it
again the next day.
Is it worth it? Hell yes
– it’s the greatest ride on
earth. •
38 • PiM • FALL 2010
Home Base: Ontario, California
Owner: Amir Rosenbaum
Drivers: Kenny Hoover and Amir Rosenbaum
Length: 38.0-feet
Width: 29.0-inches
Engine: 8.8L Twin-Turbocharged Cadillac V8
Speed: Current Top Speed - 340mph Estimated Top Speed - 400+
Spectre Speedliner, aka The Infidel
Dr. Detail nishes include: Ultra Bright
Chrome, Ultra Black Chrome, Satin Nickel,
Tri-Nickel, Smoke & Brushed Aluminum or
re-paint the colour of your choice!
Ask about refurbishing and repairing all
types of wheels (including motor cycles)
and our Head Light Restoration service.
Before After
Ultra Bright Ultra Black
We chrome all
types of Aluminum
& plastics starting
from $99.
Call the DR. —
Andrew Sanders
FALL 2010 • PiM • 39
(514) 626-1866
Call Toll-Free:
40 • PiM • FALL 2010
Product Showcase
Product Showcase
Hawk Performance
has released a complete
lineup of performance
brake pads for your
2009-2011 Corvette with
the Carbon Ceramic/Iron
Rotor Package.
The High Performance
Street (HPS) product
line utilizes a proprietary
Ferro-Carbon formula-
tion delivering up to 40%
more stopping power,
while extending pad and
rotor life.
Filter Solutions Technologies TurboFyner is
a true onboard diesel fuel refner system, offering
high-performance diesel fltration, water separation
and fuel heating to ensure maximum performance
from your diesel engine. Living here in Canada
makes fuel heating particularly important . Cold
weather can have a detrimental effect on the proper
operation of your diesel engine.This unique system is
designed for use in all light-duty diesel pickup and
medium-duty diesel engines with fuel fows up to 200
GPH operating on petroleum or biodiesel fuels.
Easy to install and features bi-directional fuel inlet/
outlet ports. Manufactured from solid billet aluminum
to totally eliminate any casting porosity, cracking or
air intrusion. Extends OEM fuel flter life. FSRPM900
TKO Performance has brought back the
popular fnned aluminum Hilborn style scoops.
Two models are available. The AA1160 which fts
both single or dual carb setups and includes all
the flters and hardware to make installation a
snap. The size is 20” x 9.5” x 4.75’.
If that is too large to ft under your hood, check
out the smaller AA1167. Same great look,
however, it will only ft a single carb application.
Only 13.5” long. Great looks and great value.
FALL 2010 • PiM • 41
PIAA has taken performance windshield wipers to a new
level. Their Si-Tech silicone fat wiper blades offer all-season
performance, a low-profle aerodynamic design with long
lasting silicone coating. The frameless design eliminates snow
and Ice buildup with more pressure points to ensure streak-free
windshield cleaning. Wipers are available in 16” to 26” lengths to
suit 98% of all vehicles. PI97040
42 • PiM • FALL 2010
Product Showcase
Product Showcase
Mr. Gasket
Classic Shift Knobs.
These black or white
composite knobs are
designed with the
classic performance
look in mind.
All knobs feature
molded shift patterns
for their respective
3, 4, 5 or 6 speed
confgurations, and
are designed for use
on any 3/8”-16 UNC
threaded shifters.
Original classic
shifter design, Solid
high gloss, high
strength composite
construction, Deep
molded, inlaid shift
pattern for 3, 4, 5 or
6-speed applications.
The molded in brass
thread insert will not
loosen over time.
1-3/4” dia. fts
just right in your
hand. Jam nut is
included for solid
TKO Performance has added a complete
selection of stainless steel lines suitable for brake,
oil cooler and fuel line applications. Available in
3/16, ¼, 5/16 and 3/8 diameters in lengths from 8”
to 72” fared with two fttings. They are also avail-
able in 20’ coils for those who want to create
their own custom lines.
Also available are
coils of aluminum
tubing up to 5/8” in
diameter. Perfect for
fuel and cooler lines.
Lakewood 30201 Subframe connectors for
2005 - 2011 Ford Mustang (except convertible)
Lakewood subframe connectors for late model
muscle cars provide a frm foundation to maximize
the performance potential of suspension tuning.
These sub-frame connectors are constructed from
DOM mild steel tubing and powder coated for
durability. They come with all necessary mount
hardware for easy installation. Mustang sub-frame
connectors feature a triangulated torque box
brace to reinforce critical areas in the chassis
where the control arms mount.
FALL 2010 • PiM • 43
1100 The Queensway
Toronto, Ontario
422 Dunlop St. W.
Barrie, Ontario
12 Rutherford Rd. S.
Brampton, Ontario
672 Woolwich Street
Guelph, Ontario
891 Upper James
Hamilton, Ontario
1487 Simcoe St. North
Oshawa, Ontario
4909 Boul. St. Charles
Pierrefonds, Quebec
(514) 626-1866
Call Toll-Free:
Available at all Performance Improvements
Directory Ads
PIM_AD_final.pdf 14/12/2008 8:23:26 PM
• Multi-Layered Steel (MLS) head gaskets are designed
for extreme cylinder pressures produced by high
horsepower – high compression, turbo-charged,
supercharged and nitrous oxide engines
• Manufactured from Viton rubber coated
stainless steel layers to resist corrosion and
positively seal engine fluids
• Stress formed inner and outer layer
embossments act like springs that rebound
under cylinder head clamp load, creating
force to seal excessive combustion
pressure in cylinder bore
• Used by numerous top-name NHRA Drag
Race Champions including Duane
Shields - Top Alcohol Dragster, Brian
Hough - Top Alcohol Funny
Car, Kyle Seipel -Super
Comp, Jimmy DeFrank
& Dan Fletcher - Super Stock
www.mr-gasket.com 216-688-8300
Performance Engine
Gaskets for Drag
Racing, Oval Track and
High-Performance Street
Stainless Steel
Middle Spacer
Stainless Steel
Outer Layers
www.mr-gasket.com 216-688-8300
46 • PiM • FALL 2010
Reluctant Passenger
all know that
using a cell phone
while operating a vehicle
is a defnite no-no, but as
a reluctant passenger, your
smartphone can be a useful
tool both on and of the
“Have apps, will travel,”
should be the next slogan
to appear on T-shirts and
bumper stickers. Well, that
depends on the rules in
your household regarding
adhesive messages. If you
can’t apply a sticker to the
ride, use it to keep the spine
together on your car nut’s
Haynes manual. Just sayin’.
Since there are way too many
mobile phone applications
on the market to mention
them all, here are a few that
you may fnd handy.
Goal: Impress your driver
App: PocketDyno
You don’t have to know what
a dynamometer (dyno) is
or what it does, but if your
automotive enthusiast ever
mutters words such as veloc-
ity, torque and horsepower,
PocketDyno is a must.
Tis app, built for the iPhone,
accurately measures reaction
times, 0 to 60’s, maximum
G’s, wheel horsepower and
other results that sound
very... vehicular. Drivers
can track their progress and
manage multiple car or truck
profles–because we all know
there’s more than one ride
sitting in the garage.
Goal: Find the ride
App: Carrr Matey
Shiver me timbers! Has
the captain forgotten
where he dropped anchor
again? Carrr Matey uses an
Android device’s GPS to
plot a vehicle’s location when
you park (Drop Anchor)
and helps you locate it when
you’re ready to set sail (Find
If only we had this app when
we tried to fnd the white
rental in the Goofy lot at
Disney World. Bonus: Carrr
Matey also features a timer,
so you can foil those bounty-
hunting parking ticket
inspectors with your timely
return. Arg!
Goal: Dodge a car event
App: AroundMe
Tis app pinpoints your
location via your iPhone’s
GPS and presents you with a
list of what’s nearby. Choose
from categories such as
bars, cofee, movie theatres,
restaurants and more, so
you can fnd somewhere else
to be during that car show,
auction, race or scrap yard
In an interview for URmag-
azine, John Goldsmith, who
plays Te Most Interesting
Man in the World in those
clever ads for Dos Equis,
listed AroundMe as one of
his favourite apps. So you’d
be in good company while
you “stay thirsty, my friends.”
Have Apps, Will Travel
FALL 2010 • PiM • 47
About the Author: Bonnie Staring is a comedian,
advertising copywriter and one of those people who enters all
kinds of contests. To see what else she’s been ranting about,
visit her website: www.bonniestaring.com
Goal: Guidance without
turn-by-turn directions
App: Magic 8 Ball
No matter what type of
smartphone you have, there’s
a fortune-telling app based
on the Magic 8 Ball. Just
like with the analog version,
think of a yes-or-no question
and the app will reveal
an answer. It’s perfect for
those times when the ride
makes a strange noise (Does
something need to be fxed?),
or you want to know what
the fates have in store for
you (Will this car show ever
end?). Will the answers be
completely accurate? Better
not tell you now.
So there you have it–apps
that’ll have you passing any
app-titude test. Click with
confdence and enjoy the
ride. •
Photo Illustration created by Robert Michaels.

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