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Grant to preserve tapes from WAGE Radio
Wednesday, Jul. 6 by Laura Peters | 0 comments | Email this story

The Thomas Balch Library received a $5,000 grant from the Loudoun Preservation Society that will be used to preserve and digitize the library’s collection of audio tapes and memorabilia from WAGE Radio. Thomas Balch Library was one of nine organizations to receive grants from the Loudoun Preservation Society. The $5,000 grant was the first award in honor of the Loudoun Restoration and Preservation Society, and it was created by Catherine Boyd Grant. Thomas Balch will be using the grant for the first phase of the project, which will preserve and digitize the earliest 136 tapes. The total cost of the digitization and preservation of the 136 tapes, which is split into two phases, is estimated at $11,760. The remaining $6,760 will be provided by a grant from the Inova Loudoun Laurels Oral History Program, and the Friends of Thomas Balch Library has donated $500. The digitization of the tapes will be completed by Archive Sound Labs in Bethesda, Md. “The library is honored to have been selected to receive the first Catherine Boyd Grant award,” Alexandra Gressitt, director of the Thomas Balch Library said. “We are delighted to have the opportunity to start the preservation of this collection of significant historic audio tapes.” WAGE Radio operated in Leesburg from 1958 to 2009 and returned to the airwaves April 11. It covered local news and sports along with music. The Thomas Balch Library’s WAGE Radio collection includes 506 reel-to-reel tapes documenting the life and culture of Loudoun County. The preservation, digitization and processing of the entire collection will cost more than $55,000. The library is looking for additional grant funds or donations to complete the 370 reels left to be digitized.

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