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Water treatment plant vandalized in Hamilton

Friday, Jul. 8 by Laura Peters | 1 comments | Email this story

Vandals caused about $20,000 in damage to the waste water treatment plant in Hamilton during the early hours of July 6, according to Loudoun County Sheriffs spokesman Kraig Troxell. Deputies were called to the 100 block of West Virginia Avenue around midnight on July 6 and found damage to pick-up trucks, a dump truck, a front end loader and a backhoe, authorities said. Troxell said the fence at the entrance of the plant was damaged and it may have been a possible way for the vandals to gain access to the facility. The suspects, if caught, would face multiple felony charges, according to Troxell. Based on the amount of damage it would be felonies of destruction of property charges and unlawful entry charges since they gained access to a private area, Troxell said. Authorities are not sure who may have caused the damage, but have theorized that the vandals could be juveniles or someone who has issue with the town. We dont have any strong evidence at this point in the case as to whos involved, but at this point it remains under investigation, Troxell said. We are looking for anyone who has any information about it, if they witnessed any activity back there that night or saw subject in the area to please contact us. Hamilton Mayor Greg Wilmoth said the town and Loudoun County Sheriffs office deputies are still investigating the incident. Anyone with any information pertaining to this event should contact Loudoun County Sheriffs Office at 703-777-0407.
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Sounds like kid stuff! I think instead of jail time there needs to be some community services handed out
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