Agenda for Chambersburg Borough Council Meeting – July 11, 2011

© 2011 - A.J. MacDonald, Jr. -

1. Dr. Sobrosky’s Paper: It is 100% certain that Israeli Mossad perpetrated 9/11: 2. US Army War College Paper – Operation Iraqi Freedom WAS and IS an UNJUST WAR: 3. Chambersburg , PA Code – Consider—IMMEDIATELY—approval of an amendment to the Borough Code of Ordinances– § 212-2 – Secondary Picketing – The May 2011 US Supreme Court’s 8-1 decision in FAVOR of Westboro Baptist Church (i.e., Snyder v Phelps), explicitly states that emotional distress is NOT legal grounds to PROHIBIT Borough citizens from picketing : . The US Supreme Court has said, in SNYDER v PHELPS, “To Cite as: 562 U. S. (May 2011) Justice BREYER, J., concurring: “To uphold the application of state law in these circumstances would punish Westboro for seeking to communicate its views on matters of public concern without proportionately advancing the State’s interest in protecting its citizens against severe emotional harm. Consequently, the First Amendment protects Westboro. As I read the Court’s opinion, it holds no more.” See: 4. The citizens of--and visitors to--Chambersburg, Pennsylvania are, at this very moment, in IMMINENT, MORTAL DANGER of LOSING both LIFE and LIMB due to unregulated retail storefront businesses that DO NOT INSTALL POLES in front of each parking space in order to PROTECT employees and customers from this mortal danger, e.g., Starbucks (US 30 LWE), Advance Auto (US 30 LWE). See: 5. The citizens of—and visitors to—Chambersburg, Pennsylvania are, at this very moment, in IMMINENT, MORTAL DANGER of LOSING both LIFE and LIMB due to the current policy of the Chambersburg Police Department, which currently allows high-speed pursuits within the six (6) square miles of the Borough of Chambersburg. See: 6. THE FIRST RESPONSIBITY OF GOVERNMENT--AT ALL LEVELS--IS TO PROTECT ITS CITIZENS LIVES AND PROPERTY—AS WELL AS THEIR FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS OF FREE SPEECH AND FREEDOM OF ASSEMBLY. The protection of Borough citizens’ First Amendment right to picket IS ESPECIALLY NECESSARY—IMMEDIATELY— in order for concerned citizens to PICKET Starbucks and Advance Auto. To view online, see this document on Scribd: