Human Capital Management People required running an organization is Human capital of that organization.

The uniqueness and distinctive attributes makes them vital resource to the organization. Human capital management is the process of acquiring, optimizing and retaining the best talent by implementing processes and systems matched to the organization's underlying business objectives."--Human Capital Management Solutions ( However, human capital definition in the vast sense seems to be narrow because proper health care of organization professionals and other staff is crucial to the success. As we can see the ongoing shortage in the workforce of an organization it has come up an issue to worry, consistency would jeopardize the scenario in the upcoming times and hinder the health of the organization.Therefore steps are required to be taken in this context by planning of workforce needed, identify ways to retain current staff, accommodation for older workers, and development of healthy environment in the workplace. Recruitment Recruitment requires number of factors to be considered in advance for the better output generation. Thus, recruitment of nurses and other health care professionals and non-professionals includes following aspects: Supply and demand of the recruiting category, current vacancy rates, targeted turnovers (including retirements), new units/ services, and economize of units or service lines are just a few constraints that will assist in quality recruitment. Source of recruitment (Hires) is also an important factor: as per the record, how many hires were local, in state, out of state, international? How many were new graduates/ experienced professionals? What programs and media produced these hires? Failure and success of strategies implemented, scrutinizing the past would result into prosperous future. Others things of consideration is the nature of competition pertaining in the market which can affect the success of the recruitment. Other area would be to know the scale of enrollments and graduation at local colleges and universities as well as what potential community programs are open to sell the industries dealing in health care and it s a young people s profession. Considering in such factors will have long-term return benefits. Organizational commitment and initiatives are expected in case of recruitment via college and university enrollments and communities. After evaluation of above mentioned variables and developing a strategic recruitment plan, it s time to through some light on the process. The recruitment process has huge impact on the new hires and establishment of healthy relationship in the early stage. The important points to be considered while evaluating the procedure is time required between the resume received and candidate hired; skills of providing customer service from all (touch-points) in the organization and contact with the applicant.

4. canteens etc. 3. Internal Promotion to the employees act as a motivation to the employees. Intresyedemployess forward his/her CV to the HR department and if the skills and the experience of an employee fit the role of the job he/she needs to clear the interview process. As caompany is well known with the strength and weekness of the existing employee whereas an outsider would be an risk for the company as company is unknown with the outsider. Company is not likely to be disrupted by the existing employee who is habituated to work with the other memebers of the company. boardrooms. Advantages of Internal Recruitment are 1. Here a small investment time and money is done by the company on the existing employees for training as thy already carry a good knowledge about the company 2.There are two types of recruitment  Internal Recruitment In case of internal recruitment the empoyees of the company are informed about the vacancies in different ways like intranet. . cafes.

Disadvantages of External Recruitment 1. Recruitment planning: Numbers of contact. . At times it also happens tat candidate prove to be efficient as expected or as he/she did in their interview rounds. External Recruitment invites new potential. The stages of recruitment are: 1. types of contact. newspapers where the exiting employees of the company are not allowed to apply for the same but they can get their referrals and if their referals clear the interview and hired by the company then the employee receives a bonus of cash. External Recruitment In this case the compnies advertises about their vacancies on internet. it is more costly as compared to internal recruitment as they need to train from the scratch. This evaluation might include: a. Return rate of the application sent out. website. talent and experienced people in an organisation that provides an upportunity to bring new creative ideas to the business which leads to long tern growth. Development of strategy Searching Screening Evaluation and control: The objective of recruitment is to get number of quality applicants. 3. 5. 4. Advantages of External Recruitment 1. 2.

Number of applicants available for selection c. Selection Process The process of selection starts from an interview and ends with a contract of employment: . Time lapsed data f.b. Expense involved in the recruitment process e. Selection means hiring an applicable Candidate from the number of candidates after interview. Comments on projected image. Selection is all about selecting an application form who carries required skill and qualification to perform the job. Retaining the evaluating the performance of the selected candidates d. Difference between Recruitment and Selection Recruitment means to identify and motivate them to make an application for a job. Selection Selection is a procedure of categorizing between candidates those who has greater chances of gaining success in a job.

Preliminary interview Test of selection Employment interview Reference and background analysis Selection decision Physical examination Offering job Contract of employment Evaluation. 4. . 3. 6. Attract as many as candidates in small given budget. Find out about the rquirements of the company based on short term and the long term plan in relation to its human planning and analysis of job activities. Leads to the progession of the selection process by decreasing the number of unsutiblecandidates application. 4. 3. Egunderqualified or over qualified. Significance of Recruitment and Selection 1. Helps in analyzing individual and increases the retention so the the new applicants don t leave the job in short period of time. 9. 5.1. 2. 7. 2. 8.

To be an effective business good personnel are required by the company. It is very important to have employees who enjoy their work and and believes in success compared to those who are not interested. It is also vey important to have an idea . identify and accordingly prepare list of sutible applicants who will be eligible candidate. Companies are always looking for the right people in order to fillin their vacancies with right potential. Recruitment and Selection are considered to be the reason for success in every organization. The main stages in the recruitment process is of short listing the candidates on the basis of the qualification and experience that they have mentioned in their CV. Evaluate how effective the techniques of recruitment and sources of different job applicants. Increase the effectiveness of and inividual and company to attain short term ad long term goals 8. This mean that company need to be very carefull while informing or advertising about the vacancy in the company. 7. Fullfils the legal and social obligations related to the composition of its work force.5. 6. If the selection is done by the agency or by any third party than it really becomes a crucial matter because employer needs to be very accurate while explaining third party abhout the requirement of the company. A successful recruitment and selection means employers are aware about their job requirement and hence have an idea about the skills required for that particular job.

Before the interview employer should be ready with an idea of the package that they can provide to the candidate once he is hired.about which qualifications are must for the job and which skills are desireable. The most significant entry levels are apprentice level and graduate trainee. It is possible for . Person taking interview should be capable enough to give a feedback to the on the basis of interview done to the candidate and to the employer as well. It is very easy to recruit right people for right job if a company has an recruitment department or a third party like agency is doing it but only employer need o be very specific and carefulll while explaining their requirements. They carry their recruitment activities online where all the details regarding the company and the vacancy is provided. Recruitment and Selection in Scottish Power Recruitment and Selection in Scottish Power take place at many entry levels. Company should advise agency and consultant about the the process of the company so that even the agency can advise consultant about the process at every stage of recruitment and selection process.

Before application applicants should go through the minimum skills and qualification required. Here candidates need to prove their self bt mentioning few things in their appication like reason to join Scottish Power and their core competency. Adanced Apprenticeships that is level 3 is equivalent to higher grades or passes at A level. Selection of candidates involves: y y y y Test of psychometric Individual presentation Team work (group discussion) Interview based on competency There are certain qualities that Scottish power is looking for in their candidates nad those key skills are . There are two leevls: level 2 is almost equal to 5 good GCSE passes or standard grades. Apprrenticeships This leads to the qualification that is nationally recognized and and it is related to the skill of job relevant. This gives an upportunityto new employees to learn new shills while working and alos earn good wages. The duration of this programme is of two years and is altered as per each graduate s ad business requirement.applicants to go through the details and apply for the same by downloading the application form for Modern Apprenticeships and graduate Programmes. Graduate Programmes Graduate programme provided by the Scottish Power are for the university degree students. and selected candidates need to go the assessment centre for one day session.

y Future Planning y Customer Service y Team work These competencies can be deeply explained in the given diagram: This framework also help employer to examine the performance of an employee for a particular job. For example these are the levels for employee to achieve for customer focus: . Depending upon the competencies there are three levels which explains the responsibility of an individual.

there are two important documents made by the Scottish Power that mentions the required skills and qualities. These two documents specifying the job description and person specification are important to attract candidate. This is also like a check list for recruiters that proves that the applicant chosen satisfies the requirements: Selection: Selection process involves identification of the right candidate carrying the business or the engineering background. .

As they also look for . y During the exercises given to them it is easy to see how good candidate is with team working.The stages involved in the selection process of Scottish Power are: This process gives an opportunity to candidates where they can prove their capabilities by presenting themselves in a different ways y A good application form shows clearly about the achievements of a candidate. as a leader. These qualities are important because this not only help the companyto grow but also business to expand. as a planner etc. y In a personal round of an interview he/she can explain his/her capabilities in detail and in a best manner.

These activities differ from company to company depending upon the requirement of the company and the job role. and who carries a good convincing power. These two activites only aim at finding a perfect candidate for the company. After that the stage of Selection takes place. which is a process of qualified and skilled people. This stage emphasis more on categorizing people inorder to find out and place those candidates whose skills are consistent with the requirement of the Organization. These processes have been explained in detail while explaining the recruitment and selection process of the Scottish Power.the personal qualities that show the desire in a person to achieve high goals and passionate about work. Conclusion: The process of recruitment and selection can be summed up as a philosophy of attracting maximum applicants for the available vacancy and end up with a pool of applicants. .

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