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The Pictorialist

July 2011 Newsletter of the Photo Pictorialists of Milwaukee Established 1904 Affiliated with the Photographic Society of America Wisconsin Area Camera Clubs Organization And the Wisconsin Print Circuit Richard Yehl, President; Sandra Weber, Vice President Dixie Lowin, Treasurer; Bert Hartinger, Secretary-Editor Meetings are held the first and third Thursdays of each month from September thru May at 7pm, in the Luther Manor Conference Room, 4545 N. 92nd St., Wauwatosa, Wisconsin Looking Ahead We have two months remaining to get good summertime photos, so go out often to shoot, and have fun. A bunch of us composing a planning committee got together in June and worked out a schedule of programs and outings for next year. A copy of the schedule is attached. As is a tradition, B. and H. L. hosted the meeting at their house, and provided brain fuel in the form of beer and snacks to help make the session a productive one. Note that at the first program in September we expect to see the results of your summertime photography. We Have a Web Site! We now have a web site up and running. You are on it now at Competition Results PSA In a December PSA photojournalism competition, T. O. won an honorable mention for a photo titled Calf-Roping-Holman ##1, and a 3rd place win for a photo titled Oshkosh #8. Photojournalism is T.s thing, certainly. PPM Year End Competition Digital PJ: T. O. won the Tamms Award for proficiency. Photo of the Year went to T. for Tackle 2-11. Honorable Mentions: T. O. Kayak #79 T. O. - Steer wrestling #5 R. B. One More Strike Digital Color: J. L.won the Casper Award for proficiency. Photo of the Year went to R. for Around We Go Honorable Mentions: T. O. Girl in the Mirror B. H. Lightposts Outside Coast Restaurant J. L. Sunrise Digital Nature: J. L. won the Pagel Award for Proficiency Photo of the Year Grote Award Went to T. O. for Male Finch Honorable Mentions: J. L, Too Heavy to Fly J, L. - Masi Mara Sunrise J. L. Broad winged Hawk in Flight

Color Prints: J. L. won the Proficiency Award Photo of the Year to him for Balloons Aloft with Gondola Honorable Mentions: S. W. Whats for Dinner R. B. Balancing Act R. Y. Clown Food PJ Prints: G. N. won the Proficiency Award J. L. won the Farber Award for Print of the Year for Fueling Up Flicker in Blizzard Honorable Mentions: G. N. Harness Raciang P. V. Hey Wait for Me J. W. In the Air Monochrome Prints: J. L. won the Langland Award for Proficiency Photo of the Year went to J. W. for Michigan Barn Honorable Mentions: B. H. Snowy Lane J. L. Tree as Window D. D. Tropical Leaf WACCO May 7 Competition Monochrome Digital: Best Open (Silver Medal) went to J. L. for Squeeze Slot Canyon Honorable Mentions: J. L. Gnarled Tree with Mitten J. L. - Sentinel Tree J. W. The Farm S. W. Evening Get-Together Nature Color Digital: Best of Division (Gold) Medal went to R. Y. for Startled Best Open (Silver) Medal went to J. L. for Too Heavy to Fly Alternate Open (Bronze) medal went to B. H. for Green Leaves Honorable Mentions: J. L. Eastern Bluebird Male J. L. Sandhill Flight J. W. Misty Valley S. W. Grazing Caribou

R. Y. The Rut R. Y. Fall in the Big Horn Mountains Open Color Digital: Honorable Mentions: B. H. Bldg Shadows and Reflections B. H. Sheep byBarn B. H. Man in Doorway J. L. Monument Valley Sunrise J. L. Commemorative Airforce J. L. Deerhorse Point Sunrise R. Y. Round and Round Small Color Print: Honorable Mention: R.Y. Winter Fog PSA Nature Interclub Contest As reported by G. N., our club had a total of 55 points. Our club rated 23rd out of 34 Class B photo clubs. Individual scores are as follows: S. W. Butterfly on Clover 9 J. H. Bullfrog 9 G. N. Oyster Catcher on Ground 9 T. O. Bunch Falls 10 J. L. DArnauds Barbet 9 P. V. Foggy Trees 9 Picks for PSA Councils Challenge Color Digital: T. O. Girl in the Mirror J. L. Too Heavy to Fly Prints: S. W. Early Morning Ketchikan Docks J. W. Around the Bend R. Y. Round and Round K. B. Teton Snow Storm Region 21 Club Showcase PPM placed 5th. Among the top 25 exhibitors were: R. Y. - #20 J. L. - #12 K. B. - #7

A Noteworthy Event On June 8 a fire destroyed a home in Grafton that was just on the other side of the Octagon Barn. K. B. saw it burning, ran to get her camera, and took a photo which was printed as a whole half page above the fold by the Grafton News Graphic newspaper. End of Year Picnic August 4 Our annual summertime picnic will be at K. B.s home in Grafton. Medals and ribbons from the WACCO competition will be distributed at the picnic. Bring a dish to pass around, and bring drinks of your choice. Come as early as 4:30 and socialize.

Dec. 1 D. D. will show 40 years of 'Street Photography' by print on lunch break working downtown. Dec. 3rd - Club photo outing to be announced. Dec.15 - Christmas Party. Ham & Turkey supplied. Members bring dish to pass and own liquid refreshment. We will have a holiday and winter members show. Jan. 5 - Themed Assignment Photos 'Wisconsin Landmarks' Jan. 19 W. S. will challenge us with his 'Purpose Driven Photography' A creative thought process. Feb. 2 - Print Night ( 4 max. per category of Monochrome, color, and photo journalism ) Feb.11 - club outing to be announced

Photo Pictorialist 2011-2012 Schedule

August 4th - Picnic at K. B.'s house - 4:30 till 8:30pm. Sept. 1 - Prints in for Wisconsin Print Circuit. Bring 4 images from summer fun. Sept. 15 - Subject is different ways of mounting and displaying prints. Oct. 6 - Themed Assignment Photos - 'Modes of Transportation' 4 images maximum. ( print or digital ) Oct. 8 Saturday outing to be announced. Oct.20 - October 8th outing images. Nov.3 - PSA Region 21 Chapter Showcase judging Nov.5th - WACCO competion. Digital images (sized to 1024 x 768 at 100 DPI - horizontal or 768 x less for vertical) and forms in by Oct. 21. Nov.17 - Subject - 'Flash vs. Available Light' Techniques with flash - metering for available light - choosing which one.

Feb.16 - Themed Assignment Photos 'Loved Ones' March 1 J. L. - 'Photoshop-Photoshop Elements Plug Ins' March 15 - Judge Wisconsin Print Circuit and then critique the works March 24 - club outing to be announced April 12 (2nd Thursday because of Lent) Themed Assignment Photos - 'My Favorite Color' April 19 - Business meeting and year end image collection. Feb. & March outing images. May 3 - Year end competition May 17 - Year end banquet -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Guess? Display Board - 4 images with last one showing whole object and rest part of subject - bring in Sept.1, Oct.20, Dec.1, Jan.5, Feb.16, March 15, and April 19 meetings

The WACCO competition forms will be available as soon as we can get them.

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