Volume 4, Issue 14

Trinity 2011A.D.

Faith of our Fathers... In the Apostolic Tradition

This issue of Koinonia celebrates the restoration of the HCCAR to its formal identity based on the Affirmation and Congress of St. Louis in which some of our Bishops had participated. The tripartite house of bishops, clergy and laity were restored and after almost a decade HCCAR had its XV Provincial Synod at St. James Anglican Church, Kansas City. The HCCAR canons were provisionally adopted as per the Affirmation of St. Louis. The Diocesan and Provincial Synod followed in Succession interspersed by bountiful blessings: Consecration of Bishop Edmund Jayaraj to the Episcopate and his appointment as the Bishop of the Missionary Jurisdiction of Indian Diaspora, The wedding of Mellissa and Deacon Michael Rush surrounded by the Synodal family and the Synodal Masses of the Dioceses of Holy Trinity and Great Plains and the Holy Catholic Church Anglican Rite, and several new clergy and postulants. In his address to the Provincial Synod, Bishop James McNeley said: “We’ve been in this movement for good many years now. My wife and I were asked by the congregation of St. Andrews [Ft. Scott] to go to the Congress of St. Louis [1977] and bring home information. And that’s what we did. We picked up everything; printed material and information from the speeches and that’s what we brought home. We gave it to the people to make their own decision. We didn’t play salesmen. We said this is the information and this is what we are doing. It certainly didn’t exclude the laity from the government of church. That was never mentioned. We visited a number of people, traveling around to places other than Fort Scott. We gave the information to the people. Those who agreed on what we were doing, and chose to come with us gave us their time, money and their effort to build a church, a traditional church. The path that we ended up on in later years never at all resembled what we told the people we were doing. And that is not right. I ran a business for a number of years and we had to depend upon repeat business. And that’s not the way you get repeat business. You are as good as your word. That’s how we need to be. You have a tremendous opportunity especially you clergy, to do exactly what we said we would do. I hope you will choose to follow that path. I feel really great about the church now. At least we are doing what we told the people we would do.” These words of Bishop McNeley and the personal testament of Bishop Kinner on the next page put us all in perspective--the need to continue faithfully in the Anglican tradition of the Holy Catholic Church, Anglican Rite. We welcome Bishop Jayaraj in the service of the Lord, as His shepherd. Happy Reading. Bp. Leo Michael


60th Wedding Anniversary

Left: Fr. Ken & Priscilla Kinner after ordination and right: the newlyweds on June 30, 1951. We love you both! Thanks for your loving service to the Church.

Wedding Anniversary
Fr. Herman & Mrs. Margaret Hattaway
Aug 19


In the Koinonia masthead, the circle with the cross in the center symbolizes the paten and the diverse elements which form a whole. The Mosaic represents the great cloud of witnesses and the church tradition. The red in the letters represents the blood of Christ with the font comprised of individual pieces of letters that are not joined until the blood unifies them. Koinonia is the official publication of the Anglican Province of the Holy Catholic Church-Anglican Rite (HCCAR) aka Anglican Rite Catholic Church. It is published quarterly at St. James Anglican Church, 8107 S. Holmes Road, Kansas City, MO 64131. Phone: 816.361.7242 Fax: 816.361.2144. Editors: The Rt. Rev. Leo Michael & Holly Michael, Koinonia header: Phil Gilbreath; email: koinonia@holycatholicanglican.org or visit us on the web at: www.holycatholicanglican.org cover picture: The Columns of Westminster Cathedra, London. Photo by Holly Michael.

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My Calling from the Lord - Bishop Kenneth H. Kinner, Missionary Jurisdiction of American Indian People


grew up in the Episcopal Church. I was taught that this Church was a Branch of the One, Holy, Catholic & Apostolic Church - the Living Body of Christ; the primary evidence being the Apostles’ and Nicene Creeds. We were part of the Body which included the much larger Branches, the Roman Catholic Church and the Eastern Orthodox Churches. In brief, we all believed in four marks: The Apostolic Ministry as given by the Lord, the Seven Sacraments from the Lord and Holy Tradition, the Holy Scriptures as the Word of God, and the Apostolic Creeds, mentioned above, plus the Athanasian Creed. Our Branch of this wonderful Tree grew in a continuum from the early Celtic and Anglo Christians in the British Isles. This made great sense to me. It was inclusive but also obedient. When I received Holy Communion I was receiving the Body and Blood of a Savior Who was very much alive in this Mystical Body. Some in other Branches did not include me, but this did not bother me, I included them and someday they too would see the whole Mystery. I was joyous when the then Archbishop of Canterbury, Geoffrey Fisher, firmly declared: “We have no Faith of or own; we have only the Faith of the Catholic Church.” Yes, we are united in proclaiming these things! As a matter of fact, the then faithful Episcopal Church in the United States had 4 million members, 400,000 children in Sunday School and was growing by over 100,000 people a year. And then, after World War II, came a wave of secular denial. A few bishops gained fame and ‘secular press’ from denying various Truths; they embraced a ‘spirit of the age’; they scandalized the faithful. These were shepherds not protecting the sheep, but eating them up! Thoughtful people could clearly see this. Surely the ‘faithful’ bishops will defend the Gospel, nothing but silence! When my wife and family and I reached the point of ‘no return’ we looked for a loyal expression of what we always believed: the Polish National Catholic Church, the Roman Catholic Church where a bishop gave us great consideration and friendship, and finally to the ‘continuum’ of our own Anglican tradition, then forming. We have found in the Holy Catholic Church - Anglican Rite the firm and loving proclamation of the same Holy Faith which we believed in the beginning. The integrity and dignity of a Branch of the Body of Christ is being lived again. Yes, there are some that do not believe we are included in that, but we include them, and on ‘that day’ they too will see the Mystery. June 14, 2011 A.D.

Bishop McNeley’s Address 2002
ing September a group of people assembled in St Louis, MO for a very serious meeting. Most were there because a Church that they had known and loved for many years had deserted them and gone into heresy. They had come together to try to preserve the faith they had always believed in ... the Catholic Faith. It was not their intention to ape Rome or the Eastern Church, but to continue the Anglican tradition. Certainly, not everyone there had the same agenda. A fellow named Tony who I did not know at the time, sat right in front of us at one of the meetings. His previous, and past, history proves that “to preserve the faith” was not at the top of his list. I mention him only because of his notoriety. I am sure there were others there as bad, but they had not acquired the press he had managed to do over the years. But for the most part., the majority of the people involved were decent, honest people. They were there to save their Church. History has proven that, regardless of the good intentions, and the high ideals of most of the people, we were all rather naive for no one understood the monumental task that was being undertaken. Everyone misjudged the power of Satan. For he has fought us every step of the way, Why are we surprised? Haven’t Christians through the Centuries suffered disappointment and hardship? It has been a war against evil and wars are never pleasant. These past 25 years have been a series of tremendous highs, and some real lows, for me, personally, and I know that many of you have experienced the same thing, But, we never let anything deter us from the course that we started, let us, today renew our dedication to our cause, We cannot fail, but the battle is not yet won. Where do we go from here? Every once in awhile we need to take a good honest look at ourselves. We should be critical where criticism is deserved and too, we need to be proud of the accomplishments God has allowed us to achieve. The parishes that we now have did not exist 25 years ago. I pray to God that they are teaching the Faith in the true Anglican tradition. I want to the old timers that the Congress of St. Louis was the result of a lay movement. There are three houses in this Church and don’t you ever forget it! If you do may God have mercy on your soul, because those who have gone on before us made great sacrifices to see that you have the privilege to own your own property and to have a say in your Church government There are those who don’t believe you should have this privilege. The way you can protect this privilege is by attending the Synods and being willing to serve in the Church offices when you are called upon to do so. We need young men who will step forward and answer

Twenty-five years ago this com-

the call. I know for a fact that there are some that have felt that urge, but so far have found excuses to avoid making a commitment If you are waiting for a “Damascus experience” - forget it The call is more subtle than that The fact is gentlemen if you want the Church continue you are going to have to answer the call. By the grace of God we have been given a Divine Commission and we need to get on with the task that has been laid before us.

HOUSE OF LAITY We the assembled synod of Holy Trinity and Great Plains motion to urge this body to adopt the Provincial Canons. It was moved seconded and carried. We the house of Laity resolve to thank our bishops for standing fast for the faith and continuum by asserting the importance of maintaining the tripartite form of governance in our church. We the assembled synod of Holy Trinity and Great Plains express our love and devotion to Bishop McNeley. We express our appreciation for Madelyn’s life and love.


SENATE OF CLERGY In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost, Amen. Be it heard that our bishops: Bishop Leo Michael, Bishop Kenneth Kinner, Bishop Edmund Jayaraj, Bishop James McNeley exemplified and showed forth that they are Godly, reverent, loyal and have a great love for their flock. Also be it known that every good man has a supportive loving family behind them, and we the clergy of the HCCAR appreciate all that they have done and thank them. “The COB has finally restored the dignity of the clergy and laity after so many years.” Bishop Kinner.

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Wed, Thurs. June 8th & 9th, St. James Kansas City

Below: The House of Laity HCCAR aka ARCC

Above: The Bishops, Clergy and Faithful of XVth Provincial Synod HCCAR aka ARCC

Friday June 10, in the year of our Lord 2011

Below: House of Bishops, Bp. Greeson in absentia Above: The Senate of Clergy HCCAR aka ARCC Restoration of the Provincial Synod and Provincial Canons: XVth Provincial Synod of HCCAR with three Houses: the House of Laity, the Senate of Clergy and the House of Bishops: One heart and one mind, committed to work for the Lord’s kingdom in the Anglican Tradition. Koinonia p.6

Clockwise: Presentation of the Consecration Certificate by Bishop McNeley, Bishop Kinner and Bishop Michael to Bishop Jayaraj, Mrs. Lynn Baxter, the Bursar on the extreme right. Dn. Michael Rush, Fr. Julio with Natalia and Postulant Omar Bravo, Bp. Michael and Fr. Mark Rowe address the Provincial Synod.

Episcopal Consecration of A.S. Edmund Jayaraj, Feast of St. Columba St. James Anglican Church, Kansas City Thursday June 9, 2011A.D

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Episcopal Consecration of A.S. Edmund Jayaraj, Feast of St. Columba St. James Anglican Church, Kansas City Thursday June 9, 2011 A.D

With This Ring I Thee Wed
Mellissa Maynard with Deacon Michael Rush

Clockwise: Exchange of rings, troth, binding of hands of the newlyweds: “What God has joined together let no man put asunder,” declaration of the newlyweds as man and woman, Marching of the newlyweds

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Talents at service: Father Julio and his family on a pastoral care visit to Mr. Lauren Bigelow. Nicole--Fr. Julio’s daughter--plays some tunes at the piano to entertain people at the Family Health & Rehabilitation Center during a Sunday luncheon. Picture: Nicole and Mrs. Dorothy Bigelow at the piano; Mr. Bigelow, top left; Natalia Jiménez, bottom right. Fr. Arnie Wood’s craftsmanship in the sign at St. Joseph’s (above)

Fellowship of St. Andrews
Helena, Montana


St. Monica’s Anglican Mission
Port Charlotte, FL

Shawn Wrzesinski and Bishop Kinner. Shawn is home on R&R from his 5th deployment to Iraq and Afghanistan.

Above Fr. Mark Rowe preaching John 3:16, below healing service in progress. Back Row: Meredith Miller, Eric Erickson, Jozef Houle, Shawn Wrzesinski, Aimee Wrzesinski, Troy Wrzesinski, Bishop Kinner, Trudy Erickson Front: Kaitlyn Ward, Lesley Ward, Kolter Ward, Gail Murrin, Priscilla Kinner. (Helen Hoffman took the picture).

The Mission Community of St. Monica is a missionary outreach effort of the Florida Missions of the Holy Catholic Church (Anglican Rite). We provide a Healing service with a Scripture lesson, Homily and anointing with Holy Oils for those seeking God’s healing touch on themselves or in intercession for others. The services are conducted at Mission Unity in Port Charlotte which is a recovery center for those struggling with addictions.

We really had a full day June 21st. Bishop Kinner read the burial service for Gail’s mother (Lucille Swift) in the afternoon. Lucille Swift passed away April 25th in Helena and the cremated remains will be interred in Dillon, Montana later this summer. Lucille lived in Arizona but was a summer visitor to St. Andrew’s during the last 20 years and had been living with Gail the last seven months. Eric Erickson’s mother had been buried the afternoon of June 21st so the Erickson, Wrzesinski, Ward families were very appreciative that Bishop Kinner’s visit occurred at a time that coincided with their family loss. We met for Mass at 5 pm, followed by pizza. ~Helen Koinonia p.12

We have had so far as many as 55 attendees on some nights. One of the attendees gave testimony of a man who was the recipient of the prayers of intercession of the group for a recent cardiac surgery, and the surgery went well, and the patient is expected to make a full recovery. Postulant James Byrom runs seven such recovery houses in Florida. This is another non-parochial type of ministry where our clergy are involved.

St. James Anglican Church


Kansas City MO (below during the Good Friday Way of the Cross at J.C. Nichols Park near the Plaza)

St. Gabriel’s, Greeley, CO. Fourteen Confirmands prepped by Fr. Kern confirmed in May 2011



St. Peters Landscaping and Sign Construction
(John Ross Lay’s Eagle Scout project) Albuquerque, New Mexico. Eagle Scout is the highest rank attainable in the Boy Scouting program of the Boy Scouts of America (BSA). A Scout who attains this rank is called an Eagle Scout or Eagle. Since its introduction in 1911, the Eagle Scout rank has been earned by more than 2 million young men. The title of Eagle Scout is held for life, thus giv-

ing rise to the phrase “Once an Eagle, always an Eagle”. Requirements include earning at least 21 merit badges and demonstrating Scout Spirit through the Boy Scout Oath and Law, service, and leadership. This includes an extensive service project that the Scout plans, organizes, leads, and manages. Eagle Scouts are presented with a medal and a badge that visibly recognizes the

accomplishments of the Scout. Additional recognition can be earned through Eagle Palms, awarded for completing additional tenure, leadership, and merit badge requirements. Eagle requirements must be completed by the time the Scout is 18 years of age. (Source Wikipedia) (Above: St. Peter’s after the Eagle Scout Project) John Ross is a Sr in high school, attending St Pius X. He is a kind good hearted young man, who has a real love for his neighbor. John Ross took up the Sign footings for the back-lit sign and much needed landscaping for St. Peter’s. Under his guidance the volunteers helped pour concrete, filled dirt and mulch for the beds. Koinonia p.14

Our Helper
Fr. Jimmy Dean “The Helper will come-The Spirit, who reveals the truth about God and who comes from the Father, and He will Speak about me.” John 15: 26. It’s quite significant how many times the word Spirit appears in Holy Scripture. I looked in my Bible concordance out of curiosity and found that the word is there nearly 500 times, but that does include references to a few as evil spirits as well. The majority are referring to the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit illustrates how the prophets of the old testament were “come upon” or “taken hold of’ by the Spirit. Lives were changed forever, new vocations began, and a new meaning to life, its purpose for some, denials by others, and persecutions for those who believed and preached against idolatry and good versus evil. Centuries later the Spirit gave birth to the new church on the day of Pentecost. The once frightened and confused disciples were now convinced and fearless apostles spreading the comforting Good News that Jesus had promised. “When however the Spirit comes, who reveals the truth about God, He will lead you into all truth.” John 16:13 All doubts were now gone and it was crystal clear to the apostles what The Great Commission (Matt. 28:16-20) really meant, and they were willing to die for what they now believed. The Holy Spirit was the strength and power that brought Tertullian’s (3’d century) testimony to reality. “The blood of the martyrs is the seed of the church” The Spirit working in mysterious ways, motivates, removes fear, enlightens, guides, converts, and enhances gifts given to those chosen to God’s work. We need to remember not all works of the Spirit are seen by the world but all, large and small are seen by the Father. The widow’s offering. (Mark 12) Teaching about charity in Matt. 6:1-4 and rewards Matt 10: 42. The Spirit filled St. Paul when Ananias laid his hands upon him causing the scales to fall from his eyes and see his new ministry that Christ called him to. The Spirit came over Jesus at his baptism and led Him into the desert and gave him strength in his fasting, three temptations and His agony in Gethsemane. I was personally enlightened by the power of conversion by the Spirit on Aug. 31, 1996. That’s the day my dad was buried in Buffalo, Wyo. One of the hymns at the service was “Amazing Grace” Like a lot of people, I’ve always thought that it was one of the most beautiful pieces of music I’ve ever heard. The melody and lyrics are something you just can’t forget. The most beautiful part of the hymn and its extraordinary history is something I didn’t know about until Bishop Kinner shared it with family and friends of my dad. He told us about the man who wrote the hymn, John Newton. Many of you know about John Newton, but I never get tired of hearing it, and for those who haven’t I always enjoy sharing it as Bishop Kinner did. Newton was a British sea captain in the 18th century

working in the lucrative slave trade. He had a near death experience at sea in a violent storm calling it “his great deliverance.” He later became a priest in The Church Of England, wrote many hymns including “Amazing Grace” He became acquainted with a younger man in the British Parliament named William Wilberforce. They along with many others spent years struggling against heavy resistance to abolish the slave trade in Britain. For more details on their work you can google both names for a better understanding of their inspiration, convictions, and how their efforts ended the slave trade with the Slavery Abolition Act. Even better, if you haven’t seen the movie, “Amazing Grace,” please do so. It’s an inspiring piece of work. I would like to share something else with you about my dad that tells me the Spirit works in all of us who allow Him to do so. My dad was a resident in the veterans home in the foothills of the Big Horn mountains in Buffalo, Wyo. He always got up early in the morning. One morning he was looking out the window at the mountains and got the urge to write a poem, which he had never done before. He said the words just started coming to him and the pen just seemed to “take off’’ with very little effort on his part. He said he wrote this poem in about twenty minutes. The Mighty Bighorns I love the mighty Big Horns Where Cloud Peak meets the sky A little bit of heaven to see before we die The rush of pretty Clear Creek As it meanders down the slopes And I see the rugged pioneers They lived on nothing but hopes When Indian Summer comes To this enchanted land You know it was put there By God’s Artistic hand And the little town of Buffalo Is sure a friendly place The people are so friendly With a smile on every face So if you should come to Buffalo Where the snow never leaves the peaks Well, you’ve seen in all, my friend When early in the morning it seems God is the only One that speaks - Willie Dean A plaque with this poem inscribed on it is on Willie’s grave. I am so thankful to have had him as my dad.
Note: On Memorial Day I traveled from Casper to Buffalo to visit my dad’s grave, as I do every year. I always say a prayer asking if its God’s will to let my dad know that I am here and to tell my dad that I love him and that I’m grateful for the love and guidance he gave me. And I hope he knows what is in my heart as I stand beside his grave. My dad was a duck and Canadian goose hunter in his younger days as a necessity during the Great Depression. He had a great appreciation for this creature and they still remind me of my dad. Just as I was about to end my prayer with Amen at the grave, a flock of (you guessed it) Canadian geese flew over low honking loudly. How comforting that was and enjoyable for me to pass it along to you. God bless you and yours. Fr. Jimmie Dean



GOOD FORMATION ENSURES GOOD MINISTRY! The Holy Catholic Church Anglican Rite is working on its seminary program which will encompass online as well as on campus studies. Let us implore the Lord’s blessing on this initiative that we may raise up shepherds after God’s own heart (Jeremiah 3:15), who in turn will tend His flock.

Publication of the Anglican Province of the Holy Catholic Church Anglican Rite St.. James Anglican Church 8107 S. Holmes Road Kansas City, MO 64131

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