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________________________________’s Official Handbook

This extravaganza will include the following

Geek sessions:
StoryBird with Amanda in Room 306 Animoto with Katia in Room 303 Skype with Kate in Room 215 SumDog with Wendy in Room 210 Symbaloo with Angie in Room 204

10 min





Library Storybird Symbaloo
Skype SumDog

10 min
10 min 10 min 10 min 10 min



Skype SumDog

Animoto Storybird Symbaloo Skype SumDog

Animoto Storybird Symbaloo Skype

Animoto Storybird Symbaloo Animoto Storybird

SpeedGeeking Extravaganza

1. Go to To create an account, click “Sign Up” and then enter your information. 2. In your account, you can: Create custom assignments for your class Add or Edit students in your class

View all of the stories written by your class

3. To create a new story, Click “Create” at the top of the page.

4. Select an art collection or click “See More Art” to view all of the collections available.
SpeedGeeking Extravaganza

5. Click “Start a Storybird with this art”.

6. Create your story by: Format each page layout by dragging images around the page. Text can be on left, right, top, and bottom.

Drag images from the edges onto each page.

Customize the Cover with a title and image.

Click to “Add a Page” or “Remove a Page”.

Insert text directly onto the page.

7. Click “Save and Close” if you need to continue working on it.
Click “Publish this Storybird” to finish.
SpeedGeeking Extravaganza

1. Go to 2. Click on “Apply Now” if you do not have an educational account or ‘Sign In’ if you do. 3. Click on “Create Video”

4. Pick a video style. The ones with ‘Pro’ in the corner are only for the paid subscription. After you have selected it, Click “Create Video”.

5. Upload your pictures or videos. Click here if they are on your computer. or

Select from some of the preloaded pictures in Animoto’s database.
SpeedGeeking Extravaganza

6. Customize the pictures/videos using the buttons at the bottom of the screen.

7. Click “Done” when you have finished. It will automatically guide you to Step 2: Music. 8. Choose to use copyright-free preloaded music from Animoto or upload from your computer.

9. Once you click “Continue” it will automatically take you to the last step to finalize. Here you can customize the speed that the images will advance and change the theme.

10. Click “Continue”, then give it a name. When you click “Continue” it will begin rendering your video.
SpeedGeeking Extravaganza

*If the site appears click on “Download” or “Get Skype” at the top Then select to download the Windows version.

*If the site does not appear and appears as a white page with text click on “Windows” under “Get Skype”.

It will then prompt you to create an account for your class. You might want to give it a class name like “MissCheathamsClass”
TO MAKE A SKYPE VIDEO CALL: 1. You should have your webcam plugged in and ready to go. 2. Click on the Skype icon on your desktop.

3. Login with the account information that you set up.

SpeedGeeking Extravaganza

6. Click “Add a Contact” and enter their information.

7. Click on a contact for their information to appear in the main screen.

8. Click on “Check Settings” to check that the audio, speaker, and webcam are working properly.
9. Click on “Video Call” to begin a videoconference. 10. Click on the text box at the bottom to type messages to the person. Conversations will appear above the box.

SpeedGeeking Extravaganza

1. Go to 2. Create your teacher account by clicking on the teachers in the corner. 3. Then click on “Sign Up For Free”. NOTE: It will send an email to a teacher from Dorsey to verify that you teach here as well. Once they approve you, SumDog will send you your login information. 4. Once you login, click on “Classes” to “Add” your class.

5. Then you can “Add” students to your class. It will automatically create their login and passwords. 6. Print login cards for students here.
SpeedGeeking Extravaganza

7. Create challenges or competitions for students by clicking on these buttons.

WHAT STUDENTS SEE: Students can customize their avatar

Students need to Logout each time they leave.

Select level of skills to play

Select different games

Select who to play

SpeedGeeking Extravaganza

1. Go to 2. Create an account for FREE.

3. Click on the “+” to start a new Symbaloo.

4. Give your Symbaloo a name.

5. Click “Add!”

SpeedGeeking Extravaganza

6. Click on an empty square to “Add new tile.”

7. Search icons by site name. If there is already an icon, it will appear. If not, you are able to create a generic tile.

8. a. Click on the tile of your choice, if present. It will be added to your webmix. b. If you have to create a generic tile, follow the steps.

9. Repeat steps 7 & 8 as needed. 10. Click and choose .

11. Copy the link or email it to yourself. 12. Set up as an icon on your desktop for a computer center, or you can email the link to parents who want to help their children at home!

SpeedGeeking Extravaganza