Sub:- EM ± 1 Assignments No :- 01 1) Explain the effect of armature reaction on working of DC machines and method to minimize it. 2) Draw and explain characteristics of DC shunt and series motor. 3) Explain Swinburne¶s Test. 4) Explain necessity of stator in DC motor and Hence explain Three point starter. 5) Explain process of commutation in DC Machine. Thus explain method to improve commutation. 6) Explain speed control of DC motors. 7) Explain Eddy current loss and Hysteresis loss. Assignment No:- 02

Sub :- Power System Analysis
Assignment No:Symmetrical Fault Analysis& Symmetrical Components 1) Explain the formation of ZBUS. (Ask in 10,10, 09) (10M) 2) What are the various factor affecting the selection of Circuit Barker. (Ask in 10, 10 )(10M, 5M) 3) Explain and draw the Zero sequence interconnection for transformers. (Ask in 10, 10, 09)(10M) 4) State and explain the Fortescue thermo for the analysis of unbalance system. (Ask in 10, 09)(10M) Unsymmetrical Fault Analysis 1) Derive the inter connection sequence network for L-L-G fault. (Ask in 10, 09)(10M) 2) Explain the L-G fault in detail. (Ask in 10, 09)(10M) 3) Explain the L-L fault in detail. (Ask in 10)(10M)

Corona 1) With respect to corona discuss the following:A) Factor affecting corona. B) Critical descriptive voltage. C) Visual critical descriptive voltage. D) Corona loss. E) Advantage and Disadvantage. F) Formation of corona. (Ask in 10,10, 09)(10M) 2) Discuss various factor affecting corona in detail. (Ask in 10)(10M) Power System Transient 1) Explain working principal of Arrestor. Explain different type. (Ask in 10, 10, 09)(10M) 2) Write short notes on Bewley lattice diagram.(Ask in 10, 10, 09)(10M) 3) Write short notes on Current chopping and arcing grounding. (Ask in 10, 10, 09)(07M)

Insulation Coordination 1) Write short notes on Insulation Coordination. (Ask in 10, 10, 09)(10M) 2) Cause of over voltage in Power system. (Ask in 10, 10(05M) 3) Draw and Explain typical wave form of voltage and current over a transmission line terminating through an open circuit. (Ask in 10, 10)(10M) Voltage Gradient of Conductor

Reactive Power and Voltage 1) Explain Various method of voltage control in detail. (Ask in 10)(10M) 1) What is load compensation? Explain the objective of voltage regulation. (Ask in 09)(10M) 2) Surge impedance Loading. (Ask in 10, 10, 09)(07M)

Sub :- Electrical Machines - II
Assignment No:-

Three phase Induction Motors:1) Explain how rotating magnetic field of constant magnitude is produced in 3 I.M . (Ask in 10)(10M) 2) Working principal of 3 I.M . (Ask in 10)(05M) 3) Explain Torque speed characteristic & Torque slip characteristic. (Ask in 10, 10, 09)(07M) 4) Power stage in 3 I.M . (Ask in 10)(07M) 5) Explain cogging and crawling inI.M . (Ask in 10, 10, 09)(10M) 6) Develop equivalent circuit of 3 I.M . (Ask in 10, 10, 09)(10M) 7) Explain speed control method of 3 I.M . (Ask in 10, 09)(10M) 8) Explain Deep bar and Double case I.M. (Ask in 09)(10M)

Single Phase Induction Motors:1) Explain construction and working of split phase 1 I.M . Draw phasor diagram and torque speed characteristic. (Ask in 10)(10M) 2) Explain no load and block rotor test to determine equivalent circuit parameter of 1 I.M . (Ask in 10, 10)(10M) 3) Explain Torque speed characteristic. (Ask in 10)(07M) 4) What are the different starting method used for 1 I.M . Explain with net diagram. (Ask in 10)(10M) 5) Explain working and construction of Shaded pole type 1 I.M . 6) Explain Capacitor start 1 I.M . (Ask in 09)(05M)

Three Phase Transformer:1) Derive an expression for mechanical force developed in large Transformer. a) External radial force b) Internal axil force (Ask in 10, 10, 09)(10M) 2) Explain disadvantage of harmonic in transformer. (Ask in 10)(10M) 3) Explain switching phenomenon in 3 Transformer. (Ask in 10, 10, 09)(10M) 4) Explain Oscillation Neutral in 3 Transformer. (Ask in 10)(10M) 5) Explain connection and Phasor diagram of DyllTransformer (Ask in 09)(05M). 6) Explain Scott connection of Transformer in detail. (Ask in 09)(10M)

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