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INTRODUCTORY NOTE This Questionnaire is being circulated as part of the project work undertaken by me, R.

Lakshmi Bharathi for the course of PGDM in SCMS-COCHIN.The Objective is to study and understand the type and purpose of Performance Appraisal System followed in United Spirits Limited.Kindly address the Questions below and provide valuable inputs for the study.Thankyou. QUESTIONNAIRE Choose the applicable option in the following questions. 1 . Age Group Less than 30 years Between 40 and 50 years 2. Qualification 10th Standard Under Graduation 3. Total years of work experience 2 years 5 years 4. How long are you associated with the Company? Less than 3 months Greater than 3 months 3 months One year or more Greater than 2 years More than 5 years 12th Standard Post Graduation Between 30 and 40 years Above 50 years

5. Are you aware of the Performance Appraisal Process done in the company? Very much Very little 6. How it is done? Online 7. How often is your Appraisal done? Once in a year Thrice in a year Twice in a year. Once in two years. Manual somewhat Not at all

8. Were you in this designation during the implementation of Performance Appraisal Process? If Yes, Please tick the applicable option. Before the implementation of the process. After planning but before implementation After the implementation of the process.

9. How is the PA program reviewed? Annually Seldom reviewed once in two years. Not at all

10. Was there any training program conducted by the company? If yes, What is the duration of the program conducted? More than one week Less than a weeks A week Few days

Choose your opinion for the following Questions.

Strongly agree I am evaluated in comparison with my colleagues in the organisation




Strongly disagree

My immediate superior prepares a descriptive report about me

I am given adequate feedback about my performance

Performance is measured based on my contribution towards the financial growth of the company

my contribution towards the organisations internal business Processes which helps achieve customer satisfaction

Career growth

I am involved with the setting up of goals and standards of the organisation

I am evaluated based on personal and on the job characteristics like job knowledge Is your performance evalu ated based on the feedback given by any of these persons? (Multiple select) Self Superiors Sub-ordinates Customers All of the above

The current mode of Performance Appraisal followed in the company aims at?(Rank the options below) 1 Diagnosing the training and development needs of the future. 2 3 4 5

Making Payroll and Compensation decisions. Promotions and Transfers. Deciding future goals and courses of action. Identifying the gap in the desired and actual performance and its causes.