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Que Mira Cubos

Lesson Topic: The Nature of Baroque Music and its contributions to the development of music. Subject Area and Grade/Year Level: MAPEH 1st year high school / Grade 7 Learning Objectives: In this activity, students are expected to find out the nature of Baroque music by performing certain task that helps them lock out the origin, the elements, and the other essential principles of learning the baroque. It aims to develop their appreciation of how Baroque music came about and what primarily the essence of having music in our lives is. The essential concepts involved in this activity are: Baroque Music Listening to Baroque Music History, and Influences Composers and their contributions Musical Instruments: Orchestra vs. Band Musical Performance: Vocal and Instrumental Prerequisites/Entry Level Skills: The skills needed here are listening skills and visual skills in order to articulate the flow of the activity properly. The prerequisites needed in this activity are that students have an idea of using the net, and simply have prior background about concepts in music. Resources: The students are given the chance to use the net and have this done on which convenience they feel to do it. The activity could be done at the computer laboratory or at home. A book entitled The Understanding of Music by Charles Hoffer will also be a basis of the said activity. v=AW6QvZOJKwE v=u2W1Wi2U9sQ v=epT2dc2z0nc

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Implementation Guidelines: Activity/Step Date Due/Deadline

1. Find out what is the name of the 1 day composer of the piece entitled Borodin in A Major 2. Study the life of G.F. Handel and his 1 day works including the composers of the Baroque Era and their contributions the development of music throughout the ages. 3. Activity in Listening Skills of Sonatas 1 day 4. An Interview with W. A. Mozart and his works especially how the his music has engrave the mark of essential church music. 5. Playing with musical such as the rigaudon, sonata, overture and the like and their etymologies are being recognized and their influence to the development of the contemporary music of modern times. 6. Identifying the instruments in the Baroque era such as the strings, aero phones, percussive, etc. 7. Define certain concepts such as unison madrigal, musicology, etc. 1 day

1 day

1 day 1 day

***The students will be grouped into a group composed of three members. Evaluation Scheme: The students will be required to pass an output of the said activity in group which measures their criticism and understanding of the dogmas of Baroque Music and also having their individual reflection of the said lesson which explains how they got their answers as well. This aims to know the essence of how Baroque music came about after such a short quiz will be followed up with the said activity.