Security Contracting

Start and Maintain Your Career in the Private Security Industry

By Jake Allen

First Edition

Security Contracting

Dedicated to the memory of my friends Aaron Iverson Greg Wright James Hunt Justin Saint Todd Engstrom and all security contractors who've lost their life performing a necessary service.


Security Contracting

Table of Contents
Terms of Use ............................................................................................................4 Introduction ..............................................................................................................5 Chapter 1—Why are you here? ....................................................................................7 Chapter 2—Some Cold...Hard Facts .............................................................................8 Chapter 3—Frequently Asked Questions .....................................................................10 Chapter 4—How The Game Is Played .........................................................................14 Chapter 5—Professional Networking ...........................................................................16 Chapter 6—Tactical Training & Development ...............................................................18 Firearms Training .................................................................................................19 Tactical Vehicle Handling.......................................................................................22 Close Protection Skills...........................................................................................22 Language Training ...............................................................................................24 Other Types of Training to Consider........................................................................25 Chapter 7—Staying Informed ....................................................................................26 Social Networking Sites.........................................................................................26 Blogs .................................................................................................................27 Paid Services .......................................................................................................27 Forums ...............................................................................................................28 Mainstream Media ................................................................................................29 Chapter 8—People Skills ...........................................................................................30 Chapter 9—Contingency Planning ..............................................................................32 Dear Lads... .......................................................................................................32 Will and Testament ..............................................................................................32 Life Insurance .....................................................................................................33 Chapter 10—Financial Planning...................................................................................35 Establishing a Business .........................................................................................36 Offshore Businesses and Banking............................................................................36 Chapter 11—Finding Work ........................................................................................37 Resumes and CVs ................................................................................................37 Other Documentation ...........................................................................................42 Comparing offers .................................................................................................43 Interviews ..........................................................................................................44 Qualification Courses ............................................................................................45 Medical Examinations ...........................................................................................48 Security Clearances .............................................................................................49 Chapter 12 - Equipment ...........................................................................................51 Basic Gear List ....................................................................................................52 Additional Advice on Key Pieces of Equipment..........................................................53 Chapter 13—Other Stuff That Nobody Ever Tells You ....................................................56 Vices...................................................................................................................56 Good Guys ..........................................................................................................56 Safety.................................................................................................................57 Shooting .............................................................................................................57 Physical Fitness....................................................................................................57 Communicate.......................................................................................................58 Morality and Conscience .......................................................................................58 Chapter 14 - Closing Thoughts ..................................................................................60 About the Author .....................................................................................................62 Acknowledgements ..................................................................................................63 Reviews & Feedback ................................................................................................63 Appendix A - List of Private Security Companies ..........................................................64 Appendix B – List of Schools and Course Providers........................................................71 Appendix C – Links to Other Useful Resources..............................................................72 Glossary of Common Industry Specific Terms...............................................................73


4 . Each time you violate these terms of use you are taking donations AWAY from wounded veterans. resale.Security Contracting Terms of Use Publication. printing. circulation or distribution of any kind is expressly prohibited without the written consent of the author or the Private Military Herald. re-publication. Portions of the proceeds from the sale of each ebook goes to the Wounded Warrior Project.

The cliché of the money hungry and blood-thirsty mercenary has no basis in reality. I often wished that a book existed to explain much of it and to help me at least feel that my experiences both positive and negative were not entirely unique. the good news is that the wide range of jobs. traveling the world and getting paid to do it. The second observation is that we are all in unchartered waters. In your career you are likely to be confronted or referred to as 'mercenary' or some other derogatory term intended to make you feel as if our profession were of no value.S. Every minute of every day we are in control of our own individual actions and some of you will find yourself in leadership roles where you are responsible for the actions of others. yet going back into the Marines was also not a viable option. Marine Corps I briefly worked on 'civie street' but soon realized that life was never going to suit me. like so many others. to travel and surround myself with interesting people performing a necessary service. we as individuals and as a group have the ability to control our performance and in turn we could greatly impact the perception those outside our industry hold of us. However that negative. Over the years. roles and locations means that you can spend the rest of your life hoping from gig to gig. Though I. Two things are apparent to me.Security Contracting Introduction When I left the U. I've spent countless hours discussing the security contracting business with men on the ground at all levels. Never before has the privatization of the use of force been employed on such a massive scale. Yet. in myriad of roles from all possible backgrounds. 5 . perception is to a large degree within each of our control. It certainly is not ‘as advertised’ in most regards. You should have no illusions about this career path and one of the main points of this book is to help you to understand that this business is not always all it is cracked up to be. have been able to adapt to the fluid world of contracting. As an loosely defined industry we are being made the scapegoat in many cases for foreign policy and and defense planning decisions which were put into motion decades ago. First. But. When I discovered the world of private security contracting I was both relieved and shocked. We are all simply looking for a way to make a living using the skills we have. Yet. there is a commonality that we all share in terms of our personal motivation for this work. Relieved to have found a place to make a good living using my military skills. an erroneous. I was also shocked to find the near total absence of discipline and accountability that I was accustomed to having in the military.

I care about contractors and do not want to be known as someone who took advantage of a brother-in-arms. or continue. 6 . But. To say nothing of the instances where your moral compass will be tested. a career as a private security contractor I hope you will find that this book to have been a worthwhile investment. If after reading it through you find that it was not of value to you then send me an email and I will refund your money. If you choose to embark upon. it is also a very dangerous way to make a living and can be fraught with all sorts of physical and professional uncertainties. No problem.Security Contracting If you choose to serve as private security contractors you will find an exciting and often lucrative career.

Among other things it will help you to decide what kind of role within the industry are you looking for? Often the highest paying jobs require the highest level of professional certification or achievement. it's not always as lucrative as you think. In many ways you will be ruining your resume by spending a couple of years contracting. as I will explain later. friendship.Security Contracting Chapter 1—Why are you here? Before we get into the nitty-gritty of the contracting world I think it's very important that you ask yourself why you are here? More specifically. some happily. I cannot give each reader personalized advice (not that many of you would even want it) but I can ask you to think long and hard about this path and don't allow the prospect for high pay be your only motivation. 3 and 5 year plan for yourself and then work towards the achievement of that plan. then contract for 3 years. get sick of it and walk away. They may also require the most amount of time deployed away from home and family. and many a marriage.. fresh out of the military to try at least two other options before turning to contracting. In fact I usually tell younger guys. what will you have to show for it? Unfortunately. Some take a break only to come back. Almost everyone burns out on contracting sooner or later. Start with the end in mind and work backwards. and family have been torn apart by this business.. What do you want your life to look like in 5 years? Then consider what steps and actions you need to take to achieve that goal. The truth is. 7 . Others walk away for good. My general advice to most people seeking this career path is to consider something else first. How much of that are you prepared to lose in exchange for money? Considering and answering these questions will help you chart your course to a successful outcome. Private security contracting is not a skill which is very applicable or very well respected in other walks of life. Is that an acceptable trade-off for you? If you served 4 years in the Army. other disillusioned and frustrated.why do you want to be a security contractor? What makes you think that working in a conflict or combat zone is right for you? Security contracting is not for everyone and it may not be for you. Is that what you want? Or do you want a more predictable work/leave rotation that allows you to have a life away from work? My advice to you is to always maintain 1.

Security Contracting Chapter 2—Some Cold. capacity. capability. no matter their tactical skill. the quality of the staff. This will manifest itself in nearly every aspect of the operation from the equipment chosen. businesses and individuals. Were they really and truly motivated by patriotism or service to country they would provide their services at a deep and significant discount in an effort to 'contribute' to the cause. Despite the fact that the term Private Military Company (PMC) contains the word 'military' there is almost nothing about the modern PMC which resembles the military. Certainly not in the areas of discipline. The clients needs and wishes will almost always trump contractor/employee requests or requirements because it is the client who pays the invoices which create the profit. the site. will ever stand in the way of company profit.. staff training. Only the strongest survive and they will do so by consuming the weak. I don't say this in a gratuitousness derogatory manner I am just stating the facts as they are... Private security contracting is a lions den of ferocious and vicious cut-throat competition where the law of jungle is all that exists. Corners will be cut at every possible opportunity in an effort to reduce costs and thus increase profits. The primary facts. Money. profit. troop welfare. But this is not the case and again I do not begrudge the companies for doing what companies do. the common laws of contracting if you like. It makes Wall Street competition look like a child's game. are: • • No one person or even a small group of contractors. Private security contracting is the ultimate game of market capitalism. what ever you choose to call them are the sole and driving force behind these businesses. accountability. once you realize this and come to terms with the fact that in this industry money is always the primary and most cases the sole motivation for existence then you are able to see other facts more clearly and learn to operate in a world which really has many unwritten codes but very few enforceable laws. While PMCs will often cloak themselves in patriotic terms and talk about their contribution to the country's foreign policy this is all window dressing. But have no illusions about their motivation as it will drive all their decision making and this may or may not be aligned with your own personal best interests. the-bottom-line. the 8 • . the maintenance cycles.. the facilities. oversight. However.Hard Facts The first thing you need to understand is that the private security industry is made up of a group of for-profit corporations. tactical prowess or quality of leadership.making money.

Just remember. 9 . travel expenses. etc. If you ever find yourself standing between your convictions on one hand and the impact to company profits on the other you better have your go-bag to hand because you're about to be placed on the next thing smoking and headed outta town. per diem. There may come a day when a company is formed which puts the well being of the employee and the client ahead of the all-mighty profit margin but to my knowledge that company does not currently exist. Some companies are more agregious than others but all do this to some extent.. work rotations/shifts..Security Contracting salaries. And. even if it were to exist it would grow or flourish beyond the level of a very small boutique size. etc. the profit train is not one you want to jump out in front of as it will run you over every time. So. sorry to start us off here on such a startling note but it's vitally important that you approach this profession with your eyes wide open to these facts otherwise you will only end up disillusioned. no matter what.

Because most police officers spend much of their early career in a patrol car and thus have thousands of hours behind the wheel in many different scenarios this kind of experience is 10 . As with anything exceptions exist. you're not prepared and the industry does not need anymore incidents due to ill preparedness. If you have no tactical law enforcement or combat arms military background and you want to become an armed private security contractor then my advice is: don't do it. I suppose there are probably some schools and training course and a sort of career path through the civilian Close Protection (CP) industry which could. In other words. • Generally speaking those from the LE community are better prepared and trained than the military when it comes to vehicle handling. prepare someone enough to work in a conflict zone but again I don't support this track. This only makes the work more dangerous for all concerned. I would not help anyone in this situation because I would not want to serve in the field with someone who does not have what I consider to be the bare minimum amount of basic training and knowledge.Security Contracting Chapter 3—Frequently Asked Questions Here are a few of the questions which I receive most often and I see them posted on the Internet all the time. The more objective way to look at this is to ask yourself what are the strengths and weaknesses of each and how can you take your own personal background to leverage your strengths and improve your weaknesses. Q: Which background. Perhaps these will also be useful to you. Q: How can I get into security contracting if I don't have a military or police background? A: I really don't know. law enforcement or military best prepares you for a career as a private security contractor? A: The truth is there is no either/or answer to this question. in recent years the path to the battlefield has been made more and more easy. Having said that. Unfortunately. how can you compensate for your weaknesses (we all have them) to make yourself a more well rounded operator? Here are some general stereotypes about both backgrounds which although they are broad generalizations can be instructive for you in your personal development as well as when working in teams with mixed backgrounds. Frankly. over the course of a few years. Police officers are better trained in vehicle dynamics and the various techniques for how to tactically employ a vehicle especially in an emergency situation.

Vehicle handling.. This is the direct opposite for most military members who first learn the carbine and then later add the handgun. Conversely a hot-head or someone who acts erratic under pressure will promote the same among the ranks. Again these are generalizations. by design.. Military men. This autonomy and ability to make decisions 'on the street' without always seeking approval instills personal initiative and accountability and that is generally a plus. This of course is an important skill. etc.these are the tactical 'comfort zone' (if one can call a firefight a comfort zone) for most former police officers. While rapid reaction forces and military units may potentially come to your aid this cannot be relied upon. The lesson here is don't start a fight you can't win on your own. Major metropolitan police forces are by far the biggest and toughest gang in town when they need to be. as I say. Police officers are often given more autonomy and scope operationally than the typical junior military soldier or Marine who. particularly seasoned NCOs also will have developed this skill-set although. This attitude can be very useful and especially among the leadership on team sites in the private security business.Security Contracting invaluable and frankly something that most young military men don't get a chance to do. in a war zone as a contractor 11 • • • • . Close quarters battle (CQB) engagements are the hallmark of most law enforcement training packages. Police officers generally come into the industry with the handgun having been their first and primary weapon system. When working in mixed teams the former police officers are great resources for handgun training. buildings. One downside to the typical law enforcement mentality is that 'back up' is just a radio call away. Fighting in houses. it generally comes a bit later in their career. You'll fight with who you have right now to your left and your right. from vehicles.. particularly on Personal Security Details (PSD) contracts is highly valued and rightly so as the vehicle is a principle asset and even a weapon if driven properly. fits tightly into a more dense command structure that offers little latitude before the rank of mid-level NCO.. In the private security business this is rarely the case. Having a cool head will instill calm and focus among the rank and file team members. The military can also produce level-headed leaders but a police officer generally has a higher number of 'gears' to work through before reaching the level of physical or ballistic engagement. • Police officers are also generally speaking quite cool under pressure as a result of having been the mediator of many tense situations throughout their career. There are exceptions to this of course such as Military Police or Security Force units in the military. However.

How can I get started? 12 . of course. etc. range cards. This skill is invaluable and should be leveraged. Dealing with threats such as improvised explosive devices (IEDs) or complex ambushes that employ automatic weapons engaging at ranges of several hundred meters are simply not issues that law enforcement often encounters so quite naturally they will not see those threats as easily as someone with appropriate military training.Security Contracting you're not likely to be 'clearing rooms' and 'kicking in doors'. This is not to say that modern soldiers don't also possess this skill but generally speaking a solider is trained to lead with their weapon where as a police officer uses his weapon as a last resort.these are bread-andbutter infantry skills which are usually a completely new language for former policemen. Both mindsets are useful. not the forte of law enforcement professionals. You may experience combat at close range but depending on what you are doing you may be equally as likely to engage targets out to hundreds of meters away and this is where the military generally provides the better background and the LE background is a little weak. Q: I am a former <insert rank> in the <insert country> <insert military/police> and I want to work in private security. The majority of scenarios encountered in Iraq and Afghanistan will more closely resemble a military style firefight than a shootout with a single or few assailants at a bank or a liquor store. because there are many. etc. the key is knowing when to be in which frame of mind. • Dealing with people is a significant strength of the law enforcement background. Fortifying a compound. and to better yourself personally to meet the coming challenges. Interacting with the local community to resolve disputes or to resolve cases is a significant asset that is too often overlooked by PSCs when hiring contractors.. It can be a difficult transition for some former law enforcement professionals to start living and sleeping in cramped quarters the way servicemen are accustomed to doing.. Law Enforcement rarely prepares one to operate in the defense where as this is a core skill in the military. laying interlocking fields of fire. • • • The overarching point here is to recognize the strengths of each background. Another difference between most law enforcement and military is that policemen are accustomed to living at home at the end of their workday as opposed to in a barracks or common living facility. Traditional military tactics are.

They may even help you get onto their current contract as a starting point in your career. Whether or not it's true I don't know but the author stated that the selection dates and times were not. etc. Once you are working as a contractor and in-country (and need I say it. 13 . Buying this book was a good start but as you will see in the pages that follow there more to success in this business than being handy with a rifle and sending off a few emails. If you are looking for the single universal web page that you can just upload your standard CV to and then wait for the high paying contract to land in your lap then your going to be sorely disappointed. what kit to bring. you'd get off your rear-end and get out there and knock on enough doors until someone bought what you are selling. Contracting is a highly competitive business pitting you against all the other qualified contractors for an limited number of positions.. etc. The hardest contract you will ever find is your very first one. posted or announced. If you're former military then reach out to any of your former squad mates who may be contracting now..Security Contracting A: I see this question all the time and I have to say it's puzzling.then you were not the kind of person the SAS was looking for in the first place. If you had to go door-to-door selling yourself how would you do it? That's right. The guy who is willing to send the emails. It reminds me of a book I read many years ago about the selection course for the British SAS. You need to differentiate yourself from all other products to increase your value to the buyer. If you can get your personal contact to put in a good word for you then all the better. Chances are you already know someone in the business even if you may have lost contact in recent times. like anything. build and maintain a personal network will be the guy who always finds work in this business. doing a good job) your network and situational awareness will grow exponentially and you can then move on from that first contract to bigger and better things if you wish. To answer the question more directly I'd have to say you start.. do the homework/research. My advice to anyone who really wants to get started in this industry is to do just that. when. To some degree I'd say the same applies to security contracting. Presumably the intention was that if you were not motivated or resourceful enough to find out about the selection course including.get started. where. This person will likely be in a position to provide some good insight into what they have done to get the job including the name of the hiring manager and what he is looking for in new candidates. Take a contract and see how you like it and where it leads you.. Not the guy looking for the shortcut. from where you are. at least in those days. I always tell people to look at it like your a vacuum cleaner salesmen in the same neighborhood as hundreds of other salesmen also selling vacuum cleaners each with a unique product of varying degrees of quality. make the phone calls.

Good bye. pay/leave terms and living conditions for many different types of clients. If you don't add something directly to the bottom line then there will not be a place for you at the dinner table tonight. and eventually will most certainly be replaced or discarded. as a surprise to people who are coming from a government position in law enforcement or the military where 14 .. as a contractor you are merely an asset which can. In your career you will likely work for many different companies under a wide range of contracts. injured or killed believe me operations won't even slow down in your absence they will just keep on rolling. Being a contractor means that in practice you are a sub-contracted ‘supplier of services’. This contractor versus employee relationship is an important distinction because as a contractor your rights are severely limited in relation the company as compared to the rights you would have if you were a full employee. The service. True. This fact probably you will recall from the companies perspective profit=good … costs=not good. If you're in working order and you are needed to generate income there will be a place for you at the table. in many cases. in this case is you. I will just be as blunt as I can here.Security Contracting Chapter 4—How The Game Is Played If you want to be successful in this or any business you need to first understand how the game is played.. despite the variety of the work in almost every case you will be hired-on as an independent contractor or ‘contractor’ as compared to being an ‘employee’. Primarily what the contracting firm is paying you for is your expertise and more specifically your time spent delivering that expertise. However. This is primarily because most companies simply cannot afford to take on the responsibility for carrying hundreds and some cases thousands of people as full-time employees because doing so triggers overhead costs and liabilities which will erode company profits. Obviously the name of the game from our perspective is to stay employed but also to live so we can spend the coin we've earned. you are a human asset and theoretically your life should be more important than a fixed hard asset like an armored car which can be simply replaced but then again that's the whole entire point isn't it? News Flash! You too can be replaced! You're not as special as you think you are. at any time. You are literally no different than an armored Suburban or an AK-47. If you quit. And. get fired. You're certainly special to your family and your friends and to them you are literally irreplaceable but to a private security company you are just another name on a spreadsheet.

15 . Those are: professional networking. survive and even thrive with in the confines of these rules-of-the-game. I am simply stating facts regarding the way these models work and the impact they have on you as the contractor. your people skills and contingency planning. I want to be clear here. staying informed. professional development. My intention is not to denigrate the various companies in the industry or how their business model operates. There are several core competencies which you need to develop along the way.Security Contracting your job security in any instance short of your death is virtually guaranteed and your employer has a higher level of regard for your personal welfare. Now that you are clear on the realities of contracting you can approach the challenge with your eyes wide open and take the necessary steps to work.

The bottom line is you need to start networking right now. Keep in touch with anyone you think might be able to plug into your personal OpsCenter and help you secure a contract. or to use your personal and professional network. status reports from field sources. By having an extensive network of colleagues and contacts you will significantly increase your chances of creating your own good timing. There are some obvious drawbacks to this reality such as the fact that in some cases people are hired based only on their relationships not on their qualifications. Being in the right place at the right time when contracts are being filled and job sites being staffed will make the difference between getting paid or not getting paid. etc. you can’t. Figure out the rules and play the game in a way that puts you in an advantageous position. Though this can be both frustrating and dangerous it's just the way the game is played. plus they will have all sorts of other sat-comm link-ups. Perhaps more than any other industry the security business is to a ‘who you know’ world. You need to keep your comm lines open at all times to harvest as much inbound information as possible. mobile phones. Future missions and operations are planned based on this incoming information. and how to say it. Don’t try to change the rules of the game. today. By far the most effective method for finding work is word-of-mouth. You need to be monitoring as many frequencies as you can. When compared to someone who has been 16 . etc. Sending in resumes and CVs cold to an email address has a very very low probability of getting you a good contract.' Both of these are especially true for security contractors and you should take them to heart. Your future career is the same. Information is power so get in the loop. However. Which companies are bidding on which contracts? Who is not bidding? Why? When someone wins how many guys will they need? What types of skill-sets will be most valued? You probably won’t ever be the first guy to always know the answers to these questions but make sure you’re not the last.Security Contracting Chapter 5—Professional Networking You have probably heard it said before that ‘The key to life is timing’ or 'It's not WHAT you know but WHO you know that counts. Now. They will have multiple radios monitoring dozens of frequencies. it is understandable that if you are just starting out in this business that your network may seem small. if you know the right person and you know what to say. your odds of finding work will dramatically increase. Have you ever been into the ops-shack in your old tactical unit? There they have information coming in from all possible stations. You may find it useful to imagine yourself and your career as a global operations center.

But don’t forget your old mates from the military or the police. Get to know the people who do the hiring and not just the people who do the work. This way they might send you some info that is handy or you can contact them directly and you will have maintained a thread with them. client contacts and anyone you think may be able to help you hear about work or help you get onto a short-list somewhere for consideration. Quick Tip: Never burn a bridge by breaking your contract or leaving a jobsite under less than positive circumstances. sooner or later it will come back to haunt you. 17 . The best thing you can do for yourself. in this business is to build and maintain a wide network of people across the industry. purchasing agents. My advice is never to take the short-sighted route and leave your teammates or your managers in a pinch. A thousand mediocre contacts are never as good as 100 solid contacts. If word gets back that you left some former colleagues in a jam. it only takes one contact at the right place and at the right time to launch or advance your career in this business. Perhaps they are not in an armed tactical role. Create an email list of anyone you meet and send them an annual Christmas or New Year email so that you don't completely lose touch. No one will begrudge you for cross-decking to another outfit but there is the right way to leave and the wrong way to leave.Security Contracting contracting for years you are probably right. Make sure you reach out to hiring managers. Go with your gut instincts but just remember that this is a relatively small community and in the end your reputation is all you have in this business. marketing or business development resources. Sites such as Facebook and MySpace and LinkedIn can be excellent places to connect with other contractors. by far. Look up old friends and see where they are these days. logistics people. If you know 10 people and they each know 10 people then you are basically within easy reach of 100 people. probably for more money or better conditions. The great thing about networks is that they are exponential. maybe they are contract administrators. But remember. Don't be surprised to find out that many of them are also somehow involved in the private security industry. Don’t just focus on people who have the same background as you. No doubt you will find yourself at one time or another with an offer to jump the fence and work for a competitor. Nowadays there are a lot of ways to maintain and grow your network using technology. Even better as the diversity of your network can be as important as the size of it.

No doubt many of these courses may be full of good information from quality staff and instructors.S. Sometimes the best thing about attending a course is the other classmates you will meet and how they can extend your network. Make sure that successful completion of any course results in your receiving a widely recognized diploma or certificate. 4.. Think about who else is likely to be on your course at the same time and when you are there be sure to exchange details with everyone you meet. Sometimes courses even guarantee placement within a certain number of days after completion. From shooting courses to close combat.Security Contracting Chapter 6—Tactical Training & Development Similar to reconnaissance time spent on education is seldom wasted and I encourage anyone to keep their current skills sharp or learn new ones. in terms of strengthening your CV and making you more competitive in the market place you need to walk away with a tangible certification of some kind. Any course you take will ultimately be to your benefit either directly or indirectly. etc. etc. This is not a requirement. 1. close protection. If you have a certificate from a highly recognized 12day course from a world renowned company and I have a certificate from a 3-day course that no one has ever heard of. in my opinion. 3. Reputations matter.. 2. but if they are offering something along these lines it does illustrate that the trainers and the company are well connected to the industry. 18 . Giving you specific advice on courses is difficult as I don't know your background or future goals. It's great to get some training and no doubt any course can teach you something new and valuable. In any case. tactical driving..which one do you think he will have more respect for? Think about the networking. It takes 4 years to get a degree at Harvard just like any other university but the Harvard diploma is of higher perceived value. I rate this aspect of training very high. There are many firms popping up every day who are running all kinds of courses.. However. here are some guidelines when considering the selection of a course. Try to attend schools and courses which have a wide network of contacts to assist with follow on work and contracts. It's not an all-inclusive list but it's a good start or to use when comparing other schools and courses. See Appendix B for a list of course providers who are widely known across the industry and carry with them a good reputation. But put yourself in the shoes of the hiring manager in the UK or the U.

close protection (CP) training and language training. Sitting in a chair watching a presentation has some merit when introducing a topic for the first time. A good trainer does not need a fancy facility to create a great learning environment and experience. rather than later. Instructor qualifications and experience are also critical. So look for courses that offer low teacher-to-student ratios and that offer a maximum time in the training plan for practical application of the subject matter. Don't believe everything you read. ordinance and demolitions (EOD) as well as working dog handler training both of which are great niche markets within the security branch. The ones which apply most to your current needs would depend on your previous 19 . Those categories are firearms training. Minimize the in-class instruction. 7. But you need to get in a car and practice these techniques multiple times before you can say you are able to do them instinctively when the time arises. For example. Use referrals. driver/vehicle training. The best information you can get is from someone who has attended the course recently. There are of course other specialties such as explosives. it's fine to watch an instructional video on tactical driving techniques such as the hand-brake turn or the J-turn. However. some targets and some great ex-SEAL instructors. you need to get on your feet and do it yourself if you are going to master the technique. for the purposes of this chapter I will just address those which are most relevant to the vast majority of readers as they are the ones which are the best investment in terms of staying employed on a consistent basis. But sooner. Some of the best training I have ever received has been out in the desert with no one around but some old tires. their staff. 6. These days everyone's web page makes it sound like their course was designed by the SAS cadre. If the course does not specify what percentage of the time is spent in/out of classroom then make sure to ask before register. Let's look at each of these a little closer. You also have subjects such as unarmed close combat which are sometimes touched on in other courses or can be found as standalone offerings. Facilities and equipment are nice but it's more important to me that the training staff have real-world experience and have taught the course many times before. There is a wide range of tactical training that you can take but they basically fit into 4 categories which are useful when planning and developing your career. the facilities and so forth. Here are some generic courses and the subjects that are the minimum that I believe should be covered in each. Ask them about the quality of the program's curriculum. Firearms Training Firearms training can further be segmented into various weapons systems or scenario based courses.Security Contracting 5.

Basic Handgun Course • Safety • Fundamentals of Shooting • Presentation • Malfunctions • Speed Shooting • Multiple shots • Multiple targets • Shooting positions • Shooting on the move • Shooting moving targets • Shooting from covered positions Advanced Handgun Skills Course • Basic diagnostic evaluation exercises • Review of the fundamentals of marksmanship • Correction of grip. stance.Security Contracting background and skill level and your recent experience. and trigger control issues • Trigger management and sight management • Improving the reload • Efficient practice and using a training log • Driving the gun • Sight and recoil management in rapid fire • Movement from position to position • Shooting on the move and moving targets • One handed unsupported shooting Tactical Handgun Course • Safety and handling • Conditions of readiness • Gear placement • Fundamentals of shooting • Proper ready positions • Recoil management • Presentation and firing techniques • Reloads and Malfunctions • Multiple targets • Firing positions and barricades • Shooting moving targets • Shooting on the move • Shooting positions • Strong hand only shooting • Support hand only shooting • Low light shooting techniques • • • 20 .

Security Contracting • Advanced Tactical Handgun Course • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Review Diagnostics Exercise Long Range Marksmanship (15+ yards) Presentation from the holster Reloading Shooting on the move Moving targets Sight/trigger Management Strong hand/Support hand shooting Concealed carry Fire & Movement Low Light Shooting Shooting from and around Vehicles House Movement & Tactics Ground Fighting Training Documentation Stress Course Diagnostics Exercise – Improvement Evaluation Basic Carbine Operator • Safety • Characteristics and accessories • Sight-in procedures • Fundamentals • Four ready positions • Magazine changes (admin. tactical and speed) • Shooting positions and transitioning to shooting positions • Multiple shots and multiple targets • Sight management • Shooting on the move • Barricades • Transition drills • Low-light shooting Advanced Carbine Operator/Instructor • Safety • Characteristics and accessories • Proper use of the carbine • Sight-in procedures • Training program development • Methods of instruction • Reducing reaction time • Fundamentals • Ready positions • Multiple shots and multiple targets 21 • .

PIT. This kind of CP work is found anywhere you have celebrities. right front seat driving countering the drive Attack recognition • • Close Protection Skills Close Protection (CP) is a distinct field within the private security sector which deals with the security and protection of specific individuals as compared with Static Security which deals with the protection of a fixed asset. dignitaries and high-net-worth individuals and their 22 . This could be synonymous with PSD work but could also include convoy security missions which protect the movement of assets during transport. Driving an armored car or SUV takes skill and practice. it is a core skill in most security contracting roles an especially so in PSD work and on Convoy Operations. CP teams are often called 'details' or PSDs (Personal Security Detail). reversing out.Security Contracting • • • • Shooting positions Shooting on the move Low-light shooting Practical (firearms) and written tests Tactical Vehicle Handling Vehicle handling is a skill that many people take for granted. minimum visual distance. cornering. I recommend highly that if you have not had the chance to take a formal course in tactical vehicle handling you do so.” close proximity driving Driving beyond normal limits . Executive Protection (EP) generally refers to a type of CP which takes place in a non-combat environment.high speed techniques. response drills. VIPs. A basic course probably goes for 3 to 5 days and should include: • • • • • • • Travel security assessment Terrorist/criminal methodology Route security assessments Surveillance detection plan Driving emergency response-braking drills. These jobs are generally higher paid in accordance with the higher risk.ramming (barricades). Y-turns – reverse 180 degree turn. exiting the corner Evasive Actions . They are high risk jobs which require specialized training or experience. whole road/restricted lane. driver down. Sometimes you may see these jobs listed as 'Mobile Security'. however. skid control City streets and heavy traffic driving unknown “rules of the road. avoidance drills.

Security Contracting

families. There are a lot of contractors who come and go from the EP 'circuit'. A good basis in Close Protection training combined with a wide network of colleagues can assist you greatly in finding work on both the combat-PSD and the conventional EP circuit. As with many types of courses across the industry you will see a wide range of course durations. Course 'A' at School 1 could be advertised as half the number of training days as the same course at School 2. It's really hard to say which one is right or wrong. This is why I urge people to go with schools which are widely known and have a solid long standing reputation for quality. Here are some generic courses and the subjects each should contain at a minimum: • Basic/Introductory Executive Protection • Principles of executive protection • Case studies • Intro to threat assessments and risk analysis • Advances, surveys, mission planning and execution • Residential security, travel security • Open hand defensive tactics • Protectin formations • Attack on principal procedures • Motorcade procedures • Radio communication procedures • Dress and etiquette • Command post procedures • Restaurant and banquet functions • Route selection • Culminating event/practical application exercise Advanced Executive Protection • Principles of executive protection review • Helo Arrivals / Departures • Protective formations review • Attack recognition • Cover and evacuation drills live fire • Concealed firearms and tactical firearms • Tactical driving (Rams-Pits-Barricade Penetration-Screens) • Motorcade driving (High / Low Speeds/ Low Light) • Arrival and departure drills • Low profile security and tactics • Advanced attack drills using force on force final training exercise • Low light shooting High Risk Security Operations • Advanced weapon skills (handgun/carbine)

Security Contracting

• • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Helo Arrivals / Departures GPS Navigation Basic land warfare and force-on-force attack drills Tactical driving (PIT/ramming/barriers) convoy an motorcade operations Route selection and attack recognition IED/VBIED recognition High risk urban movement Foreign weapon familiarization High risk foot formations High risk advances/2 and 3 car arrivals and departures Vehicle evacuations and open-air rescues Radio procedures Unarmed combatives Low-light operations (driving with night vision devices and Lowlight shoot)

Language Training
Your ability to speak a multiple languages will make you a valuable asset to recruiters and companies in the future. Think about many guys are there out there right now who have both military combat experience in Iraq and/or Afghanistan, PLUS they now have multiple years of PSC experience? Believe me, there are thousands if not tens of thousands. But how many of them can also speak fluent Arabic, Pashto or Dari? Probably less than a couple of hundred. If you were able to combine: • • • On-the ground experience A second or a third language A security clearance

I call this the Holy Trinity of skills and those who possess them all are able to write their own ticket in this business. Language skills are already in high demand and they will continue to be a major differentiator among contractors who are otherwise equal in terms of tactical skill. I encourage anyone looking to build job security to learn as many languages as you can. Here are some links to some language resources you may find useful. Arabic for work in the Middle East and North Africa. French for work in Africa German or /Dutch/Afrikaans for work in Europe and Southern Africa

Security Contracting

Mandarin Chinese for work in Asia and increasingly in Africa as well. Spanish for working in Mexico, Central and South America but also with TCNs in Iraq and Afghanistan

Other Types of Training to Consider
There are a lot of courses which you may have an interest in taking and which can also assist you in your career. If you Google these for your geographical area you will likely find someone offering these courses near you. • • • • • • • • HUET – Helicopter Underwater Escape Training IED – An number of courses now specialize in Improvised Explosive Device threat analysis and countermeasures Krav Maga – Is just one type of hand-to-hand method which is gaining increasing popularity. There are many others out there. Military and Working Dog courses Field expedient communications courses Survival Escape, Resistance and Evasion Kidnap survival training and preparation Weapons armorer courses


This way I am getting a more personal introduction and endorsement as opposed to just calling Barry cold or sending my CV along with thousands of other guys. Others are country specific based on their membership such as ‘Italian Security Contractors’ or something similar. Some are very specific and focused on contractors in a certain theater such as Iraq or Afghanistan. Social Networking Sites If you don’t already have a Facebook account I suggest you get one because Facebook has literally dozens of excellent groups and communities related to contracting.Private Security Contractors South African Close Protection Network Contractors in Iraq Worldwide Security Operators Institute of Protections Specialists and Security Contractors In addition to Facebook other sites such as MySpace and LinkedIn are both places where you can connect with other industry professionals. United Private Military Contractors Australian Private Security Contractors and Partners European . You will need to have a Facebook account already to access these links. I highly recommend that you join some of the more prominent groups on Facebook and use it as one of your methods for both staying informed and for networking. For example I can see that my friend Joe has a friend named Dave and Dave is linked to a guy named Barry. So. Here is a partial list of some Facebook groups which are relevant but there are groups popping up all the time. It just so happens that Barry is a contracting officer for a company that I want to work for. This chapter will help you do so. I can ask Dave if he would reach out to Barry on my behalf and ask if its OK for me to contact him.Security Contracting Chapter 7—Staying Informed One of the core skills you need to develop in order to stay relevant in the industry is staying up-to-date on current events and happenings across the industry. 26 . LinkedIn is particularly cool in that you can see the connections from one person to another.

That’s right.00 for a lifetime membership. you pay 1 time a fee of $50 bucks and you can access DJZ for the rest of your life! That's a great deal. in my opinion. that says a lot about how resourceful you are likely to be on the job site. I believe they have or will shortly be adding a Job Board as well. For reasons that are explained in other places in this book you should not ‘outsource’ your job searching to someone else. that with a few exceptions. for a fee. one of the services that I do recommend is Danger Zone Jobs . The Combat Operator Eeben Barlow’s Military and Security Blog Feral Jundi Free Range International The Long War Journal Small Wars Journal Danger Room at Wired. Secure Aspects Group offers a job board for about USD $10.00 per month and that seems to be a pretty small price to pay to keep in informed. The thing about DJZ is that they are not a ‘placement agency’ or a ‘head hunter’ in fact they basically aggregate specific industry related news and information which will help you greatly in your job search and keep you up to date on industry related Paid Services There are a number of services out there which. I recommend you stay as updated as you can both through mainstream media as well as industry specific blogs and other information sources. will assist you in staying informed and finding work. I want to be clear. Last time I checked the membership fee was about USD $50. Having said that.Security Contracting Blogs There are a number of web logs (blogs) which are either dedicated solely to security contracting or that regularly cover issues relevant to the industry. 27 . I definitely recommend this site and the investment is nominal considering the lifetime access. I do not recommend paid services. You are responsible for finding work and if you are not resourceful enough to find a job then. Here is a list of some of them.

But. Forums Discussion boards and forums are another way to get information and to network via the Internet. Each forum also seems to always also have a few 'know it alls'. like anything. The following are a short list of popular forums that are frequented by contractors and may be of some value to you: Black Flag Cafe Combat Operator Forum Lightfighter Forum Secure Aspects Group SOC Network There are many of these types of forums and discussion boards and even though most of them are more mainstream military or law enforcement many of them will also have sections dedicated to the private security sector. for such a small monthly fee it can save you a lot of time and effort to have Secure Aspects put it all in one place for you. A forum is lot like a pub. there are no background checks and anyone can simply acquire a user name and a password and start building a profile on a forum. be approached with caution. not to mention a lot of rumor and third-hand hearsay which often may have lost many critical elements of truth. Aprodex is much more than a blog but they do offer a news feed and it can also be a good place to network and stay up-todate. 28 . short for asset protection index is both a paid service but it also offers you the chance to set up a free profile on their site as well. While forums and discussion boards are a resource for both industry related information and professional networking they should. Additionally there is also usually a kind of ridiculous pecking-order or hierarchy in most forums which incorrectly places value on the length of membership as opposed to actual real-world achievement. Aprodex. there can be a lot of egos and quite a few tall tales being swapped. I recommend you check it out. Remember. Some forums have a lot of pretenders and frauds who seem to get their thrills by bragging about who they wish they were.Security Contracting It appears to me that almost all the jobs found on Secure Aspects are opensourced and therefore not exclusively found at this site and in truth most of these jobs are not hard to find if you know where to look.

The media is a commercial entity. some deserved. blogs and websites for recent appearances of that word or term. they are out to make including the MSM. magazines or encourage viewers to tune-in. Mainstream Media The mainstream media (MSM) takes a beating from many people inside the private security contracting community. In other words.Security Contracting These are just some of the reasons why I have generally been turned off by using Forums as a primary means of networking and keeping current on news and events. etc. But. so in this case I really cannot offer you any more advice other than to say use your own discretion. This is unfair but you can’t blame the media for reporting events which are true even though they are detrimental to the industry. You don’t have to believe all you read and you certainly don’t have to agree with it but if you don’t read it you won’t be able to make the decision for yourself. Bottom line: Read the news and stay up to date about what others are saying. ‘Triple Canopy’.com/alerts . Regardless of their often obvious and unbalanced viewpoints toward the private security industry they are still a vital source of information and you should be regularly reading the news from a variety of sources. So don’t be surprised when you see more sensational stories designed to sell papers. some not. ‘DynCorp’. One of the best ways to monitor the news related to the industry is through Google News Alerts www. Still other guys I know seem to find them useful. I use a number of alerts for words such as ‘Blackwater’. There are many in the media with an agenda to trash the entire existence of private security firms at every opportunity. etc. Each day I get an email into my inbox with a summary of websites which contain the terms I am interested in. But don’t dwell on it. As with any source of information you cannot take it at face value. ‘Xe’. The way it works is you type in some key words that you want to find news or information about and Google will scour the Internet news. 29 . There are a number of reasons for this. then again there are many idiots in our industry who make headlines through stupid behavior which discredits all contractors.

Most often these perceptions are misplaced as each persons unique qualities are rarely intended to offend. 30 . This is the hallmark of a disciplined unit. Learning to accept other people's points of view. But did you ever wonder if. But often our intentions can have little to do with other people's perceptions. It does not mean that one personality type is better than another. There is room for all types on a job site and you need to learn to adapt to your surroundings and be in tune with the way other people perceive the signals you are projecting. Problems can arise however. it just means there are differences that need to be understood. in other people's eyes. I see this happening often around discussions of tactics where people from differing backgrounds differ on techniques or procedures. • Respect the chain of command even when you don't agree with it. when the quite. At the same time the gregarious and outwardly passionate contractor can come across as a know-it-all or a kiss-up to management. nor should we try. Ultimately if you cannot work in this way you will be better off moving on. For example. You were not hired to like every decision that gets taken. Great teams are comprised of team members who are able to adapt and collaborate to new methods which may take elements from various origins. The truth is that rarely is one method the only way to correctly solve a tactical problem. some people are simply more quiet and reserved than others who may be more outgoing and boisterous. Find a tactful and respectful way to make your objections known but then get on with the job. their methods of doing things and how they work is an important part of a successful career in contracting. Here are some guidelines which will keep you in good stead most of the time.Security Contracting Chapter 8—People Skills Have you ever worked with someone who you just don't trust or can't even stand to be around? Perhaps because their attitude just rubs you the wrong way. we should try to get along with as many people as possible if even only for self serving reasons such as to maintain that broad professional network. YOU are that dreaded person that most other people don't like to be around? It's certainly a possibility and while we can never get along with everyone. So have I and I guess most people have experienced the same challenge. reserved type is perceived as being aloof or rude because they refuse to fully engage in team activities or training sessions.

etc. Too often a large group or job site gets broken down into smaller groups which are based on lines of culture. There is more than one way to skin a cat. seniority. Be open to learning new methods. Avoid this at all costs as it is counterproductive to the mission in every regard. Building a bond may be the difference someday in a crisis situation. background.. Often you will find yourself living in close quarters and being forced to socialize with the same guys you work with all day long. Invariably these groups will find ways of pitting one against another. At the same time find ways to get engaged with your teammates on a personal level. Over time this can test everyone's nerves.Security Contracting • There are often many different ways of solving the same problem especially tactical ones. • • • 31 . Life is not just about the job. Start a poker game. Learn when to pull back from the group and spend some time alone and respect others when they do the same. workout or train as a group. Don't assume that your way is not always the best. language. a chess tournament. Getting to know your teammates and allowing them to get to know you goes a long way toward avoiding misunderstandings which can lead to bigger problems down the track. Don't form little cliques or allow them to be formed in your job site. Respect other people's privacy and space.

this nightmare could be compounded if you leave your affairs in a state of confusion... Despite your belief in your invincibility. It's also customary to donate items of your tactical kit to teammates and to leave a few hundred dollars in cash so the lads can have a proper piss-up in your honor after you have gone.Security Contracting Chapter 9—Contingency Planning Obviously the worst case scenario for you is that you get killed on the job. You may not want your personal effects to be shipped home at all or you may want some personal or private items to be removed from your effects before shipping the rest to your next of kin. There are a number of online services which for a small fee will allow you to draft your Last Will and Testament properly and have it notarized. Put this letter in a sealed envelope and write on the outside “Open in the event of my death or serious injury. This means dealing with your assets on two levels. Dear Lads. Will and Testament The most important step you need to take in contingency planning is to prepare a legal Last Will and Testament and leave this in a safe place at your home or with a family member. house and other valuable possessions which you own or have shared ownership. very mortal. It may also include any legal issues surrounding the care or custody of your children or other immediate family family members. To avoid this you need to have all of your affairs in order with clear written instructions for what you intentions are. This includes practical instructions for how all of your personal assets will be dealt with such as your bank accounts. your car. But for your family. if you get my drift. I suggest writing a Dear Lads Letter and leaving it somewhere near your personal items at the job site. with original copies and kept on file.” Tape it to the inside of the top of your footlocker or somewhere where it can easily be found should the need arise. This may be done simply to protect the feelings of your survivors as some facts about you may be best buried with you. 32 . This letter should contain information about how to deal with the personal effects you have in-country and what steps to take in the event of your death or serious injury. at the job site and at home. This is a pretty straight forward task but something which you must're very. This document gives clear instructions for how your affairs are to be handled in the event of your death...

Most contracts in Iraq and Afghanistan. Here are some links to some practical legal services at Legal Zoom which may be helpful if you are in the U. not for your own sake. harbors. will qualify you for a minimum amount of life insurance through the Defense Base Act (DBA). schools. You may think that getting killed is the worst thing that can happen but actually getting killed AND leaving behind an ambiguous legal mess to deal with pours salt into the wound for your family. you may not want to be kept indefinitely on life support.S. Established in 1941.S. For example. government's reconstruction efforts. because they are connected to the U. Do the responsible thing and have your affairs in order before deployment and kept up-to-date over the years. 33 . A Living Will provides instructions to family members and medical professionals for how you want to be medically treated if you are alive but incapable of voicing or making decisions for yourself. Canada or the UK: Last Will and Testament Living Will Power of Attorney Note: Legal Zoom services are not available in all countries so if the links above do not work for you that is probably due to the fact that their services are not available for your area (or the the IP address at your current location is telling Legal Zoom that you are out of their coverage area). This is actually true of any U.Security Contracting Other documents you many want to consider include a Living Will and Powers of Attorney. Life Insurance Life Insurance is a must if you want to work in this business. A Power of Attorney gives someone else authority to take specific or general decisions on your behalf. but for the sake of your survivors. contract globally.S.. A further amendment added a vast array of enterprises revolving around the national security of the United States and its allies. This can be useful if you are deployed and need to buy or sell your a car or a house for example. the primary goal of the DBA was to cover workers on military bases outside the United States. Some of these steps may seem morbid and uncomfortable to think about or take action on but you need to do them. The act was later amended to include public works contracts with the government for the building of nonmilitary projects such as dams. and roads abroad.

Unfortunately. Visit the website of eGlobal Health Insurers Agency to apply for a free quote on Global High Limit Accident Insurance. Secondly. it's actually not very much money in terms of the payout. Any employee engaged in a public works or military contract with a foreign government which has been deemed necessary to U. First.. The bottom line is you need to plan on getting your own independent Life and Casualty Insurance in addition to the DBA or what your employer is providing.S. will likely require Defense Base Act coverage. almost any contract with an agency of the U.S. As for the amount of coverage you need or should have this will depend upon your specific situation but a general rule of thumb is to have about 8 years of income in coverage if you are leaving behind a wife and young children.S. The DBA covers: • • • • • Any employee working on a military base or reservation outside the U. To read more about these problems click here. government.S. Those employees that provide services funded by the U.S. government funded public works business outside the U. The calculation for how much you will receive is somewhat unclear and worse it is left up to the insurance company to decide how much you. this is a difficult problem because very few firms will write policies of this type. for work outside the U. National Security. Any employee engaged in U. government outside the realm of regular military issue or channels Any employees of any sub-contractors of the prime or letting contractor involved in a contract like numbers 1-4 above The problem with the DBA is two-fold. the program is overloaded with cases and it takes far too long to process claims. The formula for the payout has variables based on your recent salary/income but there are some limits and ceilings to the maximum your survivor can receive and these are not in most cases adequate. whether military in nature or not. 34 .S.S. or your beneficiary will receive. If you are single you can get by with less though I still suggest you purchase some for your parents or anyone else you wish to designate as your beneficiary.Security Contracting Today.

No matter what anyone tells you about the expected duration of your contract and no matter what your contract actually states there are no guarantees about tomorrow. you need to eventually get to the point where you have USD $48. 'I need to go home. etc. car. Then over time build up this account to 6 months and then 12 months of reserve funding.000 or more in a savings or preferably a money market account. etc. But. There is no worse feeling than knowing that you and your loved ones are totally reliant on your next paycheck to put food on the table next month. you are going to burnout contracting and you are going to want and need a break. Make sure you plan for that day starting today by saving some money. if you had to or wanted to.. One minute you're up. You should put aside two months of living expenses as soon as you can. bills. You have to plan for contingencies such as the loss of your current contract. Having a comfortable cash position will allow you the flexibility to control your own destiny in this business. you're making great money and the future looks bright. even for a minute.Security Contracting Chapter 10—Financial Planning Contracting is a feast or famine lifestyle. family expenses. you could tell your supervisor right now. Your client can make the decision to pack up and go home tomorrow or something can happen within your company. It's nice to dream about how you are going to spend all your money in the years to come but never think. if your monthly burn rate at home with your mortgage. It happens all the time. that this is a stable situation. In fact. You need to reach a point with your finances that you actually don't need your current contract to survive.. You will find yourself considering contracts or terms or working conditions that you otherwise would never do.000.000 per month then you need to always have on-hand at least USD $8. Anything can and will happen in this business. that causes everyone to lose their jobs. simply because you need the money. Chances are. sooner or later. For example.' When you reach this level of financial security you give yourself the option of resigning from your position if you don't like the way the operation is being run or if you get cross-threaded with a supervisor or whatever the case may be. 35 . the next minute you're on the outside looking in with no income. totally unrelated to your work site. You need to plan financially for the days. weeks and even months that you may spend between contracts.are costing you USD $4. Living like this is dangerous and in the long run will cause you to make poor decisions.

This is NOT what I am suggesting. etc. the point is that if you are a contractor working in the Middle East and you are spending 9+ months per year there and the company you work for is based offshore then is it necessary. Though it can cost a few hundred dollars to set up a simple business entity generally this will be well worth it in the long-run financially. Where this subject gets a little bit shady is when some people try to use under-the-table tactics to avoid paying any taxes at all and thus end up filing false and illegal tax returns. What I do know is that there are many jurisdictions in the world which will allow you to set up a business and pay no taxes on that revenue. However. training course fees. as most contracting is done outside of your home country it is reasonable to argue that your business need not be located in your home country. clothing.. However. You should seek credible legal advise on this subject as the laws governing the subject can be confusing and vary widely based on your nationality and country of residence. 36 . Offshore Businesses and Banking Depending upon your situation you may find it more advantageous to set up your business offshore (meaning outside of your country of residence). range fees. weapons. Additionally expenses such as un-reimbursed travel expenses or other significant costs associated with the conduct of your job are in most cases all tax-deductible. For more on establishing a business in the United States visit Legal Zoom where you can fill out all the forms online to set up your business. This may reasonably include any equipment you purchase such as a computer. etc.Security Contracting Establishing a Business Something you may consider over time is establishing or incorporating your own business even if you are the sole employee. For more on this subject I recommend you visit The Offshore Explorers where you can read more about it and where they can answer your questions and give you specific advice based on your situation. Creating a business entity can offer substantial financial advantages for you as it will allow you to deduct from your income any relevant expenses you incur as a part of your contracting career.. logical or even practical for you to have your company based in your home state? I personally don't think so but again I am not an international legal expert. tactical gear.

Type 3 – I call this type The Sheep.Security Contracting Chapter 11—Finding Work Finding work. the guy who follows up with an email or a phone call and makes a positive impression will have a much higher chance of getting selected than any of the other thousands of sheep who just submit their details and then sit on their hands waiting for an answer. 37 . But. This is especially the case when you are submitting your CV cold (Type 2) with no inside support. However. It means you have a person already working for the target company who is able to be your eyes and ears and perhaps even help your CV get to the top of the pile with a favorable recommendation. whenever you find yourself looking for work keep in mind that there are 3 types of applicants: Type 1 – I call this the The Insider. particularly your first contract. is the hardest part. This is the best type and the one we all aspire to be. Resumes and CVs As previously stated the best way to find work is through your network but invariably even when using your network you will be asked to submit a resume or CV of some kind. The basic cold. if you're reputation is poor then you better hope you have a small network otherwise you will be found out pretty fast. to be a Type 1 applicant you need both a wide network and a stellar reputation as an operator and a team member (see Good Guys in Chapter 13) . Type 2 – I call this the Jab and Hook combination. unsolicited application is the Jab but the personal. persistent but courteous follow-up is the Hook that will ultimately win the fight. When you are submitting a CV it's critical that you put yourself in the shoes of the reviewer. As I say the world is full of these guys who just follow the flock. Once you have some experience and a growing network you'll find it easier to stay employed. Anyone can simply submit their details to a website or attach a CV to an email and click the send button. However. they fill out the forms. That's not how it works. they submit all the docs then they expect the whole world to come knocking on their door. What I am about to tell you is based on what has worked for me over the years and I still do this myself with great success. Conversely.

What are the 'keywords' they themselves are using? And. one of the biggest mistakes people make is thinking that they only need one CV. Always find a way of following up.Security Contracting Resumes should be ‘1 pagers’ and by that I mean they should consume not more than one side of an A4 or 8. 2 Keep your CV short and crisp (a single page) with information prioritized in order of importance. etc. I am not talking about falsifying information about yourself. talking about reading the job posting with a critical eye to see what specifically the hiring party is looking for. controlled access. however. just to be clear. and if you ever get the reputation for being a liar or someone who inflates their skills the word will get around and you will close a lot of doors on yourself. 3 Follow the application process exactly as the company is requesting 4 Don’t just submit and forget. I am. This business is a very small world. Now. terms. check point. how can you incorporate those words or terms into your own CV? Almost every job posting you read will contain about several keywords. phrases or critical elements. the recruiter. These are what will make or break your chances of getting a call-back from the hiring manager.5x11” sheet of paper. You should never do that. sentry. 1 Make your CV specifically match the job posting/requirement text. Wrong. put yourself in the shoes of the decider. When it comes to submitting CVs there are 4 basic points to remember. Do you think he or she wants to read multiple pages about you? No. Match Your CV To The Advert What do I mean when I say you should match your CV to the posting? Well. This is what 95% of the other guys will be doing whereas you will be tailoring your CV to match the specific requirements of the job. believe it or not. armed guard. etc. For example: Here are some keywords which are commonly used in a static security postings: static security. That may sound harsh but again. 38 . Locating these keywords and seeding them into your CV in priority order will dramatically increase your chances of breaking out of the pack in a Type 2 application situation. access point. and that CV can be used for any type of opening.

if you have direct experience performing tasks such as these then this is critical and you need this to be the first thing the reader sees about you. Keep Your CV Short and Crisp The second aspect of successful CV submissions is to keep the information concise and prioritized for the reader.. Remember. But you cannot take for granted that the HR Manager or the Recruiter at XYZ Security Co. Do you think they want to see a thousand 3-page CVs or a thousand 39 .Security Contracting Now. However. If they are looking for an 'static security guard' then make sure your CV says that you have worked as a 'static security guard' and not an 'armed sentry' even though the two terms are very closely related. what you've done and what you can do in the future. Get it all onto a single page and at the bottom you can write something like “A more detailed CV along with references is available upon request.bang you're hired.. It can be a challenge to put 10+ years of your professional working life onto one single page but that is the point of the exercise. Similarly. thousands of them.” This way you are signaling that they can have more information if necessary and you have nothing to hide but you think what is provided is enough to get the job. you need to modify your language to meet theirs. That's right. You need to be very specific about who you are. See. make sure to use the exact same words that they use in the posting. when you were in the military you regularly served as Sergeant-of-the-Guard or Duty Sergeant or Duty Officer then almost anyone with a military background would know that when it comes to static site security a former Sergeant-ofthe-guard would be perfect for the job of static security guard or even a supervisor. If. recruiters see thousands of CVs. don't take a chance that these companies speak your language at the home office or headquarters. Take a term such as 'sergeant-of-the-guard' for example. most recruiters these days are professional Human Resource types who have never been tactical operators themselves so they can easily gloss over some terms without knowing how to speak our language. if I were hiring for static jobs and you told me you were in the Navy and served for years as a Master-at-Arms on a aircraft carrier then I (because I have military experience) would know immediately how to connect the dots. There are many schools of thought on this and I can see the argument for the occasional long and detailed CV but 98% of the time less-is-best. This is what recruiters are looking for. has any idea what these terms mean. But here is the trick.

your licenses. Some highlight my PSD experience.. what countries. 40 . i. Geography.. schools.e. Ideally your experience will match your education. There are 3 primary aspects about you that make you who you are. These aspects are what must come across about you when someone reads your CV: • • • Credentials—Your education. Just another reason why you should use those exact words directly from the listing itself.. etc. certificates. This is because for any given job one of these will likely be your 'leading aspect'. diplomas. Notice these three are not numbered or in any priority order.. certificates and so forth but not always. You need to format your CVs into multiple variations and combinations of basically the same information only with more or less detail in some regards. Except each section does not have equal weight or value in terms of space on the page. Geography—Your global geographic experience. yet others show my experience in leadership or management roles. However. I probably have 5 or 6 resumes which I use when submitting for different job types. etc. In any case it never hurts to have a properly formatted CV which is organized and presentable and printable. all are completely true but they are prioritized and adapted to the role I am seeking. often firms also allow or request you to upload a clean presentable CV. None of them are falsified. Experience) can be plugged into. etc.5"x11" resume format is loosing out to the online application process where you have to fill in your individual details one-by-one in separate fields. Think of your 1-page CV as having 3 sections where each of your 3 primary aspects (Credentials. Experience—What kind of work you have done of relevance. sometimes the fact that you have experience working in a particular geographical location is what will separate you from other applicants and thus should be prominently found in the top portion of your CV. others my training/instructor skills. • Section 1 carries 50% importance and thus gets the entire top-half of the page.Security Contracting 1-page CVs? Actually nowadays many resumes are machine scanned for those keywords I described earlier. your schools. Note: Increasingly the A4 or 8. where you have been. etc. Meaning it will more relevant than the other two in relation to the job posting and you will want to of course lead with that aspect of yourself. In other words.

Any of which will significantly reduce your competitiveness as an applicant. 2. Increasingly you will need to have your CV in various format such as text file. Recruiters give up information all the time by saying stuff like. 41 . if executed correctly you will also pull some intel on how the selection process works and when some of the decisions will be made. as best as you honestly can. If you don't. Make sure to locate the operative terms or key words in the advert and then load your CV. Section 3 gets 20% of real estate on the page and comes at the bottom after Section 2. just to review. general stupidity or lack or respect for guidelines. Follow Up After Submitting After you have submitted your package you must find a way to follow up either directly or indirectly. First. Note: Just a quick word about digital formats. Follow the Prescribed Process Each firm will have a specific process that they want you to follow. Second.doc or . This is important for 2 reasons. People who can't read and follow directions are not the kind of people that companies like to hire.Security Contracting • Section 2 gets 30% and begins right at the end of Section 1 but takes up only about one-third of the page. .pdf or any other type be sure to submit your CV in the correct format. your package may not even be seen by the recruiter. It is very important that you follow these instructions carefully. Put yourself in their shoes. • OK. Because of the volume of applications many of these firms are dealing with if you don't follow the program it's very easy for them to just delete or choose not-review your submission. This is the only aspect of the application process that I will encourage you to follow along like the rest of the sheep. Read the directions first and follow them to the letter. If you had 1'000 applications and 200 of them were somehow submitted in incorrectly would you bother with those 200 at all or would you just sort through the 800 who have shown the ability to read and follow directions? 1. with those terms into the top half of your CV page. Following up do two things for your chances.txt. it will show that your are motivated and that you want the job. It's either a sign of poor attention to detail. Whether it's . MS Word file or Adobe Personal Digital File.

diplomas. it's possible that you occasionally might annoy a recruiter but it's a chance you must be willing to take as making yourself memorable is generally a good thing. So. 3. This can range from military service records. I submitted it properly.. Knowing when and how often to follow up can be tricky and you will have to use your best judgment. Everything looks OK. Politely apoligizing for disturbing them and being brief and to-the-point by reminding them I am simply checking in and that I remain excited about the opportunity. 3.Security Contracting “Yes. Nothing is happening until the middle of the month. health records. banking details. I will likely get some additional intel on the status of the process or if there have been any changes. letter of recommendation/endorsement. Sure. Eventually though you want to find the case-handler or the recruiter for the contract your applying for and correspond with them via email. etc. previous pay slips.” Even that simple little exchange would have not frustrated the recruiter and it would have given me some great insight into the process. They have my package. when I call back in 3 weeks time I will be able to pick up on that conversation by: 1. criminal background checks. 2. passports. 4. Asking for the same person by name. 2. I am not just a name on a screen now. certifications. Other Documentation Increasingly employers will request that in addition to your CV and basic details you also submit documentation relevant to their decision making process. Often it can take a few phone calls before you find the right person. I am cementing my name in their mind and personalizing my application package. I am talking to the right person. 42 . Jake we have your package. dental records. We are not going to do anything with any of these packages until the client gets back to us on the 15th of next month. I recommend making follow-up contact at first by phone in the first few instances as this gives you a chance to make an inquiry without leaving a trail if you choose not to leave your name and number. At a minimum I now know: 1. etc. birth certificates. I see it right here.

As a double back-up you can even email them to yourself at your hotmail. yahoo or gmail account so they can be accessed from anywhere via the Internet. “I can't submit that to you until my next trip home.” Put yourself in his shoes. Often getting the job depends upon having the documents submitted first or very early in the process. When you do submit originals always request the name of someone to whom these can be addressed to and if possible send them via express currier so that they are signed for and you can be certain they were at least received. I have seen too many times where guys send in all of their original to find out that the company ‘lost’ them or claim to have ‘never received’ them. Keep them on a thumbdrive or external hard drive that you can print them out or attach them to emails. If you really want to be safe you can have most of your important documents notarized or witnessed. If they cannot then you should really question whether or not you want to be working for them in the first place. I have done this with my passport and some other documents. even on deployment in your footlocker or someplace safe.Security Contracting NEVER send originals of these documents unless you have it in-writing that the originals are specifically required and under what circumstances you will have the originals returned to you. You know the answer… 43 . You disqualify yourself for work when you say to a hiring manager. I don’t have those docs with me right now. In addition to the physical copies you should also scan all of your documents and save them as digital files. Make sure you keep your house in order. There are instances where you will be required to hand over your originals and you should be prepared to do so but only after you understand what the process is and when you can expect them back. • Have at least 5 clean photocopies of each of your documents. • • You are nothing without your documentation. Here are a few tips that have always helped me when it comes to documentation control. You never know when you may need them and don’t expect to have access to a printer or a copy machine when deployed. Sometimes you can avoid submitting originals if you have notarized copies. Any professional company will be able to give you these assurances. Keep them with you always. Is he going to wait 4 weeks for you go find your paperwork or is he going to move on to the next qualified candidate.

44 . Bring all of your documentation with you both in hard copy and on a flash drive. 1. Being on-time is the same as being late. I have personally passed on many job offers because they did not meet my own criteria for each of these categories.Security Contracting Comparing offers As often happens you may be considering two or more contract offers at the same time. In the end it's the tortoise who wins the race and the rabbit who often dies from a roadside IED. 3. Contracts come in all shapes and sizes. The primary exception to this is if you are required to complete a pre-deployment Qualification Course which will either contain an interview or in essence is a multi-day interview itself. Interviews It will be rare that you will you need to have a face-to-face interview before being offered a job. Better to be a little bit overdressed than under dressed. 2. Besides. The primary considerations when comparing contracts for me have always been: • • • • The The The The pay rate/salary work/leave rotation schedule job itself or kind of work and the people I'll be forced to work with location/living conditions All of these must. You will have to make your own determination as to how much value you place on each of these criteria but I caution you not to place too much emphasis on the pay aspect. going solely after the money clouds your judgment about what is really best for you and your family. Get a haircut and shave before showing up. If you do get asked to come in for an interview then these quick tips will keep you in good form. Over time you will find that the weight or value placed on each of these criteria may change as circumstances in your life change or as you just get tired of the work and want a change of scenery. This always makes a good impression. Arrive EARLY by about 10 minutes. 4. be weighed and considered when comparing job offers. Bring a notebook and a pen and take some notes during the interview. Recce the location beforehand if you're not sure where it is. in my opinion. 5. thumb drive or disc. Ask ahead of time what the appropriate attire is.

) What will be the next step in the hiring process? How can I best prepare myself for that? ◦ Is there anything I should be reading or studying while I wait to hear back from you? ◦ Would it be possible to come in contact by email with someone who is currently employed with you (preferably on this specific contract)? I'd be grateful if I could get the chance to ask them a few practical questions. you can always turn down this opportunity later but for now just keep kicking the ball down the pitch and see what happens. Switch yourself on and stay on until you rotate to the rear. Anyone can bluff their way through a 1-hour interview with some pin-head at the home office but there is no way to bluff your way through a 90-day rotation living and working in close quarters with other operators who know what they are doing. Whether you get a formal interview in this business or an informal interview over a pint of beer or a coffee you should take it seriously and do everything you can to make a good impression. 7. I can only reiterate that your ability to continuously find work will be based in large part with your performance. Just remember though that interview or no interview the real proving ground in this industry is every day on the job. DO ASK questions that sound intelligent and well thought-out.Security Contracting Have at least 5 questions written down that you would like to ask during the course of the interview. Also keep in mind that one of your peers or even subordinates today might be your boss on another contract next year. ◦ When do you anticipate a decision will be made about making formal offers for the job? ◦ Can I contact you directly if there is any change in my status or availability? 6. This will help jog your memory for questions you have in case you forget and it also shows you came prepared. DO NOT discuss or make demands about money. formally or informally. Every action you take is being watched. that may be noted and counted against you in the future. 45 . when you can come home on leave or living conditions or weapons systems or anything like this with a recruiter. at least by your peers if not always by your supervisors. You want to come across as eager but not desperate. They don't have the power to change anything regarding your pay or leave and they won't know anything about tactics. If you are sloppy in any way. 8. Everyday is game day in a war-zone. ◦ This all sounds great! (Say this even if it not entirely true.

Here are some general guidelines that should cover you in most instances. Typical Physical Fitness Requirements 46 . The curriculum will depend upon who the client is such as the Department of Defense (DOD). interview. In other words. up-to-date on your weapons handling and marksmanship skills and having all your paperwork and documentation in order.. Sometimes you may receive a small fee once you successfully complete the course but not always. hotel. Sometimes more and sometimes only a few days. Expect to take a drug screen via a urine test upon arrival. These range from a single-day event to a few days up to two weeks in some cases. Expect most courses to include an interview. These vary greatly but generally if you can pass the drug screen. It may be that after successful completion of the course you are placed on a 'deployable' list and could be called up later.Security Contracting Qualification Courses Increasingly formal Qualification Courses are being called for by the clientside. you pay the airfare. In most some cases your travel expenses will only be reimbursed after successful completion of the well as the mission they will want you to carry out. This means being physically fit. completion of many of these courses may not necessarily a guarantee of follow-on work. Government. Though you cannot prepare for it more and more these courses are including psychological profiling which may include tests such as the Myers Briggs Test Indicator or something similar. Also. Department of Homeland Security (DHS).. primarily the U. personality profile and the background check (none of which you can really prepare for) then all that remains is the physical fitness and the marksmanship. meals. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). etc. etc. Do not expect to be paid during the 'qual course'. Anyone with anything irregular in their urine is bounced immediately and separated from the course. Department of State (DOS). if you wash out. psych evaluation. These are designed to screen out certain personality types who are not suitable for security contracting. You will normally have at least a few weeks notice before the course begins. a physical fitness test and a weapons safety and marksmanship component.S. etc. It's best to have your house in order so that if/when you are invited or required to qualify you can do so on short notice.

Beretta M9. G3.5km . 50m groupings from standing position with magazine change 25m with magazine change and moving from one concealed firing position to another Primary-to-secondary 15m carbine stoppage to handgun presentation Immediate Action for Carbine Stoppage Remedial Action for Carbine Stoppage Timed Carbine Assembly/Disassembly with function check Note: These are only guidelines and are not necessarily reflective of precisely what you may be called upon to perform. 100m groupings from kneeling and sitting positions. (Some courses only require 1. However. These are generally timed but not in such a manner that you are under a lot of pressure. SA-80. if you are able to perform these tasks in reasonable times you should be OK. SG552 or something similar.Security Contracting • • • • Be able to run 5km in under 30 minutes in boots.) Typical Weapon/Marksmanship Guidelines These guidelines are for a carbine such as: M-16. Prepare for the worst and you'll be OK in any case. sitting and/or standing position. Perform 60 sit-ups in 2 minutes without allowing your buttocks or hips from rising off the ground. others allow trainers instead of boots. (Sometimes you are asked to perform abdominal crunches but then you should be able to do more than 80 repetitions. • • • • • • • • These guidelines are for the handgun. SIGSauer P226 or similar. • 250m groupings from the prone. Note: These are only guidelines and are not necessarily reflective of precisely what you may be called upon to perform. AK-47. However. 47 . Glock-17. M-4. generally a 9mm such as: Glock-19. if you are able to perform these tasks in reasonable times you should be OK. • • • • • • • • 25m standing 10 rounds not-timed or with ample time 15m present and fire two rounds (double and action) (timed) 15m present and fire a single round conduct mag change fire 2 additional rounds (timed) 7m presentation and fire with multiple magazine changes (timed) Immediate Action for Handgun Stoppage Remedial Action for Handgun Stoppage Timed Handgun Assembly/Disassembly with function check.) Perform 12 dead-hang pull-ups (Sometimes 6-8 is all you need but try to do more) Perform 50 push-ups in 2-minutes without removing your hands or feet from the ground during breaks/pauses.

Follow the instructions of the staff. Their methods may be different than what you are used to but they are not inherently wrong or unsafe. First. They do this to make sure that you are not coming to them with any pre-conditions that could prevent you from performing the work but also so that you don’t claim ‘on the job’ injuries for which they may be liable for the cost of treatment. If you do end up having to pay for your own exam then I would suggest using the Yellow Pages or the Internet to call a few doctors offices and 48 . Seeing a doctor for a full exam can be expensive if you have to pay for it out of your own pocket. Just do what you need to do to get the diploma so you can get to work. Medical Examinations Often potential employers will require that you have had a medical exam within the past year in order to even apply for a position. My advice on these courses is to go with the flow and try not to stand out in any particular way. or rather how much you think you know. Obviously you may want to be discrete about why you are asking for an exam. Just do as you are told. Here are some suggestions for how to address this requirement while minimizing the investment. If that does not work then you can say that you are applying for additional life insurance and part of the application process is to have a doctor’s examination. most employers would agree that it’s generally a good idea to get a physical annually or at least every other year. Get creative if you have to in order to be seen by the doctor. Maybe you have a ‘sore back’ or something along those lines and once at the doctors office you may request or even insist that you get a full exam ‘just to be safe’. These courses are not the time to try to impress the staff or the rest of the class with how much you know.Security Contracting In addition to the carbine and the handgun you are also likely to conduct a familiarization firing (fam fire) of additional weapons systems which normally includes belt-fed systems such as the M-249 SAW and M-240G GPMG. I have seen guys get cross-threaded with staff-instructors over tactics or some weapons safety technique and it always come out the loser. with the exception of perhaps the physical fitness test. You probably don’t want them to know that you need an exam so you can apply for a job outside the company! However. if you are currently employed then see if your existing employer or their insurance provider can cover or assist in the cost. even if you think their way is inferior to your own methods. especially at the firing ranges.

Security Clearances.D. The time and effort required to attain a clearance will depend both upon the level of clearance you are pursuing as well as a number of other variables or factors which your specific background presents to the agency reviewing your application. once you get a job and throughout your career you should never pass up an opportunity to get a physical for free from a doctor in your AO every year or so. Be clear that you are just looking for the minimum service.S. for example. This is because the process for clearing a candidate takes time and ultimately costs the sponsor or the company who is applying on your behalf. particularly for the U. Mainly what they are looking for is any red-flag precondition issues. you’ve a history of financial problems where you were late making some payments or declared personal bankruptcy this can greatly affect your chances of being cleared. Thousands of guys do not have a clearance and they are able to maintain a place on a contract out there. You may have to schedule a date in advance or be wait listed for a while as they understandably have more important patients to deal with but this is a great way to keep your records up-to-date for free and to take care of your health at the same time. As a contractor you are likely to be working in proximity to a military unit from the U. Now.K. If you are already cleared then the process is faster and less expensive for them so they will put your name at the top of the applicant list. and the U. or a NATO country. Find out where the medical aid station is and inquire about getting a physical exam there. Security Clearances Security clearances are not a requirement to start or maintain a long and successful career as a private security operator. If.Security Contracting inquire about the costs of a ‘very basic’ physical exam. This will keep your documentation current. governments can be excellent differentiators especially during the application process. My experience with Medical Exams is that when companies ask you to submit them they rarely look at them critically. signed the forms so they can tick that off the list of documentation you have submitted. having an active clearance is a real asset and allows you to get jobs and contracts which are not available to non-cleared applicants. However. Similarly if you have any kind of criminal record this will be closely scrutinized and depending upon the 49 . Mostly they just want to see that a M.S.

if you have no obvious negative history. Both.S. and the U. In most cases your clearance will remain unchanged for a period of time following the end of your active service. governments are the primary entities which require a security clearance. Contracts in support of the U. If you are still active duty then speak with your S-1 or local unit Administrative branch and inquire about how long your clearance will remain in effect. Also having a foreign spouse or family members who are foreign or dual citizens can also slow the process down. Your application needs to be 'sponsored' by a company who have a contract to do business with the government. you can often get a conditional clearance in a matter of a few days or weeks which will allow you to work on a limited basis while the rest of your application works its way through the process. Quick Tip: If you have a security clearance from previous military service you should do all you can to keep that clearance current. You cannot. yourself apply for a clearance.K. of course. But. It can be a long and tedious process but well worth the effort in the end. 50 .Security Contracting charges. have different processes for clearing candidates and you should follow the directions and use the forms provided to you by a recruiter when the time comes to apply for a clearance.

many contracts in support of U. FN and Glock or SIG-Sauer.Equipment It's simply not possible to give specific and detailed advice about tactical equipment and kit without knowing exactly what kind of work you will be doing or under what conditions. Then there are those who go for former Soviet and Eastern Bloc staples such as Kalashnikov. and any other types of weapons which are not compatible in terms of ammunition or magazines. if you will be doing a lot of work in vehicles then perhaps a thigh-rig for the handgun is not ideal as it can be difficult to present or 'draw' the weapon while seated. As always. Some of the kit related to weapons may be dictated for you based on contractual terms. I continue to see teams out there with multiple weapon types and it's clear that this is not driven by mission requirements but by personal preference. Similarly. It's a real mixed bag out there so best to ask ahead of time what you'll be offered on arrival. the kit required for a static security role in Kabul might be quite different from that which is needed for a high profile PSD role in Baghdad or yet again a lower profile mission in northern Iraq. And even if I did know what you would be doing much of this stuff comes down to personal preferences. restricted to or allowed to carry. a chest holster may be more suitable. If you are working in a tower providing static security with several hundred meter field of fire then an M16-A2 is more suitable than an M-4 as it is more accurate at longer ranges. There is a lot to be said for weapons conformity and consistency among the team. For example. Just something to think about. knowing your primary and secondary weapon system as well as what the mission and operating environment will help you make decisions on other equipment you will need. For example. AK-47s. HKs. What I can tell you is that for the most part there are very few restrictions regarding what you can and cannot wear in the industry. In any case. The best thing to do is ask someone already on-site what is working best for them and then make some personal adjustments from there. M4s. While it's important to feel comfortable with your own personal weapon choice it can be a disaster during a firefight to have G3s.S.Security Contracting Chapter 12 . government clients will primarily utilize manufacturers such as Colt. Still others will use SIG and HK weapons. Tokarev and CZ. start with the mission and work out your list of equipment from there. 51 . don't need. socks.. Boot socks x 6 pair Trousers x 3 pair (cargo type or BDUs) Note: Many contracts prohibit the use of camouflage so go for desert tan. Basic Gear List • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Boots x 2 pair. w/twelve 5. etc) Weapons cleaning kit w/5. (trainers. shorts. learn to make do with what you have.Security Contracting Basic Gear List Below is typical gear list that I would recommend for almost any deployment but it should obviously be adjusted once you know your specific destination and mission..56 and four 9mm mag pouches Flashlight/torch (Halogen. Long sleeve shirts x 3 T-shirts or short sleeve x 3 PT gear. Tactical knife (folding or strait) Additional Items (Optional but recommended) • Helmet (you may be issued one but I prefer my own MICH) 52 .' It's another way of saying. This gear list would fit into a single large cargo bag or a footlocker which when you are first deploying to a new location is all you should bring. There is nothing worse than picking up a FNG who has brought more luggage with him than Paris Hilton.62 punch-rod & brushes Sunglasses x 2 pair Tac-vest ('Rig'. As you rotate in and out on subsequent leave rotations you can ferry in more gear as required. Xenon or LED) Gloves. aviator type or other Nomex Camelbak/canteen. water carrier or something similar Toiletries including towel and sun screen Floppy hat or cap to keep off the sun Fleece jacket or warming layer Field jacket or outer coat Scarf and/or balaclava USD $300-500 in cash. kit harness). dark blue or black. khaki. 9mm and 7. Place emphasis on comfort and durability and not on appearance or color see more detail below. Anyone who has worked with me knows that I am true to my spartan Marine Corps roots and live by the motto that 'anything you forget to bring.

weapons. Government contracts. extra magazines or anything else you might need. Additional Advice on Key Pieces of Equipment Weapons The most important piece of kit you will possess is obviously your weapon(s). 53 . To purchase equipment I recommend the website Blackhawk! tactical as they generally have everything you'll need and their customer service is unbeatable. tac vest and body armor.Security Contracting • • • • • • • Firearm Optics (I like EOTech but there are many other choices such as Aimpoint) Also. magazines. Other contracts due to their use of mixed (expatriate and local national) teams may utilize the AK-47 and its many variants. I guess what I am saying here is be prepared for anything and if you can try to ask around before you deploy so that if necessary you can locate holsters. Click here to check out their store. comm gear/accessories. bring some picatinny railing bits/pieces as well to give yourself some options on weapons platforms Laptop computer (bordering on a requirement these days but since it's not 'mission essential' technically you can do without one if you had to but certainly handy to fill the free time and keep in touch) Small hand held GPS Satellite phone Upgraded torch/flashlight compatible with your weapons system Body armor plates (Level IIIA or IV) Various other handgun holsters Most likely you will be given a gear list before you join a new company or at least you will be provided with a list of what you will be issued and from there you can work out what other kit you need to bring along.S. Still others may have Berettas or Colts of various types. The same may be the case for your handgun which is likely to be a Glock 19 or in some cases the larger Glock 17. Don't expect much and you won't be disappointed. It also never hurts to have the manuals on the various weapon types as well. Handguns can be a mixed bag of anything from eastern bloc countries such as Tokarev and CZ. ages and conditions. These are the basic tactical items that your life will depend upon and so it's a good idea to make sure they are kept in working order. The question is always the quality and the condition of the kit you are likely to be issued. both 9mm in caliber. optics. After you've worked for a bit you should invest in your own kit including helmet. In many instances the weapon types and calibers will be chosen for you based on your contract so for example you may be limited to the use of only an M-16 or M-4 variant for many U.

The climate change is less of a problem in mid to southern Iraq but still there are days when jungle/desert boots are not ideal due to rain or just general cold temperatures. You may in fact need more than one type depending on the season of travel and region you'll be working. Boots Probably your most important piece of kit after your weapon and your rig. Helmet Depending on your company and your contract you may be issued a helmet and required to wear it at all times or you may be allowed discretion as to when to wear it. Again. I don't always wear one as much as I probably should but especially when in a vehicle I prefer to have one on.Security Contracting Quick Tip: You can find many useful Handgun Manuals and Armorer Guides at this site as well as at The Ultimate Collection of Military Manuals. Though it's nearly impossible to legally get weapons in or out of a war-torn country it's normally quite easy to purchase weapons from other operators if your intent is to keep them incountry. It costs a few dollars but well worth the investment if you are going to be in this business for any length of time.S. The traditional U. For lightweight crash helmet I use a Protec SXP B2 helmet. The bottom line is. it's ideal for comfort and impact however it's not ballistic rated so it would not stop a high speed projectile. much of this is personal preference so do what suits you best within the confines of your contract regulations. making a reasonable investment in a serviceable and reliable weapon is never a bad idea. For that I recommend you purchase a MICH helmet which is Kevlar and rated for ballistic protection. Not to mention rainy seasons and spring snow-melt seasons. Places like Iraq and Afghanistan are not the place you want to be 'breaking in' a new set of boots. On the plus side. Boots need to be well worn-in before deployment. It seems there is always someone coming or going who needs to offload some of their kit. If it's going to be really cold I swap one set out for an insulated pair of Gore-Tex boots. Many places in Afghanistan and Pakistan can have huge temperature differences even in the span of a 2 or 3 month work rotation. Military Kevlar 'K-pot' helmet is all you really need but I find them cumbersome and not ideal for most situations. 54 . Most of them are also not compatible with many of the communication systems you will find out there in use by non-military operators. Or you may not be given one at all. A good pair of desert boots are a must an I also bring along a pair of leather boots as well.

This really means you can wear what you want as long as you don't abuse the guidelines. The North Face or any quality outdoor brands make apparel which are durable and suitable enough for the rigors of contracting.Security Contracting Apparel You may. ITS is certainly not a requirement but for a few extra dollars it could save your life. Generally speaking your clothes will take a beating on the job from the weather. Columbia.11 and Blackhawk! are focused directly on the needs of the private security market and many of these items now have ITS (Integrated Tourniquet System) built into them. 55 . It's best to have 3 to 4 serviceable sets of pants and shirts at a minimum and more if you don't have easy access to a washing facility. be given a company uniform. but most likely will not. Other brands such as REI. Some brands such as 5. Very often you won't because uniforms imply 'military' and private military is a bit of a taboo term with many clients in the industry. There are a number of popular brands which make clothing suitable for contracting. You are more likely to receive 'guidelines' on how to dress which will include the stipulation that 'khaki pants' are to be worn along with a shirt of a certain color. the level of activity.

other drugs. The best thing you can do for your career once it gets started is to build a reputation as being a ‘good guy’. your family or your colleagues. These are the people you would prefer not to work with and in some cases you would prefer never to even see again. the guys who you would gladly work with again in the future and then there is everyone else. Good Guys Each time you join a project. to some. weapons. prostitution. My advice is to use your own moral compass in these situations. to please everyone there are a set of common behaviors which if you exemplify will help you build a fruitful network of past. current and future colleagues. are morally ambiguous.Security Contracting Chapter 13—Other Stuff That Nobody Ever Tells You Vices The world of security contracting will take you to many strange and often exotic places. What do I mean by that? Well there are basically two types of operators out there. You need to be switched-on every time you do something. This is one of the reasons I always tell people that everyday is your job interview. Each person has their own way of qualifying whether or not a co-worker is any good. steroids. What constitutes a good-guy in my opinion and the opinion of most people? 56 . You will find yourself at times in situations which. At the same time you are sizing all of them up. When the word goes around someday that a contract needs to be staffed you want to be on as many ‘good guy lists' as you can. a team or a site you will find it a little bit like the first day of football camp where all the other players will be sizing you up to see if you have the stuff to do the job. There are the good-guys. Just because there is no formal law or even a local law enforcement capability this should not give you free reign to behave in a way that brings discredit to yourself. nor should you try. narcotics. Being disciplined means doing what is right even when you are not being watched and you know you can probably get away with it. While you cannot. In the end you are always responsible for your own actions and in some cases you will be held responsible for the actions of others. Whether it's alcohol abuse. At a minimum these actions will be irresponsible and immature. corruption or larceny of any kind you will eventually see other operators and even managers doing things which you know or may suspect are illegal.

Some people are just better than others when it comes to marksmanship. No questions asked. When I say proficient I mean that you need to be able to hit your intended target(s) center-mass consistently at various distances. I am talking mostly about firearms and weapons handling behaviors but also just general judgment and decision making in all regards. People like this are a danger to themselves and everyone around them.Security Contracting • • • • • Safety Shooting Skills Physical Fitness Communication Skills Morality and Conscience Safety First and foremost a 'good guy' is someone who is safe to be around. Just get your kit and go home. no hard feelings. You should be able to do all of this under time pressure as well as while fatigued and carrying a full operating load. Furthermore you need to know how to fully operate the weapons system which includes dealing with a stoppage and a magazine change (or belt change for belt fed systems). When I see someone who ‘muzzles’ or 'flags' others with their weapon or does not know how to use their safety catch or cannot exercise finger discipline on their trigger I make a mental note that this guy is not a trained professional. Weapons are everywhere you look and are by far the most dangerous aspect of this business. Others may conduct a basic safety course upon arrival in-country. you don't need to be a sniper to be successful but you do need to be a consistent an reliable shooter. Still others may have no requirement at all. Regardless of what is 'required' by your contract you need to be a proficient shooter with both a carbine and a handgun. I simply have zero tolerance for anyone who cannot safely handle a firearm. from various positions and with multiple weapons systems. no apologies and no excuses. 57 . Negligent or unauthorized weapons discharges are grounds for immediate dismissal in my book. Some contracts and companies will require you to complete a formal pre-deployment shooting package to qualify for employment. Shooting It's impossible to state definitively what level of marksman you need to be to be employable in this industry.

A contractor who appears to be in good physical condition is often given the benefit of the doubt regarding his other skills and capabilities. When you arrive as a new-guy on a job site the first impression you make will be your physical appearance. UHF to SatComm systems as well as anything else. Physical fitness also conveys a great degree of confidence among your peers. However. it also means you are able to set-up and employ the many types of communication systems found across the industry. Most jobs will require you to wear a minimum of protective equipment in addition to your weapon and ammunition and all of this obviously adds to the weight that your body must carry around. Communication also.Security Contracting Physical Fitness Being physically fit is a component of being a successful contractor. log books. This implies your ability to not only speak and understand verbal commands in the primary working language (English in most instances). Communicate Being able to communicate effectively is a critical skill-set. a guy who shows up unfit will be assumed to be of little value and will have to work that much harder to overcome this negative first impression. in fact. in my opinion. journal entries. refers to your ability to accurately write reports. Having attention to detail in both your oral and 58 . Conversely. Some jobs may require you to stand on your feet for hours at a time in stifling tropic or desert heat. Depending upon your size and strength and the size of the injured person this could be a difficult task. But. If you are recently separated from the military you are likely to be in good enough condition to transition to contracting. if you have not been active in your physical training in recent months or years you must make an effort to get back into reasonable condition as this can. If you are overweight or unfit this places an additional burden on your body. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Just like when you were in the military or in law enforcement you will be expected to maintain a basic level of fitness. This is for your own benefit but also for the sake of your client and teammates. This ranges from VHF. emails or complete the many types of forms found in the business. be a differentiator in your quest to find your next contract. Don't be the weak link in your local chain. A time may come when you are required to lift and carry an injured client or teammate a considerable distance under fire to a safer location. You should consider your physical fitness as critical to your long-term success both in terms of the aforementioned emergency situation but also with regards to the day-in-day-out life of a contractor.

People who are of low moral character or who are so selfish that they continually put their own needs ahead of all others will never qualify as a good-guy in my book no matter how highly skilled they are tactically. Morality and Conscience The final but probably the most important aspect of a 'good guy' in my opinion is someone who has a conscience. 59 . This means they have a level of self awareness regarding how their own actions affect those of the world around them.Security Contracting written communications is a vital skill as those who do not possess it are of lower value on the chain than those who do.

Seek responsibility for your actions and never try to distance yourself from it. say a few words about the importance of personal discipline. you will not act in a way that besmirches the reputation of us all. your teammates and the non-combatants in your AO. Do the right thing. I hope not only for your sake.” 60 .Closing Thoughts I would be remiss if I did not.every time.. There is. and what you know to be right. however. “Remember upon the conduct of each depends the fate of all. no questions asked. Personal discipline is easily defined as doing what you have been trained to do. who can be relied upon to do what's right when the moment-of-truth arrives then you will have gone a long way toward securing your future in this business. you compromise your integrity in search of advancement at the expense of others then that will be what defines you as a person..all the time. If.. Your reputation across the industry will be what defines your ultimate worth. and there can never be.Security Contracting Chapter 14 . The ghost of Alexander the Great says to you. But the battlefield offers no shelter to those who are not prepared fully in mind and spirit to take responsibility for their actions. Full stop. Do you have within you what it takes to perform your job. Perhaps nowhere else in the world will your actions potentially have such direct and often lethal consequences to you. If you don't then you're probably a danger to yourself and others and sooner or later you will be exposed. Diminishing levels of personal responsibility is yet another aspect of the industry which has taken its queues from our society as a whole. To a large degree your reputation will depend upon your personal integrity. we live in a real and practical world where undisciplined people's actions make life more difficult for others. even when no one is watching you? If you do then chances are you'll be able to build a successful career as a contractor. even when you are not being supervised or checked-up on. in closing. responsibility and integrity. If you are known to be a person of your word. You own your actions and the impact they have on others. Personal integrity is something which takes a lifetime to build and only a moment to erase. compromise on this.. But we don't live in a theoretical world. In theory if every individual operator in our industry had 100% personal discipline then there would be almost no need for oversight. and for the sake of the thousands of others in this industry.

Jake is known across the private military and security circuit for his strait forward. authors and academics covering or studying the private security sector. Many of his articles about contracting have also appeared on sites such as Feral Jundi. 61 . Free Range International and Military. Many of his views on the subject can be found at the popular contracting blog The Combat Operator. He has worked extensively throughout Iraq as well as other hostile and high threat regions. Jake continues to work as a security consultant as well as serving as a contributing editor at-large for the Private Military Herald. assessments of both the capabilities and the limitations of private military and security companies. Those who have served with Jake in the Marines as well as those who have contracted with him hold him in high regard and can attest to his integrity and's DefenseTech. Jake has been a guest on numerous radio programs and podcasts and continuously serves as a source of 'ground truth' information for journalists. no-nonsense.Security Contracting About the Author Jake Allen served as an Infantry Officer in the United States Marine Corps before embarking on a career as a private security contractor.

Your contributions and feedback improved the quality and content immeasurably and though you go unnamed each of you knows who you are. Reviews & Feedback Your input and feedback will assist the author in future versions and updates to Security Contracting. Please email your Contracting Acknowledgements Special thanks to the many operators and contractors who contributed to this book both directly and indirectly. comments and feedback of this book to editor@privatemilitaryherald. 62 .

alphapointsecurity. ground. Surveillance and Reconnaissance Data Enabling Comprehensive Tactical and Logistical Situational Awareness. security 4. training and development of private and governmental services in eastern and western 63 .com/ 3. and maritime surveillance. NGOs and the media.awarenessprotectiveconsultants. AKE Limited was founded by Andrew Kain in military assistance.airscan. please help keep the list current by updated information to editor@privatemilitaryherald. protective security services to national governments.g4s. innovation and development. http://www.akegroup. http://www.List of Private Security Companies The following list contains many well known PSCs. multinational corporations and international peace and security agencies operating in hostile environments. the Middle East and parts of Asia and South America. security training and mine action services. Our mission is to provide high quality sound training and consulting programs so that you can bring it back into your environment with a stronger educated and tactical mindset. 1. Awareness Protective Consultants. http://www. Africa. ArmorGroup International.Security Contracting Appendix A . ALGIZ Services. Obviously there are hundreds more of smaller size and scope or who work on a purely regional basis and thus have not crossed my path in Iraq or Afghanistan. The company provides a wide and integrated range of services. Usually you can find the homepage for any of this firms by simply Googling the company name. North and South America. ArmorGroup provides protective security services. Alpha Point Security. or of any errors to it. http://www. We are a hybrid PMC / PSC Providing Contractual Armed Services and Invaluable State of the Art Real-Time Pin-Point Accurate 2. the CIS and central Asia. security and aviation possible. things change fast in this business as many firms come and go so it is possible that the links provided here could have changed. to provide specialist risk services to businesses. Security and Risk management company. I make no claims as the quality of staff or services provided by any of these firms. all over Africa. AirScan is committed to providing clients the best air. privately owned. AKE Group. They are simply the ones that I am aware of and have seen or heard about. training.algiz. Our security risk specialists are ex-Special Forces and experienced in hazardous regions throughout the world. It has 9. Our staff will assist you with meeting and exceeding that challenge. AirScan. If you are aware of a company which is not contained on this list. Also. http://www. Much of our equipment and technology is exclusive to us and the result of extensive research. We have substantial experience not only in the field of corporate Security but also in providing personal protection services. For over 25 years ArmorGroup has been recognised as a leading provider of defensive. equipment. Today more than ever we must all be prepared to identify our risks and reduce or manage them. We are a European. and technology. Note: ArmorGroup was acquired by G4S http://www.000 highly trained and experienced employees and long term operations in 38 countries across the Middle East.

Chilport is one of the UK's leading Specialist Security Companies. Edinburgh International. At the time of this writing the websites relating to the Xe portfolio of companies are in disarray. In both challenging and permissive environments.beni-tal. Beni 13. Blackwater Worldwide (Now goes by the name Xe or U. BARS is a specialist consulting group providing our clients with fraud investigations. It operates through two core subsidiaries. ESP was established in 2003 to allow corporate clients the ability to travel and develop professional business in many high risk foreign marketplaces. in the Middle East (including Iraq and Afghanistan). Base operations.edinburghint. Backed by five decades of experience.S.chasewaterfordsp. The ITS subsidiary provides: Foreign law enforcement training.Security Contracting 7. and DynCorp Field Technical Services LLC (FTS). By being owned and operated by former Military Security Experts it ensures that the company is at the forefront of both traditional and state-of-the-art techniques for all the disciplines it 11. the Caribbean and South America. ESP is composed of former Marine Force Reconnaissance. Navy Seals and an array of individuals from the intelligence community. Cubic Defense Applications (CDA) supplies live. constructive and virtual military training systems. Central America. DynCorp International Technical Services LLC (ITS). and security operations. integrated services and communications products to the U. bomb detection dogs (bomb dogs. government agencies and allied nations. RASCO.cubic. http://www. and Personal and physical security 8. Department of Defense. Edinburgh International provide the security & support services 'wrapper' needed to get the job done. commercial intelligence gathering. Enhanced Security Professionals. http://www. in some cases. with specially chosen Israeli personnel. specialising in Canine (K9) Disciplines training and supplying our own dogs for such activities as search and rescue (SAR) drugs dogs. We specialise in the provision of informationbased security services which provide our clients actionable intelligence and practical solutions to their security ChaseWaterford Special Projects. Edinburgh International is a leading provide of security consultancy and services 64 . 15. ESP also provides a multitude of security services for many government contracts and security assignments for the US 10. logistics.esppro5. Background Asia Risk 14. We operate all over the Asian region and. Army Special Operations. strategic advice and other business risk solutions to a number of issues in the Asia Pacific region. BENI TAL provides military security services and projects throughout the world. DynCorp International LLC is a leading professional services and project management firm with global expertise in aviation services.S. North America. bomb sniffing dogs). that require the approval of the security authorities. Training Center).chilport. anti-corruption consulting. DynCorp International. Europe. security consulting. BENI TAL is the leading most professional company in its field in Israel today. http://www.blackwaterusa. Logistics. http://www. http://www. http://www. Cubic Defense Applications. narcotics detection and many other security and detection areas where dedicated dogs can be effectively deployed. http://www. BENI TAL deals only in completely legal 12. http://www.

we have added commitment and dynamism to assignments with the United Nations (UN). the United States and United Kingdom Governments and major trans-national commercial organisations. governments. http://www. http://www. Golan ltd fields a cadre of specialists with decades of experience serving the military's elite special operations and counter terrorist units in Israel. Executive Protection Operators. World Bank. Global Strategies Group is a multinational Risk Management organisation with global reach supporting commercial. and have an outstanding experience in the former French Colonies of Africa where French troops serve on overseas 24.erinysinternational. Erinys International.html 65 . Police and Military Special Units as well as Contract Security Professionals. FERMA. Genric aims to provide a personalized. http://www. http://www.ge2b. Global Strategies Group. training and site security. Groupe EHC. EODT is an employee owned environmental services firm specializing in Military Munitions Response. specialized in providing solutions in remote and unfamiliar regions. flexible and discreet service at a reasonable 19. governmental and humanitarian organisations operating in risk-prone environments and regions. Fulcrum International Group. Ge2B is a supplier of the UN's Inter-Agency Procurement Services Organization and a member of Spain 's prime risk management associations (AGERS. EOD Technology. and contaminated property redevelopment. GDD is an independent security and risk management company. construction and mineral extraction industries. Created in 1999 by former Officers of the French Army. crisis management. Our commitment to safety and quality is demonstrated in our track record for zero munitions-related accidents or 21. http://www. using only highly skilled and experienced personnel. Our experienced and discrete professionals provide unique solutions.genric. and field security operations. With global experience in nationwide security projects. and private persons.groupe-ehc. With headquarters in Spain. and governments. personal protection.globalgroup. information security and technology. Ge2B is an international security consulting and risk management group specializing in political and security risk analysis. Erinys is a British security company with an unparalleled reputation for delivering professional services under the most demanding of conditions to a client base representative of the world’s leading corporations. the Company has unique operational expertise in the petroleum.globaldutchdynamic. EHC Group is the first and the only French-speaking Company registered in the United States as a Private Security Company. Managed by industry recognized and respected personnel the Group has regional offices and an operational footprint on 3 continents. meeting our clients stated needs and exceeding their expectations. Global Dutch Dynamic.eodt. http://www. We operate in countries at risk and unstable regions. Golan. and IFRIMA). http://www.golanltd. 23. Ge2B. International Monetary Fund (IMF).uk/ 22. security management.fulcruminternationalgroup. Our security and consultancy services are tailored to fit the needs of companies. security related services. We specialize in the provision and training of qualified Elite Security Personnel.Security Contracting Since our formation in 1998. http://www. 20.

Mi2International. established in 1982 by highly experienced officers. the MOSSAD and the Defence Forces. democracy 66 . Job Zone provides due diligence services for business projects located in Finland. http://www. recruiting. MPRI. has been approved by the U. Marine Recon. law enforcement. team and vehicle communications procurement. flexible organization that is poised to respond immediately to changing requirements under short deadlines and in hardship environments". Our consultants will also advise on specialist equipment requirements. diplomatic and private sector leaders who share a common commitment to uncompromising 32. 34. Job Zone provides labour hire. leader development.Security Contracting 25. We provide a range of security and business intelligence solutions to protect your assets and 28. China. professionalism and the values that are at the very foundation of our 33. Groupe ISDS. GEOS is the leading risk management group in continental Europe. Mi2International was founded in 2003 and is based in the Dominican Republic. Navy and Coast Guard Waterborne 26. Intelligence Operators.S. http://www. Minimal Risk. MPRI is a professional services company that consists of former military. Gurkha International Group of Companies. Personal protection in hostile and permissive environments.gryphonsecurity. individual guidance. Job Zone is a 21st century services company Headquarted in Helsinki. Finland. With more than 1500 employees worldwide. outsourcing and risk management services for private companies. International Security & Defence Systems. Meyer & Associates Special Operations Group will provide solutions that allow you to earn the profits you deserve and provide safety and security for your projects and personnel. http://www. International Charter Incorporated of Oregon.icioregon. http://www. executive awareness training & briefing are only a sample of our far-reaching international capability.geos.S. http://www.gurkha. peace. travel security. Job Zone LP. education. experienced. MPRI provides comprehensive and integrated programs that address training. is a multinational security company. Mi2International has a clear vision developed from a understanding for the need of innovative. flexible training and operational solutions to support security. former operatives of I. Meyer & Associates. "ICI has provided the [US State] Department with a 31. http://mi2international. The Special Operations Group is available worldwide to address any needs your company may have including Armed Marine Patrol Vessels. http://www. General Services Administration to provide training and a broad spectrum of mission specific skill development to military units and federal agencies (GGSS ONLY trains the US military and its federal agencies). Rangers. Our Special Operations Group consists of specially trained ex-military personnel from US Army Special Forces. covert surveillance. and freedom everywhere in order to save lives. Gryphon Group Security 27. and Russia. NGO's and GO's. Israeli Security Agency. organizational design and implementation. threat analysis. http://www. http://www. The Gurkha International Group was founded by Officers and Soldiers of the British Army's Brigade of Gurkhas to provide employment for Gurkhas with reputable employers

NorthSword Group of Companies. We were the first operator to receive approval from the British and American governments. http://www.northsword. PAE has grown from designing bridges to installing offshore oil platforms to supplying entire labor forces to maintaining extensive military installations and 40. and trained security 35. http://www.Security Contracting transition. and emergency management across a broad spectrum of functional areas. Special Boat Service (SBS) and 14 Intelligence Company (14 Int or The Det). government agencies and nongovernmental organisations. physical security and business solutions to private companies. Non Governmental Organisations. MVM Inc.pilgrimsgroup. to provide armed support to the reconstruction programme in Iraq. And we are now retained by a number of the world's leading Energy. http://www.olivesecurity. the Corporate Sector and Prominent Individuals. Olive Security. http://www. translation. Northbridge Services Group specialises in providing highly confidential and effective security related services designed to address the needs of Governments. We also offer special training packages for both government. In addition. providing a full compliment of protection and special security services for both our government and corporate clients. Construction. We are a protective services company. Pacific Architects & Engineers. as well as the Coalition Provisional Authority and the Iraqi Governing Council. was incorporated in June of 2004 after its growing number of clients and services within the Norwegian city of Note: Phoenix is now part of G4S Security.nlpa. http://www. MVM. The goals of the NLPA is to deliver the best protection and security services to the residents and visitors of Norway. Northern Light Protection Agency. 43. Overwatch Protection Solutions International.northbridgeservices. Pilgrims was formed in 1999 by ex members of UK Special Forces Group. Phoenix CP. Mining.paechl. is a multi-national government contractor that provides security. 36. 67 . Communications. Our highly cleared personnel protect federal property and information all over the world. Pilgrims Group.ops-int. http://www. Close Protection training and operations 42. MVM has grown from a small firm specializing in executive protection to a GSA approved full-service provider of highly 37. run by former Officers and Warrant Officers of the Special Air Service Regiment (22-SAS).phoenixcp. we also provide a host of specialized bespoke services that can be tailored to meet the individual requirements of our clients. and related services to US Government 39. http://www. NorthSword was established by Job Zone Limited Partnership and NorthStar Consulting Company is a international provider of emergency management. specifically 22 Special Air Service Regiment (SAS). Northbridge Services Group. http://www. 41. civil protection and research. NLPA Inc. in order to use their specialist skills to provide fast and effective solutions to a number of global security concerns. The NLPA is now also starting to make its move onto the international world of PSD and other high risk operations. experienced. We have worked for governments and government agencies. and corporate clients. Multi-National 38. Banking and Transportation companies.mvminc.

and firms that have a proven need for only highly qualified personnel for a variety of mission requirements. Procurement Services. Agribusiness and Private Sector Development. Registered in August 2006 in Moscow.roncoconsulting. http://www.secopex. a leading British Strategy Consultancy and a well established Security Services Organisation.Security Contracting 44. waterborne special operations. http://www. corporations. SSSI is a world-wide based security company providing Business Protection Advice and Services to Fortune 500 and FTSE 100 Companies: http://www. 51.securerisks. Government. 53. Beveiliging van personen. Prime Defence International.including coastal and riverine warfare. SECOPEX. 47. bedrijven. REDfour. http://www. Terrorism. A leading international professional services firm specializing in Humanitarian Demining 46. maritime anti terrorism and rescue. Prevent International. security and organizational programs in France and overseas.roninworldwide. law enforcement. http://www. Personen met een bepaald vermogen of een specifieke functie. SecureRisks is a London based global counter terrorism.primedefence.d 50.strategicssi. aandeelhouders en verzekeringsmaatschappijen. The waters of the world are wrought with danger. Pistris. Our operators have trained the Ministerial Protection Details for the ‘New’ Iraqi 68 . is one of the French's leading professional services companies engaged in defence. PDI was established in 2007 as a partnership between a core group of former Elite British Military personnel. Also Ruscorp provides services to the foreign companies and expatriates working on the territory of the Russian 54. security. and Financial Markets Consulting. A corporation of former military leaders from the French special and elite forces and high graduated civilian 48. bedrijven en organisaties is een complex specialisme geworden. RUSCORP was established to ensure security and safety of Russian entities and citizens Strategic Security Solutions International. http://www. offering increased security from likely predators. stellen steeds hogere eisen aan bescherming tegen de vele inventieve vormen van in.ruscorp. tactical security and critical infrastructure protection in today's most challenging threat environments: http://www. Ronco Consulting Corporation. http://www. We are consulted with to provide operators to the U. Sharp End International. piracy and assault at sea are constant threats to the maritime professional. training and business risk solutions group providing practical business risk solutions. Sharp End delivers security and protection solutions to Governments and private corporations worldwide and is a specialist training company that delivers un-paralleled services in Foreign Internal Defense (FID).com/ 52. Pistris provides services specializing in all manner of maritime operations .redfour.en externe criminaliteit.preventinternational. REDfour offer tailor made covert risk management solutions that replicate surroundings and blend in unnoticed. specialized 49. http://www. Ronin Worldwide Executive Protection.

turn-key solution available. http://www. we consider a detailed and comprehensive approach to risk and security as the only real effective solution.sharpendinternational. http://www. Inc. Universal Guardian group of companies cover a broad spectrum of security applications for government and multi-national businesses on every continent. ethical and moral security solutions that enable our clients to excel globally in challenging environments. http://www. Xe Services (See Blackwater Worldwide above) 61. and its subsidiaries provide a comprehensive range of security products. XSI offers a very broad spectrum of security solutions to meet your needs. professional. Tactical Solutions International. or a government entity. providing a wide range of very specialized global services. T-H-O-R (Tactical Highrisk Operational Resources) is a Full Service company providing risk management consultancy supported by security solutions. most cost effective. The principle focus of our business is providing our clients with the quickest. systems and services designed to mitigate terrorist and security threats 69 . TSI is fully capable of meeting and successfully accomplishing any specialized task and primarily services the Defense and Security sector of the US and allied foreign markets. to non-lethal defense products. Universal Guardian 58. integrity and client confidentiality. business risk solutions. in any environment. Trojan Securities International. as well as the Justice Protection Details for the US Marshall's Service in Baghdad. Trojan Securities was established by former British elite military personnel with associated United States special operations 57. Our staff comprised of former military and law enforcement professionals take great pride in offering our clients the best service in the industry.triplecanopy. Universal Guardian Holdings. From strategic and tactical security services. we will devise and implement a security solution to meet your needs. Fortune 500 corporation.tacticalsolutionsintl. Client led. Xtreme Security International. 55.xtremesecurityinternational. Whether you are an individual. including the Prime Minister and Presidential 60.universalguardian. Triple 56. All T-H-O-R activities are conducted with the highest degree of discretion. integrated and inter operable security systems. Triple Canopy provides legal.Security Contracting Government. http://www. http://www.trojansecurities. 59. T-H-O-R.

Security Contracting Appendix B – List of Schools and Course Providers The following is a list of widely known and respected course providers. Training Center Gryphon Group Security Solutions Front Sight Firearms Training G4S Group Executive Security International—(ESI) Ronin Protective and Paramedical Services (South Africa) Canadian Tactical Training Academy (CTTA) 70 . I suggest high quality courses from providers with a known and respected brand name in the industry. U.S. There are many others which exist and many of them may offer high quality programs but remember that the recognizability of the course is also important for your career.

The Ultimate Collection of Military Manuals. This site has thousands of manuals on file which.Blackhawk! Is a great site for ordering tactical gear. apparel or anything you might need for the job. You get a lifetime membership for only USD $50. Life Insurance – Global High Limit Accident Insurance DangerZoneJobs.Security Contracting Appendix C – Links to Other Useful Resources • Blackhawk! . for a fee.00 Handgun Manuals and Armorer Guides is a great site for handgun manuals. you can access for life! • • • • • 71 .com is a great resource for tracking industry events which will affect hiring practices. LegalZoom – LegalZoom is a great site if you need to have any legal documents prepared or you want to incorporate a business. especially for more hard to find types.

Military 72 .Security Contracting Glossary of Common Industry Specific Terms • • • • • • • • • • • • • • AO CF CO CP EP ExPat LN PSC PMC PSD ROC Static TCN USMIL Area of Operations Coalition Forces Convoy Operations Close Protection Executive Protection Expatriate Local National Private Security Company Private Military Company Personal Security Detail Reconstruction Operations Center Stationary or fixed location as in 'Static Security' Third Country National U.S.

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