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TM-D4000, Service Hint for Fatal Error Fatal Error [05-0004xxxx-yy] or [02-0004xxxx-yy] These error mean that the

cause relates to the DSP. Normally this error will be solved by SRAM initialize. If SRAM initialize does not help, follow the below. The last two digits yy corresponds to each DSP block as shown below: 00 : U1 (DSP A1A) 01 : U2 (DSP A1B) 02 : U3 (DSP A1C) 03 : U4 (DSP A1D) 04 : U5 (DSP A1E) 05 : U6 (DSP A1F) 06 : U7 (DSP A1G) 07 : U8 (DSP A1H) 08 : U9 (DSP A2) 09 : U10 (DSP B1) 0A : U11 (DSP B2) 0B : U12 (DSP C) 0C : U13 (DSP E) In case of 05-0004FF17-08, U9 (DSP A2) is one of the cause of problem. 0004 means that the communication between DSP and CPU was faulty. xxxx shows the condition of the software then the value at section always varies. Also following may be suspected regardless of the error code. U82 (SRAM) most possible U79 (CPU) U80/U81 (ROM) U83 (DRAM) U85 (PLD:ispLSI1016) U69 Fatal Error 00-00000002-00 This error means that Main CPU does not start. Possible causes are: 1. SRAM initialize has not been made after firmware update. 2. Main PCB Assy U79, U83, U82. 3. Poor connection between Main PCB and RS PCB. 4. Poor connection between Main PCB and Panel PCB. Recently another possibility has been found that: See Fig. 1. The FCC indicated by an arrow mark on the LCD shield plate is the LCD driving circuit which generates and diffuses a certain EMI. See Fig. 2 that the FCC with X mark is connecting Main PCB and Panel PCB in which a reset line is existing. This is NG since the FCC with X mark somehow lifted by the heat sink of the Power PCB Assy and its height causes induction of the EMI form the LCD driving FCC to its reset line. See Fig. 3 as the FCC with O mark is set under the cables of Power PCB Assy. It looks there won't be much difference in between Fig 2. and Fig 3. but the result confirmed by QA Dept was drastic.

Fig. 1

Fig. 2

Fig. 3

Fatal Error 11-FFFFF1A7-01 This is OS error on the Main CPU. 11 means that the source of error must be a timecode reader. It seems that the number of interruption occurred from timecode reader to Main CPU. Check the soldering or the PCB pattern as follows (U79-52 to TC IN). 1. On the MAIN PCB U79-52 U51-1, 2 U59 2. A cable between Main PCB and RS PCB 3. On the RS PCB All signal pass from TC in to P3-10 If the RS PCB is working good, signal at P3-10 becomes L or H stably. If this pin is unstable, there is a problem on the RS PCB. Fatal Error 12-00060000-07 DRDY signal on the U8-73 on the Main PCB does not come to active. Then once try to re-solder the U8 and around carefully. * DRDY signal: This signal informs CPU when DSP becomes ready.

Fatal Error 99-00000009-00 CPU address error occurred in Main CPU. This occurs when the CPU intends to access to invalid address. Cause may be on the hardware around the CPU. Possible causes are: 1. SRAM data is faulty. Try SRAM initialize. 2. If SRAM is not initialized after the firmware update, this error may occur. 3. On the Main PCB, check following: CPU (U79) SRAM (U82) DRAM (U83) ROM (U80,U81)