³Teacher Grant for 2009 ± 2010´

Westfield Washington Education Development Foundation
PROPOSAL IDENTIFICATION (This page will be removed before the proposal is distributed to the review committee.) Please do not use your name or your school¶s name in the proposal. When this page is removed, there should be no identification in the remaining material, to insure impartial review.

Grant Proposal Cover Page
Name Crissy Stephan Home Address 18928 Eagletown Rd. Home Phone No. 3178965666 School Phone No 3178964739 Applicant¶s School Maple Glen Applicant¶s Position 3rd Grade Teacher Other Teachers Involved Mitzi Johnson, Maple Glen, 3rd Grade Title of Grant Proposal Family Science Nights Subject Area (if appropriate) Science Amount of Grant Request: 1,000 Applicant¶s Signature _____________________________________________________ Principal¶s Signature______________________________________________________ To the applicant: Please forward this cover page (one copy) and 10 copies of the completed grant proposal narrative to:
Jan Skinner, Executive Director Westfield Washington Education Development Foundation 322 W. Main Street Westfield, IN 46074
Office Use: Application No.________

Include specific information such as kinds of materials and equipment needed.00 max) Number of Students Involved: 40 Number of Teachers involved: 2 Number of Schools involved: 1 Please type answers to the following questions on no more than 3 pages with the questions typed in bold above the answer. What educational or curricular objective will your project achieve? 6. Provide a brief summary of your project identifying materials and methods to be used. (No applications will be accepted after the due date). Detail your budget request. How will you determine whether your objectives have been achieved and whether your project is successful? . 1.Westfield Washington Education Development Foundation Teacher Grant Application 20__ ± 20__ Grant Proposal Narrative Project Title Family Scienc Total Funds Requested $750. What is the main problem or educational issue this grant request addresses? Why do you think there is a special need for this project? 2.00 ($1000. 5. 3. In what ways will you project have a significant impact on students? 4. Complete the cover sheet and deliver to the Foundation office by close of business on the due date.

12pt font Reference to school name on cover page only Reference to your name on cover page only The maximum that can be requested is $1000. IN 46074 Application Due Date October 1st .00 Have uninvolved person read for clarity Have you clearly indicated use of items to be purchased with grant funds? Make sure grant purchases are for items not already available at school. Executive Director Westfield Washington Education Development Foundation 322 West Main Street Westfield.Check List: (for your use ± do not include with grant application) Keep cover page separate from grant application Application not more than 3 pages singled spaced. Make sure grant activities are clearly described (tell the committee what you intend to do) I have enclosed one cover page and 10 copies of the application To the applicant: Please forward ten (10) copies of this grant proposal narrative along with one (1) copy of your cover page to: Jan Skinner.

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