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English Pair Work I
Steve Flinders and Simon Sweeney
Illustrated by Nevllle Swalne

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In memory of Frunk Zappa (1940-93)

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Teachers'Notes PairworkActivities

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Ice breaker Advertising Agendas Bank charges Budget presentation Business anecdote Business etiquette Business gifts Business initials Buying and selling Cashflow problems Companyof the year Company organization Company presentation Companytour Companyvisit Corporateculture Corporate sponsorship Costs and reducing overheads Customer care Customercomplaint Customsholdup Employeemorale Entertaining visitors Environmentally friendly office Equal opportunities Franchising Health and safety ln-house magazine Interview techniques Job application Large versus small companies Late payment of invoice

1 0 1 34 Managementand leadership

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skills for women Managementqualities Market research Market survey Meeting arrangements Mission statement Pay versusbenefits Performance appraisal Presentinginformation Pressand public relations hoduct endorsement Production delays hofit and loss account Project management Quality Quiz 1 Qaiz2 Raising finance Recruitment Recycling Relocation Salestargets Small talk 1 Small talk 2 Spare parts Team building Time management Training priorities Transportation Work environment Work rotas Works council

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Glossary A-Zof Language Functions
Communication Skill Table


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1 lce breaker
Introducti.on 'Ice breakers' are short exercisesfor use with a new classto help peopleto get to know eachother. Lead-in Ask why it is important for business people to be able to: r 'breakthe ice'with strangers . ask polite questionsto find out more about business contacts o be able to say clearly and concisely who they are, what they do and wherethey comefrom. Method o With a group class,divide studentsinto As and Bs. There are two possible methods.Either Bs ask all their questions, then As questionBs. Or students takeit in tums to aska question. r If the group is not too large, get studentsto walk around so that all the As interview all the Bs and vice versa. Follow-up I Get selectedstudentsto tell the whole group in one or two sentences: - their name - their job title and main responsibility - their company, companyactivity (if necessary) and companylocation. You may wish to provide a model, for example:,My name is Sylvia Smith and I'm a language trainer responsiblefor business English training at ABC Pharmaceuticals, basedin Berlin.' Explain rhat this is a vital skill which everyonein the group must be able to perform with easeby the end of the course.If somestudents unsureabout are their job titles, get others to make suggestions. If uncertainty persists in any case, suggestthat both you and the student try to get more information beforeyour next meeting. 2 Get students write short personaland professional to profiles of their partners, for example as in a job applicationform.

2 Advertising
Introduction This role play revolves aroundhow to allocatemoney availablefor advertisins. Lead-in Questions: o what methodsof advertisingare there? o what methods would be suitable for advertisins sportsequipment? Method 1 Direct studentA to statean initial position. B should respond with some general comments and observations- on football sponsorship, example.A needs for to choosebetweena broadly-based packagecentred on athleticssponsorship, a n.urowercampaignled or by TV advertising. Student B has to change A's mind - away from football sponsorship. 2 Make sure learnerscome to an agreement a total on packageand that all points in their roles are included in the discussion. Follow-up After giving feedback, noting the positive achievementsof the negotiation,suggest exchange letters an of summarizingthe agreement.

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3 Agendas
Introduction The activity involves a discussion on the telephone aboutplanningan agenda a meeting. for Lead-in I Discuss themeof quality: the - what is quality? - how do companies raise and maintain quality standards? 2 Then elicit commentson agendas: - shouldall business meetingshave agendas? - are written agendas alwaysnecessary? - the answer could be that all meetingsneed clear objectives,but they may not always be written down.

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to bank'skeenness provide a customer-friendly Follow-up work togetherto createa short dialogue Have students basedon handling a complaint to a bank. Follow-up 1 Get studentsin pairs to tell each other their own anecdotes. Be ready to prompt students who havedifficulty coming up with ideas. (l-ltlz minutes stage. depending on the service.A as presenter. Again. Lead-in I Ask students discusswhat they think of banksand to the quality of servicethey provide. 5 Invite selectedpairs to report their stories to the whole group. B has to decide how to respond. to formulate rules for their day business E F . students preparetheir roles and B starts. encourage to write down the anecdotethey have 2 Get students inventedor their own anecdote. intensiveactivities. Reversethe roles so B is making the complaint. 2 T\ey should reach agreement a new agendabut on postponesomediscussion the meetingitself.reminding A about his/her letter and making some general critical remarkstogetherwith suggestions. 2 Signalto students Be firm aboutthe changeover.L ! L Teachers'notes ! Method 1 After the introductory discussion above. Altematively get them to change the context from banking to another serviceindustry. Follow-up Someleamersmay chooseto presentsomeother information relating to their own work or interests and invite questionsfrom their partners.decidesto resolve the two problems involved.such asbudget. 3 Language I L L L F t L ts b t L l I l l F F F presentation 5 Budget Introduction The activity provides practice in presentinginformation and in listening to a presentationand asking for explanations.salesbudget. much depending on how student B.costof salesandcostof selling. partnersto report back to the Get business group the anecdotesthey have just heard. E F F F 7 Businessetiquette Introduction to students reflect upon everyThis activity encourages behaviour. to go over the story again in order to improve and polishit. There are several possible ways to resolve the difficulties. still in pairs. get students. the bank employee. or as a break between two more extended./ A begins the role play by ringing with a complaint. 3 Listen in to each pair. Lead-in of Check students'understanding key vocabulary. somepersonalexperiences. Lead-in Is it important for businesspeople to be able to tell Why is it important for businesspeople to anecdotes? be able to tell them clearly and CONCISELY? Method Tell them how 1 Tell students that there are six stages. Introduction This activity can be used to finish off a lesson or a course. Follow-ip They shouldproducea new agenda together.This would be a good opportunity to reversethe roles of presenterand listener. They may recall good and not so good. analysisand feedback. 4 When the exerciseis over. Method . 2 Move discussion to the natureof customerservice on and why the conceptis important. Note to that the final agendadependson other people'scommentstoo. at clarity and conciseness every stage. ! I I : L L anecdote 6 Business 4 Bankcharges Introduction This activity is essentiallyabout customerservicein a familiar context:a bank. long you would like them to spend on each one.) per when the time for eachstageis up. as a listener preciselywhat A is sayingand who needsto understand to questionany part of the budgetthat is not totally clear.The role play is potentially highly conflictive. Method B Explain the two roles .

Get them to reacha generallyagreednew policy on gifts. 9 Business initials Introduction Like the quizzes. R&D Researchand Development. Get eachA to report on a B areaand vice versa. Follow-up I Generalreportingback.this can be treated as a quite lighthearted exercise to round off a lesson or a course. VP Vice-President.As tell Bs what the conventionsfor shakinghandsare in their countn'icompany/department appropriate. I*ad-in To introducethe theme.This activity includes some of the more common sets of initials from the worlds of business. etc. and scoretheir partnersout of 16.{s to lead with Shakinghands. or other setsof initials for further quiz work.and to leam about the rules goveming otherpeople'sbehaviour. punctuality. 3 Pairsreport back to the group with teacherclarifying any remaining problem sets. for example: Vicehesident in charge of Human Resourcesor VicePresident Sales.Centraland SouthAmericanReeion (AmericanEnglish). L 4! -_ 4 4 gifts 8 Business Introduction The activity is basedon an internal discussionto formulate policy on employeesreceiving gifts from suppliersor customers. A senior executive's helper.It is importantfor business peopleto be able to read the internationalbusiness press. 4 4 4 4 -_ 4 J_ i> -I JI I . or whethertheir companyruns a TQA programme. what their company's USP is. -1 Get Bs to do the samewith Businesscards and contirue alternationuntil the end.{sk whether any of these areas are codified or u'hetherany of them shouldbe. Answers MD Managing Director.Give them a little Iune to think about the rules goveming their own behaviourfor eacharealisted on their own sheets. 2 Provide newspapers/news magazinesfor the group and askthem to identify eitheras many setsof initials as possiblefrom the quiz. for example. computing.Usually with a departmentalor geographical responsibility. I lnvite opinions about other areasof everydaybusiness life. the status of deadlines.leadinginto generaldiscussion.L \< L{ r L{ L{ L' LL\{ LLLLrLLrLLL_L' L' Teachers'notes ou'n behaviour.Je:cnbe certain aspects of business behaviour to eachother.Bs should as then comment on the differencesbetweenwhat As havedescribed and their own experience. Follow-up I Ask studentsto provide their own sets of initials in English to testthe rest of the class. Bs should give the correct answer after each attempt by As. bringing in all the points on their role cards. 2 Now reverse roles and get As to testBs. to PA PersonalAssistant. aregifts commonin your country? . 5 t_trr{ 4 5 L_t - t_' z t-z t_' 1 t_' .llethod I Even' studenthas five different areasto cover.ask: o what is the purposeof business gifts? .Unfamiliar sets of initials are often a barrier to understandingwhen reading in a foreign language.economics. politics. Method 1 Get Bs to test As on setsof initials l-16. -: Get . The manager with overall responsibility for the day-to-day running of the company(British English). I . Follow-up A jointly producedmemo stating company policy on receivinggifts. There is nevertheless seriousand useful pedagogical a objective.\s and Bs shouldreadtheir copies. bad-in \\hat aspects business of etiquetteare important in the srudents'own culture?What happensif you break the rules. Tell -{s and Bs that they are going to take it in turns to . where necessary they should explain eachansweras far as they can. can they causeproblemsor conflict? r what sort of things could be presented gifts? as Method Studentsshould engagein a wide-rangingdiscussion.r . Ask studentsif their companyhas a VP for HR or R&D.The division of a company doing the technical or scientific work needed find new products. PAs are usually thought to be more than secretaries but lessthanmanagers. smokingat work. 3 .

CEO Chief Executive Officer. iI L F b L F b L !. WP Word Processing. An TQA Total Quality Assurance. Still the world's biggestcomputercompany. A currency which is an averageof a certain number of other European currenciesand possibly the future single cunency for all the members the European of Union (EU). USP Unique Selling Proposition. The manager with overall responsibilityfor the day-to-dayrunning of the company. however. PhD Doctor of Philosophy.: Teachers'notes MBA Master in BusinessAdministration. EU European Union. Eire.a unique reasonwhy customers shouldbuy from them ratherthan from any other.Rich. The dynamic system memory of a computer that holds programmes and datawhile they arebeing worked on. Packaging. The last item on the agenda a meeting.What every company shouldhave . AGM Annual General Meeting. The meeting. whose aim is to encourage economic growth.Germany. (More commonly used in American English). A fund set up in 1947 and to which most of the countries in the world belong. The main Japanese airline company. be in any of a wide range of subjects. France. Swedenand the United Kingdom.The job of Public Relationsis to ensurethat the public image of a companyis as positive aspossible. high employmentand financial stability amongits members. for examplefor a newsletter. the most of importantfactorsin the marketingof a product. DTP Desk Top Publishing. of GDP Gross Domestic Product.for example. RAM RandomAccessMemory. The main internationalfree trading agreementbetween nations. including moneyearnedfrom abroad. Italy. ts F tF L F F E F F E : l F F D E F l F ll ] . The most importantbusiness schoolor university qualification in business. Netherlands.of a company'sshareholders. HR Human Resources. ECU EuropeanCurrency Unit. VIP Very Important Person. IMF Intemational Monetary Fund.Place. Finland. of The 4 Ps Price. approachto seekquality of product or sering to achievethe highest vice provided by getting everyonein the organization to focus on quality all the time. The measureof the wealth created by a country in a year. famous. homotion. The computer-based activity which producestext with integratedgraphics and varied layout. excluding moneyeamedfrom abroad.Theseare the main components the MarketingMix.The doctoratecan. OECD Organizationfor Economic Cooperationand Development. GATT General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade. IBM International Business Machines.Some students do the MBA straight after their first degree. magazine. Luxembourg. SAS Scandinavian Airline Systems.often have a VIP lounge. which takes placeoncea year. A United Nations Agency concemedwith the rights. protection and healthand safetyof workersworldwide. particularlyto help with problems. The measure of the wealth created by a country in a year. CPU CentralProcessing AOB Any Other Business. Portugal.Major airports. A major Swiss-Swedish engineering company. which exists to lend money to countries in financialdifficulties. Spain.The IMF often withbalanceof payments if loans to govemments it doesnot approveof holds their economicpolicy plans. VAT The general tax applied at each point of exchange goodsor services.others get a few years'job experience first. Denmark. PR Public Relations. The political and economic group whosecurrentmembersareAustria.Greece. LO Intemational Labour Organization. The brain of a computer.not just philosophy.The managementof such things as pay and conditions for all people who work in a company.aiming to reduceas far as possiblethe barriers to trade across national frontiers.An economic researchand forecasting agencyfunded by the rich industrializednations and basedin Paris.or powerful peoplewho receivespecialtreatment. ABB Asea Brown Boveri. JAL JapanAirlines. The airline company for the Nordic countries. The most recent GAff was eventually signed in 1994 after lengthy negotiations known asthe UruguayRound. for example. Typing and editing text on a computer. GNP Gross National Product. Belgium. CY or home-produced Unit.

brainstorm an example with the whole classbeforethe activity begins. rJ rJ H H H rJ H .for the activity. 2 Set a clear time limit . 3 In discussion. l-rJ L.Seewhetherany pattem emerges from the choicesmadeby the differentpairs. both sidesneedto reachagreement on exactly what is possible and what stepsneed to be takennext. Follow-up During feedback.rrl L.rEd L' Lrd Lr{ LLLrJ LLLLLrL{ rLJ H ld Teachers'notes 10 Buyingand selting Introduction Negotiation is an important skill not only for people involved in the kind of lengthy discussionneeded. and give studentstwo or threeminutes'waming beforeyou stopthem. 3 Get studentsto start with some small talk before going into the main body of the negotiation. rd L- r LrJ H LL' L rrJ H lLrJ H rL H H rr-tH H 11 Cashflowproblems Introduction The activity is a fairly complex face-to-face discussion betweena cautiousfinancemanagerand an ambitious marketingmanagerreluctantto turn away a major order. lLl-l-l_l-l-_l_ L_ H 13 Company organization Introductinn The activity is based on a face-to-face discussion where both sides need to resolve a problem: how to designa new organizationfor their companies who are planningto merge. but also in informal everyday situations like persuading someone stay on late at work or changinga holiday to date. 2 Get studentsto write down the terms of their agreement.find out what the students'ownideas wereandlist them on the board. on the perennialproblem of how to make small businesses grow. rd rJ rJ H 12 Companyof the year Introdaction This activity can help studentsro focus.20 or 25 minutes should be enough. albeit in a potentially lightheartedway. Lead-in As a lead-in. 4 Get eachpair to summarizethe main points of their agreementso that each participant is clear about what hasbeenagreed. This activity can be useful practicefor both for_ mal or large-scalenegotiation and informal or smallscalenegotiation. 2 Note that the list of preferences A and B are diffor ferent. Method I Both sidesneed a few minutesto preparetheir roles and absorbthe informationthey have. discussthe meaning.to set up this kind of agencyagreement. Lead-in In what situationsare negotiatingskills necessary? Are theseskills relevantonly in the workplace? Method I Give studentsplenty of time to read their activity sheets. Lead-in Startby asking: o why companies havehierarchies o why companies havestructuredorganization r if thereare alternatives traditional companystructo tures. Calculators could be useful. the situation could be adapted to the context of a departmentor profit centre if participantsall work in largeorganizations.causes and implications of cashflowproblems. 2 B should start by outlining the order and askinghow much cash is available. 2 They could also work out a revised cash budget on the basisof the order and a possiblebank loan. Follow-up I Get selectedpairs to talk through the stagesin their negotiationin order to analysethe reasonsfor their particularresult. Follow-up I Togetherboth students could work out a letter to the customeroffering a unit price discount but requesting tight paymentterms. A is pessimisticabout the cashflowsituation. If necessary.for example. Lead-in In what situationsarecompanies given prizes?What type of prizesare given?What companies have won prizes? Method I If you suspectthat studentsmay not be very forthcoming about imagining their own company into existence.

that they give to their partners. B can alsotake notes./ ' - I =H = t l q --J l. o Studentscan sit side by side and actually draw up a fresh organization chart based on their preferred optionsand what they can agreeon. Suggestthey include saying who they are and what their responsibilitiesare. Follow-up Repeat the activity with the roles reversed.Partners now know what information they have to give so shouldgive a more polishedperformance' L. business l-/ l-l >/ L-/ l-l L-i < presentation 14 Company Introduction Introducing oneselfand one's work is a common comThis activity municationneedin intemationalbusiness. gives an oppornrnity to practise a relatively formal presentation. The preparationcould be done before the lesson. Lead-in To introduce the theme.A furbut ther follow-up is to try a similar presentation.J I _. Lead-in if: Ask the students o they haveany problemswith spellingforeign names numbers o they have any problemswith understanding for spelling and o if the! have any special strategies counting. discussthe function of trade fairs and what goeson at suchevents. and the roles are there2 Next. Discourage from As.i -J : H 15 Company tour Introduction It is important for businesspeople to be able to talk clearly and concisely about their company'sproducts. e'g. get studentsto check that all the information has been correctly transferred. 2 At the end of the activity. monologues Follow-up I Repeatthe activity with the roles reversed. B intemrpts with requestsfor clarification and/or further information. !=r E] visit 16 Gompany Introduction This is an information gap exercise which also providespracticein numbersand spellingand checking information. who will need time to preparethe presentation. Method 1 The notesbelow the plan on A's sheetare only brief guidelinesfor A. : H :l = H : _l = -i .As sayingthey arehoping for business from Bs . Bs 2 Encourage to preparelots of questionsso that the activity is as interactive as possible. well as being able to guide visitors round the workplace. much more informally.ts t+ Fl Teachers'notes l-/ _ ! Method o Each side needsto explain its primary objectivesand to outline its concems. Follow-up of Ajoint presentation the new structureusing a board or OHP.Bs saying whetheror not they have decidedto do with As. 2 Get As and Bs to write follow-up lettersto the visit: . 1 Ask A to present Conta Inc. Follow-up Ask learnersto presenttheir own or anotherreal company that they know well. Edile S. B presents fore reversed. Lead-in Which companiesreceive visitors?Are there any speAre cial security arrangements? there any specialrisks aboutshowingvisitors around? -J : culture 17 Corporate Introduction The main aim of this activity is to provoke discussion so don't be too concemedif the studentsfail to come up with a coherent policy by the time you call the group together.There will be sometrade off betweenthe two.p. as history and organization. Method to 1 Get students write down any information.A. It can thus be used with lower level students. Method This is a two-part activity in which studentsboth presenta fictitious companyand hearaboutone. car registrationor telephonenumbers.'] H .

r-_ l{ LLLrJ L.there is no obviously right answer. }J }J rJ rl }J rLJ H rH rJ frd L. get srudentsto identify the assumptions underlying the variouspossiblepolicieson the list. while B is more inclined to defend shareholdersand seek improvedproductivity. agreewith theseassumptions not. Lead-in To introducethe theme. compromiseand bargaining will be required. in concedinga point they shouldgain a concession in anotherarea.J U El H 20 Customer care Introduction This activity emphasizesthe importance of looking after your customers thosewho buy a productas well asthosewho buy a service. Follow-up I Systematize feedbackfrom the group by asking for the strongand the weak points of eachfile and writing them up on the board. Follow-up I The group can prioritize the different featuresofcustomer care listed in the questionnaire.cost of salesandcost of selling. One technique LLr U rd H rd }J }J r-LLLf u Gd DJ LL' L' f Dd CrJ 19 Costsand reducingoverheads Introduction The activity involves a fairly detailed face-to-face Ed Dd . LLLLLf }J rJ Teachers'notes bad-in Ask srudentsif they know any companieswith their o*n specialculture. Method After the Bs have administered questionnaire the the to As. r{ f L. suggestthat they should only compromise where they get something in retum . that companies are too hierarchical. u Lu H tH JH . that there are not enough women in top management. the partnerscanreverseroles. Which onesdo or they think are nonsensical? Why? 2 Get the group to brainstorm their own equally unorthodoxpolicy suggestions.a common negotiating approach. negotiationin which eachparticipantwill haveto compromise in order to reach the desired objective. Method Each player in the negotiationapproaches problem the from a rather different perspective:A is more conservative in termsof defendingemployees' interests. See alsoActivity 27 on franchising. 2 Get studentsto write a letter of acceptance the to sponsorshiprecipient and of rejection to the other two causes. Encourage students to begin by statingtheir agreedobjectives(to find savings of l0%o)and to find issueson which they agreebefore going into detail on more problematicareas. Ask students how far they serveinternal as opposedto externalcustomers their work.check students'understanding of cosfs.This may involve looking at two or three points together .so that the negotiationinvolves teams. Studentsmay wish to invent details of the company they both representand such details may influence the final choice. Follow-up Set up a similar negotiation involving more participants. Consequently. Lead-in In your introduction to this activity. and find out if they etc. ask about the distinction betweeninternal customers(other employees within the same organization whom you serve) and extemal customers(those outside the company who pay you to provide them with a product or service).g.What are the characteristics corof porate culrure?Does it help employeesto work better together? Methd Encouragestudentsto add ideas in the same spirit to the list.allow time for this before beginningthe activity or distribute the activity sheets beforethe lessonbegins. Follow-up I In the group discussionfollowing the activity.Otherwise. and ask them whether in they shouldbe more focusedon extemalcustomers. a genAs eral principle. I*ad-in Why do companiesoffer sponsorship? What types of eventsdo they sponsor? What benefitsdoes each side get? Method Sincethis activity involves quite a lot of reading. e.in other words. Ll-_ I 18 Corporate sponsorship Introduction The activity is designedto encourage extensivediscussion.

feel 2 Get detailedfeedbackon how well your students their organizations serve their intemal and their and how thesetwo kinds of serexternalcustomers.ask: r what causes delaysat frontiers o what documents needed are o how candelays keptto a minimum be r if the problemsat frontiersare the sameeverywhere o if the solutionsto the problemsare the sameeverywhere. b 22 Customsholdup Introduction This is a telephoneconversationbetweentwo people with verv different concems. Brainstorm language gambits which As and Bs might haveused. 3 Get studentsto write A's letter apologizing for the reached.or not. with other studentsplaying relatedroles. L ! E L F I ! l ! F complaint 21 Customer Introduction This activity practisestwo important communication and businessskills. This should then be followed by an open of discussion the merits of eachidea in tum. F F b t F morale 23 Employee Introduction This activity begins with an exchangeof information. As have to turn an unhappy customer into a happy one. B respondsand togetherthe two positions are brought closer . beforethe session distributethe activity sheets partners are clear about the final 2 Ensure that both outcomeof the discussionby getting them to write and comparenotes. B. reached noteson the agreement Follow-up and 1 Get eachpair to report back on their agreement on tabulateall the agreements the board. What are the possible results of poor employeemorale? Method begin. Method time for the heavierreadinginput or 1 Allow adequate begins. or rectitudeheld by A. They will needextra time to prepare this. t t l. dependingon the degreeof obduracy held by the official.including the driver. to Underlinethe fact that they are not expected compete by shortlisting more of their own key actions is The objective simplyto get what thantheir parmers'.in some only if placesmention of comrption may be acceptable it refersto othercountries! Method amountof freedomin how have a reasonable Students is to resolvethe problemhere. Bs have to avoid being fobbed off with lessthan what they regardastheir properdue. 2 Get feedback on how the encounter between Bs' firmness and As' desire to win over the customer swayed the discussion one way or the other. 3 Students ts F tb F F F F l. etc. them to simulateformal meet2 You could encourage ings with Bs and then As making shortpresentations of the ideaslisted.make it clear to As and Bs 1 Before the students that they have different lists of suggestionsfor increasingcompanymorale on their activity sheets. ts ll t . may wish to add their own ideas. vice cogld be improved. is important for the students to completethe first part satisfactorilybefore they start the second. then c) to get two groups of four to agreeon a common list. they both agreeis the bestpossiblepolicy defined. zing the agreement summari inconvenience. It followed by discussion. Follow-up Some studentsmight like to role play a face-to-face meeting at the frontier. etc. Lead-in Ask students: r in what situationsthey have made complaints over the last few months o whethertheir complaintshavebeenwell handled to o why it is important for companies be able to deal efficiently with complaints. Lead-in To setup the theme.The discussion led by A statingthe problem and askinghow it may be resolved. then b)to get two pairs together to agree on a common list. Lead-in Ask the studentsin what way morale affects the way people work.E t F Teachers'notes ! for getting a large group to arrive at a final list is: a) to get eachpair to agreeon a list of priorities. Be tactful aboutthe issueof corrupt officials .

particularly comparativeforms occurring in such expressions 'Oh no. air if they know how legislationdiffersin any othercountry. they should discussthe merits of eachone. 3 Get students write a short report recommending to a plan of actionto the company'stop management.avoiding unnecessary chemicalsby.how environmentallyconsciousdo you think your company is as a whole? What more could your companydo? r }J r4 rJ Lf rl LEJ 24 Entertaining visitors Introduction This is a fairly extensive telephone conversationin which two new business get associates to know each other a little and discusspossibleentertainment one for of them. Method The objective of the activity is to prioritize a seriesof initiatives following discussioncomparingthe relative merits of different proposals.As each studenthas the same list of points. glues. rJ LrJ H U r H u rJ l-rJ LrJ 26 Equal opportunities Introduction This is a straightforward collaborativediscussion based on prioritizinga series points. with reference to students' own country/countries and/orexperience. u rJ DJ DJ LLL' Ll--f-DJ DJ Gd 25 Environmentally friendlyoffice Introduction This activity can be particularly interestingwith groups of studentsfrom different companies. L.you may wish to presentor elicit someof the languagewhich studentsmay use in prioritizing the ideas. Method Before the activity begins.and ask example. Lead-in Ask: o what types of entertainmentcompaniescould provide for business associates your country in r what sort of entertainmentyou would like if you were visiting other countries.' Follow-up I Find out how many peoplefeel this is a relevantand useful topic and how many do not think that safeguardingthe environmentis important. 3 Questions the group: for . Follow-up I Brainstorm students'own additional ideas. . Follow-up o A fax from A confirming ideasand/orarrangements. who is planningto visit the other. o Reversingroles: B should return the invitation and try to fix up entertainment A would like.using refillable laserprinter cartridges . o An interestingway to do this is for A to explain to B what is availableby referring to a local 'What's On' guide or newspaper.pump-action usingvegetable-based containersratherthan aerosols .using scrappaper for notesrather than brand new memo pads .then decideon an order of importance. 2 Get feedback students'own on ideas. 2 Discusshow far there is a group consensus why and some. etc. that r Repeatthe activity placing emphasison either very formal or very informal typesof hospitality.what environmentallyfriendly stepsdo you take in your own offices?What more could you and your colleagues do? .tuming off computersand other office equipment when not in use . Method o Much of the content here needs to be genuinely basedon students'interests preferences on and and local entertainment available. rJ L. r->J DTJ . }Lf-a L. . Additionalsuggestionsmight be: .using electronic mail where possible rather than paper. of the ideasare generallyconsidered to be more feasiblethan others. of Lead-in Discuss the meaning of equal opportunities and the importance of the issue. Lead-in Ask students first of all what nationallaws exist on. rJ U H LL. r The conversation threemain partsafter the initial has introduction: i) outlining possibleentertainment offer on ii) B's preferences interests and iii) planningan entertainment itinerary for B's visit. I think using as: recycledpaperis much more importantthan . for example. for packaging.r-_ rEt E{ L.if any. r{ Lr{ L. Lrd L} a LIJ Teachers'notes 4 Ensure that each pair is clear about what it has agreed beforecalling a halt. different sectors and different countries. andwaterpollution. l-r{ L.

l-!l- Teachers'notes !. Method o There are really two parts to this activity' The full version involves drawing up a businessplan for the magazine (see the section beginning: Identify the objectivesof the magazine. 28 Healthand safety Introduction The activity is based on a face-to-face discussion between colleagues.' before suggestinga slightly different emphasis. .!. .How are theseissuestreatedin the students'country/counand tries?How are thev discussed checked? Follow-up After getting feedbackon the various models of corwiden the poratecommunicationproposedby students. Hertz. Method their roles.If the dis'only make cussionfollows the negotiatingprinciple of if a concession you get somethingin retum'.This versionis likely to take up conmoretime. Students can discuss what measureshave already beentakenand decidehow effectivethey havebeen.F F F- ^F l-lF . . Benetton.B. Examples are McDonald's.'and expressions saying is . F E magazine 29 In-house Introduction Discussingthe contentsof an in-housemagazinegives an the students opportunityto discussthe type of information that shouldbe includedin such amagazine. Method 1 B should start with a general outline of the health and safety position and some ideas on how to improve matters. then the of result shouldbe a lively exchange offers and counter offers. objectivesand by talking aboutthe presentsituation. l- !. Follow-up A jointly-produced plan of action to presentto other in colleagues the form of a shorttalk. 2 A jointly prepared statementexplaining what they have agreed.but compromisewill be necessary' Follow-up I An exchangeof letters outlining the basis for continued collaboration.Consequently. t. Lead-in Discussthe issuesinvolved in health and safety. Lead-in Ask: r if their companyhasan in-housemagazine o ifthe] readit o how do they rate it o how would they improve it. the activity can centre on deciding on contentalone.F .F -> !fl . !l- _tl- 27 Franchising Introductioi The activity is a face-to-facenegotiation where both sides will need to compromisein order to reach an agreement. will be required. A.one more radical and more prosomepersuasion gressivethan the other.will need to be conciliatory.F F f-FF F -. Follow-up o Leamers can suggest initiatives which could be introduced in their own working environment to improve equalopportunities.. . . remarksbut proposes 2 Encourage students to paraphraseeach other with 'What you're like 'So you think. Lead-in to Introducethe themeby askingstudents namefamous franchisors. A replies with commentson B's more radical changes. l0 l- . the franchisor. have read and understood Once students should start by outlining some general the franchisee. siderably o For studentswith less businessexperienceor less time or both. Kentucky Fried Chicken. discussionto include other tools of internal communication: effective? o how do you makeintemal communication two-way? r how do you makeintemal communication etc. . . .) as well as deciding on the content. !.Ask: o how franchises operate o what is the relationshipbetweenfranchisorand franchisee.F .

and commenton the authenticity of thesestagesfor the various pairs. Follow-up I Use the questionsas a framework for interviewing (or other students eachother)for thejob in question. U }J lDJ }J rrd r--l-- 1l .\ha moneyowedas soonaspossible. they shouldnevertheless encouraged be to treat it as a serious exercise in recruitment. small companies can be very flexible. Lead-in Ask students: o what typesof job application forms they havefilled in o what the purposeof a form is o whether a form is more effective than an open application.work out likely questions an interviewing panel.and set up interfor viewswith otherstudents. 2 Study other job advertisements. then assess their usefulness in a job interview. H H }J H l- Teachers'notes 30 lnterviewtechniques Introduction The activity is a collaborativediscussion. etc. First. Lead-in lntroduce the topic of interviewing by asking students abouttheir experience interviewsandaboutwhat kind of of questions they would expectto get in a job interview. 2 Roles can be reversedto see if further additional ideasare generated. tanguages.L L{ L \{ LL. Method Srudentssit side by side. Follow-up An A and a B from different pairs can be asked to debateagainin front of the group. Follow-up I During the activity. 5 A should take the initiative to bring the call to an end. 2 A apologizes hasbeenvery busy. The respectivepartnersshould make initial assessments of thejob or of the applicant. Point out that this is good debating practice. Warn studentsthat they may find themselves being asked to expressopinions that they do not necessarily hold.ask studentswhether they prefer working in a large or small organization. If appropriate telephones not available. Method The procedure as follows. 3 Get students write a short letter from either the PA to or the applicant. In this last part they shouldjointly a for _eive reason their decision. but at the sarnetitne is keen to reee\\R. and for Method I This exerciseshould be approached a debate:A as has to argue the advantages working in a small of company.following on from this call. LJI L4 L- U L r r r U L r r H 31 Jobapplication Introduction Although studentsmay appreciate fantasyelement the in the activity. Get good pairs to simulate model openings and closings for the others. 2 Discuss how the recruitment processmight go on after this stage.get pairs to are sit back-to-back. is I B (the applicant)calls A (the currentPA who is leaving the job) to find out what has happened his/her to application. and before distributing the activity sheets. monitor in particularthe way the call startsand ends. 1 g U H L 4 L rJ IJ }J U U Ll}J LJ 33 Latepaymentof invoice Introduction This is a relativelyshortand simpleactivity.as appropriate.wheretwo sides have conflicting interests. There are three parts to the activity. studying and sharingopinionsbeforemaking an assessment. So what are the advantages and disadvantages each? of Lead-in As a short lead-in. 3 B asksA questions aboutthe post while. 4 A asks B questions about his/her experience.tell B what will happennext and say goodbye. altemately.B has to speakin favour oflarge organizations. tLt LLLL L LL- H }J }J versus 32 Large smallcompanies Introduction Large companies can be very powerful.The topic relates to customer service: creditordoesnot wish to upseta the c\s\orner. students study the job advertisement. then classify the questions. LL L. Elicit just one or two advantages disadvantages each.

telephones Students B. Seeif the outcome is any different. avoids the since issueand potentiallyfuels A's dissatisfaction. = l-/ 34 Management leadership and skills for women Introduction This activity is useful for training personnelas well AS of general interest to women.pairs can take over leadership of the group to try out the training idea they have devised. Method 1 Students should first discuss the points listed and them all. if they think men and women have equalopportunities in the workplacein their country/countries. Method Although experiencedtrainers may be interested in spendingthe time necessary devisetraining ideasfor to all five areas. A raisesvarious objections to the survey technique and reporting. rl -l l rJ I l-f H - l l l-l - ( l-.The legitimacy of identifying suchareas can. 2 If disagreements occur.J I Ld ) lr Teachers'notes Lead-in Ask: r why late paymentis a problem o wh! do companies delaypayment. reversingroles. -l IJ -l IJ IJ ! _t . shouldnot sit face-to-face telephoningtasks. Lead-in As an introductionto the theme. Method I Preparation vital.one of The activity is a discussion provided a service with which the other is whom has not happy.most studentswill probably be happy to concentrate discussing problemareaanddevising on one pairsshould: a trainingideafor this areaonly. in assuringthat the researchis preliminary. then set about make sure they understand prioritizing them and come to a negotiatedagreement on the right order. 2 Once the discussionbegins.to prompt A. -J l-r I .In this case 1 discusswhich areato concentrate on 2 discusshow bestto handlethe problem 3 devisea training idea. compromise or trading of ideasmay be necessary reachan agreedorder.usean for intemal phoneline for a more effectiverole play.be debated.t -) : IJ research 36 Market Introduction betweentwo people. Follow-up I Pairs give feedback to the group of the training ideas. Lead-in Introduce the theme by asking if studentshave any and what they seeas the experience marketresearch of advantages market researchfor producersand serof A vice providersand for consumers. o Some studentsmay like to assess themselves the on basisof someof the qualitieslisted. the creditor. or Lead-in Ask students: r if they think men and women have similar management skills . 2 Studentswho (rightly) point out that the problem areasare relevantto men just as much as to women. marketresearch very expensive. the hotelier.r l-l qualities 35 Management Introduction which The activity is an informal face-to-face discussion involvesreadinga list of points and prioritizing them. Monitor the preparation:it may is be necessary. Method 1 A. B. is rt-a l-l l-{ ld l{ f = l{ -J J l-r J J J J J I lJ -I - t-4 J g t2 I l l l-l- I .towardsa set of demandsto resolvethe difficulty. 2 A should securea promiseof when paymentwill be made.ofcourse. possibleansweris that the results of market researchhelp producersto provide products or services which match consumer needsand wants.If possible. can be told that theseareaswere in fact identified for a successful real-life training programme aimed specificallyat women. to Follow-up o Individual pairs can report reasons their decisions for they had and how and/or report any disagreements they were resolved.ask students brainto storm ideason the qualitiesof a good managerand the requiredin a management attributes team. Follow-up Repeatthe activity. during the preparation. in particular those in management supervisory positions.If time permits.

. so Follow-up Reversethe roles and repeatthe activity. They shouldhave a pencil to takenotes. . Method I As with other telephoningactivities. Have available some mission statementsfrom real companiesto show to students either at the activity or at the feedbackstage. mon threadsto developin the discussion H r L rl-a fL. L. u IJ U H frJ u LLLLH rrJ rJ ITJ 13 . Follow-up Each side should write a letter to the other summarizing opinion and statingwhat shouldhappennext. to drafting and redrafting their own statements. IJ EJ 39 Missionstatement Introduction This is a potentiallydifficult and time-consuming activity which requiresthe exerciseof a variety of different skills. Lr{ LLLr{ Lr{ LLL. Method Simple questions and answers. Follow-up 1 Ask pairs to readout their own drafts. we need.or set up a similar situation perhapsbased on students'actual commitments. .- LL. -{ LEt EJI fr.a IJ rJ fr{ 37 Marketsurvey Introduction This is a questionand answeractivity involving a questionnaire. though a variation could be that the respondentdoes not like someof the questionsand challenges designof the the questionnaire! Lead-in Begin by prompting discussionon the purposeof market researchand the importanceof market surveysfor companies. .provide students with word processing facilities while working towardsthe final draft. LLL. . if their companyhasa missionstatement I 3trd. 2 Reversethe roles and repeatthe exercise. discusswith the group the kind of language generaland the typical structures in associated with mission statements. A variation could be that B plays a role where the respondent really likes to talk a great deal around the questions. Lead-in Ask students: . rJ H .. or seatstudents back-to-back. in Students could also designtheir own questionnaire a on different topic of their choosing.Look for comphase. 2 Students pairs will move from discussion. including note-taking and writing. -LL. Method I Before starting. in through note-taking. what it is r what its purposeis o ifit is useful. Write suggestions on the board for reference during the exercise. be rewarded in having given thought to somefundamentalquestionsabout the nature and raison d'dtre of their own businessorganization..B (the agent) is fairly reluctantto devote time to A's products. we believe in.or a meeting. Teachers'notes 3 The third stageshouldconcludethe discussion. specifi cally to improve telephoning technique. 3 Give feedbackand repeatthe exerciseif necessary. either with a resolutionfor how to proceedor with the relations breakingoff in a somewhat hostile atmosphere.l-_ L.It could be completedvery quickly. Give as much help as possible. delayingthe (impatient)interviewer. Follow-up 1 Write a fax confirming detailsof the arrangement. r{ H u rJ U r L tH - LL. we believe that. orderto collectdatafor a groupofpeople. .If available. cangive genuine B responses. f.with the interviewer notingthe answers. Get students to repeatthe activity severaltimes with other students or teachers. .The objectiveis to agreeon a meeting. Students' efforts will. for example:we want to.H 38 Meeting arrangements Introduction The activity involves a telephone call and making arrangements meet but each individual has a differto ent attitude. When is the relationship problematic? One possible answeris when the agentis not effectiveor when he/shehasother priorities or sells competingproducts. . however.. 2 Remind students that good telephoning technique includes summarizingany agreementat the end of the call to confirm that everythingis clear. Lead-in Discussthe role of agentsand the natureof the manufacturer-agent relationship.if so. use an internal line.

A detailed medical examination.) adequate o Parking. a middle and an end. Lead-in appraisaland ask: Discussthe meaningof performance r what its purposeis o if performance appraisal is used in the students' country. before handing out the activity sheets.000 last year. Teachers'notes E F appraisal 41 Performance Introduction meeting. of 3 Ask how many of the group have experience perpay formance-related and how they feel aboutit. After the each presentation. The key objective is to get over a limited amount of information in a well structuredand coherentfashion. F ! F F I 40 Payversusbenefits Introductiiln This activity can be of generalinterestto all managers and of specific professional interest to managers and involved in humanresources personnel.F E F E 2 Ask students: o what missionstatements achieve o who shouldwrite them o how much the personnel of the company as a whole should be consulted during the drafting stages. The discussionshould move from generalobservationsand opinions to specific decisionsand agreement. partner and other students(and questions. Can we draw abouthis/herquality as a manager? any conclusions F F F F F F F -J F F information 42 Presenting Introduction The activity is an opportunityto presentinformation in a well-structuredmanner and to respondto questions' SeealsoActivity 14 on Companypresentation. The company curently pays for the managerto park in a city centrecar park every day when he/shecomesto work. Method Two minutes is very little preparationtime and three minutesis a very short talk. o There is also scope for generalclass discussionof the issuesinvolvedin problemssuchasthoseoutlined in the activity. by and asticallypresented supported good visuals. Clearly. The manager earned a performance-related bonus of f10. Follow-up o Joint preparation a memo outlining the agreement of reached. Method B shouldstartby introducingthe purposeof the discussion and outlining the problem.000 is good for A (the personnelmanager)while B will have aimed to get more. leading to employee. r Annual health screenins.therefore The activity is an internal discussion a decision on a problematic informal. a figure close to f40. Offer a model as an example.enthusiwell organized. Method Present activity in generaltermsand go throughthe the details of the current packagewith the group to ensure the terms are clear. Possible answers include: well prepared. Follow-up 1 Get feedback on the results of each negotiation.clear. Notes: o PRB.ask studentsto brainstormthe most important characteristicsof good presentation technique.650 out of a possiblemaximum of f20. The companydoes not have its own car park and cheapparking is impossibleto find. and appropriate relevant. Lead-in To introducethe theme. o Long-term disability cover. Find out how close to the total of f40. This is a form of insurancewhich providesthe managerwith an income in the event of his/her being unable to work for an extended period through accident or illness. (The the cover is private because govemmentof the country in which both the studentswork does not make provision for this. 2 Ask whetherthe fact that the manager(B) only manof agedto eam just over 5OVo his potential PRB last year reflectswell or badly on him/her. you) canask F F E F F F F F E} F F F t- l4 F . Lead-in that they know remunerAsk students how companies atetheir employees. with an introduction.000 eachpair were.

Lead-in Ask: r what the relationshipis betweena head office and a subsidiary o when problemsarise o how problemscan be resolved.etc. Lead-in As a lead-in to the subject. L' L- l- l- l- r Lt U { L L g r u r r r Y LLL- 44 Product endorsement Introduction Michael Jacksonand Pepsi becamea famous double act. It would be fun to video record this if possible. A has to be very calm under pressurefrom both the siruation and from aggressivequestioningby the press. which may be to business study related. o Allow students chooseother topics.check that studentsunderstandwhat a profit and loss accountis. Ilethod -\ tace-to-faceinterview. But who benefitedin the end? Lead-in Lead in by asking for examplesof product endorsements by famous people and discussing briefly the advantages and disadvantages this form of product of promotion. 46 Profitandlossaccount Introduction The activity is basically a telephoned information transfer between colleagues. Studentsshould prepare a strategybefore they begin the negotiationand should try to anticipatethe arguments the other side as part of of their preparation. 2 Discussthe advantages disadvantages and ofproduct point out in endorsement more detail. on Follov-up Ertend the video idea to build the interview into a discussionof the problem of industrialpollution. at Follow-up . A may chooseto insist on visiting the subsidiary. such as environmental campaigners.local residents. Method A. A should write a confirmatory fax. . for example if the pop star endorsing your product is accused child abuseor the athleteendorsingyour of running shoesconsistently fails to win races. l*ad-in Discussthe importanceof public relationsand the relationship betweenPR and corporateimage (see introductionrn activitysection).L L rU U LL' LL- Teachers'notes Follow-up r Allow longerpreparationtime for slightly longertalks.or concernpersonalinteror EStS. A further possibiliry would be to bring in other roles. prompt students summarize to any agreement the end. relatives of employees.other managers. o The situation could be extended to a face-to-face meeting. and play it back as part of a ne\r'sextractor documentary pollution. L- Follaw-up 1 Get feedbackfrom eachpair on the development and outcomeof eachnegotiation..employees.As usual with telephoneactivities. and havea wider debatein the shapeof a public meeting. B should write a memo to an English-speaking colleaguein Portugal.though explanationsare requiredto supportthe details. l- L- r Allow extra preparationtime for the inclusion of a visualsupport. 43 Pressand public relations Introduction The activity is a potentially highly conflictive intervie'*'. that sometimesthe arrangementcan backfire. Lll- tl- t5 . telephones subsidiaryto know the what is going on. Method This activity is essentially a preliminary negotiation involving an information gap. If necessary. Ask them to say are if the following statements true (T) or false (F): o it showsthe healthof a companyat a given moment(F) o it showsthe trading performanceof a companyin a particulartime period (T) L-L- tU l-l L- L. L' 45 Production delays Introduction This is a telephoneactivity basedon seriousorganization problemsin a subsidiary. outlining main pointsof the discussion. at the headoffice.L L' L\LLLLLLLLLLLrL.

reach agreement.He/she also asks a series of questions in order to clarify certainaspects.Remind students that in this case.d I ! 47 Proiectmanagement Introduction The activity is basedon an informal face-to-face meeting between a project leader and his/her assistant.often people who were previously scepticalaboutsuchprogrammes. They must. in r As can ask Bs the questionsin Quiz I and then Bs in can ask As the questions Quiz 2. Follow-up Find other examplesof profit and loss accountsand positions. As can ask Bs all the questionsand then reverse roles. This discussion may be lengthy. Lead-in Discussthe purposeof project planning and its importancein industry. There is a strong disagreement. J = lr-r J = F- J f lr{ F-- = 48 Quality Introduction Increasingly. Method In group meetings an assistantwould be unlikely to citicize his or her boss'splans.sincethere are severalpoints to raiseand to agreeon.(F) Method I B asksa seriesof questions completeinformation to required on the latest profit and loss account for a sister company.. assess strength companies'trading the of Lead-in What doesquality mean?What effect doespoor quality How important is quality for comhave on customers? peting in the marketplace? Method Getting each pair to choose the six most desirable features for their quality programme may require a generous time allowance. but quality cannot be achievedwithout the involvement of the whole workforce. . As and Bs can askeachother questions turn. . f f f t{ -I J >- -l 50 Quiz2 SeeQuiz I f H :I J = t6 f T . however.How similar are they? can 2 Discusshow suchquality programmes be implemented. Follow-up Togetherthey may prepare a joint plan to presentto othermembersof the team.companiescompeteon quality. and supplementary Method .= >-r I Teachers'notes o it shows the principal costs a company has to meet = )-r I (r) o it showsforecastsalesfor the coming year.the meeting is private and informal and the disagreementsare real.Start by getting each pair to eliminate the features that neither member wants to retain. Follow-up I Compare the shortlists drawn up by the different pairs. - --td = tr{ 49 Quiz 1 Introdaction This activity can last as long or as short a time as you want. 2 B should paraphraseor repeat certain answers to make surethere are no mistakesin the transferof the information or in understanding answersto the the further questions. So a good quality programmewill involve people . what experience they have had of qual3 Ask students programmes ity assurance both as employeesand as (noticing a conspicuous improvementin a consumers products services). diplomacy and tact so are importantqualitiesfor both sides. FolLow-up and a real opportunLots of possibilitiesfor discussion ity for membersof a group to leam more about each other and to get to know eachotherbetter. so make a clear decisionin advanceon the time limit you want to set and whether you are going to introduce it as a quick end-of-lessonquiz lasting ten minutesor a main activity involving lots of discussion questioning. company's or I l = = = -1 I I l-r q . This can also be good listening practice if Bs arenot shownthe sheet.>.

win-lose and lose-lose in negotiation and ask the students to describe business situations which it is betternot to in compromise. genuinesummarEncourage izing and paraphrasing rather than reading out the file cardsverbatim.can a potential employer really leam anything from an interview? .a solutionto a problem which hasno obvioussolution. Elicit/suggest phrases like 'So.llethod .ensuring the that srudentsunderstand various ways a company the mar chooseto do this as explainedin the students' Lntroductions. as well asdomesticrecycling. Identify the key figuresto assess health or the other$ise of the companies involved. . outlines the present prrsitionof the company. .how well do interviewersinterview? Lt L- 53 Recycling Introduction The activity involves an informal face-to-facediscussion betweencolleagues.its purposeand value and students' experience it. agreeon Lead-in Discussrecycling. for -l Encouragestudentsto check their understanding of uhat the other says by paraphrasing. you're saying . i -\. of Method The activity has two parts. Design a questionnaire find out the extent of reto cycling and people'sviews on the subject.trmpan]'executive and an independent financialadviser. l- l- lLLLrL. They should then formulate a policy for the companyinvolved.He/shewants adviceon the hlielihood of raising finance. L- l- r U L- g U g L L g g U U g g 52 Recruitment Introduction This activity involves finding the most suitable candidatefor thejob. -: B responds asking for more information and then by ans\\ers. lrLLJ u 1LL1lY Y Y Y 'Scex t7 . Give some practice in paraphrasing information so that students not readout the file cardsverbatim.Give an exampleof how to do it. Lead-in To Lnrroduce topic.L rl- u LL. You should two monitor the processby which the studentssucceedin finding . Follow-up Combinethis activity with other environment-related studies from other sources.or fail to find . Lead-in r Discussrecruitmentprocedures experienced your by students. The essentialobjective is to priorities and on a plan of action. do Method Judge whether studentsare able to structurethe telephone meeting without help or whether you should advisethem to postpone discussion until all the candidateshave beendescribed.either as job applicantsor as employment providers. .' and 'So what rou mean . 2 Discussthe advantages and disadvantages differof ent stages the conventional in process: recruitment .arereferences reliable?Is testingreliable? .) Studentsmay also commenton recycling policies in companiesor institutions they are familiar with. representingthe company.' is Follolc-up Look at examples of balance sheets from company repons. Studentsshould decide on the three key advantages recycling and any drawof backs involved. LLLLllll- Teachers'notes 51 Raising finance Introduction The activity is basedon a friendly meeting betweena .giving reasons his/heropinions. l-Lv g U U Y L- 54 Relocation Introduction This is a difficult activity because positions of the the parties are initially quite far apart. l- Follow-up I Get feedbackfrom all the pairs on which applicant was preferredand why. rLL L. . Lead-in Briefly discussthe notions of win-win.Thoroueh preparationis important: studentsneed to undentandthe balancesheet.(Activity 43 also concems an environmental issue. discussraising finance.

figurescentralto the students'own 2 Discuss .and other kinds .137 94. Lead-in Ask: o why settingtargetsis important o what happens targetsare not met. A or B with their versionsof the decisions Follow-up to the 1 Reproduce table on the board and get students fill in the missingfigures.776 85.505 103.21 93'140 F l0 | .557 50. get them to write eachother follow-up letters.F - Teachers'notes Method for Be prepared the activity to last only a short time (in the caseof neither party being willing to compromise) to or quite a long time (where there is readiness compromise). your students have indeedwon the pize .499 51.005 85.so might be: the procedure a) exchangethe missing fourth quarter figures for the otherregions b) calculate and agree on the totals for the other regions c) calculateown revisedtotal (strictly speakingit is to not necessary exchangeall the revised figures unlesseach wants to check the other's figures in detail) d) add the two revised totals and comparewith the otherregionaltotals .624 102. F lF F ) F l ) >/l - ei F ) J J F ) F ) F r8 F .106 100.963 51. if Method Therearetwo setsof figuresto exchange: o each partner has a couple of figures missing for the otherregions o eachpartnerhas only his/her own revisedfigures.00 | 46.194 47. work.697 397.847 51.727 5l.309 5l'309 100'772 49. 3 Get studentsto write formal letters to each other as reached.422 87.but don't give the game awav: let them find out for themselves.446 50'230 l0l '077 193.699 l0l '426 49. 2 Ask students if they have ever been involved in negotiatinga problem where the two sides were so far apart that there seemedlittle chance of agreein ment.344 F F F F F F b F F F F l- 55 Salestargets Introductian This activity is a straightforwardexchangeof figures betweenthe two partners. Follow-up 1 Get feedbackon the outcomesfor the different pairs in the group and the processby which the outcomes were arriyedat.668 94'578 48.148 200'906 397'353 56 Smalltalk 1 Introduction a This is difficult but the activity practises very importEachbox contains: the ant skill .471 89.423 102'500 393.345 49. Figures in $US First quarter Second quarter Third quarter Fourth quarter Totaf North West South East t!F l- F l- | 93.771 99.439 99.447201.Pocket calculatorswill be useful. Follow-up I Discussthe importanceof taking the initiative and steeringthe conversation.174 347. Discussdifferent strategies sucha situation. Comparescoresand experiences the end: which were the easiestand which at were the most difficult words to elicit and why? Then reversethe roles. 104 98.763 48.099 95.9l0 47.It may thereforelast rather less time than a first glance suggests. Figures in $US First quarter Second quarter Third quarter Fourth quarter Totaf Central East East West West Central Central Central Central Revised Revised Total Revised lnitial lnitial 46.068 392.675 196.steering conversation' r four nouns o threeverbs r threeadjectives Method Ten minutes for the activity. as you can seefrom the figuresbelow. If somepairs finish the activity quickly.of incentivefor 3 Discussthis kind salespeopleand others.

in r Encourage srudents userealisticgambitsto open.-J rJ bJ ha U U U rJ rJ rJ lrJ lrJ g u u rJ g L U rJ g li- 58 Spareparts Introduction The activity is a telephone dialogue. approach Method may wish to definewhat kind of project it is I Students that they are working on. yet each may make a vital contribution to meeting shared objectives. to . on Lead-in Discuss: r the relationshipbetweenpurchaser and supplier o the importance of spare parts for certain types of equipment. talk Follov-up Crt t-eedback from all members the group.describingthe characteristics of the personthey are looking for. for Parameters the project could include: o objective o time scale o budget o overallsizeofteam o functionsof key teammembers.ent interesting ones. r^J l_ l_ t-J f-J U L-a 57 Smalltalk 2 Intrduction Tell lour srudentsthat they have the opportunity to temporarill' . 2 Discusswhetherthe wheel could be a useful tool in teams.rssume new persona. Both sides have information that they and supplierthey needto needto convey.As purchaser reachagreement an urgentorder. .llethod i Srudensfill in the form. Ask students about their experiencesof working together with people who have a different from their own. needsand production schedules versation will realistically include pauses while the supplier checksinformation and the purchaserconsiders what he/sheis told. Lead-in This exerciseis designedto help studentsunderstand that colleaguesmay work in very different ways. Follow-up A fax confirming the order from both sides.L l-/ l_ l4i Ll_ Lr-/ l--/ Teachers'notes pairs to perform in front of the others. can 2 Students discuss: \ o the functions(jobs) needed the project asa whole for o the roles they themselves will play o the roles to be played by two or more other people to be recruited to the team. This in turn will influence what kind of people they need to carry it through.spacefilling and supportingsilence is important in telephoning. Method Sameprocedureas in other telephoneactivities.suggestimprovements thinking in particuof lar abouttheseaspects language.od-in . l_ Ll_ rJ llL. I Srudents to eachother for ten minutes.Success dependsmore and more on picking and developinga winning team.\sk selected and less Get feedbackfrom the group on successful gambits. what future do you predictfor the personyou met? 59 Teambuilding Introduction We usedto have leaders. $'hat was the most surprisingthing you heard? . Lead in u ith brainstormingon ways of opening a !-onversation a plane. Stalling language. Both sidesneed to refer to the information they have. creatingbalanced for 3 Get studentsto write a job advertisement one of the missing team members.basedon information transfer. citing The conrespectively.Encourage a them to rn\. successfu I steering feedback.In U g u L u IJ U L- lL' L1_ L LrL_ L_ tL' L' 60 Timemanagement Introduction Everybodyin employmentwill have an opinion on this issue. .for example: of o \r hat \r'asthe most interestingthing you heard? .now we have teams. Talli about balancebetweenthe two members:you do not want to hear one talking a lot more than the from both erther. lbu expectto hear lots of questions partners. L. Follow-up 1 Find out where studentsfeel they might be on the wheel and what kind of personthey feel is required for thejob they currentlydo.The fairly simple matching exerciseis intended 19 t- r- .

B choosesthe most appropriate solution from the four alternatives a.and proposes this to A. :r JJ J l{ 63 Workenvironment Introduction The activity is a face-to-facediscussion. 2 Get the group as a whole to formulate somegolden rules for time management.F F Teachers'notes as a preliminary to discussion within eachpair of more detailed and additional ways of managingone's time more successfully. involving a salespitch from one side and an important comparisonof two offers purchaser.staff tumover and sickness. Follow-up I Elicit the time management problems that students have and the solutionsthat thev recommendto each other. If B has chosenwrongly. D{ H H -I I -I -I ll- Y 20 l J J -i Y . c and d . = D-- F lEr = q = l q l-a -J : lr J : l. etc.morale.then to eliminate the least useful. followed by a decisionfrom the prospective Lead-in Ask: o what types of transport are used for what types of goods? o what problemsface transportation companies? o what problems face companiesusing transportation services? Method The activity requires a good level of preparationand understanding of their roles from both sides.do it now . both students shouldfully understand the information on the company involved. Follow-up Preparea short presentation the board of directors. and he/she is also the decisionmaker. EssentiallyA has to listen to B trying to sell a particular transportation serviceand at the sametime compare it with an offer alreadyon the table from a Greek company. filofaxes. A and B can now sort out any mistakesin selection together. 2 Then there are two stages: first to prioritize the nine different training options.time and full backing from the training department. They may also decide that others could be postponed until later.requestingfull financial resources. to outlining key training needs. 3 and 4 with B suggesting the best remaining solution each time. The atmosphereshouldbe constructiveandpositive. Method I A presentsproblem 1 to B.getridofclutter . Follow-up Both sides can write a letter confirming their requirements(A) or their offer (B). Lead-in Introduce the theme by talking about good and bad working conditions and their consequences for productivity.involving a sharing of both information and opinions. it will finally becomeapparent. They shoulddraw up a list of optionswhich could then be comparedwith the training types presentedin this activity. 2 A continueswith problems 2.The presentationshould explain why the training is so important. Lead-in Ask leamerswhat kind of training they think is most useful for companies working in intemationalbusiness. A's role is the more complicatedone.g. Method I To preparefor the activity.r tlJ 61 Trainingpriorities Introduction This is a short activity basedon working together to studya list of optionsandto agreeon their relativevalues.When readv. These might be along the lines of: . 3 Roles are now reversedand B presentsa new problem 1 to A.plan your day. b.B calls with a preparedsalespitch. Lead-in Ask students aboutthe importanceof: o deadlines o schedules o keepingappointments e time-management systems e. = )= l- F l= l-- 62 Transportation Introduction Quite a challengingrole play. Note that both the list of problemsand the list of solutionsfor A and B are different.

l_ f- L f- l_ f- L l-r l_ l-L l_ l_ l_ l_ lrJ l_ v l_ l-J f-/ f-J 64 Workrotas Introduction A fairly straightforward conflict in this face-to-face informal meeting over holiday plans and production schedules. 3 Studentsshould note what they agreeand summarize it. o Discussthe extentto which companyneedsprevail over personalor family needsin a given culture. 2 T\e objective is to reach a satisfactory position. explaininghow the money is to be spentand giving reasons. L L ff-- 65 Workscouncil Introduction A fantasy activity for general discussionfor all categories of businesspersonnel. o B can write a letter supportingthe improvements but pointing out other areaswhere progressshould be made and requestinga longer term commitment to thesefurther improvements. Follow-up o A can write a glowing account of improvements being made.Ask if there is a works council and in what areas there is consultation between employer and employees. How can such difficulties be resolved? Method to A. the Lead-in Introducethe theme by asking about potential conflict of interest over holiday plans and company requirements. f-a rd rd H u H H l_ l_ v l_ rJ H U L L-aa rJ l_ rlLJ U L4 L \L1_ L' E- 21 .Of course.a further problem will be to presentthe family with the changedholiday arrangements. Method within eachpair. L r+ L r*. collective 2 Get feedbackon students'own ideas. Note the low budgetavailable. a line supervisor. to get the whole group to reach a decision. A should or explain why and offer some compensation altemative deal.Which of the ideasgiven did they think were best and which were worst? to 3 Get students write to the rest of the staff on behalf of the works council. There might just be room for compromise.either for companynotice boardsor for an in-housemagazine. or else B will simply refuse . whereboth sidesfeel they haveachievedsomething. Follow-up o Discussthe responsibility of a managerto think of general well-being. B may simply refuseor enter into somekind of negotiation. Opendiscussion Follow-up 1 Get feedbackfrom the group.while also not wanting to raise expectations too high.L rrra l_ r+r lr{ l_ r4 Teachers'notes Method 1 A beginsby outlining generalintentionsand remindof ing the employees'representative the company's concerns.which might be disastrous.Tell studentsthat they can choosemore than one option but that they must decideclearly how all the moneyis to be spent. see if he/she can change holiday plans.has a meetingwith B. the boss. Lead-in Ask students aboutjoint decisionmaking in their companies. Family holidays and school holidays may coincide with companies' busiesttimes.but must explain why and get A to understand position. Follow-up 1. decided to pay the holiday cancellationfee and to insist on the supervisorchangingplans.includingfamily ciremployees' Ask what would happenif the company cumstances. Alternatively use the method describedin the Teachers'notes to Activity 20.

office L l- 2 Personal your Find about partner's: out .rst or you can take it in turns to ask each question. (in sentence) activity one cofilpafl!'s job title department jobresponsibilities sentence) (inone location. lI 1 -i 1 I L 4 I L. 2 L = L = = L L t L 1 - L L 1 Prolessional partner's: Find your out o l101Tl0 o COlTlpilll! L - r 1 L L ! r .L - t - f 1 - ICEBREAKER questioning) (lntroducing andothers. . . . . . . self A Student t = I L- L fEginning of a trainingcourse. ! YOUSTART. . - . One of you can ask all the questions f. = I 1996 @PenguinBooks 25 . Get the following information about your partner. -. home family education favourite sport tastes music in languages. .



(Measuring calculating; urging) negotiating; and

A Student

D-. =


.l-a l *

Advertising is one aspectof promotionat activity used by companies to increase consumer awareness of the company and itsproducts, and to improve salespertormance.

= =



You work in the marketing department of a sports shoe manufacturer. You have contacted an advertising agency and asked for suggestions for a campaign to promote your brand, Sporto. You want to *1u campaign within a budget of f250,000 - no more.







D-l ! :




= = = : =



: =

YOU: sponsoredthe local football team last year but the team performedbadly and receivedvery coverage Iittlenational television five new players think the footballteamwill do well this year- they havea rich chairman, and a new manager want the brand nameSporto to be promotednationally local market havelittle interestin a specifically would be a good bonus recognition think international want some guaranteein terms of increasedsales campaign want to be involvedin planningthe detailsof any advertising is think TV advertising too expensive. YOUSTART.




= =



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@ PeneuinBooks 1996

:l _ll D...r -



r3 r r t t r r r r r r r r r

(Agreeing/d isagreeingiudging) ;

A Student

An agendacons,bfs the pointsthat will be discussed a meeting,in orderto reachagreedobjectives. of in d objective: ^lotall meetings have writtenagendas, everyone but shouldunderstand objectives a meetingand the of an. <tow whatr.ssues be discussed, will withinan agreedtime.

-.h projectleaderfor a new quality programme, you have sent the following agendato various : -,lleagues have askedfor comments. and you to discussthe planned One of them telephones

llepartmental Development Group Ouality Agenda Meeting for Time: - 11.00 9.30 Date: January 14,19-. Place: Office. 2*17. Head Room 1. Customer feedback 2. lnternal suggestions 3. Quality standards - Please Gomments welcome call


= =

L = L

YO U: . have recentlybeen abroadand have not had time to preparea full agenda- you specifically welcomesuggestions improvingthis one on

= iI


I =

. thinkqualityimprovement the keyelement business is for success o ?r€workinghardto create totalqualityethosin the company a . welcome ideas quality youaresurethata separate on publication newsletter not but is or










@PenguinBooks 1996




(Measuring calculating; obliging; correcting; and regretting)

A Student




theyprovide.Bankschargeintereston Bankchargesare the feespaid to banksfor the variousseruices in or the moneytheylend,but alsochargefeesfor settingup loansand overdrafts, for assisting funds, seruices. adviceand a widerangeof financial the transfers, currencyexchange, provisionof references, You Your bank has sent you the following notification of a funds transfer from a Chinesecustomer. f2,020lessa f,10 noticethat you havebeencreditedwith only f 1,995when it shouldhavebeen You call the bank. handling charge.




King'sCross Branch 24 Datei Junel9-.

= lll=

your note credited account. Please thatwehave
Yourref. LeePen& Co - China

lnvoice dated 2 MayI9-.
To F. Petersson S.A.

total f,2.020.00 lnvoice 00878654 Accountnumber:

l= f-

AM0UNTf t,ee|.00p



Bank For Credit International








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l-a ) : : =


28 Books1996 @Peneuin

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000 t12. ---4 4 --L 150 100 0L 0 Fig.000 Fig. . promise to provide that information at a future meeting.000 I L I f22.000 r50.875 Soles: Iohlcosl soles: of ! -. If you cannot give all the information that you are asked for. Effective planning requires accurate budgeting and also a clear understanding of the effects of variations in any particular figure.000 t78. from raw materialcosfs to unit price or promotional costs. Unil forecost four 2 soles over quorlers price Estimoted of l0%unif increose effed price: Unil fl50 fl 50. forecasting) A Student 2 = L Budgeting involves combining sales forecasts with expected costs.I I Books1996 @Penguin 29 . At a finance meeting you have to present the following sales budget for an existing product. .000 fl 28. t t1 I L- (ost selling: of Totol costs: profit: Gross 150.5% insoles. Foreco$ over quorfers I soles four 200 One Iwo:350 Ihree 375 = Four:25 |otol 1.000 fl65 fl60.-_ L- - \.000 fl28. Invite intermptibns and questions. a mobile telephonecalled the CX20. would drop L I L- .000 t78.875 Estimoted of l0%unilpri(e effed inffeose beo 2.-_ 4 - 5 BUDGET PRESENTAilON judging hesitating (Questioning.

t 30 @ PenguinBooks 1996 .salescommissions.-t _t . feel that improvedprofits now will help to boost sales in the future . and storageand transport. to agentsand distributors. including advertising. The costof salesincludes (rent. have cut costs but cannot do so any more loss in . YOU: .= 5 (continued) Presentation Budget Sales Forecast A Student F = l- n Rtetso perunit unit 400 I Rtetosper | 350 | 300 | 250 | 200 | = r = L- U) o E U) 150l 100 |0t 0 = L- uof 1 2 Ouarters 3 4 = L- unil inneose Fig. but that a temporary saleswill not be significantin the long term . distribution. think the marketis ratherprice sensitive and that saleswill fall.i . do not think competitors will lowertheir prices.t r ].J I f lJ }J J J lr f . YOUSTART.a -Y .wagesand salaries)and variable costs(raw materials. heating. F tL- b-F H ! --/ trr < li --l lr J J l-r J ){ !i. htimoted ofl0% pri(e effecl 3 367 On e :1 9 5 Two:341 Ihree: lourzf2 fslsl= 915 = lE Note: fees The costof selling coversall promotionalactivity. think marketshare is not going to be greatlyaffectedby a small price increase .overtime fixed overheads payments).

usualtyaboutsomething is whichhappened to you or to someone you know. bothgenerally and in business: whentalkingto thepersonsittingnert b you duringa ptanejourney.then you will take over again.. . L = I L = L = I L l! L L I r !l = 1 When Jo Batsoukis and Les Chan left businessschool. t- t An anecdote a shortstory whichyou tell. - 5 Then one morning came a telephone call from the President of . will You begin the story using the first sentence below.then your partner will take over. . : = I = I I I I I L I r @Penguin Books1996 31 .Try to talk for about one and a half minutes each time beforehanding over.for example. L L t ) i- 3 But they were beginning to have financialproblems..Beingable to tell a storyis a veryuseful skitt.and so on. r : = : I YOUSTART. You and your partner are goingto tell eachother a story about a company.Thisactivitygivesyou the chanceto practisetellinga storyin a business context. . .they immediately founded a company making . .. emphasizing) Student A F L =.L !l L !l L I L = L L - 6 BUSINESS ANECDOTE (Tellingsequencing .

Miss whol men lowork? do weor ore ony telling whol musl ftere rules men they weor? do olwoys loweorlie? men hove o does lhey chcnge whol weor o((ordlng weofier? lofie posible men weor invery weother? wouldbe it for lo shorb hol Women's dress: whot women towork? do weol ore ony telling fiere rules women |hey weur? whot musf women loweor iewellery like? free they ore ony do women hove weor olwoys lo $ockings 0rfights? whol lofte does fieyweor chonge o((ording weofter? Conplimenls: femole colleogues work complimenl on dressgeneroloppeoron(e? eorh ofter fieh or do (omplimenfother fteir orgenerol oppeoronce? mole colleogues eoch on dress do work (ompliment colleogues dressgenerol oppeolon(e? fteir or femole colleogues work mole on do F b-J 3 Men's dress: a a a a a F d tr -/ li I . @ PenguinBooks 1996 f = l . orMsl? you by coll nome nome Mr.< td =< T a a a a a E->r 7. YOU START. Miss people hove met their nome by fomily (using Mts. fromdepartment department. = l- I . . questioning) A Student F F F Busrness etiquette formsof politebehaviour can varynotjust fromone countryto another. orMs)? you iust by first or fteir coll nome Mr. to This even exercisewill helpyou measurehow far you and your partnerfollowdifferent codesof etiquette. . o .F 7 BUSINESS ETIQUETTE (Agreeing/disagreeing . Shoking honds: you honds people: do shoke wilh you meet when first fiem? ovor| you ftem? lime meel you when hoven'l fiem along time? seen for you goodbye when soy lothem? = L- = o llgVOI? t= L- - Are rules fie for ond different men forwomen? 2 l{omes:you: do a a people know fteirfirst orbyfteirfomily (using Mrs.i . Then get your are partner to tgll you how his or her conventions differ from yours and discussthe differences. . Five areasof business etiquetteare listed below. also but fromone profession another. tr F = >. your partner what the rules or In tell conventions in the companywhere you work.4 F I . ) : Y l = Now your partner will ask you about five other areas of businessetiquette.-/ Y l >J IrJ 5 . using the questionsto help you. to fromcompanyto company. eachcase.

Onlyqifto up lo a certainaqreed value ohould accepted.what to do?? . Prior to your meeting you draw up the following options: = -_ -.and hetp secure business. 2 = = 4 -_ 4 -4 4 -.ln many cases the activity is pertectty reasonable and open . be . . 4.malpractice or itlegal activities. One of your purthasers has been sent a caseof Grand Cru Bordeaux wine by a supplier. YOURPARTNER WILLSTART.= !- ' .Nogifto ehould accepted. decide on a new company policy on receiving grfts. Someof vour management colleaguesfeel he should not have acceptedthis gift.g BUSINESS GIFTS (Agreeing/disagreeing. permitting emphasizing. = = tI I I I \ - @ PenguinBooks 1996 JJ .but in some cases the practice of offering and receiving gifts is connected to dubious behaviour. vetoing) StudentA = i- i- Businessgifts are sometimes sent to customers or clientsin the hope that they build goodwiil . be Allgifto ehould pooled be and useda6 ?rizeo the com?any in Chrietmaeraffre. You are one of two purchasing directors in a large manufacturing company with a $ZOmturnover. Together with your partner. At present the company has no policy on receiving grfts. YO U: . not those offeringthe best productsand the best service. tend to think that gifts compromise your colleagues they are morelikelyto buy from companies who supplythe best gifts. -_ = -_ = = = i- MEMO Giffs .

YOURPARTNER l-- I. Then your partner will give you a similar test. Here is a quizto test and increase your knowledge of some basic . First test your partner on what the foliowing sets of initials stand for. (Price. (lnternational Organization) Labour 1 f J J 1 I f 1 l J J J -l { r{ _| i{ 14 VAT l5 l6 The 4 Ps ILO -l I l-{ -| |.{ 3.a I .+ l.9 INITIALS BUSINESS (Knowing. understandingthe initialscan sometimes create almost as many problems as understanding the words.-.- = WILLSTART. Then compare scores. correcting) A Student When reading the pressin a foreign language. Promotion.{ Books1996 @Penguin f l.- -l -| J J l.Warning: each test gets harder as you go along! I I 7 3 4 5 6 7 I 9 lO || l7 l3 MD YP R&D PA MBA EU GAIT IBM SAS WP RAM AGM GNP Director) (Managing (Vice-President) (Research DeveloPment) and Annum) (Personal AssistanVPer Administration) in (Master Business (EuroPean Union) andTrade) onTariffs (GeneralAgreement Machines) Business (lnternational Airline (Scandinavian Systems) or SNordProcessor word processing) MemorY) Access (Random Meeting) (Annual General Product) National (Gross (Value AddedTax) Place) Packaging.and not so basic sets of initials which you could meet when reading the business press in English.

wng and selling a product or seruice.000 points Score:25 20. Using the table below.an agreement ''lugh discussion of the terms of the buying and selling arrangement.. declining. your discount on the standard price. unknown company . rave a meeting with this person (your partner). You want to negotiate r:. Thereis hugedemandfor CD-Rombasedgamesin your country.negotiate an agreement . You are now going . you are careful about committing yourself too much to a small. urging. is YOUR PARTNER WILLSTART. a CD-Rom versionof the softwareas soon as possible. Aim to get as many points as possible but do not :er-ealyour scoringsystemto your partner. . and literature) :nd compare your score with your partner's. Ouontity 10. agreement with the foreign manufacturer of an exciting new computer game.terms. \egotiate an agreementwith the manufacturer. often involves negotiation . r t r r r r r r r r r I I r--u are an import-export agent specializing in high-tech consumer products. reiecting) r r r r - 3.At the end of the negotiation.000 kore: points l0 50. th€ number of units that you will agree to take: although you think it's a good product.Score5 pointsfor deliveryof a CD-Rom versionin 6 months.000 poinls Score:Z0 30.10 pointsfor deliveryin 4 months.ering: .summarizeyour (quantity.I 1O BUYING SELLING AND I t Student A t (Negotiating. - - = L I t I I a @Penguin Books1996 35 .000 points Score:S 90 doys points Score:Z5 60doys points Score:20 3Odoys 15 Score:paints Holf odvonre in Holf 30 wifiin doys Score:points I0 lnodvonre points Score:S Distount 30% points Score:25 20% points Score:Z0 15% Score:points 15 ll%o Score:points l0 5o/o points Score:S - YOUwouldalsolike the manufacturer provide: to .discount.15 pointsfor deliveryin 2 months c D€wpackagingadaptedto the local market:score 5 points if the manufacturer agrees . .000 Score:poinls 15 40. your objective to get as many points as Remember: is possible alsoto carry on doingbusiness but with the manufacturerafter the negotiation finished. especially abroad.'.sreementunder all six headings packaging adaptation. promotional literature the main language your region:score5 points if the manufacturer in of agrees. the terms of payment .

000 500. Here is a copy of the cash budget for the present year: tr = t- tFb- ({) Openingcashbalance Add rcraintc 220.This would be unacceptable . b{ ltra J J J J bt l 36 @Pensuin Books1996 l-l . think that the 9550. YOURPARTNER WILLSTART.J f J J _l Fr J b{ .550.620.500 < F t F d tr J F ) tl H YOU: .200. The trailers must be custom-built to meet highly specific reqtirements and must be delivered in only three months. You have to decide what to do.i. You have a meeting with a colleague in the marketing department to discuss the order.000in other costs.000.000 requiredto meetthe order cannot be raisedwithin the existing cash budget o hs€d to know the time schedulefor payment palment with order + 25o/o delivery+ the balance o would want the following terms: 25o/o on within threemonths.272.000 600.000increase debtors) Totalcashavailable Lesspayments For materials (Purchases {80.paymentcompleted within six months e USUsll) schedulepaymentsfor your products over twelve months from the order.This is well above the estimated closing cash balance for the year.000 increase creditors) less in For selling expenses For directlabour Manufacturi overheads ng For capital equipment For general expenses Totalcashneeded Closing cashbalance F- F 400. A Student = h = Cashflow problems occur when a company has insufficient funds available to meet existing operating cosfs.000 92.500 2.400. A company may have full order books.000 380.000 398. wonder if other sourcesol finance could help you to meetthis order. F F You work in the finance department of a company which has received an urgent order for 150 trailers from the government of a Gulf state.500 l- a!t- Collections from customers in (Sales lessf | 80.000 2s0. Your existing production budget is not able to meet this order on top of present cost commitments.r- 11 CASHFLOW PROBLEMS judging urging negotiating) (Forecasting.000 2. . .making a total increase of f.000 2. To raise the necessary funds would involve a 25Voincrease in expenditure to buy the materials and to hire workers and a further f.e. but still suffer from funding problems while they wait for customers to pay.

The only danger for competitors.A money prize can be very usefulfor a company with znbitions to expand but limited finance to do so.is for them to spend more time on the competition than on doing business! \. organize a well-earnedand much needed holiday for both managing partners . YOUSTART. lease new offices (since you feel that your existing offices are not very good for your image) r S?ve (some of) it I L 4 - L = I o upgr?d€the company'scomputersystem . buy a marketsurvey from an agencyto researchnew markets o cotlltnission management a consultancy do a full audit of your company's financesand to procedures management . successful and -''rsuccessful. You should decide which options :o go for and how much of the money to spend on each.i-hole sum of monev. step in your company's List your own ideas. Draw up a final investment plan for the '. buy management training for you and your partnerso that you are both readyfor the next growth.local government and the local :hamber of commerce.000 first prrze.u and your partner together run a successful small business.:. L = I L 4 t- 4 I = I l- L I I @Peneuin Books1996 ) t .Some suggestionsare given below.12 COMPANY THEYEAR OF judging.television. Share your ideas with your partner and agree on a common plan. Frrst decideon the following: Company activity: ! at L = I t- Main markets: Turnover: Netprofitmargin: . StudentA 3ne way of encouraging smallbusrnesses to grow is to organize competitions with prizes for young :ompanies with special entrepreneurialflair.urging) (Agreeing/disagreeing .J L I L 1 L q L I 1 Number employees: of t I \orr decidehow you are going to spend the f100. You have just won a regional young ::--iness competition sponsoredby the local press. YOU would like to: . emphasizing.

in described an organization is organization sometimes Company for diagramshowingareasof responsibility keypersonnel. is involved in negotiations with a competitor. . Books1996 @Penguin H trl J J Lr _l J l H H l J : ll J 38 "i : . In an informal meeting. know that the Headof Personnel YOU START.likingand preferring) A Student = F = = oftena simplified chaft or organigram.is retiring. and Administration.Altman Kopp. Your company. allowing for the following facts: = = F f-l-- of Structure AltmonKoPP: Present M a n a g i n gD i r e c t o r ( f ) Chemicals Division Medical Products Division = L- F i n a n c( f ) e ( S a l e sf ) (f) Marketing (f & Administration Personnel ) (f CorporatePlanning ) F i n a n c( f ) e ( S a l e sf ) (f) Marketing F f= F Present Structure of KEP Ltd: M a n a g i n gD i r e c t o r ( f ) Chairman of the Board (f) Board of Directors = F tr f H u m a nR e s o u r c e(s ) F i n a n c( f ) e (f) Administration () ( P r o d u c t i o nF e r t i l i s e r s f ) () ( P r o d u c t i o nC h e m i c a l s f ) (f) CorporatePlanning (f Marketing ) F F ---J F ) LT YOU: o w?rt to keepthe basic structure of your presentcompany. over a possible merger.but would like to enlargeit to take in the new product areasthat your potentialpartnersspecializein o plan to reducethe numberof Altman Kopp directorsfrom the presenteight to five or six on o woht approximately equal representation the new board but would acceptfewer board membersif the Chairmanof the Board is from your company to o wort to reduceyour presentMarketingand Sales Departments a single department insteadof CorporatePlanning o wort to createa new Logistics Department who is also on the Board. iudging. KEP Ltd. you discuss ways to combine the two businesses into a single organization.F ORGANIZATION 13 COMPANY (Declining/rejecting.

6 % ) ProperU investment: $49. 0 51 6 .25m Management (8.7%) $20. sequencing) t: t_ll- Student A LL: !5 5 t_at trade t_.0%) services: $7.lbu areas aasourcefair.sm Engineering: (m $ 1 5 . South Korea.05m (52. most are happyto improveconsumer awareness the company of and to promotethe corporate image. 199Sales: $93. Property development Japan. Introduceyour companyto someonewho visits your stand.3m Hotel/leisure: (21.Marketing Deputy Vice-President t(Florida) C0NTA Limited Roosevelt Building l!- Trade fairsare opportunities individuals companies make contacts potentialcustomers for and to with and otherprofessionalsin the industry. LLLl-1 5 t5 L - L - C0NTA lnc. Taiwan. 1 % ) Property trading: 1 $ 1 .Whilemany companieshope to sign up ordersfor goods. Singapore.6D 100 90 80 Name: Sector: Markets: t - l-l I Gross sales Netprofit L. 4 5(m. USA. t- l-l Lf 120-124 Street 24th Tampa F133660-0047 (1) 54679900 Tel 813 ttt- r- L. Philippines. .Use the following profile of key facts about your company.L LLLL: LL: LL5 fl l- t- l- L' L' @Peneuin Books1996 39 .L tl- t_PRESENTATION t_ 14 COMPANY (Questioning . t: t_t: Roberlo/a Zofl t_. Malaysia.

if the companywas recentlyinvolved in a maior takeover.markets'sales o GOtnp?hy growth of r flaffie/location Americansubsidiary in .E- (continued) Presentation 14 Company A Student - location of head office (osaka)' the Be prepared to add other information about the numberof direct employees (890)' number of overseas subsidiaries (eigfttl a"a the Ask about: tfr"r. YOURPARTNER wheneveryou like' = I t- -l = ) F J lrr J Lr F -t J J t I I I l J I I I J l l r r I I I I I I I I 40 Books1996 @Penguin I . numberof emPloYees USA r sal€Sof USAsubsidiary . = Internrpt to ask for clarification or additional information Note: As an alternative' presentyour own company' WILL START. ask the other person about his/her company' E name'turnover..

\= t-_ \4

(Greetings farewells; and questioning, sequencing; welcoming)

Student A


4 i.= 4

Showing a visitor round your company can be a usefulway of winning customersas well as promoting the image of your company.


4. 4 -_ =

You work for a manufacturer of sweets and chocolates,a subsidiary of a major US food company.You are going to show an important potential client (your partner) round your company.Before you go round, make a'short presentation of the main features of the tour, using the plan below.Your visitor ,your partner) has a copy of the same plan. Start by telling your visitor very briefly about the company's main products, its history and its organization. Then talk through the tour which you are about to make. You want to impress your risitor with the quality of your products, the sophistication of your technolory and the good morale ofyour staff.



4 4 1 4 I 4 I 4 {l 4 -,

A This is where you are now: the product range. B A million Munchy Crunchies (chocolate-coated biscuits) per day producedhere.



I 4
I i-

Your medium-range box of milk chocolates- Lotsachocs- produced and packed here. Warehouse:in the processof being fully automated. Computer centre: company's local area networks and direct links with the US managed from here. Personnel:includes mini-hospital, managed by company doctor,and company health and fitness centre; you are very proud of your policies on health, safety and welfare. Very active: numerous sports clubs and leisure time activities for employees,their families and retired members.

Tell your partner that you'll be happy to answer questions during your talk. Remember that this is only an introduction to the tour you are about to make.

t I

rt I

@ Penguin Books 1996 4l





(Questioning ; regretting)

A Student
= = =

Before you visita company, it is usefulto check with the personyou are visiting about how to get in. you Somecompanies, for'exaipte those involved in defence, can have strictsecurity procedures which need to know about in advance. you work in a large company which sometimes does top secret research for the government. At the moment there are worries aLout losing these contracts and about sPFng, and security is tight. You are looking forward to receiving a visii tomorrow from someoneyou met recently at a trade fair and have already sent the fax below.You are about to call your contact for the information you need when you receive a call.

= I



1 2 3 4

Gate A Gate B Gate C Gate D

t-t | | Ringroad southbound

J = J

= d





nail L@klV btuMd b %*g yutW^ond4.g.udLy vetyUilnY 5oyotll haleto for +lc rrpufty ynfe' oo tlv gM"M1y.. bnnga W56Yt o( sqw forn4 idertb'fi:zrtton inab a ryclw wt'aM corrv gaVD' Will offiL A ne;c blvwflrL- lll rcsorve b call for Wdctdib fvr *ttrt). yu w. Alltrv WtE. clLtc*..lo((o fuy

YOUNEEDTO KNOW: o lour contact'sfull nameand companyname . th€ car registrationnumberand type of car so that you can reservea space . whot kind of identiticationyour contact will bring: passport,identity card . . . (it has to havea photo)and the number. you are embarrassed about having to ask for all these details.Say you'll fax the numberof the parking space bY the end of the daY. WILLSTART. YOURPARTNER

.l I { I I I I { I

J J J {






I Books1996 @Peneuin


I t I I

(Agreei g/disag ng ; f orecasti g ; hesitati n reei n ng)

Student A

-.e culture of a company is the set of beliefs, valLtes,attitudesand organizationat characteristicswhich -ake it unique. Some managers and businessobseruersbelieve that changing the culture of an :'Eanization is the best way to significantlyimprove its businesspertormance. ':

:,,uand your partner woke up this morning to find yourselves joint heads of a large international : - mpany. Unfortunately, it is losing a lot of money.You both feel that a major transformation of the :"lture of the company is needed and you have brainstormed ten possible policies below. Now go :::rough the list and decidetogether which ones you will implement.

I You fie loinl monoging - should up big dhectors give your officesfielop snd on your by moin floor e$oblhh bose the photocopier ground on fie floor. 2 Abolish poy, individuolinfioducebosedteom poy 0n peilormonce. 3 Aim 50% monogers women fie next for of tobe within two (Al momenl ofyour yeors. |he 60% employees ofyour ond 5% senior monogers ore women.l 'senior' 4 Abolhh monogemenf. the Reducenumber ofloyers in |he possible. orgonizolion0s 0s for 5 Abolhh Personnel fie Deportment. 6 Moke monogers oll flyeconomy dos. (ompony Poy (ors. peopleollowonce fieyhove 7 Abolish 0n when todrive (ompony on busines. - yourselves - weor(ompony E Moke employees oll induded 0 uniform. 9 Moke meelings hove shorler, everyone up. stund l0 In$eodmonogers of opproising get subordinoles, subordinotes loopproise monogers.
-:--,u may come up with your own ideas as well. YOU START.

@Penguin Books1996


The orchestra currently does not have a perm€Inent conductor.In fact. some people say its progTarnmesare too conservative: it rarely plays twentieth century music' sponsorship would put )rour comp'rny name on concert plogrranrmes and on all promotional literature.I SPONSORSHIP 18 CORPORATE judging. in the weekly match progrramme and around the ground. almost always in the TovrnHdl and another two or tluee during the city's annual cultural festival. Advanced sales of season tickets are poor and some people €Iresaying that the number of down on last ye. including some representatives from the city council. Y :J -J -l l-J l-l ' Corporate sponsorshipis big business.o-mending the bestoption to the Board. (Forecasting.Yori are now in a meeting with your partner to decide on the best option.rro"tiirt"a three possible organizations you could sponsor. A Student : .Norr the club is desperately looking for a replacement. You have . l-a =- _J : : : fILE 2 The gwernment has reduced the grrantit normally gives to your locJcity orchestra which as a result will have to disband if it is unable to find money from another source. _l J : : F-. :J : : :J >/ :J : F-. negotiating) urging.Companies give money to sporting. seeking your help. culturaland charitable organizationsas a way of biinging the company's name and products to the attention of a wider public. The orchestra has a reg:ional rather than a national reputation but has traditionally been central to local cultural life. your company has decided to spend a large sum of money on some kind of sponsorship.There are also good opportunities for corporate hospitality at home matches. you have already been approached by a committee of local art lovers. FILE T The football club in the city where your company is based has just lost its sponsor after going down from the national frrst to the second division at the end of the last season.There are no new players in the team.rr.You would have free tickets for all concerts to offer to clients and prospective customers. : lra L- J lld f t{ H J J *J -l F. one or two of these concerts might be broadcast on national radio each year.The manager has been sacked and replaced by a well-kno\Mnex-international player with no previous managerial er<perience.Yoy-an-d your partner have been made responsibl" for t".The cost of each option is approximately the same. = >. ) L- )- l f )ld :J _) tr-r ) Er @ Penguin Books 1996 . Hovvever' spectators next season could be 20%o sponsorship would give your company excellent opportunities for advertising the company logo on the team shirt.The average age of the players (who are emplqled on a part-time basis) is 49.You can expect two or three home matches to be televised live during the season.The orchestra normally gives six to eight concerts per year. The club has large debts.

'Thetroupe is especially popular with young people: some of their most enthusiastic fans had never previously been to a performtrnce of ballet. ? I i-= l. without controversy: there have been complaints about political bias in the themes presented in the dancing and some people have been shocked at what they see on the stage. One national newspaper critic hailed them as'the most exciting development in modern ballet in the last twenty ye€us.At the moment they have no permanent headguarters. ? L ) YOUR PARTNER WILLSTART. however. = = = t = t Lt t t I |l r r @ Penguin Books 1996 45 .You know that one of the Board members is unhappy about his teenage children attending their performances.The troupe €uenow actively looking for a sponsor and would be willing to incorporate the sponsor's name into their own name. to pay an administration manager.I r r r r r r r r r r r r r ? L = 18 Corporate (continued) Sponsorship A Student L L F FILE 3 Your city is the base for a young troupe of dancers who. you have been advised privately that the troupe could have an international reputation within the next ten years. and they need money to invest in rehearsal rooms. in a short period of time.Their activities are not. On the other hand. and so on. So far they have managed on a shoestring budget but are now receiving invitations to perform elsewhere in the country and even abroad. have gained a reputation for exciting choreogrraphyand irurorrativetechniqne.

J -J J J J b{ f-J l-{ lJ = i-{ f-{ a a a WILLSTART. Discuss the following options with a colleague and decide which options you would introduce to meet the required savings. You wqrk for a subsidiary of an international company.5% loy 50 off workers soving) suppliels soving) from in$eod imporl row more moleriok ofbuying domestic (2% (l% oreos of lOw lighting use energy innon-essenliol fteploil soving) soving) reduce fiom to22'((2% heofing 25"( plodud (3. . J -J a-{ J J l-{ F{ F-. YOURPARTNER J J -l J r{ J f t< J t< !-{ l-{ f-{ r< }{ I I I r{ r{ . lomoinloin equipmenl employ YOU: a a are very keento developthe companyin the mediumand long term know that the marketis very competitiveand customersare easily attractedto competitors'products and to are sensitive employees'opinions wishes think that the companyshould not reduceits workforce for think the companyshould not changeto using contractors routinework. All aspectsof a company's expenditure should be recorded as costs and good management aims to keep costs to a minimum within an agreed budget.Your head office has sent instructions that costs should be reduced by l|Vo next year. o . . forecasting) .000 sovingl (2. (5% of od loy I 00 off workersofototol 1.5% plons exisling obondon loupgrode suc(essful ronge soving) (d dividend by| %(2% toshoreholders soving) (2% (ontrodors sovingl.1 A 46 @ Penguin Books 1996 I -l :l -T . A Student Costs include production costs and the costs of selling. . -J -J -l . . is especiallywhere maintenance concernedand safety could be affected realizeyou will haveto compromiseon some of these ideas.I 'J ANDREDUCING 19 COSTS OVERHEADS (Judgingemphasizing .J J -l _J -J LJ i{ d H -r{ U J ) d d U J . .

) lbur partner is going to ask you questions from a customer attitude survey to find out trow _vou think customers rate your organization's current performance.reactingto their changing needs. (Later on. L = L I t 1 t = t t \bur partner is a work colleague who is part of a special task force set up by top menagement to improve customer care throughout the company.L 4 L 1 L YOUR PARTNERWILL START.- L 2 L .The first job of the ta-. L . employeeperceptionsof customer attitudes will be compared with customer attitudes themselves.4 I z -4 - 7 -4 4 + - 1996 @PenguinBooks 47 . . iudging) A Student L ! liL 5 L- l= your customers.k force is to find out how customer-consciousstaffmembers think the company is at the moment. YOU: r ?rrSrv€r the questions with reference to your own organization.and keepingcloseto them.1 L .L lr I li- 20 CUSTOMER CARE (Questioning . Customer careis knowing knowingwhatthey want.lt is important all membersof business for organizations thinkabout whotheircustomers and how theycan improvetheir to are sruice to them.

declining/rejecting) A Student *J = = = Whena customer complains. negotiating.. If I do not receive a satisfactory reply within seven days. it as to You are the customer relations manager for a British company offering package skiing holidays.. have cki'ino hroaks" := = -/ ) r{ service for the following reasons.40 as soon as possible." Although skiing conditions were so poor on three days out of six that the skiing was unsafe.l l l { l { f r- ] { . 1 The two-star hotel described in your brochure as a "comfortable family-run hotel" in fact offered only basic facilities The food was poor. should therefore be grateful if you would arrange for me to receive the sum of 8691. Yours faithfullv /0u^ Cameron 48 @Peneuin Books1996 l l .a S S o b a d that I feel that I r- . = = = = 23 Pennylong Avenue London NW25PG 27 February I99Customer Relations Manager Super Skibreak Holidays 27 Porthill Road Oxford OX4 2AR Holiday ^ = = = receipt / ' ' n u m b e r F S B / 4 0 3 9 9 4 /0 2 / 7 8 = = from one of vorrr so-enlIed "Fehrttarv ovtrpmaTrr d-iqnnnnintod r^r'ith \zn1rr . and was dirty. r v a 4 -w.l a _l .omn:nv'q uear I )1rllvlaoam. "if insufficient 2 Your brochure also says that snow in your resort causes lifts andlor ski school to c1ose. iust returned a .{ l -l .- l I you should refund me the whole cost of the holiday. we'11 do our best to arrange free coach transport to another resort where skiing is possible. I shall take 1ega1 advice. is important resolvetheproblemas quicklyand courteously possible. with the transportation The arral itv of + rL f. : D ^ L r Lr ^ f1 u : yr ^ . we were not provided promised. as your own 1ocal representative himself admitted. You have received a letter of complaint from a dissatisfied customer. (Blaming.= 21 CUSTOMER COMPLAINT judging.

The customer did not mention hotel problems to the rep. 2 although the snow was not good. feelthat the claimfor a total refundof 8691.L I t t t t t t t t t t t I I I I I (continued) 21 Customer Complaint \bu have talked to the local representative who says: StudentA I I 1 that the hotel is indeed family-run and is usually appreciated for its friendliness.hence the problems rrith the food. Most of the other holiday makers would have missed half or one day's skiing at most becauseof the conditions. Call the customer (your partner) to resolve the problem. I I I I r = L r r r r r r t .40 unjustified is althoughyou are preparedto pay some compensation r wohtto satistyyour customer's demandsand convincehim/herof your oommitment good customerrelations at minimumcost to your company. This usually compensatesfor its fairly basic facilities. to YOUSTART. Unfortunately there was a serious flu epidemic in February which led to staff shortages . L - t t ? I L I t t t t t t t I I I I r r I rl Books1996 @Peneuin 49 . YOU: . denies admitting that the conditions were very poor on three days out of six. Your rep. there was no question of the lifts or ski school closing.

knowthat if the companydoes not completethe orderon time. YOUSTART. l= l-r FI lE ltL= trtrb!!r F -1 /__1 !. authority at the frontier and find out: . . desperately needthe components be allowedto continuethe iourneyat onceto within a tew on massive$1.you are due to meet an importantcustomerthis afternoon ..Youdon't know if this is true . know that the managing directorwent into hospitallast week./ F I r) = ld . amazement.expressing regretting) A Student = lf!- goods.5mcontractis dependent work beingcompleted a days.sufferingfrom stress .J I li I '. accompanying Frontierdelaysare usuallycausedby errorsin the documentation do consignment not otherproblemsarise wherethe goodsin a particular Occasionally givento customsauthorities.A holdupwill makethis impossible o cohhot leaveyour office today .z I l- 50 @ PeneuinBooks 1996 Li .The delivery is that he was bringing to boardsand other components Contactthe customs vital for a major contractthat is alreadybehind schedule. urging.l - ) ts ) ) I r-) . One of your drivers of has beenarrestedat an international frontier with a consignment printed circuit your factory. l- t= t-. . the reasonfor the delay o what is happeningto the driver o when the lorry can continueits journey. YOU: .AllenDeal Inc.the contractwill be lost and the companywill haveto sack 100workers .b- HOLDUP 22 CUSTOMS (Questioning. matchthe description You are a director of a manufacturing company. have heardthat this country frequentlystops lorries at its frontier and there is a rumourthat the customsofficialsare corrupt.

Maintaining moraleof the theiremptoyees providea highlevelof customer to moreand morea central staff is both difficultand necessary. agreeing/disagreeing) -= = -- Many companiesare reducingthe size of the workforce. Your partner will also tell you about the points which he or she has noted. You and your partner. together. Then. is becoming and management challenge. YOU want to: 1 introduce an annual employee opinion survey with responsibility tor analysis of results and implementation of actions held by the Director of Human Resources = > = = -+ !-q L r' = > t = > - 2 introduceweeklyteam briefingsystemsfor all employees 3 createa suggestionsschemewith attractivefinancial rewardsfor prize-winning suggestions explaining 4 haveall staff attenda seriesof seminarsled by seniormanagement the businessobiectivesof the company 5 providean in-housecounselling serviceto dealwith problemsof employee stress. meet to devise a strategy to ensure that employee morale remains as high as possible during the period of downsizing. Tell your partner about the following list of five strategic actions which you have drawn up.- = 23 EMPLOYEE MORALE = -= - A Student (Urging. choosethe five key actions for your strategy in order of priority. in the Human Resourcesdepartment of a company which is in the process of reducing its workforce by 20Vo. sequencing .whileat the same time expecting the care. YOURPARTNER WILLSTART. = { J J - < J J 4 J_ !- - @ Penguin Books 1996 5l .

After this time. When you have finished. You telephonehimlher to plan a fairly detailed entertainmentpackage..lastingthree days. shouldoutlinesome ideason how your visitor could spendthe threedays .l --| -l 1 :J l I :H I =l- l!: f- ::!- = != = = + = - 1 d = 52 Books1996 @Peneuin - .J) d VISITORS 24 ENTERTAINING self introducing andothers. YOURPARTNER -J .involving partners. You hre about to receivea visitor from another city or country who has cometo your hometown for the first time. personaland informal.Enteftainment business may entertainment be more peoptefrom thecompanyor the region. You accept! WILLSTART. Remember after three daysyou have to start informal discussions YOU START. learnwhat he/shelikes to do to relax .in other cases. welcomingsequencing) -J A Student :J 4 d 4 _t r< -J 4 ] part of buildinggood rektions with is entertainment oftenan important Corporate prominent may be formaland highlyplanned. aboutbusiness. . (Greetings farewells. YOU: . try to work out a fairly detaileditinerarywith your visitor.your partner invites you to visit his/her hometown in return. you plan to begin some informal businessdiscussions. and questioning . find out what would interestyour visitor .

wosle for ond t(before 2 Seporole bins boileries recyding).-\ part of a campaign to make your company more environmentally friendly. offie by fie 5'( | 3 In$ollofion glozing ofdouble firoughoul.havework. urging. There is no activity of companies in the future.made responsible for improving the environmental balance in the office block where you both t_. fiiendly tr{ tt-rd tl L r- t' t L L L)L)LJ l- t_tY LLl-t L' tY LLLrJ Lal Lal YOUSTART. woste for t(before woste for 3 Seporole bins newspopers ond mogozines recyding). you and your colleague been t_. your l5 Any suggeslionsyou your other which ond porlner offel moke offices con lo m01e envilonmenlollyploces. | 4 Incenlives loencouroge totrovel work publk fionsporl fion rofier employees lo by by cor. t_t_.Look together at the following suggestions and prioritize them.More and more companies are becoming concerned about the effect their activities have on the natural are others are publishing t: environment. @Penguin Books1996 )J . number 8 Adoily loreduce fie of phobcopies mode.Some companiestry tocarrying out environmentalaudits. of off lights | 0 Punishmenf ofemployees lights inunoccupied who leove on rooms.t_ t-FRIENDLY A Student t: 25 ENVIRONMENTALLY OFFICE t_(Sequencing. t-t-I Seporole bins poper plosfics. phohcopying per qu0l0 depodmenl by250/.doubt that this will become a major environmentalaccounts which measure this impact. | | Use low of energy bulbs light firoughout the building. of plonl every 6 An indoor on desk. 9 Apolicytuming ollelectric inuno(cupied r00ms. l2 Redudion lemperolure firoughodbuilding. 7 Adoily sheet ollphobcopies record for mode. wo$e for (before poper 5 Use recyded fff ftephofocopier.agreeing/disagreeing) t_t: t_. E l- l- IJ t- 5 5 5 z !J IJ t- t-l IJ II f L- 4 Seporofe bins gloss recyding).

A Student
= -r

(Agreeing/disagreeing; correctinglikingandpreferring) ;

and an Equatopportunities,s area wheremanycompanies manysfateshaverulesor legislation or designedto protect specificgroups from discrimination unfair treatment.Such areas as termsof job are prospects, securityand working conditions affectedby equal career contract,wagesand salaries, rtu oppo n itiespolicies. to group which must producerecommendations the Board on ways to You are part of a discussion improvethe.positionof womenin the company. Note that: . 58o/o the 400 companyemployeesare women of positions are held by women o onl! 5o/o management ol . th€ companyhas no policy on encouragingwomen to return to work after maternityleave, only a very small numberdo return consequently . th€ Chairman has said he wantsto improvethe positionof womenin the company. (from the most important to the prioritize the following suggestions with a colleague, In discussion policy for employment. least important) to createan enlightenedand progressive

:J -J -J -l





_J -J

:J I
L-a b-a


:J J


J ts J

leove. . Aclively to ofter molemifi women encouroge lorelurnwork fuking promolions. for women . lmprove troining en(ouroging loopply inlernol opporlunilies, inlernol ilghts. . [ncourogeporl{ime iob+hodng, full etc. with employee w0*, more (flexilime). . lnfioduce timerobling flexible . Provide focilities. a6che . lmprove molernity wilh iob leove full security. posilions. . Sel qu0l0 femole inmonogement represenfolion for o conditions. inemployment . (orporole horossmenlinduded tobe sexuol sfolemenl 0n immediotely. horossmenl . Apromise monogemenf loinve$igole ofsexuol reports from . More ofiilude woment ofdothing. lowords choice liberol

E E E E E E tl T

) = Fr


J J J J J ts









Books1996 @Peneuin

:J _l



r r r

(Judging; knowing; hesitating; correcting; declining/rejecting)

A Student



Lts Ll-


L' H LE L' L'

tranchising is running a business which appears to be part of a chain of similar businesses,each with 3e same name, image and ethos, similar products and a similarmarketing strategy.Afranchisee pays a +anchisor a fee and in return gets advice and support on how to run the business.

\bu are the manager of a franchised fast food outlet in a medium-sized town. Your relationship with :he franchisor, Eet Up, is not very good.You have scheduled a meeting with an Eet Up representative to try to sort out some problems. In preparation for the meeting you have written the following letter, which lists key points in order :t importance to you. You should aim to achieve some,but not all, of the improvements listed. Your rand-r*ritten notes to yourself are added, showing your thoughts.
A. Cook Area Manager (Franchise Eet Up Park Grove -ondon SW152RT




22 November 19-



)ear Mr Cook, following our recent conversation, I write to confirm the points for discussion at our meeting next month. I would like to talk about the following changes to our present agreement which is due for renewal in the Spring of next year: - a reduction in the franchise fee from the present $ S O ,O O O

t l1

per year
a Jwlo


$40^6,ooo-kev poinLlll
tLo w daf r d s uw ub tLh re r e costs


d t r v p l o nJi _- I^I B _r

+ ILl e ^ L



L1 ,

t_ ,^1
t_ -t_ ' 1

- freedom-to buy i-ngredients 1oca11y. SaUe10% - Eet Up to run more on-si-te staff trai-ning. It's benbad - preparation of a quarterly business r"pofa to Eet Up, not monthly. - Eet Up to sponsor special promotions, such as combinations with theatres, cinemas, c1ubs, etc. - Eet Up to send more information on market trends. Looking forward Best regards, to a successful meeti_ng,

TncraneinT satinqfrwn

2a0. 121gfe

-, 4

4. l-

YOU: r w?Dtto remainwith Eet Up . think the expansion your businessshould bring more benefitsto you, ratherthan to the of franchisor. YOUSTART.
@Penguin Books1996 55


= I



(Obliging; permitting; emphasizing; urging)

A Student





Companies are controlled by legislation affecting health and safety. ln addition, many have their own policies to ensure that health and safety rssues are constantly monitored and improved where necessary.


Your company has a very bad record on health and safety. Employee representatives and government officials have demandedimmediate improvements;otherwise the company may be forced to close. You have a'meeting with a colleague to discuss ways to improve the situation. The following is an extract from a report on incidents concerning health and safety in recent months.


= = -

C a s u a Lw o r k e r e t e c t r o c u t e d b y f a u L t y wiring. F e b r u a r y 1 5 : F o r k L i f t a c c ' id e n t worker hospitaLized. The operator was not quatif ied to use a fork Lift. F e b r u a r y1 7 : W o r k e r f a L L s o f f a r o o f w h i t e c a r r y i n g out a repair. A p r i[ 4 : ChemicatIeak f rom a fauIty waste pipe. May 19:. C h e m i c a tt e a k : u n d i L u t e d c h I o r i n e agents pottuted nearby river. J u L y? = Roof bIown off storage depot in a storm. Two workers injured. August 23= Fire on a rubbish tip. S e p t e m bre ? = N i g h t s e c u r i t y m a n a t t a c k e d b y intruder. Not discovered for two hours. Receivedhospitat treatment. 0ctober 16: Lorry crashes i n despatch area. W it n e s s e s s a y d r i v e r u t a s g o i n g t o o f a s t . A I o t o f d a m a g ec a u s e d t o vehicLe: driver unhurt.

January 12:



= = F lF F F l-


YO U : o w?rt immediate any changes decisionson what must be done and a firm date for implementing . think that cost is not the issueas failureto improvematterswill resultin the closureof the factory . know that the government planningmuch stricterruleson healthand safety,including is powersto fine companies which allow accidents happen to o w?ht an end to using untrained, casuallabour o wort a detailedtraining programme of established improveworkers'awareness safety issues to . think that a bettertrained,full-timeworkforcewould improveboth safetyand productivity . think that maintenance house-keeping site could be improvedwithout incurringmaior and on costs,e.g.by improvingdisposalof wasteproducts. YOURPARTNER WILLSTART.
@ PenguinBooks 1996


= = = = = =

newsfrom the company's variousclubs and associations .000(editorial.L E \H L. a_ - @ Penguin Books 1996 57 . measuring calculating) and StudentA \ l- \E \5 L. 4 I 4. featurespresenting individual employees . of designand productioncosts). t- 29 IN.socialclub news. decideon the pagesize. decideon how oftenthe magazine shouldappear .numberof pagesand generallook . l- 4. L I 4. tradeunion news o ? sulrllrlary coverage the companyand its productsin the national of of and press specialized . thinkof a name . otherfinancialinformation relatingto the company'sperformance r n€wSand photographs new recruits of o hews and photographsof recentretirements . draw up a budgetfor a magazine with a circulation 5.Youhavebeengivena free hand to draw up a set of pany'sin-house recommendations submit to seniormanagement.HOUSE MAGAZINE (Agreeing/disagreeing andpreferring . You and your partner are membersof a small task forceformedto upgradeyour comjournal. can serueto tt informstaff membersof importantcompanydevelopments encourage and themto identify withcorporateobjectives. future plansfor expanding contracting workforce or the o reGerlt acquisitions. newsof futureproductplans. For the content. ioint ventureagreements r rec€htproductlaunches. 5 I ! 5- An in-house magazine be an important can tootfor internalcommunication.decidewhich of the following you think shouldor shouldnot appear in eachissue: o o hesSsgefrom the Chairman the company of o rec€|rtsalesfigures . identifythe objectivesof the magazine . featurespresenting work of individual the departments o colrlp?hy sports news. liking . to You must: . I L. interviews with seniorexecutives . Can you think of anythingelsewhich shouldbe included? YOUSTART. l- 1 I L = t4 4 -4 L 1 I t1 I -- -a 4 d_ 4 -_ d =. I L =.

indired ond wiftexperience selling $rolegic seclor." until now pi"p. Poris. pro5".is 5 Given your lack of experience in software development this likely to be a Problem? 6 What do you do when you need to relax? in a particular market.-F < TECHNIQUES 30 INTERVIEW ng) isagreei ng/d (Judging agreei . ond detoils onoPPlitotion F F I F I into three groups: Personav with your partner. heod inLondon ond Rotlerdom sites wifi ond productioninLondon. groduote ombitious for islooking odynomic. @ Penguin Books 1996 l: I F I = J I I I = a J t ! { I ! I l .. A Student I=F F F asked'Many and the typeof questions of techniqueaffectsboththe styte an interuiew lnteruiewing possible aboutthe applicant' as b of use interuiews a combination approaches discover muchas Look at the followingjob advertisement: F E F F MAilAGER MARKEilNG compony developmenl young exponding softwore An wifiits office 950 wilh employees. classify the following interview_questions (AP)."" you fol the work 4 How does your family feel about your relocation to London? . in conflict with colleaguesin your 1 Can you give an example of a situation where you have been presentjob or in a Previousjob? 2 bo you enjoy working alone or do you prefer teamwork? in this company? B How does your op"ri"rr. preferobly inorelevonl plonning. Hypothetical (H)' Then assess psychological (pp). = F E aF F F = F ond for 0800 Telephone 5656 osk forfurther Professionol Freephone form.lit at y:ouhave Leen closety YOU START.your backgtound is in the food sector . Academic and Profe-ssionalBackground and 5 = rot useful at all' Give them on a scale of L to 5: where 1 = most useful in ajob interview' reasonsfor your assessments. what would you 7 If aproduct you were responsible for was obviously failing do to resolve the situation? years'time?8 How do you see the future of the computing industry in ten involved with in your present job? 9 Can you describe a particul.

Although you acknowledged this some weeks ago. . . You placed the job advertisement below in the national press and received several good applications. You can tell the applicant (your partner) about: . You are the personal assistant to a well-known film director. FAST you've lf years I needa replacement but film to got whatit takes be PAto a well-known at writeto BoxXPA14T5 thisnewsPaPer director. etc.1 4 V Y HELP! MY PA IS LEAVING ME! we'repartingon goodtermsafterflve In fact. . hours:from0 to 24 hoursperday. planning to leave for a s'ell-earned rest after five years in the post. including a very interesting one from your partner. travel: you travel constantly.|! f f f f f f 31 JOBAPPLICATION (Questioning. you have been too busy to invite him/her to interview. and are away on location \- 2 t = = L -_ L L 4 t -_ L L f_ IJ L td tttd for at sometimes months a time . (performance-related). you would like somemore information about this applicant: . You usually make an application by replying to an adveftisement. to all parts of the world. now Goodsalary required. . People who apply for a iob are iob applicants. . o .thereareno typicalworkinghours is element r po|: the basesalaryis nothingspecial. performance-related the of related the success the latestfilm to actorsand temper. . .. - L rd t ld L 1 L LL L L L LL L >J 4. You now receive a call from him/her to find out what is happening and to get more information about the job. experience film No previous industry Ld }J Ld lLLL }J ld Y ld t_ ld Books1996 @Penguin 59 . You can invent other details about the job but you are not at liberty to reveal the director'sname. urging) A Student A job apptication is a formal request for a job. o languages spoken? typing? driving licence? tough? adaptable? coh get on wellwith all sorts of people? experience? as available from when? plus otherquestionsof your own. terrible o problems: the livingout of suitcases. director's who actresses fall ill. In turn.

New York . YOURPARTNER -J J t{ J >r J J )r J irf trd : fr J J -J J J J r{ J J -J Ld !.Rome .a rfl rd H ad 60 @PenguhBooks1996 J { I I J rI d H . Linda /-!^ru Jh.rnn1.r a . You will hear from us very Yours sincerely.l -i ca o €o the l .San Francisco rl1.r t l A WILLSTART.Paris .4*Devito / ' .+ i l L ^ * n r ^ .-/ := = = = -d H advertised shortly post.London .= (continued) 31 Job Application A Student 4 d rd l t- J MEGA MEDIA ENTERTAINMENT 7l GracechurchStreet London N1 1QA T e l :0 1 7 12227548Fax:01713586037 Berlin . rznt y -LnanK ou fnr r ro 1 1 6 u 1 r r tee ee tn t yo 1 r r r c n A rp-p l l -^ .

- A company's workforce may range in size from one employee to tens of thousands of people. . L_Ld td t_ L-a LL L L L L L L L L L L L Ll_ L L-i ld IJ \4 )4 )4 )4 V IJ 4 4 rd IJ rd L-.d L. YOU believe the following arguments: 1 In a small company. Use the arguments below to help you win the argument. Add your own arguments to the discussion. you don't have to wait for permission from all kinds of people above you. 4 You are more independent in a small company.You prefer small companies. flexibility and openness. r . 7 You know where you are in a small company: you're not afraid that you'll suddenly lose your job without warning. others prefer to be part of a large organization. Some people prefer to work in small companies. YOUR PARTNERWILL START.your partner prefers large. 5 When you work for a small company. l- VERSUS SMALL 32 LARGE COMPANIES t_- A Student t_ t_ t_ t_t_ l- judging. you are going to debate with your partner the advantages of working for large and small companies.When you want to do something. You also think that . .L- t_ r llb.You have to be ready to turn your hand to more or less anything. (Liking correcting) andpreferring. Small companies are friendlier.It's good to be able to get to know the people you work with really well.you feel proud of making a direct contribution to the successof the organization.you can sort out problems face-to-face.d t_ L-J In this activity. 2 In small companies. 8 The advantages of working in a small company are freedom. u IJ IJ U L rd L-a @Penguin Books1996 6l . 9 You've got more chance of realizing your full potential in a small company. 6 People who work in big companies are too ready to conform. 3 There's more variety to your work in a small company.you know everyone.

Credit Malaysia' Lumpur. havea seriouscashflowProblem r ur$entl| need payment o remird your partnerof the terms stated on your invoice. :J d d :Jl -- 4 I . emphasizing. Your companysent the following invoicefive weeksago. Terms: 30 daysfromdateof invoice.d = KWAN SERVICES 450-58Jalan Bukit Bintang 55100Kuala LumPur. account 70852406 Current KWAN Seruices Code:20-99-56 Branch Sorting BankInternational. paymentbut the other immediate It is now January 7th.plus a reminder a week ago. l J J fl H H t- Y 1 = . 62 Books1996 @Penguin H _.'r-l -J I OF 33 LATEPAYMENT INVOICE negotiating) (Urging.Yourorderdated24 September Report Consultancy Analysis Market Singapore = - ed H J J -J J tfd Fee: Expenses: $us4'ooo $US 567 : : H t- J Jl J E ) ) lr ) 4 LT - TorAL Now DUE Bankdetails: No. MalaYsia (03) 77878779 Fax (03) 77878562 Tefephone d 1 - l : - I INVOICE Promotions Arndale Row Depot 112 4567 PO Box New Auckland. YOUSTART. $us4'567 'bl l Arndale Promotions. A Student :J :J r:J :J .l td d one companywants wherenaturally createdifficulties may Cashftowconsiderations sometimes prefersto delayas long as possible. Kuala JelanMelaka200. Zealand 1992 December Ref.l . Telephone YOU: .You have still not receivedpayment.

Decide with your partner: !I L I . study. A Student = J = . agreeing/disagreeing) .a I i a aa 34 MANAGEMENT LEADERSHIP AND FORWOMEN SKILLS (Urgingnegotiating. = = = -t I Companies and trainingorganizations increasinglyofferingcoursesespeciallyfor are women. You have identified five problem areas to look at during the course. i = i . a I t u I - t t I ) I I I @Penguin Books1996 63 . 2 Handling former colleagues who are jealous of your success. 4 Managing men. . a training game.)to help the courseparticipants learnhowto handle to better. case discussion. eachsituation YOUR PARTNERWILL START.for examplein leadershipskillsand assertiveness. 5 Supervising a close friend. simulation. You and y'our partner are helping with the design of a new training programme which will eventually be followed by alt female employees who are managers or who have management potential. idea(roleplay. the best way to handlethese problems i ts = > - . orderto help women in increasetheirself-confidence theirbeliefin theirown ideasand actionsin and professionaland personalsituations. 1 Dealing with a team member who is not pulling his or her weight. 3 Managing employees who are older than you. . as part of the company's overall employee development progTamme.

cannothaveallthe positivemanagement as of qualities one individual of Discussthe following characteristics what makesa goodmanagerand.J .Teambuildingusuallyaims to covera range characteristics attributes. lerhnicol knowledge . (ommilmenl money tomoking .'l -1 / I I F.rank them in order of importance: tI- = Ll-- . 64 Books 1996 @Penguin I F .tr { F arrF li fl _ 'I F J I tg J ) ) tH ts J : Fr WILLSTART. highly wifi ronge individuol wide 0fpelsonol educotedcultured ond .!- 35 MANAGEMENT QUALITIES (Sequencing agreeing/disagreeing) . obilitymolivole lo . willingnes up 60hours lowork to oweek . obilitydelegole to T E E E tl E E E E E E E E tl E l = il ll- =t.F . supporlive fomily . knowledgeworld ofthe inleresfs . YOURPARTNER ) lr a . $oble ond heolth psychologicolmoke-up .) J F1 F. with your partner. obilitymoke lough fo . confidence decisions inmoking of orgonizolion lo o (0n(0r1twell-being employee fietop fie bofiom0n from ofevery for . obilityplon underslond obiectives corporole to ond .l 4 F. judging. A Student = L-r = t-r personality professional and on agreement the specific It is difficultto find universal whichmakea good manager. experien(e indifferenl seclors ofmonogemenl industriol people . obilitygel well rolleogues lo on with . obilityunderstondof(ompony oclivity detuils to .

0 2.for example: what does it meanto to say the welcomeon arrivalwasrated2. want to know how relevantit is that the survey respondentswere self-selected. = L YousrART. think it needsmuch moredetailedinformation be useful.8 2. -l Companies sometimes employexternalconsultants carryout marketresearchto help themtarget to products and seruices better.6 3.Whatpercentage guestsactuallycompleted forms? the of .comfort. @Penguin Books1996 65 = I .147 Survey technique: Customers staying in your hotels were asked to complete a form which was left in hotel rooms.9 YOU: - = = E -! 4 .4 3.0 2.e. to fill in the forms.but the techniques is used to gather information have to be carefully designed. wantto know what variationtherewas between differenthotelsin the group. PRELIMINARY REPORT Number of respondents: 1.5 2.etc.4 2. are not happywith the survey . Analysis by servicesused: Bed & Breakfastonly:65Vo Evening meal:35Vo Quality Assessment: I = outstanding 2 = very good 3 = average { = poor 5 = very bad I 1 1 > J Welcomeon arrival : Quality of serviceat reception: F acilitie s available from reception: Rooms. they chose i.decor.if they are ratedonly as average? . likingand preferring) StudentA E -_ = > = > -.I 3.5?Howcould it be improved? Whatdo customersexpect? o also want to know what needsto be done to improvethe beds. -l 4 d Analysis purpose visit: by of Business: 787o Private/tourism:22Vo Analysisby duration of visit: One nght: 48Vo 2 nghts:33%o 3 niehts: ljvo More than 3 nghts:9%o J 1 1 I 4 J. \bur company owns a chain of hotels and restaurants. You receive a market research report from an agencywhich has investigated guests'opinions in some of your hotels.Somemarketresearch veryuseful.: Beds: Room service: Valuefor money: Breakfast: Dinnerlrestaurant: 2.- 36 MARKET RESEARCH (Questioning.

The first prize is a two-week holiday in the Seychelles.ts -J 11 Iime: . This information is used to help produce the goods and seruices which will ensure success for the company. ask for the respondent's name and address. CAN0]|/KODA|(/MI1'l0WNlK0t'l/0LYMPUS/PANAS0l'llUPMlfil|(VS0NY/Zt]'llTH/other 4 How did cost? much it dl o) lesthonSl50 Sl5l-250cl 5251-350 morethon5350 b) you to 0 infie yeor? YtS/l'|0 5 Do plon buy (0mer0 nexl 6 How do plon spend? muchyou lo d) b) o)lesthonSl50 Sl5l-250c)$251-350 morethon5350 you ore volue money? moke(s) ofcomero think ftebest for do 7 Whid (pleose knoVother $ole) ON0N/K0DA|(/MlN0tWNl|(0N/0LYMPUS/PANAS0IIIVPRAKIIWSO}'|Y/Ztl{lTH/don'l use mony of do normolly inoyeor? 8 l|ow rolls film you fton o)fewer 5 b)6-10 c)I l-20 d)more 20 fton Numerespondenl: of 60 16-18 19-24 25-30 3l-45 46-60 0ver Age:Under16 seporoted Morilolslalus: single monied divorced tF F F F aF F eC7a -< t F F -:1 F Addres: Dole: .1 Finally. = L- F AUDIO VISUAT EOUIPMEilT .z = . ask the questions. Then. if your partner agrees to help. lf N0 on quesfion moke 3 Whol isil? (pleose slole). likingand preferring) A Student = := F Market research is the activity of collecting information about consumers and what consumers want and need. 66 Books1996 @Pensuin F -= -_J = = -{ .- SURVEY 37 MARKET (Questioning. You are out on the street conducting interviews using the following questionnaire.Fill in his/her answers on the form. You want to find out more information about consumer needs in the camera market. You work for a market research organization. old il? fion o)les I yr b)l-2 yn c)2-3yn d)more 3yrs fion go fo 5. YOU START.= . Introduce yourself and explain what you are doing.SECT0R: CAMTRAS MARKET SURVEY you o I Do owncomero?YES/I'|0 how is 2 lf YES. his/her name will automatically be placed in a prize draw. If he/she gives you this information.a .

Here are your appointments for next week: 4 = = > J 4 4 4 1 I 4 -. l6Thursday | 4 Tuesday l7 Friday | 5 Wednesday Show traininq video to re4ional ealesteam | 8 Saturday | 9 Sunday I I 1 I \-I r l- YOUSTART.-_ 38 MEETING ARRANGEMENTS (Obliging declining/rejecting . Unfortunately one of your overseas agents is not selling many of your products. think a meetingis absolutely necessary relaunch partnership to the .judging) A Student - = _ = = > 4 E = > J Onedefinition a meetingis:the gathering of together a groupof peoplefor a controlleddiscussion of with a specificpurpose. @Penguin Books1996 6'7 . You want a meeting next week to discuss ways to improve sales. wdllt to show a videoabout new sellingmethodsused by your company r w?rt to discusssalesperformance.The essentialelements i meetingaie. haveheardthat your partneris doing very well sellingother products. m . urging. d purpose: idea-gathering training or dDagenda:the listof pointsto be discussed the members: chairperson. lookingat graphsand other illustrations o w?ht the meetingnext week! . secretary the the and the othermembers d ESult:the outcomeof theprocess 2 r€pottiusuallythe minutes(writtenby the secretary). -1 4 4 - l3 Monday Department Meeting 1 0a .Telephoneyour agent to ask for a meeting. o o problem-solving. YOU: t . Your company exports its electrical goods around the world. of o c . .

A Student = = = = = A missionstatement is a statement of the aims. what it believes in. th€ company's principles personnel on policyon the environment towards countries the .J I ) 68 Books1996 @Peneuin .*2 I lrr .F .= 39 MISSION STATEMENT permitting) (Knowing. The objective of the missionstatement is to define . its customers and its shareholders . else YOUSTART.l I r -t C. tF - allaF ll-/ l-r' Fr il I - I F'i ./ I I I -/ ts .for the company's employees.You have been given the job of producing an effective mission statement for your company.-. Your draft could include statements about: != F- . about a dozen sentenceslong. the company's objectives .F _/ .urging.sequencing. the company's of the and world developing o anything you thinkis important. th€ company's policies qualityandon customer care on . the usefulness the company's products services the community in and of . purpose and future activities of an organization. iudging.Your task is to draft a first version of the statement for circulation. th€ company's values . and in which direction it wants to go./ .'l --1/ I I Y -/ -lr i -/ -=. You and your partner both work for the same international company..what kind of organization it is.

you play the role of a personnel manager talking to your partner who is an =recutive in the company where you both work.500 s1.lost employees get some benefits from their employer in addition to their basic pay.650 s.= -_ -l = = -t- 40 PAY VERSUS BENEFITS (Negotiating. declining/rejecting. YOUSTART. The totalof what you receive is cattedyour remuneration sackage. unless as justified by performance r ?re empowered increasethe performance-related to elementof the packageaccordingto your judgement.200 s1. others prefer :c receivepay plus other kinds of benefit. wdr|tto reduceyour administration costs and therefore want to minimize numberof fringe the benefits you offer o w?rt to keepyour managershappy. Now.but you cannot increasebasic salary by more lhan 25o/" .000 possible. J J @Penguin Books1996 69 . urging) StudentA '. -L 4 In this exercise. the company has offered its more senior :nanagers a wide range of benefits in addition to basic salary. which together are worth much nore than the salary alone.000 910. Some senior nanagers receive very generous fringe benefits from their companies.200 s950 s300 9200 s200 sl50 $41.20. Some people prefer to receive just money for the work they do. Look at :he information below and discuss with your partner how his or her remuneration package can be altered. -a --4 1 Current package per annum 4 J J I J I I J Base salary Performance-related bonus last year (Note: ma:rimumpossible PRBwas Company car and private use of petrol Long-term disability cover Subsidized lunches Employer contributions to company pension fund Private medical insurance Parking Life assurance Annual health screening Financial planning Health club membersNp Total 4 J $20.200 1 J YO U: .000) s3. however.600 91. Until now.and preferablybelow it. the company wants to ::rt the range of benefits being offered and wants to bring earnings under tighter control. 4 4 1 4 J. wsrt to keepthe new packageas close to 840.250 91.

For six months he respondedwell to the promotion and continued to be a valued employee. F F l= F YOU: o ?r€ tired of the problemssurroundingMr Casenove for . YOURPARTNER F 70 Books1996 @Penguin F .Accurate assessment is vital in determiningpay.with a good level of performance. He was promoted to absenteeism chargehand18 months ago.expressing fearlworry.He was wamed as to his future conduct. For eighteenmonths his record was above average. t{ F - F L.He was fined one week's wages. think the companyhas everyiustification giving him the sack F t= puttinghim at a lowerlevel F .= 41 PERFORMANCEAPPRAISAL your (Emphasizing. Recent problems Casenovebeganto arrive late for work and was frequently absent. think the minimumactionshould be to replacehim as chargehand. he was late on Thursday and on Friday he incorrectly completed work record forms. of responsibility. = = = = You are a manager in a production company.He was supervisor'sreport said he appeareddepressed by the company counselling service.You have a meeting with a colleague to discuss an employee who is doing badly at work. telling.The offer was offered counselling refused.low and excellent inter-personalrelations. blaming. = WILL START. Last week he failed to arrive on Monday and Tuesday. Three months ago he was disciplined for assaultinga colleague. vetoing) A Student = = = = = Evaluation and appraisal are used to ensure that employees develop their full potential within the company. career development and the company's commitment to individuals. Here is an internal report on the employee involved: - EMPLOYEE PERFORMANCE EVALUATION & HEALTH REPORT STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL Name: Sex: Position: John Casenove M Lineoperator/Chargehand F F T F F = F t- History John Casenovejoined the company three years ago.A and uninterested.

know (confidentially) KAD is under-insured industrialpollutionaccidents. -. soy this is the first maiorincidentfor fifteenyears .within (confidential) cost limits o ore inriestigating ways to ensure no repetition . -t -t -t -t -. -t -t -. -4 b J . think manyother localcompanies pollutethe river . think KAD has a good recordon health.000for the clean-up operation . @Pensuin Books1996 73 .000was spent on the plant last year . know KADwill pay t5. -! -! 4 I -a -t -4 J J_ -t J.all directly linked to safety and the environment .safetyand pollutioncontrol .J. = J 43 Pressand PublicRelations (continued) YOU: Student A b - . -. know that KADemploys600 people . that for YOURPARTNER WILLSTART. believeKAD is always looking for new ways to protectthe environment.' = = > 4 = -. know that t45.

Swedish Women's Champion at16. On your list you have a rising young Swedish tennis star. E F F F F != . your partnerof your views. = = = :!- CLIENT FILE International Promotions Sporting Name: Age: Nationality: Profession: Coach: Professional: Wahlstrdm Christina 17 Swedish player Tennis (father) BoWahlstrtim Junior 0pen Champion at14.' John of relationships (i) her with father.J - = 44 PRODUCT ENDORSEMENT (Negotiating . You work for an international agency representing leading sports personalities. think she has greatmarketing potential: first Swedishfemaletennisstar the r woht more information aboutthe productwhich the footwearcompanywantsher to endorse:it has to havethe right imagefor her and it has to be reliable. A Student L = = = = = When famous people endorse products. forecastingurging) .1 F 74 Books1996 @Penguin . Semi-Finalist 'The McEnroewomen's tennis.1 F . as Could dominate Still developinga player. You are now going to have a meeting with the representative of a sports footwear company (your partner) to discuss the possibility of your tennis player endorsing their goods. Persuade YOUSTART. Stormy (iii) (ii)numerous boyfriends tennis umpires. they say in advertisements that they approve of them and encourage people to buy them. Swedish Finalist Wimbledon and Quafter Australian at17. ::r F F F - Personal: Potential: ts F ts F F YOU: r w?ht a dealworth $1mfor your client r ote convincedof her tennis potential . three women's tennis within international years.

DGS HoldingsProduction Dept. can or suchas lossof important business.. Student A - Production delayscan be causedby manyfactorsfrom the non-delivery partsto planningmistakes.".'1" /li . J J MESSAGE I -4 J I am sorry to reportthat the orderdatedMay 22 for a consignment of part numbersDR 56821 and TR 55901 has been delayeddue to productionproblems. of Theconsequences be small. urging) .Unfortunately the Portuguese subsidiaryhas problems./ >rn. DGS Holdings. ' 4 4 MariaPintoandLuis Deias J J J You are very concerned about this.45 PRODUCTION DELAYS (Obligingexpressing fearlworry.a 7. J J J J l\m.A. beenhaving sorhe -1 -l -.. t EUSEBIOTORRESS. July 1. cannotship the parts We on Junel0 asrequested.as shownby the fax below. considerable. @ Penguin Books 1996 - 75 . this Bestregards. Delayby threeweeks. to Weregretthe inconvenience may cause.! -. PASODO TOQrrl\[HO 200 TORRESVEDRAS OO7893FORTUGAL FA)G 6t 3Z4Zee 351 TEL 35161567344 I J I FOR THE ATTENTION OF: Robin Keeler.suchas a littleinternaldisruption. Contact your Portuguese subsidiary to find out the reason. Your company.has a subsidiaryin Portugal which produces electroniccomponents for your main productionsites in Taiwan and Korea.

but naturally you do not want to do this. YOUSTART. = = = = L- !- =- ts F F tsF F tstF F_I-i l -) tsi 2 F-i l - l I D-rt =-J lrf l I ) FJ 76 @Penguin Books1996 ) }J .l . have heardthat there is a strike on at the moment o lll?| haveto stop using your Portuguese subsidiaryas a supplier. insist on sendingone individualfromheadoflice to help resolveproblemsat the Portugueseplant . have receivedfive similar faxes in recentmonths o w?rt to visit Portugalwith top level colleaguesto examinereasonsfor continuingproblems r lll?g as a compromise.= 45 Production (continued) Delays YOU: Student A = = = . know that delays like this can affect productionschedulesfor the whole organization .

5m) (a. sequencing. L = --tl YEAR 31MARCH TO 19_ (before Trading surplus depreciation) Income property from Less: depreciation profits Pre-interest Less: payments interest Pre-tax orofits Less: tax Available toshareholders $8.3m $2.am) (7. a colleague from a sister company asks you for details of the profit and loss account for your company.normallyoneyear.om $1.which has interests in retailing.sm $+. thinknextyearwill be worse. thinkthefall in profitis dueto a crisisin the locateconomy ' believe mainfactorwasa fall in income the from renting officespace.om $6.5m Previous year (9. lt showstradingpertormance termsof what hasbeen spent in and what has beenraisedthiough iates and otherrene-nue generatingactivities. measuring calculating) and $tudentA = = J A pr.0m $2. - 46 PROFIT ANDLOSS ACCOUNT (Knowing. = = - @ Penguin Books 1996 77 .leisure and property.9m) - ' = YOU: . At the end of the financial year. lot of property A owned by thecompany standing is empty .J --.6m) (3.3m) (a. thinkthe company donewellto showa profitin verydifficult has trading conditions ' knowthatall property companies in thesame are situation mostotherleisure retailing and companies have alsosuffered.t lossaccountis a statement incomeand expenditure a business a particulartime and of for rn period.sm) (10.sm $2.you do not expect quickrecovery the property a in market ' knowthat interest payments downbecause are several long-term mortgages wereredeemed in year the previous .6m) $+. YOURPARTNER WILLSTART.2n) (2. Use the abbreviated profit and loss account below to answer his/trer questions.ofi.7m (3.

Ask him/her for comments and get approval for your outline schedule. You have a meeting with the senior member of your i"urrr.each within a specified time frame. You have produced an outline of the project proposal. You are project leader for a company that is planning to build a new f. calculating) A Student = = F h- = Project management is an important businessactivity which involves putting plans into practice. the assistant project leader.md l:Sitepreparation Construction ll:Foundations Construction structure lll:Above-ground Construction work Finishing F L.2m production site.L MANAGEMENT 47 PROJECT judging. = = ti L- = F = t- F b F ts F ts Week G7 Phase I Action objectives Setting defi Establishing nitions specifi Establishing cations Organization and leaders teams project Deciding and Costestimating budgeting Putting to tender out Detaileddiscussions of on Deciding allocation work with Meetings tenderers Contracts scheduling Planning.measuring and (Agreeing/disagreeing. 8-9 l0 || 12-15 | 6.| I 19 2C_i2l 22-24 25-28 79-34 35-38 ' ll lll lV V Vl Vll Vlll lX X Xl Xll F ts F F F l- > F l- F '18 @ Penguin Books 1996 = . lt requires the coordinationof various activities.

will acceptonly minimalchangesto the schedute o ?rs responsible the productionmanager to and the managing directoronly ' understind that the companyrequiresthe project to be finished as soon as Possible J .-! = L. - 47 Project Management (continued) YoU: Student A i = > = . > - = = L ' have basedthis scheduleon your experienceof building a similar production site at a subsidiaryin Australia ' are absolutely confidentaboutthe accuracyof the schedule: weeksplanning 16 + 16 weeksconstruction= 32 weekstotal . naturally not wantto upsetmembers yourteam. do of YOU START. L = J 4 J a a a I a a a a a - t t a a a a a @ Penguin Books 1996 79 .

judging) A Student I = b b- Quality improvement is the process of improving allthe systemsand procedures within your organization so that you produce better goods or seruices for your customers. The quality of your goods and seruices is defined by what your customers expect. 9000) . . = = = Your company has asked you and your partner to draw up a list of proposals for improving quality within your organization(s). drofling quolity lobe loollcusfomers ofo chorfer senf (0n . Select six of the following which you both feel should definitely form part of your company's new commitment to total quality: = b- . reolion telephone so cusfomers immediotewith gel of hotlines fiol help problemsgive ond y0ur immediofe 0n producb/services feedbock . n E E T T :F- E n F b F F F F F >F F T inlroducfion improvemenf progrommestoff ofoquolity lroining E for oll members progromme E oppoinfment monoger overoll ofolop lohove responsibility quolity forthe improvemenl the estoblishment torgets defeds) ofquolity (zero T inproducfion prominent ofquolity ftroughodcompony lhe disploy notices tl fie buildings. ts ts F F F F l- F 80 @ Penguin Books 1996 F . Is there anything else you might like to add? YOUR PARTNERWILL START. . (reolion ofquolity throughoul circles fte(ompony . infoducfion quolity infie oforegulor feoture in-house mogozine (e.g.1 . Quality is not an absolute.= 48 QUALITY (Agreei ng/disagreeing . estoblishmenf quolity quolity oforegulor compelilionprizes best wifi for suggeslions forimproving ond soving money . oppoinlment confiol goods ofquolity inspeclors for rondom on checks finished . decision internofionol stondord lS0 quolity loseek . .

@Penguin Books1996 81 .+ F F ^ A : + Y QUIZl (Questioning) A Student F t +L L Quizzes usuallyfairlylight-hearted theycan alsotell us quiteinteresting are but thingsaboutourselves and aboutotherpeople. rvould you: a' tell them the right figure? b r tell them the wrong figure? first? dt refuse to tell them? -l Which is most important for you in your rvork: a) chancesto meet people? bt friendly colleagues? c) a sympathetic boss? d) a good physical working environment? 5 If you found your new boss very difficult. You can either answer each question in turn or each of you can go through the whole list in turn. -\k your partner the following business quiz questions and then get him/her to ask you.would you: a t invest it in your company? b t start your own company? Cr feElref 6 In a) b) c) d) meetings. would you: a) try to discuss the problem with him/her? b t try to tolerate the situation? d) leave the company? 7 In your opinion. should the averagebusiness meeting last: a) no more than an hour? b) no more than an hour and a half ? c) no more than two hours? d) as long as it takes to completethe businessproperly? 8 Do peoplein your company normally arrive at a meeting: a) before or on time? b) less than five minutes late? c) between five and ten minutes late? d) more than ten minutes late? 9 Which of the following would most increase your own productivity at work: a) more autonomy? b) more time? c) more computers? d) more money? .4 = I 4 4 4 = YousrART. = 3 = > -r J 1 Do you work mainly: a) for money? bt forpower? c) for fame? d t for self esteem? 2 If you won a lot of money.do you normally: say less than the others? say more than the others? say as much as the others? chair the meeting? = r 4 > r > r 1 = = = > r > I L r -t 3 If someoneasked you how much you earned.

should your company be: research-driven? product-driven? market-driven? customer-driven? = F F F F F 4 In a) b) c) d) 5 How many days'holiday (including public holidays) do you think people should take off work per year: a) fewer than 15? b) between 16 and25? c) between 26 and 35? d) more than 35? L E L t YOU START. and travelling around? = = = F = F F F F F . would the prospect: a) excite you? b) horrify you? c) frighten the life out of you? or d) would you ask for extra moneY? i How much time do you norrnally take for lunch at work: a) less than 30 minutes? b) 30-60 minutes? c) 60-90 minutes? d) more than 90 minutes? 7 Do you think an employee should be sacked if caught in the workPlace: a) stealing? b) smoking in a no-smoking area? c) taking drugs? d) sexually harassing a colleague? (You may wish to choosemore than one. Youcan either and Askyour partner thefottowingbusiness in answerelachquestion turn or each of you can go throughthe wholelistin turn. at home. 3 Which is most important to you in your work: a) yourtelephone? b) your computer? c) your fax machine? d) your desk? your opinion.) 8 Do you prefer to be Paid: a) a high base salary with no fringe benefits and no performance-related bonus? b) a low base salary with good fringe benefits? c) a low base salary with perfonnancerelated bonus? d) a low base salary with perforrnancerelated bonus and fringe benefits? 9 Do you prefer to work: a) mostly in an office? b) mostly at home? c) mostly travelling around? d) a mixture of working at the office.F 50 QUtz2 (Questioning) A Student = = F = quiz questions thenget him/herto askyou. Do you socialize with colleagues outside work time: a) often? b) sometimes? c) occasionally? d) never? If your boss told you that you were wanted to represent your company on a stand at a trade fair for five days. t = F L L ! 82 Books1996 @Penguin t .

0 6.0 t 0.0 14.0 22. takingout a loan froma bank througha moftgageor debenture.0 2. = L rl I | l- .:'-u represent Chapman Whitney Ltd.salesare static in a at contractingworld market .0 8. Here is a part of the company balance sheet for the last financial year.tii 1'our adviser for his/her opinion on the expansion plans.0 8.0 | 2. bolonce YOU: ! = - . \- @ Penguin Books 1996 83 .0 22. believethat you have the expertiseto build new and innovativeproductsfor the next 25 years. = L = L rt SOURGSTIl{AilG OT Shore 4million ot$1.Threeexamples by a in are ' ilation (the sateof shares).0 2. either through a flotation. The company needsto invest in new plant to meet expansion :.I r F L = I 51 RAISING FINANCE (Questioni .ans. | ftopmon Whitney Abbreviohd sheet. rights issue(setlingshares a specialtowprice to existing a at s^areholders).0 L L L 4 = = = = = ! - 10. or through a rights issue. ' I I YousrART. [d.0 4. or through loans ::rm a bank or other lending institution.0 ropilol shores profih Retoined funds Shoreholders' Debt finonce (3yeorsl 6% mortgoge Bonk overdroft Totol funds Asels employed Fixed oseh Properly Mochinery Vehicles J{el currenl ossels Tolol ossets L I L = = = = Sm 4. forecasti ng ng) A Student L L F LJ I ! Jcmpaniescan raiseextrafinanceto hetpmeet their needs severalways. and on the potential for raising extra :-':'ne]' to support the plans. admitthat the companyis not tradingdynamically the presenttime . or .0 tig. You arrange a meeting with your company'sfinancial adviser to discussyour plans to raise =rira finance.

Each of is not two candidates whom you have personally interviewed. Unfortunately your fax machine the phone' working. clothes Comes from poor working classbackground. 17.declining/reiecting) (Likingandpreferring. 1 Read the two profiles below and decide which of your own two candidates 2 Describe them both to your partner.intelligent.00us time) to decidewhich candidate you has shortlisted marketing manager for France (and potentially for the whole of Europe). wants to make big impact on smaller company. You are traditionally operated in the US and is now tryrng to break into the European market' phoningeach other based in New york and your partner has been in Paris for three months. well-balanced.a little French 'for peanuts' Very reasonable:would go to Paris All sports:captainedchampionship-winning university basketball team. 3 State your own recommendation.-Recruiting You are an American up-market designer of men's clothes. Excellent references Native English. strongly tavour an American choice because you feelthat an American will integrate much roteluickly and easily into the company team and into the company's culture. Yoo have a good working relationship. Politics. so you have to describe yoo" o*.very attractive personality. intermediateSpanish. = = = 84 Books1996 @Penguin t= . of African-American origin. You are should get the new job of sales and (at 10.00French time. running your own medium-sized your partner company jointly with yourAmerican partner.!- 52 RECRUITMENT urging. tt:- F- >tFh- F F F Name Age Nationality Marital status Education Experience Languages Salary expectation Interests Other relevant information JeromeMcGraw 27 American Single BA BusinessAdministration.. desperatelywants international experience lF tr F F F F J F t: = !. C Persulde your partner of the advantages of your preferred candidate' YOU: . shortlisted candidates to your partner over you prefer. ambitious. Recruitment the-wrongperson can be a very expensive mistake' time-consumingand cosily process. A Student I = lE !!-:-!r- can be a Recruitmentis the processof tooking for and finding peopte to do particulariobs. MBA Hartford Marketing posts with Apple Computers and Coca-Cola (4 years total). he obviously has enormouspotential for progressup to senior managementlevel. You provide the creative inspiration and Your company has Iooks after the business side of thingr.

1 ! ar.! \ame Age \ationality \larital status Education Experience NancyGuscott 40 American Divorced(3 yearsago) and MA (andPhD incomplete) Frenchlanguage literature in postsin the US andEurope. Books1996 @Pensuin 85 .food. specializing 15years'marketing increasingly in up-market women's fashion: clothes and accessories very good contactsin this sector. fluent spoken French.z L . antique furniture spent severalyears in Paris with her French (now ex-) husbandwho has custodYof their three children Languages Salary expectation Interests information 4 I 4 --. =. . some Italian Reasonable Fashion.Currently Marketing Director for a reputable US mail order clothes company: $300m tumover per year. L 4 ! '4 i _ = ! 1 .4. -_ -t YOUSTART. good written French. fluent Hebrew.= -_ -.4 I I L- 4 \I t L- (continued) 52 Recruitment A Student 4 - ! = EZ . Some spin-off knowledge of men's fashion market Native English.

A Student ts l- = - - by Recyclingis the activityof sortingout wastematerialso that it can be reprocessed way to reducethe to be a sensible is Recycling broadtyconsidered companies. YOU START. fear that more spacewill be requiredfor containersfor differentmaterials .000tons of wasteproductsfrom its officesand canteen Your companyproduces areaseveryyear. 25.glass . think recyclingis a'good thing'and givesa good impression everyone the company . on the recommend formal introduction of procedures recyclingand any related considerations.At presentthere is no policy on recyclingand you think there should be qne. think employeeswill haveto wastetime sorting out differentmaterialsfor recycling. of decideon the three most important advantages recycling Togetherwith a colleague. Then decideif you want to and whether there are any important disadvantages.F 53 RECYCLING (Agreei reeing i udging) ng/d isag . F F = F F F F = { :i I F F il F = F F h F F L L = = Lr 86 Books1996 @Penguin )- .e.cardboard.i. YO U : recyclingwillfinally bring the companyinto . think the introduction systematic of recommendations line with government in to .metal.especiallyfor rough working. think that the companycould save money by encouraginggreaterreuseof paper . think the companyshould use moredouble-sided save paper. speciatist of exploitation the environment. paper. notes and internalmessages printingand copyingand so .

. will. think you will be more productive away from your family and will not have the extra worry of their adjusting to a different environment . you will not sacrifice your family's interests to keep it.You must reach an agreement. You have been offered a fantastic job by the new boss in Brussels. You therefbre propose to commute from your home to Brussels on a weekly basis.if necessary up yourcompany in Brussels payfor thecostof the give to car weekly returnplanefare(youalready havea company at home). car Discuss the question with your new boss at a meeting. L = I I I I = = 1 2 = = = t I @ PenguinBooks 1996 87 . travelling out every Monday morning and back every Friday evening. office or factory from one place to another. YOUR PARTNERWILL START. will save the company a lot of money in relocation costs L I I . A Student I I t- )a I I Relocation means moving your home. Although you want the job. rl L t I rl rl rl I You are a manager with a European company which has recently entered into a joint venture agreement whose head office will be in Brussels. But your wife/husband and teenage children are very settled where they are and you don't want to move. YOU: .I I t- r I l- 54 RELOCATION (Judgingnegotiating) .



correcting) (Measuring calculating; and

A Student

) tr tr ) t-r _




When you fix sales targets,you predict the quantity of goods or seruicesyou will sell during a future time period. Your company's sales operation is divided into a number of regions, and you and your partner have joint respottribility for the Central region: you manage the West Central area and your partner managesthe East Central area. Last year the company's management announced a new incentive scheme for sales staff: the winning sales team wbuld win a week's holiday in the Caribbean for themselves and their spouses. Althouth you made big efforts to sell more than the other regions, you saw the other teams pulling ahead of yon. In addition, computer problems made you late with the figures for the last quarter of the year. Your computer manager now tells you that some of the original figures for your area are wrong: the new figures are on the whole higher than you thought. 1 Calculate your new total sales for the year.

-: !r-





F !:t

F - tr


yourfiguresarenowgood and in number EastCentral seeif, together, opposite 2 Callyour to enough win the Prize.
Figuresin $US
Firct nr rerfcr




c-r !a{

North 93,137 t 0t , 1 0 4 t03,721 r 95, 06

West 94,005

South | 85,2 | 85,439

East 93,140 99,505 107,099


ltt-. )

quarter Second Third quarter Fourth quarter

aa 411


| t00,47



F.l J
-J )-rl -


Figuresin $US

West Central lnitial r 4 5 , 00 48,763 49,345
49 qq7

West Central Revised 4 6 , 90 t 48,963
49 7)7

East Central lnitial 47,194 5r,309 5t,499 5t,446

East Central Revised

Central Revised Total


) tsi


Firct nr rerfer

quarter Second
Thir/ nr rerfer



Fourthquarter Total


l J
H ll



) = -/


@ PeneuinBooks 1996




a c o SMALL TALK 1 4

A Student

L 4

(Welcoming; greetings farewells; and introducing self)

! r-

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Smalltalkis a vital skillin business. can be difficultto initiatea conversation then to lt and keep it going, but it is very importantto be able to do so - in Englishas well as in your own language. 1 A visitor to your companyis waiting to seeyour CEO (chief executiveofficer)and
you have been asked to look after him/her for ten minutes. It is your job to keep the conversationgoing. Spend ten minutes talking to the visitor. While you are talking, try to direct the conversationso that the visitor uses as many of the words below as possible.At the end of ten minutes, count up how many of the words in the box below he/she used.


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2 When you have finished,repeatthe activity. This time you take the role of visitor. YOURPARTNER WILLSTART.

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expressing (lntroducing ; questioning; self amazement)

A Student

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Fill in the form below to invent a new indentity for yourself!


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Address: Company: activity: Company Position: ........ Responsibilities: of Length service: trip Current to: Reason:
rdil ilry.





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Interests: ........ information: Other


Now imagine that the'new you'is sitting in a plane next to another businesstraveller and that you begin to talk. Tell the other person (your partner) as much as possible about yourself. And find out as much as possible about your partner. YOU START.

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!-.or are in or to :'e usedto replacefaultyor damagedpartsin existing products. Your preferred delivery times are stated. measuring calculating) and t I A Student t Il I t i a _ )afts. = = = > I -t = = i I You START. do havean atternative supplier.but the quality is slightly lower . know that you are a very importantcustomerlor this supplier o eXP€Gt pay on your usual terms: 60 days from deliverywith 10olo to discount .u contact a supplier and ask for the following products.but you would if there was any risk of not getting the goodsyou need. or components. coUldacceptone or two days'delayon up to 50%of the GA components . put together manufacturing assemblyprocesses makeproducts. prefernot to use the alternativesupplier.a t t PARTS r 58 SPARE (Obliging. coflsiderthis orderto be vitally important . G?hrottolerateany delays in meetingyour fourteen-day requirements . prefernot to haveany early deliveriesas you operatea just-in-timeproductionsystem . I i I i I Porl nunber tR400l Ouontity required 220 140 When required immediote delivery immediote delivery 7doys 7dop 7doys l4 doys I 4doys I 4doys - i t I t I L L I I I t00 250 HTIO XTI O 750 I I I 100 I YOU: - . r I @Penguin Books1996 9l . regretting. F = > I I -'ur companyneeds a special delivery of some parts to meet your production target for next month.

promolesell ond Assessor-Developers inproclice. which also providesa detailed personal profile for referenceduring discussions improvingteamwork. Look at the brief descriptions of team roles below. A Student h = E More and more work is project work and more and more project work is done in teams. ond ideos.- 59 TEAMBUILDING judging) (Liking and preferring. explorefuture. For precise pinpointing of a person's preferred role. it is necessary complete aimed at the Team Management Index. YOUSTART. to The Margerison-Mccann Team Management Wheel is a registered trade mark of Prado SystemsLtd. ore purpose. l J . a questionnairedeveloped by Margerisonand Mccann. you could be a member of several teams working on several different projects at the same time. slondords. ore (onduder-Producers through. give siluolions odvice. confiol inspect ensure pro(edures followed.. ) aa -l >ra i -/ tr l --J I I = J Y 92 @Penguin Books1996 t= >1 . ln the future. = : = !- You and your partner are forming a special team to work on a major new project.A well-balanced team will have people with different preferences situated in different places on the wheel. fie [xplorer-Promolersnew look for opportunilies./ )r Discuss with your partner: r which role you think you would preferto play in the team r which role your partnerwould preterto play r which other two roles you needto makea balancedteam. obleoives mel. cloilfy provide moinloin supporl. You are looking for two other people to join you to form a dynamic and balanced team. meet (onfioller-lnspeclors processes. Team members play different but equally important roles and a good team is one with a good balance between roles. moke work ideos develop protolypes plons. shndords. ond le$ Thru$er-0rgonizers hoppen. whol moke things orgonize hos be ensure lo done. find new (onlods resources. deodlines. loorderly (0rythings plons work ond syslems. find new ond reseorch. ond fteolor-lnnovoton ideos opprooches. Margerison-McCann a F I F F F = f{ = { F F -tF r' F =-/ F J y TEAM MANAGEMENT WHEEL The Team Management Wheel and role descriptions were developed by Charles Margerison and Dick McCann of Team Management SystemsUK Ltd. = = - g0in Reporler-Advisers informolion tuking inlerprel before oclion. ond Upholder-Mointoiners volues principles.

^ : . tIt's technical r I my time . the results frustration yourselfand your colleagues.. Block time for important tasks. 'fhe I 2 3 A 4 I = L ! - m l problems ! " = My phoneneverstops ringing. d Neverhandlea pieceof papermorethanonce. The solutions a Prioritize..Eitheracton it. I - = YousrART.^ ^ -perfectly-well. Keepthingsin proportion. it b Don't be afraidto tell peopleyou're too busyright now. L F !I = |l I \ts. I I I I I I I I I I l- @Peneuin Books1996 93 . in c Don't alwaysagree seepeoplestraight to awaywhenthey askto talk to you. : 1 | I canmanage.tanaging your time wellis one of the mostimportantskillsthatanyonein business learn. . If theproblempersists. are for and lossof moneyfor your company.J .lf you do can ^it. urging) A Student .: r .Plan your day so thateveryone knowsthatthereis a time whenyou needto work alone anda time whenyou arehappyto seeotherpeople. ^.*".Delegate. I L - LI 60 TIMEMANAGEMENT (Blamingagreeing/disagreeing . . are I spend too muchtime in meetings.1'ourpartner is goingto tell you about someother typical time management problems.. Tell your partner =cout each problem in turn and see what solution he or she recommends.Standup whensomeone comes anddon't sit downagainif you don't wantthemto stay. = . '.and breakdowns constant Fproblemswithcomputerswhichmakeitdifficultformetom€nagemy. passit on or put it in thebin. : a = t- tselo*'you can see several common problems for anyone who works in an office.. discuss with a superior. People alwayscomingin andout of my office.im the list of suggestions belowthe solution which you think is best for eachproblemand tell your : a-rtner about it. ^ .Choose :. far | ^^---r. Add your own comments.

invorious guidelines leps ogents forsoles ond .4 E t: E E E E t: E 94 Books1996 @Penguin E . F -.- PRIORITIES 61 TRAINING sequencing) (Knowingagreeing/disagreeing. foreign lroiningyour morketing longuoge for five monogers for five . lroining inmorkefing for ond ond servi(e ofier-soles folreps ogenls ond technology . A Student E = { L- prioritizing is deciding on an order of importance for a number of possibleactions.eliminating the lowest three or four areas of training depending on vour assessmentof their value. = = = fl = F = il F a (on(erned infie . Decide on an order of one to nine. foreign lroiningreps ogenfs countries longuoge for ond monogers . Your colleague is the new marketing director with responsibility for this major initiative. lroiningnew in supporf longuoges. your company produces high quality audio equipment for use by professional sound engineers in the music. while the least useful may be disregarded. . lroiningnew in producl monogers service ond ofter-soles formorkefing technology . You are planning a major sales and marketing drive in several new export markets in Europe and Asia. The moit useful are often urgentty required. film and television industries. troiningdeveloping in slrolegyreps ogents . produdion ofdetoiled E T tl E E E T E E F t-t F F F F F U F F -{ F E= F YOU START. by comparing their usefutneis. set priorities for training a staffof five marketing managers and 20 sales representatives and agents. Together with the marketing director. lroining oworeness morkefing inculturol direclor strolegy 0s ond new morkefs morkefing foryou morkefing . froiningnew in producl monogers formorketing compoigns for sofMoremorketing .

n. Alternative per route:overland 7 days costs takes and dollars load.any time in the first weekof the month is okay .000. lorry = per Total lorries month$24. Time:live days.MarseilleMilan Bari transfer ship Normal route: Barcelona by to .subject Not recommended todelays.--.Athens. I I I I .A. can goods We moved around quickly. I ' For Attention Export the of Dept.000 each per 6 containers30toncapacity = $6. -. YOU: o wort to movethe goods as economically possible as . four Cost reduction per forevery'10 delaycaused of10% lorry hour if by accident ormechanical tolorry failure. . needflexibitity variationsin the consignments must be possible. YOURPARTNER WILLSTART. You have asked a colleaguein Spain to : jsgest the most appropriate way of moving 120 tons of goodsto Greeceevery month.details of which are shown below. Transpon ofgoods Greece to Herewith proposal Barcelona cost from toGreece.000. I I . and bysame Estimaled costs: .62 TRANSPORTATION (Judgingagreeing/disagreeing) . Barcelona 1 x 5 ton container @$1. taken of .000 . FAX MESSAGE (30)31 From number: lax 547699 (33) To number: 1-44567321 fax T0:ARANT (Paris) Cie Re. think the companycan be flexibleon deliverytimes. In the :---eantime. $1. companywants to export goodsfrom Spain to Greece.road I suggest Andropolis ofThessaloniki hauliers. A Student I I I I I 7 : stnbution concerned is withmovinggoodsfrom the producerto the customer. another colleaguein Greecehas sent you a proposal. more Also distribution easy toAthens Thessaloniki lorries. lorries be Alldocumentationcare byAndropolis. a Penguin Books1996 95 I . Compare two proposals decide the and which is moreconvenient. Additional can arranged. Road get is better more as flexible. transport S.onwardThessaloniki Greece to orAthens.

measuring calculating..800 tsts t{ F tF 74 \t. colleague . employee as has The workingenvironment longbeen recognized a key factorin improving and satisfaction in reducingdays lostthroughsickness.t=.200 €1. hands-freetelephones/screens/ footrests. and forecasting) A Student = !== ts productivity.850 f.1 E >1 l= YOUSTART.1. believethat productivity will increase significantimprovements introduced This within an overallbudgetlimit of 816.000.z.200 f.400 f15.25m. You with a turnoverof f. 96 Books1996 @Peneuin .3.500 f. 63 WORKENVIRONMENT (Negotiating.000 84. YOU: are if .4. r heedto decideon variousimprovements spendinglimit is confidential showingthe followingcost estimates. etc.000 f5. l-E ts F !- + F Fr F t- MEMO CONFIDENTIAL To:D-office From: HT Re:Officeimprovements Redecoration lmproved sound proofing between desk areas New triple -glazedwindows Improved workstations. officein a company for Youare a managerresponsible the telesales possible waysof improvingthe to havea meetingwith an employees'representative discuss working environmentfor your team of eight people.-1 l= l= 14 . F F 7/ >=/ Ei .-._/ t= .4. Replacementof neon strip lighting New ergonomicallydesigneddesks More office space New ventilation system New chairs f.1 jd F F /. HT t= .600 f../ . havereceived memofrom a management a Thesecosts are also confidential.3./ E: Call if you want to discuss.

ctory Here is a chart showing production schedulesfor July and August and work rotas for your :-. agreei retti ng ng/d isag ng) reei Student A = ! 1 = = 1 -clrday entitlement is establishedin employees'contracts but the exact time when holidays are taken is 'sually negotiated between the company and the individuals concerned.000 units per week.1'(l supervisors.L31 / t-92t 78 1n I Y 27 '€t/: t8 25 51ooo t2 Lg\ L92. week M 4 T 5 w l3 T 7 F b s/s 9lt0 |6 | 7 JULY 4t5oo 5V'. tg t4 t5 72 29 20 77 2l 23t24 30/3| 2J 7t@o 5V: l"-s LS1.LSl and LS2. \futatiou/ 28 ^ .om 26 S V : L ( 2I L 5 1 . Y O U: .va wtion b. know that all productionhas to be for immediate deliveryas the companymakesfresh foods c realiz9 you have madea mistakeand that the supervisorwill haveto be compensated .u are responsiblefor the implementation of production schedulesand work rotas in a fresh food :. The company naturatty has to -ake sure that there is sufficient cover when employees are away on holiday. knowthat the ordersfor July are from your most important customers.V a>atioru 3 t0 t7 24 3l 5 6t7 b. but this volume line : production requires both line supervisorsto be available for work as an additional smaller line :rasto be operated.+ 3n AUGUST 3I /. The production capacity is 7. declining/rejecti . YOUSTART.ooo €v: L31 L92' SE PT EM B E R 5 o 7 B t0/ | b.ooo 5 y : L S 1 L32J 1 (LSl) requested In March oneof your line supervisors holidaysin weeks29 and 30. Try to persuadehim/her to have holidaysat a different time.aoo€v : Lgl/ 8 2 L32J 5.= l- = l- 64 WORKROTAS (Reg ng. L32J t5 t6 33 €Y:L5 1 5to@ t8 25 t9 26 2 32 t l t2 t3|4 20t21 27t28 3t4 L3L.Ea 35 34 72 29 sv' Ls1 23 30 |92. 4 4 1 4 1 4 4 4 4 4 1 4 I I 4 4 4 4 = = = = -_ 4 i- !-.Vt mttistt 4. @ Penguin Books 1996 97 .You provisionallyagreed.soo €V: L31.

J I COUNCIL 65 WORKS (Urging. YOURPARTNER :J J )l ts-J )- :l l l- :r FE J l T ) Books1996 @Peneuin F- 98 14 -1 ) . You have jotted the following ideas down on the back of an envelope. employees'representativesmay participate in decisionsabout the company's financial. :J :J rJ lJ :J -J -{ -J :J -J -J J J J :J -J -J -J L.000 Christmas present by the company'sowners to spend in whatever way it wishes. (You can add your own ideas to the list below. Elsewhere. marketing and human resources strategy. a L5O caohgift per employee eoccerclub'e company eVorteaeeocialion. Each year the council is given a f5. child .Compare your notes with your partner's and try to reach a joint decision on what you would like to recommend. You and your partner serve on the works council of the medium-sized company where you both work. hesitating) A Student L. the works council may have a much more limited role. agreeing/disagreeing . a 7reeent' each of o a Chrislmae party for lhe children allstaft: food. the powers of works councils can vary widely from country to country and from company to company.The sum Nolhe com?any'e t Lhedonationof LheenNire roomobadlyneedrefurbiehinq chanqinq a whichwouldlikelo orqanize TAA (ThirdAqe Aeeociabion) c a conLribution the companye to membere ex-eLaff for homevieilinqeervice elderly . The company employs 100 people. You and your partner are meeting to brainstorrn your ideas before the full council meeting to discuss the subject.J d :J :J :J :J r{ d Many companies in the industriatized world have works councils: committees of representativesof both management and staff which meet regularly. ln Germany and Scandinavia.-a 'rrJ LI bd irrf l-{ l-J !-J L-a L-i = J : Ld Fd Fi WILLSTART. your Own AeaO. for example.queot.However.) YOU think the money could go on: lor and enlerlainer.

jobresponsibilities sentence) (inone . office location.One of you can ask all the questions first or you can take it in turns to ask eachquestion. . L { L 1 t rtt 2 Personal your Find about partner's: out . . Get the following information about your partner. . tt I T ! t- @Penguin Books1996 r0l . job title . L { t - L 5 L f|l L lT ! I lI T T T f YOURPARTNER WILLSTART. . home family journeywork to leisure activities time favourite holiday location favourite restaurant. department . 1 i1 L . .4 i-_ i> ICEBREAKER (lntroducing andothers. questioning) self B Student l- 1 L- 4 { l- lce breakers shortactivitieswhichhelppeopleget to knoweachotherat the are beginningof a trainingcourse.{ L 1 L 1 L 1 Professional partner's: Find your out o 110fi10 o C0lTlpilll! 1 t1 'a l- L rL 5 L L { I o c0rTrp?n!'s (inone activity sentence) .

i -^ -^epnt meeti np T Write tO '1 A Marr '1 Q- 2. _J -J _J -J )-{ l-J ) l-{ ld ! v f f v w f r r 6 confirm that suggestions C ^ ^ .but it is the most effective more. E^l 1^.:€2oQ060 t Cost + fuin*er adttqtistnq n 6CMuL1I4S r &Ntunef atilM€neSS.be sure that they willwin gold medals o ?cc€ptthat TV advertisingis expensive.You have received the following letter: You prepare the following notes: You prepare the following notes: COMPANY REGIS & BENNETT SPORTS 9-10 HouchenIndustrial Estate Coventry CY3 2TH Fax 01203 542281 Telephone01203542181 L.. and B Student r+a r4l l :J ) Advertising is one aspectof promotional activity used by companies to increase consumer awareness of the company and its products.//'f J.tlt iWqa-etLetc{'c t$e ^amu-chtafel l-a Ld U.+ ^ L U O P U L we look for forward to hearing your a new campaign to Promote our Wortsddinsts.) !4 2 ADVERTISING urging) (Measuring calculating.Sporto. YOURPARTNER ?{ F- J J |}Dll- J J _l -l -l l{ t02 Books1996 @Penzuin l- Jl - .0n re. negotiating. + W esAtruIt-tf5. Sillett Department Marketing No b fofubatl spqnsoY*uptooo'wnsir'4@ortutctltA.thal- 114 Kings Road L O N D O NS W 3 Dear Lee. and to improve sales pertormance.You specialize in the sportswear sector. Barker . urdtoo _ . of course.6TtbilL s4&norsh'/2' '+ 0n Co* uttta. runrtisnq n sP(s tYaqazu-rds tarqels . Adrrorticino ^ nBerrLy Arrnr^r l-a rd l-a I-J _J :J -l -J _J -J r4{ HJ r{ d -J halvertiseus. o would like your clientto agreeto spendmorethan 8250. ' _J :J :J -J :l J J r{ :I }-l l-{ l-a ld - = }{ YOU: o cohhot give any guaranteeon increasedsales but you can guaranteeincreasedGonsumer of awareness the brandname.000 perhapsup to 8100. You work for an advertising agency. ld Please -rnrr r call to arrange a meeting to discuss i rl oa c Kind rcoerds F lr. have useful contactswith famous Olympicathletes.they are looking for sponsors r c?nrot.if your clientagreesto your suggestions .000 WILLSTART. I tOO. 3. TVadYuhlsnq' ettputsi W-WWTnqeaseitt esttrral!.[u.

Head Room 2-17.in orderto reachagreedobjectives.the questionof standardsis the most importantso . Make suggestions I . L = lL F L = ? L L ll Departmental Development Group Ouality Agenda Meeting lor Time: .You have received the following agenda. is YOUSTART. leel that the agenda is too vague ./orsuggestions for ways to improve the agenda.r rA AuENDAS B StUdENt f I r = judging) (Agreeing/disagreeing. r r t L = 1' L I t I ! I ! = I r-_ 1 f - . insistthat your suggestion discussedin the meeting. YOU: .00 9.19-. believe that communications within the companywould be improvedby havingan internal quality newsletter . 1.rcmmunications within the company are not very good.bts the pointsthat will be discussed a meeting. You are new to the company and you feel that . withinan agreedtime. i : s An agendacons.L I I F L r l- .11. wtuuIl an agteeu urIle. of in \ot all meetings have writtenagendas. Ouality standards .' . \bur company is planning a new quality programme.Please Gomments welcome call Ring the project leader with your questions and.it should be more explicit. January Place: 0ffice. Internal suggestions 3. 4 = 4 4 I ! = I t- = I = I = I @Penguin Books1996 103 .5ect. think the order of the three items is wrong .30 Date: 14. <nowwhatrssueswillbe discussed. Customer feedback 2. everyone but the of shouldunderstand objectives a meetingand <nuw wrrat rSuues wilt ue (Jr$cu5.

Korea. provisionof references.2. Korea.60p accountfor a . total f. Yourref.00 lnvoice 00878654 Accountnumber: FEE:I AM0UNT{t . l- t:lH l-r l Funds 16. obliging. charge to may taincountries beliable anadditional of 2%of theinvoice Countriesaffected Please African states. LeePen& Co . ' I I l e) F l>r l - D-r l I li I li . explainthe mistakes the customerand decidewhetherto debitthe customer's to further€25. You are a clerk for Credit Bank International. Petersson S.00p Bank For Credit International HLT Below is an extract from the agreement between the bank and the customer regarding international funds transfers.40 = o calculatethat the customershould only have been creditedwith t2O2O t1.but aisocharge feesfor setting loans seruices.40p. for assisting funds up the moneytheylend. lraq. llll- your Please thatwehave note credited account. and Malaysia several North South lran. Japan. A small business customer calls with a query about a funds transfer that you have handled. WILLSTART. YOURPARTNER 104 @ Penguin Books 1996 F l -) tH t - ts . Here is a copy of the notification of the funds transfer: _ F < != -!- ts CREDIT BAI\K INTERNAIIONAL King'sCross Branch Date:24 JuneI9-. 0f will a charge t10 onallinternationalfunds CBI levy standing so total.Bankschargeintereston Bankchargesare the feespaid to banksfor the variousseruices in or and overdrafts.it should havebeen810 ot r realizethat becausethe transferwas from China.969. addition.e95. the for complete contact bank the YOU: o realiz€ that the t25 deductionwas wrong. adviceand a widerangeof financial the transfers.China lnvoice dated 2 MayI9-.the bank should have chargedan extra 2o/o the invoicetotal (t40. correcting. and regretting) B Student |r- lt- theyprovide. list.- 4 BANKCHARGES (Measuring calculating.020.International Translers from transfers cerIn transfers. include China. currencyexchange.l -/ l !J .40) less t10 less t40. To F.A.

000 t78.fromraw naterialcosfsto unitprice or promotionalcosts. He/she proposing unit priceincrease t\Vo..875 Soles: Totol ofsoles: cosl [osl selling: of Totol cosls: t78.L -t L r-- L r\ = 5 BUDGET PRESENTATION (Questioning . \bw partner presents salesbudgetfor an existingproduct. iudging hesitating .000 fl28."r the following is a of illustrationsto showthe effects the priceincrease: of L 1 L I L 4 ! 1 !- I ! I I L- 1 I \- 1 L 4 L 4 L -4 - tig.000 832.4 !- price: Unil fl50 fl50.a mobiletelephone a calledthe CX20. would ilop @Pensuin Books1996 105 .000 fl 28.875 profit: Gross 822.50/o insoles.000 I --f Fig.to a financemeeting. forecasting) Student B L 1 = 1 I L L L - Budgeting involvescombiningsalesforecasts withexpectedcosts. I torecosl over quorfers soles four One:200 Iwo:350 Three: 375 Four:75 lotol= 1.000 f50.000 t50.Effective ptanningrequires accurate cudgeting and also a clearunderstanding the effectsof variations any particutar of in figure.-.000 - Estimoted of | 0% price effec unit increose beo2.000 fl65 fl 60.He/sh"o. . Unil forerosl four 2 soles over quorters lstimoted of l0%unilprice effed inaeose = -.

- 5 (continued) Presentation Budget SalesForecast E Rtttso perunit I Rtet0s perunit StudentB l- - o -g 250 200 150 100 F t-r a (g =2 Quarters >ts tl- unil in(reose effecl Fig.insteadof raising the price? . htimoted ofl0% pilce 3 195 0ne: Iwo:341 Ihree:367 loutzl2 lolol= 975 tr YOU: Discussthe price rise. how price sensitiveis the market? the r ?re thereways to increase pricewithout losingsales? o could salesbe increased? their pricesduringthe year? lowered o wh?t if competitors WILLSTART. *. how important you think marketshareis? do o dr€ there other ways to makethe return on this product greater. YOURPARTNER *- t:5 EEF l=Et-1 F F Fl:.Ask the following: r wh! is the cost of sellingso high? . F ts E106 @ Penguin Books 1996 F .

-_ -_ L - @Pensuin Books1996 t0'l .Then your partner will take over again.I L 5 L L t5 i::::- 6 BUSINESS ANECDOTE (Tellingsequencing . t.Your partner will begin the story and then. 1 L 1 L 1 ll- 1 I ! 4 Jo and Les began to have different ideas about how the company should be run. 1 L. . usualty about something which happened to you or to someone you know. after two or three minutes. 2 The big breakthrough came when . . This activity gives you the chance to practise telling a story in a business context. for example. using the first sentence below.. then you will take over again.1 L { L 1 1 !- An anecdote is a short story which you tell. and so on. Being able to tell a story is a very useful skill. 4 -. 4 -2 4 -. .. you will take over. emphasizing) B Student t5 L li- tL t1 t .both generalty and in business: when talking to the person sittingnext to you during a plane journey.1 ! You andyour partner are going to tell each other a story about a company. Try to talk for about one and a half minutes each time before handing over. --1 6 Now Jo and Les are YOURPARTNER WILLSTART.

YOURPARTNER 108 Books1996 @Penguin _-/ .F 7 ETIQUEfiE BUSINESS (Agreeing/d reei . . then ask him or her about his or her workplace. slorl ond lole? eorly leove o sloil ond eorly? lote leove Whol is'eorly'? h'loh'? Whol 5 . . even from department to department. First tell your partner how people behave in your company or department. . you: do wifi when ot Businers lumh: lunching busines |he firoughodlunch? tolk business the end meol? towords ofthe only tolk business ofier meol? tolk busines the ololl? nof business folk I -/ I lH --z/ -rr I -/ -/ >r -/ _-/ >r -l Lr I I I l WILLSTART.fession another. your partner is going to tell you about five areas of office etiquette. . 3 . questioning) isag ng StudentB -f:- Business etiquette. . .. This exercise wilt hetp you measure how far you and your partner follow different codes of etiquette. (onlocls. .forms of polite behaviour . . fieolre some sporling lr >---F-r --/ Fr lr F.can vary not iust from one country to another. then discuss the differences.r -1 l-f J i I l lend inyour do 4 Hours: people compony fo: . olfieend your of meeting? 2 . ff formusic.-/ Fr F . but also to from one pro."" in the company or department where you work. during meeting? . . In each case' your partner will first tell you how peJple behave in his or her company or department and will then ask you what the rules or conventiorr. lokiss colleogues? o(ceptuble work sociolly isil ever you emblo(e work orhug colleogues? do evel more they men? kiss women thon kiss women other do do ever ofier men kiss men? you colleogues fieworkploce: outside do Sociolizing: meel for lunch? ofier fordrinks work? of inyour home infie evening own orinfie homec colleogue? weekends? olthe ocfivity? 0rcultulol olher cinemo. sloil ond eorly? eorly leove o slorl ond loh? lote leove . from company to company. Kissing: when? lf so. . Now do the same for the five areas below. 'frr li- - >!= F -FF:Fl- conlod: business your cord cords: you I Business do presenl businesst00new c 05S00fl yOU meef? 0s your . .r -F. Discuss the differences.

emphasizing. emVloyeel ouVVliere told by letter. YOUSTART. . 4 --_ @Penguin Books1996 109 .but you didn't tell anyone . z - You are one of two purchasing directors in a large manufacturing company with a $70m turnover.Gifte policy-choiceo . think you and your colleagues would only iudge supplierson purelyobjective and factual considerations. malpractice or illegat activities. . . At present the company has no policy on receiving grfts. YO U: o persor?lly like the idea of gifts .L 1 t t! t = t 1 t 1 I BUSINESS GIFTS (Agreeing/disagreeing permitting .but in some cases the practice of offering and receiving gifts is connected to dubious behaviour. Together with your partner.1 4 1 Businessgifts are sometimes sent to customers or clientsin the hope that they build goodwilt.lf a new io all and shouldbe Volicy adopted.and help to secure business.you have receivedsome good ones in the past o receiveda case of GrandCru from the same companylast year .Any kindof qifLohould accepted be with a smilet. decide on a new company policy on receiving gfts. Prior to your meeting you draw up the following options: 1 I I I 4 I I 1- MEMO -1 1 1 4 - .Onlyeenior manaqerlshould accew qifNo. vetoing) B Student L 1 I . Some of vour management colleaguesfeel he should not have acceptedthis gift. One of your punchasershas been sent a case of Grand Cru Bordeaux wine by a supplier.ln many cases the activity is perfectly reasonable and open .

= 9 INITIALS BUSINESS (Knowing. correcting) B Student = = = = When reading the pressin a foreign language. understandingthe initialscan sometimes create almost as many problems as understandingthe words.and not so basic .sets of initials which you could meet when reading the business press in English.Warning: each test gets harder as you go along! := :{ = !- = I cEo Offi (Chief Executive cer) Person) (Verylmportant (Human Resources) (Public Relations) (Doctor PhilosophyT of Unit) (European Currency and Cooperation Development) (Organization Economic for (Asea BrownBoveri) (japan Airlines) Publishing) (DeskTop (Central Processing Unit) (AnyOther Business) Product) (Gross Domestic Proposition) (Unique Selling Assurance) Quality fl-otal Fund) Monetary (lnternational !r 2 VtP 3 H R 4 P R 5 5 7 8 9 PhD ECU OECD ABB 'AL lllF r- J = J IO DTP F I I cPu F < 12 AOB I3 GDP :/ hr 14 USP I5 TQA . F -/ F J J ' ts ts F I t10 1996 @PenguinBooks . Here is a quiz to test and increaseyour knowledge of somebasic . Then compare scores. First test your partner on what the following sets of initials stand for. Then your partner will give you a similar test.J Fr J J 16 IMF J YOU START.

5 pointsfor deliveryin 2 months o Dewpackagingadaptedto the local market:score 5 points if you resist r promotionalliteraturein the target language:score 5 points if you resist.{ l- }J t g g f. often involves negotiation . YOUSTART.an agreement through discussionof the terms of the buying and selling arrangement.000 points Score:25 Terms 90 doys Score: 5 points 60doys ftore: points l0 30 doys Score:paints 15 Holf odvonce in Holf 30 wilhin doys Score:2?points Inodvonce points Score:Z5 L- L- Disrount 30% paints Score:S 20% kore: points l0 15% kore: points 15 l0% Score:20pints 5% painls Score:25 L. the discount the standard pricewhichyou agree paythe agent.terms.000 Score:2|points 50.negotiatean agreement covering: .000 Score:points 15 40.000 Score:points l0 30.summarizeyour agTeement under all six headings(quantity. especially abroad.adaptation. L. g You are the owner of a small company manufacturing computer games.Remember: your objectiveis to get as many points as possiblebut alsoto carry on doingbusinesswith your agent after the negotiationis finished. Negotiatean agreement with the agent.At the end of the negotiation..000 Score: 5 points 20. and.packagingand literature) and then compareyour scorewith your partner's.10 pointsfor deliveryin 4 months. on to 0uontity 10. Using the table below. althoughyou have begunthe adaptation.d L LL L L g g g L L L L L L LL L L_ g The agent may also ask you to provide: rJg . you don't expect it to be readyfor at least six months:score 15 pointsfor deliveryof a CD-Rom versionin 6 months.declining. Y Y Hl V 4 Y Y l_ rrr- L- @Penguin Books 1996 tll . You have arranged a meeting with a potential agent (your partner). the number of units that the agent will agree to take . reiecting) B Student t_ tl{ L- Buying and selling a product or seruice. L L Lg L L L L. L.The current version is on disk and is |BM-compatible. who operates in a region where there is a good market for new games. urging. a CD-Romversion of your sottware. discount. th€ terms of payment: you are a small company and have the usual cashllow problems .You have just designed an exciting new game which you want to sell abroad.L L{ l{ r LL' r lL' l- 10 BUYING ANDSELLING (Negotiating.Aim to get as many points as possiblebut do not reveal your scoringsystemto your partner.

think your companyshouldask the bankfor a short-term loan(aboutt250. think that a discounton the unit pricewould help securethe contract.000) meetthe production costs of .remindyour colleague this o estimate to that the ordercould add t700. the YOU: your companyshouldacceptthe order._F r.F 11 CASHFLOW PROBLEMS judging. budgetcannotaccommodate Discuss orderand the presentcashsituationand decide the your colleague: do.if you can guarantee threemonthdelivery. think that the existingcash budgetshould be redrafted take into accountincomefrom the to of saleof a further150trailers.Find out from . B Student ts F F 4 = problemsoccurwhena company fundsavailableto meetexistingoperating has insufficient Cashflow cosfs.- l{ lr i- F- t- { er' lg { . how much cash is available . the is Yourcolleague in the financedepartmentand is not keenon the orderbecause presentcash what to it.A companymay have full order books. negotiating) urging. You work in the marketing departmentof a companywhich has receivedan urgent order for 150 trailers from the governmentof a Gulf state. think therewould be no practicalproblemin meetingthe order if supportfrom the bank can be quickly arranged for . imagine that the customerwould accepta tight paymentschedulein exchange a discount . believe ./ lr lr - I J J l J -l l- I J _. { = F il tfl !- { L- t{ F' Dd A lr . YOUSTART. the estimated cost of completing order. _J _l l. stillsufferfromfundingproblemswhilethey waitfor but to customers pay.< F -{ ts.it could be a good lead-in other business to .you can promiseto negotiate this with the client on the unit price a .r l< }J tt2 @ PenguinBooks 1996 J t- I . (Forecasting.000 sales to .The trailers must be custom-builtto meet highty specificrequirementsand must be deliveredin only three months.

)ne wayof encouraging smatl businesses grow is to organizecompetitions prizesfor young to with :tmpanies withspecialentrepreneurialflair. First decideon the following: tt I i L . ! l- B Student (Agreeing/disagreeing. emphasizing. give a specialbonusto all members staff of . moneyprize can be veryusefulfora companywith A =nbitionsto expandbut limitedfinanceto do so. expandthe workforce(how manypeople?who?) .Somesuggestions givenbelow. are Shareyour ideaswith your partner and agreeon a common plan. television.:siness competition sponsoredby the local press. YOURPARTNER WILLSTART. urging) iudging.local government and the local :tamber of commerce. L - '4 = > - 4 4 4 = - @Pensuin Books1996 113 .Youshoulddecide which options to gofor and how much of the moneyto spendon each.000) . Theonly dangerfor competitors.100.1 i tq I ! Company activity: 1 I Main markets: Turnover: Netprofit margin: 1 ! 1 I - Number employees: of 1 -_ -Z -= -_ I \ow decide how you are goingto spendthe f. boostthe trainingbudgetto provideall staffwith increased training. stJccessful and -lsuccessful.You have just won a regional young -.L r 12 COMPANY THEYEAR OF r r r !l t. establish office in your mainforeignmarket an .000 first prize. plan for the Draw up a final investment u'holesum of moneY. YOUwouldlike to: .is for themto spendmoretime on the competition thanon doing business! Yru and your partner together run a successfulsmall business. put the moneyinto a specialfund for eventually buyingout your maiorlocalcompetitor . List your own ideas. organize marketing to a part of the wortdwhich was previousty far and so too a trip too expensive visit to . pay off the company'soverdraft(t27.

Altman Kopp. iudging. believethat your companyshould be a separatefinancialand cost centre .likingand preferring) B Student F l< t:!:- chart or organigram. is involved in negotiations with a competitor. allowing for the following facts: t!= = = = Present Structure of KEP Ltd: M a n a g i n gD i r e c t o r ( f ) C h a i r m a no f t h e B o a r d ( f ) Board of Directors = rLT -i rJ Financ(f) e (f) Administration (f (Fertilisers) ) Production (f (Chemicals) ) Production (f) CorporatePlanning (f Marketing ) f H u m a nR e s o u r c e(s ) Present Structure AltmonKoPP: of Managing Director (f ) Chemicals Division (f Finance ) ( S a l e sf ) (f Marketing ) (f & Administration Personnel ) (f CorporatePlanning ) Financ(f) e ( S a l e sf ) (f) Marketing -J -J Fr -J -J J l-r L-. over a possible merger. alreadyintend to mergeFinanceand Administration o plsn to abolish the Sales Department. YOURPARTNER f = lLl- J J }{ :J :t tt4 Books196 @Penguin :I -l >_l fl D- . you plan to mergeyour productionactivities. bringingit underthe Marketing WILL START. -) H lr-r = >ra trJ : _J I Fr = YOU: o walrt to reduceyour Boardfrom eight to four members .I(EP Ltd. incorporatingit into Marketing .often a simplified is describedin an organization Companyorganization sometimes tor diagramshowingareasof responsibitity keypersonnel. Your company. In an informal meeting.with everythingunder one director Department. you discuss ways to combine the two businesses into a single organization.F 13 COMPANY ORGANIZATION (Declining/rejecting . o woht to abolishCorporate Planning. for the purposesof the organizationchart.

$373m. You talk to someonethere a'oout Conta. South East Asia.p. i I I - i : = : = : = = ) I THEO/A MARTIN Sales& marketing Department Edile I nternational (Singapore Limited ) 48 TanneryRow.p. While many companies hope to sign up orders for goods. number of employees. Then talk about your own company. @ 250 ! zoo 150 = t I 100 I I I @Penguin Books 1996 115 |I . Ask in particular about: . I I t_ i I |l = I \bu are at a trade fair.Sales: Edile S. United States. where the company is based o ov€rS€&ssubsidiaries .Argentina. You visit the stand of a company called Conta Inc.A.Edile S.t 14 COMPANY PRESENTATION t t t L I B Student (Questioning . L I I . most are happy to improve consumer awareness of the company and to promote the corporate image. Property development Italy. using the following profile as a source of key facts. Singapore 1336 Tel747 7676Fax747 7688 Name: Sector: Markets: 199.A. sequencing) rrade fairs are opportunitiesfor individuals and companies to make contacts with potentialcustomers and other professionals in the industry.. Cencon Building. Europe. Intermpt to ask for clarification or additional information whenever you like.

d >-a >.) (continued) Presentation 14 Company Include any of the following additional information: B Student = rJ ) >J lrJ Head ffice: Subsidiaries: Milan. present your own company.{ l- .Germany' UK' Argentina' Singapore.f tr _J -J -J hr :J Lr _J =) . :J :J >-a >-a >-l -J :J >-r :J |l.r : F-r Note: As an alternative. -J -J Fi -J ).United Statesof America (Chicago and New York) and (planned for next year) Brazil and Japan' more than 4. :J _J :J -J -_J >. Texas.-a liJ employees: WorTdwide Current major project: Recent takeover of Bab Ltd (UK).. :l hr J lr :i : L{ a Y _l ) LT -) = Ei 116 Books1996 @Pensuin J .ItalY' Edile International in France.000' new SpaceResearchCentre in Houston. YOU START.! :.

is technologically sophisticated . the company'sproducts . and sequencing. its health.safety and welfarepolicies whileyou listento your partner'sinitialpresentation. welcoming) Student B t L t I I I I S"owing a visitor round your company can be a usefulway of winning customers as well as promoting :-e mage of your company. its computerand telecommunications systems . Then he/she will talk through the tour which you are about to make. i 7 L P L F I .I I I I t I 15 COMPANY TOUR (Greetings farewells. the manager is going to make a short presentation of the main features of the tour.rng to show you.You are at the main plant of the company and one of its managers (your partner) is ::. manufactures quality products . I i I i : = I B ProductionArea 1: ItlunchyCrunchleg : t Y O U: are lookingfor a companywhich: . : = : = I : = I : = I : = I a @Penguin Books1996 tt7 . . 3efore you start.round the site. YOURPARTNER WILLSTART. ask for as much detailas you can on: . He/she will tell you about the company's main products.a subsidiary of a major US :. --:urg the plan below. questioning. has progressivehuman resourcespolicies. a t ? I i > : : u are a potential client of a manufacturer of sweets and chocolates. its history and its .--d company.rganization.

>.J ) 16 COMPANY VISIT (Question . :J >. Telephone your contact to ask how to get inside. Dd :J I r :J -l = >-l You are planning to visit a contact whom you met at a trade fair and who works in a large company which has recently tightened up its security becauseof industrial espionage. can have strictsecurity procedures which you need to know about in advance.Your contact has faxed you a plan of the premises but the bottom half of the page of the fax was eaten by your machine.{ :J = :J = = = lr- YOUSTART. J = = n8 Books1996 @Penguin l . 2 GaFB I Grbc 4 Gal€D :J :J = Fd J = = = Fd F - :J _J :l >- = YOU: a a a a explainthat there was a problemwith the fax find out whereyour contact'sofficeis find out whereto park tind out which gateto use. regretting) ing B Student ) >J rJ _l Before you visit a company.. Some companies. for example those involved in defence. The meeting is tomorrow. it is usefulto check with the person you are visiting about how to get in.f :J :J >-l r = = 'l sati .L.

6 Moke ollmonogers (ompony Poy 0n (ors. fie number 0s 0s for fteorgonizolion possible. L - L 4 I I = WILL START. improveifsbusiness is crganization the bestway to significantly \bu and your partner woke up this morning to find yourselves joint heads of a large international company. evetyone up.) seniff 'senior' in ofloyers Reduce 4 Abolish monogemenl. Deporlment. L . shnd meelings hove shorler. .should up big direclors give youl | Youfieioinl your by officesthe floor estoblhh bose fiemoin on top ond fie floor. Now go through the list and decide together which ones you will implement. on ground PhotocoPier poy. it is losing a lot of money. people when hove ollowoncefiey 7 Abolhh todrive iompony on business.I I L- CULTURE F 17 CORPORATE \r{ B Student t_ 1 I L (Agreeing/disagreeing. YOURPARTNER @PenguinBooks1996 ll9 I . 1 I | = nake it unique. hesitating) forecasting.Unfortunately.'t ' I it E J t_ 1 I I = 5 l-- You may come up with your own ideas as well. fie momenf ofyoul ond 5% 60% employees ofyour monogels ore women. poy bosedleom 2 Abolish individuolintroduce 0n pelformon(e.weor(ompony included 0 oll 8 Moke employees uniform. wilhin nexl lobe for of 3 Aim 50% monogers women the lwo (At yeors. the 5 AbolishPenonnel flyeconomy dos.1 L I tI t= l1 = I monoging .4 i_ . monogers' looPProise = tJ 4 1 4 1 I z r.Somemanagers obseruers believethat changingthe cultureof an and business pertormance. 9 Moke gel subordinofes opproising | 0 In$eod ofmonogers subordinoles.yourselves .You both feel that a major transformation of the culture of the company is needed and you have brainstormed ten possible policies below.

The cost of each option is approximately the same.The manager has been sacked and replaced by a well-knorrn ex-international player with no previous managerial experience. sponsorship would give your company excellent opportunities for advertising the company logo on the team shirt. (Forecasting.In fact.you have already been approached by a committee of local art lovers.Youcan e:rpect two or three home matches to be televised live during the season.You would have free tickets for all concerts to offer to clients and prospective customers.) 18 CORPORATE SPONSORSHIP judging.Now the club is desperately looking for a replacement. Sponsorship would put your company name on concert prograrnmes and on all promotional literature. You and your partner have been made responsible for recommending the best option to the Board. in the weekly match programme and around the grround. One or two of these concerts might be broadcast on national radio each year. The orchestra normally gives six to eight concerts per year. negotiating) urging. Some people say its progrrammes€Iretoo conservative: it rarely plays twentieth century music.There are also good opportunities for corporate hospitality at home matches. seeking your help.Companies give money to sporting.The orchestra has a regional rather than a national reputation but has traditionally been central to local cultural life. The club has large debts. The orchestra currently does not have a permanent conductor. f F- :J I F-- l = = J J _J f . = >{ >{ FILE T The football club in the city where )rour company is based has just lost its sponsor after going down from the national first to the second division at the end of the last season.You are now in a meeting with your partner to decide on the best option. You have shortlisted three possible organizations you could sponsor.The average age of the players (who are employed on a part-time basis) is 49. including some representatives from the city council. almost always in the Toum Hall and another two or three during the city's annual cultural festival. Advanced sales of season tickets are poor and some people are saying that the number of spectators next season could be 2Oo/o dovrn on last year. However. B Student = ld : -J : ld Corporate sponsorship is big business. cultural and charitable organizationsas a way of bringing the company's name and products to the attention of a wider public. :J -l Your company has decidedto spend a large sum of money on somekind of sponsorship.- f F{ :J f FILE 2 The government has reduced the gnant it normally gives to your local city orchestra which as a result will have to disband if it is unable to find money from another source.There €rreno new players in the team. T :I --r -J I{ lv I l{ Ir-) -l -I r-t -J rLl{ H --r Ir{ r{ r20 Books1996 @Penguin :l l{ .

Their activities are not. and so on. The troupe are novvactively looking for a sponsor and would be willing to incorporate the sponsor's name into their own name.You knor that one of the Board members is unhappy about his teenage children attending their performances. you have been advised privately that the troupe could have an international reputation within the next ten years. managed on a shoestring budget but are now receiving invitations to perform elsewhere in the country and even abroad.t ' I ! { l 1 1 1 1 1 1 4 4 -t I -q 1 { FILE 3 Your city is the base for a young troupe of dancers who.i-- 1 I tI L (continued) 18 Corporate Sponsorship t B Student I l. On the other hand. 1- I 1 4 4 I 1 I 4 I r-- I 4 4 { { . have gained a reputation for exciting choreography and irurovative technique.At the moment they have no permanent headguarters. One national newspaper critic hailed them as'the most exciting development in modern ballet in the last twenty years.'The troupe is especially popular with young people: some of their most enthusiastic fans had never previously been to a performance of ballet. So far they have . in a short period of time. and they need money to invest in rehearsal rooms. without contrwersy: there have been complaints about political bias in the themes presented in the dancing and some people have been shocked at what they see on the stage. a > 1 I YOUSTART. to pay an administration manager.{ { @ Penguin Books 1996 r2l . however.

think usang could be usefulfor many(but not all) outsidecontractors maintenance tasks . = l{ H rH H -/ lr -1 lr = = = l- 122 @ Penguin Books 1996 l- .5% plons exisling obondon toupgrode su(cessful ronge soving) toshoreholders soving) byl%(2% rut dividend (2% sovingl.work for a subsidiary of an international company. Allaspects of a company's expenditure should be recorded as costs and good management aims to keep costs to a minimum within an agreed budget. *d rd You. . think the companycan savemoneynow beforea maiorinvestment new years'time venturesin two .000 soving) (2.5% loy 50 off workers soving) (2% from suppliels soving| imporl row more moleriols ofbuying dome$ic in$eod (l soving) lighfing oreos of use energy innon-essenfiol fteplonl % lOw reduce from to22C(2% heoting 25"( soving) produd (3.r' 19 COSTS ANDREDUCING OVERHEADS (Judgingemphasizing . (5% loy I 00 out of off workersof0lotol 1. . . . think that the companygenuinely does needto reduceits workforce . . employ conlrodors lomoinloin equipmenf = = = H - H YOU: in . think safetywould not be affected o realize you will haveto compromise someof theseideas. . forecasting) StudentB a I 4 J J Cosfs include production costs and the costs of selling. = rd + . instructions that costs should be reduced by LUVo Discuss the following options with a colleague and decide which options you would introduce in order to meet the required savings. . think your marketshareis very safeand that customerloyaltyis high o ore sensitlve shareholders'opinions wishes and to .Your head office has sent nextyear. on YOUSTART. .

Customer care is knowing knowingwhatthey want.and keepingcloseto them. explainthe rating system belowto a fellow employee(your partner).- l{ r23 . Your first colleagues think the companyis at the momentso that later on you can compare perceptions customerattitudes with customerattitudes themselves.z L L rL r{ Ll_ LLL 1_ rLra t1 IJ RATII{GS: Excellenl Good Sotisfocfory Disoppoinling Unoccepfoble 5 4 3 2 I t1 t4 IJ How you your do think (uslomersyour role (ompony of: inlems quolity I produc 2 ofter-soles service 3 efficiency 4 friendlinescourlesy ond 5 frequency ofconloct 6 undentonding ofcuslomen'needs 7 personolized service 8 flexibility porlnenhip.lt is important all members business for of organizations thinkabout whotheircustomers and how theycan improvetheir to are seruiceto them. iudging) L- StudentB r LLra \ra L\-{ LLrJ your customers. @Penguin Books196 Lr.- LJ 4 For any rating lower than excellent.reactingto their changing needs.20 CUSTOMER r-a (Questioning . r< LLL-t ' L L_ L L' L L L L L . what can your company do to improve the way customers see the company? YOU START. r Ea IJ IJ tJ LL L. employee of YOU: .then o ?sk the questionsin the customerattitudesurvey below to find out how he/she thinks customersrate his/hercompany'scurrent performance.L ha L{ LCARE L. You are part of a specialtask forceset up by top management improve customer to job is to find out how customer-conscious your carethroughout the company. tocurlomers 9 building long-ferm loyolty | 0 onlicipolion ofcuslomers' needs future )1 )1 t1 IJ n l T T T T T T T T L.

declining/rejecting) iudging. and was dirty.i n tn u m b e r F S B / 4 0 3 9 9 4 / 0 2 1 8 / t 1 -/ >.40 as soon as possible. as your own 1ocal representative himself admitted. LI 1 of + rL I. is impoftantto resolvetheproblemas quicklyand courteously possible.I >-/ *) 21 CUSTOMER COMPLAINT (Blaming.J. I do not receive a satisfactory shall take legal advice. :l :J _l _J :J :J >r _J r l-/ l-/ D-J >-J F-r >-J 7 ./ rv -u -J -J -1 IJ 4 /ou^ Cameron t24 Books1996 @Penguin -F -J ^F I _E 1 -/ H . negotiating. with the transportation The a r r a l i tL J v yuqrr Fr =1 _) _'''''''' lr t __1 |E.. basic facilities "if insufficient snow in 2 Your brochure also says that to c1ose.n -/ >-r I London NW2 5PG ' // F ehr l l A r v 199- I r l -J >rf Customer Relations Surl r u ! o u / n r S L ' i h r o eulqrr \ Itvf Manager D a-l I . Tf I reply within seven days.1 "February I have just returned from one of your so-ca11ed skiing breaks" extremely disappointed with your company's service for the following reasons.o' b p -A' v e n u e .6 E I ^ ' l j u q )\ r a l 27 Porthill Road Oxford OX4 2AR H o l i d n v r t r e t r . we were not provided promised. You have just returned from a skiing holiday and have written the following letter of complaint to the company which organized the package. t / r . your resort causes lifts a n d /o r s k i s c h o o l we'11 do our best to arrange free coach transport to another resort where skiing is possible. 1 The two-star hotel descrj-bed in your brochure as a "comfortable family-run hotel" in fact offered only The food was poor. B Student as it Whena customer complains. Yours faithfully -!r . .r -) Fr -l l- I I uear ^ 51r/ Ivlaoam. 3 P e n n v '* l. I should therefore be grateful if you would arrange for me to receive the sum of 8691. a S ^ L I l w so bad that I feel that you should refund me the whole cost of the holiday. >-.D: ^ Lr v f 1 jf r u a. ." Although skiing conditions were so poor on three days out of sj-x that the skiing was unsafe.j . .

YOURPARTNER WILL START. a a I i i I ) i !- I I i Books1996 @Penguin t25 . .(continued) 21 Customer Complaint YOU: StudentB r ?re unhappybecauseyou had really neededa breaklrom a very stressfuljob and found the hoteland the skiing conditionsbelowyour expectations . definitelyfelt that it was unsafeto ski at least half the time you were there e would settle for less than you have claimedin your letter.but want Super you have been Skibreakto offer significantcompensation the inconvenience for caused.

Occasionattyother problems arise where the goods in a particular consignment do not match the description given to customs authorities. urging expressing regretting) B Student = - ts:- Frontier delays are usually caused by errors in the documentationaccompanying goods. > Ir- You are a customs official at a frontier check. YOURPARTNER !r< l-r ltd lrf L-f J f-f J J f-f ]-f J 126 @ Penguin Books 1996 -l J r{ J r{ I r{ l rl . . The lorry is carrying electronic components and printed circuit boards. lE t< L< a a discoveredthat the electroniccomponentsinvolvedrequiredan export licence and the driverdid not haveone intend to searchthe lorry to examinethe cargo in detail in the next few days. YOU: L- >.F HOLDUP 22 CUSTOMS (Questioning amazement. The driver has been arrested and is now in police custody. has been stopped.The lorry has been held for further examination of the cargo.This processsometimes takes severalmonths of cannotdiscussthe possibilityof speedingup the release the vehicleover the meeting. .althoughyou could be willingto arrange face-to-face l-r l< F i- WILLSTART.the police havetaken him away the will not release lorry untilyour boss says you can.A lorry from Allen Deal Inc. You are very busy at the moment do not know where the driver is . a phone.

L - 23 EMPLOYEE MORALE (Urgingsequencing . Your partner will also tell you about the points which he or she has noted. of meet to devise a stratery to ensure that employee morale remains as high as possible during the period of downsizing. YoU want ro: 1 introduce full consultation with the trade unions on future redundancies a Z !_ . particular the in5 increase housemagazine.1 U4 Z I Z -_ - pay 2 introduceperformance-related for all staff programmes all staff for 3 promisetraining-for-all training-for-life and plansfor all staff involvingfull consultation 4 createcareerdevelopment with each individual member staff in for fundingfor the Communications Department.1 1 .whileat the same time expecting theiremptoyees providea high levelof customer to the care. in the Human Resourcesdepartment of a company which is in the proces. You and your partner. choosethe five key actions for your stratery in order ofpriority. Then.Maintaining moraleof the management challenge. Tell your partner about the following list of five strategic actions which you have drawn up. . @Pensuin Books1996 127 . > I 7 4 7 I I I 1 I I 1 1 I . agreeing/disagreeing) B Student t = l-_ 9 - Many companiesare reducingthe size of the workforce.s reducing its workforce by 20Vo. together.1 1 YOUSTART.

J vr{ r28 Books1996 @Penguin r- . welcoming. It is the first time you have gone to his/rer home town. involving prominent people from the company or the region. Change any aspects of the programme that your partner is not happy about. : F-. Offer some top quality corporate entertainment. you telephone your partner to invite him/her to your home town.) >-a >-l F{ I I You are visiting a business partner for the first time. . YOUR PARTNERWILL START. before you finally begin to talk about business.J _H . Check that your guest is pleased with your ideas. in other cases. Your partner telephones you to discuss a three day social programme. Some weeks later. others.J . -J :J I Corporate entertainmentis often an important part of building good relations with businesspartners. entertainmentmay be more personaland informal. YOU START. introducing and self and questioning. including a private concert by local musicians sponsoredby your company. Entertainmentmay be formal and highly planned. -J I -J -J >-l -J >-r -J = = = F{ :J : l{ -J I ti F{ :J I ll I}{ :J I -J r{ L{ t{ I I t{ t{ :J r{ -) IJ :l -F .) LJ -) 24 ENTERTAINING VISITORS (Greetings farewells. YOU: o ?hSWer your partner's questions. Plan a single day's formal entertainment for your guest. sequencing) B Student I _l >-l >-.

There is no doubt that this will become a major activity of companies in the future.d L LLr{ rJ IJ YOURPARTNER WILLSTART. m0re environmentolly friendly ' L1 L r r L r Lr L. | 3 In$ollofion glozing ofdouble ftroughouf. wo$e for ond (before 2 Seporole bins botteries reryding). | 4 Incenlives loencouroge lofrovelwork public employees lo fionsporl fton rofter by by ror. 9 Apolicyturningoll of off electric inuno(cupied lights r00ms. 7 Adoily sheet oll record for photocopies mode. @ PeneuinBooks 1996 r29 . t L . As part of a campaign to make your company more environmentally friendly. r L 1 L. urging agreeing/disagreeing) . your | 5 Any suggeslionsyou your ofter whkh ond portner offer moke offices con lo pl0(es. of plonl every 6 An indoor on desk.Some companies are carrying out environmentalaudits.d L Lr{ L r. others are publishing environmentalaccounts which try to measure this impact. | 0 Punishmenl ofemployees lights inunoaupied who leove on rooms. | | Use low of energy bulbs ligh throughod fiebuilding. Look together at the following suggestions and prioritize them. B Student More and more companies are becoming concerned about the effect their activities have on the natural environment. woste for (before poper the 5 Use recyded for phohropier. photocopyingper quolo deporlment by25%the of 8 Adoily loreduce number pholocopies mode. ' . 12 Reductionlemperofure ftroughout ofthe by 5"( the building.L r r r r r r r r r r r r r r . 4 Seporote bins gloss reryding). 25 ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY OFFICE (Sequencing . rl ld rJ L. wo$e for (before 3 Seporofe bins newspopers wosle for ond mogozines lecyding). I Seporole bins poper plosfics. you and your colleague have been made responsible for improving the environmental balance in the office block where you both work.

. elc. for women . fullemployee wilh work. More ottitude woment ofdofiing.wagesand salaries. correctinglikingandpreferring) have rulesor legislation and is Equatopportunities an area wheremanycompanies many states or designedto protectspecificgroups from discrimination unfair treatment. least important) to createan enlightenedand progressive F F >t{ E l- E>- >. leove iob posilions. In discussion policy for employment. liberol lowords choice E tl T E E tl T E E T -l- f- l- YOUSTART. . Iniloduce fime{obling flexible . inlernol dghts. crdche . 58o/o the 400 companyemployeesare women of positionsare held by women o onf| 5o/o management of leave. (from the most important to the prioritize the following suggestions with a colleague. lmprove fioining encouroging loopply internol opportunilies. [ncourogeporl{ime iob-shoring. womento returnto work after maternity . Er l- l- l- -t- l- 130 @ Penguin Books 1996 f- . Provide fodlifies. lmprove molernily wififull secudty. . Sel qu0l0 femole represenlolion inmonogemenf for o condifons. securityand working contract. .positionof womenin the company. n opportu itiespolicies. horossmenl . the Chairman has said he wantsto improvethe positionof womenin the company. Apromise monogemenl reporls l0inve$igole ofsexuol from . EEtEEtEEFFlf- leove. more (flexilime}.Such areas as termsof job are conditions affectedby equal career prospects. to group which must producerecommendations the Board on waysto You are part of a discussion improvethe. Note that: . Actively ofler molernity lo women en(ouroge lorelurnwork loking promolions. (orporole tobe hotossmenlinduded slolemenl 0n sexuol immediotely. .- 26 EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES StudentB !F- (Agreeing/disagreeing . the companyhas no policyon encouraging only a very small numberdo return consequently . inemployment .

declining/rejecting) B Student L L L L L - .freedom to buy ingredients 1oca11y.rc.L- r - L f{ - 27 FRANCHISING (Judging. L - r L l{ \bu are an area manager for a franchising company. Looking forward D ^ ^ + ! e D L .ranchising is running a business which appears to be part of a chain of similar businesses. ^:+^ llow wcln exbra. A. in a medium-sized town. Av pre*vrt sizc..each with :ne same name. . Ld Ld Storro Rn'i I orr rJ Ld YOURPARTNER WILLSTART. no rduottbn po*ible. seating? Grqnt poosible. .A franchiseepays a '. a r l r fr J lrrrcinoqe tLn v Eet ! u u T yI n u ' not monthly.Eet Up to send more information on market trends . \bu have a meeting with the manager of one of them.anchisor a fee and in return gets advice and support on how to run the business. image and ethos. I would like to talk about the following agreement changes to our present which is due for renewal in the Spring of next year: . ooo per year . clubs . similar products and a similar marketing strategy. a J W / O (^0/ ^e^h+ E ! 4 I r L tLo w A I rU d s V W a D tLh Ie I g Costs U V o L r of devploni. You need to sort out someproblems.lhen 5'1ooh less " fee .^ u u v u r v l / f l r B +L^ L I I E D I L s . You realize you will have to compromise on some issues. rJ L rJ LL LL L' LL' rd L' LJ }J Ld Dear Mr Cook.) r E B 4 r U D ^ to a successful meeting. which has over 300 fast food outlets. Following our recent conversation. \bu have received the following letter .a reduction in the franchise fee from the present $so.Eet Up -to run more on--site staff h r ^ E P drr a + j4 n n f v I I na L P ! idenbi\ and unifprnity is e*enbial! training. r V T D p Srrch D u aS combi-nations with theatres.Eet Up. I write to confirm the points for discussion at our meeting next month. cinemas.depeMe on size.Oky r ! ou n v ! r t p ^ L n! f v n s n L U ! y u lsl ! a T | . IJ Ld @Penguin Books1996 131 . O. correcting. but do not want to give much away. Inpxeibbl: grand . Posoiblet . L L.you have added some points showing your thoughts.^ . t - r L t-{ r{ L r IJ t4 L. Cook Area Manager (Franchise Agreements) Eet Up Park Grove London SW152RT 22 November L9- L 1 L 1 L L)-1 L LL. F ^ +L ! E TP ^ +V T ^ U L Nol ^-^^ D P V I T D V f D P E L J A J j ^'1 n ! r oVmu o t iL J V o l n S . hesitating. knowing.^ . etc .

. emphasizing. C h e m i c a Lt e a k f r o m a f a u L t y H a s t e p i p e ' ApriL 4: C h e m i c a LL e a k : u n d i t u t e d c h L o r i n e t4ay 19= a g e n t s p o Lt u t e d n e a r b Y r i v e r Roof bLown of f storage dePot i n a JuIy 2. storm.F ANDSAFETY 28 HEALTH urging) permitting. February 17:. Not discovered for two hours' ReceivedhospitaI treatment0ctober 16= Lorry crashes i n desPatch areaW it n e s s e s s a y d r i v e r u t a s g o i n g t o o f a s t . The operator llas not quatified to use a fork Lift. Two trorkers injuredFire on a rubbish tiP. (Obliging. You have a meeting with a colleague to discuss ways to improve the situation. many have their own Companies are controlled by legistation poticiesto ensure that heatth and safetyissues are constanttymonitored and improved where necessary. F t- F F F = F J a n u ar y 1 2 = C a s u a I w o r k e r e L e c t r o c u t e d b y f a u t t y wiring.l- _E Lr r32 Books1996 @Pensuin L . StudentB = = l- >- affecting heatth and safety. basicallyagreethat maior improvements necessary money o ?re not keen on spendinga lot of than employingfull'time. A L o t o f d a m a g ec a u s e d t o vehicte: driver unhurt. otherwise the company may be forced to close. think casuatlabourand fart-time labouris much cheaper workers e or€ preparedto make radicalchangesit there could be improvementsin productivitywhich cover the increasedGosts in on commitments improvements workingconditions o or€ reluctant makemanyshort-term to or training. YOU START. worker February15= Fork tift accident hospitaLized. ttorker faIts off a roof whiIe carrying out a rePair. August 23= re 2 = N i g h t s e c u r i t y m a n a t t a c k e d b Y Septemb intruder. Employee representatives and gorr"rr*urrt officials have demanded immediate improvements.trained . F- >FFF FFF Ft\r E >F F YOU: are . The following is an extract from a report on incidents concerning health and safety in recent months. ln addition. F FF !!. Your company has a very bad record on health and safety.

think of a name . liking . news and photographsof new recruits o news and photographsof recentretirements . featurespresentingthe work of individualdepartments o colrlp?lly sports news.social club news. to Youmust: . You have been given a free hand to draw up a set of recommendations submit to seniormanagement. You and your partner are members of a small task force formed to upgrade your company's in^housejournal. interviewswith senior executives . identifythe objectivesof the magazine .ioint ventureagreements r roGeht productlaunches. I '1 i ! I = ! I > - V Z i > I = V L = 4 : L 4 L -4 I = @penguinBooks 1996 r33 . teaturespresenting individualemployees . I = !I >.HOUSE MAGAZINE (Agreeing/disagreeing andpreferring . decideon the pagesize.t- 1 t 4 L 4 L F tI 29 IN. For the content.000(editorial. newsof futureproductplans Can you think of anything else which should be included? YOUR PARTNERWILL START. draw up a budgettor a magazine with a circulation 5.decidewhich of the following you think shouldor shouldnot appear in eachissue: o ? trless?ge from the Chairmanof the company r teC€ht salesfigures o otherfinancialinformation relatingto the company's performance .lt can serue to inform staff members of important company devetopmentsand encourage them to identify with corporate objectives. future plansfor expanding contracting workforce or the o r€Ger|t acquisitions. of designand productioncosts).news from the company'svarious clubs and associations . decideon how often the magazineshould appear . numberof pagesand generallook . tradeunion news o ? sulrllrlaryof coverageof the companyand its products in the nationaland press specialized . measuring calculating) and Student B L 1 t e f_ I 1 !I - An in-house magazine can be an important toolfor internal communication.

looking odynomic. Then assessthem reasons ona scale of 1 to b: where 1 = most useful in a job interview. as to of use interuiews a combination approaches discover muchas Look at the followingjob advertisement: = F F { F F IUIAI{AGER MARKEIING compony young developmenl An exponding sofhvore office wiftib wilh employees. preferobly plonning. YOURPARTNER 134 @ Penguin Books 1996 )- . Hypothetical (H). classify the following interview questions into three groups: PersonaV psychologicat(PP).t-a fl TECHNIQUES 30 INTERVIEW ng) isagreei ng/d (Judgng. Give for your assessments. agreei i B Student = ts J J F l- asked. what you do to resolve the situation? 8 i{ow do you see the future of the computing industry in ten years'tfme_? your present job? I Can you-describea particular project that y6u have been closely involved with in LF F F F F F F !- = F WILL START.Many and the typeof questions of techniqueaffectsboththe styte an interuiew tnteruiewing possible aboutthe applicant. in your 1 Can you give an example of a situation where you have been in conflict with colleagues present job or in a previous job? 2 bo yon enjoy working alone or do you prefer teamwork? 3 How does yoot "*p"rience until to* p""pure you for the work in this company? 4 How does your family feel about your relocation to London? food sector b Given your lack of experience in software development your background is in the is this likely to be a problem? 6 What do you do when you need to relax? would n I If a product you were responsible for was obviously failing in a particular market. heod inLondon 950 ond Rofierdom siles wifh ond produclioninlondon. inorelevont F { F lF F F lF ond lor 0800 Ielephone 5656 osk forluilher Professionol Freephone form. and 5 = Dot useful at all. indirecl ond wilh experience selling sfiolegic seclor. groduole ombitious for is Poris. ond detoils onopplkotion F I F F F With your partner.Academic and Profes-sional Background (AP).

write to Box XPAl475 at this newspaper now.we're partingon good terms after five yearsbut I need a replacement FASTlf you'vegot what it takesto be PA to a well-knownfilm directo. Englishand one other language fluenily o |ou can type.-a L L rJ LL L L rd L r L L LLL rJ LLLLL' L' IJ And remember:this is the chanceof a lifetime . No previous film industry experience required. HELP! MY PA IS LEAVING ME! In fact. Peoplewhoapply for a job are job appticants.You alsowant to know more about the job: .L r. You will shortly. H tE 4 MEGA MEDIA ENTERTAINMENT 7I GracechurchStreet LondonN1 lQA Tel: 01712227548Fax: 0171 358 6037 Berlin .San Francisco Thank you for your recent advertised post.-t f-l LLL-a L' } . .Paris . application for the hear from us very Ld H H H H H H Linda Devito tLd -d YOUSTART.sell yourself! o |ou speakyour own language. Youusuallymake an appticationby replyingto an advertisement. travel:how much and whereto? hours:typicalworkinghours? p?|: bonusesdependon what? wh?t are the main problems? the nameof the director! ary otherdetailsyou would like to have. and have good word processingexperience o |ou havea cleandriving licence o |oU are hard-working. o o r . Call the current personal assistant(your partner)to find out what has happened your to application. You saw the followingjob advertisementin the newspaper five weeksagoand immediatelysent your letter of application. 31 JOBAPPLICATION (Questioning. urging) Student B U U L Lt-a E{ A iob applicationis a formalrequestfor a job.Good salary(performance-related). @Penguin Books1996 135 ld . L-a L-a L' rJ LrJ L rJ Lrd U rd L rJ Lrd Lf.Rome .New York . flexibleand havegood communication skills o |ou can start tomorrow.London .Sincethen you have heard nothing apart from the acknowledgement below.

YOU START.if you don't get on with one group of people.And there's more mobility within the organization.your partner prefers small. Use the arguments below to help you win the argUment. = = = In this activity. F E- F F !r t- ttr F F tF F F F t! ts F F = t= 136 Books1996 @Peneuin E . you are going to debate with your partner the advantages of working for large and small companies. B Student l- = = l- = A company's workforcemay range in size from one employee to tens of thousands of peopte. 4 People in big companies earn more money. others prefer to be part of a large organization. Add your own arguments to the discussion. 2 Inabig company. 6 People who work in big companies are not afraid of competing with large numbers ofother able and talented people. = = F F. Some people prefer to work in smatt companies. It's more stimulating. 9 You've got more chance of realizing your full potential in a big company' You also think that .you can get a transfer to another department. .there are more people to meet. 3 There's more opportunity for specialization in a big company. 8 The advantages of working in a big company are more resources. 7 Big companies are stronger during downturns in business. iudging. more opportunities. 5 You feel proud of belonging to a company which has a national or even an international reputation.You're less likely to lose your job becausethe company is less likely to go bust. .bigger responsibilities.= VERSUS SMALL 32 LARGE COMPANIES correcting) (Likingandpreferring. YOU believe the following arguments: 1 In a big company.You prefer large companies.

t_tt-t-l-a !-. LL YOURPARTNER START. negotiating) L_- Cashflow considerations sometimes may createdifficutties wherenaturally one companywants paymentbut the otherprefersto delayas long as possible.33 LATEPAYMENT INVOICE L-J Student B l-a l-a IJ ttt La tJ g (Urging. immediate It is now January 7th. Terms: 30 daysfromdateof invoice.ooo $US 567 t_ IJ t1 t_ t_t_ t_ t_ tt_ 4 4 4 'J \J d TOTAL NOWDUE Bankdetails: KWAN Services Current account 70852406 No. t-a KWAN SERVICES 450-58JalanBukit Bintang 55100 Kuala Lumpur.4 t4 IJ 4 Ld \-J @ PenguinBooks 1996 . Jefan Melaka200.t_ l-J LOF L. L o th€ reportasuppliedby KWANcametwo weeks laterthan they promised agreeto pay before you |ou have policy of paying60 days from invoicedate(but sometimes 60 days). The creditor calls to ask about your intentions regardingthe payment. Zealand New 2 December991 Ref. WILL L t3'7 rd t4 .567 4 4 L LLL YOUnotethat: L_.Yourorderdated24 September Singapore Market Analysis Consultancy Report Fee: Expenses: $Us4. Malaysia. Malaysia (03) 77878779 Fax (03) 77878562 Telephone t_ 'J !-I IJ t-t-t_t-' t IJ INVOICE Arndale Promotions 112Depot Row PO Box4567 Auckland. Branch Sorting Code:20-99-56 Credit BankInternational. Kuala Lumpur. $US4.r |ou havecashflowproblems . emphasizing . You have not paid the following invoicefor services receivedin November.

F{ X l AND 34 MANAGEMENT LEADERSHIP FORWOMEN SKILLS (Urgingnegotiating . YOU START.) to help the course participants to learn how to handle each situation better. B Student -l F{ :t T{ t{ Companies and training organizationsare increasingly offering courses especially for women. for example in leadership skittsand assertiveness. game' discussion' case study . 4 Managing men. You have identified five problem areas to look at during the course. 2 Handling former colleagues who are jealous of your success' 3 Managing employees who are older than you.in order to help women increasetheir setf-confidenceand their belief in their own ideas and actions in professional and personal situations.l- _) 1 _ J 138 @ Peneuin Books 1996 = 'i . 5 Supervising a closefriend. . . a training idea (role play. simulation. L Dealing with a team member who is not pulling his or her weight. as part of the company's overall employee development progTamme. _J :I :I :J FJ = D{ -J F{ = -{ J :t f = = = = = = = = = = H :J -J = = F- = = 'H _l -J . agreeing/disagreeing) . You and your partner are helping with the design of a new training progTammewhich will eveniually be followed by all female employees who are managers or who have management potential. Decide with your partner: e the best way to handle these problems .

judging agreeing/disagreeing) . rank them in order of importance: . confidence decisions inmoking o Gon(errwell-being employee the b fie boflomon for ofevery fiom top of orgonizolion . StudentB 1 1 = = . supporlive fomily . abilityplon understond objecives to ond corporote . willingnes up 60hours towork to oweek .4 1 I I 1 1 I . experience ofmonogemenl indu$riolseclors indifferenl . obilitydelegote to r E tl T E E E E T E E tl T tl tl r YOUSTART. obilityunderstond ofcompony to detuils ottivity . (ommilmenl money lomoking . technicol knowledge . highly educotedcuhured ond individuolwithrongepersonol wide of interests . obilityget wellwifi to on colleogues . partner.t-1 L 1 I L- 35 MANAGEMENT QUALITIES (Sequencing . shble ond heolth psychologirol moke-up . fa I J t Y @Penguin Books1996 r39 . obilitymotivote to .Teambuitdingusuatty aimsto cover a range of qualities one individuat as cannothavi att thepositivei"r^ge^"nt attributes. obilitymoke lough people to .1 I I I -_ I 4 4 4 l!!\ditficult to find universal agreement the specific on personatity and professional characteristics whichmak3 a good manager. knowledge world ofthe .

You work for a marketing consultancy.5 2.6 3. YOURPARTNER 140 Books1996 @Penguin : : F-a l- td :J :J :) ) Ld :J =- .Here are the preliminary results: === = E != l- PRELIMINARY REPORT Number of respondents: 1. You carry out a survey using a questionnaire left in hotel rooms.butthe techniques'used gitner is and seruices better. comfort.000 completed forms.4 2. Seethis researchas only a first step and think more researchis needed would like to conduct telephoneinterviewswith hotel guests a week after their stay havethe addressesand phone numbersof 825 of the respondents the think that in your experience scores should be around 2.: 2. likingandpreferring) StudentB h d = { = sometimes employexternalconsultants carryout marketresearchto help themtargef to Companies to products market research very useful.8 2. WILLSTART.9 F.1 -) F-r ll -J J -) >r I Beds: Room service: Valuefor money: Breakfast: Dinnerlrestauront: J J }{ :J :ir YOU : e o . After receiving more than 1. do not havedetailson what percentage the guests completedthe forms but you think more of than 50olo did .A hotel chain with several hotels and restaurants has asked you to run a survey of custcmer opinions on the quality of service provided in their establishments. decor.147 Survey technique: Customers staying in your hotels were asked to complete a form which was left in hotel rooms. etc.= J RESEARCH 36 MARKET (Questioning.0 3. = l- tAnalysis purposeof visit: by Business:787o Private/tourism:22Vo Analysis by duration of visit: Onerught:48Vo Zngh'a: 33Vo 3 nghts: lU%o More than 3 nghts:9%o Analysis by servicesused: Bed & Breakfast onlv: 65Vo Evening meal:35Vo Quality Assessment: I = outstanding 2 = very good -- tr t< tr -l F >-f J J = average { = poor 5 = very bad Welcomeon arrival: Quality of service at reception: F acilities available from reception: Rooms.1 3.F25 to indicatea satisfactory levelof performance . did not detect much differencein results betweenhotels in the group. you analyse results and send a preliminary report to the Marketing Manager of the hotel group.Some informationhave to be carefullydesigned.0 2. .

what companythey represent.t- I I t I 37 MARKET SURVEY (Questioning . lbu are walking alongthe street and are not in a greathurry. don't like giving information awayfor nothing . You agteeto answerhis/her questions. YOURPARTNER WILLSTART. Someone conductinga market is survey. likingandpreferring) = I StudentB I ! t t t L a a t t 1 - Marketresearch the activityof cottecting is information aboutconsumers and what consumers wantand need. @Penguin Books1996 141 .Thisinformation usedto helpproducethe goodsand seruices is whichwill ensuresuccessfor the company. 7 a = - i I J i t I i. 1 t = a t t t a = t - YOU: o wdrt to know who is asking you the questionsand why they are asking. don't like beingaskedanythingpersonal. the surveyis anonymous if and if you will receiveany junk mail .

o . iudging) StudentB Y L = with discussion of of One definition a meetingis:the gatheringtogether a groupof peoplefor a controlled of elements a meetingare: a specificpurpose.sually minutes(writtenby the secretary). supplier from overseas sell for him/her. B ?.- ARRANGEMENTS 38 MEETING (Obliging. Jo Grand Hotel ts | 5 Wednesday CallAlex1o. Excelsior Folel | 8 Saturday F |.- tr I 9 Sunday >i l= WILLSTART. YOURPARTNER F ts t r42 Books1996 @Penguin F .The essential c o . Here are your appointmentsfor next week: = I F I = E F ts F fl F | 3 Monday l6Thursday F big TlanGroupMeet'inq A 4n-6 4n F F F F F F 4 | 4Tuesday FKD Meelinqwith .allday.^.3O Marie ?.^. 17 Friday Meef. problemsolving. YO U : r ?cceptthat your sales performance has not been brilliant o ?re very busy and have severalmore importantand more successfulproducts on your mind . :il F I - calls about someproductsthat you A You are an agentfor electricalgoods. urging. do not reallywant a meeting o would preferto discuss things by phone. declining/rejecting.idea-gathering training or a purpose: pointsto be discussed dDaQelda:the listof the and the othermembers the the members: chairperson. B Meet. secretary the d ESUII: outcomeof the process the a report: u.

for the company's The of is employees._ |I ' (Knowing. thecompany's values . the company's policyon the environment towards countries the and the of developing world . and in whichdirectionit wantsto oo.sequencing. a ) i i a a a a a a a a a a ! a I I @Penguin Books1996 143 .urging. anything youthinkis important.3e MtsstoN |l Student B . the usetulnessol the company'sproductsand servicesin the community = i i . else YouR PARTNER wrLLsrART. about a dozen sentences lone.Your task is to draft a first version of tn" statement for circulation.whatit it believesin. You and your partner both work for the same international company. the company's objectives .You have been given the job of producing an effective mission statement for your company. i e i = = = !l J ll Your draft could include statementsabout: .l I sTATEMENT . obiective the missionstatement to define.---l . customers its and itsshareholders whatkindof organization is. thecompany's principles personnel on . is purposeand future activities an of of organization. the company's policies quality on customer on and care . permitting) iudging. A mission statement a statement the aims.

The total of what you receive is called your remuneration package. l-. Until now. Now. you do not want to appearto be too uncooperative.000 s10.650 s20. the company wants to cut the range of benefits being offered and wants to bring earnings under tighter control. however.you play the role of an executive talking to your partner who is a personnel manager in the company where you both work.600 $1.200 s950 s300 s200 s200 gr 50 s4t. = = il = In this exercise. Some senior managers receive very generous fringe benefits from their companies.Someof them will be moreexpensive you haveto pay for them yourself.= 40 PAY VERSUS BENEFITS (Negotiating . others prefer to receive pay plus other kinds of benefit. I E -J llr -zl l t-4 I I I >r -/ I J : Fr ) t-. Look at the information below and discuss with your partner how your remuneration package can be altered. declining/rejecting .250 sI.200 s1. urging) B Student = = = = Most employees get some benefits from their employer in addition to their basic pay.500 91.200 F F tstr Fr{ l- eer 'tsr tr Lr rd ri- { I L YOU : e woht to increase overallvalueof your new package the r ?r€ not very happy with the way the performance-related elementof your pay is assessedand you do not want this part of the package be more important to than in the past o appreGi?te enjoythe rangeof fringe benefitsyou currentlyreceiveand do not want to lose and too manyof them. if o or€ awarethat the companyis currentlyreducingits workforceand severalof your colleagues haverecentlybeenmaderedundant. So YOURPARTNER WILLSTART. F = Gurrent package per annum Base salary Performance-related bonus last year (Note: maximum possible PRBwas Company car and private use of petrol Long-term disability cover Subsidized lunches Employer contributions to company pension fund Private medical insurance Parking Life assurance Annual health screening Financial planning Health club membership Total 920. which together are worth much more than the salary alone. the company has offered its more senior managers a wide range of benefits in addition to basic salary. Some people prefer to receive just money for the work they do.000) $3.'| t44 @ Penguin Books 1996 !- I "-) I I .

l L r{ t I - Evaluationand appraisal are used to ensure that emptoyees develop their fult potentiat within the company'Accurate assessment is vital in determiningpay. For six months he respondedwell to the promotion and continued to be a valued employee. Three monthsago he was disciplinedfor assaulting colleague.4 LLlL. @Penguin Books 1996 t45 = d = = .The offer was refused. You have a meeting with a colleagueto discussan employeewho is doing badly at work.-a = 4 YO U: . He was wamed as to his future conduct. fearlworry. career development and the company's commitment to individuals. blaming telling expressing . He was promoted to chargehand18 months ago. Last week he failed to arrive on Monday and Tuesday. Here is an internal report on the employeeinvolved: ' a EMPLOYEE PERFORMANCE EVALUATION & HEALTH REPORT STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL Name: Sex: Position: John Casenove M Lineoperator/Chargehand 4 1 1 4 1 I History John casenovejoined the company three years ago. .L L{ Ef-L- 41 PERFORMANCEAPPRAISAL (Emphasizing your .He was offered counselling by the company counselling service.low absenteeism and excellent inter-personalrelations. Recent problems casenove beganto arrive late for work and was frequently absent. YOUSTART. For eighteenmonths his record was above average.vetoing) Student B LLL \. feel the companyshouldsupportan employee who usedto be highlyreliable . 1 I LI 1 { You are a manager in a production company. do not think the companyshouldsack Mr Casenove r would preferthe followingoptions: a) offer him additionalresponsibilities b) persuade him to use the companycounselling service c) warn him that indiscipline continuedabsenteeism or could cost him his job d) find out if he has seenhis doctor.A supervisor'sreport said he appeareddepressed and uninterested. -1 I = I = .with a good level of performance..he was late on Thursday and on Friday he incorrectly completedwork record forms. was a He fined one week's wages. - l{ t I - L- < I .

Repeat the task with another topic if you like. use shott sentencesand a clear structure. you must ask one'or two questions.I 42 PRESENTING INFORMATION (Sequencing .You have two minutes to prepare your presentation. At the end your partner will ask you one or two questions. questioning) StudentB I I Presenting information is a skill requiring clear organization and concise description. Afterwards. tourism yourcountry in . Then ask your partner to present some information to you. Keep your presentations simple. changes business in . = = I b l- E = I F h l- h L- ttl- ts l- F l- lr- 146 @Penguin Books1996 t- . = = i Topics: . a hobbyyou enioy o corTtpolly organization YOUSTART. I Give a three-minute presentation on one of the topics below. industry yourregion in o sorrething boughtrecently you .

your interview. In You are sent to interview a companyrepresentative. sponsoredby environmental o supportyour paper'scampaign environmental on groups pressure . uences. Obvious of problems KADare poorstandard pipemaintenance. especiatty company. why it happenedand what the companyplans to do to stop any repetition. Leakdetection systems available. in .000. o KADspends little on environmental protection. are poordesign. 45 pollutionincidents the pastten years.Chlorine and You are a journilist investigating a seriouspollution incident at a chemicals other bleachingagentsleakedfrom a factory into the local river and killed hundredsof fish. The following briefing sheetwill help you: = -t 1 4 { 4 I IJ t I TO POLLUTION RIVER CHEMICAL - ' t I 4 Company:KAD Ltd lncident:20October Background protection at . o No otherfactories the areausechlorine bleaching agents. StudentB -t haveof a in with the imagethatsocietyin generaland customers particular is Publicrelations concerned image a good corporate to targerones. Safety at and supervision the plantduringthe weekendis practically .find out what happened.1 1 11{ I RELATIONS ANDPUBLIC 43 PRESS vetoing) (Judgingknowing. Former safety. or in o Manypeoplewant the plant closed down. Localpeoplehavealwaysbeenconcerned about poor safetyand environmental the plant. at o Costof cleaning rivercouldbe f 100. don't like the chemicals protection. know that many of your readersopposethe factory . throughtheirproducts. too non-existent' . rH l-- / L Y r l-J E f-i @ Penguin Books 1996 r47 . brandnamesand logos.J l- - r{ )J l)1 L )4 l)4 L IJ E 4 L rd YOU: industry . . havecriticized employees .but many others work there. YOUSTART. Badpublicityof any kind can haveserious of formedthroughattentionto all aspects publicrelations. commercialconseq factory. is of personnel.Thereputation a company seruices. when it happened.are veryconcerned develop Attcompanies. . Fifteenyearsago a gas leak caused panic in the area and the companywas closedfor six weeks. . t IJ t l-a l L r. agreeing/disagreeing.

Your product: . so you want the endorsement of someonewith whom teenagers will identify strongly. is coachedby her father . Christina Wahlstrdm is 17 . You are worried that she would create a bad image for your products. bF tF - Er F= l- F F f- F EF tr YOU: o ?re readyto sign a deal worth $t/zmwith the right person o w?[t reassurance about Wahlstrtim'simage the . forecastingurging) B Student r1 F EF F When famous peopte endorse products. . You are interested in the possibility of her endorsing a new line of tennis shoe which you wish to promote. Persuade WILLSTART. incorporates a revolutionary new kind of sole which gives extra bounce. has already attracted a lot ofpress coveragebecause of her fiery temper on and offcourt. is a new tennis shoe in a range of pastel colours which you want to promote heavily in the teenage market . your partnerof your views. a rising young Swedish tennis star. F F You are promotional director for a leading manufacturer of sports and fashion footwear. don't want to talk too much about how long it will taketo complete tests on the product. is very expensive. they say in advertisements that they approve of them and encourage people to buy them.F ENDORSEMENT 44 PRODUCT (Negotiating . You are going to have a meeting with the agent (your partner) who represents Christina Wahlstr6m. (Tests are not yet complete but you are keen to rush the product to market in time for the new season) . You know that: . has reached the quarter finals at Wimbledon and the semi-finals of the Australian Open . YOURPARTNER F F tF t= F fl F E= F ->- 148 Books1996 @Penguin .lift and speed of turn.

PASODO TOQTJThIHO 2OO TORRESVEDRAS 007893 P'ORTUGAL FNA)C 61 324288 351 TEk 351 6156nA* FOR THE ATTENTION OF: Robin Keeler. You recently sent them the fax below. this Bestregards. )roductiondelayscan be causedby many factors fromthe non-delivery paftsto ptanningmistakes. DGS Holdings.such as a little internaldisruption.1" Maria PintoandLuis Deias Lz4. to Weregrettheinconvenience may cause. urging) . -' ! The production department at DGS contacts you to ask for an explanation.or considerable. @Penguin Books1996 r49 . One of your najor customers is your parent company.A. \ou are production manager for a Portuguese electronic components manufacturer. Delayby threeweeks. of -he consequences be small. EUSEBIOTORRESS. frlo*.a7. MESSAGE I am sorry to report that the order datedMay 22 for a consignment of part numbers DR 56821 and TR 55901 has been delayeddue to productionproblems.L I t i 1 1 DELAYS r 45 PRODUCTION I i - Student B 1 (Obligingexpressing fear/worry.DGS Holdings Production Dept. cannotship the parts We on June10asrequested. can such as lossof r i i I ) nportant business. July 1.

= = = ts = F F - - Lr ts F F F EF F F F F . but there is a strike on at the moment .1 = F r50 @Penguin Books1996 ts . GoUld suggesta top level internalinquiry to resolveproblems. do not want DGSto visit you becausethere are many problemsat the plant which you would preferto resolvealone . know that there have been problemssince a very popularsenior worker was sackedfor stealingan electricdrill .1 ltF ti' )E-. YOURPARTNER WILLSTART. fear that the management would be reorganized DGSsend a team to Portugal if investigate to . do not want to admit it. know that the plant lost a maior local customerlast week and that any further lops of businesswould be a disaster .= (continued) 45 Production Delays YOU: StudentB = = = .

3m) (a. and othertrading pertormance in termsof what hasbeen spentand what has been raised through sales r-. L L At the end of the financial year. normally one year.L r-J L r-I ANDLOSS ACCOUNT Student L 46 PROFIT B (Knowing.am) (7. sequencing. YOUSTART.5m) (10.especially the light of marketconditions in o would like to know moreabout competitors'performance. measuring calculating) L' and L rJ L A profit and lossaccount is a statement of income and expenditure for a businessrn a particular time lt shows L' period. Your compuni"r operate in the property. = = > 4 -' -a _ - @ PenguinBooks 1996 151 . shown E' LJ L{ IJ IJ I !- I La - YEARTO3l MARCHlg_ Previous year (before Trading surplus depreciation) Income property from Less: depreciation profits Pre-interest Less: payments interest Pre-tax profits Less: tax Available toshareholders YOU: tg I t-a d - (9.9m) = -. = J = > J e w?[t to know reasonsfor the fall in profit r wort to know what the prospectsare for next year o ore surprisedby the figurefor interestpayments and ask for an exptanation o wont to know your colleague'sassessmentof the company'sperformance o ?r€ personally very worriedaboutthe trend.sm) (a.5m) (3. t-a information to complete the missing information in the abbreviated profit and loss account L_ Ask forbelow.4 revenue generating activities. retailing and L leisure sectors.6m) (3. you telephone a colleague at a sister company to ask for details of \-a his/her company's profit and loss account.2m) (2. .

judging measuring and . br ts F- F F F t- Week 6-7 Phase | Action Setting objectives Establishingnitions defi Establishing cations specifi Organization Deciding pro1ect leaders teams and Costestimating budgeting and Putting to tender out Detaileddiscussions Deciding allocation work on of Meetings tenderers with Contracts Planning scheduling and Construction l:Sitepreparation Construction ll:Foundations Construction lll:Above-ground structure Finishine work F F ts F F F tF F F F F F 8-9 l0 || 12-15 l6-lB 19 2C_./orapproval of the schedule.1 F . each within a specified time frame. Your boss has presented you with the following outline schedule. calculating) StudentB b = = = Proiect management is an important businessactivity which involves putting plans into practice. tt requires the coordination of various activities.2l 72-24 25-78 79-34 35-38 ll lll lV V Vl Vll Vlll lX X Xl Xll r52 @ PeneuinBooks 1996 . = = = You have recently been made assistant to the project leader in a project to build a new f2m production site. He/she asks for your comrn€nts and.= 47 PROJECT MANAGEMENT (Agreeing/disagreeing.

feel strongly about all the above. YOURPARTNER WILLSTART.47 Project (continued) Management YOU: .and could be done concurrentlywith any other stage.but you do not want to upset your boss right at the beginningof a proiect that you will haveto see through together. think thereare manyseriousproblemswith this schedule Student B . @Pensuin Books1996 153 . think it is impossible say how manyweeksthe actualconstruction take to will .and that will not be decidedfor four months . think it is even more impossible dividethe time required the construction to for into accurateforecasts r ?re an experienced geologistand you think that only aftersurveysof the site can estimates madefor the time requiredto build the foundations be o ?r€ sure that the exacttime required the buildingwill dependon who wins the for contract. think the site could be preparedbeforethe contractsare awarded. think that site preparation does not haveto be done by the maincontractor .so saving 2-3 weeks .

(reotiontelephone so cuslomers immedioh with help problemsgive hollines fiol of your immediole on produdsAervices feedbock . The quality of your goods and seruices is defined by what your customers expect. - e= Your company has asked you and your partner to draw up a list of proposals for improving quality within your organization(s). judging) StudentB = = = >. fie nolices disploy T E E E l F F = > n E tl E EF FF- tFFF t- n tl Is there anything else you might like to add? YOU START. decision internolionol stondord lS0 loseek . Quality improvement is the processof improving allthe systemsand procedures within your organization so that you produce better goods or seruices for your customers. fieesfoblishmenl torgets defecb) inproducfion ofquolity (zero . tsF tsF F . estoblhhmenf wifi for suggeslions oforegulor rompetitionprizes be$ money ond soving quolity infte . Select six ofthe following which you both feel should definitely form part of your company's new commitment to total quality: = > = goods .g.= 48 QUALITY (Agreeing/disagreeing . infioducfion for oll members improvemenl proglomme stoff lroining ofoquolity ploglomme imptovemenl . 9000) quolity . fieprominent ofquolity firoughod(ompony buildings.a . drofting quolity lobe tooll ofo chorfer senl cuslomers (0n gel ond . Quality is not an absolute. introducfion mogozine oforegulor feoture in-house (e. oppointment monoger overoll responsibility quolity forthe tohove ofolop .1 b ts ts F r54 Books1996 @Penguin "Z ts az . oppoinlment (ontrol finhhed for rondom on checks ofquolity inspedors o creoli0n fie(ompony ofquolity throughod circles quolity quolity forimproving .

would vou: a) try io discuss the problem with him/her? b) try to tolerate the situation? c) ask for a transfer to another department? d) leave the company? YoUR PARTNER WILLSTART. should the average business meeting last: a) no more than an hour? b) no more than an hour and a half? c) no more than two hours? d) as long as it takes to complete the business properly? 8 Do people in your company normally arrive at a meeting: a) before or on time? b) less than five minutes late? c) between five and ten minutes late? d) more than ten minutes late? 9 Which of the following would most increase your own productivity at work: a) more autonomy? b) more time? c) more computers? d) more money? would you: b) tell them the wiong figure? c) ask them to reply to the same question first? d) refuse to tell them? 4 Which is most important for you in your work: a) chancesto meet people? b) friendly colleagues? c) a sympathetic boss? a I 5 If you found your new boss very difficult. -\sk your partner the following businessquiz questionsand then get him/trer to ask you.I l- L 1 . do you normally: say less than the others? say more than the others? say as much as the others? chair the meeting? a a > : a -_ -! i ia a a a t i i 7 _ a t :.4e QU\Z t > a B Student (Questioning) t ia Quizzesare usuallyfairly light-hearted they can also tell us quite interestingthingsabout ourselves but and aboutotherpeople.would you: a) invest it in your company? b) start your own company? c) retire? d) spend it? 6 In a) b) c) d) meetings.You can either answereachquestionin turn or eachof you can go through the whole list in turn. Z i 7 In your opinion. 1 Do you work mainly: a) for money? b) for power? c) for fame? d) for self esteem? 2 If you won a lot of money. a a aa a @Penguin Books1996 155 .

and travelling around? = F = :L ts > F tstsF ts aFF F tL lh How many days'holiday (including public holidays) do you think people should take off work per year: a) fewer than 15? b) between 16 and 25? c) between 26 and 35? d) more than 35? FE- YOURPARTNER WILLSTART. Youcan either answereachquestion turnor eachof you can go throughthe wholelistin turn. would the prospect: a) excite you? b) horrify you? c) frighten the life out of you? or d) would you ask for extra money? Which is most important to you in your work: a) your telephone? b) your computer? c) your fax machine? d) your desk? In a) b) c) d) your opinion. in Do you socialize with colleagues outside work time: a) often? b) sometimes? c) occasionally? d) never? If your boss told you that you were wanted to represent your company on a stand at a trade fair for five days. a1 . 156 @ Penguin Books 1996 E.Z (Questioning) B Student = = F - Ask your partnerthe followingbusiness quiz questions and thenget him/herto ask you.) Do you prefer to be paid: a) a high base salary with no fringe benefits and no performance-related bonus? b) a low base salary with goodfringe benefits? c) a low base salary with performancerelated bonus? d) a low base salary with performancerelated bonus and fringe benefits? Do you prefer to work: a) mostly in an office? b) mostly at home? c) mostly travelling around? d) a mixture of working at the office. tsEF l- ts L:. should your company be: research-driven? product-driven? market-driven? customer-driven? How much time do you normally take for Iunch at work: a) less than 30 minutes? b) 30-60 minutes? c) 60-90 minutes? d) more than 90 minutes? Do you think an employee should be sacked if caught in the workplace: a) stealing? b) smoking in a no-smoking area? c) taking drugs? d) sexually harassing a colleague? (You may wish to choosemore than one. at home.= 2 50 QU/.

0 rd 10.0 6.0 8. Et (Questioning . They want to invest in new plant to meet expansionplans. l- l_ l- l_ L L rL L L |-r L L rJ L L L rJ L r{ L L r-. takingout a loan froma bank througha mortgage debenture. or of You are a financial consultant.0 22.0 ]J f--a bolonte tig. 1) is too high . Whihey Abbrevioled sheet.0 8. of WILLSTART. Here is the companybalancesheetfor the last financial year. I Chopmon Lld. tFINANCE t: 51 RAISING r€ lG- StudentB l_ l_ \4.0 2.almost 50o/o total assets.0 14.0 rd f.0 copilol shores profih Retoined funds Shoreholders' Debt finonte (3yeorsl 6% mortgoge Bonk overdroft Iololfunds Asets employed Fixed osets Properly Mochinery Vehicles Nel cunenl ossels Iotolossets L- Sm 4. YOURPARTNER Books1996 @Penguin 157 L. Ask the representativeof the companyfor: o ?n ass€ssmentof the world market o dn dss€ssmentof the presenttrading performance and future prospectsfor ChapmanWhitney. think expansion should be madeonly if at leastone of the followingconditionsare met: a) expandingworld market b) increasingmarketshare .- U L' LrL' L Lrf-f-Lr- . YOU: .-- 10.0 22. think the presentlevel of borrowing(see Fig.0 | 2. think shareholders not want to investmore in Chapman Whitney.0 4.Threeexamples by a can (the saleof shares).unlessthe abovetwo will conditionsapply . forecasting) t_ t_ t_ t_ ll- are Companies raiseextrafinanceto help meet theirneedsin severalways. rightsrssue(sellingshares a speciallow price to existing flotation a at or shareholders).0 2.4 L r-a L L rJ L L-a L l- l- SOURCTS OI ]INANCE Shore 4million olSl.ti+.You have a meetingwith a representativeof the companyto discusswaysto raise extra finance.You havebeenaskedto look at the accounts a companycalled ChapmanWhitney Ltd.

Your partner is based in operated in thb US and i"snow tryrng to"break into the European phoning each other (at 10'00 French Newyork and you have been in paris for three months.J I . Rumoured have very right-wing views lr{ J f F. Elch your partner's fax machine is not candidates whom you have p"rrorrully interviewed. 12. particutar iobs. Recruitment can be a is Recruitment the processof tooking for andfinding people to do the-wrong personcan be a very expensive mistake' time-consumingand costly process. running your own inspiration and you look after medium-sized company. English passablebut by no means Asking for 20Voover the upper figure we agreed Paris night life of A well-known younger figure on the French fashion circuit' Lots contacts.-gooa *orkittg relationship. Your market. 3 Stateyour own recommendation.- J l J >. unfortunately your partner over the phone' working. Paris (one year at Stanford as French MBA course) (2 years) Marketing position with major French men's fashion house 'fashion broking'consultancy which was before founding own of bankrupted four years later during the recession attractedlots attention in the specializedmedia fluent' Native French.Thinks Paris fashion is dead and that new marketing to techniqueswill revolutionize the way people buy clothes. You are job of sales and marketing time..-Recruiting you are the business partner of an American up-market designer of men's clothes.FJ Ir-f -r J = >-{ F{ F{ -r . stronglyfavoura European europiin marketmuch more quickly and successfullythan an outsider' l-{ f r{ f I -l J f -J l l >{ L{ >{ L{ b{ h- >{ F{ J Name Age Nationality Marital status Education Experience Languages Salary expectation Interests Other relevant information Yves de Lalaubie 31 French Engaged(for 3 years) part of his MBA from prestigious HEC.He/she (your partner) provides the cieative company has traditionally the business side oitnirgr. You have . so you have to describe your own shortlisted candidates to you prefer' 1 Read the two profiles below and decide which of your own two candidates StudentB l l r{ I L{ L{ Li{ ]< r< I f -J b< 2 Describethem both to your partner.00 US time) to decide which candidate should get the new of you has shortlisted two manager for France'(arJ foterrtially for the whole of Europe). fluent Italian. of C persuide your partnerof the advantages your preferredcandidate' YOU: F{ the will you feelthat a European penetrate choicebecause .-l t< -J 52 RECRUITMENT urging.declining/reiecting) (Liking and preferring.-r -l >{ -l -l ).{ >r{ ) b..- -l lr- 158 Books1996 @Penguin :r F.

2 years in a marketing job in the travel businessled him to do the MBA. great senseof humour. and varying degreesof command of Italian. Declared openly at the interview that he is homosexual:does not have establishedrelationship with one partner 1 L WILLSTART.German and Dutch. YOURPARTNER 1 i i i i J t i i J I I ! J I |' I I I I I L J I L f I I @Penguin Books1996 159 . he has brilliant marketing intuition' Native English. literature.music. Genuinely enthusiasticabout our designs. Currently learning Hungarian Reasonable Art and architecture.(continued) 52 Recruitment B Student Name Age Nationality Marital status Education Experience L t I t L J Languages Salary expectation Interests Other relevant information Ashley Ryedale 29 British Single Architecture at Cambridge and MBA from INSEAD (European businessschool near Paris)just completed 3 years in architecturebefore moving to Paris for personalreasons.theatre.Wants a job combining aestheticwith businessinterest. discreet. 'he made a significant Glowing referencefrom former employer: impact on our figures. history of fashion.good talker. Quiet. Spanish. fluent French.

YOU: _l _l J J J J l{ IJ L{ valuein recycling think thereis good publicrelations think recyclingwill reducethe amountof rubbish fearthat you will haveto dealwith variousditferentrecyclingcompanies the believe volumeof paperused could be reducedby using moreelectronicmail think the companyshouldonly buy recycledpaperproducts' WILLSTART.{ rJ rJ h-J }J = : = = >-a :J >-r ) >-r >d ) -J =i -/ F ts lb- l=\160 Books1996 @Penguin l- . Then decide if you want to recommend the formal iniroduction of procedures on recycling and any related considerations. decide on the three most important advantages of recycling and whether there are any important disadvantages. iudging) B Student f f l{ l{ J f f r{ l-{ Recyctingis the activity of softing out waste material so that it can be reprocessed by broadty considered to be a sensible way to reduce the tpeci"tif companies. your company produces 25.000 tons of waste products from its offices and canteen areas every year.'Recycting-is exploitation of the environment. At present there is no policy on recycling and you think there should be one. Together with a colleague. YOURPARTNER _l J J J J J _l l-a J rJ L.53 RECYCLING (Agreeing/disagreeing .

T I I 54 RELOCATION (Judgingnegotiating) . Discussthe questionwith your new employee a meeting. i i i.travelling in on Monday morningand out on Friday evening each week._ I t I Relocation means moving your home. YOUSTART. I i a ll. including people from two parent companies. You are the manager of a new joint venture whose head office is in Brussels.You are keen to recruit one European manager (your partner) but you have strong reservations about his/trer refusal to relocate from hisftLr own country: all your other recruits have agreed to move. office or factory from one place to another. believe that too much travellingis bad for productivity. you are keen to have himlher on the team. think that payingthe weeklyair fare will be very expensive .You must reachan agreement.you will not sacrificeyour company's interests to keep him/her. at Although you want your partner on the team. t a a L L I a L s a YOU: . feel you cannot treat one memberof the team difterentlyfrom the others . He/she proposes to commute to Brussels on a weekly basis. You are busy recruiting a number of people from all over Europe. i I a i i i i I : J i T i i @ Penguin Books 1996 l6l . However. a t t. Student B L l.

Last year tlie company's management announced a new incentive scheme for sales staff: the winning sales team would win a week's holiday in the Caribbean for themselves and their spouses. correcting) StudentB = = F = When you fix sales targets.624 89.t 0 4 t03.721 F lE t02.473 East 93.276 99. 1 Calculate your new total sales for the year.4 Firct nr rerter FllE4 Second quarter Third quarter Fourth quarter Total 49.194 5r. = F F = b E - F Lr yourfiguresarenowgood 2 Callyour opposite number WestCentral seeif. you saw the other teams pulling ahead of you. Your computer manager now tells you that some of the original figures for your area are wrong: the new figures are on the whole higher than you thought.309 5t. F .309 5t.099 r02.699 Central Revised Total llE . 00 r 48.t40 oo Rnq - !- quarter Second Third ar rer+er t 0t .005 98.J t162 @Peneuin Books1996 F .422 South | 85.557 s0. together. you predict the quantity of goods or seruices you will sell during a future time period.446 East Central Revised 47. and you and your partner have joint responsibility for the Central region: you manage the East Central area and your partner manages the West Central area. to Figuresin $US Firc+ nr rrrtcr lL North g? r?7 West 94.499 5t. computer problems made you late with the figures for the last quarter of the year.439 87. Although you made big efforts to sell more than the other regions.2 | 85.600 Fourthquarter Total F FF Figuresin $US West Central lnitial 4 5 . in and enough win the prize.668 5t. l!- Your company's sales operation is divided into a number of regions. In addition.763 49 ?4\ West Central Revised East Central lnitial 47.= TARGETS 55 SALES (Measuring calculating and .230 FiJ tY YOURPARTNER WILLSTART.

'l - r{ t l- You are a visitor to a company where you have an appointment with the CEO /.L f r g L f { { 56 SMALL TALK 1 (Welcoming.a! r-> r-.a_ l- -_ L r-_ ! r-_ I -! r-- I r-_ ! -. L lr-.! .+ ! .in Engtishas well as in your own Enguage. L { i i ll{ YOUR PARTNERWILL START. It is your job to keep the conversation going. While you are talking. r-.:hief executive officer).I L FEEL FLIGHT SLOW PICTURECARRY / / / / / CIry/BEACH/SIT/RED YOU START.itgoing.At the end of ten minutes. !-_. 2 A visitor to your company is waiting to seeyour CEO and you have been asked to I^ok after him/her for ten minutes.4. rLrI rt Spend ten minutes talking to the visitor. r- l- r-tL r-- . greetings farewells. can be difficuttto initiatea conversation then to in lt and keep. try to direct the conversationso that the visitor uses as many of the words below as possible. but it is very importantto be abte to do so . and introducing setf) StudentB L t i{ L |{ L Smalltalk is a vital skitt business. @Penguin Books 1996 163 . count up how many of the words in the box below he/she used.

. And find out as much as possible about your partner. .. lL :{ F Now imagine that the'new you'is sitting in a plane next to another business traveller and that you begin to talk... ..... .. tbr Address: Company: activity: Company Position: . YOUR PARTNERWILL START.... self.._b 57 SMALLTALK2 expressing (lntroducing questioning... Responsibilities: Length service: of - !!b >ts tb L- trip Current to: Reason: Family: lnterests: .... .. . amazement) B Student = == = - Fill in the form below to invent a new identity for yourself ! - t \ t d tI t u .. . E4 F F F F F F l@ Books1996 @Penguin F . . - Nationality: A 9 r 1n ot 'r . .. .. Tell the other person (your partner) as much as possible about yourself. . information: Other !r - tsF - fl >.

_ I L P I t I 58 SPARE PARTS (Obliging. @Penguin Books1996 165 . i = J J i i YOURPARTNER WILLSTART. 3 t J I L Your company is a successfulmanufacturer of high precision metal components. are put together in manufacturing or assembly processesto make products.but use your judgementin this case will invoice at the time of delivery.I . I L a i I t J Jr Porll{umber FR400l In slock possible Shortest delivery time immediote up 600 deliveryto + 3doys every for odditionol 200 immediote up | 00 deliveryto + 7doys every for odditionol 200 7doys up 100 for fo + 2days every for odditionol | 00 7doys up 50 for lo + 2doys every for odditionol 50 I432 250 200 FR4002 GA2O GA25 J i i I Ht087 l||(32O HTI O 600 850 immediote up 300 deliveryto + 7doys every for odditionol 100 immediote up 250 deliveryto + 7doys every for odditionol 100 immediote up 1000 deliveryto + 7doys every for odditionol 500 immediole up 300 deliveryto + 7doys every for odditionol 300 J a J 1 J J = = a a a a 2750 950 n0 YOU: cannot allow stocks to fall below 50 for any product can offer to supply part of an order when your stocks do not allow you to meeta whole order know that the calleris an importantcustomerbut you haveother largecustomersplacing regularorders that you must meet can offer to supply some of the above parts beforethe requesteddate cannotimproveon the availability situationdescribed above could offer slightlysub-standard productsto meetadditional requirements FR products for would prefernot to offer any discounton such short noticeorders. or are used to replace faulty or damaged parts in existing products. measuring calculating) and Student B I I t I I a Parts.with paymentat 60 days from delivery. The following is a computer print-out of stock and availability for the goodsrequired.A customer calls 1-ouwith a surprise order.or components. regretting.

ir^.ff.J hJ you More andmore workis projectworkand moreand moreproiectworkis doneln teams'In the future. YOURPARTNER = = { F = = = 166 Books1996 @Penguin l- .r ={ !!!J !.h. proiects the sametime. which role your partnerwould preferto play . provide moinloin suppoil. new ond find fie explole future. test prototypes Plons.. you and your partner are forming a specialteam to work on a major new project.J I b. Ieseol(h. whol mef.J E/ E/ J L-/ J d hrf I I I I I -/ I inlerprel before oclion. stondords. ond orgonize things mske Ihrusler-Orgonizers hoppen. team will have peoplewith A Look at the brief descriptionsof team roles below.l LT -/ - I !i Lr d L. ore purpose. deodlines.ii". inspect confiol procedules followed.aire . h orderly wo* things cory meet systems. ond (ontoller-lnspeclors ensure pro(esses. b. goin informolion hking Reporter-AdviseF give ond siluofions odvice. different preferences :J :J -J :J ). WILL START. (reolor-lnnovotors ideos opprooches. ore hos be ensure b done. Team at workingon severaldifferent coutdbe a memberof severalteams and a good teamis one witha goodbalancebetween importait roles ptay but members different equatty roles. ond ideos...You are looking for to two othei peOple join you to form a dynamicand balancedteam. which other two roles you needto makea balancedteam. ond dorify Upholder-Mointoineru volues principles.l- Margerison'McCann TEAM MANAGEMENT WHEEL L- lr- and Dick Mccann of Team Management SystemsUK Ltd' The Team Management wheel and role descriptions were developed by CharlesMargerison TheMar9erison-MccannTeamMana9ementwhee|isare9isteredtrademarkofPradosyst aimed at improving personal profile for reference during discussions deveroped by Margerison and Mccann. well-balanced siiuated in different placeson the wheel."". stondords. plomofe sell ond develop ideos moke work Assessor-Developeru inproctice. which arso provides a detailed " o"lr. new find for opporlunilies.. !r { = { :< Discusswith your Partner: o which role you think you would preferto play in the team . look [xplorer-Promolersnew (onlocls resources. iudging) StudentB hJ :J :J -l L.l 59 TEAMBUILDING (Likingand preferring. obiectives plons (onduder-Producers firough..

Decide how much time you should spend in meetings and then count how much time you do spend in meetings. d Always be clear when each meeting is supposedto finish. The solutions a Give subordinatesmore autonomy so that they don't feel the need to check with you all the time. Teachpeople that a closed door meansthat you should not be disturbed. if you have a direct line. I work very hard but there always seemsto be even more work piling up. If the first figure is smaller than the second. the results frustration yourselfand your colleagues.Don't tolit's erate discussion between two people which is of no concern to the others present. People are always dropping into my office to chat.even if there'snothing to discuss.i I i I 7 I I z 60 TIMEMANAGEMENT (Blamingagreeing/disagreeing . Don't have a meeting just because the weekly meeting. YOURPARTNER WILLSTART. install an answeringmachineand switch it on when you don't want to be intemrpted. are for and lossof moneyfor your company. Add your own comments. Listen to the solutions which he or she recommends and add your own commenf. urging) StudentB your time wettis one of the mostimportantskiltsthatanyonein business learn.then do everything you can to bring the secondfigure down.If you do Managing can not. 3 3 3 3 a t 1 3 J E J t I ( :> b Now it's your turn to tell your partner about four common problems experienced by people who have difficulty managilg their time. Spend three times as much money on technical training as you do at the moment. Tell everyone that there are certain fixed times of day when you need to work on your own. b Hire a full-time technical consultant with unlimited patience and an unlimited willingnessto explain.s. c Get the receptionist or a secretaryto screenyour calls or. My desk is a mess. Look at the list below and tell him or her which you think is the solution to each problem. r a r i i 1 1 The problems I 2 3 4 People don't understandthat my time is valuable and not to be wasted. First of all. . your partner is going to tell you about four typical time management problems. i I k a f @Penguin Books1996 167 .

in new ond . lroining supporl for monogers for mo*efing morkefing innew softuore . lroining product monogets morkefing innew lechnology ond ofier-soles for service (ompoigns . lroining for five monogers inculfurol oworeness morkefing Director fteMo*efing .depending on vour assessmentof their value. YOURPARTNER Er < F r1 tL A'. sequencing) . Your company produces high quality audio equipment for use by professional sound engineers in the music. foreign monogers longuoge for five lroiningyour morkefing . You are the new marketing director with responsibility for this major initiative and your colleague is another senior executive of the company. producfion guidelines reps ogenls longuoges. while the least useful may be disregarded. set priorities for training a staffof five marketing managers and 20 salesrepresentatives and agents. You are planning a major sales and marketing drive in several new export markets in Europe and Asia. lroining inmorkefing for ond $rolegyreps ogents . (on(erned .1 .- PRIORITIES 61 TRAINING (Knowingagreeing/disagreeing. by comparing their usefulness.z F F- - E-r{ F Er68 @ Penguin Books 1996 ?1 a{ F . film and television industries. Decide on an order of one to nine.The most useful are often urgently required. B Student h - ts : : =F = F F Prioritizing is deciding on an order of importance for a number of possible actions. froining produd servi(eleps ogenls innew technology ond ofier-soles for ond . Together with your colleague. lroiningdeveloping morkeb morkeling foryour slrotegy colleogue. invorious for soles ond ofdeloiled n E tl E E T tl E tl { F ! L F F{ F lEtr { F >- WILLSTART. foreign troiningreps ogenls counlries infie longuoge for ond . eliminating the lowest three or four areas of training .

A. al a. { I :. ! l- I I lI @Penguin Books1996 169 . Contact your colleagueto discussyour proposal. Your company wants to export goods from Spain to Greece. a You: .l{ ! 0 2 TRANSPORTATION t- Student B { ta I ! (Judging. understandthat the voyagetakes four days o w?rt onward delivery in Greeceto be co-ordinatedwith the Greekhaulage companyHalkosS. think your companyshould use its own export departmentto arrangetransport puig Hernandez througha Barcelona shippingcompany. '! !_ >ti i_... haveobtainedthe followingcost estimates: Per month$18. i .000 120lons of goods + road haulage for $7._ I \. l- l- l- l_ r_. ! ' a. { r.You are based in Spain and have obtained information on the most appropriate way of moving 120 tons of goodsto Greeceevery month.. think reliabilityis more important than price t i : arrivein the first weekof everymonth) o w?rt yourcompany be as independent possible to handle to as and all documentation .alreadyregularpartnersto your companywith a fleetof 40 lorries . know that Puig Hernandez runs a regularmerchant shippingservicefrom Barcelona Athenswith departureJeveryMondayand Thursday to ..A. agreeing/disagreeing) I I t- Distribution concerned is withmoving goods from theproducerto the customer..000. S. YOUSTART. .

tilorl( sfatt'ans.1.25m. make the officeold-fashioned YOU : happier in .employee and satisfaction in reducingdays lostthroughsickness. WILLSTART. You Youwork in a telesalesofficewith eight salesstaff.bod dUtjt+ ' /J'J l.1 -1 .'t hu-daclt*t 5e5 Et{ E{ .Lt u. feelthat an improvement the workingconditionswould resultin higherproductivity. staff and fewer days off for reasonsof minor illness in .t"fu. F f4 -1 >4 lrt70 Books1996 @Penguin 7J F . know the companyhas spent almost nothing on the office for five years. CIA i w. measuring calculating. ?arntworL' d)^ll.ttter .lLc0lufot/tahb- . think the companyturnovereasilyjustifiesmaiorimprovements the workingenvironment .Ask for improvementsin as many areasas you can.de-/cash)onzdL ar.NronyhuStut . F E. fh!.1 l- tt:.too hot u Surnrx^ef lr >:< F- F tYou have a meetingwith a managerresponsiblefor the office. YOURPARTNER t.= 63 WORKENVIRONMENT (Negotiating. and forecasting) StudentB z E = { E = The workingenvironmenthaslong been recognizedas a key factorin improvingproductivity. dqross^J . OaarrS. Fr< . ThesfrcL u toosma'LL. 1i'a{P'ctt d'tefrom the Streri' . for a companywith a turnover of f.drautert hard to opat . representativeresponsible are an employees' and uncomfortable and evenbad for the health of your colleagues. tr- . \uks . You believethat severalfactors for health and safety. You have drawn up the note belowabout working conditions: =EE = l- !F =!{ F' .Vca).

rrv 617 4 l' i l'. a= a.*.You are pleased that your own holiday this year coincides with the children's school holiday and your partner's holiday. t 3 I \ l. Here is your calendar showing your holiday plans: week M 4 T 5 w 6 T F I s/s 9|0 JULY 27 28 79 t l t7 t9 26 2 t3 20 27 3 t0 t7 24 3l i r8 25 l'." 2l 16 'aftM 23t24 re(z---_ ilvl^ddt'l h/hfuM )') w^t!! ir l' 30 AUGUST 3 37 33 34 29 5 3(Qr fOhl. 8 9 t l t2 t9 26 1 t3t4 20t21 27t28 3t4 t 0 /| t5 ')') t6 23 30 r8 25 ii I 35 SEPTEMBER 36 29 al 5 a_ a' '/to^*t 6tarts 7 8 9 YOU: r would like promotionto a highergradein your company o ?Ddyour family have not had a real holidayfor three years and this one is alreadybooked.You are also a parent with children at school.L { { I { l t 64 WORKROTAS (Reg ng . a'. The company naturally has to make sure that there is sufficient cover when employees are away on holiday. declining/rejecti . agreeing/disagreeing) retti ng Student B { |{ i- { a I !| Holiday entitlement is established in employees'contracts but the exact time when holidays are taken is usually negotiated between the company and the individuals concerned. You are a line supervisor in a foods production company. a @Penguin Books1996 171 YOURPARTNER WILL START. . t4)<cI'tW t 5 Jtpti4tu+ €fa.

agreeing/disagreeing.=I COUNCIL 65 WORKS hesitating) (Urging. marketing and human resources strategy.- --J r' brr You and your partner serve on the works council of the medium-sized company where you both work.) YOU think the money could go on: free buffetdinner.a :J = >-a ) = ) : l-l -J Fr ) H t72 Books1996 @Penguin :J .ribution Ihe workecouncil to rate al etaff membere a eubeidized . = bi Li hr - j -/ ll I }i. drinke.5.Compare your notes with your partner's and try to reach a joint decision on what you would like to recommend. StudentB E ={ b- =- Many companies in the industrialized world have works councils: committees of representativesof both management and staff which meet regularly. The company employs 100 people. Er ts- ". for example. yourownideas./ >-/l F-J. ambibiouo lo 6taqe mueical o LhedonaLion the enf. employees'representativesmay participate in decisionsabout the company's financial.ire Nothe com?any sum of 7lano of of yearbut cannolyel 6o ahead becauee a ehortaqe funds a production Evita next. of reeorlfor the ueeof in fundoeI upt o buya chaletr a holiday o a conf.l -J . You and your partner are meeting to brainstorm your ideas before the full council meeting to discuss the subject. Each year the council is given a f.J :J Fr :J >-a . (You can add your own ideas to the list below. ln Germany and Scandinavia.However.000 Christmas present by the company's owners to spend in whatever way it wishes. YOU START. Elsewhere.lt. the powers of works councils can vary widely from country to country and from company to company. l-a = .J F-. the works council may have a much more limited role. -2 I LT ) }r. and partylor alletaff accompanied huebande wives: c a ChrieLmao fo live band andentrerlainment' c the purchaee part'of oneshare the company em?loyee in of ?er has oocie|y. You have jotted the following ideas down on the back of an envelope.

Brand A name or a symbol used for a product or service or range of products or servicesprovided by a particular company. Agenda A list of points to discuss in a meeting. The agendaalso gives other important information like the list of people who will be at the meeting. and the starting and finishing times. stop. €. the date and place.give feedback on the performance of someone. Accounts Figures giving information about what a company eams and spends. Bonus A special extra payment.e. Cash balance The amount of available cash in a company at a certain point in time. Acknowledgement A short letter to tell someonewho has written to you that you have received his/her letter. . an insurancebroker.for example an investment broker. Audit A detailed analysis of an important feature of an organization. Assault Physicalattack. fr l_.'. cash. li ^j a_. Autonomy Independence. Bribe An illegal payment made to get special treatment. Balance sheet A statementshowing the financial position of a company at a particular time Bankrupt A company goes bankrupt when it has to stop doing business becauseof the size of its debts. how much profit it makes. usually through sickness. ir li r! 1i l'. Examples: a financial audit. Hertz.IBM.| \ \ I li ei it l. and so on. Campaign A plan which operatesover a period of time in order to increase public or consumer awarenessof a product or service.the people who carry out audits .freedom to work on your own and to take important decisions affecting your work. Cash budget A financial planning tool consisting of a description of income and expenditureover a certain period. Brainstorming is usually a group activity. Briefing Giving information to one or more people.g. Assets Things owned by a company which have value: property and saleable equipment.Auditors . finished goods.( I { { . 173 ! . Brainstorm Write down as many possible solutions to a problem that you can think of before analysing the merits of each one in more detail. a languageaudit. Coca-Cola. ffi advertising campaign.g. Cash Coins and banknotes. stock or saleablefinancial investments. Appraise Measure the performance of someone. Acquisition The purchaseof one company by another.L { I I I L { t { I I Glossary Abolish Get rid of. a management audit. Absenteeism Being away from work. Broking A broker is someone with specialist knowledge in a certain area who acts as a go-between (or 'middle man') between the customer and the supplier of products or services.a measureof the number of people away from work. ban. Broking is the activity. Breakthrough A big development or new opportunity which could open the way to future success. Cash budgets show an opening cash balance at the start of a period and a closing cash balanceat the end.usually write reports and make recommendations for changesto be made.money which is available to spendimmediately.

Debtor Someonewho owes money. Franchise A licence to trade using a brand name in retum for the payment of fees. Convention Ausual way of doing things. heating. Flexibitity Readinessto adapt to changing conditions. such as new product areas.for example a company car.The more money franchiseesmake. the more they pay in fees. sales commissions. Cost of selting The cost of all promotional activities including advertising.= . Fixed assets Property or machinery which a company uses. Fringe benefits Other advantages earned by an employee in addition to salary. Flotation The selling of sharesin order to raise capital. Delivery Getting the goods physically to the customer. Corporate planning Major planning and development concerns within a company. Deadline The date or time by which you must complete a certain piece of work. Chargehands visors. Double glazing Windows with two layers of glass. 174 = =====!!E - >- tb- EEF = !- EF E --1 t{ F F -z EF i J F l!E' . Found a company Start a company. Contractor An independent company contracted to carry out specific work for anothercompany at an agreedfee. Depreciation A notional sum appearing as an expense on a profit and loss account to spread the cost of capital assetsover several years rather than appearingas a single expenditure at the time of purchase. image building. Conform Do or be the sameas everyone else. Chargehand A low level position of non-managerialresponsibility. Delegate Give work to a subordinatewhich you would otherwise do yourself.new markets. storage and transport. Current assets Assets used by a company in its daily work. Counselling service A service for giving advice to employeeson personal or work-related problems. a chargereport to superhand is in charge of a small group of workers. Doing businessillegally for your own advantageis comrpt. such as materials. Debenture An agreementto pay back a loan at a fixed interest rate. finished goods and cash. wages and salaries)and variable costs (raw materials. These include fixed overheads(rent. Creditor Someoneto whom money is owed. Courtesy The treatmentof other people with politenessand respect. Counselling Confidential support and advice given to an individual with professional or personalproblems. fees to agents and distributors. disffibution. Corporate hospitality The wining and dining of clients or potential clients at sporting or cultural events. a habit. overtime payments). Corrupt Cost of sales All costs involved in preparing a product or service for sale up to the actual sale itself. Etiquette Forms of polite behaviour. Discount A percentageor amount taken off the standardprice. marketing and financial goals. Downturn A period of falling salesor profits. The owner of the brand name is the franchisor who gives licences to franchisees. Franchisee Someonewho pays a royalty in order to trade using the name of a franchisor. Commute Travel from home to work and from work to home.z L Glossary Cashflow The relationship between money received (sales)and money going out (costs).

companies with a just-in-timemanagement Just-in-time Manufacturing system order components materialsso that they arrive at the factoryjust and beforethey areneeded. Haulage Roadtransport goodsby lorry. . temporarily pennanently. to Invoice A formal request payment. this way they keepstockslow and so keepcosts In down. Funds transfer An operation carriedout by a bankto directmoneyfrom one company's account another to company's account. (On) location Workingon a film outside film studio. I L. etc. is PA Personal Assistant.so both work part-time. Lay off To sackworkers. Implement Put a policy or planinto practice. Morale The general level of satisfaction the workforce. sometimes and computingactivities. Joint venture An agreement between or morecompanies cooperate two to in an areasuchasresearch. expressed a figureor as a percentas ageof tumover. Incentive Something encourage to employees behave a particularway. the borrowercannotrepaythe money. productdevelopment. marketing.often unwanted.--i ): li li li l-r l1 . Junk mail Advertisingmaterial. The performance-related of your pay is linked to how part far you achieve objectiveagreed you andyour superior. I L Glossary Funding Money. Prioritize Put thingsinto an orderof importance. an by Premises An office or factorybuilding.especially an for as intermediary or'middleman'. Overdraft Moneyborrowed from a bankon which interest paid. to in for example work harder. \ \ \ \ I \ \ i li ii l1 li f. a Logistics A generallabel for planningand operations. Job-sharing Wheretwo employees divide a singlejob between them.the lendercan If takea propertyasset belonging the borrowerinstead. 175 I t-.L \ L.sent by post to selected potentialcustomers. Loan Moneyborrowed a specific for purpose. Graduate (noun) Someone who hascompleted universitycourseand who a hasreceived universitydegree. Performance-related A systemrelating(usuallysomeof) your pay to how well you work. of Mortgage When an individual or companyborrowsmoney and pays back capitaland interest. a Handling charge A fee charged carryingout a service. + ! q. Launch The presentation a new producton the first official day of its exof istence. Productivity The amountyou produceand the efficiencywith which you produce it. join togetherunder commonownershipand Merger When two companies management. usuallyfrom a bank. or (Take)legaladvice Talk to your lawyer. Maternity leave Time off work for a womanto havea baby. for Itinerary A programme a trip or a visit.. Jot Write downnotes. showingthe orderof eventsand for the time of differentactivities. Pension The moneyyou receivefrom your company from the Statewhen or you retire. of Haulier Roadtransportcompanyor trucking company. to Net profit margin The profit after tax.

Refund Pay back.or becauseof ill health. Recession A period (technically of three successivequarters) during which a national economy gets smaller. If you have low self esteem. If you have high self esteem.I Glossary Promotional literature Leaflets. Shoestring budget A very limited budget.etc. Questionnaire A set of questions designed to find out information about people's attitudes. sporting or cultural enterprise provided by a private company in exchangefor advertising rights.1 i-z . Purchase Buy. Shares are bought in the hope of earning dividends. you feel positive about yourself. usually becausethe company cannot afford to continue to employ the person in the job. Pull one's weight work as hard as one's colleagues. EE' . share A certificate given in exchangefor investing money in a company and representing a partial ownership in the assetsof the company. 176 = = = = = = = = = = F F ts ts F F F ts ti- F F Et!E' El!E. Recruit (noun) Someonestarting a job with the company. sales budget A description of planned expenditure for producing and selling a product.beliefs or opinions. especially a loan over a fixed time period such as a mortgage. Refurbish Repair and redecorate. you feel negative about yourself or you feel that others feel negative about you. Sexual harassment where one employee makes unwelcome sexual remarks to a colleagueor behavessexually towards them in an unwelcome way. Quota A deflned and limited number. Redeemed Paid back. or of making a profit from reselling the sharesat a higher value if the company has been performing well. Rights issue A method of raising finance where a company sells sharesat a special low price to existing shareholders. brochures. rep. Retirement A person leaving the company becausehe/she has reached the retirement age . take a fair share of a responsibility. advertising a product or service and describing its advantages. Sponsorship Financial support for an artistic. Subsidiary A company partly or wholly owned by another. Stock A store of materials. Sack Dismiss someone from a job. Subsidized Paid for in part by someoneelse. Quality circle A group of employeeswho meet regularly to discuss ways of improving the way they work and the quality of the goods or servicesthey help to provide. as in salesrepresentativeor sales rep. someone who usually travels around trying to sell goods or servicesfor a particular company.a measure. componentsor products. Run (a company) Manage a company. Reference A written or spoken review of your professional abilities or personal capacitiesmade to a potential employer by someoneyou know. they only allow through the ones that they know are really important. Rating A scoreon a scale. Representative.usually 60 or 65 . self esteem Your feelings about yourself. paid out when a company performs well. Redundancy Loss of job. Shareholder Someonewho owns sharesin a company. screen a call when secretaries screen telephone calls.

Up market The expensive. Tlrrnover Income from sales.\ \ \ \ Glossary Supervisor A lower management position. unlike a committee. A task force. put out to To invite tendersfor a specific project. i \ i \ \ \ i \ \ l. li li it li ft -1'' i: 7. Supervisors normally report to department managers. Thsk force A (usually) small group of people with a special job to do (usually) in a limited period of time. Warehouse Where parts or finished goods are stocked. i: a'. Tender. t'|7 . is expected to get things done.luxury end of the market. Upgrade Improve. Tenderer A company that submits a tender. responsible for all the workers and activities in a production area. Tlade union The formal organization of a group of workers which aims to improve the wages and working conditions of its members. bring up to date.

absolute(ly). indeed. e. Forecasting The goodsare sure to arive tomorrow. how do you do? Nice to meet you. And you? Fine thanks. _/ lrr lrf l _2 I ts -lll I I I . >. fureeing/.g. It's not . .disagreeing I agree with you/that. How are you? = = = : = = br = Fr h h. e.J ) - r78 J =i . Blaming I think you have made a mistake. You shouldn't have done/said that. It is intended only as a quick reference to the kind of language practice a particular activity might generate. AwfuVdreadfuVterrible (betweenfriends).g. I'm sorry but I can't. Fr Reply How do you do? Nice to meet you.I'm afraid. . You're responsible for . And you? Not too good. The goodsare unlikely to arnve tomorrow. Reply Very well. The goods may arive tomorrow. Up to a point.I said . thanks. I couldn't possibly accept that. I'm afraid that's unacceptable. their service was very good. that's really wonderful. Conecting I think you've made a mistake there. Emphasizing The following words add emphasis: real(ly). . I agree with you/that. Greetings and farewells Greetings for first meeting Hello. thanks. . The goodsare likely fo arrive tomorrow.indeed. (I'm afraid) I disagree with you/that. e.g. >. it was an absolute miracle. too. Teachers may wish to elicit or provide further exponents of a specific function before beginning an activity. The goodscan't possibly arive tomor:row.= = = A-Zof Language Functions This glossary gives some exponents for key functions indicated after the activity title. (an offer) Declining/rejecting No. FtF' E=- >.. . . That's not quite right. Greetings for secondand subsequentmeetings Nice to see you again. =tlrlL.

irj. . you see. . . (= I enjoy it) I like to visit clients in their offices. I'd like to settle the disagreement between us. i'. it i: i: i. . If you take the total time and subtract . . Perrmitting You may take as much time as you need. We are allowed/permitted to claim travel expenses. you get . I think we sent the loods. .: lt's like this. . . .. . Basicaliy.. iz ii =.i il f. I think we can accept this contract if you . Judging I'm convinced/sure/positive . lthinVbelieve/feel .. . Reply Nice meetingyou (again).. ii i'. I'm inclined to feel .... Liking and prefeming I like visiting clients. . . i i \ i i ir 7.. . May/might I make a comment at this point? Dovoumindifl. I'd rather work in my office than travel abroad. Do we have to do what he says?Isn't there an alternative? 2 Tb oblige sonleoneto do something: These cashflow problems require us to look at our payment policy. Measuring and caleulating Ifyou add the figures together. i i }::ffi". Negotiating Let's discuss the terms of the contract. Obliging (see also vetoing) L To be obliged to do something: We must find a way of solving the cashflow problems. . r' ii i.too. (require/force/compeVobligesomeoneto do something) The problems have made us re-evaluate our current practices. i': 7 And may I introduce my colleagues?This is . I tend to think . . . Hesitating Actually. I doubt if we sent the goods.:ff"'"1ffiHffiii1ff1".(= It is appopriate) I prefer working in my office to travelling abroad. .? 179 ii . you get . . Knowing I know we sent the goods. by . .. i-.\ \ \ \ i i i Farewells Nice meetingyou (again)..-". . .. . Let's see what we get if we divide/multiply . . .

I reported to them that . Fear /worry I'm worried about . . . . I'm sorry to hear that . Sequencing FirsUfirst of alVinitially/to start with Second. It's a pleasure to welcome you to . . You ought to review the situation. .. . 2 To oblige sonl. I'm concerned that .. Welcoming Welcometo. .? Regretting It's a (great) shame/pity that . I wonder if you could tell me . . . . . .1 . Urging We should make a decision soon.? I'd like to know . I L . . I - Questioning Could you tell me . . . (E)Xpressing Your amaZement (and other emotions) Amazement This is a surprise! f'm very surprised that . I informed them about . . :J :J r< -J :J :J -J i< L< f 1 I J tr< r{ L-{ Lr{ ) r. .{ -l h{ -J -J _J -J -J >-a r-l b. . . . .. . ./secondly Then/after that/nexUsubsequently Finally Telling I told him that . I (would) advise you to check your records. Vetoing (see also obliging) I To be obliged not to do something: You mustn'Umay not give this information to anyone outside the company.{ ) --{ ) Ea tr{ F-. . . . I said (to him) that . . . _J -J ) >-l L-a ) F-a ) = }J :l ) >-l ) }J ) lrJ :) -J tlJ ) . . .eone to do something: not The regulations prohibit us from grving this information to anyone outside the company. I'm afraid that . . . Do you happen to know . I suggest that you check your records. . Unfortunately. . . You are not allowed/permitted to . . We are very pleased to have you with us. I explained what/hodthat .l = = 180 = .

$E ! H$EEgq'. = 9 lr(.l c\.gg FH e ) : : = ) ) ts =i .= .^ o 'o P u H H" F 8 : EP F H.cI l-t- o lF- Et€) o 0) lr E- a .l C\.) leE tsx x x X X X X X X X X X X X 6 9 3 o F E- F >- F . z o0 q) = E= o00 .Y F l! - . (E 5 C .9 +.1 F tr F tr ts = F = F.tEilEaii a-E h€E .l $ *:u l=E.9 c E € tr €ee € -e' I ts I E E C) o g g ggggggFg gF g5E € Ef.l N rn \O F* cA * N C-l C-l C\t c\l € O\ c\.l ci $ tn \O CoO O\ d r O * N C.8.E$Eg IS fE (\ cO $ t/) \O f= oO O\ O * * C.

- * * a .=e E g s E g$f.5u Ei E .E*31E$$ gE i H =?E€F*. ' €au*EE.F =. 3"E ? .N. s 3 H E { g x x x x x x X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X x x x .€81 'Jr A SSgSggSHSK$S38€eteeFeSiEBSSHUK".s a [3E* e * q n' 6e 6 ' E 'u t. _ q g g8€€€g Fs t F ttFs f f $f gEgr 5g+ r : 5 9 i gililgE F F F t E s sEs+ E r H Hs 3EE ! s * E = g er -$ 3 E'5 = 2 3 f l 5 $ gP E . gi s* s.7 .

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