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KG Press Sheet

KARATE-there are 50 million practitioners worldwide to master this martial art. All the Kata, or movements of karate, begin with defensive postures, which means karate is a martial art of self-defense. However, once a fist is raised, anyone is beaten out with a single blow.

KARATE GIRL a.k.a. KG is filled with bruising karate battle from the beginning till the end. All actions in all shots are taken without wires, CGs and stunt men. It is such a dangerous, extreme but beautiful film! The worlds first real karate battle action film is born here!!

The leading star is 19-year-old girl, Rina Takeda. She was 16 years old when she was discovered at karate dojo (karate training gym) in Yokohama by Fuyuhiko Nishi, a producer and action choreographer. She was chosen to star in High-Kick Girl!(2009). The All-Japan karate champion, Rina then trained action for 8 hours every day to thoroughly master it at Nishis martial arts gym. Action fans around the world were stunned by blistering high kicks the small and cute high school girl created. Before the shooting of this film started, Film director Prachya Pinkaew of Ong-Bak visited Japan all the way from Thailand to see her action. She is now a cynosure in films around the world.

Up-and-coming star Hina Tobimatsu appears as a sister. She was discovered by Nishi at karate competition two years ago and has been drummed world-level action skills. Hina is now a junior-high-school karate girl. Her various kicks are so speedy and high that they are as if drifting in the air. She is definitely a nonesuch action star of the next generation.

Other co-stars are present karate champions, including Tatsuya Naka, master of Japan Karate Association who stared in kuro-obi (BLACK BELT), Richard William Heselton and Ichiro Sugisawa. Crushing strikes and kicks from the huge bulks are given to Rina and Hina.

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STORY Okinawa, Japan. The island where Karate originated.

Ayaka Kurenai was born in the Soujiro Kurenais family line, who was a legendary man of repute as the strongest Karate fighter in the world.

When she was little, an indistinct syndicate killed her father in front of her sight, and took her sister away for the legendary Black Belt.

Years after, 2011, Yokohama---a scenic port city in Japan.

Ayaka lives as a normal high-school girl hiding her true name and identity as a successor of Kurenai Karate.

One day, accidentally, a quirk of fate made Ayaka meet again her sister who had been taken away from her long time ago.

However, Ayaka faces the ironic fate. The sister was raised and trained up as a violent killer by the syndicate!

I must get back my sister! Ayaka finally unveils herself and sets free her secret of Kurenai Karate. As a Kurenai Karate fighter, her fatal battle now begins against the underground syndicate.

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Cast Rina Takeda : Ayaka Kurenai Rina Takeda is a Japanese action star and 2nd dan black belt in Ryukyu Shorin-ryu Karate. She has 9 years career in karate and excels at Nunchaku (performance using two linked fighting sticks). Rina was born on June 15, 1991. She got her first inspiration to get into karate at age of 10 when she witnessed her father got eliminated from a karate tournament. At that moment, she determined to avenge her father. In 2007, 16 year-old Takedas karate talent was spotted by Producer & Director Fuyuhiko Nishi when he visited the karate dojo (karate training gym) where she trained. Soon, she was picked to be a leading star in a martial arts film High-Kick Girl ! (2009) and gathered worldwide attention as a new age action star. KARATE GIRL a.k.a. KG was projected for Rina Takeda as a leading star who has thoroughly trained as the best pupil at Nishis martial arts gym. She shows her complete talent of karate, acting, and beauty in KG and meets high expectations of film makers and audiences.

Hina Tobimatsu: Natsuki Kurenai Hina Tobimatsu (born on January 13, 1997) is a junior high school action star in Nishis martial arts gym. Hina has more than 4 years career in karate. Fuyuhiko Nishi discovered her at the karate competition venue. She had been offered special training because Nishi hoped to make her a secret weapon of his gym. Now, she surprisingly debuts as a main cast in KARATE GIRL a.k.a. KG. She is a promising action star of new generation with spectacular pacy kicking skills.

Tatsuya Naka : Tatsuya Kurenai Tatsuya Naka (born in May 29, 1964) is one of the best Japanese martial artists. He is also an instructor of Japan Karate Association with 6th dan black belt. He has 31 years career in karate. Naka started Wado-ryu karate in his first year of junior high school, and had accomplished good results in karate competitions, including Japan national championships while attending karate club in Meguro high school and Takushoku University. As an instructor, he heads up his own gym Taishijuku and has produced national champions and other great karate fighters Naka debuted in film kuro-obi (BLACK BELT)(2006) as a leading star, then played in High-Kick Girl !(2009). His amazing karate skills in both films attracted the world. Naka is an indispensable real karate master in Nishis film.

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Richard William Heselton (Keith) Richard William Heselton (born in England in June 7, 1976) is one of the best national class karate athletes in Japan. He has 4th dan black belt and manages a branch gym of Nakas Taishijuku. He is 190cm in height and 95kg in weight. Richard started boxing and judo when he was 8, then he met karate at age 12. He also trained kickboxing during the age 14 to 17 in addition to karate. In 1995, he came to Japan to master Japanese karate and belonged to JKA. He entered Takushoku University Karate Club and captained the club. He shows great karate skills and natural performance in KARATE GIRL a.k.a. KG, his first film.

Film Makers Director: Yoshikatsu Kimura Yoshikatsu Kimura (born in 1973) studied at the graduate school of Osaka University of Arts. He learned film production from Sadao Nakajima, Toeis master director. After he gained enough production stuff experiences in making a lot of films with well-known directors, he met Fuyuhiko Nishi and developed another stage of film direction. Kimura made a debut in a theatrical film as a screenwriter and assistant director in Nishis film High-Kick Girl !(2009). KARATE GIRL a.k.a. KG is his directorial debut.

Producer, Screenwriter, and Action Choreographer: Fuyuhiko Nishi Fuyuhiko Nishi (born in December 27, 1965) graduated from law school of Waseda University. In the film business, Nishi managed the buyer team at the international division of GAGA communications and deepened friendships with Asian film stars such as Stephen Chow and Tony Jaa. Nishi has produced original action films never similar to Hong Kong or Hollywood action films- to the world market. The filmography of Nishi is as follows, kuro-obi (BLACK BELT) (2006) Planning, action choreographer, appearance Shaolin girl (2008) Producer, action choreographer High-Kick Girl ! (2009) Original story, Producer, Screenwriter, Director SP(TV series, 2007) appearance

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