CONTENT/TEACHING OUTLINE COMPETENCY: OBJECTIVE: 5.00 5.01 Explain the function of promotion in sports and entertainment marketing.

Identify the role of promotion.

A. Define promotion and purposes for promotion. 1. Promotion is any form of communication a business or organization uses to encourage customers to purchase products and improve its public image. For example, Harris Teeter sponsors a little league baseball team by purchasing new uniforms and equipment. 2. Sport and entertainment organizations use promotion to inform a target market of a product, persuade the target market to purchase the product, and remind them continuously of the product. For example, web sites, autograph sessions, fan festivals, and t-shirt give-aways. 3. Stadium event promotions are designed to facilitate fan participation and create a cheerful atmosphere at sports and entertainment events. The two most common types of event promotions include: a. In-stadium promotions occur inside stadiums or arenas. For example, lucky seat giveaways, mascot races, football tosses, and backstage access at concerts. b. Walk-in promotions are received as fans walk inside stadiums and arenas. For example, T-shirts, hats, foam hands, can holders, visors and pennants. B. Differentiate between institutional and product promotion. 1. Institutional promotion, also referred to as organizational advertising, is designed to create a positive image, establish and maintain goodwill, and increase consumer loyalty for the business, organization, or celebrity. As a result, there may be an increase in sales of the good or service. For example, the NBA Read to Achieve Program, Camp Mariah (Mariah Carey), and Daddy’s House (P. Diddy). 2. Product promotion, also referred to as product advertising, is designed to stimulate sales of a business, organization, or celebrity’s good or service. Product promotion is also used to launch new products. For example, pre-album release listening parties, a musician promoting release of new single, or CocaCola setting up pre-concert promotion booths to promote Diet Vanilla Coke.

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CONTENT/TEACHING OUTLINE COMPETENCY: OBJECTIVE: 5.00 5.01 Explain the function of promotion in sports and entertainment marketing. Identify the role of promotion.

Resources Printed References: Marketing Essentials, 3rd ed., pp. 298-299. Sports and Entertainment Marketing, pp. 84-88, 246250. Marketing, pp. 7, 20, 228, 404, 417-418. Suggested Activities: Institutional and product promotion project – Have students work individually or in pairs, select a sport and answer the following: describe the target market for this sport; list the equipment and supplies used in the sport; venue(s) are used for this sport; describe current controversy or negative publicity surrounding this sport. Students are to then create both an institutional promotion ad and product promotion ad consistent with their responses to the above questions. Forms of promotion compilation – Either as a class or in groups, on an oversized sheet of paper have students list all the forms of promotion that come to mind. Then have students brainstorm new ways to promote a product/service. Save these posters for an objective 5.02 activity. There is a 5.00 project at the end of this competency. Websites:

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