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Republican Dream David ³Toby´ Meyers Comm/215 - Essentials of College Writing Fred Duhon July 6, 2011

REPUBLICAN DREAM 2 Republican Dream Often you see images of a perfect life with a white picket fence two kids a dog and a car in the garage. The truth sees the majority of people live in squalor and in housing projects that are ruled by drug lords and gangsters. Some develop contempt for those who live in absolute excess, when a great number of people suffer and children die of hunger. Not even a factory worker can afford to buy a home and we are back to fighting for health benefits and education. The Conservative mentality is destroying the American Dream by limiting opportunity, laissezfaire economic policies and careless treatment of the environment. A conservative media keeps up appearances and journalizes only the situations it wants to promote. This is only highlighted by William Randolf Hearst. Not only a Republican but a cannabis prohibitionist, attributed practitioner of ³Yellow Journalism´ whose noted intention was to promote war, through the largest media conglomerate of his time, Hearst Papers. ³Yellow Journalism: sensationalist news reporting: a style of journalism that makes unscrupulous use of scandalous, lurid, or sensationalized stories to attract readers. See also the yellow press,´ (Encarta 2009). This includes 15 daily and 38 weekly newspapers and more than 300 magazines now. A virtual Republican Dreamaker; the sheer amount of propaganda from that source helped devastate millions of acres. Using racist dialog Hearst claimed in dime novels and from the cover of every paper that Blacks and Mexicans were using Marijuana then raping and killing white women, (Kenoyer 2011). The Hearst Paper Company may not still be around but the real lie is that the media is liberal, when clearly the majority of reporters and television themes are connected to a more conservative lifestyle and owned by conservative media outlets.

REPUBLICAN DREAM 3 In their relentless pursuit of maintaining this media image and their status quo, they are largely responsible for deforestation in the U.S. contributing to a larger worldwide problem and by selling this destruction to the rest of the world through their media and by eliminating the competition of the printed word, the competitions of slave labor, by pushing to make hemp illegal. At the beginning of the twentieth century, the earth's forested area was estimated at 5 billion hectares. Since then it has shrunk to just under 4 billion hectares, with the remaining forests rather evenly divided between tropical and subtropical forests in developing countries and temperate/boreal forests in industrial countries, (Jeantheau, 2008).

Glenn Beck, popular Republican spokesperson is known for his nearly racist epitaphs, his clearly homophobic comments about gay politicians and socialist plots. "I'm thinking about killing Michael Moore, and I'm wondering if I could kill him myself, or if I would need to hire somebody to do it, (Beck, 2005)." Beck is often made fun of with commentary which includes the Glenn Beck Conspiracy Theory Generator:

Leftist Sodomites are raising an army of undead beatniks to help them create internment camps for the elderly, the young, the middle aged, the disabled and the non-disabled. Hemp growing Marxist fornicators are meeting behind closed doors with intent to euthanize your grandma with a pillow, (Kurtzman, 2011).

REPUBLICAN DREAM 4 Ultimately Glen Beck has no political knowledge or experience but a background in entertainment. Some supporters' praise him as a constitutional stalwart defending traditional American values when in actuality Glenn Beck is merely affronting conspiracy theories, that do not make sense and have no basis in reality.

Sarah Palin America's first Soccer mom and ex-governor of Alaska, gun toting, baby seal killing and big oil promoter. "By using your celebrity status, certainly not by political status," (Gustafson, 2010), is much like Regan, using his celebrity status to further his political agenda of the bedfellows of religion and fascism. The cutting of essential social services in Alaska has displaced many residents to homelessness. "She doesn't always sound very smart. Some of the things she says are hysterical," A junior at University of Austin, (Palin, 2011).

Last week we took an internet poll asking, ³Are celebrities really trying to kill Sarah Palin¶s children or is she crazy?´ after Sarah Palin told The Hollywood Reporter, ³What would make a celebrity, like you saw on screen, so hate someone that they¶d seek their destruction, their death, the death of their children? What would make someone be so full of hate and, I guess, a sense of being threatened that they would want to see that person destroyed?" (Jones, 2011).

Which Sara Palin's political agenda with the Tea Party is a little confusing, she wants Oil from the polar ice caps, disbanding of public schools; privatized schools and federal financial aid and to cut Social Security and Medicare in order to pay for a war against a different religion than hers that the media has worked so hard to alienate. Why would you want to elect her as president?

REPUBLICAN DREAM 5 Conclusion In reality, we should all get over this red/green scare and realize that to think that at any moment some God is going to come back and bathe the earth in flames for wickedness and that justifies a World War, inequality and loss of freedom, whenever our ideas clash? That is the Republican Dream. It sounds familiar, like the sound of thousands of goose-stepping Nazi¶s, who had penchant for blaming their troubles on the Pagan, Jewish, foreigners and queers. Anyone who was not like them, was different in eye color and hair color, were in for hard times, when clearly the rich and those in power are taking the fat of the land to themselves. Leaving the worker and the poor with nothing to look forward to but an end to their life. The answer is to become more collective to end corporate slavery and the trade of the soul for goods and services by giving of ourselves freely. Communism is the end of slavery, it is the enemy of fascism and in the end the people are the authority. Do not be confused with the orders of oligarchy of Mao, Fidel and Russian Socialist states. A communist collectivist state costs around one thousand dollars to start per person according to this author¶s educated, previously published speculation.


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