of QColumbia

No. 11-BG-258
Bar Registration No. 457512 BDN: 73-10, et al.
BEFORE: Reid, Associate Judge-Retired; and Newman and Terry, Senior Judges.
On consideration of the petition of Bar Counsel, on behalf of and at the direction of the
Board on Professional Responsibility (the "Board"), pursuant to DoC. Bar Rule XI, § 3 (c), for a
temporary suspension of respondent, Wilfredo Pesante, a member of the Bar of the District of
Columbia; Bar Counsel 's verified motion before the Board, with attachments, requesting that the
Board petition this court for an order temporarily suspending respondent; the Board's order
directing Bar Counsel to file the petition supported by an affidavit showing that respondent
appears to pose a substantial threat of serious harm to the public; the affidavit of the Senior
Assistant Bar Counsel; respondent's motion for extension of time to answer order of temporary
suspension, and Bar Counsel's motion for leave to file under seal Bar Counsel's lodged
opposition, it is
ORDERED that Bar Counsel's motion is granted and the Clerk is directed to file Bar
Counsel 's opposition under seal. It is
FURTHER ORDERED that motion for extension oftime to answer order
for temporary suspension is denied. It is
FURTHER ORDERED that the petition is granted and respondent Wilfredo Pesante is
hereby temporarily suspended from the practice of law in the District of Columbia, effective
immediately, on the ground that he appears to pose a substantial threat of serious harm to the
public, based upon allegations of serious misconduct, including intentional or reckless
misappropriation of client funds, dishonesty.conduct seriously interfering with the
administration ofjustice, neglect, intentionally prejudicing clients, failure to communicate,
failure to refund unearned fees and surrender client papers, and other ethical misconduct; and it is
FURTHER ORDERED that respondent Wilfredo Pesante is disclose to the
Board and Bar Counsel within ten (10) days of the date of this order the'fckntlty of all accounts
where he maintains funds subject to Rule 1.1$ (a) of the District of Columbia Rules of.U1JCa.,tfn; ,
Professional Conduct ("Rule 1.15")' and it is CkrR..oJ tfie District ({J(um6ia Cout:
, 0 :=tPJ •
Julio Castillo
of the District of Columbia
Court of Appeals
No. II-BG-258
FURTHERORDEREDthat respondent Wilfredo Pesante's maintenance and use of such
accounts is restrictedto the extent that, effectiveimmediately upon service of this order upon
Wilfredo Pesante, and until further order of the court, he (1) shall comply fully with the
requirements of Rule 1.15, and (2) shall disbursefunds subject to the rule only with the prior
approval and co-signature of such member of the Bar as the Board may designate to serve as
financial monitor; and it is
FURTHERORDEREDthat Bar Counsel shall serve copies of this order upon respondent
WilfredoPesante and upon each financial institutionin which he is known or believed to
maintain funds subject to Rule 1.15, such order to serve as an injunction barring each financial
institution so served frommaking payments fromthe account on any obligation except with the
prior approval and co-signatureof the financial monitor referredto in the preceding paragraph of
this order; and it is
FURTHERORDEREDthat the Officeof Bar Counsel shall identify a financial monitor
to the Board who is available and willingto serve in this matter; and it is
FURTHERORDEREDthat respondent WilfredoPesante shall comply fully with the
provisions of D.C. Bar Rule XI, § 3 (c)(1), concerning (1) the acceptance of new cases and other
legal matters, and (2) the deposit, in a trust account complyingwith the provisions of Rule 1.15,
of any and all fees tenderedat any time afterservice of this order upon him, and it is
FURTHERORDEREDthat respondent Wilfreda Pesante's attention is drawn to the
requirements of D.C. Bar Rule XI, § 14, relatingto suspendedattorneys and to the provisions of
Rule XI, § 16(c), dealing with the timing of eligibilityfor reinstatement as related to compliance
with § 14, includingthe filing of the requiredaffidavit.
Copies to:
Wilfredo Pesante
10543pI Street, N.W., Suite 340
Washington, D.C. 20007
1328 H Street, N.E.
Washington, D.C. 20002
Charles 1. Willoughby, Esquire
Chair, Board on Professional Responsibility
430 E Street, N.W., Suite 138
Washington, D.C. 20001
No. II-BO-258
Wallace E. Shipp, Jr., Esquire
Bar Counsel, Office of Bar Counsel
515 5
Street, N.W., Suite 117
Washington, D.C. 20001