INT. CLASS 1 - DAY The first class of the first day of the year; Jason looks very professional as he walks in. He surveys the class, nods...then goes back out. When he wheels the 'teaching tank' in, the class responds with hoots and laughter. TEEN Oh, shit! Hey, you sell Cheetos off that cart? TEEN Damn. I'm gonna jack that shit and roll it home! TEEN Drive it home! Jason writes his name on the board. Suddenly, the noise stops. Jason turns around- all the kids are quiet, all of them are looking at Higgins, glowering at them from the doorway. Higgins nods at Jason, then steps back out of the room. Aw, shit. Jason shrugs and begins passing out the books. INT. CLASS 2 -DAY Different class, same entrance. Jason writes his name on the board and goes into his introduction. JASON I'm Mister Bentley and I'll be your English 3 teacher. I'll be handing out a rule sheet for your parents to signJIMMY (15, skinny) raises his hand. Jason points at him. JIMMY (in Spanish) Sorry, but I don't speak English. Jason ponders this as the class waits. JASON TEEN


You don't speak English? JIMMY Si. No English. Lo siento. The rest of the class begins to speak Spanish. Jason peeks outside: no Higgins. He comes back in and sits down as the students chat in Spanish. INT. CLASS 3 -DAY Third period, just before lunch. Jason comes in and the students are all staring at him. He writes his name, starts his introduction and looks back to see that they are all staring. Peggy looks in. She sees the kids staring and grins. She smiles and steps over to shake Jason's hand. The kids are now looking down at their desks. PEGGY Hi, I'm Officer Waite, DSPD. This is called a 'zombie attack'; it's kind of a game the dumber kids play with a new teacher to see what he does. JASON Hi. Jason Bentley. What do you suggest? Jason is smiling now and that makes Peggy smile. She looks at the class. PEGGY One thing you might try is a...'zombie sacrifice.' At these words, the kids start asking, BEGGING for the textbooks. Peggy winks and walks out as Jason passes out the books. He leans forward to whisper to a kid in the front row. JASON Hey...what's a 'zombie sacrifice'? KID IN FRONT ROW She picks one of us, takes him outand we never see him again. Jason raises his eyebrows and gets on with the lesson.


INT. TEACHERS LUNCH ROOM - DAY Jason looks for a place to sit with his bowl of fruit. He sees Mrs Garibaldi and walks over. JASON May I sit here? Garibaldi looks at him like he's a typhoid carrier, then nods. Jason sits. JASON How is your first day going? Garibaldi rolls her eyes and picks at her salad. GARIBALDI It's only third period and I've decided that these are the stupidest kids I've ever had. Last period, they just...sat and stared at me. Jason nods. JASON 'Zombie attack'. I got that, too. A what? JASON 'Zombie attack'. He laughs. JASON I was so confused, and then Officer Waite came in, looked around and everything was fine. Garibaldi leans into him. GARIBALDI I don't know you and you'll probably quit by the end of the month. But I'm going to tell you this and I want you to listen. Jason nods, very serious. GARIBALDI Those cops around school have changed this place. If they weren't here, I wouldn't be here. ButGARIBALDI


She looks around. GARIBALDI Don't get too close. You are a teacher and they are...they are what they are. And that one, the blonde? Ever since her fiancee was killed...well, she's a different person. How? GARIBALDI I've got to go. With that, she picks up her lunch and leaves. INT. O'BRIEN'S ROOM - DAY O'Brien eats lunch- a spread fit for a gourmet; imported cheeses, cured meats, olives, bread- as Jason enters. O'Brien looks up and smiles, points to a chair. Wow. O'BRIEN I don't drink, I don't smoke and I rarely swear- but I do have a weakness for good food. JASON Is that why you don't eat in the lunch room? O'BRIEN A few years ago, someone complained about the smell of a particularly ripe cheese. Also, they're so depressing. Try the Bel'Paise. Jason tries the cheese and likes it. O'Brien tosses him a grape. O'BRIEN Eat up. After lunch, the kids had nothing but sugar and bong-hits and they'll be rarin' to go. Expect shenanigans and above all: stay calm. O'Brien looks at him. JASON JASON


O'BRIEN You'll be the teacher you'll be. Remember, these kids have spent years figuring out how to stop people like you. They work together, they share strategies. Remaining calm and carrying on is your best defense. INT. CLASS 4 - DAY Jason has passed out the books and stands at the front of the class. The front row is comprised of girls in short skirts and tight tops. JASON This year, I'll be teaching you about American Literature and what makes itThe girls look at each other and then simultaneously open their legs. Jason is faced with a row of grinning girls showing off their panties. Jason looks up at the ceiling and speaks very calmly: JASON So sorry, I made a mistake on the seating chart. Can the front row and the back row change seats? Now. The girls look at each other and move to the back. They are replaced with the thuggish kids from the back. Jason takes an iPod from one of them and continues teaching. INT. CLASS 5 - DAY Last class of the day, and the kids are reading their books. Surreptitiously, one kid in back steps to the door and looks out. He nods and comes back to his seat. Suddenly, a boy in the back takes his book and savagely clobbers the kid in front of him with it. The VICTIM goes down and the ATTACKER stands up. VICTIM What the fuck?! ATTACKER I been waitin' fucking months for that shit, ya little bitch! The attacker starts kicking the victim across the floor.


Jason leaps forward as kids scatter. The victim gets to his feet and they manuver around each other...but they're leaving space between them. Jason starts to get between them and gets a wild punch, almost hitting him. Jason steps back as the attacker and the victim both move closer to him. It's beginning to look like they want to get Jason involved. Boom- the door of the classroom opens and Higgins is there. The kids on the periphery of the fight try to block him out, but Higgins almost casually sends them flying as he bores his way in. The attacker raises his hands in surrender, but Higgins has his Mace out of its case and sprays the kid in the face, driving him to the ground. The victim has already fallen to the ground; he gets sprayed, anyways. Higgins looks up and barks to the class. HIGGINS Everybody out in the hallwayanybody runs, I pull the economy size- grab the wall outside. He grabs Jason's arm and pulls him out of the room. INT. SCHOOL HALLWAY - DAY Kids are choking and crying from the Mace. Other cops are running up and taking over the scene. Inside the room, the two sprayed kids are still writhing on the floor. Higgins puts Jason agains the wall and looks him over. HIGGINS You okay? You get hit? JASON Almost. I'm okay. Higgins pulls wipes out of his belt-pouch, wipes his face and offers a wipe to Jason. HIGGINS White vinegar. Cuts the Mace, don't get it in your eyes. Jason wipes his face. HIGGINS They were trying to get you between


them so they could beat you down. Afterwards, nobody woulda seen nothin'. That happens again? Don't be a hero. Call us. Other cops drag the two sprayed kids away; Higgins nods. HIGGINS Just another day. INT. LIBRARY - DAY It's after school. Everyone else is gone. Jason sits next to his cart and looks frustrated. MOIRA DUTCH stands in front of him. She's holding a grocery store bag. Without saying a word, she pulls a cold beer from the bag and hands it to Jason. Jason looks at it. Moira pops the top for him. Jason sips. JASON Thanks. Isn't this illegal? Moira rolls her eyes and opens a beer for herself, sits across from him. MOIRA So. How'd your first day go? JASON I'm thinking of becoming a shepherd. Moira nods. MOIRA My first week, I kept wondering if I should go back to fitness training. JASON Do you have any ideaMOIRA Wait, lemme guess. You're young and relatively cute, so you got 'the miniblinds treatment', where the front row showed you what was on sale at Victoria's Secret. What did you do? Jason laughs. JASON I averted my eyes and switched the front and back rows.


MOIRA Good thinking; be glad they didn't pull a 'Groundhog Day'. What else? JASON Had a fight in fifth. That Officer Higgins, he said the kids were trying to lure me in to get me. MOIRA Fifth...fifth is when all the scholars are in Honors and AP classes and the jocks are on the fields. That leaves the kids who feel forced to be here; they feel like it's a prison, so they act like it's a prison. What else? JASON My entire second period speaks only Spanish. Moira squints at him. Really? Jason nods. Ha. She stands up, drains her beer. MOIRA Finish it; I have to take the empties with me or the custodians will report it. Jason drinks his beer. MOIRA You're teaching some of the worst kids at one of the worst schools in one of the worst districts in the state. You don't even have your own classroom! You were sexually harassed and got to smell Mace today. Now, the question is: are you coming back tomorrow? Jason looks up at her. JASON MOIRA MOIRA


Of course. Moira nods. MOIRA And that's how we win. Keep up the good work, New Guy. Moira leaves; Jason calls after her. Jason! I know. EXT. SCHOOL PARKING LOT - DAY The end of the day, Jason heads for his car. COACH BRIMMER (45, tight shorts) hails him. COACH BRIMMER Stayed late! Man you might as well have a few drinks, wait for the freeway to calm down. JASON Oh, no. I only live a few blocks away. Brimmer stops, then walks over. COACH BRIMMER Where do you live? JASON Near the hospital, over onCOACH BRIMMER You live around here? Why? Jason shrugs. JASON ten minute drive to work, it's cheapCOACH BRIMMER Kid. Kid, listen to me. He points as he explains. COACH BRIMMER That area over there is the property MOIRA JASON


of the Brown Pride Surenos. Very old gang, but violent if they feel threatened- and they always feel threatened. Over there, you've got the Nuestra Familia from Oaxaca, they handle most of the harder stuff in the area. Around here, if you see a kid standing on a corner watching cars, he's working for them. Over there, where you live, you'll see a lot of silver or gray shirts and shit. That's because you live deep in the heart of Em-ay land. They're not very big, they don't have a lot of guys- but they're ruthlessly vicious with everyone who gets in their way, so that'll change. Jason has grown more and more concerned as he listens. Jesus. The coach looks at him. COACH BRIMMER Does that rent still seem cheap? Shit, kid, do some research before you rent an apartment. JASON What should I do? The coach walks to his car. COACH BRIMMER Move. Move and buy a gun. JASON

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