A Project of the City Government and the Dumaguete City Water District

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Formulating City Septage Management Ordinance
1. 2. Creation of a Technical Working Group Orientation/workshops on Septage Management , financial analysis and technical design of treatment plant Site Visits to treatment plants Public hearing on proposed septage ordinance

3. 4.

Formulating Septage Management Ordinance Capital Cost
Construction of Septage Treatment Plant - P12.0M Site Development & Interior Roads - 0.5M Septage Trucks - 3.0M Sludge Pumps - 0.3M Social Preparation - 0.2M Contingencies - 1.0M (inflation, documentation etc.) Total = P17.0M (US$340,000)

Formulating Septage Management Ordinance Annual Operating Costs (Ave. 1st five years)
Salaries and Wages Repair and Maintenance Fuel and Oil Supplies, Com., Transportation Analysis of Samples Monitoring -P 0.96M - 0.30M - 0.30M - 0.02M - 0.03M - 0.12M

Interest/bank loan charges (n=15 years with 3 years grace; i=9%) Total

- 1.53M =P 3.26 (3.3M) (US$65,000)

Formulating Septage Management Ordinance Cost Recovery • Total Capital Cost • Annual Operating Cost • Annualized Capital Cost = = P17.0M 3.3M = 1.1M

• Total Annual Cost to be Recovered = P4.4M

Septage User Fee
Total City Annual Water consumption = 5.7 Million cum Total Annual Capital and Operating Cost = P4.4 Million Computing Septage Fee: 1. Fee per cubic meter of water cum.

= P4.4Million/5.7 million = P0.90 per cubic meter = P1.00/cum

Plus+ 2. Environmental Fund = P1.00 per cubic meter (to fund future wastewater management and sanitation projects) Total Septage User Fee = P2.00 per cubic meter of water

Septage User Fee Sample Computation of Septage Fee for Households:
Average Size of Household Average monthly household water use = 5 persons = 21,000 liters = 21 cum. (5250 gallons)

Septage Fee per month: (pre-payment or fund build up is added to monthly water bill) (21cum x P2.00/cum) = P42.00 (US$0.84) Annual Septage Fee per household = P480.00 per year (US$10.00/year)

Operation and Management of Septage System • The Septage Management System will be owned and operated by the City Government in cooperation with the Dumaguete City Water District. • The Water District through a Memorandum of Agreement with the City Government will collect the septage fees and regularly transfer the fees to the city government • The city government will pay the Dumaguete City Water District an annual fee for its collection services.


Dumaguete City Septage Treatment Plant

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